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Introducing VC Membership: Browse VC With No Ads and Read Uncut Articles

Readers of this site have been requesting an ad-free version of this site for years. Well, here it is.



leadvcmembership 1 Introducing VC Membership: Browse VC With No Ads and Read Uncut Articles

For years, VC readers have been asking two questions: 1) Is there a way of browsing the site without ads? 2) Where did (insert article name here) go?

For all kinds of reasons beyond my control, I could not provide a satisfactory answer to those questions. Until now.

Introducing VC Membership, a subscription service that allows you to experience Vigilant Citizen the way it was meant to be.

As a VC Member, you get:

1- A completely ad-free experience throughout the site

2- Free download of VC e-books

3- Exclusive access to uncensored articles

So, on top of never seeing any ads, members can download the VC e-book for free and all future e-books that will be available in the future. Also, articles that could not be published on the main site due to all kinds of reasons (mainly big tech censorship) will be available in the new “Uncut” category. Articles will be added there regularly.

Of course, the goal of this site was always to bring important information to the most people possible, so the only articles that will go in the Uncut section are those that could not be published on the main site.

VC Membership is a great way to support this site while helping it free itself from big tech companies that engage in censorship through demonetization and threats of permanent bans.

There are two membership options: A monthly subscription for $9.95 per month or a yearly subscription for $99.95 per year. Subscription is quick, easy, and 100% secure using Paypal or any major credit card.

Once subscribed, you will get instant access to your account and you’ll receive an e-mail explaining how to fully utilize it. If you encounter any issues, just reply to your e-mail and I’ll help you out.

Ready to be a VC member?

Get your VC Membership Here!


VC Membership is also included as a reward to second-tier patrons on Patreon (10$/month or more). If you’re already a patron, please message me on Patreon¬†and I will send you a 100%-off discount code to create your VC Membership account.


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