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Grammy Awards 2014 Leaked Clip (funny video)



The good people at Joy Camp have infiltrated the 2014 Grammy Awards to present the award for “2014 Illuminati Puppet of the Year”. Here’s the leaked clip.


You’re welcome!

But seriously, the guys at Joy Camp told me that this video was inspired by articles on Vigilant Citizen. I believe they did a great job summing up what music business was about in 2013 in an entertaining way. Considering the ridiculousness we’ve witnessed last year , the best thing we can do is laugh at this crap.


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this guy

Anyone know where I can still find this clip?


"the best thing we can do is laugh at this crap" I've realised the best thing we can do is actually STOP looking at it, and only give our attention, energy and time to things which nourish us and don't affect us in negative ways. Stay with me here… That clip of the 'Rapunxel' video actually disturbed me, the way horror films did when I was a kid, except this time, I didn't like it! Watching the music vids on VC, although presented in a different context, is nevertheless still exposing yourself to the influence of the imagery and worse, giving youtube more views and the artists themselves. If anything, these artists get MORE views than they would do, because people who would not otherwise have watched them end up seeing them because someone wants to show them how bad they are. As an example, we all know fast food is bad, but some of us can't seem to stop eating it. But you don't feed someone a burger to prove how fattening it is! You introduce them to a healthier alternative. Sadly, as long as the person desires the burger, he will never accept the salad, but that is… Read more »


This was hilarous!

Bevin Chu

Putting 2 and 2 together.

"The truth is often spoken in jest."

"Hide in plain sight."


I'm from south america.
I am very worried about how the world is getting.
if they try to deny that they are illuminati satanic, Miley is being obviosly immoral and grotesque. so it means they are sustaining immorality?
I used to admire those celebrities, but now I think they are the worst people can be. I truly despise them.


They’re horrid, but don’t hate them. They’re victims of this sick system, same as all of us.

Danny p

They got it on national tv and people still haven't changed there mind. Smh at peoples intelligence

on the edge

Their video on Conspiracy Theorists is awesome!


Exactly the same ppl aware of it who keep looking for signs and similarities and keep pointing them out doesnt do anything to help the situation. They just got our attention even more while the ignorant who dont care either way and the ones falling for these things and paying their dollars supprting these so called heroes of theirs in the satanic industry still have no clue. I feel we r getting nowhere fast.


Was Miley acting in this or was different shots from real life award show(s) put together in this video?
If she was part of the act for this "funny" video then I dont know is more sad and disturbing than if this really did happen in a show. I dont think humor helps this situation, it is just another sense of not doing anything about it-,and they are laughing back at us anyway


Тhose guys are great!

i, a man, john doe

Love it! Wonderful guys! Great job exposing what Vigilant Citizen brings to the masses as they awaken! It goes to show that due to the result of the mass awakening the "industry" feels it must overtly shove the Satanic Agenda down everyone's throats every chance they get! My the creator of the universe continue to bless you and your talents! Keep up the good work! How's about a video on chemtrails, vaccines, or satanic sites next? 🙂

Roll the Dice

If you like satirical illuminati poking, try Mark Dice's youtube channel. He even uses aliteration to make the soundbytes funnier.


The satire pretty much sums up what the awards was all about as the humor is just too logical indeed.

But hey, "You're Welcome"


Great video!!!:)

William G.

Good laughs can turn away evil's wrath.

This sarcastic attack on the Illuminati worshipers hasn't been done like this before. Well done.


Great job! haha

Hilarious, but true!


Wow, great realistic parody. It was hard to laugh to though. Thanks for showing that channel, they have other good stuff as well.


so where is the analysis?
all other conspiracy sites are humming on katy perrys performance
…looking forward to it VV!

The Austrian

brilliant idea, guys. pretty good and funny too. but too short! how about u make a longer version- and that regularly? i would tune in! 🙂

btw, miley pulling a filthy halfsmoked joint out of her bag when getting her price was really painful to see.
how stupid and pointless and misplaced.
and i say that as a passionate cannabis smoker. children shouldnt do drugs. or dress like street prostitutes.


You guys notice how a few people were laughing because they thought it was funny, but some of the "big shots" had these stupid looks on their faces throughout the whole thing because they got put on blast for attaining their success? They didn't like being made a mockery of, and being reminded that they are just what was said… They are only puppets, nothing more.

Bevin Chu

Yup. Noticed that.

Ya pays yer money, and ya takes yer choice.

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