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How To Brainwash A Nation (video)



This amazing interview was done back in 1985 with a former KGB agent who was trained in subversion techniques. He explains the 4 basic steps to socially engineering entire generations into thinking and behaving the way those in power want them to. It’s shocking because our nation has been transformed in the exact same way, and followed the exact same steps.



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A timely presentation, VC. Thanks! Timely because people can now see with their own eyes the things that are unfolding before us.

The four stages (of brainwashing) are, in essence, the Hegelian dialectic (namely, thesis, antithesis, and synthesis), where "destabilization" seems to be part of both thesis and antithesis for a pragmatic reason. It is the overarching principle of mass manipulation, as unveiled in modern history.

It is correct to say the Leftwing ideology has soaked the American institutions of higher education. We've been heavily brainwashed: we no longer see what we see and we no longer hear what we hear. Noam Chomsky dubbed it the Orwellian Problem (in his book entitled "Knowledge of Language") — the evidence is abundant and overt; yet, people learn nothing and don't see the picture — exactly in the manner this ex-KGB agent referred to.

By the way, Chomsky is himself a Leftwing academic who has contributed tremendously to "demoralization." A topic that deserves a great space in its own right and I'll skip it here.

Well, truth is always stranger than fiction.


Great information, thank you for always informing us of the truth. Your website is Very Valuable.

Howard Beale

"Yes that true we as a people have played into the government mind control master plan, but now we know better and when we know better we do better."

Well, most people I know don't know better. At best they have a vague clue that something isn't completely like it should be but they don't know what that is. A bit the same as how I felt before I learned otherwise.

These people don't want to hear of what you and I presume to be reality.


Anybody who thinks that America is at the destabilize or demoralize phase has got bananas in their ears..You are so at the normalization, do you think that 20/30 years ago you people would just stand by idly while your brothers are sent to kill people in some country with no legitimate reason? Express your dissapproval, do something. The normalization also includes a lot of stuff right now that you consider okay to happen, while if you really think about it, it's sick.

Jesus is God

No wonder the bible says in Proverbs 3:5 "Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding." and Jeremiah 17:9 "The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?" Without the Lord Jesus Christ, we will fall into this demoralization plan unfolding and the other steps that follow. Take these recent natural disasters as an example, there have been so many reports on the net, videos on youtube etc. that give evidence that HAARP technology is being used to create these natural disasters. Society is numbly sitting back and allowing this to happen. I wonder how people would have re-acted 30 years ago given the same evidence? Us Christians are awaiting Jesus return so He can take us from this world, these new world order leaders are also awaiting His return, so that they can reign with the anti-christ for a short while. (although I think they are tricked by the devil and do not know that it will only be for a short while) That is what Jay z and so many others are singing about and waiting for as the lyrics mentioned in some of VC's articles… Read more »


Such is happening in South Africa


The KGB are in a long term deception project right now. Its all about Perestroika and the restructuring of the world into a global socialist community.



Every thought that you are thinking is someone elses gem. Remember to always not be afraid to self-examine, ask questions and read between the lines.




I am only 19. I can say I have witnessed and heard stories that prove what this guy is saying in this interview. We see these things happening everyday, it is nice to have someone explain it all.


I love Yuri Bezmenov! When I first heard him, I had forgotten that he said these things before I was even born! His words definitely relate to today.


Thats Yuri Bezmenov:

Sadly, Yuri has passed on but nobody can say he didn't try to warn us though. He was a true life Winston Smith.

The year he made this video most of those that I knew would have never listened to what he had to say. Too busy partying….

Also, being this was started in the mid 60's, it's over… all over but the crying. And crying we will be…. Obama is our "normalization". It only takes 20 years from start to finish with their "process". We are almost 30 years POST brainwashed! It was actually over the year he made this video as it started with The Beatles in 1964. Does it end with Gaga or can we expect worse?

Worse I think…

If anyone wants to watch the full video, it's here:

Almost 1 1/2 Hrs.

As Jesse Ventura says, "I know things that'll blow your mind."

I know things that blow my mind…


It is not surprising that this has existed. It actually started well before the KGB existed and has been internally working for a long time which is mind blowing.

Although very dry here is an interview packed with a lot of information on how the system operating for the elite has its gate keepers, keys, and how the real agenda of subversion is masked by a selling it as "good intentions" Similar to offering an apple from a certain tree after mentioning all the benefits.

Ed G Griffin has interviews with some very interesting people like Yuri Bezmenov and Norman Dodd. Norman Dodd goes into how tax exempt foundations were used to subvert history, education, and their ties to the banking industry.


It actually goes back to Italian socialist Gramsci, Gorby's hero….


That's what happened in Rwanda back in 1994…

DEMORALIZATION – Hate speech…Hutu against Tutsi…Black against Black…Brother against Brother…..

DESTABILIZATION – Machetes….Killings….Blood…Rapes…Anarchy

CRISIS – And the World only "REALISES" 100 DAYS later that Rwanda is killing itself.

NORMALIZATION – Obviously a negotiated settlement after so much brutality that would have been stopped had it not been of the Vatican involvement in the whole saga. Young kids were abducted in Catholics Schools around Rwanda and made child soldiers and wives but funny enough NONE of the Catholic female white teachers were abducted and made wives….imagine a blood thirsty wielding machete terrorist leaving a white female teacher behind and instead abducts a young black girl in a jungle….Who instructed him to do so…Who instructed him to isolate victims in the midst of an untold anarchy???? THE VATICAN….THE BEAST…REMEMBER IT CONTROLS BOTH SIDES…TA VC AND THE PLAYERS of this eye opening forum.


Whoa, never knew that….thats crazy – that really happend??


It's worth watching the whole interview with Yuri Bezmenov and Ed G Griffin. This is just a taste, it's fascinating that some of his timelines he gives talks about the last 25 years and this was from 1983. He even goes to how the USSR was going to collapse by design from this very process being used by its own KGB.


Hey, if anyone can tell me the title of the video I would greatly appreciate it. I'm using an android phone so I have limited access, but I do have youtube – so if anyone can tell me the exact title to search under, I can see it for myself.

Thanks in advance.

God Bless..

VC, good job.


we need to seriously re-educate our own kids. no you have left winged “intellectuals” idolizing their new brain dead utopian ideas


VC, I will personally pray to Jesus that you be given the strength, health, foresight and knowledge to be able to bring these information to us. My 'friend', what you have succeeded in doing is bringing what some of us have been thinking but not having the tools to spread to the people. You are able to share with, I am sure, thousands of people.

Thanks again. Great, great find.


Most of the pawns will be eliminated once they are no longer needed.




I'm a Nigerian in far away Africa and I can clarify that people in my country are now at serious war with the norms and culture of our lands. In recent times being moral and upright makes you stupid and outdated, worst of is no one wants to no the truth again everyone is lost in their individual and naccistic belief of being cool and updated.

Everybody (literally speaking) belief they are all mini gods and therefore live by their own terms and condition.


They got to you there too ey? Shit.

A random thought

People who cant accept this reality of our modern world do not accept it becuase its to much for them to comprehend and there brains say to them this is insane and they point blank belive it.

Also i have found alot of poeple i try to talk to about this completly shut off and get defensive saying oh you have such a negative outlook on the world or im living in the real world where i have to work and pay bills i havent got time to waste my life thinking about this stuff blah blah effing blahhhhhh which i have come to realise is all part of the brainwashing done to our society.

Now the biggest problem remains how to undo this damage as quickly as possible before we are all FUBAR in the head, this is what needs to be researched and told to people ways in which to fight back!

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