iPhone 5 nSa Commercial (Great Video)



Last week, people around the world lined up in front of stores to buy the new iPhone 5S. Why? Well, many will probably tell you: “Because it’s now available in gold!! All of my friends will be jealous! LOL OMG #iphone #socool #gold #exclusive #imspecial”

But seriously, were there people lining up because the device can now also scan and store your fingerprints? I don’t believe so. But that is, by far, the most notable feature of the new iPhone. It introduces biometrics to the mass market and, as we know, all of that information can EASILY be transmitted to a whole bunch of shady governmental entities.

Here’s a great video about the new iPhone.

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OMG last night at thanksgiving dinner every kid had an iphone except me and I was just baffled at the blindness and oblviousness people my age are experiencing and I wonder if everyone as a culture can wake up somehow. Even if they do though, people are going to love what they love and I'm going to be happy no matter what happens personally because I just don't care to let these things bring me down. I'm not doing anything wrong so I think that's all that matters. Don't hurt anyone and do things that make you happy and make your life worth while. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink so. Atleast I can see more people are aware and that's good for them, but I'm not going to go out of my way to let people know because maybe they don't deserve… Read more »
The million dollar question: Will you go to Heaven when you die? Here's a quick test. Have you ever told a lie, stolen anything, or used God's name in vain? Jesus said, "Whoever looks at a woman to lust for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart." Have you looked with lust? Will you be guilty on Judgment Day? If you have done those things, God sees you as a lying, thieving, blasphemous, adulterer at heart. The Bible warns that if you are guilty you will end up in Hell. That's not God's will. He sent His Son to suffer and die on the cross for you. You broke God's Law, but Jesus paid your fine. That means He can legally dismiss your case. He can commute your death sentence: "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in… Read more »

Why does the phone predict the Gates of Hades opening and closing?!

U've got to be s******g me, what did I just see??? This phone shouldn't even be allowed to exist in the mass market.
Your fingerprint will be scanned and sent to their database, ur brain will be stored in ur phone. Like really???
God help us, bcos its even getting easier than we had expected.

you do realize its a parody

Don't forget that the IPhone's logo is a bitten apple. This goes so deep it's scary! The tree of knowledge of good and evil of the bible. I won't ever buy an Iphone.

hahaha I imagine the people working at the Apple Headquarters asking themselves How are we going to get everyone's fingerprints? Oh i know let's make an iphone with biometrics. is so easy these days to control the mass population that is a joke.

Think of the fact that these dolts are spending between $75.00 and $150.00 per month for their own monitoring. They have been very well trained in communicating in abbreviated terms so that even more information can be stored in less disc space. Anytime something makes 'no sense' like texting while driving and laws enable this dangerous behavior….they're behind it.
Much like the Zombie craze, which seemingly makes 'no sense' it is in effect for a reason. I have a friend who works for Nielsen and told ne that the show Walking Dead was actually doing horrible numbers and wasn't meeting the threshold to remain on tv. Yet, it was still being touted as one of the most watched. Desensitizing the public to a pandemic perhaps. The term Walking Dead may well be used to describe the afflicted.

When are people going to wake up to whats happening??
So many KNOW what is happening, but still buy into it…
We are doomed.

Now everyone can enjoy being fingerprinted by the government, without the hassle of being arrested. Kudos!

Yay, I'm so glad I have a 5 year old HTC Pro with Windows Mobile 6.5, a phone so useless it can't be used to spy on me!

How can someone forget to use his brain? The answer is by using Iphone. This is very dangerous…this will be the end of the world because if you are unable to use your brain then you will be lost! What will happen to humans if they will stop thinking? 😮 Evil minds will rule the world if we don't wake up

hahah i like VC's sarcasm…"#iphone #socool #gold #exclusive #imspecial” the hash tag trend is kinda annoying

please at least change your iphone password from Alpine to something else… it is easy and takes two minutes.

Really your surprised by any of this. A buddy and me have been having discussions of all this added technology to phones for sometime, amongst other technology. This has been going on longer than any of us think. Always remember if an idea is conceived by one, know that another will make that very idea come to fruition. All ideas that can be used for evil or good.All and any!!
Thank you Jesus Christ my saviour and Praise and Glory to the Father, i now know no fear 'Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world' 1John4:4 –

Did lunch with an Apple Corp inner circle man today and generically ran some of these views by him. He admitted that Apple gadgets were "like litmus paper" which provides a "load of highly resaleable market research information" (fingerprints?) and one of the best socio-economical barometers around. I interpret that as him saying that the next-big-apple-thing tests our propensity to absorb the trans-humanist agenda and blind adherence to a commercially grown value system. Just sayin'.

you don't want to use your finger? fine…use other body parts. like a nipple, or a toe. it's been done, and it's also on the internet for you to see..even a cat can activate touchid. next, information from your prints is not saved on the internet on a cloud server. it's in the phone's chip, a dedicated space in the hardware not accessible to ANY software..and it's saved using data, not actual photographs. you use it the first time, data is saved. the next time you use it, data is saved again and only if it matches the first initial data, does it unlock your phone. oh, and it's impossible to reverse-engineer the data back to an image of a fingerprint. third, this is the same tech used on laptops with fingerprint scanners..nobody else freaked out about that. and the important part…TOUCHID IS NOT COMPULSARY. it's an added feature. don't… Read more »

I can think of situations where you could get OCD about using a particular body part other than your finger and end up prosecuted trying to use it in public!

well, there's the knuckle. we got 28 of those on our hands..choose one. that works too.

knuckles. 28 of them just on your hands. use one.

Sometimes you get very dirty for such a decent personage….

No accounting for DNA


Lol, I knew this would be a "great thing" for apple and apple-lovers everywhere. So, with all the smartphones collecting data, and what not. I think I'm going to go back to using my old Motorola Star Tac 3000! #2001represent 🙂

its a status symbol.
look i am on this financial strata level. the rich kids dont really care about features… they cant stand to posess "outdated" things.
almost like peer pressure.

"look i am on this financial strata level"
what does that mean?

This world is F***** Up! They are treating us like robots ):

you can do some research about what 'transhumanism" means and what is its purpose if you are intersted

I got hired to stand in line for the phone. I didn't want or get one for myself. I asked the guy behind me what features he looked forward to. The only reason he gave was that he liked the finger print unlock feature.

Ahahaaahaa, I bet there's actually people out there who would love a phone to think for them – actually many Iphone users I know never used their brains that much to begin with anyway 🙁

LOL OMG #iphone #socool #gold #exclusive #imspecial” – I effin love VC!

Oh boy! Another device ensuring my safety, gee they sure are looking out for me! I can't wait for my fingerprints to be on the iPhone, now that's being safe!

Really, what the Hell are people so scared of? The elite have programmed us to be scared all of the time! But really, when something bad happens it's usually their fault. We'll accept any excuse to have our privacy invaded to be "safe" now at this point.

The scare works more than one way probably… One way, sheep are scared of false flags and agenda's that influence public opinion. The other way, people that see though it,might be scared because they think they are not able to controll the controllers anymore than the sheep can. Trick is maybe not to be scared but openminded and keep controlling your own world and the people in it?
Who knows another one.?

for gta 5 rockstar has stated they did iron purpose poking fun at this conspiracy craze still no excuse

Well as of yesterday government is shut down and waiting for your article on this..

There is this very disturbing video on YouTube
Type in "police search home without warrant" the video takes place it's debalk county and is filmed entirely how the authority treated the people.. Please cover this VC


Sooooooo I'm not touching anyone's iphone and this video made my night haha

So the first guy is involved with "monarch programming"….?

They try to make it sound so cool….government and corporation entities are going to be up your bu**….that's so cool….where do i sign up? I'll wait in line for that!

you do know the video was a joke right?

Wrt symbolism laden videos, it is prudent to operate upon the basis that sense of humor has failed.

Oh, I thought it was real….

Amaryllis, I make you right. I purposefully call my iPhone a poophone, iPod a poodle or a poopod etc for that express purpose.

Ties in well with OTO of course, I phone, I pad, I book, ME ME ME – let it be the whole of the law … before the crash you never saw coming.

Spot, dot, bang on right there aren't ya. Totally agree with ya there.

I dentity

hmm, funny, when the guy comes up (Bo Jobs), you see his name, and underneath you see his function: Monarch Programming. Sounds familiar does it?

You realise the video was satire, yes?

If you upgrade your Iphone 5 to the new software can they still track your information or is it only with the new iphone?

I have the iPhone 5 but not the one shown in this article. I did download the new software and have not experienced any fingerprint requirement yet. I just like the new software b/c of the photo-editing capabilities. But I agree that these smart phones are turning people into zombies!!! I only got the iPhone 5 b/c I like music and my 2 yr old enjoys watching kid videos & learning apps.

The worse thing to do is get your 2 year old hooked on these apps. What happened to one on one, with books that show colours, shapes, numbers. Your 2yr old will be a zombie by the time he's 5

ah bluboy knows the score. Not only meek but also has plenty of EI. I like you bluboy as you're a breath of fresh air.

Thank You Gina 😉

Oh Rissa, i had an enormous gross-out-reaction. But i won't bother you too much with all of that. Please don't loose your kid to a little screen, not just at 2yo. f.f.s.

Or your wallet – you think those apps are free and your kid is smart navigating their way round until the $$$$demand lands on the doorstep

Most of the people in the western world are eager to participate in and fund their slavery, and in fact have proven their ability and desire to do so by their daily actions, interactions, and purchasing over and over again ad nauseam. They have no idea and really do not care to know what the powers that be are planning for the U.S. and the rest of the people of the planet earth. I truly believe that the terrifying future events the powerful controllers have in store for us all will either be a huge shock to them or more likely the food, air, water, coupled with the wanton intake of prescription medication and vaccines will zombify most of them to the point that even they will really not be aware of or care that they have no rights and no freedom but are slaves in every sense of the… Read more »

Couldn't have put it better myself dude!

the point is, we are being trained. The using time is still ahead of us. All this symbolizm is beeing shown to train people for certain reactions. It's a part of a global brain washing operation. In future we should no wonder and don't oppose if they come to grab us for say lobothomy. We'll know then, that this is nothing unusal and this happened to many people before. We've seen this on our screens many times. In Future we will think this way and let them do anything to us.

This is off Street Guru by Nitin Sawney, its a sample he took while talking to a New York cabbie. "I think there’s going to be a backlash against technology. You know, I don’t know what’s gonna cause it. I hope it won’t be any environmental disaster s**t, you know, for sure for my kids that wanna live a better life. Not so much materially but I want a piecefull life. You know sometimes it’s good just to go in the woods and just go hiking and get back in touch with yourself and nature. You know, then you come back here and you realize that this is like, Ludacris all this emphasis on technology and 50 different internet devices and s**t and internet devices you can put in your pocket. Sometimes I feel threatened by it but you know, that’s the future and I am a man of the… Read more »

This makes transhumanization even easier to execute. The puppets are ready, they're just adjusting the strings.

Yes, but we are going to end up with a scrapyard the size of the US – robots not worth their human-metal. I hope they don't have plans to recycle humans in some strange and surreal way… and I haven't even mentioned the genteel practice of donating blood and organs.

I have said this before, w is the sixth letter of their alphabet so www is 666. We carry round the EYE phone manufactured by Forbidden Fruit Corporation – we are brandishing the mark of the beast wherever we go. Eventually, the old phones will no longer work and they will introduce some big, kind security measure in which they cheaply upgrade you to the fingerprint version. Only those ones will work. Every user (including your two year olds who like the specially-chosen apps) will need to register their fingerprint in order to work it. But security will fail at some point further on. The microchip implant technology will come in and we will feel so reassured and protected by it. In time, we wont be able to buy/sell anything without it so even the reluctant will accept it as a means of survival. The UN will announce a big,… Read more »

Sixth letter of whose alphabet?

W is the 6th letter in the Hebrew alphabet.

Incorrect. The sixth letter in the Hebrew Aleph-Bet is Vav, pronounced like the English v or it can be used like the vowel o. Watch it! It is also one of the letters in the name of the Holy One, Blessed Be His Name. I am talking about who you call God. We refer to him as Hashem, which in Hebrew means "the name", 'cause His name is too holy to say. Even while praying to Him, we say "Anonai", which means "my Lord". We do not ever say His real name. We know what it is but we don't say it. Please…if you're going to write about Hebrew, Israel, Jews in Israel, etc….. GET the FACTS STRAIGHT. Please.

"Get the FACTS STRAIGHT. Please."

I'll help with this. Where does the bible say His name is "too holy to say"?

I agree, but all you can do is not participate and encourage your kids to at least entertain our old fogey paranoid rantings. It will sink in but they won't take it seriously until older adults. As for self sufficiency I had loads of tomatoes this year but lost loads to snails and burnt my chutney. Long way to go yet. On a positive note though, I had lots of 'tostadas de tomate' and tonnes of tomato soup!!

I could eat tostadas all season and never tire of them. I had the same problem with zucchini

after they

olive oil

Seriously though.. Which alphabet??
I used to say who needs the chip when you got an iPhone! But thank u for bringing it a step further they make us in such need of these phones and eventually force the chip…

Until you let go of the bible as well, you are still mentally enslaved.

they are trying to trick people into thinkin that satanism is cul and it is the latest fashion. which is wat people have always wanted, cool new stuff most especially the youth. get ready for the NWO


Yes, form an orderly queue and wait all night moving at snails pace around the block in some city far from your home just to pay $500 to be enslaved! And the beauty of it is that thanks to the NWO, someone somewhere else in the world will be submitting themselves in exactly the same way.

and it gives me that warm feeling, just like the coke ad ..NOT

hehe I also prefer to use a map and ask passers-by. I think the 2 of us are too far behind regarding technology.

So funny how people act; on one side they don't want their fingerprints taken because it makes them feel like a criminal, but with a fancy gadget it is juuuuust fine.
Glad I'm not into that kind of crap! I don't even own a mobile phone. And reading this makes me even less want to have a phone. It is sad how people a glued to their phones like zombies. It is as if the device controls them and not the user the device.

Nice Video VC – First of all this doesn't surprise me. I don't even have an EyE Phone (the clue is the b.a.s.t.a.r.d word people!). When are you going to all wake up? This is just the build up to condition and desensitize the masses as to what really is going to happen in the coming future………..RFID chip and then…..electronic money.

New phones will keep coming out while the economy collapses in the background…..

Electronic money already exists lol

wow – I know that but in the years to come the U.S Dollar, which is the international main currency is going to be attacked and bring down all the paper money in the world……The new currency is going to be electronic. It's going to be intangible money. You cant touch it, feel it etc. Why do you think we all have chip and pin these days….

Yes, this has been confirmed. Touch-to-pay technology is a good transition method

First place it takes off is the school canteen

Do you know which country is going to head this "new currency"?

Won't it be a One World Currency? It goes with the NWO and it's talked about in the Bible too. One World Gov't,currency and religion.


You are so right!

In the Netherlands there is an agenda to suprpress paper money in Public Transport. Billions have gone into developement already and implementing a system. (Millions have disappeared in pockets of project-people, advisors, dummies and bozo's by the way). To pay for a trainticket now : with cash at till costs more than electronic card…..

That's what i was talking about! Brilliant vídeo, thanks VC!! LMAO

Hey, is that Luke Rudkowski from WeAreChange? I love his work, the dude has balls.

Yeah, people are awakening, and we must spread this news, make it viral. This awesome video reminds me the Obama's WW III Kickstart, very funny video, google it! it's worth!

Hi, I'm Benny. Otherwise known as 'Bo Jobs.' On behalf of JoyCamp, THANK YOU. We're big fans over here, VC, so this means a lot.

I'm glad VC posted your video. I love your work.

Were you wearing a wig? Also, I have the iPhone 3, old school, nothing is "enabled" and I pretty much just use it to get incoming calls. Couldn't someone just invent some pants that…render the phone / activity invisible when you put it in a specific pocket? Anyway. I thought the video was very sarcastic and funny. The missile shot was a little silly. Thanks for making the video to coach people (including myself) of how far the arm of power reaches into our personal lives. There is no effing way I would ever knowingly give my print to a phone company. There is nothing I do personally that I need so desperately to keep a secret. It really speaks volumes on our society as a whole, not just Americans. We are are all total narcissistic, crooked species with the power to change it, thats what makes all of this… Read more »

Great work dude, well done

A question comes to my mind. Could they take a fingerprint from the data base, replicate it and plant it wherever they want?

You should dig the manufacture of false fingerprints. There will come a day when everyone who threatens the unfolding of their agenda will be at risk of being framed like this

There isn't actually a database, nor are there images of fingerprints stored. The fingerprint is essentially one way hashed into a password, then stored in a 3MB enclave on the A7 SoC.

It doesn't leave your CPU, much less your phone, and there aren't actually any fingerprints to steal. Other than the ones on the screen, that is. :p

That is what they tell you so you believe it . like they would spend all that for the sake of temporary technology of no benefit to ts commercially

I do neither actually. Because I am not so dumb to think those are my only choices.

"Well Said" Your comment will never convince me…..I don't have an EyE Phone because I CHOOSE not to have one and i'm not the dumb type to wait in a 10 mile long queue for a phone that is going to come out again in another few months after that……& a new one again after that……& after that…

Yes they can. Yes they will.

Of course they can.

Apple the very thing that caused the fall of man

Really? Re-read the book of Genesis. Please point to the scripture where an "Apple" is mentioned. #Godispower

''Genesis, powered by ..''
''Book of Job, powered by..''

It's a theme, even though it may not be an actualy apple (or even fruit for some scholars argue that the original sin was sexual intercourse if you look into ancient Hebrew, hence the "seed" of satan and his royal bloodlines etc…) but it is an idea. When you think of Adam and Eve you automatically think "apple" too.
Here's a tidbit of information:
"When Jean Louis Gassée was asked about his thoughts to the Apple logo he answered: "One of the deep mysteries to me is our logo, the symbol of lust and knowledge, bitten into, all crossed with the colors of the rainbow in the wrong order. You couldn't dream of a more appropriate logo: lust, knowledge, hope, and anarchy."

Spot on, with some Oz Prog thrown in for good measure

Hence the term Forbidden Fruit, which is a term used for indulgence or pleasure in something that is immoral etc.

Good point little by little we become more "Automatic" getting technology into us, pur body and brain, trying to be perfect, trying to be god, like Satan.

So true.

I thought "forbidden fruit" was anal sex

Have anal sex and you'll ruin your body. Many Muslim women have anal sex for years so they can marry 'virgins'. The state of their rears is dreadful and the hemorrhoids is the least of the their problems.

Really? I would be surprised that you know that unless you work in a clinic? Where did you research that?

You don't have to work in a clinic. I used to hang out with N Africans (Egypt etc) so yes some of them have anal to remain virginal somewhere else or they have surgery before they get married to mislead their husbands to be. You know you hear things especially if you've been around for years. So amaryllis if someone pesters you for such thing, ditch him like a hot potato. Unless you are a masochist.

Well, they aren't Moslem then if they are doing stuff like that as all the Moslem girls I know are chaste.

"So amaryllis if someone pesters you for such thing," I must hang out with the wrong crowd as that would never happen.

amaryllis, regarding your first sentence – Exactly!

I have never even had a moslem male friend before but I doubt they are all like that.

How can all of them be like that? I'm only saying that in their culture it happens because of their traditions. It doesn't mean each one of them has the same habits. Case is closed, there is nothing else to say about it.


Gladys – They must've been some dirty arse North Africans (excuse the pun).

Well in all fairness, I now remember that many years ago, stayed in North Africa for a few months and I have heard that there are men behaving like that amongst themselves prior to getting married to women. I was told that by a local historian but who is to say of what professed faith/sort they are – there was certainly a lot a paganism tied up in Bedouin beliefs from what I gathered – hand of fatima and this eye symbol which is pretty much like the one we know so well.

Let them do whatever they want. I'm out of there lol.

ok… hope you don't own an iphone or any of the smartphones influenced by apple then… or any other technology that improves many peoples lives and productivity at all. have fun with that, tell me how long it lasts?

They intended to do all this so people are easier to be controlled … now who can live without internet for couple of days ? nobody …

yet …thank God there are vigilante people … they will not stand still and watch their kids become ROBOTS of the bankers and NWO freaks…

Thanks to all who are helping others to open their eyes.


Doesn't the government have our fingerprints anyway? I'm an immigrant on a green card and every time I leave the country or come back in through customs I have my fingerprints taken. This is nothing new.

Not by default. If you are citizen of the US your fingerprints are only (technically) gathered if involved with a crime or going into some sort of job/service where they would be required for security / background checks.

In the Netherlands it is mandatory to get a identification (like a passport) nowadays…..

Well, I found that after the terrorist attacks, large corporations in major cities were introducing finger printing as a means of identification and unfortunately, I did participate without a second thought.

Not every American travels internationally (I'd venture that most don't), so you'd only have prints on file if you apply for a passport or are involved in a crime.

i still have the old school LG envy, never trading it in. smartphones are for dummies.

i have a LG optimus black. It is from 2011 and in the tech world that's so old. but i preferred like this. at least you are not being controlled by an Iphone.

They've been tracking us for decades now. Big deal now? Ssn, tax id number, driver license number, etc etc….have we really ever had a free society? I don't believe that. Native Americans probably had the most free society, no tracking numbers and no borders/fences

Of course not, but we are approaching the End, my friend, it is nigh

You are right amaryllis. The end times will be like the times of Noah & the "illuminati" have to reveal themselves slowly but surely……

you can't have a 100 percent free society, things would turn to chaos

No matter what it does, it's still i gigantic waste of money. For the price of this phone and the monthly bills people could be tithing and feeding our hungry.

Tithing?? Seriously? Please. Lol

hahaha, tithing.

Yes people. Tithing.

Careful with the charities though.

Tithing is one of the biggest scams there is!!! The church isn't safe anymore it's a big corporation of thugs and thieves. You better off helping homeless people and the needy yourself.

I agree but instead of tithing, ask the church to notify when they get a call from someone for assistance wether it's for food, rent assistance whatever and volunteer to help one of them. Churches are low on funds for things like this because of the large number of people in need. Our volunteer to help your local veterans in need. Something, anything would be better than wasting money on this junk.

I'm not sure why everyone's up in arms about having your phone scan (1) fingerprint… its not like every person will enroll all 10 fingers and I'm if they wanted all of our fingerprints, they would have a sure fire way of doing that by now with all of the other underhanded crap they do!!!

Yes, but there are no legal hoops to jump through if you voluntarily offer yourselves up are there? No attorney is going to be able to defend you against a false charge if your self-validated damned fingerprints are reproduced all over the crime scene.

they already have our fingerprints,remember the trip to the police station in elementary school?whatever happened to those fingerprinting charts after they let you play with fingerprinting by doing yourself hmmm?

Surely they have our fingerprints. Even though they should proceed to destroy them as it's illegal to keep them, don't hold your breath.

It is on the path of the slippery slope that merges humans and machines, prepares us to take the 'mark', dehumanizing us by submitting our 'self' to the 'matrix'.