Introducing the Vigilant Citizen’s New Sister Site: The Vigilant Community!


The Vigilant Community is a brand new site featuring high-quality articles covering a wide range of topics including news, current events, health, technology and much more. The site is about understanding the agendas and being a more “vigilant citizen”.

The Vigilant Citizen has been, since its creation in 2008, a website mostly dedicated to symbolism in popular culture. While most articles focused on movies, music videos, and sinister sites, I also covered some news and current that related to topics discussed in main articles.

While some important issues were sporadically covered, the main focus remained on pop culture. UNTIL NOW.

The Vigilant Community will cover a wide range of topics in an unbiased and professional matter while highlighting the various agendas pushed on society today. The site will feature articles by myself and a team of Vigilant Community contributors who will share their knowledge and insight in their specific fields of interest. (If you’d like to be a contributor, please contact me).

So go ahead and check out The Vigilant Community at:

The site has its own Facebook page, Twitter feed, and newsletter so make sure to follow whatever you prefer to get instant Vigilant Community updates.

Stay Vigilant!



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25 Comments on "Introducing the Vigilant Citizen’s New Sister Site: The Vigilant Community!"

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Yay !!! Always one step ahead V C ….great idea
Let’s get the truth OUT

After being a vigilant citizen for years, I’m utterly glad and proud to become a part of the Vigilant community 🙂

Very cool, thanks for all the effort.

Hopefully, we’ll get some articles on Zionism and how it has America and other Western nations by the balls.

Or maybe more articles on freemasons having everyone by the balls.

By the looks of it, most people who consider themselves Freemasons are also Zionists and vice versa. Also, considering that since Freemasonry supposedly goes back to the building of Solomon’s Temple it’s no surprise that they seem so cozy with one another.

Yeah. Well, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion were distributed to make it look as if Zionist Jews were in control of Freemasonry, while it was the other way around. There is no denying that Israel has a grip on some western nations…but Mystery Babylon (Freemasonry as we know it today) is behind the manipulation of many more nations mainly through the intelligence apparatus. Their real religion is Transhumanism, the attempt at becoming gods using technology. VC has done an excellent job of showing this but I think more should be said about it.

Talking about Zionism inevitably leads to discussion about freemasons anyway. Zionism couldn’t succeed without the treacherous freemasons.

Yes!! This is exactly what I have been looking for!!! I love reading your articles, VC, and I’m excited to read more articles about world events and agendas! I cant wait to be apart of this community! Go VC!!!!

AWESOME NEWS !!! Congrats !!

I´m looking forward to joining the vigilant community!

We are Vigilant Community.
We are Vigilent Citizens.
We may forgive.
We do not forget.

Thank you VC cant wait for more great content

Ima droolin at the thgoght of the new community and gone tale all my friendz bout it to/

May GOD Bless you along the way

I’ve read “sinister” instead of sister at the first second. Ahh, really, this is what you expect from this site last times, so much evil content. But good work, keep going.

I love how youve categorized them! Supporter for life!

Excited to check it out, thanks VC

Wonderful. Stay woke

GREAT! I read the food articles and it reminds me a lot of natural news website. Thanks.

Amazing community I appreciate theauthors and contributors for doing this I can’t wait to see where this goes from here!

Just checking.. cool

That’s good, I’ve been visiting for ages now. Thanx.

Cool and needed.

Did anyone notice a scene on The Defenders where Jessica Jones goes to a unknow man building to investigate something and there’s two paintings hanging on the wall that look like a landscape w/ the Twin towers in it. Seconds later she opens a box full of a type of dynamites. A few minutes later there’s big explosions on the city causing a great commotion. The media warned us about nine eleven so what’s this?