Illuminati Commercials: “63336”


I’ve always believed that advertisements had the dual functions of 1-selling a product and 2-normalize attitudes, symbols and meanings. I will post examples of this in a small series called “Illuminati Commercials”. Here’s a rather blatant one for a phone texting service.

Notice the background behind the first guy…



  1. Well, Like starting 2 months ago im trying to find out whats behind all these commercials symbols and all. I am really starting to understand all this "Illuminati" thing

    Illuminati comes from the latin Enlighted,

    They are the Enlighted.

    They are trying to rule this world

    The 2012 thing is all a made up story for people to be distracted, that day (21-12-2012)

    They are planning to take over the world

    Please everyone read this and believe me

    We can stop it before it happens,

    We gotta start right now! Before it is too late

  2. Why is the half nude woman standing on a chair??? Why are the post it notes to the left of the man arranged like that? The Devil has deployed his tricks and we are truly entering the end times. Follow Jesus Christ who is the only one who can save us!

  3. Man, this is so scary!!! I just couldn't watch it complete!!! One they started singing, a big fear came inside myself and started rising… I had to close it… I'm not gonna try to watch it again…

  4. OMG thass creeepy as fuuqck O_o

    iwish somebody would text it, but that miight mean yull be demontiized or something.

    im too scared to.

  5. This commercial is insane!!!!! Its so obvious theyre being controlled, the whole 666 thing, its like they arent even trying to cover it up at all!!! The sad part is most ppl wouldnt even think twice about the true meaning of that commercial, but yea very creepy indeed

  6. i believe this is how it is spoken about 60's groups… beatles or later… in those days… like satanism

    now they look very inocent, those groups

    i am not precise with english ๐Ÿ™

    maybe they now that illuminati story is cool and it will be talked about

  7. if you were born in middle ages you would be an inquisition regrute?! maybe there is not a conspiracy behind every 666 but just wish to be noticed. it is like all pop culture is wrong but what should we have instead

    devil is not so obvious… i think it is mostly hidden? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. OMFG! I watched this without the sound first, and it is really disturbing. Watch it without sound and look at their faces, and their eyes especially. It is ridiculous.

  9. did ya’ll see the devil like face behind the guy in the begining of the commerical? its on the wall behind him and its creepy. they all sounded like robots which would make sense because its all about mind control and having one order. i also youtubed some stuff on the symbols in movies its really scary ho this stuff is right in your face. how all the past preseidents have been talking about this” new order” for days and we have yet to catch on until… now. but i praise the lord that we even see these things now.

  10. hell this is madness ,all people is sleeping ,hahahahha we will have to fight hard ,they'0re gonna be turned against us ,they people sleeping are the enemies ,the illuminati are fun ,they want moar and moar ,why? who cares,the good thing is they'll selfdestuct ,they betrait each other always ,and god will win even if they dont see it they can be saved ,but they love satan ,its their desition lol,anyways lets enjoy until 2012 arrives:)

  11. No commercial will ever normalize the attitudes of a robot in a human being and will never normalize the symbol and meaning of Baphomet's horse head.

    People are not complete idiots and we need to stop assuming that they are. Most people even HATE commercials and avoid them by going to the kitchen (for example) when these silly commercials appear on their televisions. Therefore, this "Illuminati commercial" FAILS. Epic flop.

    I'm going to go just slightly off topic now, but I have YET to actually believe in mind control. You know, I really do not think it's possible to have control on another human. The brain is very complex. I have yet to find actual real proof of a real mind control. Like a real concrete example of true control of another person. That has probably never happened. Whoever tried most likely failed. Can you even actually control animals? You can't. I have decided that mind control does NOT exist.

    We can all influence each other, suggest each other ideas and attitudes, etc. That's normal. That's supposed to happen in a society. But we cannot mind control another person.

    Now back to this commercial… I personally think it's ugly and stupid. I don't like it. Not interested. Robots are stupid and ugly. It is not cool or great to be an ugly robotic zombie with numbers on the arm. I've typed enough. Next. —–>

  12. that lady gaga dress also gave me the creeps just like the above commercial, this whole thing is on the increase and all i can say is i hope the almighty Lord is with us till the end. no wonder i dont want a t.v set around me no more

  13. @Rich You will see that creature everywhere nowadays. All over the place…the infamous Baphomet. May God help us all, because he's the only one who can…

  14. I can't make something out of the background of the first guy apart from a scary looking creature thing above his head… is that what it is..?

    scary add btw!!!

  15. OK that's just creepy.

    For real, if they want to be sneaky, they could at least be a little more subtle than that. So transparent, with the vacuous expressions and tattooed "code" on people's bodies. Ugh.

  16. I'm on the fence about whether this is actually work of some occult being or just a bunch of trendy advertising guys making an over the top commercial. I'm in advertising, I could easily see this being the product of some pitch session.

    That doesn't mean I don't believe a lot of the stuff I read on here. I do. It's so In Your Face, how could anyone deny it? But this might just be some coked out creative types.

  17. Yeah i seen the same crap in the recent VMA Awards the

    number was 66333 which i found super weird cuz

    They were only missin 1 six and if u add the last

    3 numbers its an upside dwn nine i thought that

    Maybe i was the only one that notice that

    and as far as gaga goes with the meat dress

    is freaking weird maybe a meaning behind it

    cuz even krazy ppl wnt wear that but hey that y she has

    The name gaga and all these fools just followers praing wat she is

    Doing its so sad that ppl encourage that but u tell them

    About the illumanti they look at u like u got five heads

    Can wait till the truth comes out and its a wrap for this wrldb

    im not wrry bout dying got god in my life so u f*****g idiots in illumanti

    U cant scqre wats ready to die so f**k ya

  18. Upon reading the comments, I couldn't bring myself to watch this. I already get freaked the f**k out whenever "Alejandro," "Power," or those Attorney X commercials come on TV… all I need is to be looking out for another freaky ass commercial to catch me off guard and spook the s**t out of me before I have time to change the channel. D:

    Would someone mind telling me which channels play this commercial and maybe a brief write up of its contents? Heh. I'd really appreciate it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • In the beginning the old dude is clothed… by the end he is topless. They all seem to imply removal of clothing to some extent. Weird

  19. Shauna says:

    September 17, 2010 at 1:47 am

    To’s not scary because I’m not suprise and I’m not scare at all. I know that God will end satan’s agenda altogether.

    Yeah lets leave it all up to god, and not do anything ourselves. Idiot.

    • I don't know if GOD can actually end all of these people….although I beleive in the God myself, this is here on earth and I dont' see how he can stop them…a floood…right…not happening

    • Yeah, we don't have to fight, God will come.

      He controls everything but he didn't control that this illuminati thing happened, so now we have to sit and wait until he comes back and solves everything. We shouldn't even be reading this, there's no need to keep informed, God will to his work eventually when he comes back.

      Give away all your freedom, don't do anything, God will eventually come.

  20. The ads that show up when you log into Yahoo Mail are disturbing, too. If you scroll down on the latest one, an Autos ad, there appears to be a baphomet head mixed with the masonry compass on the right when you look sideways. And the woman's open shirt and reflection are doctored and it all looks sinister to me. You can't see it that well at this resolution, but on the tree on the left, there also appears to be a carving of people's bodies. It doesn't look anything like a reflection of what's above it–can't be a coincidence.

  21. This is such a blatan display! part of the illuminati agenda is to reveal themselves…and im afraid its coming sooner than we might expect-people these days are so stupid and think "they know it all" that they are capable of saying "thats just a stupid commercial"

  22. Did anyone notice the ground changing and lighting up black and white? Also the girl that sung barefoot and had the people singing around her but laying on the ground and the platform moved? It looked like an eye! Btw love all your stuff vc!

  23. VMA dj was Deadmau5. Pronounced deadmouse. He plays wearing a mouse head on. Has for years. So pure coincincidence as VMA's always has a house dj playing inbetween breaks there. Deadmau5 is just hot right now so got called up. As for this ad??? Cashing in on symbology. Without a doubt. I work in advertising, have not come across anything sinister so far. But I am waiting for it. I want in.

  24. This is getting so freaking insane!!! Is it me or do you guys ever see random people throwing up those signs when they're talking or doing something(they're not meaning to but it just happens) it seems like satan is right there with them while they're doing it …idk maybe its just me(weird)-lol… Leave your thoughts plz!!

  25. The Bible says when you see these things look up because your redemption draweth nigh. Do you ever ask if the illuminati have any control over their actions…..umm, maybe not. They are as much a pawn as the people they pawn!!! It's a mad hell…no pun intended!!

  26. VC PLEASE DO AN ARTICLE ABOUT THE VMA AWARDS. Rihanna was dressed in a sheer white dress and one eye covered. Everyone there were wearing black and white or red. I know there is a meaning to Rihanna's red hair but I believe they were doing some kind of occult ritural and everyone there was involved in it also. People watch that VMA award again. There alot of symbols and occult ritural going on at the awards starting with Eminem and Rihanna. Everyone that was there are apart of the occult. They think satan is the one that is making them rich. No it's their fans making them rich. And they sold their soul for fame. From Usher, Trey,Kanye, Jay,Beyonce,Justin,Keri,Nicki,Diddy, R.Ross,Rihanna and many many more. If you don't become one to join the occult they will try to do everything to keep fron making any money. PEOPLE WAKE UP

      • It seems insane, 3 months ago I would have said exactly what you just wrote. I completely believe it all now, well not get a lot of self-serving right wingers and fundamentalists in the conspiracy world, but the above comment is pretty legitimate. Do some research into it, doesn't it seem silly to laugh something off without truly checking out it's validity? Isn't that what our inquiring minds and the ability to make our own decisions are for?

        Anyway, I would suggest just trying to keep an open mind, and watch the arrivals., once you have seen it, I think you are informed enough to decide whether you believe it or not.

      • is down!! I couldn't believe it, highly unlikely Noreagaa would take it down. It mysteriously went down last week…

    • EXACTLY the devil not doing s**t for them just decieving there asses it is their fans making them rich………

      i wonder how much more into this illuminati s**t they will get into a year form now…..i am waiting to see

  27. Hi, this is my first post on VC but I'm an avid fan.

    I'm always so impressed by Vigilants analytical mind ability to see what may pass others by, however I believe this ad to be merely cashing in on the symbology that EVERYONE knows has occult origins. It'll probably work because these symbols, as we know, are usually used in a much more subtle manner. Viewers that aren't aware of occult symbology will get a creepy feeling that they've 'seen' theese symbols before.

    I understand this could be an attempt to 'normalise' occult symbology but in this instance i think the ad is just supposed to be OTT freaky.

    • I agree completely, I work in media and make adverts, and I can imagine the conversation between the agency creatives. Dick 1: "Hey I got a great idea, all this Illuminati s**t is pretty big online at the moment! We should make an ad that's like a big secret society that tells you any answer you want to know", Dick 2: "That's perfect, Carles is gonna love that, let's use like, that pyramid and put it in an eye for their logo" Dick 1: "Amazing, all those losers online are gonna freak out when they see this s**t!".

      Although I know someone that texted "Who am i?"" to the number and he got a reply listing his name, and address.

    • yeah thats hillarious the piramyd ,the sun ,the programming mind control,hope 2012 will be a great attack from them ,lets prepare

    • yes!!! i did notice the logo!!! it's an illuminati pyramid!

      even the numbers themselves are flat out RIDICULOUS illuminati at its best!!!

      the last guy… i am trying to make out what his tattoo is… it looks like an eye… eye of lucifer…

      even the dialogue is frightening — they all seem programmed, and they are saying how the woman says, "we are a network of minds" — basically stating brainwashing..


      • you are honestly under the impression that a 'secret government order' is going to be blatant about their existance? i'm sorry but satanic imagery has been used for centuries, and is no longer taboo, it seems like a clever marketing campaign to me.

  28. It's funny because on the VMA's they had a # for you to vote for some "Best New Artist" shi!t and all the #'s for each 5 artist all had 63336 or 66333. No other # but 3's and 6's. They not hiding no more..

    • have you guys ever read the bible man everything on this site is depicted in it so too me yes its creepy but its workin on my faith if your not christian and i mean tongue talkin holy ghost filled christians dude you got some troubles headin your way do yourselves a favour and find a church that preaches the holy ghost and tongues believe man its tough but id rather know more truth and not just hide behind my knowledge of the illuminati

      • Your Right Zac.

        Before I was all creeped out about the illuminate, but now Im not because I got into the word and developed a strong relationship with the lord. Now I just feel the same way you do. Im safe cuz Im with the lord.

        Everybody really should look into Jesus and grow to trust his word.

        If there is a bad there is a good & Jesus is the Good.

        Not only does he protect & guide you, But he also gives you peace, so you wont have to worry about the devil's tiny plans.

        Ask and you shall receive. Dont worry about your past, just look to the future you have of peace & happiness in Jesus.

      • Have you ever considered that they use the bible as a tool of control? How many people restrict themselves in what they think and do because of the bible. Self policing. They don't even have to do anything, you do it all to yourselves. I am not saying that Jesus did not exist or that I do not believe in anything more grandeur than ourselves. Try googling end times programming, alien invasion programming, new world religion programming.

        There is a reason the bible makes you feel more comfortable with how the world is, more comfortable with their power over you and everything in your life.

        The Illuminati wrote the Bible. They are fulfilling their own prophecy.

      • I have looked at many things & researched a little here & there on different religions, secret society stuff, ect. I never took anything to the extreme though. Some of the stuff on this site I think is a little too far. Then again, there is A LOT of truth to it.

        From all of this I have come to this conclusion. There is a God, His son, born of the Holy Spirit & the virgin Mary, died on the cross for my sin. I was a captive & now I am free. The devil, satan, or whatever other name he goes by always takes what God has made & turns it upside down or perverts it. If you really look between the lines it will become clear.

        The thing with these people is that most of them don’t know that the same spirit is controlling them & that they are slaves. Throughout history the same spirit has been spinning the same lies just in a different package. A wolf in sheep’s clothing, promising freedom & liberation. It started in the garden & it will not end till Jesus comes & it is judgement day. Even when he is blatantly showing himself he is still camouflaging (meaning the devil) paradoxical not contradictory

        Read the bible in context. Not taking a verse from here or there. Also realize that God is just. You must study the cultures that God had commanded to be destroyed in order to understand why. He is a judge. A just & righteous judge. Many think that God doesn’t have a right to do certain things because no human should have the right to do these things. Do not forget, God is perfect. We are not. I understand because I struggled with some things but, I asked & through study I was answered. Please just seek truth itself & you will find it. If something contradicts what you have always thought, don’t hold on to it, yet do not let it go. Research, look, examine, then make a decision. Do not just automatically dismiss. That is what most do without realizing it & they remain in the wrong place. This goes for many Christians also. I think that is why we have so many different factions. I hate that. We are called the body for a reason.

        Anyway, I hope you do find the truth & I pray that you will. ๐Ÿ™‚


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