HULU Commercials are Brutally Honest (video)


This series of commercials depicts TV viewers as near-zombies with rotting brains that are too feeble-minded to pry their eyes off their TV screens…and that’s exactly what their alien overlords are looking. Is this ad hilarious? Yes. Could the aliens in the commercial stand for the ruling elite that is looking to consolidate its power by dumbing-down the population using brain-dead TV programming? You betcha.

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179 Comments on "HULU Commercials are Brutally Honest (video)"

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Done a lot of reading and watching on this website (I must say, I love it). I've been studying the Elite for a long time. But I do have to say… I read a comment from someone that seemed to be exactly the type of person the Elite want; "Here take all my rights and my money, I just want to be safe" type of person. This comment started to read, "What do they want to control?" Made me think. The answer is obviously 'You', but wait…. They already do though, don't they? Talk about hidden in plain sight! You drink the water they supply for you, You drink the Food they supply for you, You pay them their salaries, in fact is conveniently taken out of your paycheck! You use the phones they want you to use to track your precise being, You watch the lies and brainwash they… Read more »

What's that saying?

"The truth is often spoken in jest?"

On the second vid, if you pose at 0:33, Am I the only one that noticed fred armisen and the other guy doing the 666 and devil horn signs with their hands?

In Lil wayne new video… he as the same green eyes. what's the meaning??!!

more nasty Hollywood connotations in this Hulu commercial

Holy crap! That guy's one of my favourite comedians! It's just like the industry to use a guy like him so everyone would pass off the message in the advertisement as a "joke"! To think I was planning to get the Hulu+ package for my Nintendo Wii! Hulu you can die "PLUS" BURN IN HELL!

Woman catches a subliminal message flashed on the news with her cell phone. The message is KILL.

We should be rioting in the streets pretty soon folks

the first moving power will have its way and what it wants for speed is supplied by time… thomas paine, common sense

OMG Dick Clark just died and Dennis Leary went to his Twitter a few minutes ago and wrote, “With Dick Clark dead, Casey Kasem now reveling in his status as last and reigning king of leather faced syrup voiced LIZARD people.”

There’s more — Dennis wrote, “I’m gonna package a Dick Clark Hologram mc’ing a Tupac Hologram summer tour.”

Lizard People, HULU, Dennis Leary???

Correction to my article. That should be Carl Guardino of the Silicon Valley Leadership (Group).

Thank you. You did an article on the HUNGER GAMES. It sounds an awful lot like AGENDA 21 which is a GLOBAL GOVERNMENT (U.N) scheme. AGENDA 21, the CLUB of ROME and ICLEI are what is being all the hoople about ("Climate Change" and "Global Warming') even though they never talk about WEATHER MANIPULATION via Chem Trails and HAARP. They're also behind all this "Going Green," Sustainability and Smart Growth and the Carbon Footprint taxes. The smart meters-grids-cities are really about Control and rationing. The heavy emphasis on trains, rail and bikes are to Restrict Travel. They want most people driven off most of the land and forced into cities. There's to be no private property. There's won't be any more states. They are being set up into 10 regions instead. There is a plan to MERGE: Canada, the USA and Mexico together. They're called the N.A.U. (N. American Union)… Read more »



How unbelievably accurate – the truth in 'plain sight' eh…

It doesn't get more blatant then this. Reptilian elite dumbing down the masses to an impossible degree, I think it's time to wake up people.

step 3… revelation of the method

not only are they telling you are no better than steaks on a table they are also telling you about there reptilian bloodline it goes back to the nephilin what jesus told the diciples what would be biggest syng of his second coming …he said as in the days of noah so shall be the coming of man what was goning on in does days dna manipulation by satan who was a reptile in garden of eden to quote william cooper wakeup sheeple"

These commercials are prime pieces of predictive programming. The best way to present truth to the public has always been to disguise it as either 'fiction', 'fantasy' or 'sci-fi'. All the Icke haters out there should just concede that the man is right on the money. Even before Icke came on the scene there were dozens of other researchers out there who did their part to expose the reptilian presence on this planet, which indeed is one of the 'biggest secrets' out there for sure. Little by little, all of what was once kept hidden will be known again.

i knew something was off w/ those commercials from the start and the way he looks is just creepy. never liked hulu, but anyway, i do have some good news to share. i'ma new yorker, 18, just last week was a chapheron for my 12 year old sister's field trip. while we were on the train, there was a group of at least 6 kids in their own circle talking about the illuminati. i thought that was cool and wanted to share it w/ u guys. the kids i was standing near were grunting about how they didn't believe in that stuff, but i was shocked to know that kids as young as 12 are familiar with what's wrong with the world. gave me a little hope, hope it does the same for you all. and spread the word, last year i mentioned the fallacies of leaving the kinect plugged… Read more »

File this under 'explains a lot' – in Sumerian hul or hulu means evil.

I knew it. I was waiting for this to post. The world is getting crazy!! At least there are people picking up on this foolishness.. What is the world coming to well turn to REVELATION IN THE BIBLE. It talks about the tunnels underground.. How the elite kings etc are going to go to the mountains and hide from God.. well we all are going to see soon.. BE PREPARED

this ad is plainly telling us that (behind the scenes) this world is ruled by demons.. reptilia/aliens is js a nicer way of putting it… but u knw wht this means for u if u r christian, u hav the power to crush their ugly heads n win everytym until th end of time…and they (demons) know that too.

It's worse because it's not just turning your brain to mush, it's turning it into a specific type of mush, like that magnetic liquid, that can be controlled. But the crazy thing is many people already know this but play along cause they hail satan, literally. Also btw this message basically doubles as a suicide-by-sacrifice note because my family is masonic. Also this will blow your mind (before they blow mine) schizophrenia doesn't exist. I found out the hard way. Turns out all those voices inside schizophrenics' minds were actually coming from the outside and tinfoil hatters are somewhat sane (but still extremely stupid, tin foil isn't gonna keep them out lol it goes past magnetic, outside of the physical world which high level masons can manipulate, think harry potter) I'm typing this all because at this point I'm basically dead already so whothefuckcares they're already trying to get me… Read more »

Don't anyone be afraid of these bastards. Just love yourselves and look out for each other. This will all blow over soon enough. Ever hear the phrase "man's reach exceeds his grasp"? You can be influenced, maybe even brainwashed, but never dominated.

After 4 + years as a truth seeker I'm done. I have enough knowledge. Good luck to you all. Peace and Love.

These HULU commercials are literal. Even the so called "alien" aspect.