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In the Wake of Boston Bombings, CNN Calls for Real-time Police State Surveillance (video)



In the Wake of Boston Bombings, CNN Calls for Real-time Police State Surveillance (video)

I stated in a previous article on the Boston Bombings that one way of determining if an “attack” is in fact a false-flag event is to see if an agenda is pushed on the public in the weeks following it. Well, several agendas were indeed pushed on the public, one of them being the praising of video surveillance. In the wake of the attacks, most media sources were basically saying: “Thank God we have these cameras monitoring people because they’ve enabled us to catch the terrorists! Hurray for the police state!”.

But, according to CNN, that wasn’t enough. Cameras should not only identify evil-doers but predict those who are about to do something evil. For this reason, this CNN report calls for real-time police surveillance across the board.


So the anchor at the beginning of the video says: “Its frustrating for people in Boston to see the terrorists on video knowing that police weren’t even looking for them”.  Huh? This sentence doesn’t make any sense. Why would the police be looking for someone who did not do anything yet?

The report then proceeds to talk about the uselessness of surveillance cameras that cannot prevent crimes. Paula Newton then interviews Juliette Kayyem – who is ANOTHER CNN EMPLOYEE. She confirms that having people actively monitoring citizens and arresting those who look suspicious in order to “prevent crimes” is very necessary.

Paula Newton then says that, in London, “authorities tracked and traced my every move through the crowded streets” as if that was a great thing.  (In a 2011 article, I posted a video describing how London CCTV are able to identify, track and follow individuals). The reporter adds, “this didn’t happen in Boston”, therefore implying that the lack of Big-Brotherish police state surveillance in Boston was a fail that cost lives.

For the sake of being “unbiased”, the report interviewed a “concerned person” for about 12 seconds to nevertheless conclude that real-time surveillance is necessary. In short, this report is another example of the elite using a traumatic event to get people to agree with the loss of liberties and increased surveillance.



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Traumatic events generally *are* followed by changes in policy/rules/etc.

By the article's logic, concussions in hockey are "false-flag" events staged by equipment manufacturers and the NHL to drum up new helmet sales and rule changes to prevent future concussions?

People, paranoia can *definitely* go too far.


Anyone else seen the software that “predicts” unusual behavior and, by observing scenes via security camera, such as a subway platform, “learns” how to identify what is normal and what is not normal behavior? In other words, the software can predict whether a crime might occur and when it is occurring. It showed an example of an attempted car break-in and how the software identified how the dude hanging out by the car for too long was suspicious, and thus the police/security guards were dispatched BEFORE he started committing the crime and, by the time they got there, the guy had started breaking into the car.

I saw it on some TV program a while back, don’t remember what it was. The software is used by some private security company whose spokesperson stated that they don’t plan on letting the government use it.

Yeah. Right.

All I have to say at this point is see you guys in the FEMA camps because the you-know-what is about to hit the fan.


what really astounds me is that people have not yet realized that there never was a picture or a video of who was actually seen with the explosives, at the exact time the bombs went off.

More surveillance is bullshit, and the camera as she suggests at the "exact time and place" does exist, but is not for the public to see.

People are so brainwashed, that they are asking all the wrong questions. It's so sad.


And how would those reporters feels if THEY were arrested for "looking suspicious"??! Wow this blows my mind!!


Just noticed the Banksy artwork at the top of the article. Love it.


I've always thought that video surveillance is not necessarily a bad thing. It's information that can be used for good like solving crimes committed on the streets like in Trayvon Martin's murder for example.


The idea, quite obviously, is to label non-violent dissidents (those who oppose fascist measures of control) as potential criminals and/or terrorists, and to turn the unthinking public against them, also. It started in force on 9/11/01.


When you suspect everyone…everyone is a suspect.

So much for innocent until proven guilty.


Here's an excerpt from an interview done by an Illuminati who quited. Apparently they torture themselves just as much they want to torture us and they believe they're good…… Rest on this Site… I left the group in 1995, sick of the lying, deceiving, and politics, and fearful for my life. I fled to Texas, and went through therapy with Dr. Jerry Mundgaze and his group. But unfortunately, they didn't know how to help "deprogram me", or as Dr. Mundgaze told me, "you are higher than almost anyone we have seen, and more programmed." I remembered so much, and he had never heard of it and had no idea how to help (definitely no suggesting of memories there, most of mine occurred spontaneously, AT HOME. I have never been hypnotized or age regressed, all of my memories have occurred in the course of daily life). I spent a year intensely deprogramming myself. I was a head programmer, or trainer, so I used my knowledge to undo what was done to me. I also became enraged as I realized that the abuse I had endured (and done to others) was NOT normal, was used to manipulate me, etc. My book… Read more »


What is being reported in the video here reminds me of the movie "Deja Vu" w/ Denzel Washington. In the movie they have figured out a way to view the past "or travel back in time" and Denzel (ATF agent Carlin) has to help the team locate the criminal who has blown up a New Orleans ferry but before he commits the act. In turn they are watching hours of footage from satellites to figure out who the terrorist is so they can lock him up but Denzel wants to go as far as saving the people killed on the ferry by sending himself to the past.

This is all too familiar! Monitoring society for suspicious behavior?? So what constitutes suspicious behavior? Voicing our opinions on our Spiritual/religious beliefs a crime?? What's next??

Bean Head

They are so full of It I see it now that they really play on our fears and they "WORD" things to make them sound less straight forward and more PC so that ppl wont be able to read between the lines unless like us (VC's) they look for it and suspect a lot of BS to come from them! Smh! #LIKE

Sigmund Freud's Ego

I wonder is there going to be an article about Kanye releasing his new song on 66 buildings in 6 cities. Just a thought.


(continued). Sorry Android problems. Won't rehash the section that was deleted.

Just will say, the concerced person I agree is an implant that is placed amonst all humans all over the worlld and grows and develops within that culture and can be relied to speak up in times when necessary to justify the end means of a wicked agenda. It may sound judgemental..I know..just can't rehash 3 hours of trying to straighten out what questions that were brough to mind.


Thanks V.C. Your comment about the "concerned person" being given 12 seconds that aligns with the justification of Project Lockdown America made me think about the Jason Bourne character. Just arbitrary comments like that made me think about how Jason Bourne whose real identity is not really known belongs to a much larger organization of individuals who function as someone NOT alive but exist. This 12 second concerned person's whole life, family members and acquantences life behaviors was not subjected to minute scrutinization as they picked a part piece by piece the common people activities that most humans do to develop their characters, personalities and and qualbehaviors. analyzed before their statement was made to gladly have a police presence to protect me from what? What are we terrorizing? How do you obtain an level of awarenes to learn knowledge to terror? The only environment that I know that has a history and that keeps libraries and collection of infor


This principal was described by Hegel and is called Hegelian DIalectics and goes something like: conflict=change, planned conflict=planned change. The principal has served the backstage power-brokers really well, e.g. 9/11, Pearl Harbour, Burning of the Reichstag….


@ Shay

Yes, you do have to look at the numbers. It struck me immediately that Little Brother Bomber was “found” at the much repeated address of “67 Franklin St.” I laughed out loud at the T.V.

6 + 7 = 13 and Ben Franklin was, of course, a Mason and Rosecructian. Quite a sense of humor they have.

Johnny Utah

Also, don't you think Uncle Sam would be smart enough to push his boundaries even if the event was just some random crazies that wanted to hurt people? They could push their agenda either way.

Johnny Utah

How exactly does this negatively impact your so-called "rights and civil liberties" if you didn't do anything wrong? Government controlling the masses and being able to do anything they want, at any time, isn't new. Putting up more cameras isn't going to hurt you, if you have nothing to hide. I'm not saying it is right for them to do this, and for big brother to watch us at all times, but in all seriousness, it won't effect me one bit, because I don't carry pipe bombs in my book-bag.


"The anxiety-haunted man depends upon the hand-rails provided by society. He is the perfect citizen of the Global Village. He happily exchanges his name for a number, and eagerly exchanges his sovereignty for security."

“They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Ben Franklin.


Okay, what resonate within me is this. When you make a statement put up cameras…it doesn't bother me because I am doing nothing wrong. I have a right to my privacy. I have a right to conduct myself the way I feel that does not harm anyone else. I don't need ou watchiong me and passing judgement on me in whatever manner that I conduct myself each and every day. The concept of big brother just doesn't sit well with me because it makes me think of a stalker, creep who is perverted. Can you image haviong someone just stare at your every move? That within itself have altered my perception of what reality is all about. My thoughts aren't my own because they way I ecpress them will be forever judged because of some digital recorder capturing a moment of my tiome that weighs the sum total of my entire existance. That's just for starters.


You are very sad, pathetic even.

Humans ough not be surveilled wherever they go, whatever they do, by governmental and corporate entities.


I find this ridiculous. Want to know what is more ridiculous? That people don't really care. What's next? Surviallience camaras inside our homes? I bet bunch of the idiots around will immdediatly LOVE the idea. Reminds me, since talking about Big Brother, does antyone know what "Oppan is Gangnam Style"?
I know is off topic but it means…

Big Brother is Gangnam Style.

Man this genenration sucks.

Johnny Utah

The already have those, they are called web-cams and Kinects.


Well my take is this. Those that I know I discuss it. It scares them. They start quoting Bible verses speaking in tongues and shoiuting and rejoicing to rebuke the Devil out of me because I have been possessed. O need to come to church so they can lay hands on me and anoint me in Jesus blood. Now I'm not trying to make a joke. I'm just talking about someone who knows how difficult it is. Others let me know that you know such and such is a Mason and they say you are crazy. He's connected to so-and-4s who has the power and authority to do this to you. So when you say no one is doing nothing what about those who live in places like this? Even when I relocated somewhere else and one day minding my business I am approached by someone and I'm thinking the person is getting ready to say a friendly greetig as I smile and go to say hello buut here so you know so-and-so. We had a lengthy discussion about you. JUST THOUGHT I let you know and I will be keeping an eye on you.


Truthseeker2013, nice comment. I am speaking in tongues.I am probably from the same denomination.( I rarely attend any English speaking church though). Here is the problem. Truth is WORSE than you can believe. All churches-especially starry big congregations are infiltrated. I do not mean persons or even criminals. Much worse. You will never be heard if you are telling truth to those under enormous dose of satanic hypnosis. Do not listen about their "prayers". Until the day when God remove satanists-Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland Rodney Brown and thousands others-possessed by all demons cursed by every damnation Church will never wake up.(I listed my own-list goes on and on on every denomination). Back home we had Kl—n as head of the Bible school. He was a blessing. Now we have freemason Ne——–n devout satanist. Result? You can easily guess! In our congregation we have lengthy prayers. We have spiritual gifts. Countless times God's direct revelation disclosed who is who. That helped a lot. Not always(Nelson still in place). In American churches with "same" doctrine prayers are strictly forbidden (remember by whom?) Instead time given to talk and …worship!?!?…. As for you my advice-seek the Lord. He will direct you to folks… Read more »


I knew they planned the Boston Bombings so that they could push their safety plans on America. It was too obvious when I heard about it

Fred Savage

I love a good conspiracy myself. However, I think some of us truly forget sometimes that there are actual, evil people in the world that would love nothing more than to hurt random strangers, whom they think they have a vendetta against. I'm not siding w/ big brother here, but not everything that happens was planned or staged by the evil empire. Just sayin..

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