Khloe Kardashian’s “One Eye” Photoshoot


Khloe Kardashian’s new “racy”  photo shoot for YRB contains themes regular readers will surely recognize. Khloe’s right eye is hidden in every single shot, hinting, through repetition, to the symbolic importance of this “stylistic choice”. As we have seen in previous articles, hiding one-eye represents a celebrity’s status of being owned and used by the Illuminati system. Furthermore, the entire “bondage” theme is always a preferred way to represent a celebrity’s “slave status”. Here are some of the shots.

Khloe’s head in a bondage-type “mind-control” mask. Underneath is written “I now have the power”…clear example of cognitive dissonance where being portrayed as a slave equals power.
Looks like Rihanna

Thank you Khloe and keep uplifting the youth!

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127 Comments on "Khloe Kardashian’s “One Eye” Photoshoot"

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Does Khloe all of a sudden being more famous have anything to do with Lamar being in such a bad state? Like what is going on with him??

she looks like a sausage in the last picture.

I think if I see anymore one eye photos I'll vomit.

I am so glad that even up until this point, I have no clue who the Kardashians "are"- why they are "famous"…… but still don't understand how anyone cares…. Now I see they are just tools. So sad! I cannot fathom existence without light. To be bound and controlled- manipulated and made to feel unworthy… what a terrible way to live! I really feel sorry for these people. I can't hate them for their ignorance… only pity what they are doing to themselves and others. Leading people down the path to destruction with them. Misery loves company.

Fat, famous, beautiful, rich…. whatever you want to call her, I say she is simply pathetic. It is hardly her fault when I'm sure she is force fed the messages of vanity and self-absorption… distractions!

Thanks Vigilant!

I can believe it… this is getting normal on the public people.

White Rhianna

Ther's alot of creeeeezy stuff going on on this website….some really scary..,others weird….but i do believe some of it…The all seeing eye..etc…many of these musicians do these kind of freaky stuff on their music videos…and they cnt lie to us tht theyre nt illuminati e.g Jay-z who clearly says hes Hova…Ri ri and her weird videos..most of her videos are really cute and all but sme r really dark…i guess these ppl(illuminati) use that to blind us from the truth…becuz we r really never be sure if they r or not.i do really like sme of thse artists music….really sad:(…but i dont quite believe the animal print stuff..many ppl like animal print thats nt to say its evil but then again they could be using it to convey their own deeper meanings.but i do agree tht nth in a photo shoot is coincidental…. However ,your research is limited to a… Read more »

she will STILL and ALWAYS BE the fat, ugly kardashian test tube baby

Maybe they just covered half of her face because she's the ugly Kardashian sister.

Haha I think her 'eye' is covered cause her face is big…

No offense to her, just saying.

What is the big deal? I have bangs that covers my eye but I am not with illuminati. Not everyone that has their eye covered is apart of the illuminati. Give me a break.

her sister's baby's name is Mason!

Well, there's definitely some disturbing stuff happening in this world. Everybody must notice those strange, evil influences and odd hints, no matter if he's religious or not. There's something going on behind the curtain. But there's also no need to see conspiracies in everything happening these days … However, many people are blind. As they say, the devil is in the detail !

It feel sooooooo good to know we are all on the same page with this one!!! I was really hoping I wasn't 'reading into' everything when I wrote my own post about this. Of course, VC is waaaaay more detailed, and that's of course why I always direct my traffic to this site for more information and pretty much any topic. Check it out! Keep up the good work, VC, as always 🙂

It appears that YRB stands for Yellow Rat Bastard. I'm not surprised.

if Karadshinas are part of NWO it will FAIL i'll tell you that 😉

Her daddy got OJ off for murder.

Did you notice the caption on the first picture from the magazine? Its say "i now have the power"

Why Khloe!?

Looks Like Rihanna-Love The Way You Lie

One thing I have noticed on VC is that the most comments are always on posts that have to do with celebrities. Where as posts on health and such don't get nearly as much views. What does this tell you…You know what people care about and not and where their minds are.Typical.

My above comment was to The REALCoffeeParty.

Khloe fat? Eye of the beholder.

Khloe a man? Yes.

Ctd….also kourtney baby that supposed to be for scott looks zero like scott…he look like her brother rob and is named 'mason'

i never knew kris the mother was a formerit playmate…

they all look fake n ridiculous one episode kourtney was going bed n brushing her teeth with a full face of make up even lip gloss and dark eyeshadow…lol who does that…? ???…i wondered if she sleep in her full make gross if so…and they have no shame talking all about their sex lives and evry thing they gonna do to please their mans..why they do that 4? its personal…they are very boring girls too and i hate how they go fancy place often order big plate of food then get up n go without eating it..wots the point n wot a waste of money

I watch kardashians n have noticed very unusual things 1: khloe carries a rag doll around in some episodes i saw 2: khloe is too intimate with her sisters 3: i think she behaves as though she suffers with mental health issues 4: the episode where she made the so called 'sexy' dvd for her husband was disturbing and not sexy. she was naked in a bath of sweets sucking a lollypop talking in a baby voice. sick not sexy 5: in the episode where kim thinks her bentley is stolen but it turns out rob stole it later on when she is at the house chastiseing him he is not paying attention, kourtney is there indoors wearing dark glasses n rob picks her up and carrys her off out the room in his arms and she says to him 'im better than adrianne' (adrianne is the cheetah girl rob… Read more »

maybe she is subjected to cannabalism in one of her altered states, that is why she resembles hannibal lector. she probably just did some cannabalistic ritual involving organs…

what does YRB stand for?

New Lady Gaga Song:

Lyrics: I Dont Speak German But If You Like I Can

ich bin mir absolut klar as i am a monster

u are amazing out there i wish all could be blind

I'll take you out tonight, say what-ever you like. I wish I had your mind, your dirty mind

woow…..! O_O

i don't think she's fat but that hairstyle makes her look hideous especially the last picture..i understand fashion but that just looks like a sausage dress =/ lol what power does she have again?

Looks like Rihanna? Uh okay except infinately uglier.

I just LOVE fashion that looks oppressive, and, at times like a large intestine. Bravo!

Who picks the ' models' clothes?

The actors lines?

The singers lyrics?


Do they have any say in it, ever?

*** ALL THIS 1 EYE SYMBOLISM THESE DEVIL WORSHIPERS KEEP SHOWING US RELATES TO THE FALSE MESSIAH/ANTICHRIST "DAJJAL". THEY KNOW HE'LL BE COMING VERY SOON SO THEIR PAVING THE PATH FOR HIS ARRIVAL (PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING). READ THE FOLLOWING TO GET A BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF THE DAJJAL. BUT FIRST VIEW THIS SHOCKING TV COMMERCIAL SYMBOLIZING HIS ARRIVAL *** "Dajjal" is said will have right eye damaged and the left will be working because knowledge acquired through the right eye can be nūrī (means that pertaining to light) and through the left nārī (that pertaining to fire). It is also said that he will have the word kafir (nonbeliever) on his forehead which only the true believers will be able to read. The belief is based around the events prior to the Day of Judgment around the Second Coming of Isa (Jesus), when Ad-Dajjāl who is blind in his right eye,… Read more »

Masha'Allah brother… well written

i think they were just trying to cover her face

Holy! She sure looks chunky in those photos, which says: "My face only shows the half of what I used to be."

The mother Kris is the handler. She sold out her daughters a long time ago. Now look how she's pimping out the two youngest daughters. She is a greedy money worshipper. She dictates everything the daughters do, she controls the whole show.

An earlier comment mentioned that she used to be a Playmate. The father, Robert KarTrashian, was an attorney in the OJ trial. Now, she's married to a former Olympian. Those are some strange connections just on the surface.

Ugh, Khloe Kardashian? The Illuminati will apparently own anyone these days.

This shoot just screams cognitive dissonance (how appropriate that my psych class lecture was about that this week). The first shot is bondage; the second you see a transformation to her bare faced and scantily clad; the third is her covering or uncovering her head (mind) while her outfit points to her vagina (the almighty vagina); and of course she`s bound again by her intestines, yet still attempting to look "in control". As for the Oz programming, i can`t rule it out. The 2nd picture is the only one of her wearing an actual color and it`s green… with a red and gold shoe. I personally wouldn`t photograph a red platform show with a red background so that seems a little out of place. Great article and you were a step ahead of me because i was going to email this this morning! ps (last comment i swear)- did anyone… Read more »


i dont understand how to use twitter so havnt seen chloe n robs tweets but ure observation fits in with mine that i put in my comment how on an episode i saw kourtney was wearing dark glasses and rob picked her up n carried her out of the room and she sed 'im better than adrianne' who at that time was his cheetah girl girlfriend…i thought it seemed like they were going to have sex tbh..,and wtf did she mean? who would say to their brother they were better than his girlfriend?..then later wen adrianne was there kourtney looked furious (jealous?) n i think kourtney baby looks nothing like scott but totally like rob…

what was rob n khloe tweeting?

Kris kardashian (the mother) was a playboy playmate. draw your own conclusion.

Well this photoshoot doesnt surprise me !!! All the Kardashians are owned..!!!! The headgear is just revolting and as much as they push all this stuff onto the youth, The light of God will never fail. Most of the youth have way more light than their previous generations.

If only these clowns realised that it is because of God that they are able to breath. And you cannot beat the ultimate power…. so they can deliriously believe that they have the upper hand, but when the time comes, all their physical foundations will come crashing down !!!!

Keep doing what your doing VC!!!

You're absolutely right V.C., it's really funny and sad in the same time that someone with a cage on the head can say she has power.. Also, is it just me or the dress in the third pic is supposed to subliminally suggest a vulva?

ugly woman and very confused on why she is on a cover of a magazine, she's not even that famous.

oh yea, **** the NWO

Alan Jackson just announced that he is breaking away from Sony!

One of the articles referenced on one of the pictures is: "Four hand-picked artists prove that you can make art out of just about anything." I think that is what they are trying to do here…. ha ha… key work: trying!

This is not art, it's garbage. I'm so thankful I found this site. I agree with comment above how this supports VC's article about the Christmas card being full of illuminati symbolism.

key worD rather

She looks like a man, and has never been pretty. Ever since the Kardashian girls have been younger. Khloe has always been the ugly duckling. Anyhow, back on topic… i seen it coming. From the younger sisters, on down the lie. Before you know it, Kourtney’s little boy gonna be the next Chucky! Wait, im wrong, ki’ds are innocent. But who knows.

ha, jealous.. u girls are sumthing else with your cattyness haha

ive freaking been saying it for a long time now… those studs are symbolic! studs are everywhere, reptilian… HELLO!

Somebody needs to slap the crap out of these one eyed celebs..
its annoying now
It's like dude find at least something new

That kind of reminds me of aaliyah when she always covered one of her eyes & it was reported that it was because she had a lazy eye…if I had known then what I know now…

Nothing but another Stupid, Ignorant, Ambitious Gold digger, puppet w***e that falls in the game! and the many more to come still!


Who is that thing?

i'm thinking the entire kardashian clan are mk ultra. slaves and handlers both.

things are not as they seem…….