Horrific US Medical Experiments Come to Light


In a classic case of “we’re revealing this 50 years after it happened because you can’t do anything about it”, this Associated Press article describes some of the horrific medical experiments conducted by the US government on its own population, including its own employees.

In this June 25, 1945 file photo, a doctor exposes a patient to malaria-carrying mosquitoes at Stateville Penitentiary in Crest Hill, Ill.
In this June 25, 1945 photo, a doctor exposes a patient to malaria-carrying mosquitoes at Stateville Penitentiary in Crest Hill, Ill. A series of malaria studies at Stateville and two other prisons were designed to test antimalarial drugs that could have helped soldiers fighting in the Pacific during World War II.

Shocking as it may seem, U.S. government doctors once thought it was fine to experiment on disabled people and prison inmates. Such experiments included giving hepatitis to mental patients in Connecticut, squirting a pandemic flu virus up the noses of prisoners in Maryland, and injecting cancer cells into chronically ill people at a New York hospital.

Much of this horrific history is 40 to 80 years old, but it is the backdrop for a meeting in Washington this week by a presidential bioethics commission. The meeting was triggered by the government’s apology last fall for federal doctors infecting prisoners and mental patients in Guatemala with syphilis 65 years ago.

U.S. officials also acknowledged there had been dozens of similar experiments in the United States – studies that often involved making healthy people sick.

An exhaustive review by The Associated Press of medical journal reports and decades-old press clippings found more than 40 such studies. At best, these were a search for lifesaving treatments; at worst, some amounted to curiosity-satisfying experiments that hurt people but provided no useful results.

Inevitably, they will be compared to the well-known Tuskegee syphilis study. In that episode, U.S. health officials tracked 600 black men in Alabama who already had syphilis but didn’t give them adequate treatment even after penicillin became available.

These studies were worse in at least one respect – they violated the concept of “first do no harm,” a fundamental medical principle that stretches back centuries.

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Knowing the horrific details of such experiments, would it be a huge stretch for them to dwell into the mind control experiments developed by the Nazis?

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As salam o Alaikum ( peace be upon u)

well brothers its not shocking to see this as most of u are aware the Usa is the first masonic state. anyways. guys just telll every ppl and create awareness among all americans about these Freemasons agenda…

A few posts up, someone said they they believed thatAIDS/HIV was created by the government. I thought that before too, but I did a little research on what could be the cause of this disease. Now I don't think that it was a created disease but once it was discovered, it was then spread around purposely.

We know about so much of this happening, if the government was this corrupt 50 years ago – obviously they are sevenfold' corrupt now. It's sad, but these things dont come to me as a shock anymore…

How can the masses' stop the government from doing things like this..

The government is too corrupt, they are irrepairably corrupt and are just a cancer to the earth… how do you abolish this power?


AIDS was around as far back as the 1800s. As much as I am sure that the govt would create a disease like that, this can't be said about HIV.

Shootin' up cancer. Man that's heavy. But seriously, just think of how great our humanity will become as result of these important experiments. We'd be free of disease and empathy. We'll fit in perfectly with our robot and/or cyborg overlords.

Thank you, VC for blazing the path and helping us all get the word out! The government has been using people as guinea pigs for generations. One of the main reasons why I will never be treated at any hospital associated with any medical school program. You just never know what they are doing after they put you under. http://wp.me/p15xJX-Z

This is so sad and makes my
Blood BOIL! (trying to refrain from profanity). I just wish we could so something about these things.

Don't shoot the messenger!

I always try to share information, when appropriate, but it is a hard sell to get people to believe that vaccination is lethal long-term. We are so used to immediate reactions, that if we don't see the effects now, there couldn't possibly be an issue. Propagandists are fierce and diligent, thwarting efforts right and left regarding vaccines and other malicious attempts to dumb down, sterilize and destroy humans. Sick s**t.


It's horrible and scary! I don't get shots anyway. I don't know where it's from. The indigenous people were healthier until the foreigners invaded their lands and owned them. Victims will always be victims if they allow others to victimize them. Unfortunately, they rather want to be victimized than to be tortured and killed. Who can blame them? They also want to live. It's a complicated world we live in, but we have a choice to make it simpler.

I am planning to have a few kids in the future, but I DONT want them vacinated.. is this against the law? how do I get around this? If I say no to vaccinations for my children, wont the g'ment take them from me saying that im abusing them or not looking after them?

I really want to live as naturally and freely as I can, but I am not sure how it all works if my children are born at home no birth certificates, no vaccinations, no schooling..

does anyone have any links or info? ?

Here you go – the States have different exemption laws. For example, I am in WA and at least currently there are 3 allowed exemptions 1. Medical Necessity 2. Religious 3. Philosophical (thought this is currently in jeopardy). Anyways, do your own research because in my experience, many of the nurses and trained professionals are unaware/misinformed/incorrect. I was given misinformation by many pediatricians offices……the level of ignorance displayed on the issue was frightening.


Thankfully, we've come a long way from our thoughts on the mentally and physically disabled in the past. However, we definitely still have a long way to go. I work with adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities (autism, down syndrome, "MR", etc) at a day program and although things are nowhere near how they were during the institution days, they are unfortunately still viewed by many as "less than" and some of the policies that are in place would never fly with "normal" individuals. A few of my clients came from harsh institutions before they were shut down and we see the trauma it caused them in their every day actions and behaviors. (I haven't read any of the other comments left to this post so it in no way refers to any conversations you were already having and I apologize if it is redundant to any of them)

US is still doing human experimentation. They just do all their dirty work overseas now, oftentimes under the supervision of new practitioners.

Not really. It has been documented that they now target the poor and un/undereducated for their experiments. Read Medical Apartheid. Harriett Washington has documentation that even as late as the '90s open experimentation has taken place on the poor.

this is a very sick f****n world that we live in for real. and as for the aids virus, go back and research it and how it came up, it was bio-engineered by the government for population control.. really if you look back at ancient times and examine how people "got around" if aids was around back then half of the worlds population would be gone…

AIDS was created my man (evil scientists). Not from animals. SMH.

yea AIDS is man made anyone intrested to know where and how AIDS was created should read this:

The Journal of Degenerative Diseases – Summer,2004 Volume 5, Number 3 – AIDS Made in America

you should be able to find a pdf of this fairly easily through google or whatever search engine you like.also while on the subject of experiments done by goverments why has the whole chem-trail cloud seeding weather control gone so silent recently? seem's poeple are already forgetting things again.

Puerto Rico ranks itself on a global basis as the third largest biologics producer, the fifth largest pharmaceutical manufacturer, and the seventh largest producer of medical devices. and whe are a commonwealth of the states… just a thought ppl

i suggest you look for medical experiments on Puerto Rico conducted by the US in the 50's submitted to women that had around 4 kids and sterilized them without even them knowing w pills and injections… all this were experiments… PR was their guinea pig during that era.

just wonder, why they are so many pharmaceuticals in such a little island like P.R. if you don't know Puerto Rico pharmaceutical industry is one of the biggest in the Caribbean, all the products that you consumed such as J&J and so on are made in P.R. recently another outbreak of AH1N1 took place here in the island and there's no news of it in the rest of the world just here… as far as I'm concern….

Don't forget about the similar things the military has done to its own personnel, too. My father died at the age of 42 from heart disease, and come to find out years later that he had been heavily exposed to Agent Orange in Vietnam not long before he became ill. He had also worked on Johnson Island, which later was declassified as a huge chemicals weapons dumping ground for the US armed forces. God knows what he was around during his years of service. There are compensatory damages available now for veterans made ill or for the families of vets killed by their exposure to things like that, but there is no denying there was pure negligence on the part of the military for developing/using such things in the first place and for being extremely careless with them. If a substance, like Agent Orange, starts killing trees the instant it… Read more »

It's funny how everybody feels relieved as they assume that this kind of practices are a thing of the past. Just because we find out about them 40 or 50 years later and they say they're sorry doesn't mean they have stopped! I'm absolutely positive they're still doing it in a more sophisticated way that we cannot even imagine now… but we'll probably know more about in 50 years. Today's leaders are by no means better that those half a century ago, nor do they have more consideration for human life. If people don't change the laws that allow them to do it, we're nothing more than a pool of guinea pigs.

So I'm guessing the whole 'man sex monkey' rumour is pretty much false when it comes to AIDS?

So I keep trying to post you a link but it won't submit. Bummer. One way monkey viruses (also pig/chicken/cow) are introduced to people is via vaccination. The polio shot of the 60's (and longer) contained SV40 which is a cancer causing monkey virus. Many cancer patients have SV40 in their tumors and cancerous growths.

Go to google and type in "SV40 polio vaccine mercola" the second link (the one I can't get to submit) is an article from 2/11/11 with some really good info on this!!! I would not be surprised if Aids was introduced similiarly and know researchers who believe as much.


From the Natural New link and regarding SV40 virus 'transmission':

But with respect to the theme of this article the bad news gets worse. It seems that studies have shown that SV-40 has been found in almost one quarter of blood samples and close to half of all semen samples taken for analysis. It has also been confirmed that the SV-40 virus can pass between mother and baby in the womb. So the conclusion is that this virus, known to be cancer causing, can be passed on by sexual contact and inherited by babies from mothers. Just as it spread through the Rhesus monkey population, the SV-40 virus is evidently establishing itself in humans and has the potential to spread from person to person, and generation to generation.

VC, please write an obituary for this thing called Conscience. It has been dead for a long long time 🙁

So they really did invent Aids. I believe that is one of the horrific experiments.

check out naomi klein's "shock doctrine" which discusses "researching" sensory deprivation and shock therapy, if not lobotimization, to "reset" people's psych to be more acquiescent, and, further, how public policy (built around models based upon friedman economics) garners support in the acquiescent state following upheavals and catastrophic events.

Dont forget the time when the US govt told several dozen black men they had cancer when they did, and decided to "treat them" for free by injecting plutonium in them just so they could observe the outcome…

So THIS is what Shutter Island is based off.

Behind the Scenes Unethical Experiments: crazy people stuff or true events the media spreads disinformation about?

yes, this is what's about and that's why I loved this movie. But all the people I talked with about the movie believe it's just science fiction. That's sad.

Shutter Island is about Monarch Mind control and creating "false memories" by mind control programmers.

Kittypaw, false memories don't exist. This is an invented notion to discredit the victims of abuse. There is plenty of info on the net about this, both from survivors and healers. Here's a start:

actually while the fals memory syndrome itself is fake, the mind control programmers will frequently create a false memory in their victims head either scrammble or confuse them or cover up something worse! Everyone shouldmread fritz zpringmier and cisco wheeles book on the illuminati mind control slave u can download a pdf if u google it

No big shocks there — doing controversial or dangerous medical experiments on prisoners, mental patients, and even soldiers (surprised there was no mention of soldiers as guinea pigs in your post) — this stuff has been going on forever, it's not just the US doing it, and it's the unpleasant dark side of how medical progress happens. Sometimes the shortest/best route to test a theory is unethical, and in those cases someone is usually willing to bite the bullet and do the testing on someone who can't complain — ethics be damned. A few decades later when it's revealed we look down our noses at them, but still make use of any beneficial results they had, all the while the same kind of thing continues to happen, if not here then elsewhere. Always has, probably always will so long as there's a less ethical way to get faster and/or better… Read more »

What I find the most hilarious about the faults they reveal after 50 years is that they always mention that the U.S. Government apologizes for it. They apologized it's okay everyone, they're being generous about it and we should show some courtesy and let it slide.

But it is so wrong if they apologize and still continue it!

oh, well since you put it that way…

"They" tried to get us to take an unmarked, grey pill while in Saudi Arabia during desert storm. My platoon sergeant received orders from someone higher up the chain to basically force us to take the pills. We were told it was anti-nerve agent and that refusing to take it was a punishable offence. The whole platoon was made to stand in a circle facing inward. We put one hand out, palm up, and in our other hand we had a canteen. He came around and placed a pill in each persons hand. On his command we had to put it in our mouth and take a drink from our canteen to wash the pill down. As soon as he dismissed the gathering(about 5 seconds later), I let it fall out of my mouth into the sand.