Illuminati Commercials: O2


If you’re worried about chem trails, don’t watch this ad.

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66 Comments on "Illuminati Commercials: O2"

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Here is a link to an insider involved in the Chem trail spraying program. I have not validated all the claims, but the ones I have added up.

I hate to say this because I know SOMEone will label me…..but if Chem Trails are predominently sprayed in Texas (where I live) then damn!….Cuz I find it really funny that I never had medical issues before I moved here (via the USAF) and I've lived all over Texas: San Antonio, Houston, Corpus Christi, Alice and currently Dallas…….of course I am aware that allergies are huge in Texas, among other things….perhaps I should move back to Arizona : )

What I think the bubbles symbolize is that those "people" are "under" servailance, and the chemtrails mean that "they" (the elites) are everywhere. So the bubbles are pretty much them telling us that they will track every move we make if we get this phone they are advertising. Bubbles, once made, are very difficult to erase or destroy, one way or another they always make it to the surface, to be seen. So the bubbles symbolize anti-privacy, but to the average joe he may think, "oh, they are being creative". Well, joe, thats what they said about Lady GaGa! I think before anyone could start preaching this "prohibited material" to others, they must take into consideration that there are people out there who have no problem killing in the name of killing.

what's illuminati here? it's creepy but I don't understand…thanks…

That music and cinematography seem like they were inspired by the Loose Change documentary.


Name one thing that Icke says that is divisive?


im no gonna sleep tonight

oh man..well devil time is limited and his destiny is decided, ours is not…illuminati worship devil they will end up with him…then we'll see who is enlightened who is not…can u imagine seeing those people judged by God on the Judgement day…thats something I look forward to.

u will have no words cuz of this

and u wont take a notic at things arround you

thats how it can be said in english

i translated it =D

HA! its in MY LANGUAGE!! IN SLOVAK LANGUAGE!! This site has some basic information on Chemtrails as well as pictures. I think that the purpose of this commercial is to desensitize the public to their existence. I first started noticing Chemtrails in 2001 when I lived in SE GA. A naval base was practically in my back yard and there was a TON of chemtrail activity occuring my town. When I say a TON, I literally mean a TON, it got so bad that I started a log book of dates and times that I saw chemtrails in the sky or a plane leaving chemtrails. Our area was being sprayed every hour on the hour for a period of 3 months. I never experienced any feelings of malaise but you better believe I was paranoid like a MoFo! And the thing that stuck out the most to me about the whole situation was everyone else's reaction to… Read more »
Chemtrail spraying has now been acknowledged by the U.S. Air Force and the FAA, and was proposed to be banned in Senate Resolution HR 2977, sponsored by Congressman Kucinich, where it is named as an "exotic atmospheric weapons system." Later versions of the bill had references to chemtrails deleted. Biologic components have been reported in airborne samples that include: modified molds, desiccated red blood cells and exotic strains of bacteria. The main difference between ordinary jet contrails and intentional chemtrails is that contrails usually disperse within a few minutes. Chemtrails grow and grow into large formations. Fallout and particulate from these illegal spraying operations are found to contain colloidal aluminum and barium salts and sometimes biological components, which have been proven to cause severe illness in humans and animals. Symptoms of barium poisoning include: nose bleeds, respiratory distress, hard mucoid coating in the back of the throat, increased blood pressure,… Read more »

many things will go unnoticed….unheard….uncontessed…

people are becoming mindless zombies or robots….

Not robots, robots have a purpose. I'm leaning towards zombies, truely the "living dead"

with all this "stuff" from chemtrails, to additives in our food, to vaccinations and Prescription meds, all the dumbing down of society, when they are ready to make their final checkmate move, there will be no resistance. The Next generations are weak. People 30 and under already have no do it yourself skills, they have to Google everything. They dont have skills, besides what they majored in college if they are educated. As long as we have alcohol and I-phones, they prob wont even notice whats goin on…

…similar symbolism is in cartoons as well, people are decencitized to it, so its more normal and part of everyday life for them.

That is exactly the agenda behind it. They include it in commericals, television shows, NEWS, it's everywhere! Disney/Pixar movie "Cars" has a scene with chemtrails in the sky. Another Disney movie, "Over the Hedge" has chemtrails in the sky throughout the entire movie except for the last 20 minutes! AboveTopSecret has a thread that shows several pictures of mainstream advertising showcasing chemtrails.… I believe that this is a technique called "Hiding in Plain Sight" where the PTB (powers that be) over-saturate the public's perception of this anomaly so that eventually it is viewed as normal. Particularly the younger generation, which is being done though Disney. There was an article on the Daily Mail talking about how scientists admit that chemtrails are used to create artificial clouds. For those of you with children, please educate your child on the difference between real clouds and fake ones. I know I learned… Read more »

(i think its french or something)




This commercial is obvious. So everyone notices the chemtrails now a days? well now you dont have to! we make texting cheap so you wont need to look up at the sky. like many dont do now a days.

the mor eyou look up the more designs you see. Then you will think its pretty and not just creepy. Pretty things are always hideing sumtin.

?was it me the only one who saw the skull at 0:23

OMG, at 24 secs i paused it and it was bright as day!

I don't know what to think of this poisonous chem trail situation.

The Illuminati are breathing the same air we are breathing, are they not? Are they affected by these supposedly very dangerous chem trails? Or maybe they live in special caves and have immunity against all the bad things in the world like pollution, radiations, bad food, etc, etc??

I cannot imagine a bunch of evil Illuminati sociopath people agreeing and plotting to depopulate the Earth… it makes no sense.

i thought they were spraying chemtrail because of the sun, trying to help the ozone layer from opening and burning us to death. Are they not sprayed to heal the ozone layer, and yes I am aware that they do contain chemicals to harm us. Damned if we do Damned if we don't! if thats the case.

Now thats some creepy stuff

all those things around us make me so mad and im so damn pissed every time i think about all this °°!!!!!

This comercial reminds me of what denver airport will soon be


Research denver airport, u tell me.

Why are all of these creepy commericals for phone stuff?

Nice pickup on that commercial! I didnt see it the first time I saw it. But yes its all part of the Zionist, Illuminati de-population agenda…Chemtrails. Thanks for posting these.

i find the specsavers contact lens commercial much more intriguing.. for those who haven't seen it:

i'll let you spot the subliminal

THE CRIMINAL CORPORATATIONS IN BED WITH THE FED IN USA are responsible for ALL the problems world wide, including CHEMTRAILS distributed by the military and other private companies in other countries too. PEOPLE ARE WAKING UP to learn what they are really for and what they DO, are YOU ? Kids in schools in USA are being taught these are 'natural' clouds and will go to any length to PROPAGANDIZE THEM and dumb down the society. THE FEDS HAVE PETITIONED UNITED NATIONS TO 'NAME THOSE MAN-MADE CLOUDS' to support their lying propaganda and military killing machines.

We'll be like a fish on a ground. eventually it's harder to breathe…

What this commercial shows in my opinion, in all of my studies on symbolism and occult, is first, in the beginning it shows the trail of airplanes like if they flew by, meaning the chemicals being poured down. Then as well when the people are on the field it is shown as more chemicals being used throughout. The people placed around is to show that it affects everyone around. Which then they show them in a club, seeming to come to a sense that the people become lost in some form of entertainment and don't see the big picture. Following then the cow/ bull, which shows how as well the chemicals reaches to the animals we take in, which have been affected. During the end, the plane lands cause it has already finished it's run of dumping. The bubbles can be seen as if one is out of air, drowning,… Read more »

Looks like someone took a 7th grade symbolism class. If you frame everything around the context of this loosely structured conspiratorial-NWO-Illuminati crap, then of course, every image you see will fulfill that image. This commercial has nothing to do with any secret society.

Well truth is I did study in depth that of symbolism, knew a mason once, and stories told there after just got me in dwelling around that of the occult. I studied deep stuff, magick, all that crap, got out, and now just exposing it all for what it is. But it is true in what you say, people over exceed information and sometimes misinterpret. Take for example the name I have place Lite77g. People who study deep symbolism can say the lite part is to signify I am enlightened by lucifer, both sevens if rotated and placed on top form masonic compass with then the G in the middle and yet it has nothing to do with that. But that is why one must study in depth why the symbols were used, words, pictures, numbers, you just don't place them cause you want to, it is for a purpose.


chemtrails are the ones where you see jet planes in the sky then they leave a trail of white stuff that kinda look like clouds. it was believed that it was poisonous to us humans, but the government denied that. this was a texting ad, but they added so much clues about chemtrails. wow.

@R — Here's the occult meaning, you ding-dong. It's a derivation from the twin-tailed siren (or mermaid): a fantasy sea creature from well before you were born. Oh, and the Bilderberg Commission and Illuminati invented it to subvert your conscious mind and turn you into a sex-craving robot.

Vigilant nice work! Whiy dont you try occult meaning of Starbucks coffee symbolism?

It is in Slovak language. I am Slovak so here is the (literal) translation: "So this will really make you speechless. And you will stop to sense everything around you…(With O2 prepaid card you can send text messages to all networks for only one crown)". Hope it helped a bit. (I guess you find it even more creepy now:)

Thank you very much.

You're right: With translation it is even more creepy.

"speechless" "sense everything around you" i sense something about this.. speechless – drugs or the chemicals poisoning us to kill you "sense everything around you" ever come close the death, like choking? you know when your trying to coff it back up and you just give up trying to breathe, everything seems to go quiet and you focus on your surroundings before blacking out, does this mean that these are the last words that can describe us is we betray them and go against the illuminati? Are they going to poison us if we fight against them?


I don't understand this commercial at all. Lol. Also it would help if it was in English and we would know and understand what's really going on

Wtf is the bull for ? lol

Well, it could be a reference to Moloch, the baby-eating evil pagan deity.

Or it could be referencing a "bull" market, like in economics.

dang i remember seeing this a long time ago like maybe 6 months ago? or so. but damn it still is creepy!

No escape.

Wow…good lookin out!

Kinda lost anyone wanna explain the ChemTrails, Creepy Either Way

Some people think that chemtrails are used to make us stupider.

I never bought into it, though. Not enough evidence to back it up.

I'm not quite sure about the more stupid part, I do know many chem trails are contained with viruses that are targeting people's health. David Icke has gone some length on this subject in his researches as well.

David Icke is fed propaganda straight from the elite bloodlines. He receives so much that common sense tells him that he cannot ignore it, when in reality he is just another tool used to distract and divide us.

David Icke claimed he was jesus or god or whatever. Hes an elite himself, wouldnt surprise me

You all are foolish to think someone like Icke, who exposes so much of the illuminati scandals, is part of the conspiracy. He said he was the son of God, which is true. We are all sons of God, children of the most high. He was pointing out the flaw in the orthodox Christian view of who Jesus was. They think that He was basically God incarnate, He was a divine expression of Love and realized that we are all sons of God, integral parts of the Whole of the universe.

God has no son and no family. Allah is one. No one is equal to him, he is far greater than us. U saying that makes you a sinner. And for all u guys, watch the Documentary called : "The Arrivals".

I agree with you JB !

@ Mym, what JB was trying to say that we were all creations of God , and God loves us all, equally

which makes us is some way his children, not literally, it doesn't make him a sinner in any way because in islam we do believe that Jesus is a prophet (and one of the most loved) but not a god. His speach makes perfectly sens. Next time Mym try to read carfully and understand before making judgements.

Oh and the arrivals is a very nice documentary

You need to research CHEMTRAILS. It isnt a BIG SECRET, since here in LOS ANGELES COUNTY, CA, the contract for CHEMTRAIL SPRAYING IS POSTED ONLINE. go to YOUTUBE, there is plenty of info there, and search GEOENGINEERING SITES. SEEK, AND YE SHALL FIND, the TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE.

I think they put the chemtrails in there to get the people used to seeing them you know.


i didnt understand it :S

Chem Trails;

Are chemicals that are sprayed in the air to kill (Or quickly Depopulate) America.

They make the air harder to breathe.

Theyer mailnly in Texas.

It quite sad,

wft? are u serious…i live in texas…..what parts?


thats just creepy.