Illuminati Commercials: “63336”


I’ve always believed that advertisements had the dual functions of 1-selling a product and 2-normalize attitudes, symbols and meanings. I will post examples of this in a small series called “Illuminati Commercials”. Here’s a rather blatant one for a phone texting service.

Notice the background behind the first guy…

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102 Comments on "Illuminati Commercials: “63336”"

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I realize this is a four year old video, but how come it's not available anymore?

it's funny how their number is 63336 and like if you add the three 3s you get a 6 and that makes 666 which is the devil's number =P

Where do the actually pass this commercial? Like what networs?

Well, Like starting 2 months ago im trying to find out whats behind all these commercials symbols and all. I am really starting to understand all this "Illuminati" thing

Illuminati comes from the latin Enlighted,

They are the Enlighted.

They are trying to rule this world

The 2012 thing is all a made up story for people to be distracted, that day (21-12-2012)

They are planning to take over the world

Please everyone read this and believe me

We can stop it before it happens,

We gotta start right now! Before it is too late

WTF??!!!!!!!!!! these people are all so scary and creepy…

Why is the half nude woman standing on a chair??? Why are the post it notes to the left of the man arranged like that? The Devil has deployed his tricks and we are truly entering the end times. Follow Jesus Christ who is the only one who can save us!

mark of the beast…..

Watch it without sound and read their lips. Pretty creepy…

Man, this is so scary!!! I just couldn't watch it complete!!! One they started singing, a big fear came inside myself and started rising… I had to close it… I'm not gonna try to watch it again…

OMG thass creeepy as fuuqck O_o

iwish somebody would text it, but that miight mean yull be demontiized or something.

im too scared to.

Wonder what they're doing with all that information!

This commercial is insane!!!!! Its so obvious theyre being controlled, the whole 666 thing, its like they arent even trying to cover it up at all!!! The sad part is most ppl wouldnt even think twice about the true meaning of that commercial, but yea very creepy indeed

it is only way to make another secret society… so in a few centuries illuminati would be small kittens for us

i believe this is how it is spoken about 60's groups… beatles or later… in those days… like satanism

now they look very inocent, those groups

i am not precise with english 🙁

maybe they now that illuminati story is cool and it will be talked about

if you were born in middle ages you would be an inquisition regrute?! maybe there is not a conspiracy behind every 666 but just wish to be noticed. it is like all pop culture is wrong but what should we have instead

devil is not so obvious… i think it is mostly hidden? 😉

OMFG! I watched this without the sound first, and it is really disturbing. Watch it without sound and look at their faces, and their eyes especially. It is ridiculous.



that's totally illuminati!!! suck!

WTFFFFFFFFF ????????????

did ya’ll see the devil like face behind the guy in the begining of the commerical? its on the wall behind him and its creepy. they all sounded like robots which would make sense because its all about mind control and having one order. i also youtubed some stuff on the symbols in movies its really scary ho this stuff is right in your face. how all the past preseidents have been talking about this” new order” for days and we have yet to catch on until… now. but i praise the lord that we even see these things now.

hell this is madness ,all people is sleeping ,hahahahha we will have to fight hard ,they'0re gonna be turned against us ,they people sleeping are the enemies ,the illuminati are fun ,they want moar and moar ,why? who cares,the good thing is they'll selfdestuct ,they betrait each other always ,and god will win even if they dont see it they can be saved ,but they love satan ,its their desition lol,anyways lets enjoy until 2012 arrives:)

No commercial will ever normalize the attitudes of a robot in a human being and will never normalize the symbol and meaning of Baphomet's horse head. People are not complete idiots and we need to stop assuming that they are. Most people even HATE commercials and avoid them by going to the kitchen (for example) when these silly commercials appear on their televisions. Therefore, this "Illuminati commercial" FAILS. Epic flop. I'm going to go just slightly off topic now, but I have YET to actually believe in mind control. You know, I really do not think it's possible to have control on another human. The brain is very complex. I have yet to find actual real proof of a real mind control. Like a real concrete example of true control of another person. That has probably never happened. Whoever tried most likely failed. Can you even actually control animals? You… Read more »

They didn't even give effort in hiding the symbols. The whole feel of the commercial is creepy.

what was that?