Heavy Illuminati Symbolism In Australian Ad ” For The Love of Music”

The tableau conceals a pyramidal shape (which I highlighted with white lines). At the base are dancers (or the masses) and at the top is an illuminated capstone and a solar eclipse acting as the eye in the pyramid (the most recognizable Illuminati symbol.

This ad named “For the Love of Music” plays frequently on the Australian TV station [V]. It is heavily inspired (but not created) by Marco Brambilla, an artist that is very sought after by advertisers and record labels for his trademark “video tableaux”.  The ad is full of symbols and messages representing the hidden forces that control the music industry.  See for yourself:

CHANNEL [V] – Rebrand TVC 2012 from Where There’s Smoke on Vimeo.

The ad begins literally in hell as the Devil is shown covering his ears due to the great number of musicians down there.

This tableau apparently represents rock & roll. Why is hell full of rockers? Did they sell their soul to the Devil? Among the most recognizable figures are Kurt Cobain and Johnny Cash. This last singer was a devout Christian so it is rather odd to have him play in hell. Also, why is there a crucifix surrounded by fire down there?

The symmetry and the perspective lines conceal occult symbolism. In this following image, we can recognize the Illuminati’s most recognizable symbol.

The lines created by the rock formation above the Devil (highlighted by white lines) form a triangular shape. At the apex of it, a single eye is creepily watching the viewers.

Above the eye is a tableau representing electronic music with DJ’s and legions of dancers underneath them.

The tableau conceals a pyramidal shape (which I highlighted with white lines). At the base are dancers (or the masses) and at the top is an illuminated capstone and a solar eclipse acting as the eye in the pyramid.

The main figures of this tableau are Daft Punk, a duo that often laces it shows with not-so-subtle symbolism.

A pyramid stage at a Daft Punk show. The artists are symbolically over the base (representing the masses) but under the apex (representing the elite).

Right above the Daft Punk (but buried under the ground) is a triangle with Rihanna inside of it.

The triangle is a scene from Rihanna’s video Umbrella.

In my first article ever on Vigilant Citizen, I described the hidden meaning of the video Umbrella. In short, it is about Rihanna agreeing to be “protected” by a hidden entity (the dark forces of the industry) in exchange of her soul. The “triangle” scene was very symbolic.


In esoteric symbolism, the upright triangle is a phallic symbol. Rihanna “trapped” inside this triangle represents her being controlled (possessed) by the hidden forces of the industry. This scene therefore fits right in this very symbolic ad.

Above Rihanna is a tableau representing hip-hop. The scene contains many occult symbols and is laid out in classic Masonic fashion.

Twin pillars, a checkerboard pattern floor and a staircase to “illumination” make this tableau very Masonic.
We find the same layout and symbols in this classic Masonic engraving.

Moving around on the stairs are 2Pac and Biggie, arguably (well, not arguably) the two most important figures of rap history. There is however a figure above them, at the top of the stairs: A huge Kanye West drenched in light. Does this represent Kanye West being “recruited” by the Illuminated while 2Pac and Biggie being stuck on in the staircase? Is this why they are both dead now? Is this why their murders were never resolved? Hmmmm.

Above this tableau is the “heavens”, filled with pop stars such as Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson and Britney Spears – all stars that were (or still are) heavily controlled by the industry.

In short, this ad manages to pack in a minute and 45 seconds an incredible amount of symbolism and hidden messages regarding the music industry and the shady secret society that controls it. If most viewers won’t recognize a single symbol in this ad, those who have “eyes to see” understand that it hides in plain sight some of the industry’s darkest secrets.


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321 Comments on "Heavy Illuminati Symbolism In Australian Ad ” For The Love of Music”"

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I think if you watch Interstella 5555, you'll realize that Daft Punk are onto the Game and know what's going on. I think they are deep inside and just trying to stay alive, but if you watch that animated film online, it'll teach you much about what they know.

So, SO just – UGH! I can't believe this! It is so messed up. Stick with Jesus, and man, you'll get through all of this evil-praising and good-hating.

End of days men….. Its only God who can do away with these Devilish things ruling the world.

love all u peeps.god bless!!


Romans 1:20 hcb "From the creation of the world His invisible attributes, that is, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what He has made. As a result, people are without excuse. 21 For though they knew God, they did not glorify Him as God or show gratitude. Instead, their thinking became nonsense, and their senseless minds were darkened. 22 Claiming to be wise, they became fools 23 and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images (idols) resembling mortal man, birds, four-footed animals, and reptiles. 24 Therefore God delivered them over in the cravings of their hearts to sexual impurity, so that their bodies were degraded among themselves. 25 They exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served someTHING created instead of the Creator, who is blessed forever.

I see many people awake but still support and spend their money on this beast of a system. They still listen to that demonic music, watch them demonic tv shows and videos, and spend their hard earn money on them "mind control" satanic movies. I have seen people speak out on the illuminate satanic rituals and then turn around and worship the beast by supporting their favorite soulless celebrity. Makes no sense! satan knows the average person has 2000 to 3000 thoughts a day, and if he can fill your mind with those satanic movies, tv shows, music, videos, etc the more you will be willing to accept and worship him (it's like the more "normal" his satanic world will become to you). People minds are desensitized, they becoming more and more like robots!

I agree one hundred percent. and i must say myself that i am guilty of the same thing i do try not to watch things that are blatantly obvious but i do still watch some things that i should not. God have mercy on us and aid in our delieverance.

You know, I thought lately about Daft Punk and I reached a conclusion that they are simply ignorant posers. No charge in what they are doing there with the pyramids etc. It's just an act of fashion, that's it.

who are the christian artists in this madness??

if you really want to help in exposing this crap you have to stop purchasing their CD's and the clothing that keeps these people in business…it amazes me how people who think that by wearing the clothing with the myriads of symbology that they are exposing them, your not, your feeding them, remember these are Luciferian Occult Masters and the only way to stop them is to not wear their brands of clothing with all the symbolism printed on them, stop listening to their music, you need to educate your friends and family and boycott the brands that capitalise on the obvious…Hopefully it will all be over soon….I am 50 years old and it was my 18 year old who bought this to my attention….wake up kids, stop feeding them….get into alternative media sites and become aware…but fear not.

isn't the V also a masonic symbol representing ' the end of an age' or the 'mark of the beast' ?

i think there is a satan or somethin demonic in there, just because the video principle is about Hell and Heaven, so hell symbol is just like somethin demonic, not because the actor (Daft punk,etc) in that video is an illuminati…

will.i.am featuring Britney Spears song/music video. another example of them using the same symbolism/idea here. "all eyes on us…" …."i wanna scream and shout and let it all out…." they sing again and again using pyramidal shapes/structures/geometry. britney spears is seen wearing a black dress type thing where the top of the dress part (covering her chest / upper area)is in the shape/form of a V as well. and btw the [v] here (as the australian station is called) is more than just a randomly chosen letter they decided to use AND this same v is shown throughout the entire video if you look closer. v is so many things – throughout some many many years in history even- even seen in artwork (**very heavily seen in MEDIEVAL ART**) such as the artist Bruegel the Elder used. im not gonna spend an hour in this comment thread in discussing it… Read more »

theres something everyone seems to miss in the video

On the scene with kanye as the leader, the two curtains on the bottom
When they first open, the left curtain displays a hip-hop band called the "The Roots"
notice both curtains open twice. but only the the right curtain closes twice. The left curtain only closes once.

Also notice how the curtain on the left has all the members of "The Roots"
The second time the curtain opens on the left, there are only 3 members of the roots instead of 5.

I think it means 2 of 5 will be killed.

i thought the video was beautiful

um. this is just crap. end. of. story.

too many people are brain washed in the s**t.

i believe in it but really come on people.

Is that Dave Grohl as the Devil???? Note the tattoo on his chest, footage seems to taken from the Tenacious D video clip Tribute.

what was the product?

No artists rise to the top unless and until they sell their souls:


This is the most Illuminati thing that I've ever seen… to me is interesting to see Shakira there… i thought she was not Illuminati…

Why was My Chemical Romance in the commercial, where the devil was? They are pretty much still alive. Their against the illuminati. Why they put them there. Even the singer of the band made a comic series for next year, about a group of people called the killjoys living in the Zone 13, fighting against it.

Hey man.I see David Bowie is on 'heaven' with Lady Gaga e.t.c.

Would be interesting to see an article about him ( if he is really a part of the whole thing the site deals with)

Woah. Kenya has started doing music with Nigeria artist. May God save their soul

Yea WITHOUT a doubt, there's a massive load of symbolim in that video.!!

But really, what is the purpose of this video??

What does it all mean???????????

The [V] symbology can be taken further. It's the pyramid and all seeing eye itself upended and looking "down".

The Heaven part of this "music industry montage" is probably one of the most depressing things I've ever seen in my life. It's so heart-wrenching on so many levels because when I was a child I loved these artists so deeply and then I realized what happened to them behind the scenes and what the industry is about, and then seeing this… I just want to cry. I won't be able to sleep for a few days.

everyone keeps saying – wow used to be hidden and hidden and hidden and people are blind and now its not hidden and how come its not hidden and we must be so blind.. i think the whole point lately is that people aren't blind; they want them to see- not just to see but to accept,. we are supposed to see all this crap now and realize its there now so that we can be illuminated in a sense like them

illumination and the all seeing eye itself are not bad, they have merely been so raped and distorted by these peple that its about seeing the light of lucifer and not the light of G-d.

Does anyone know the music?

Is there no end to where these people hide? Great article. Thanks.

listen carefully to the vocal in this video:

1. 0:26 "This is hard but we send our kins to the skys.

2. 0:39 "Were Hundreds …. 0:44 Jump and Hide

3. 0:44 Jump and Hide

4. 0:50 To your hears to hear in the sky

5. 1:01 This world is big.. but it is ours

On the first part of the video. You mentioned why is there a crucifix surrounded by fire. If you look closely it looks life there is a person on the cross surrounded by fire…….Well…………………..

There are people who the Lord showed hell too. And they said saw people in hell that were on crosses being tormented for mocking the cross. I believe that. And that is honestly the perfect explanation for seeing that in this video. There are different torments hell.


PEOPLE AMAZING VIDEO < tells the whole story really

It's weird, it's a Australian Ad, but at 0:59 you can see american dollar rolling over the male singer!

Why is "the devil" covering its ears then???

1:15, left hand side in the sky between kayne west and the coloum is Beyonce's face.. cant tell if the figure on the left hand side is eminem in his slim shady days though.

Has anybody given it a thought to whether these in-your-face ads/movies/music promotions purposely filled with blatant 'unsubliminal' messages given to us on a platter of gold is a ploy to actually having us comment and help more people "react" to the underlying messages rather than take a different stance?

What makes us different from the seemingly gullible unaware 'sheeple' if we easily dance to a ploy aimed at creating more awareness for the agenda by commenting rather than being proactive?

This is one of the most 'fantastic, elaborate and educative' web resources that I have experienced on the internet but we must use the information accordingly, not just to play the part.

If there is anything to do here, it is to learn and use the information to make the difference.

If you are entertained, then you have just been punked.

#Soon, really soon

chris brown performance, inside a pyramid of course. wow!

this is like that other thing, you know??? with that kanye west power video and the guy who made that other video?

so if this chip happens, and lets say on the news and s**t. it says all people need this. and our doctors give it to us lets say i say no. can i say no will i have a choice. im saying this becuae im 16, and i dont really have a choice, im on anti depressent , and im been on them for 3 yrs, i stopped taking them becuase i dont htink its right for me. anyway im saying do i have a choice if we have a choice and we refused, what will happen. this reminds of me of a movie. when this police put a helmut on u and u see the devil. and the devil tell u he will give anything u want if take his mark, ppl say yes and the hemlut is remove and the ppl have the 3 6's on them, and… Read more »

The question should be "Who says you have to and why should you even agree to it just because THEY tell you so?" You have a mind and will of your own. Don't you?

I never knew that satanist even associated with other occults.. Some of those symbols were around even before a "secret society" used them.. Sad they ruined some of these beautiful symbols. But honestly some of you people wrapp to many cults into one giant super group. That's redonkulus!!! Yoü can't do that some of these groups are not even related but I guess when some of you are ignorant about such things it makes the gray area okay. Anyways I am over studying this conspiracy theory I am moving on to the great Aztec empire 🙂

oh my GOD! this is very blatant !!!!

These guys know their fate, they know its their time approaching to reign hell on earth, and they know they get one shot at it, and their only aim is to take as many of us with them as they possibly can. Thats why they're being so blatant about everything, because they have so much power now that no-one can stop them. Their time is fast approaching to rule, followed by their eternal judgement. Everything is happening at such great speed that it scares everyone who knows whats really going on, but many of us get peace too, knowing the end is nigh for evil to reign on this earth any more.

I think the man on the cross in hell is not Jesus but it is the bad thief. Jesus was crucified with two other men: the good penitent thief and the bad thief.


Notice how Beyonce & Kelly are there…but not Michelle, Michelle definitely knows the term 'Seek God First' because when you seek God first, he guides you on the SAFE path.

The higher you go on the levels, the lower is the stars' awareness of the masterplan.The heaven represents the Alice in Wonderland theme where brainwashed and mind-controled stars like Britney,Michael,Gaga,Jessie J hang around.The lesser levels are composed of singers that know the plans of the illuminati.

I really doubt that. See Bowie up there (in blue suit)? Well, I don't know about the rest, but he certainly is into the occult. As is Jay Z in the lower plane.

Luv it VC, you could also check out the whole Buddhist hell, suffering realm paradigm and see that it fits right in!

I dont have access to premium cable I dont know what the channel VH1 is showing in united states, but the vh1 for latin america has this commercials that they show in between shows, and they choose a song sang by a singer related with this illuminati stuf and is full of clips of singers that are related with the illuminati, only illuminati ones, so i i want to know who is in the illuminati i just watch vh1 latin america because illuminati singers is all they show there

In the center of the middle panel are two metallic, robotic humanoid forms that are watching over the entire presentation. In my view, this represents the alien universal technological intelligence that controls and motivates the entire entertainment industry and is the actual source and meaning of the "Illuminati" symbolism. The "Illuminati" individuals are themselves mind controlled, every bit as much as the Monarch subjects, by the same invisible alien presence that has created the whole spectacle. This unseen force is rife throughout the phenomenon and explains that the motives which entertain and condition the human subjects are also satisfying the universal alien agenda of demonstrating its absolute dominance over the human race and its destiny.

Got to give props to VC for just being able to observe and actually go through this trash and analyze this garbage. Epic fortitude on your part VC. Most music now is played out. It has all been done before and much better at that.

THIS AD SCARES ME, literally!

I don't think it's the illuminati is behind this video. It's actually the opposite. This is negative imagery about the illuminati, not positive. This video links the devil, hell and eternal pain/fire/damnation with the music industry. I think the video is to educate people about what's actually going on with the industry. Directly linking the devil with the all seeing eye. And linking all forms of music (from rock to pop) with the evil that happens behind the scenes. They also include some artists that have been killed by the illuminati to show how sinister the industry really is. So I think this video is exposing the music industry as a vile, disgusting, greedy, controlling, deceiving, evil to the point of murder "for the love of music". I applaud the makers of this clip for exposing these satanistic frauds.