Illuminati Commercials: Puma


Not only are there symbols, but it is a commentary on society.

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151 Comments on "Illuminati Commercials: Puma"

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About Adidas, Nike, Sprite and Coke

We as humans are flawed, enough said.

Simple, Puma uses what information we obsess about to get money in their pockets.

does the guy at the end controlling the black athlete

symbolize someone "controlling" him??

like a puppet?


…or am i just over analyzing?

I think the title says it all "The Games we Play Running"

Life's a game? Who's game?

The game is Life

Life is yours

That's why I wear Nike's lol.

That bolt is a symbol for MKULTRA's Monarch programming (which uses electroshock to block memory). It's also a reference to the Waffen SS, who originally made a science of trauma-based mind control.

Farhank is awesome 😀

Was just thinking about something and it is totally off topic but somewhat relevant. The biggest thing illuminati has done in their favor is set the pace for intelligence for human beings (at least in America) at a young age. I'm talking about televison and the public school system. I was thinking, if you were to take a child and teach it constantly, everything you could find about education, human culture, morals, values (and maybe even a little mystical science) ect…, then you could bring a child's mind up to adult consciousness from a fairly young age. Now they would still be a child, but they would think like an adult; mature. A child could have an adults intelligence as young as the age of 5 (in my theory) if placed in the right environment. Just think of the power he/she/it would have. Continue to train that child's mind thereafter… Read more »

The only way is ask GOD for guidance through prayer and read the KJV Bible 1611 since other version of Bibles being corrupted.

You are so right……..then again…how do we access and really unlock the doors

I recommend meditation but I understand that when it comes to dna activation it can be a bit more complex than that. For that sort of thing I recommend a specific type of meditation that serves to stimulate your pineal gland and your dna into activation. If you want more information on this subject feel free to e-mail me: and I will gladly give you some techniques or some links that might provide more detail

to much to stop. its impossible.

u r a chicken, a looser n a coward!

@the seeker: please don't insult other people and be polite. Have a nice day!
@potatoamigo: we can. each of us must take action. we can stop buying their products.

este site é cristão?

i also remember a anime during my elementary years, it is called yugi-oh and kept fighting about the necklace with the pyramid and the eye as the pendant. it is actually a BIG pendant for a necklace

The beast is like "yeesss i've caught another one, miserable fools celebrate YOUR OWN DESTRUCTION HMMM HMM HMM HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAAAAAAA".

This is a stream of conscienceness take …The guy in red running is on purpose. He's doing things right like stretching before he runs and keeping to a straight path. He sees his surroundings, he's aware of his surroundings, but he's not letting the distractions take him off course…even the snake, which could symbolize original sin since there is a woman trying to get his attention; not even the plane flying into the building, or the smoke erupting, or the guy running through the wall. He's sees what's real: birds, trees, stars, the sky. He knows that whatever is going on in nature is real and all the chaos around him is just trying to get him lost. I think perhaps the girl asks him to join her at what looks like a party and he politely continues on his course. Meanwhile, the people who were running this way and… Read more »

Nice try but NO! Please read comment 11 for an accurate analysis.

Comment # 11 is what I got from the video the first time I watched, it is pretty obvious. I really like this other interpretation.

I wish there was a like button. Brilliant interpretation!!

Thank you. I wanted to add something about symbolism…Symbolism makes the most sense to those who it's aimed at, like the book of Revelations for first century Christians. Sure the Romans could connect some of the dots, but the gospel was as esoteric to them as the murals in DIA are to most of us. The secret society this commercial was intended for will take encouragement from the message, knowing that they are not alone and revive the feeling of of their purpose.

Wow, I just bought Puma sneakers last month. My father won't believe this. It was like 80 bucks.

I really don't understand any of it. I Have been reading, watching, understanding, and becoming amazed through this site for a long time Thank to VC.

But, im having trouble with this commercial. Can anyone explain it simply to me? Please cover the major implementations. I see the all powerful hourous eye ( did I spell that correctly?), but beyond that I am becoming stuck in understanding.

thank you for your help- Ann

Sometimes when I read the responses, I can see why there was The Inquisition, Witch Burnings, so called Christians owning slaves and Native Americans were forced to renounce their own religion and cut their hair. Ignorance and Know it All(ness). The man being wheeled around in Black n White is Jesse Owens. He wore a German shoe in the 1936 Olympics by the brothers that did indeed split to form Adidas & Puma. Why he is being pushed or wheeled by the white guy looking like he is from the Disco Era is up for interpretation. As for the plane going into a building, it seems to go behind it not "crash" into it. But that is for interpretation. It does seem that the commercial for PUMA is a little heavy, depressing and like a Goya painting depicting a graphic artistic reality. It wouldn't make me want to buy Puma.… Read more »

the fall of Lucifer, Behold i see Lucifer fall to earth like lightening

Um… Gaga is crazy XD at first i thought the lightning bolt waz like, electrick tears.. AND one more thing, wat do u mean when ppl "sell their souls" for fame?

There are some really dumb people on this site .. seriously

somebody commented: "I can never go running again!" what the hell???

Think for yourselves people, and stop asking VC for an explanation, if you can't see what's wrong with something, why convince yourself that other people's (VC's) ideas are always true.

Forget about the eye and everything, the reason you shouldn't buy a puma or any other brand/kind of shoes is because you already have shoes, so stop being obsessed by consumerism, and use that money in something better.

It doesn't matter what they put in their commercials, what matters is that you are buying crap you don't need and you are helping the corporations get richer. The rich gets richer, the poor poorer, and the dumb dumber ..

I take it sarcasm isn't your strong point?

there really has been some good observations and i am impressed……but i agree with anna. The most interesting thing that stuck out at me was the track runner. I didn’t quite undestand what the intent was. It was a black runner being controlled by another person. Why was he being controlled? Why was he being pushed out, almost like they where referring to extinction……..Could this be a reference to the president? A black man running but being a puppet under someone elses hand?….the statement..” the Game WE play”? yet u saw no advertisement on sports….only people running!!! interesting!!!!!!!!!!

isn't running a sport??? …. O_o'

It means athletic highest representatives are watched, surveilled and Mind Controlled.

Hi everyone, I've been reading this blog ever since they put things on Beyonce and one of the things I saw constantly popping out is the "EYE OF HORUS". That is the symbol that connects everything together.

I was seeing on a commercial from a mexican channel and they were advertising a silver chain with a "eye of Horus" Pendant. They say that it brings you luck in marriage, finance, it gives you energy and so forth. And it looks ridiculous because you can see the eye is being painted brown. It looks ridiculous and the question is why they are selling it as good luck charm chain?

I noticed the eye too…but for me the last part was just as symbollic…. a black man running while the white man controls his speed/movement…. this was the only scene they showed where someone was being controlled and they saved it for the very last part……the end…..

The eye inside the triangle is so blatant.

Why would they put it there? It as nothing to do with the commercial.

Damn this suck's i liked puma's bag's and sports bag's but not any more but im thankful that me and others get the insight from VC keep up the good work.

PUMA = Just another product made in a sweat shop for you….!! The turned on,hyper-sensitive,self obsessed, poly-orgasmic consumer of the so called free world……. lol!!!!

Strange video I found in Youtube about Illuminati

that's why i use converse

; ))

yea i agree converse ftw

Ever thought the Lightning Bolt was because of Usain Bolt?

That's a good one, Trace! The lightning bolt is a rune. The sig rune. It's called the Victory rune, like the word Nike. I just wonder whose victory we are celebrating here. It is the symbol of the SS and the Silver Shirts of the British fascists. The Nazis loved the Olympics, so it would be no surprise if the founder of Puma was a Nazi.

Lady Ga Ga has done nothing new. Does anybody remember the bi-sexual David Bowie? He was sporting the same sig rune on his face on the Aladdin Sane (a lad insane) album back in '72. The Nazi party was known to have a strong homosexual element as does the regime here in the USA. The Anti-Christian movement is just cheering its victory over faith. Sad, but inevitable. Come, Lord Jesus!

Did you completely miss Trace's question?

I can never go running again!


please elaborate, Vigilant. You see, we're kind of stupid. XD

Jesus? Ohhhhhh-ho-ho-ho you mean Kris Kringle! Yea I stopped believing in fairy tales a long time ago. Tell you what, theres only one savior out there, they're not living on a cloud, they're not in our hearts or in our minds, go take a look in the mirror it's YOU (insert "man in the mirror" song here) ! Save yourself. Now get out there activate that PINEAL GLAND, NOW!!

Why is there a Snake running with this guy…it starts at 40 seconds.

omg… worst than the puma commercial was the one for MTV wishing a marry xmas … did you guys see it? is at the same link of the puma commercial.

Saw it last year on YOUTUBE. Thought it was crazy how MTV actually did that… Like someone said earlier, it's no longer "in our faces", it's ON our faces!!!

only jesus can save us!

wouldn't it be really cool if we as humans actually TRIED and didn't NEED saving?

just saying, He hasn't done so yet so why wait around

clearly the beastly thing from :40 is suppose to represent a demon,beast,or devil of some sort because the people were trapped under the eye in a box type thing(confinement, hell) partying. smh. this is terrible.


Did you see the snake running at 0:41, What does it mean, and also broken pilar what does it mean to??

So dose anyone else think that weird creature could be a owl? or something?

Maybe sonic the hedgehog?

Since we are on the subject of shoes – my Daughter came home w/ some new shoes for school… I thought they were boys shoes – but whatever. The brand was Osiris….. Immediately I suspected something about them. The symbol on the shoe to me looks like the Muslim Crescent moon / star, and then the name Osiris is basically the same as Satan. I haven't looked up anything on it to see if there is something to it….. But it made me wonder.…. I made her take them back…. because they were ugly anyway. Crazy kids.

JDG – I feel the same way about my elder son – he is 17 – a fantasitc artist and a thoughtful person but he is somewhat obsesed with sonic the hedgehog!

is the last part really in the commercial?

I highly doubt it but if it is actually in the video, why the hell would they put it out there like that on TV?

So…are we really under control just cause some stupid commercial says we are? NO! The reason why "illuminati" spends all their time and money making stupid commercials like these, and crazy music videos packed with symbolism, and their stupid movies, and flaunting their mind control so openly is because they NEED to, they HAVE to, that IS THE AGENDA! Let me explain why the "illuminati" are coming out of the woodwork nowadays, TO DISTRACT YOU! They have to create as many distractions as possible in this year and the coming years to follow and just think, what bigger distraction would their be besides the illuminati themselves, they know we are fascinated just look at us, we're always trying to figure out their STUPID LITTLE PUZZLES!! The little clues and s**t that they leave for us, it's aaaalll just a DISTRACTION. Just think, every year the distractions get more and more… Read more »

OB thanks for your input…much truth in there…we are in some wonderful times concerning our spirituality. everything makes more sense as we look inward and even if they dont make sense at least we finally learn that that s**t "they" push doesnt matter.

O.B….. I was once part of a mediation organisation and one of the spiritual practises was called tratack and this was to do with 'activating' the pineal glad. Don't be fooled.

Anybody listen to the byte show? Pastor Russ Dizdar is extremely discerning about the Luciferic agenda. I quote him: "Jesus is trying to tell us all along that …there is a gross, grotesque, different world that operates in its own way …. "Millions of people are now open to its messages from multiple directions… as that left hand initiation begins with light level stuff and takes them down to the 8th 9th 10th 11th… level initiation as far as you know bringing them eventually to be able to understand Luciferic worship and the commitment to that agenda along with having an unreasonable and unexplainable hatred of Christendom, of Jesus Christ, the Bible and even the nation of Israel…"

Luciferian reasoning will free you? Sounds like jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

Jesus is the only way people. Have faith in him and repent of your ways, it's the true an only way to victory and salvation!

How is utilizing your body and its proper functions luciferian reasoning? Your an idiot, there is no Jesus. Have faith in GOD.

How can you say there is no Jesus? There is more historical evidence of him than Alexander the Great. Jesus definitely existed, whether or not he was the son of God that's the real debate (because if it's true it's of absolute importance) I hope I misinterpreted what you meant cause otherwise you've got a lot of learning to do.

Because these are the esoteric teachings impressing human consciousness with ideas and ideals contrary to Holy Scripture and prophecy. We must read our history.

Doug Riggs is another good speaker on the byte show.

and Augusto Perez .

sO… would it be posible that you analize the video "on to the next one" from jay z??? thnx for everything

You only think it's "creepy" because of the music.

You think Puma is bad…check out or or verious other sites that sell Hellz Bellz clothing and about a million other brands. One of the T-shirts I saw read love Satan and he will give you your hearts desires…there ain't no hiding in that

It is everywhere and can't be avioded all of these post just prove that.

why don't we just set aside a day where no one buys ANYTHING.

This commercial reminds me of a hamster in a wheel running nowhere and also being observed at all times. On the other hand, notice how that the runner in the red jacket is looking at his surroundings constantly as if trying to understand its meaning. But the knowledge or “illumination” is just behind him and he can’t figure it out. See that since he keeps running while looking intently around, he does not reach de “goal” where the mascot is greeting the other runners who are celebrating their apparent expected aspiration achieved “safely” under the Eye. At the end of the commercial see that runners stay trapped in the “wheel” (Puma city) and the only runner outside is made of cardboard or wood and is steered by another because no real runner (commoner) roams freely outside the path designed by the Eye (Big Corps/Bankers/Illuminati)

Well produced commercial, even though it is illuminati control. Pretty much it is saying that we rise up and run like machines, in a constant routine with the all seeing eye (and constant surveillance) constantly watching us, all on planet PUMA. That's what I got out of it.

oh crap. not puma! is anything not linked to masonism these days?

Disturbing like hell. World as a "box" where people are closed to under the control of Lucifer. Sheesh.