How TV Affects the Brains of Young Children (video)


Here’s a very interesting video on the cognitive effects of television on young children. Check out the results of his studies on young mice that were exposed to 6 hours of television per day compared to regular mice…and see how society is being dumbed down.

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101 Comments on "How TV Affects the Brains of Young Children (video)"

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Set rules from when the child is young and spend time with your children. It doesn't have to be an expensive outing

TV, Illuminati. Whats The Difference.I mean they all LIE TO US RIGHT IN OUR FACES!

There are many who become addicted to the television. Just look at a child or anyone for that matter whos sits in front the tv for hours and you will notice a hypnotic stare from them. The television has become the great babysitter for mothers/relatives/caretakers and babysitters alike for children. They tell them to sit down with their brakfest or lunch and sometimes even dinner and watch the cable television. Moderation is the key here, some tv viewing is okay but not for hours on end. Its cartoon after cartoon after cartoon until then become an adult then its soap operas/sitcoms/reality tv/game show/talk shows/movies or sports programs. The longer one sits in front of the television and for a longer span of their lifetime the less the brain can freely create and it comes entranced in the messages being force fed into the mind.

Keep 'em coming VC…this and secret arcana are pretty much the only sites I stay on these days unless i'm pulling images from the codex magica. On another note, in regards to the religious debate happening: how do you expect to fight the illuminati if you're a lost "atheist" or whatever term you want to use? You think these people are bad yet you reject the teachings of christ because you allow yourselves to believe the anti-christian fundamentalist propaganda. It's the oldest trick in the book to show the worst example possible of something to try to control opinion. If people would just READ everything that pertains to Jesus in the new testament they probably wouldn't have a damned thing bad to say about it. Let me tell you, if the world loses it's Christianity for good then humanity is going to lose this battle for sure. I bet you'll… Read more »

No wonder ive problems. I used to watch hour after hour after hour after hour after hour after hour after hour after hour after hour after hour after hour after hour after…….What was I saying…?

First time I leave a commentary on your excellent website. I have been discovering, than denying, less searching for truth and now… I'm just admitting and keeping the line, if I may say so. Maybe a story from an adult about the "possible" effects of such exposition, in full-grown time, vould be usefull. In a few words, I've been "exposed" to a psychedelic anime, not a real cartoon but an animation of molded puppet-play (I know, I know, I'm a great reader of your astonishing website and I understand the hidden meaning of pupettry in MK process, today), who took place in a awkward place : you could say "nowhere". An empty place, with two puppetts of different colours and indistinct gender (well, you could say : a boy in blue, a girl in… red ?), making erratic convolutions around blocks – a real twisted show. I was less than… Read more »

What they gotta do in these types of studies is tell us the significance or else what we just listened to is garbage.

December 23rd

The last day on earth

Will we wake up to Uncle Rupe

Reciting the Devil's verse?

Or the Nephlim causing floods

Like masters of the universe

Blue bloods married in Great Britain

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They don't give a s***e

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Blown up on television

Hell's manifest around the globe

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Most of them brain dead and snorting coke

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Pray to Mike Moore

For your death-star civilisation

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Chemical Ali in the hills of Iraq

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Understand that your living in a f*****g lie

Henry Kissinger praying on a bloody alter

In front of the pyramid's eye

bonjour c'est dur pour nous par moment de comprendre ces documents en anglais qui n'ont pas de traduction eh pourtant tant interessant car nous sommes francofone vous ne pouvez vraiment pas nous aidez dans ce sens là?

I loved this clip, thanks VC! I'm glad my parents only let me watch wildlife documentarys, which isn't as unintelligent as some of those things for kids out there…..

have ya ever payed attention to that disney show wizards of waverly place, my brother watches it all the time and one day i sat down and payed attention to it. There is so much illuminati in it, specially the theme song it says it all.

god is with us, even in this cruel world.

god loves you

Yup, it's called 'programming' for a reason 🙁

As at the creation, so at the consummation, light will conquer darkness, and order will prevail over chaos. The loving God who is the Lord of life shall reign supreme!

So long as we are under the control of disturbing emotions, real happiness is hard to find.

Seek the Word!

First, I don't trust studies done on mice. I have pet mice and pet rats and if I were going to do a study with animals I would pick the one closer to human intelligence; a rat. Directly relating to that is the bit about a "normal" mouse vs a hyperactive mouse. Again, I have mice and rats and they about equally display both behaviors, each one having a slightly different energy level and personality, even though they are all raised the same. Another issue I have is that it is not necessarily a controlled experiment. Since the children who didn't watch tv were assumed to have more social interaction with their parents than children who did watch tv, it is safe to assume also that the correlation may not be between children and tv but children and amount of time spent with their family. And there is actually no… Read more »

There is an alien presence here, but the deception to that is that these "aliens" aren't aliens to Earth at all as they were here before us. We have been their slaves since Adam and they've had humanity under their control for the same amount of time.

"What an unhappy humanity I am! Who will rescue me from this entrapped world of aliens that are taking me to death? Thanks be to God who does this through our Lord Jesus Christ!"

"This, then, is my condition: on my own I can serve my Creator's law only with my mind, while being persecuted by Satanic/Illuminati/Masonic symbols and agenda in everything I see around me."

Get obsessed with the Word!

Humanity is one, the world over; an Enemy is after us. I, like you, only need the Word–the Lord of our life, simply because "The Word (John 1:4) was the source of life and this life brought light to humanity. The light shines in darkness, and the darkness has never put it out." The Illuminati or Masons must certainly be human, desperate just as me or you, all of us wandering clueless-ly in a condemned death-ruled hopeless world full of short lived hopes. They don't possess any power over anybody and so need of fear. If there is any reason for fear at all, let humanity fear her Creator alone who Was, Is…, and Is To Be… Shall all humanity then, obsess our minds with the Word alone. HE Is our S E C U R I T Y, S U S T E N A N C E, H… Read more »

Spot on !!!!

Here's a another one….

Consuming Kids: The Comercialization Of Childhood [Full Film]

Be Blessed!

yes, very deep and weird dreams

You have weird dreams? I used to have some of those last year, but they disappeared altogether back then.

t.v not that bad is just what we are exposed to thats is bad there are many christian programms in t.v and christiams cartoon a child can watch and be motivated not violence sex or war so prevent dem from too much of it is good also so they can also focus on oder things like dir books

The symbols are being used by the "illuminati" to create yet another form of dialectics… see, we – or some of us – are supposed to find out about the great "con's piracy", so that a "con-flict" becomes inevitable – out of which comes the synthesis and which is really what they're always after… so, whenever you end up picking sides – as in "it's us vs. them" – you're in fact following their own script & formula thousands of years old… just ask Plato…;)

It becomes "us vs them" when they try to take control of my mind and I see my friends and family fall victims to their heinous onslaught of propaganda and confusion. It becomes "us vs them" when I watch planes chemtrail. Or when I'm forced to a TSA patdown just because my job forces me to fly. When I say I fight the Illuminati and its system I do not mean physically (although it manifests itself in physical ways) but spiritually. I try to only make good choices and show selfless love to those around me and now even the most hardcore mainstream democrat I know text messages me to tell me that she saw some illuminati symbolism on TV. The battle for your mind is here and if you aren't going to fight for it the system has all the resources in the world to do it for you.

Ps. “Countless millions will protest against the New World Order, and will die fighting it.” — H.G. Wells

John, "scare us into our religions"? Are you serious?

Has anyone ever seen the John Carpenter movie, "They Live"?

use this alternative search engine

Okay first of all, I want thank VC for the video. I'm 16 years old and I've learned a lot from this site which inspired me a lot. But to the kids that got exposure to 5hrs of daily dose of power puff girls and what not, are they able to bring their minds back together when they grow up? I've watched a lot cartoons, movies, tv shows, since I was small. I would see people travelling to Europe and Asia and I would feel like it's a whole 'nother world full of adventures, exactly like the movies. Sadly, I've been to many countries and I still ask myself, why am I not in an adventure or lost in an island like the movies I watch? So what's the cure to bringing back the mind together? I've been struggling a lot with my mind lately, just random brainstorm and daydreams.… Read more »

Whoever didn't know that this was happening already, is already a pawn of the media.

@ Amy Johansen \ Your aggressive commentary towards everyone's opinion and idea, makes me no longer want to participate in leaving my opinion. Just because your views are different from others, doesn't mean their wrong. Instead of trying to help people understand the situations being discussed, you push them away.

By you delighting your opinions with a god bless, doesn't make it any less condescending!!!

Whatever. Take it as you will. I wont comment anymore, nor will I come here anymore. I wasn't trying to be rude, I was actually trying to clarify what she was saying, but okay. By the way, I don't think God Bless changes anything, that is just my signature, and I don't think it has any bearing on anything I write, its just my signature. I wasn't saying there was anything wrong with your opinions, it just came across as that you were saying a little poison was okay, and i was merely asking if that was what you meant. Online communication is a tricky thing. You cannot see my face, and I cannot see yours, so it is easy to take the things the wrong way, and I mean this for me or anyone else. I do feel TV is not something that should be had, for me, personally,… Read more »

Amy I don't care about your religious background, what I know is I enjoy reading your posts, hence take me into account not just the ones who give you some grief then and there. Come back and let your thoughts run wild. Please 🙁

Steph, you are not the only one who feels in such a way (take a look at how many thumbs up you have already!) The snide comments/rude attacks/ignorant "my religion and God is better than yours" arguments that always come out of the comments has made me not even want to leave my opinion, until recently. I've gotten vocal because I think its silly for people like Amy to affect my own entitlement to opinions and free speech. Everyone here thinks they are SO right, especially the Jesus freaks (lol go ahead, flame me, I'll laugh) and they get so personally offended if your opinion isn't exactly on track with theirs, then they'll attack and insult and ridicule you while saying that God is Love and Love thy neighbor blah blah blah. Hypocrisy, maybe, ridiculous? Absolutely. And in no way should it prevent you or I or any of the… Read more »
It's interesting to me that people who like to attack Christians with sermonettes about hypocrisy are pretty self-righteous themselves. Many Christians are devoted to our God & His Word and live and die by it, we're not perfect and well know that we are not, but our God is perfect. By our belief and faith in our God, we are not setting ourselves up over anyone else, we are humbled by God's greatness and our own flaws & sins, but we are bound to honor & obey his laws and exhorted to speak up & out about right and wrong as He has revealed them to be by His laws, His Word. If all 7 billion people on this earth gave a thumbs up reply to any comment posted anywhere about anything on the internet it would NOT make that comment right, no matter how popular it was. It is… Read more »

so my kids wont be watching tv till theyre 6

I'm not sure about this. People aren't mice you know.

Something I wanted to note: I grew up watching movies A LOT, rented movies and shows like care bears, but I didn't watch too much regular tv until I was a little older (other than sitcoms, I think). Either way, I did watch a great deal. The funny thing was, WITHOUT ANYONE EVER saying TV was bad (my mom didn't like it per say, but she obviously wasn't opposed to it), I decided at age 10yrs I would NEVER have a TV for watching TV when I moved out, and guess what, when I moved out at age 19, I moved in with a couple who had the EXACT same values as me, so yup, NO TV. And when I got married, SAME THING. I only have one for occasionally (and it is pretty rare) for watching movies or an occasionally game, but mainly I use it for business purposes,… Read more »

In regards to your comment to ABC, pot, kettle, black?

You sound a little unhinged yourself with all your random use of capital letters 🙂

Right. No, its called emphasis. Can't make bold type or italics (or don't know how to), so I use capitals for emphasis, that's actually a pretty common practice… BTW, if you actually read my comments, you would prolly know, I freely admit I'm not perfect and am quite messed up, in many ways, but I admit it AND (emphasis) work on it. ;P Also, nitpicking at my font is a little bit much. When I was talking to ABC (not you), I was referring to their speech patterns, which for the topic they were talking about, deserves more than sensational language and cursory overviews. Speaking like that is what makes us so-called "conspiracy theorist" crazy to others. And while what others think may be irrelevant in some regards, if you are trying to get people to believe the truth, you need to present it in a logical and precise manner,… Read more »

The tracking piece is key. It is hard not to be monitored and to live without your mobile or the internet: the "spider´s" world wide web and we are the fleas.

Only in the underground or in the country side (mountains, forests). That´s were I am going when the Time has come or even before!

God bless and help us all!

VC, many thanks again!

My grandmother in law gave to my 10 months kid, a "Baby Einstein" film.

At the first sight I was very concerned about the "hundreds" languages available in the DVD. It is a world wide thing.

Another issue is that the film is produced by an Israeli University/Company. And the "puppy" of the "baby einstein" is a green dragon with two horns (can you see the message? telling kids that "horns" are cool can facilitate going satanic furthermore).

I also noticed that the frame changing on and on was the thing that keep the child attention.

But until this film I did not have any macro conclusion evidence to show to the people (in special my wife) on how this video could be harm to our child.

Thanks VC! I gonna trash this DVD right away.

Notice the difference between what passes for "educational media" today and "Mr. Rogers". In the former the narrative sequence is disjointed and erratic, while in the latter it is gentle and gradual. He is doing what any good parent would/should do with their child. I must state, however, that the value of Mr. Rogers is not absolute. Even "Mr. Rogers" is not healthy in an absolute sense in that it represents a type of initiation of children into the "cult" of the mass media. I also have to disagree with the statement that socioeconomic condition is necessarily related to a child's intelligence, without disagreeing with the evidence that Dr. Christakis presents. It is true that certain socioeconomic groups in North America suffer more than other groups. Rather than economics, the problem is culture and, specifically, the modern proletarian way of life. Consider the child raised in conditions of subsistence farming,… Read more »

Christian peasant roots. I can understand where you are coming from, but do you not remember the Puritans? Not everything was empowering, inspirational, and loving. There was A LOT of hate for ANYTHING that went outside the norm. You could sin and not know it, then you were burned at the stake.

Not just Christianity, a great many faiths, especially the Abrahamic faiths, have had a great many controversies over persecutions, hatred, crusades, conversions, etc.

There will never be "one way" to raise a healthy, well-aware and successful child. We have the tools to do so, we never lost them. Stop blaming everything and everyone and do what is best for your child in the PRESENT.

I agree that tv dumbs people down. They've known it since they invented it – but if you try a search for "Average Brain Weights (in grams)" of a "newborn human" most sources will tell you it's "350 – 400".

So, I don´t know where he got the "333" figure he used there – and I'd love to know where he got the "999" figure as well…?!

I mean it all looked awfully masonic to me… the floor of the restaurant, the girl with the "mickey mouse ears"… "Old MacDonald Had a Farm – e-EYE-e-EYE-O"… and so forth…

So, while telling the truth (the obvious) he for some reason had a need to use subliminals let alone those figures

.. let alone those figures that were somewhat curious, to say the least.

(sorry, hit the submit button accidentally / too early…)

Not sure if you realized, he was was giving examples of why television isn't good? He wasn't promoting Baby Einstein, quite the opposite, he wasn't promoting Mr. Rogers either, just noting the differences, as for the numbers, I can't speak for those. But the symbols are present in the media he showed, he was showing it as a means to show the differences in the pace.

In fact to show how it DOES program people, so your point is more than moot, and you may not realize, but you sound a bit crazy. You make valid points, but saying them in a LESS erratic way, would REALLY help people understand what you mean, instead of just seeing what seems to be the ravings of an unhinged person. I'm not saying you are (I'm sure you're not), but this is how you come across.

God Bless ~Amy

I have been a follower for several years now and continue to enjoy the unique perspective from here to see world events and pop-coulture. Thanks again as always

I grew up watching tv and movies and I'm just fine (In my opinion anyway). But the thing is hating most television shows comes natural for me now that Im in my 20's. Most of the shows on these days are either too boring or just obnoxious and retarded. So with exception of sports and my dvd player I never watch it.

Oh and I actually find it funny to find out a lot of cartoons i watched as a youngster have so much of this BS in them.

Like GI Joe which you did an article on. And your Pinocchio article etc.

Weird s**t man

I was just thinking about how "Love American style" from the sixties promoted the new values. It has been all programed much as all the late night comedians were pushing gay agenda five years before the Prop 8 debate with the voters.

The first time Leno asked for applause for gay marriage no one clapped. That was in the 90's. Now we have very intentional sexual contact with TSA uniformed agents training us in the airports both about not complaining about same sex touching in general and whose more important- our parents if we're a child or a gov agent.

This was a good video i shared it on my facebook. I will be protecting our children from too much TV

For people who want to read about what television does to your brain and why it was invented (I am sorry if it is mentioned in the video, can not watch the video right now), get "Four arguments for the elimination of television" by Jerry Mander. First published in 1978, when I was two. My parents did not let me watch tv too much, I consider myself a balanced woman, read a lot, this book opened my eyes. And I still have that damn tv in my house! Can you imagine how it must be for children now? They are bombarded with so many stimuli, it is just crazy! I can say "NO" some times and think critical about what I just saw or heard (I like to tell myself)… and still, it is hard for me to completely eliminate that tv. Please educate yourself and SAVE-THE-CHILDREN. I know it… Read more »

Qwel & Kip Killagain – Reality TV

Great song, serious.

Well phuffinkitty I wish I had that darkened Suv tint over my eyes to a point I guess, because when I look out my windows all I see is unexplained falling in mass death birds, CIA drone insects, HAARP clouds coupled with chemsprays, withering trees, GMO plants, extreme weather, and clones or fluoridated zombies.

Cynical maybe, but truthful. What a world they've created for us to exist in. I have to consciously reject this proposed reality foist upon me with the greatest of devotion. It's quite taxing to say the least. I guess life is what you make it we all have to make a choice. To take a quote from the only Hollywood production I'll admit to enjoying…"get busy living, or get busy dying".


Dear reader. Some readers already know me a bit, I am teenager, Brazilian, and I do not like to use the popular internet language (Wich I call "Internetsh"). Touching this subject of children and television, I am worried about this, all my cousins keep watching this stupid box with an antenna. BBC, Cartoon Network, CNN, Disney, Fox, HBO, Max Prime, MGM, MTV, TCM, Universal, Band, Globo, Record and Rede TV (The last four ones may be available only in Brazil), and all sorts of channels they tell me are all boring, even the TV Escola (Another Brazilian channel, focused on "education") does not show the true side of History, such as the occult hands that shaped it (Well, what should we expect? It is television, and as a good channel, they cannot show us the truth). 😀 Now forgive me if I make a mistake now, everyone does so I… Read more »
Addendum: I know it is late, but I received some messages from my friends asking me why does I think micro blogs are useless (Twitter is a micro blog), as I said before: Knowledge goes through changes, and these changes sometimes makes us start again and fix some things. And for micro blog users, we have an alternative, Want to follow me on (Optional). Other alternatives: Google Maps: OpenStreetMap; Google blogging service (Blogspot): WordPress (Maybe). Also, there are some cool sites I would like to share with you, dear reader. – PublicKnowledge (Let us keep track of our rights); – Electronic Frontier Foundation (Same as PublicKnowledge); – Free Software Foundation (People need to be free, as freedom); – Linux.Com (A good place for Linux newcomers or users); – QuestionCopyright.Org (Let us understand what is copyright and some events regarding it); – OpenClipart.Org (Yes, open cliparts for documents);… Read more »

Great sites. I'm on them.

Great stuff, young man. I am adding jabber to the mix and you are right. Open source is best.

My lovely niece was raised with Baby Einstein, and a DVD player in a blacked-out SUV (by adoring and doting parents who think 'stuff' and 'gadgets' are the way – they honestly don't see what they are doing to her long-term). How sad that while in their SUV 'tunnel' as she's watching a Disney movie the world happens outside those tinted windows! She misses birds, insects, clouds, trees, plants, weather, people. She misses all the wonders of life!

She has been given every electronic gadget toy out there and, at age 7 is struggling in school on all subjects. Whats really sad is that she will not look you in the eye for very long, not really engage with you and if you do play with her its usually on the PC or an electronic game toy.

That's why I like to take the kids out of the house and find a trail. The kids might roll their eyes but every time we find something rad and come home happy. Get right with nature:P I feel like doing everyday but we are so busy around here but we walk the trails or get out as much as possible and it's refueling and good and the kids know that and see that. We've found crazy things in the process even. Have to get away from the noise. Thank you VC! I don't even like the radio in the car.

Infant Indoctrination Part 1 of 7:

This little series really blew my mind in regards to how young the predictive programming and brainwashing of the NWO begins. Illuminati, Freemasons, mind control and satanic indoctrination. Yikes….with the fluoride drops, vaccines, metal fillings and cartoons my parents let me watch, I think they owe me an apology, who knows how I could have turned out!!! Just kidding…….but trying to take it back on my watch! Props to all the 'guardians' of our next generation, we are up against it big time!

I have to say that everything in life is "good" in moderation. I just feel bad for the children who spend their whole day in front of the mind numbing tube! Although its sad what they do with are children minds… its still up to you to be a vigilant parent on whatever your children are consuming. (tv, food, who they hang out with etc.) Your children are what you make them, this is no different!!!

@Steph: At the risk of sounding like a smart Alec; does that mean drinking a little bit of amonia a day is always good, since its in moderation?

My point is, if somethings bad for you, even in moderation, its still going to harm you. There are just some things you should NEVER do or have or consume. I'm not saying that's the case with TV, though its not far off, we all need to have greater discernment in life, and not assume all things in moderation are fine, because that's just not true.

God Bless ~Amy

Lmao, I haven't heard the term 'Smart Alec' since my Grandma was alive.

Here are some points from the current Communist Goals. I think television is a big part in bringing those goals to fruition. I mean, there are no more Mr. Rogers today and this is why. This is why TV is trash.


22. Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression. An American Communist cell was told to "eliminate all good sculpture from parks and buildings, substitute shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms."

23. Control art critics and directors of art museums. "Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art."

24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them "censorship" and a violation of free speech and free press.

25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting p*********y and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.

26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as "normal, natural, healthy."

Of course there is the obvious; common sense!!! I guess what i trying to say (for all the people who try to make it complicated) is that you should be aware of what you put in your body as well as your mind. Only you are responsible for making the right decisions.

Oh and i forgot … thanks vc once again! 🙂

Memorable quotes for Looker (1981) [] "John Reston: Television can control public opinion more effectively than armies of secret police, because television is entirely voluntary. The American government forces our children to attend school, but nobody forces them to watch T.V. Americans of all ages *submit* to television. Television is the American ideal. Persuasion without coercion. Nobody makes us watch. Who could have predicted that a *free* people would voluntarily spend one fifth of their lives sitting in front of a *box* with pictures? Fifteen years sitting in prison is punishment. But 15 years sitting in front of a television set is entertainment. And the average American now spends more than one and a half years of his life just watching television commercials. Fifty minutes, every day of his life, watching commercials. Now, that's power. " "The United States has it's own propaganda, but it's very effective because people… Read more »

Guess why Madonna never allowed her kids to watch TV?

Because she's in it, she knows best how they brainwash the society, of course she don't wants them to be affected. Wouldn't be surprised if many others, who are also part of the so called "Elite", try to protect their own children by denying them Television…

"Madonna raised some eyebrows when she declared that "TV is trash" and that she does not let her children Lourdes and Rocco watch TV, save one movie on the weekend. Madonna: "We have TVs but they're not hooked up to anything but movies. TV is trash. I was raised without it. I didn't miss anything. TV is poison."

btw. she also set them on carefully controlled macrobiotic diet (avoiding processed or refined foods and most animal products)… well, seems food is poisoned, too.

Four years ago Lourdes was fat and had a unibrow, now she's skanky and dolled up like a Barbie.

MK ULTRA anyone?

I really don't feel comfortable hearing words like that spoken about a kid, famous or not, whatever her situation is. She couldn't help being born into that. I don't like people making degrading comments about children, whoever they are.

Doesnt matter, Madonna is the Queen of Illuminati. children born to illuminati parents undergo a lot of MK training. TV is the least of their concerns.

Makes you wonder what the future is going to be like with all this brainwashing, so sad indeed.

One of similar studies looked at 3 groups: children who could watched as much TV as they liked, children whose access was limited but who watched on their own and finally children whose access was limited and who watched with a parent. The last group did much better academically than the other groups.

I'm thinking that the same might apply to the internet. This site is interesting and good but there are so many others that might make us stupid. I'd rather not name them but somehow my mind boggles whenever I browse them but still I can't help myself.

Thank you VC!! WHOO! You just made my life easier lol. I'm doing a 10-15 page research paper for an English class I'm currently enrolled in, it is an argumentative paper and the topic is up to us. I plan on writing my paper about the detrimental effects of watching Television, particularly on developing young minds. You just provided me with an awesome scientifically backed resource 🙂 I can not remember the last time I sat down and watched TV. It must be over a year, maybe I watched a south park episode here or there. But I honestly can not stand the thing. I don't even understand how people enjoy it. If something is interesting, it just makes me feel lame and wish I was the one there doing it. If its boring, well its boring and why am I wasting my time watching it? I'm not sure if… Read more »

Ha!Ha! awesome

I totally agree with you Kristina! I feel the same about TV and onions. Neither makes sense to me! 🙂

Go and try some onion soup, it's yummy.

Thanks VC. Gonna share this with all my fellow moms. We've always known that it wasn't good but, knowing the science of it is even better when applying it to your life.

Mister Rogers comes on Saturdays PBS 6AM and you can watch them online (i think). I used to DVR it (when we had cable) and it brought the house together more than any other show. That's the truth.

These doritoes are making me thirsty.