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JoJo – Hollywood (video)



Pay attention to the words.


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Shes in atlantic records now with a new "tringle" did she find a way around it, a loophole per say ?? Is my JoJo ok??!


She sung this song but she DID NOT write it! SHe made it a point for people to know that for a fact! She even tweeted that she didn't write the song on her twitter. But she certainly is apart of that "society" now. In her new video "Andre" she's throwing up the A-Ok sign twice & smiling about it! I was shocked. But the fact is if you want to sell in Hollywood you gotta sell!


And now she's back in the game with a NEW VIDEO and NEW SINGLE………….nobody is true in this buisness if u open your mouth, they will catch u and manipulate u MK – Style!!! And if u dont…..they will kill u like the others legend they die for open they mouth!


I cried when the video started :')

awesome song <3

Glad she is brave enough to put it out there


I've been waiting on her to come like this..Thanks VC


This is a really good song and it's really sad, because it's all true. And most of these celebs don't even know the meaning of this song because they're already blinded by the darkness of illuminati.

The Vitruvian Man

She actually turned down the role of Miley Cirus before the other girl got it, makes you wonder if she knew all this then and that was the reason. Much respect…


This is a GREAT song and i support is 100%. I just hope that they don't do anything bad to her for speaking about the industry because she's a celeb and they already know a lot about her! Be careful Jojo o love you!


this. is. creepy. shes speaking the truth…hollywood has no heart, they use ppl then throw them away. *DONT SELL UR SOUL FOR SOMETHING SOMEONE HAD YESTERDAY!*


Great message Jojo. Now if you doubted that some sold their souls, there you heard it directly from Jojo. Its a pity to watch all them talented artists choosing the wrong path which leads directly to hell. short term benefits for long term-eternal suffering. surely, the love of money is the root of all evil……


I don't agree with some of you who still believe that this child has anything to do with the Illuminati. It's obvious that she isn't as popular as she used to be…it's not cuz she has lost her talent, but it's because she did not take the offers giving to her by "Hollywood" or the Illuminati. She has resumed normal life by finishing school and still pursues her passion of singing on her spare time. This song is a bold step to tell the truth and she has probably been persecuted in the mainstream media world for doing so. Yet, she continues to stand for what she believes in. Hollywood is a deception. At least she knows it and hasn't fell for its lies anymore.


I've always thought that the Devil exists and I always believed in God. I've discovered the illuminati, HAARP project, New World Order at only 13… Now I'm 14. I still listen to 'satanic music' and like those illuminati celebrities. I just realize some things that are happening nowadays. I don't believe in the medias and tabloids, I believe in the TRUTH. When I've heard this song for the 1st time, I immediately thought " JoJo has talent, but in USA, even if you have the best voice ever, like Beyoncé, you can't be famous if you don't sell your soul". It happened to Beyoncé, after she met Jay-Z, and Katy Perry, at 15, she said. I can't abide the fact that illuminati killed all these people, like Michael Jackson, Kennedy, John Lennon, 2pac etc, but all people they killed were a danger for them. If 2pac would be alive, everyone would know them. He talked about them on TV. No fear. Anyway. There's something that my religion taught me : 'The richest on Earth will be homeless, in the hereafter.' Illuminati are the richest, aren' they ? =) Peace, open your minds and make that world change.


so does that mean that "jojo" went underground then and quit the mainstream stuff?


is it me or is Jojo's voice her a bit different? I have herd jojo's voice but in this song it's just auto-tune or edited ?

I hear her voice in the beginning and i swear it not her voice.



wow, nice Jojo


so glad you posted this, glad i sent it for you to be able to post for everyone to see. I love JOJO and her talent and so glad she hasn't sold her soul.


I wish my friends would listen to me v_x But they just say "Okay so?" Like I said 13 and know what they talking about


I seriously can't believe you people think that Jennifer Hudson sacrificed her family !!

She didn't receive instant stardom after the incident !

Atleast not in my country. If someone here ever does refer to her, it's as 'The fat one from Dream Girls'.

(Not that there's anything wrong with being voluptuous, ofcourse….)

The only song I have of her on my playlist is 'Spotlight', because it's the only one that I know 😉

If you ask me she was never really THAT famous and she still isn't now !

Not every tragic incident that occurs in the life of a celebrity has to be a sacrifice !

Vernel Flavien

I hope she isnt found dead mysteriously: not all write their names on that line without reading the fine print…..and not all go for all that glitters……and not all want what someone had yesterday by selling their soul!


At last an artist that tells us straightly it how it is. Besides the dark side of fame in the lyrics what strikes me the most is the 'I'm not alone' lyrics after she's been using the third person. I think she's talking about what happened to her and she's taking comfort on knowing that she's not alone. Or perhaps she's saying that other artists like her were lured and dumped by the industry like her.

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