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Katy Perry’s Illuminati, MK-Ultra Commercial



Katy Perry's Illuminati, MK-Ultra Commercial

This commercial intended for German television has it all: checkerboard patterns everywhere, transhumanism, deshumanization, mind control, alter-personalities, Marilyn Monroe (the original Monarch sex kitten), the colors white, black and red, etc.


“We love to entertain you”. In other words, this is the kind the stuff that is supposed to entertain you. published an article about the ad and here’s an excerpt:

“Katy Perry comes to life, channeling a futuristic Marilyn Monroe in a red dress that mimics the iconic white one in “The Seven Year Itch.” The singer then transforms into a 1960s housewife with a polka-dot geometric dress. But with a blink of an eye, that look is gone in favor of a superhero-gone-sex-kitten look. Riding a flaring rocket that floats before a building window, Perry shoots into the city lights before doing her spokesperson drop: “We love to entertain you.”, Katy Perry Goes Futuristic In ‘Teenage Dream’ German TV Spot

Did MTV actually use the term sex kitten?


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Psychopomp (riddle)

Find it interesting that some of the words are "We'll live forever' – ie' Transhumanism..

Psychopomp (riddle)

Okay, and I forgot to say, it's interesting that this is called teenage dream. I KNEW that they would target teenagers next in this transhumanist stuff. I predicted it and commented on it in comments and on my blog as well. I also thought that they would target gamers, which by in large are teenagers. Anybody ever wonder why video games are getting so elaborate, almost virtual reality? It won't be too long before they are actually virtual reality and watch if they don't offer a 'brain chip' which will instantly 'transport' you to that world of the video game.. that's coming.. and there will be many kids who will die to have it!


You mean like the film Tron?


hey can u do one for S&M rihanna….


For those who asked about 2Pac.

2Pac was killed because he wanted to go into politics and really make a change. He would have enough support to do it.

They first tried to give him AIDS like they did Eazy E. They wanted him to get tested for a kissing scene with Janet Jackson for the movie Poetic Justice.

No other actor had to do this for such a scene, and even thought the movies producers/directors/managers whatever came to him and told him he HAD to do the test, Pac refused… and the movie plus kissing scene went on like nothing happened.

I think Dave Chapelle mentions some of this


"we love to entertain you" a phrase THEY are told to say for the network the commercial would be on. there are more commercials by several different artists where they say the same thing in the end. they are told to.

another eye open

so the teenage dream is to have sex like crazy without regrets? i am sorry but that the message i have from the video and lyrics. go kids/teenagers do whatever you want to do and no regrets. the song should be called ADULT DREAMS… maybe?!


Has anyone ever looked at tina turners video..private dancer???

Just saw it and it has some occult stuff in there. Check it out..


OMG, I just watched it, of course I know he song well, related to I when I was a bartender, but now I see the checkerboard floor, the bondage straps, the stained glass pattern behind her, Deutzs marks(I cant spell) or $$$'s….. but most of all I see her eyes and they aren't the eyes of a dance hall girl to me. THANK YOU, I didn't know, it's so wide spread I have no music to listen to anymore.


I'm German and the slogan ''We love to entertain you'' comes from Prosieben(Sieben means Seven) . Many celebrities from shows such as Grey's Anatomy in commercials say the sentence. I'm 14 and the fact that this becomes an international thing is incredible.

If you mention the subject, they will laugh at you ^_^.They dont think that they are controlled by someone or something . They are satisfied with their lives.

Sorry for my bad english.


your English is good…


It's better than some Americans' english, lol!!


It's not better than mine, and I'm an American. I am sick of this ridiculous bashing of Americans. By the way, your English is hardly sterling, so you have no business mocking the English skills of others.


You must be one of those Americans with bad grammar!!:) Your rant reminds me of the old saying: “If you kick a dog, he will bark.” I don’t know what world you live in, if you don’t know that some Americans don’t know a thing about proper grammar, and you don’t even know me to have the slightest clue about my grammar. I actually have a great sense of proper grammar, and I love my English classes and to read. I’m not bashing Americans!! I’m an American!!!!!!!!! I bet you didn’t even know that!! I just think it’s sad that a foreigner who has english as a second language, actually has better grammar than some Americans, you probably being one (lol)!! Next time, mind your OWN business!!


The article isn't even focused on that, its the symbolism we are talking about.


"We love to entertain you" is the motto of an Austrian channel Prosieben. This has nothing to do with brainwash..


I don’t think Marilyn was the first. Rita Hayworth and Zsa Zsa Gabor were there before. Mind control seems to have been going on for quite a while.


she really TRIED but do you see the look in her face? she looks sad, really. they focus totally on her big eyes, and the first thought i had was "damn this POOR girl" especially when she is riding the rocket. you can see it in her eyes, she is not 100% sure about it. and these tv-producers let them repeat and repeat until they get the best shot. so, if this was the best shot of her riding the rocket… somwhere i've read she was christian musician before she became famous, so maybe it's still a little sense of morality that is left inside of her.

but of course they use drugs and/or hypnosis on her, i'm totally sure!

i'm also from germany, and also stopped watching tv. prosieben is really one of the big brainwashers in the game.

Psychopomp (riddle)

Yeah, interesting, I see that sad, unsure look in a lot of these performers.. if you look past the superficial appearance, you will see it.. I noticed that lately on the David Letterman show she made it a point to mention her religious Preacher father and also Jesus.. perhaps she is feeling the push/pull of that; if any morality or 'soul' is left in her, they are slowing pulling it out, but she may be fighting it. anybody wonder why she's been so successful lately? The 'touch' of the 'dark side..' will give you success in exchange for your soul.. but as this poster said and others, she may be fighting it.


Oh ,VC ,you should watch Camp Rock 2…


What do the colors mean?


wow i thought katy perry was untouched by the illiuminati. a couple things that i noticed is when you first come into the room where katy perry is you see to black mannequin arms at 0:12 and she has a song on her first album called mannequin also when u see her say u think i"m funny when i get the punchline wrong she looks sad or scared 0:24 and about the tattoo lady gaga has one like that.


What's up with the tattoo under her right arm? Looks almost like a bar code.

future light soilder

Why is everyone just sitting like spectators and talking about it we need to do something about this an make a change . done with talking about the illum .. lets get up and do something we gnna talk til we die ?

eyes opened

I love reading comments like yours.. goes along the lines of ''wake up America!!" .. i see it all the time.. well here's the truth …. we ARE awake! but what do you want us to do? yea we want to take action.. but give us a plan. We already turn off our televisions so that they will stop brain washing us so much. Our eyes are open to whats really going on but what can we do about it?

future light soilder

hey eyes opened glad yours are.. : ) everyone can talk about how many signs and symbols reference to the illum cult ..they have seen or whos involved .. personally I debating wheter they really exist or even have any power and that the only power they have is from peeps on this website and fame monsters giving them the power by giving them all the recognition they want.. and they (occult) are slowly smiling to all the sheep that are gossiping about the stupid triangle eye cult.. ! I am just tired of the talking and giving the cult power ..keep your mind right and focus on whats gonna make your life better as hyping up the illum is not exactly making peeps get anywhere in life. We need to start talking about good things . suppose I am on the wrong site as the VC site is all about the ILLUm anyway.. beware all ..dont let this site brainwash u guys either … hey maybe me and you need to set up our own positive site .. I'm from UK by the way

future light soilder

hey open eyes on another note you go to say that you turn off your tv's to stop the brainwashing but isnt this site already brain washing everyone in a way .. you no longer listen or watch media . and the only thing your taking in or studying is this VC site then you are already been brainwashed by the ILLUM ,. as all your thinking n talking about is ILLUM i call it that cos cant be bothered to spell out the whole thing . all I am saying that the nature of this site could lead peeps to live eat breath the ILLUM cult .. which they all talking that the stars do .. SHHiit peeps on this site proberly revising the ILLUMANITI more than the actual stars that they accusing of doing it in the first place. Meditating the Elite or whatever whats it gonna do for the people ? are they looking to be recruited.. by them ..Dont be fooled and give in to all this propaganda type stuff.. shall I start throwing up ufo signs cos I think there are UFO's? cmon peeps dont let the wolves in sheeps clothing get ya . Im… Read more »

Marcuss Pieterson

Can you please tell us what Tupac was. He’s such a complicated figure and the events surrounding most of his life seem very supernatural.


It kind of reminds me of lady gaga ad in Germany . I think these occult secret society are so desperate for exposure and admit ion that they don't care to expose themselves. Wasn't she like at a radio interview acting angelic like my dad is a pastor and my music videos covers sexuality not religion and that Madonna is sinner because of making fun of Jesus, and on twitter insulted Gaga video of being blasphemy. If she thinks she's better, she need to check her self twice. Seriously, god will only know what will happen at 2012.


wth?! i really looked up to katy perry for being talented without all the crap and now..this. Thought she would be different, hv the guts to stand against all this sh*t..what a let down.


I did too!!! Plus this commercial does nothing for the song/album. So dissapointed. It's like they're getting everyone they can these days… Well they cant have me!!! 🙂


I think Tupac was just a regular guy that went off both Muslim and Christian beliefs. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think his mother was muslim so that's where he got that from and the rest could have just came along the way. If that's all wrong I know one thing for sure…he was alot more intelligent and respectful than what he came off to be sometimes. Oh and I also know that his mother was a Panther. I have always been fascinated by those people.

future light soilder

tupacs mom wasn't a muslim no way .. tupac has never gave reference to Allah or the Quaran.. I believe tupac only mentioned the Quaran once in bomb first on makaveli album throughout all of his career. but he mentions Jesus and God alot . his mom was more of a lost soul on crak rather than claiming religions tupac always referenced to God. he never boxed himself to religion but knew there was a God .. his life no offence to christians cos I am one. but his mission was almost like that of Jesus. came into the world and gave the example of how you can be .. hmm no I mean like he was always on a timed mission and knew the time was near and then got sacrificed by the haters. its like even though he did some bad like swear n shout thug life it was like he was giving us an example of how your life will go if you want to live that life style and if you do theres a price to pay . he wanted to teach us that and not to follow in sin and this is what happens if… Read more »

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