Karotz: The RFID Rabbit That’ll Monitor Your Home


This thing has a mic, a webcam, a RFID chip, wireless capability…pretty much everything needed to monitor your moves and to send that info somewhere. Here’s an ad for the product.

Yeah, I saw what you saw. And I heard the song in the background. Creepy.


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Just goes to show you people can be brainwashed…after all, they were brainwashed by Obama. "Yes We Can", give me a break..& the Bible says in the end technology will be increased and they'll be no place to hide.

"See what Karotz see."

Next thing you know, the elites will create another traumatic event and then use it as an excuse to use our dear little Karotz to spy on us. smh

…………………..WHAT!!!! !!

Wow look at the hand gestures!!!! OMG this is the creepiest thing i've seen in a long time.

i'm pretty sure the song was added by someone who feels the way people on this site do, not by the company itself. it makes absolutely no sense for the company itself to use that song.


i take it back. they did use it on purpose. that is f*cked up.



How can people hear that song in the background and not be immediately repulsed? WHY is such a large part of the population so… DOCILE to such impositions? I do my best to spread the word, I show everyone I know this website, but it feels so futile.

On a side note, I noticed that everyone was throwing up the devils horns, disguised as "bunny ears" at the end.

At the end of the video I was confused to be honest.I didn't know what people were doing and I thought it was another video,then I looked at the name again and couldn't believe it was the same Ad.

oh my god, can please someone tell me that this isnt real? This song creeps me out.

Me and my brother's mouths dropped open listening to the f*****g words and how happy they seemed to be singing that!! WTF?!

Nothing like a creepy robot bunny in your home that says "Hi! I'm watching you!"

I love it… I'm totally going to buy one right now! *sarcasm*

My little 3 y.o. daughter was taught by some random lady to make the sign of baphomet while we were out shopping the other week. Of course, she told her it's a rabbit, so now my daughter doesn't understand why I don't like her making the sign, coz to her it's just a cute rabbit!!


…. a rabbit will connect us all

I Hope this quote is meaningful for you guys:Don't Judge The Book from its Cover.Meaning:don't just see the appearance of the Rabbit,but see the Inner side of the rabbit (the subliminal message,occult things,and that cellphone-like rabbit's quality :))

Is this a parody? That song is ridiculous! Hip and happening youth ey? Oh man. Its over.


How horrible this is not what I was waiting for as a first commercial domestic robot…

I think this is definitely not in their range of knowledge. They should let their masters, I mean Japanese, show what a real robot IS.

You just have to enter "robot" on Youtube to see the difference. While Americans are still trying to create a robot head, look where are the Japanese boy !! : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sv35ItWLBBk
All they found is a hand symbol to charm people. No I think it's to "disgust" them !

Not sure if anyone else commented on this, but did anyone notice how they were all flashing the "devil" sign at the end??!!! That was SO disturbing!!! All those little innocent kids, too, disguised as "bunny ears". What a shame! 🙁

That song is a hot mess. And this advertisement is a poster for all the things that we are told to watch out for on here. You got the eye, the bunny, the creepy song about conformity (the bad kind), and the devil's horns. How am I supposed to sleep with all that? How I'm going to dream about Satanic robot bunnies watching my every move. That is soooo whack. 🙁

This is quite possibly the most adorably evil thing the Illuminati have cranked out yet. Creepy, Uncanny Valley fodder, yet, somehow, CUTE. Awwww, lookit him sending our personal information to the government…

…yeah, no, I'm not getting one. Too much sacrificing security for convenience these days. No amount of cute will convince me after that song.

It is just another way for them to hold up the Satanic sign?

Pretty terrifying.

just like people think Judas is a cool song about betrayal, and the Empire State building was in red to "celebrate the 100th anniversary of Carnegie Hall" (the same day the POTUS visits NYC to speak with 9/11 families) they will think this is a cute, harmless toy and that we are reaching and should turn our volume down to low. Wake the F up!

we're already being monitered at home lol


hectic!!!!! laaaaa laa la la laa i love being spyed on and spooked out by bunny things lalaa laa la!

what the hell!? seriously are the people making these things iNsAn3?? lol! thanx for all the hard work and effort you do to inform us of these and other interesting affairs, VC, well done! ive read almost all ur articles in the past 3days!

God (of the Bible) bless!!

A carrot is used to make a donkey follow a specific path.

And the expression in French "following the carrot" is used to represent somebody hooked enough not to see the obvious and who is being driven around by someone else.

What is horrid is it doesn't even have cute eyes, they are pretty much dead and unreadable.