HULU Commercials are Brutally Honest (video)


This series of commercials depicts TV viewers as near-zombies with rotting brains that are too feeble-minded to pry their eyes off their TV screens…and that’s exactly what their alien overlords are looking. Is this ad hilarious? Yes. Could the aliens in the commercial stand for the ruling elite that is looking to consolidate its power by dumbing-down the population using brain-dead TV programming? You betcha.


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Done a lot of reading and watching on this website (I must say, I love it). I've been studying the Elite for a long time. But I do have to say… I read a comment from someone that seemed to be exactly the type of person the Elite want; "Here take all my rights and my money, I just want to be safe" type of person. This comment started to read, "What do they want to control?" Made me think. The answer is obviously 'You', but wait…. They already do though, don't they? Talk about hidden in plain sight! You drink the water they supply for you, You drink the Food they supply for you, You pay them their salaries, in fact is conveniently taken out of your paycheck! You use the phones they want you to use to track your precise being, You watch the lies and brainwash they… Read more »