Karotz: The RFID Rabbit That’ll Monitor Your Home


This thing has a mic, a webcam, a RFID chip, wireless capability…pretty much everything needed to monitor your moves and to send that info somewhere. Here’s an ad for the product.

Yeah, I saw what you saw. And I heard the song in the background. Creepy.

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317 Comments on "Karotz: The RFID Rabbit That’ll Monitor Your Home"

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Just goes to show you people can be brainwashed…after all, they were brainwashed by Obama. "Yes We Can", give me a break..& the Bible says in the end technology will be increased and they'll be no place to hide.

"See what Karotz see."

Next thing you know, the elites will create another traumatic event and then use it as an excuse to use our dear little Karotz to spy on us. smh

…………………..WHAT!!!! !!

Wow look at the hand gestures!!!! OMG this is the creepiest thing i've seen in a long time.

i'm pretty sure the song was added by someone who feels the way people on this site do, not by the company itself. it makes absolutely no sense for the company itself to use that song.


i take it back. they did use it on purpose. that is f*cked up.



How can people hear that song in the background and not be immediately repulsed? WHY is such a large part of the population so… DOCILE to such impositions? I do my best to spread the word, I show everyone I know this website, but it feels so futile.

On a side note, I noticed that everyone was throwing up the devils horns, disguised as "bunny ears" at the end.

At the end of the video I was confused to be honest.I didn't know what people were doing and I thought it was another video,then I looked at the name again and couldn't believe it was the same Ad.

oh my god, can please someone tell me that this isnt real? This song creeps me out.

Me and my brother's mouths dropped open listening to the f*****g words and how happy they seemed to be singing that!! WTF?!

Nothing like a creepy robot bunny in your home that says "Hi! I'm watching you!"

I love it… I'm totally going to buy one right now! *sarcasm*

My little 3 y.o. daughter was taught by some random lady to make the sign of baphomet while we were out shopping the other week. Of course, she told her it's a rabbit, so now my daughter doesn't understand why I don't like her making the sign, coz to her it's just a cute rabbit!!


…. a rabbit will connect us all

I Hope this quote is meaningful for you guys:Don't Judge The Book from its Cover.Meaning:don't just see the appearance of the Rabbit,but see the Inner side of the rabbit (the subliminal message,occult things,and that cellphone-like rabbit's quality :))

Is this a parody? That song is ridiculous! Hip and happening youth ey? Oh man. Its over.


How horrible this is not what I was waiting for as a first commercial domestic robot…

I think this is definitely not in their range of knowledge. They should let their masters, I mean Japanese, show what a real robot IS.

You just have to enter "robot" on Youtube to see the difference. While Americans are still trying to create a robot head, look where are the Japanese boy !! : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sv35ItWLBBk
All they found is a hand symbol to charm people. No I think it's to "disgust" them !

Not sure if anyone else commented on this, but did anyone notice how they were all flashing the "devil" sign at the end??!!! That was SO disturbing!!! All those little innocent kids, too, disguised as "bunny ears". What a shame! 🙁

That song is a hot mess. And this advertisement is a poster for all the things that we are told to watch out for on here. You got the eye, the bunny, the creepy song about conformity (the bad kind), and the devil's horns. How am I supposed to sleep with all that? How I'm going to dream about Satanic robot bunnies watching my every move. That is soooo whack. 🙁

This is quite possibly the most adorably evil thing the Illuminati have cranked out yet. Creepy, Uncanny Valley fodder, yet, somehow, CUTE. Awwww, lookit him sending our personal information to the government…

…yeah, no, I'm not getting one. Too much sacrificing security for convenience these days. No amount of cute will convince me after that song.

It is just another way for them to hold up the Satanic sign?

Pretty terrifying.

just like people think Judas is a cool song about betrayal, and the Empire State building was in red to "celebrate the 100th anniversary of Carnegie Hall" (the same day the POTUS visits NYC to speak with 9/11 families) they will think this is a cute, harmless toy and that we are reaching and should turn our volume down to low. Wake the F up!

we're already being monitered at home lol


hectic!!!!! laaaaa laa la la laa i love being spyed on and spooked out by bunny things lalaa laa la!

what the hell!? seriously are the people making these things iNsAn3?? lol! thanx for all the hard work and effort you do to inform us of these and other interesting affairs, VC, well done! ive read almost all ur articles in the past 3days!

God (of the Bible) bless!!

A carrot is used to make a donkey follow a specific path.

And the expression in French "following the carrot" is used to represent somebody hooked enough not to see the obvious and who is being driven around by someone else.

What is horrid is it doesn't even have cute eyes, they are pretty much dead and unreadable.

julie and andrew, that is great that you are making an 'anti' song, but do you see what they did? they took a song that you made and turned it around….they are just mocking us, using us to what they want! did i mention, i believe they are making these ads and such up just to see how worked up we get, such as 'the president of hollywood' cartoon…

This song is such bullshit. It disgusts me that this is the kind of crap they feed people nowadays.


^the lyrics are worse than i thought.

Hi there. I happen to be the author and singer of the song and it is actually an anti-new world order song, which was inappropriately paired with this product. Sorry, but the song is not bullshit.

I find that highly improbable.

It's not improbable, had you read the previous comments or been to the artists' website. She and her husband wrote this song. It was inappropriately used for the advertising of this product. How is it improbable?

"It's wabbit season!"

Did anyone else notice the single eye in one of the frames?

I love Big Brother!

Holy BALLS! The song scared me more than the actual commercial! WTF.

they are all throwing up the sign of the devil

The lyrics to the song thats playin in the background are crazy, sounds like its encouraging people to allow complete government control/monitoring while giving up our God-given rights to privacy, freedom and individual thought/choice…..thats so sick! then they have the 3rd eye, that allseeing eye, shown plus idiots throwing up the hand sign of baphomet/satan at the end of the commercial, are people really that stupid? I WILL NEVER ACCEPT THE MARK OF THE BEAST AND I WILL NOT ALLOW TECHNOLOGY TO MONITOR/CONTROL ME God created humans as free creatures not to be slaves, i'm 1 person who will never hav a Karotz rabbit in my home nor as a part of my life

One population that this product is marketed to is working moms. Its like a nanny-cam, now the moms who have to work and leave their kids at home unattended have help via the bunny. Then, you have to keep the bunny in the kids' rooms at night so it can get to know the kids and better watch them while you are at work. The creepy part of the song that states that "I'm gonna let you feel me up, havent you had enough" reminds me of brainwashed sexual molestation. How many p********s and perverts will be watching the children dress, undress, take baths and showers, or just watching tv after school?

Notice mad symbolism cough (all seeing eye , devil hand sign, mickey mouse dock, target on rabbit's back) creepy song & how the maker of this product is called "Mindscape" –______– … smh.

no. frickin. way.

soon they'll b like "hi everyone we are the illuminati we have been turning your brain into mush, ok?" and the public STILL wont believe they exist. its gut wrenching i dont kno what else to say. lets jus pray to JesusGod that at least 1000s more ppl will open their stupid eyes

Disgusting bloody thing and the song WTF. if i ever see one of those things for real its meeting my baseball bat in a few seconds flat. that little rabbit has me angry never thought i would hate a little white bunny but i do and with a vengence. please people dont buy this product ever along with a heap of others like all products starting with I.

And did you see all the people in the ad movie make the 'devils sign'? They even don't try to hide.

My friend contacted the artist,The song was actually never intended to be used this way, it is in fact an anti-corruption song,

Would only be reiterating the same points above. It is shocking but at the same time, considering all the other blatant filth that is out there, not so surprising. The illuminati get perverse pleasure in all this, 'hidden in plain sight'. It's probably their way of monitoring how many they have under their influence. The only comfort is knowing that, albeit a minority of people, that not everyone has been rendered dumb, deaf and blind. The only comfort is turning to the one and only God, protecting ourselves, our families and our fellow human beings. Re the song, although the artist states that she wrote a cynical view of events, it is very disturbing whatever the case. That monotonous 'supermarket' style tune that sticks in your head, the flat voice, is almost robotic and obviously the lyrics. You can't trust anyone. This is probably illuminati agenda, getting us to distrust… Read more »

Wikipedia " Nabaztag is 23 cm in height and weighs 418 g."

23 cm high

4 +1 +8 = 13

Name Kratos is a Greek word and means power.

Publisher name is Karotz

Wikipedia " Nabaztag is 23 cm in height and weighs 418 g."

just add 4 +1 +8 and you have 13 😀 and he is 23 cm high.

Kratos is a Greek word and means power the publisher name is Karotz

Rabbits are pulled out of top hats in magic acts, and top hats are associated with Masonic initiations – I think Vigilant mentioned that in the context of Madonna wearing a top hat when she kissed Britney Spears. Also, the 'rabbit hole' could be the Qliphoth gate in the kabbalistic tree of life – the door to the underworld. the Satan horn hands are a real nice touch, and trying to make this thing look cuddly is diabolical.

these little s***s been out SINCE 2006!!!!! DO NOT buy these.

I couldn't believe my eyes or ears!!! That song is crazy!

This sure caters to the laziness of people. I'm seeing more and more little kids (toddler/preschool age) totally separated from their parents in the stores. I ask my husband, "Where is the adult that belongs to this child?" No one in site. These are the people that would love the Karotz. One less thing they have to do. Heck, they're letting the schools/daycare raise their children, why not go completely Robot and check out from parenthood!

We as a society have lost any kind of privacy. This rabbit thing is a devil horned tool of big brother. But all the blind people will think it's the coolest invention. The world just keeps getting scarier and its not gonna stop until the Lord comes back.And judging by all that's going on, He might be back really soon.

I actually emailed the band who did the music in the video, and apparently it's a case of their work being stolen or mis-used and the context corrupted. Their reply email is in screencap form here. http://i.imgur.com/Xh6bS.jpg (Disregard my fake/psuedo joke name. I loathe putting real info on anything web based.) Here is a pasted version for those who do not wish to click the link. [My Email] Subject: Hey there, I have reason to believe that someone is using your song "Back in line" without your permission in a way that goes against the spirit of the lyrics. http://vigilantcitizen.com/latestnews/karotz-the-… and here's a link to the video itself, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQyfAWCRj7s&fe… I almost thought that this was a fake/joke video since the lyrics sound like a sort of upbeat parody of being monitored or having your decisions made for you I take it. But the actual Karotz website links to the youtube… Read more »

I knew it. The song was mocking the government. It is sad that PR people, oblivious to the artist's license, take this song and change it to a way that turns a bad product to good, by their terms.

It ticks me off, that many PR agencies do that. I've seen a lot of it where I live. I even spoke to them when they took works from my friends without their consent.

About the product, I hope (being a bit naive) that is a mock commercial. But, is not. Is plain stupid and an expensive piece of garbage. A waste of money and space.

very Nineteen-Eighty-Four Telescreen-esque. Look how THAT turned out. looks like George Orwell was on to something.

Hey Everyone, I am the one who wrote this song. Our name, Julandrew is simply a combination of my and my husband's names. I wrote this song about 3 years ago, and it was the 2nd song I ever wrote. The song started out as a response to my experience with the Department of Public Safety (DPS) here in Austin, TX. I was appalled that when I went to do the right thing and get my drivers license switched from Massachusetts to Texas, they took away my only form of identification and I was without an ID for weeks. I seriously almost punched the person working at the DPS. The song then morphed into what is actually a cynical song about Big Brother and the world we live in. It is supposed to be creepy. This song is about the "sheeple" just going along with what is happening to them,… Read more »

Julie, that is exactly how I took your song when I read the lyrics and was really confused by the placement of it in this particular product. I went so far as to look at your Web site to see if there were any more clues before judging this. Thank you for clarifying this. I wish you all the best in your career.

I say fight fire with fire and write a song about having your song co-opted like this.

It's like a much darker version of "Little Boxes".

Good answer; I was hoping to hear something to this effect. And of course; it makes their using it even MORE creepy. As if they purposely went out of their way to throw it in the face of anyone awake enough to see through their subterfuge.