Japanese Group “Perfume” Performance: One-Eye Sign Extravaganza


These girls sing and dance like robots and they flash the one-eye sign in about 50% of their performance. The Illuminati agenda is definitely in effect in Japan.

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Oh so, in ナチュラルに恋して Kashiyuka arives at a shopping mall; flying, though, so that must mean she is a fallen angel because although her dress is white, her hair is black, so she's in fact trying to decieve people into believing she's good when she isn't. Then her naive friends sense her presence and start following her around and are being decieved by consumism. They are also in an endless catwalk because kashiyuka is trying to ground them to an intensive shopping session to make them her slaves.

I mean, isn't this ridiculous? It's a video promoting a clothing brand and cosmetic products, jesus! Oh wait, it might just mean they are trying to controle people by exposing them to material good and —. No, it isn't. It's just a simple music video.


Okay guys, bear with me, I don't want to sound rude or something, but I'm literally laughing at some of your coments. Perfume, seriously? Have you ever thought that they are, perhaps, a technopop group? I mean, it's a musical style where only the rythems and the beats are important. Do you seriously expect Perfume to sing about the meaning of life, or free will or Descartes or God or sth? Does that make them Illuminati puppets? It's just a matter of how you interpret symbols; and symbols don't represent just one thing alone. There are countless interpretations. And ofter the analysis people make is quite…extravagant? For example, I'm working on Voltaire's Candid and I was assigned to draw the characters and the landscapes represented on the book. And for the logo of the project I drew the book's title with a rose underneath. Does that make me a Devil worshiper or an Illuminati puppet because it is also related to Masonry? No, it doesn't. Why doesn't it? Because I've consulted various symbols dictionaries and the rose is a symbol which depicts rebirth and blooming towards perfection. Am I going to assume a valentines card is meant to make me… Read more »


haha! Reading this is hilarious you guys sound like paranoid freaks.

i mean really? Perfume dancing illuminati signs? Their dancing is supposed to be voguish, composed of posing and such. (chocolate disco is pretty old by the way try this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edyARJq9sgM )

here take this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MdaHEDjjQk
probably one of the most relaxed music videos.

Now go count all symbols!

personally i don't care if they are part of the Illuminati or what ever there music is much better than the non-possessed american artists.


the song is called chokoreito disuko (chocolate disco)

this is the music video of that song. pause at exactly 2.04, and you will have a surprise, a wonderful pentagramm (pointing downwards) on the girl's *****

this symbol doesn't exist in japanese culture, it won't have the same meaning for the japanese viewers,

but for us it (the pentagramm and the one-eye) means that the free masons and all that s**t are already controlling music industry in japan.


perfume s new vid cling cling is truly blatant illuminati nod


The group Perfume out of Japan seems to be doing something interesting lately. Yasutaka Nakata, the maker of Perfume's music, and allegedly their lyrics writer has released his main group's (called Capsule) album…. which is filled with horribly bad music, very unlike Nakata (titled CAPS LOCK). What is really interesting is that this seems to be on purpose , as if to say" i died", last track named Return alluding to a gnostic rebirth.?.. will he change his name soon, just like other prominent popular artists, including Beyonce, Snoop Dogg did ?
Meanwhile Perfume releases a video which is a departure from their colorful happy image they followed consistently so far. Dressed in black and grey, the vid for single Sweet Refrain looks like a wake by comparison to just about any other of Perfume's music videos. Looks like no coincidence to me.


This is why I listen to vocaloid. Elites will never truly grasp it. It's all fanmade songs for fans like me. Sure it's robotic but the voice is for song writers to share their songs with the world. I doubt Sony or any other illuminatti controlled company can fully control vocaloid because there are literally thousands of songs being written/made even right now


Are you serious! I've been listening to Perfume all this time not knowing what that eye thing meant! I feel so stupid, I can't listen to them anymore. Although I have to admit they are kinda cute

Big Pefume Fan

And Vigil, while i love your work and your site, i have to say that that single sentence of information up there doesn’t really tell the people anything. That one symbol enough doesn’t do very much. If i did it right now, it would be meaningless. If you want to go at perfume, you can really go at them. You’ll have to peruse perhaps their entire career in order to get enough for a substantial post. Hell, they even do that symbol in a number of other performances. If you want to call them out, do it the right way, the substantial way, the way you do it for all the artist that Americans listen to. Please and thank you and keep up the excellent work,.


i must say i really appreciate your response! bet one i have read yet! {^_^}

Big Pefume Fan

Thank you openminded, as you can see from my rant above, seeing them definitely struck a chord with me. Like i said i always had the suspicions, but seeing them on the site was eye opening.

I also forgot, they have a song called Linear Motor Girl. Take from that what you need to. BTW the video is so transhumanism.

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Sure it's easy to call out artists you don't like, but soon as someone you like gets mentioned, the game changes. I've been telling my friends for ages how they shouldn't listen to Gaga, or Wayne or whatever and here Vigil is calling out an artist's whose music i've listened too literally thousands of times. I cant' say i haven't noticed them before. Before i get started shredding them, i hear alot of people saying how bad this music sounds. This is one of their earlier songs and i can't say i like it. Their newer stuff is very electropop and dance/disco infused. I really like the vocoder and the composition. It's all by Yasutaka Nakata, an artist who creates music for acts like capsule, ami suzuki, coltemonikha, MEG and more. I've heard him mentioned by a commenter on this site before so he's probably deep in too. I just like the production, which can be used to worship God if you're clever (more on that in a second.) It came out in 2003 if i'm correct, but this performance is from last year. You know what? Now that i think about it, they perform chocolate disco ALOT. Moments where… Read more »

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nice Shriner hats too.


oh and I forgot to add the black and red black mass motif.


isn't it funny how when there are articles about pop stars "no one" likes [i.e. lady gaga] everyone is like "yeah, she is this and shes that", "the Illuminati is real", and "she is a devil worshiper" …..but as soon as there's an article on a pop star to they're liking everything is suddenly HOGWASH? [yes i said HOGWASH]….stop reading the articles if you don't wanna believe this stuff exist….its insulting to Vigilant Citizen. PLZ AND THANK YOU!


ok i listen to perfume and I noticed this long time ago but I'm not going to burn all their music and hide inside a cave. As long as the song does not contain swear words I'm all good. It is the words that are dangerous and being a perfume fan, the words in their songs are so simple idk why people are worrying so much…


like many people, once you start to realize what's really going on in the world,you sometimes can't help but tell people that you know about it, and most of the time, they laugh at you or say that you're crazy…oh well, i'd rather be crazy than a zombie…



One of the most symbolic music videos (let alone J-Pop) I've ever seen. I mean, just so blatant.

glass box, ribbons wrapped around her arms, being shown in a shattered mirror, her face splitting, bunch of material possessions raining down outside her glass box

outside of the glass box she has:

illuminated eyes, huge black wings, one eye stuff

Big Pefume Fan

Yea that is a terrible video and i love Koda Kumi. She always said Beyonce was her biggest inspiration so i guess that says a lot.


Sorry, not Taylor Hicks, Taylor Swift.

Thought that was a pretty funny image…


I've never seen or heard of this band before. I have to admit, i rather like them. They are so cute and girly and feminine. They seem very different from the oversexed female pop stars in america. It's like as soon as they turn 18 they are stripped naked and put in front of a camera (Miley, Rhianna, and we all know Taylor Hicks is about an album away from wearing pasties and singing about getting banged in the back seat of the car)

I do however see the roboticness of their performance. The Lady Gaga eyes thing and those sherpa hats are just weird as hell. Messed their cute little outfits up too!





ugh they're so REVOLTING. how can anyone tolerate that inhumanly high pitched voice?

it goes without question this gaggle of J-pop idiots are completely oblivious to what they're doing and perpertuating.

they are the peak of ignorant puppet, ultimately this is the type of artist elitists want instrumenting the N.O.W agenda

like they have no originality or character/personality. vacant eyes. souless tone of voice, pointless lyrical content….

Kevin P

Ever since the K-pop group SHINee put out their song Lucifer, I've not been surprised one bit by the foreign music industry. Its undeniable that the shady, sneaky, dirty bastards have infiltrated every culture…. At least I'm down with the "in the know" crowd.


This is my favourite J-pop group. Oh man.


Does anyone know the lyrics to the song? What if it has to do with the eye?

Lim Lynn


Did anyone check fan blog/forum??? Triangle album depict them standing together inside a triangle. Page 5 there's a post Perfume Appears on American Television!


sigh I like Perfume, but there music itself is a bit of a giveaway, always cute-sounding, techno, dance pop, obvious stuff Sony Japan and music fans are gonna like and the beats ALWAYS hint at computers and robots. What I do want to know is what's the name of this song so someone can look up the lyrics.



In that they lip-synch and dance (perhaps a bit dazzedly but on step) to another of their hits. They do the one-eye thing a dozen or so times and the crowd of thousands just cheers. We live in a STRANGE world.

Big Pefume Fan

Yes, the end of the Dream Fighter performance is particularly sad, where they put up the one eye symbol and then act possessed or something. That part always bothered me.


Yeah, parts of that dance look a bit …ritual-ly? Or maybe we're just paranoid?



take a look at BoA. So many masonic symbols. this is so sad, i used to admire her =< where have all the good artists gone??


woah, they are all right in your face, just how many symbols could they put on the costume of the guy?

Big Pefume Fan

I just watched that BoA video and all i could see was the checkerboard costume and the weird masks…What's so bad about it?