iPhone 5 nSa Commercial (Great Video)



Last week, people around the world lined up in front of stores to buy the new iPhone 5S. Why? Well, many will probably tell you: “Because it’s now available in gold!! All of my friends will be jealous! LOL OMG #iphone #socool #gold #exclusive #imspecial”

But seriously, were there people lining up because the device can now also scan and store your fingerprints? I don’t believe so. But that is, by far, the most notable feature of the new iPhone. It introduces biometrics to the mass market and, as we know, all of that information can EASILY be transmitted to a whole bunch of shady governmental entities.

Here’s a great video about the new iPhone.

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l i f e

OMG last night at thanksgiving dinner every kid had an iphone except me and I was just baffled at the blindness and oblviousness people my age are experiencing and I wonder if everyone as a culture can wake up somehow. Even if they do though, people are going to love what they love and I'm going to be happy no matter what happens personally because I just don't care to let these things bring me down. I'm not doing anything wrong so I think that's all that matters. Don't hurt anyone and do things that make you happy and make your life worth while. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink so. Atleast I can see more people are aware and that's good for them, but I'm not going to go out of my way to let people know because maybe they don't deserve to know.