HULU Commercials are Brutally Honest (video)


This series of commercials depicts TV viewers as near-zombies with rotting brains that are too feeble-minded to pry their eyes off their TV screens…and that’s exactly what their alien overlords are looking. Is this ad hilarious? Yes. Could the aliens in the commercial stand for the ruling elite that is looking to consolidate its power by dumbing-down the population using brain-dead TV programming? You betcha.

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179 Comments on "HULU Commercials are Brutally Honest (video)"

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Done a lot of reading and watching on this website (I must say, I love it). I've been studying the Elite for a long time. But I do have to say… I read a comment from someone that seemed to be exactly the type of person the Elite want; "Here take all my rights and my money, I just want to be safe" type of person. This comment started to read, "What do they want to control?" Made me think. The answer is obviously 'You', but wait…. They already do though, don't they? Talk about hidden in plain sight! You drink the water they supply for you, You drink the Food they supply for you, You pay them their salaries, in fact is conveniently taken out of your paycheck! You use the phones they want you to use to track your precise being, You watch the lies and brainwash they… Read more »

What's that saying?

"The truth is often spoken in jest?"

On the second vid, if you pose at 0:33, Am I the only one that noticed fred armisen and the other guy doing the 666 and devil horn signs with their hands?

In Lil wayne new video… he as the same green eyes. what's the meaning??!!

more nasty Hollywood connotations in this Hulu commercial

Holy crap! That guy's one of my favourite comedians! It's just like the industry to use a guy like him so everyone would pass off the message in the advertisement as a "joke"! To think I was planning to get the Hulu+ package for my Nintendo Wii! Hulu you can die "PLUS" BURN IN HELL!

Woman catches a subliminal message flashed on the news with her cell phone. The message is KILL.

We should be rioting in the streets pretty soon folks

the first moving power will have its way and what it wants for speed is supplied by time… thomas paine, common sense

OMG Dick Clark just died and Dennis Leary went to his Twitter a few minutes ago and wrote, “With Dick Clark dead, Casey Kasem now reveling in his status as last and reigning king of leather faced syrup voiced LIZARD people.”

There’s more — Dennis wrote, “I’m gonna package a Dick Clark Hologram mc’ing a Tupac Hologram summer tour.”

Lizard People, HULU, Dennis Leary???

Correction to my article. That should be Carl Guardino of the Silicon Valley Leadership (Group).

Thank you. You did an article on the HUNGER GAMES. It sounds an awful lot like AGENDA 21 which is a GLOBAL GOVERNMENT (U.N) scheme. AGENDA 21, the CLUB of ROME and ICLEI are what is being all the hoople about ("Climate Change" and "Global Warming') even though they never talk about WEATHER MANIPULATION via Chem Trails and HAARP. They're also behind all this "Going Green," Sustainability and Smart Growth and the Carbon Footprint taxes. The smart meters-grids-cities are really about Control and rationing. The heavy emphasis on trains, rail and bikes are to Restrict Travel. They want most people driven off most of the land and forced into cities. There's to be no private property. There's won't be any more states. They are being set up into 10 regions instead. There is a plan to MERGE: Canada, the USA and Mexico together. They're called the N.A.U. (N. American Union)… Read more »



How unbelievably accurate – the truth in 'plain sight' eh…

It doesn't get more blatant then this. Reptilian elite dumbing down the masses to an impossible degree, I think it's time to wake up people.

step 3… revelation of the method

not only are they telling you are no better than steaks on a table they are also telling you about there reptilian bloodline it goes back to the nephilin what jesus told the diciples what would be biggest syng of his second coming …he said as in the days of noah so shall be the coming of man what was goning on in does days dna manipulation by satan who was a reptile in garden of eden to quote william cooper wakeup sheeple"

These commercials are prime pieces of predictive programming. The best way to present truth to the public has always been to disguise it as either 'fiction', 'fantasy' or 'sci-fi'. All the Icke haters out there should just concede that the man is right on the money. Even before Icke came on the scene there were dozens of other researchers out there who did their part to expose the reptilian presence on this planet, which indeed is one of the 'biggest secrets' out there for sure. Little by little, all of what was once kept hidden will be known again.

i knew something was off w/ those commercials from the start and the way he looks is just creepy. never liked hulu, but anyway, i do have some good news to share. i'ma new yorker, 18, just last week was a chapheron for my 12 year old sister's field trip. while we were on the train, there was a group of at least 6 kids in their own circle talking about the illuminati. i thought that was cool and wanted to share it w/ u guys. the kids i was standing near were grunting about how they didn't believe in that stuff, but i was shocked to know that kids as young as 12 are familiar with what's wrong with the world. gave me a little hope, hope it does the same for you all. and spread the word, last year i mentioned the fallacies of leaving the kinect plugged… Read more »

File this under 'explains a lot' – in Sumerian hul or hulu means evil.

I knew it. I was waiting for this to post. The world is getting crazy!! At least there are people picking up on this foolishness.. What is the world coming to well turn to REVELATION IN THE BIBLE. It talks about the tunnels underground.. How the elite kings etc are going to go to the mountains and hide from God.. well we all are going to see soon.. BE PREPARED

this ad is plainly telling us that (behind the scenes) this world is ruled by demons.. reptilia/aliens is js a nicer way of putting it… but u knw wht this means for u if u r christian, u hav the power to crush their ugly heads n win everytym until th end of time…and they (demons) know that too.

It's worse because it's not just turning your brain to mush, it's turning it into a specific type of mush, like that magnetic liquid, that can be controlled. But the crazy thing is many people already know this but play along cause they hail satan, literally. Also btw this message basically doubles as a suicide-by-sacrifice note because my family is masonic. Also this will blow your mind (before they blow mine) schizophrenia doesn't exist. I found out the hard way. Turns out all those voices inside schizophrenics' minds were actually coming from the outside and tinfoil hatters are somewhat sane (but still extremely stupid, tin foil isn't gonna keep them out lol it goes past magnetic, outside of the physical world which high level masons can manipulate, think harry potter) I'm typing this all because at this point I'm basically dead already so whothefuckcares they're already trying to get me… Read more »

Don't anyone be afraid of these bastards. Just love yourselves and look out for each other. This will all blow over soon enough. Ever hear the phrase "man's reach exceeds his grasp"? You can be influenced, maybe even brainwashed, but never dominated.

After 4 + years as a truth seeker I'm done. I have enough knowledge. Good luck to you all. Peace and Love.

These HULU commercials are literal. Even the so called "alien" aspect.

It's just amazing how they just spread it.. no b*llshit around it, just straight to the point. What's even more amazing that it sells. People are watching it, they point and laugh and say: "What a funny commercial! That stuff is great, I'm gonna buy it!" They must be laughing their butts off watching us go. I hope we are the last ones laughing, though.

PLEASE >>> search on google about the CAO DAI, it is the new religion in vietnam they worship the Illuminati symbol

I think (or am beginning to believe) that the whole campaign iss true. Including the part about the aliens.

do u guys know about the obama impeachment and "executive order" made by him on march 16th? of course theres a media blackout on all this!

I saw yesterday a guy with a T-shirt readying "F* Google, ask me".

And I asked him if he olso had problems with Google's privacy ?

And the guy awnsered me Huhh no dude, I just bought it in Turkey on hollydays because I liked it.

So I've a question, how rotten has the generale brain become and is permanently !?

I've no hope for the future, I'm sorry !

Read the Hulu player's software TOS. Think twice before you install it. If it's installed, remove it.

Be sure to read this before you use their site and/or software:

With these types of services, pay special attention to what information is *collected*, how your information is *used* and who it is *shared* with.

Do not blindly click Agree to anything, anymore!

Proprietary software is collecting more and more information by the day.

I agree with other commenters that it would be great if VG would comment on that disgusting movie, the HUNGER GAMES. I also thought that a burning bird represented the Phoenix and that the Phoenix was considered Illuminati symbolism. Also, I've learned about AGENDA 21-ICLEI and the CLUB OF ROME (which is behind all this "Sustainability-Global warming-Climate change, Going green, Smart grids, etc) and since the upcoming GLOBAL GOVERNMENT wants most people dead (check out the GEORGIA GUIDESTONES, Elberton, Georgia, USA with one of the stones saying "Humanity must be maintained under 500 million in perpetual balance with nature), and the survivors nothing but impoverished slaves, this movie story line bothers me quite a bit. I feel bad when I do watch the TV ads and show all these teenagers so eager to see this movie. I'm middle aged and my sister read the books and she wants to see… Read more »

Like the Leary piece said: Your parents have been telling you for years TV was bad for you. Ironic that now even the TV is telling you the same thing, yet even fewer people listen.

any insights on The Hunger Games??

I wish people would believe me when i tell them what is actually going on in this world,but they always think i'm crazy.

It's the ole' classic technique of inserting one fantastical element (aliens) into an otherwise true plot, that way the majority of individuals throw out the entire plot as ridiculous. If you try to tell someone they are being programmed by what they watch, they are likely to respond "TV makes me docile and compliant? You sound like a conspiracy nut who believes in aliens! Don't forget to wear your tin foil hat!" Unfortunately for them they don't realize the only reason they think the plot to stupify them is silly is because their TV told them to think it's silly…

Maybe David Icke is right afterall…

In fact, I always knew he was whether metaphorically or literally, those who control and seek to control are not human.

the blatanist ( my made up word ) is result I believe of their Research, meaning as each generation is dumbed down it ALLOWS for more blatant Images , also taking in account Alternative Media . Besides these same deviants control main stream media , which means they have little to fear . You'll NEVER , NEVER see Oprah doing a show on " Occult Images in Music and Videos " or CNN , Why is there so much Satanism in music . It ain't going to happen . THAT'S why they can be as blatant as they want , bcs there are not a sufficient number of main stream viewers who have a clue on what's going on . Once the tipping point is reached and who knows when that will be , that the Vast Majority understand what's going on , that they are being played for fools… Read more »

And on a similar theme, this news today:

Is your TV watching you? Samsung's latest sets with built-in cameras spark concerns

Like that hasn't been happening for a while…

I don't see how the videos were funny at all…I thought they were extremely creepy mostly because its a very accurate depiction of people.

I know this is off topic but everyone is hyped up about the movie Hunger Games that comes out today. In the last week I must have seen 50 commercials about this movie and I don't watch that much tv! EVERYONE is hyped up (not me) to go see the movie. They keep saying yeah it's supposed to be the biggest movie of the year…..only because "they" have been advertising it as such. How big will it be if no one decided to go see it? We do have control!

Folks at this site hopefully know better by now re Anything put out by Hollywood & authors. Before seeing that movie, please consider this article:

"The Hunger Games >> Satanic Ritual for Teens":

Vigilant, I hope you'll cover The Hunger Games film that opens today. I'm really shocked at how popular such an odious series is, and the Arena is supposedly a total MK-Ultra environment.

In addition to that cheery child abuse and gladiatorial murder 'entertainment,' the same author also wrote a series of kid's books about the Underworld:

I also just realized something totally by accident. I was watching BBC News on PBS, and they showed the Dodi-Diana memorial at Harrod's department store in London. There is a golden bird on the memorial that I realized looks almost identical to the mockingjay pin on the cover of The Hunger Games.

Harrod's memorial –,8599,159
Hunger Games mockingjay –

Or the Anzu Bird (also known as Zu or Ziz), a cosmic mythological bird associated with the Sumerian cosmic huluppu tree, thence with the Lilith/Inanna/Ishtar/Babylon complex. I looked more closely at the Hunger Games book cover, and noticed that the bird symbol is imposed over a dotted broken circle connected to two solid circles, exactly like the Da'ath/Abyss negative sephira on the kabbalistic tree of life and its orientation to Tipharet and Chokmah. That broken sphere, or qlipha, is the gateway to the Underworld.

I am wondering if it's really supposed to be a phoenix.

This is just sad, everything is in plain site. The commercial wasn't funny to me, it was just stupid

Check out the lower left corner of the screen behind Alec Baldwin at 0:52- its from one of The Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors (Halloween) episodes featuring Ned Flanders as the devil.

However, there are others who might be viewing Youtube or other websites and are awaken from their brainwashed state when they listen to alternative media news about the world around them, so some like myself tend to dissociate from the brainwashed public masses by watching and listening to these types of channels. Not all media is bad just a note. But Hulu & some others are just one of those several brainwashing mindless entertainment mobile channel, that I agree.

I spend quite a bit of time on-line and watching You Tube videos but I do this mostly at home or if not in cyber cafes. It dismays me to go into a cafe and see rows of drones on their lap tops and i-Pads and some of them are even in company blocking their companions out. It wasn't so bad seeing the odd person on their own on their lap top in a cafe.

Wow this is a fact when I see people in public transports and all, most of them especially the young are glued to their mobile handphones and tablets staring zombie-like into their tiny little screens without a care about the environment and people around them. Total brainwashed freaks, why do we want to live in this kind of emotionless world it really baffles the mind.

I'd rather people were staring into newspapers, magazines and books as they used to do. Printed matter doesn't seem to have the same effect on your consciousness and health as mobile phones, smart phones, lap tops and i-Pads do.

Parents, consider establishing new rules for your children. No electronic games, cellphones, etc. while engaging in a family activity or eating out. No texting – make them speak with you and others; expand their vocabulary. Wean them off of these devices and get them to engage fully in the activity. You must also be willing to set the example. Seriously, have you become so devoid of your identity, your value as to believe you need your phone? Release your children from the burden that is being placed upon them – give them a break. They are innocent and deserve a commitment from you that you will do everything in your power to develop their spirituality and beauty.

Ever wonder why digital TVs suddenly appeared in every bar, restaurant (family/fine dining), bus/train station; every airport? Pretty much every where you find yourself there is the digital distraction, why? Who is behind this? Did you ask restaurant managers put in TVs? Did you write letters demanding TV's in all these places? I don't think so. So here you are attempting to share time with family and friends and there is a mind-controlling dirty-electronic TV hanging on every wall beaming it's subliminal messages at all of you at all times. Do you really think this is about providing up-to-the-minute sports/news/entertainment for the masses? Also, why has the music volume been turned up so you have to yell in a conversation? This is all Planned and is unequivocally about Mind Control, destroying your ability to think freely, and ABEYANCE. If you truly want to make a difference demand that these TVs… Read more »
I thought that TVs were cropping up in bars and restaurants because the owners of them found that they got more custom because of them but it doesn't make sense to put TV's in lounge bars on every single wall and worse have the sound of with chart music blaring out as well. TV's in public bars are fine but only if turned on for big sports matches. There are TV screens on buses and also in the reception areas of office suites. I did object to the placing of wall mounted TV screen in the cramped waiting area of the opticians I attend along with the removal of the magazines but it wasn't taken seriously. There wasn't one until the last appointment I had with them. That was three years' ago and I haven't been back since. The more people who vote with their feet the better and look… Read more »


Ernest Hemingway once wrote, "The world is a fine place, and worth fighting for."

I agree with the second part.

I like watching Movies and some Television that I can relate to. I also like beautiful music. It makes me feel nice. I don't really care what goes on behind the scenes or what the creator's intentions behind them are. I only care about what it means to me. The rest isn't my business or my problem. I have my own problems. Being a "conspiracy theorist" gets you nowhere. Most people are trash. Life is too short. I don't care anymore.

Thanks Rob I feel the same way. Its hard enough for me to get by day to day, yet no one talks about how your job is sucking the life out of you rotting your brain and leaving you numb. Life is life get it the best way you can and push on. I am very aware of what's being done but I'm at the age where I'm to old to care any more.