Illuminati Commercials: Johnnie Walker Android


Occult/masonic symbolism, transhumanism, this ad has it all.

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182 Comments on "Illuminati Commercials: Johnnie Walker Android"

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i cant believe you're all talking about jesus now. how should he help? when does he come? The only thing, that would really change something right now, is to spread the message till the majority of people starts to think. you cant change a thing if your neighbour or mother or coiffeur thinks you're lunatic when you say this commercial has another meanig or that illuminati rule the world.

Hey guys. Im very aware with the whole illuminati and freemasonic symbols

But as much as this commercial has it all, the message behind it I find is very powerful. It's very encouraging and spiritual. Because its the truth!!

Interesting, as usual, that Johnni Walker is advertised like this and Lady Illuminati herself (ie. Lady Gaga), sang about 'Johhnie Walker Eyes' in her hit piano song 'Speechless' hmmmm… it's a pretty song, but has some interesting lyrics in it as well.

In a Creation, nothing is true, even the reality, even The Christ. He's just a part of the whole Truth, and this thing, we used to call "The Truth", is so huge that it can kills all the christians, atheists and muslims in the world in one second.

If nothing is true, everything is permitted, and we need to learn, again and again and again, this video is about that. Learning.

Keep Walking. It's still raining.

Nice words The Mikado! Thanks for that..

I dont understand what the meaning of what the robot what saying. I tried to figure it out and I just feel like i was mentally raped. Please viligant can you explaing what the robot is really tying to say. Also what the heck does Jhonny Walker have to do with anything, yes when your really entoxicated your mind is vunerable to any advance especially mind control. One other thing I wanted to point out about the robot. His brain is translucent and you can see a clear liquid running thru his brain, could that signify brain washing?

Thank you in advance if you do respond

'Johnnie Walker' could represent the brain-washed 'android individual' that they all want us to become, which is why they push alcohol so much. I recently saw the movie The Green Hornet for kicks and because I like super-hero movies, but the amount of times they showed characters drinking alcohol was amazing.. we should all take a look sometime at the commercials and what they show in TV shows and movies, which is one thing VC is teaching us to do. But take a look and see how many ads there are for things like alcohol. There was one show, I think it was a music award show or some kind of sports show and there were no less than six commercials for alcoholic drinks. And we wonder why there are so many with drinking problems in this world. Anyway, the part about the clear liquid in the brain could very… Read more »

My sound card on my computer is AWOL so I can't hear what the thing is saying. But even without sound, this commercial was freaking creepy!

um, can someone please tell me what this advertisement is saying!!!!!! the only thing i've picked up is the pyramid, the monarch butterfly and the android but what does the commercial itself say?

Why did this go from a commercial with symbols to a religious debate…?

I do believe in religion, in God, Jesus, Christianity, but I don't think, "hey look, all this evil going on, I think I'll ignore it because I'll be in heaven soon." I want to think that, it would be great, but honestly I feel like doing nothing is as bad as encouraging it; it's clear doublethink.. :

Exactly. Going to heaven later is no excuse to be completely dormant now. God is a God of doing. Jesus said to go into all of the world, not sit around and wait. We should be spreading the truth, spreading God's love, and helping to heal those who have been affected in these perilous times. THAT was the message of Jesus: Love God, Love your fellow man, and do everything you can and more to help them in this life.

this why i do not like religion. I see people arguing about when jesus is coming where is hell, how many people are going to heaven ITS RIDICULOUS nobody can truly know the answers to any of this. What we do know is there are a lot of wrong things going on that should not be happening, therefore we should do something about it now. There have been many revolutions in the past that have worked for the people's benefit, i wonder where we would be now if with every wrong doing we sat around waiting for jesus.

Please let this serve as a pretext to what I will say next: the message survives the messenger. We could all easily agree that this commercial is rife with esoteric symbolism, both of terrestrial and galactic significance (the classic pyramid, the everpresent Fibonacci spiral, and magnetic rings which surround the earth, etc.). The transhumanistic quality of the android narrator is undeniable, and any avid student of the occult is familiar with the "apotheosis" (man's evolution into godhood). In this case, the apotheosis assumes the variation of "deus ex machina" (god from machine). That being said, it is quite clear as to which brand of persuasion is delivering the message in this advert. Call me the devil's advocate if you wish, but I would like to examine the message from a different perspective. Despite its touted superiority in several aspects, the android envies the qualities of humans. The android, like humanity… Read more »

For all the people hating on Jesus Christ and saying Christians are brainwashed idiots who cant think, I challenge each and everyone of you to join the Forums and start debating there. You will find out in the matter of mins that the most intelligent, well read people on ALL RELIGIONS whether it is theirs or YOURS, are the Christians. Plz come on in find my name and let us Debate, the Truth of Christ cant be kept down, and if you join the VC Forums you will learn MUCH about what real True Christians think act and speak and then judge just how Stupid we are. Daciple is my name on there I look forward to speaking with others on the Forums, May God Bless each and everyone of you 8)

i was watching this by myself in the dark0___0

Pretty scary I'm not gonna lie lol

I dont know you guys but for me the message sounded kind of more anti-masonic than masonic, couse its compelling to leave behind robot-like structures

I just want to say that to DEBATE God's message is wrong. True, we have ALL that we need to understand God and His Word in The Bible, but that doesn't mean that gives US permission to take it out of context. I hear a lot of well-intentioned, yet misguided, people posting on here. I just want to say that we need to stop fighting with one another, and start getting on the SAME PAGE!!! The enemy is WINNING if we continue to DIVIDE AMONGST OURSELVES!!!! Sure, Illuminati and all this craziness is out there. Fine! WE need to more importantly concern ourselves with what's going on IN HERE!!!! In OUR hearts, in OUR minds!!!! Get right with God through Jesus, yes, but keep also a watchful eye on what you teach others. Don't pretend to have all the answers, rather point eager people to The Bible. GOD IS THE… Read more »

*yawning* what commercials and pop music videos have in common is they both 'attack' us emotionally. Fancy message, visually appealing, but never educate! when will they S-T-O-P ? so disgusting…

To all the Christians who comment on this review… Don't insist on what you believe to those who aren't willing to listen just plainly introduce Jesus Christ. and let the Holy Spirit touches their heart. for with it even the hardest heart can soften.. If still they don't accept the truth.. Let God be the Judge on that Great Judgement day. For we are just human beings not capable to judge for we don't know what's really inside the persons heart.

i noticed all the symbols but what was wrong with the message? we are humans and we are capable of human emotions and feelings…yes i did notice all the symbols too, but this seemed to portray a good message…or maybe im just blind?

@ Gary well said you are so right …. What shall be will be this is out of our hands, but to be aware of these things is better than being oblivious to them. Know that I am aware I can plan how to live through all this, and I know what my children are watching on tv and learning at school, so even though we cannot control what is happening and going to happening we can still plan and get this info to the masses.

PROPAGANDA – scare little trolls. Grow a backbone and learn how to fight for your country!

Monarch Buttefly. Check. Pyramid. Check. Transhumanism(Robotics). Check. Checkered Pattern Floor. Check. Yup Illuminati at it's finest.

and can achieve immortality if you keep on walking. check. is this teaching against the Bible teachings that only through Jesus Christ we can have salvation/immortality?.

He said if a human does something great he is immortal….which is true….do something great and you've made your dent in the universe…you're remembered forever

What is the one great thing he is inferring to achieve immortality?

Glaring.I could observe the symbols clearly.God help us

You Jesus freaks are all brainwashed, Jesus was never a god. Illuminati has succeeded in making you bow down to a white man who can NEVER SAVE YOU.

Where in the entire Bible does it ever proclaim that Jesus was white?

Search the scriptures, see for yourself.

Beware the spirit of the antichrist!

im black and i loove Jesus. I don’t care if he was the color blue, but if you look at historical context he couldn’t have had blue eyes and blond hair like in some pics in white churches, but i don’t think he had an afro and was real dark like in some black churches. he probably looked closer to ARabian. Olive skin, curly hair but not too straight. I don’t know. Doesn’t really matter to me. In heaven you are ageless, raceless, and sexless.

Very well said, Gabrielle. I applaud you and your colorblind faith. 🙂

Mom once asked what I'd do if I found out God was a black female. I didn't miss a beat: "I'd worship her with all my heart and all my soul."

Woah! This is mind boggling. Why is it so blatant?! We should really be ready for the times ahead. 🙁

Beware lest any (man) spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition

of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ. For in Him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily. And ye are complete in Him, which is the head of all principality and power… Colossians 2:8-10

indeed.. some preachers need to wake up!