Japan’s newest popstar outed as CGI creation


Aimi Eguchi, the latest star of the popular girl band AKB 48, told fans on her website that she was a normal 16-year-old from Saitama Prefecture, north of Tokyo who enjoyed track and field sports. Her cute features made her a fan favorite and quickly created a buzz. She soon took center stage in this candy commercial.

Miss Eguchi blogged that her goal is “to become a new idol like never before by taking the best parts of my AKB big sisters”. This was true, but in a creepy-Frankenstein kind of way.

Turns out that Aimi Eguchi is in fact a composite CGI creation using the body parts of the other 7 band members.

“Her less than organic origins were exposed when fans of the band became suspicious about the appearance of its newest member, remarking that she bore a striking similarity to some of her band-mates. While it is not unusual for new faces to join AKB – the band has 48 members with older girls often being replaced by newcomers when they “graduate” onto modelling and acting – something was obviously amiss.

And there were other clues. Her birthday – February 11 – is the date of the founding in 1922 of confectioner Ezaki Glico and rearranging the letters of her name in Japanese spells out the company’s name.

Soon, Ezaki Glico was forced to come clean and admit that the nation’s newest pop sensation was a fake. It turned out that Miss Eguchi had been born from a computer programme and piece together from the best features of six of the band members. In fact, she had borrowed the the eyes of Atsuko Maeda, the mouth of Mariko Shinoda and the nose of Tomomi Itano. Her singing voice came straight from the vocal chords of Yukari Sasaki.”
The Telegraph

Was this all a clever marketing ploy? Probably. The real shocker here is how this star was synthetically created. Here’s a video describing the “making-of” Eguchi.

Is this the future of pop?


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Disney produced an original movie released on cable television called "Pixel Perfect" and it exemplifies what has happened here. The concept is not new.


this makes me think of the Disney movie "Pixel Perfect" about a "Holographic Rockstar"



The video's been removed


Family Guy made a joke about Miley Cyrus being a Disney-created robot, so I had no idea people are actually doing this in reality! can you say creepy?


I watched that episode too. Kinda creepy.

Ass + Gerbil + Tube

The Japanese are so damn brainy.


it's cool & it's freaky!


haha dudes it's japan, they are far more advanced than us but anyway….i love the akb and the ckick they made (if they made her) is beautiful


Wow!! i actually think this is kinda cool!!!


People don't seem to think bad things can happen in todays world. They think Hitler and Stalin and all the world wide evil we've had over the years was just a one of. As my old English teacher told me 'Nazi Germany could have happened in any country at any time and CAN happen in any country at any time'. By that he meant that an evil can sweep a country and a people at any point in history with ease. People think those days are long dead. This stuff has all been done before: experimenting on children, murdering people, propoganda, editing history books…EVERYTHING has been done before. Evil doesn't vanish, it mutates and it can afford to be savvy and shadowy in todays complicated world. People work all day long. Go to school all day long. Commute all day long, but STILL in most cases are barely making ends meet. Children are ENCOURAGED to eat, have sex, do drugs, drink. Listen to anything on the top 40, it glorifies a weird mutation of black American culture that glorifies a life of crime and substances. This is reflected in many young people who spend all of their weekends drinking, smoking… Read more »


That was probably one of the most insightful posts I've read. I couldn't agree more.


what if this was the reason Michael Jackson never showed his face in public?


well, now we're in the brink of what roboticians call "the uncanny valley"


Meagook, I"m assuming that you mean the attack wasn't a terrorist attack. You're not denying that attack itself,I hope.y I was there and, let me tell you that sucked on a level that only a Palestinian would understand.


hello vigilant citizen. ive been reading your site for quite a while now, although this is actually my first time to comment. im an avid follower of the asian (especially japanese) entertainment industry that's why im also very familiar with AKB48. im really glad you chose to report about this issue. for those who don't know (and are too lazy to google :p) AKB48 is a massive group in Japan. and when i say massive its actually both literally and figuratively. well its because they're a 48 member group as the article says, and, they are probably the biggest entertainment commodity in Japan right now (in some ranking for music sales throughout the world, they've already managed to outsell Lady Gaga and some of their million-selling songs stay on number one for weeks). they also have sister groups which have 48 members as well. their fanbase is mostly composed of middle aged men. these girls are really young mind you and some of their music videos feature them wearing swimsuits. but not the sexy, sultry way though. asians like things cute and innocent-looking. honestly i dont hate them as a group, and they've got some really good songs which are… Read more »


it becomes more obvious every day that our own God given human genetics will not suffice. real faces, not good enough. real voices. not good enough. real bodies. not good enough. real minds. not good enough. if it is not blended with rigorously refined detail substitution, it will not sell. smart women with pleasing qualities look bland and washed out next to these processed, factory produced "women" and lead men to stray from solid homes, falsely led to believe they need to test their potential mates by superficial standards. the destruction of the home is the destruction of the nation, isnt it. great job, media. why doncha just slay us and make some sexy clones. we dont need expansive genetic diversity. we need collogen injections, botox, implants, chemical treatments, a snip here, a tuck there. i'm 21 years old, 145 lbs and 5'8". when i watch too much television and read too many mainstream articles i begin to feel awful about my body. it feeds stress into my system. it breeds insecurity. i'm an artist and i believe beauty comes in so many different forms. there are so many things they tell us are not right. WHO ARE THEY??! who… Read more »


Screw them and most importantly don't deform yourself with invasive surgery, botox and nip and tucks. Stay healthy with the combination of good nutrition-exercise and ignore the manufactured "beauties". They all look the same with their pixie noses, frozen faces, inflated lips and bosoms. One of the famous catwalk models from the late 1980s-1990s who used to work for YSL-Schiaparelli-Paco Rabanne was profoundly plain without the facial cosmetics. Tall and trim -she was living on carrot juice for weeks, nothing else- with common facial features. You wouldn't give her a second glance if you bumped into her. She was very trim through unhealthy starvation but she still had so many flaws. For starters her waist was disproportionate to the rest of her body and her legs were too short compared to the rest of her. She was naturally photogenic and with all the war paint applied to her face and the professional photography techniques, she looked amazing, a different person altogether. On the other hand, her sister who was the prettiest of the 2 without all the paraphernalia, focused on becoming a conscientious doctor and caring mother. What I'm saying is don't agonize over your looks because it's not worthy.… Read more »


I can see why it was outed. It doesn't look completely real to me. It's frightening though what they can do, and what they almost did here. Though to me it's all fake anyway…


They've already constructed the 'fake woman' and men have naturally gone along with it because it is sexually appealing. Women have become hairless, bleached, perfumed, made up and in many cases pumpd up with plastic surgery to create the ideal, perfect woman, which as you say, no REAL woman can compete with. I agree, a real beautiful woman looks washed up when up against fake hair, fake tan, heavy make up and all the rest. There is no comparison. Men for the most part wont say anything against this because naturally and probably against themselves, they are attracted to this. Distort and destroy the image of 'woman' – make her plastic and false, – men have then accepted the idea of a plastic, fake, unreal woman. Women then must accept this too to stand a chance in the dating and reproductive world. You destroy the woman through the invasive, critical, shallow world of her beauty. You reduce women to breasts and mouths and their capabilities as mothers, as wives, as friends, falls away. How many women have you met who cannot hold a conversation, who have no opinions, no interests? Who could be at the most amazing place in the… Read more »


The catwalk model I was talking about is nothing like a stepford wife though. She didn't even chase that career, it was a twist of fate. On the contrary, she is adorable, sensible, balanced, independent, always has time for relatives, friends and anyone in need. Magda you even share the same name.


search 'Project Blue Beam' on the web….. the next step on from this?

(if this has been mentioned already i apologise but i cant be bothered to trawl through all the comments to check)


Ever read Idoru by William Gibson? This is pretty much that book come to life. Like most of his books it's strangely prophetic. We live in an information age, everything is connected, and everything can be manufactured and manipulated. It's pretty inevitable that we are getting closer and closer to a crazy cyber punk world. Depending on how it turns out, It's not necessarily a bad thing though, just different, could be rad…although if half of what this site says is true than I suppose it's a very very very bad thing haha.

Neat use of new technology and 4th wall breaking meta entertainment, or crass marketing tailor suited to appeal to the broadest spectrum, or a horrible glimse into a manufactured future?

Eh, can't be worse than what we already got.

Eh, I'll stick with


Ignore that eh I'll stick with. TYPO D:

VC reader

There's a disney movie about this exact thing… 'Pixel Perfect' I think? I remember watching it years ago as a kid, who would've thought they were actually preparing us for this crap?


Does anyone remember that episode of Arthur when all the children were fans of this fake band called Binky


PHWAH. My Birthday is Feb 11. xD


Y? They dont need us no more???


not so much scary as kind of cool actually. come on, ya gotta appreciate some form of technology, however in the explanation video, they cover their eyes and do the 'shh' sign


Personally, I don't think this is "cool". I think it's sad that now our technology has gotten to this point where we can exploit it to create artificial personalities like this. Meanwhile, as people drink and think things are going along pretty plainly in our world we have militaries forming new "super weapons" and scientist with more robotic and computer knowledge than social skills trying to figure out how to make android girlfriends. This is NOT cool. It's a step toward changing the world and our communication unlike anything we've ever seen before, a point where it might be really difficult to distinguish robots from humans. This wasn't just an idea. They've been developing this for a while and soon might have stuff that makes this seem crude. They're studying human psychology to figure out what makes a person recognize a person as one of them and applying it to stuff like this, figuring out how best to lie to you and primordial parts of you for effectiveness – notice how the sim moved around instead of staying in stagnant poses as though it had muscles that were capable of tiring of being in one position? The only thing that… Read more »


Almost forgot to mention that "Graduate" concept and influx of youth, and I'm surprised Vigilant didn't say anything about this advanced fame industry they've apparently got in Japan, but I'm sure that'll be more global soon though it's somewhat already here.

Isn't it interesting? Take a regular person, put some glitzy pictures of them out for the world to see, call them "star" and soon other regular people see them as "superior" for some reason and envy their lives.


actually you are right, maybe this is how they will get us to believe this faked 2012 alien invasion


I'm a huge fan of these girls, AKB48 work all day long, no wonder they're androids


It looks a lot more obvious it isn't real on a higher quality video.

Coffee yeah

well I think it's pretty cool that they can do that and it's pretty cool that people still notice it. Most people are no fools really, they just don't care that they are being tricked because people only care about if there will be food on the table tonight. People in this world have to work too hard to give a damn.


"People in this world have to work too hard to give a damn"

Probably not a coincidence.