Government Secretly Settled 83 Vaccine-Autism Cases in the Last 20 Years


The Federal Government has always denied the link between autism and mercury-laced vaccines. Yet, it has secretly paid off over 83 families with autistic children in Federal Vaccine Courts, therefore admitting the correlation between autism and mercury-laced vaccines. Here’s a study on this issue.

For over 20 years, the federal government has publicly denied a vaccine-autism link, while at the same time its Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) has been awarding damages for vaccine injury to children with brain damage, seizures and autism. A new investigation, based on verifiable government data, breaks ground in the controversial vaccine-autism debate. The investigation found that a substantial number of children compensated for vaccine injury also have autism and that such cases have existed since 1989, the year after the VICP was formed.

SafeMinds’ Executive Director, Lyn Redwood, RN, MSN comments, “This study dramatically shifts the debate on autism and vaccines.  The question is no longer, Can vaccines cause autism? The answer is clear.  Now, we have to ask, How many cases of autism have vaccines caused and how do we prevent new injuries from occurring?” The government has asserted that it “does not track” autism among the vaccine-injured.  SafeMinds responds that not looking is the easiest way not to find something.  SafeMinds is calling for immediate federal research into the mechanisms of injury in these children in an effort to protect other children from harm and Congressional action to reform the VICP.

The peer-reviewed study looked at cases of vaccine injury that have been monetarily compensated by the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program.  It was published today in the Pace Environmental Law Review.  The study investigated approximately 1300 cases of childhood brain injury as a result of vaccines in which the Special Masters ruled for the plaintiffs, looking for references to autism, symptoms of autism or disorders commonly associated with autism. It reports that twenty-one cases actually stated “autism or autism-like symptoms” in the court records.  The researchers then identified and contacted 150 more compensated families to find out whether the children had autism.  They were able to find an additional 62 cases (greater than 40% of their sample) for a total of 83 cases of autism.  In 39 cases (47%) there was confirmation of autism beyond parental report.

The federal government has called autism a “national health emergency,” conservatively affecting 1 in 110 children and costing the country billions of dollars each year. If a portion of autism cases are vaccine-induced and there is evidence that officials have been “looking the other way,” this cannot be tolerated.  The VICP’s recent attempt to dismiss the over 5000 cases in the Omnibus Autism Proceedings is suspect in light of these new findings based on its own records.
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91 Comments on "Government Secretly Settled 83 Vaccine-Autism Cases in the Last 20 Years"

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My brother was diagnosed with autism and I do believe that vaccines are the main culprit. I also think all the chemicals in food contribute to autism as well as toxins in the air and water.

This is so terrifying. I fear for the health of my nephew…he just turned 1. I don't know if his mother is aware of any of this…

This is all part of agenda 21. To depopulate the earth.

This upsets me dearly. This is why i feel at times i shouldnt bring a child into this world well the world that it is today and i would love to be a mother but i have my doughts. Although i can choose for now if i do become pregnant not to have my child vaccinated but then there's food and what they put in food now a days. Its all so horrible this world but i hold faith with my Lord Jesus Christ….

@4hisglory…it is horrible and upsets me too, but dont let it discourage you, if you do decide to have kids there are ways around it: Obtain a religious exemption form against vaccinations. Never get vaccinated while pregnant, the toxins can affect a fetus in-utero. Never get your child vaccinated. The best nutrition is breast milk, however if for any reason you are unable to breast feed, use goat milk (doesnt contain msg and other dangerous additives) and supplement with a multi-vitamin for infants. Buy organic fruits and vegetables, cook and mush them up yourself for when your baby is ready for solids. Buy a juicer to juice fruit for natural juice without additives for your baby, and plenty of fresh water (7.5 ph or higher, you can get ph strips to test the alkalinity of your water) some water on the market is acidic and equivalent to drinking juice or… Read more »
@skepticbynature The "correlation does not prove causation" argument is total bullshit. Here is why: 1) Correlation is significant. If you can significantly reduce the risk of giving your child autism by not having them vaccinated, then that proves that the correlation between vaccines and autism is significant. Right now it is being completely ignored by the medical and scientific community. Why? Because vaccines make a lot of money. 2) When looking for causes, scientists use correlations as clues. A controlled experiment is used to single out correlated factors. However, since we can't just experiment with human children we cannot do proper experiments to find out more. If we had an infinitely complex computer simulation we could take 1000 simulation babies and inject half of them with vaccines and give the other half no vaccines and see which ones have autism. Right now, correlation is all we can go on and… Read more »
You're correct in noting that correlation can be a useful clue. If unvaccinated kids were less likely to have autism than vaccinated kids, that would in fact be a strong hint that vaccines cause autism. (It could also be that autism precursors cause both autism and vaccination). Large-scale studies have been repeatedly done to look for any link between vaccines and autism, thanks to the efforts of worried parents. Large-scale studies have repeatedly shown that autism rates are not actually higher in vaccinated children, conclusively disproving the argument that vaccination causes autism. You're also correct to note that the probability of financial gain by convincing people of your theories creates potential for conflict of interest and may lead companies or individuals to lie to the general public so that they will get more money. Now, what is the article above about? It's about people getting large sums of money by… Read more »

@Seudonak….perfectly said couldn't have said it better. I hope "Skeptic" comes back to see your comment.

Vaccination is a huge scam.

BTW mercury is not the only culprit. It's one of them. Andrew Wakefield pointed out how the measles component of the MMR vaccine can cause autism, has to do with the gut/brain connection.

Still, I have to question anyone who thinks it's a good idea to inject formaldehyde, animal DNA, and who knows what else into people.

I believe my own child was affected.

I just wanted to say that I have a four year adopted child; who was diagnosed with autism a year and a half ago. Immediately I started to do research, and found this: . So; that means that the drug companies who make the vaccines are getting off on the majority of these cases, because there is a 'link' only to the vaccine, but it depends on the existence also of the candida virus, toxins within the air & food; as well as the origination of 'leaky-gut syndrome'. Although; it can clearly be seen that the vaccine accelerates the growth of all autistic symptoms almost instantly. They can still say that it is not an 'exclusive' contributor towards the autism disorder. Therefore; they think that they are 'off the hook'. For now. However; I forsee them being exposed; shortly within the near future. Autism and mercury poisoning have almost… Read more »
Your little guy is very to have you as a mom, advocating on his/her behalf!!! And you are absolutey correct – Autism is the modern day 'mad hatters'. The drug companies are completely unliable thanks to Bill Frist and the Homeland Security Bill. It was a rider slipped in during dark of night/behind closed doors and with money changing hands. Typical WA DC – District of Criminals mode of operation: According to a CDC epidemiologist named Tom Verstraeten, who had analyzed the agency's massive database containing the medical records of 100,000 children, a mercury-based preservative in the vaccines — thimerosal — appeared to be responsible for a dramatic increase in autism and a host of other neurological disorders among children. … Vaccine manufacturers had already begun to phase thimerosal out of injections given to American infants — but they continued to sell off their mercury-based supplies of vaccines until last… Read more »

What a sad, sick world we live in today. My boy, diagnosed with functioning autism. Clearly rite after his check ups and vaccinations he became ill. He had the really bad fever and everything. I understand how the vaccinations help, to a degree, but, why hide the truth? Who really doesnt care about children? And why are those kind of people running the world? Im sorry to whoever else is suffering from this…

weareone – have you checked out generation rescue??? They have a lot of resources for helping detox these little guys, which sometimes results in a reversal of symptoms. God bless and good luck!!!!

@wearone1 So sorry to hear that your son is suffering from austism, to answer your quesiton: the people running the world are the freemasons normally referred to as "the elite". This a secret satanic order that has come up throughout history with an agenda towards world domination. Today there are and estimated five million Masons in the U.S. They sit on the boards of ALL major corporation, multinationals, banking institutions and commercial enterprises. They control Washington and have done so from the start. At the higher leverls Masonry is Luciferian/Satanic, they regard Lucifer as the true god and the Lord God of the bible as a cunning imposter. Their goal is to create a New World Order which will be totalitarian, and there will be one world religion which will be Luciferian, all other religions will be abolished and outlawed. freemasonry has never been stronger, more wealthy or more influential… Read more »

They're just attacking our little innocent ones from every direction: abortion, vaccines, msg in formula/baby food we really need to be in prayer for our little ones and get these parents informed. This screams depopulation agenda and their primary focus on the unborn, infants, and children. People we have to stand up and, SPEAK OUT, and try to save precious lives.

it pains me so much when i see my daughter who is now four months go get these shots. I pray everytime igo in there, she has never got sick and its almost as though she has a shield around her. I thank God for this

All I can say is the govt has done an OUTSTANDING job of brainwashing people into accepting and promoting their poisons or shall i say so called "immunizations". SMH!!! Wow people all this is what us conspiracy researches were so much against being decieved and brainwashed by the elite!!! Time to WAKE UP people.

My father in law lived to be 100 and never, ever had a polio vaccine. He had a limp – still had a good mind and simply died of old age. I, personally, would never take a flu vaccine after all I've read about it, or any other type of vaccine. Every one has to do what their heart and gut tell them.

@truth soldier: Is anyone who doesn't ape your beliefs to the letter supposed to be slaving away for Big Pharma? I just raised a question, since theoretically Vaccines are supposed to be weakened versions of the disease or portions that allow the body to identify key parts for preparations against the real thing. Yes, I've read about the cases where a weakened Polio vaccine turned deadly when the Polio virus mutated back into virulence. @Sarah Connor: While you'd be heartened by the information on this page, here it is: As for your idea that vaccines weaken people's health, one would assume that we'd see rapid, extended increases in illness after vaccinations started, yet the rates in most cases (Smallpox being the exception here, but even THAT doesn't break the trend over the long term) the rates either continued dropping or continued trending downward. If you want to raise the… Read more »

Godozo – just in case you come back, here is a pretty decent article on vaccines and the immune system:
Vaccines destroys the body’s natural immunization response to attacks by viruses and micro organisms by interfering with the body’s production and release of interferons. Interferons are proteins made and released by lymphocytes in response to the presence of pathogens as viruses, bacteria, parasites or tumor cells. They allow communication between cells to trigger the protective defenses of the immune system that eradicate pathogens or tumors.

Hey Godozo – I checked out your links. The Health Sentinel site has some pretty good info on there but when they were arguing the case for fluoride, they lost me. And for every graph you can show me that vaccinations caused a decrease in disease, I can show you one that shows the decline was already occuring thanks to improvements in proper nutrition, sanitation, refrigeration and healthier living conditions in general as people moved out of the crowded inner cities while all the before mentioned issues were not yet at acceptable standards. No matter what side of the fence you sit on, there will be information to back your argument. This goes both ways I realize. I guess it all just comes down to who you believe, or more importantly, trust. Skeptic's only reference above was the fda. A government entity I believe to be just as corrupt as… Read more »

@Sarah Connor thanks for explaining that to Godozo, its like pulling teeth trying to get obstinate people to realize the truth about things. But like you said sometimes you just have to agree to disagree and let people "Godozo" drown in their own ignorance. Like i said before i really believe he's just a disinformation agent, who doesnt really know or understand the truth about vaccines. No need in wasting any more typing space on such obstinate people "Godozo". All the others with an open mind, common sense, and the will power to atleast research to find the truth thanks because you speaking out on the issue is saving innocent little lives.

measles is one of the things where the emunity from the mother is passed down to a baby via breast feeding. since for a long time this was discouraged or at best not encouraged you see where the breakdown was. yeah we have these rediculas things that pop up on tv every now and again saying breast is best etc, but breakdowns have happened now and people don't live a lifestyle where it is easy for them to breastfeed etc etc. my family and i have allways maintained that eggs were good, after years of discouragement i saw on breakfast tv this morning us being told to consume more eggs. it was said that the salmonella put peple off eating eggs. in my oppinion this is down to mass unhygenic farming. i was fortunate to spend time outdors when i was yung often in the company of people who kept… Read more »

My little brother is autistic and me and my mom think its from the vaccines. No one else im my family has it. Its just weird how it popped up on him.

@Lily so sorry to here that, there are some things you can do that might help a bit and reverse, or decrease the effects of autism. I suggest reading SLOW POISONING OF AMERICA by John Erb.

@ Blessed, thanks to God and all the other mothers and fathers who DID get your classmates vaccinated so you were never exposed to the mumps or smallpox or measles viruses.

So, if the Illminati are all about pop. control and spreading disease, and they've been in power for a very long time, why have our lifespans steadily increased for so long? Clearly some of this "witchcraft" known as modern medicine must be doing something right!

Oh, by all means, let's have a revival of polio and smallpox, that sounds delightful! Oh never mind, I forgot, y'all are gonna get caught up in the rapture next week, it won't be your problem anyway.

You idiot, we don't vaccinate for smallpox, and haven't for many years.

And guess what – all those old people you're talking about never had half of the vaccines that our children are bombarded with these days. And most of them probably HAD measles, mumps, and pertussis as kids.

God is very real, realer than you can fathom.

So glad that my mom was well informed on the vaccine issue, and never got me vaccinated…..I am 25 years old, never been hospitalized, never had any disease nor virus. Thanks to God and my mother being informed I have been blessed with good health.

-God bless

Don't waste time debating with ignorant people, If they want to let the government use them like lab rats for their "vaccines" let them go ahead, they're only hurting themselves. Only fools reject knowledge and wisdom.

I dont get it how can people believe they are helping their immunity by depressing the immune system with toxins. How is the immune system supposed to protect you from ANYTHING in such a weakened state.

I've been a long time reader of this site, never a poster because of the ignorance that permeates the comments section on a daily basis. I find it funny that when a person tries to give his or her opinion on a topic written on the site (especially when that opinion goes against the herd of sheep who post on here) they are attacked and treated as criminals. Meanwhile posts that site the BIBLE (a book that has yet to be proven as anything more than lore) as a usable reference are treated as fact. skepticbynature was simply stating an opinion, and then is berated by people who cite internet sites as fact. Those who read this site should know that asking questions is what "it" is all about, and attacking those whose opinions vary from yours is exactly what is wrong with modern day society. Please, use your "scripture"… Read more »

Just a couple facts about the Bibile for your information:

1) The Bible was written by more than 40 different authors over 1500 years and none of their stories contradict.

2) The Bible is the only religious text that contains over 1800 prophecies. None of those have been proven false. Some are still in the future but to consider that over half has come true isdefinitely something to think about.

3) Over 23,000 acheological digs have been performed to attempt to prove the Bible false and yet, NONE of them has been able to do this.

4)Due to research, the Bible has been discovered to be a reliable collection of historical documents written by eye witnesses among other eye witness of the supernatural events.

Um. I am completely pro-religion and believe in God but I think you need to read the gospels yourself clearly before stating there are no contradictions. Studying the scriptures of all the other great religions of the world would be a bonus. And history, too. Especially of the Catholic Church. From a variety of different sources.

You can tell God why you didn't believe in him when your time is up buddy.

It's silly those who deny the Bible probably have never read it. Never mind it's the most historically accurate book of all time. Nope, it HAS to be fake.

And it's even sillier how people can call it "the most" historically accurate book without having properly read and studied all the other world scriptures before making comparisons.

Dr. Cynara Coomer…FAIL!!

Ooh the irony!!!

What's sad is that it wouldn't matter that these poor parents are coming out and revealing thier stories because no one's going to listen anyway. It's "ignorant" to believe that these two may be linked together, I get dirty looks and rude responses when speaking about this issue…I've learned to keep my mouth shut around certain groups of people because I know I'll be attacked on how I don't know what I'm talking about. I'll never lose faith, I just pray for the strength to not hate on this people but to ask for god to heal them…it's not easy.

Let me give you a story about lawsuits and payoffs. In Flint, it was known that you could retire, then turn around and sue G(enerous) M(otors) and the company would settle for a decent amount of dollars. You'd lose some retirement benefits, but you'd get a decent nest-egg…or enough for a hellava retirement party. Thousands availed themselves to this, and you didn't even have to retire – I knew someone who was fired at his job who sued and got a settlement. I also know that my Grandfather considered it after retiring…before rejecting it, saying "GM was good to me, suing wouldn't be right." Turned out that in recent history a lot of companies settle such lawsuits, preferring a quick settlement to a long lawsuit and a possible megaruling against it. A lot of the "the company admits no wrongdoing" involves such settlements. So…eighty-three settlements over twenty years doesn't sound like… Read more »

I cannot believe that I have been a first hand witness to the age old mantra "figures never lie, but liars always figure." I have never seen a more blatant misuse of statistics in my life.

thank god i am not affected by the vaccines. Next time a new disease outbreak happens in another country (like swine flu) I am not getting the vaccine

People are playing russian roulette with their children's lives, and are trading mumps and measles for cancer, autism, diabetes, and other serious debilitating diseases, instead of letting there bodies fight off viruses naturally the way God created and intended for the immune system to do. Everything our body needs is in nature not in man-made poisons.

Thanks Sarah! But I think I'm out of luck. I read over the info. It will be a LOSING BATTLE! sigh

I must admit, its a scary issue and it funny how only one of the states only has one exemption.

Sorry to hear that~for what it's worth, if things keep going the way they are it will be loosing battle for all. WA just passed SB5005 in which the philosophical exemption now requires a doctors signature. It is just a matter of time before doctors willing to sign the exemption are pressured not too. One of the many aims of Healthcare reform is to increase vaccination rates. I suspect doctors who do not participate with this agenda will be penalized.

HCR includes vaccination squads that will conduct door to door visits for citizens not fully vaccinated.
I believe all exemptions will be in danger as this continues to roll out….

And if those children die in their attempt to fight off the diseases?

People used to die from many of the diseases we now vaccinate against. Much more than die presently from infection from the vaccines. Especially the earlier vaccines.

Even now people are dying from Mumps. Mainly those who don't vaccinate.

Godozo, you're buying the propaganda hook, line and sinker, aren't you?

Vaccine-preventable diseases are very rarely serious with modern sanitation and medical care. In fact, all VPDs had been in significant decline prior to the introduction of the vaccine.

Illness is part of life. Big PHarmA wants us to believe that if we just buy in to their snake oil, our children will never die. Instead, they are becoming sicker and sicker from dose after dose of toxins and foreign material assaulting their little bodies.

openminded – I would just like to add that the schools, and doctors offices lie and/or misinform. Some of the state funding schools recieve are based on the vaccination levels of their attendees. The schools/nurses have an incentive to make sure all students are fully vaccinated. They will push the parents towards that in lieu of letting them know of potential exemptions that are available to them. Likewise, when I was interviewing pediatricians before I had my boys, I was told by 4 or 6 offices that I had to vaccinate or they could not go to school (WA has 3 exemptions) – and 3 offices told me they would not take us as patients. The level of incompetence and ignorance on the matter was frightening. I realized then how much advocating I was going to have to do on my boys behalf regarding vaccination. Misinformation is rampant on this… Read more »

openminded – all states have exemptions. Here is the National Vaccine Information Center state by state guide
Some private daycares may still decline enrollment, but if they receive and federal or state assistance, they have to comply. Puplic schools have to honor the waivers. It is just a matter of what state you are in, what exemptions you have available and what needs to be done to properly obtain them. Hope it helps a little! Good luck.

@ Sarah, is it mandatory where you live that kids are vaccinated for school or daycare? In some states, its a requirement. It's like that here where I live. How do you get around it? It's time for my kids to get vaccinated and they can't attend school until they are and well you know I am at a stand-still and as long as they don't say anything, I'm not. But I know soon, it will come up.

@Godozo you must work for Bigpharma because the insane things you ar posting sound like what someone who is getting paid off by them would say. Please provide actual statistics and facts, it seems like you're just a disinformation agent spreading lies without any real proof whatsoever. it doesnt take a rocket scientist to understand that heavy metals, and toxins ie. mercury, thimerosol, aspartame, msg not to mention other insane things aborted fetal tissue, animal cells would reak havoc on ANYONE'S body and cause neurologic disorders. The ignorance on this site some times is just insane.… A quick google search on death by mumps had one result, from a little girl who had been given the MMR vaccine. I then wonder if the vaccine weakened her immune system? That is what vaccines do, weaken. Hence today's epidemic of auto-immune diseases. If you have some stories could you post? What I found was that most cases of mumps are now found in those 19yo plus. Any protection the shot may have provided has worn off. Same with chickenpox. The protection is only for 7 years – what are you to do? Get a chickenpox shot every 7 years for life? It is best to have these mild, self limitating childhood diseases when you are just that, a child. Both my boys are just getting over chickenpox. It was nothing. No fever, just some spots. They didn't skip a beat, and I'm happy to have it out… Read more »

I often hear these mothers [parents] say, 'But…I'm not anti-vaccine.' I don't understand that. I find the fact that the Federal Government [still] attempts to pay so many of these families to keep quiet… speaks VoLuMES!

How many people know that the government has used the same tactics on the families of 911? Why? Because they only want the answers and truth about what happened. Truthfully, some have been forced to silence…

The government doesn't care about the American people, or the children.

Eighty-three cases over twenty years isn't much. Four settlements a year (with three tossed around randomly) sounds more like law of averages (i.e. some people get harmed even with the safest procedure) than proof of governmental evildoing.

my son is one and I've met many, many others… 1 in 70 boys in the US are now dxed with autism, there's been a 600% increase in autism in the last 20 years, the cost for services over the life time of a child with autism is estimated to be approxiimately $3 million.

The US Supreme court recently ruled that vacciines are "unavoidably unsafe" yet they ruled against a vaccine injured child and granted full immunity to vaccine manufacturers. If you are injued by a vaccine due to defective design you cannot sue the manufacturer. No one can sue.

This is the worst public health disaster of all time.

You must not be aware of how hard it is to get a doctor to even admit that the damage was caused by vaccines. It happens far more often than the government is willing to admit, and they only pay out in extreme cases. There are hundreds of thousands of vaccine-injured individuals who will never see compensation because it's very, very hard to prove that a vax caused the injury, especially when the adverse effects can occur weeks after the vaccination.

@ Sarah Conner

That is so true, I only pray that people will realize the truth soon, there are innocent little lives at the mercy of ignorance (or people ignoring the truth).

"The Haig-Kissinger depopulation policy has taken over various levels of government, the organization operates outside of the white house and directs its entire efforts to reduce the world's population by 2 billion people through war, famine, CREATION OF DISEASE, and any means necessary."- by William Cooper in his book Behold A Pale Horse, assassinated by masons for getting the truth out about the elite and the NWO to the public.

How does this relate? Hmmmmm wonder whose over the distribution of vaccines…..the same poeple that are pushing the DEPOPULATION agenda. Its even on the Georgia Guidestones, research for yourself, be informed….point is why would you let ANYTHING be injected in your blood stream by evil people like this, whose goal is to depopulate the earth to a mere 500,000,000.

Don't forget our depoplulation czar Bill Gates and his investment into vaccines – his 'favorite' way…..

Bill Gates pushes for 90 percent vaccination rate worldwide

May 22nd:

The infamous Bill Gates is on a crusade to vaccinate the entire world. In a recent speech, the Microsoft guru-turned-humanitarian put pressure on the governments of the world to "prevent four million deaths by 2015, [and] … ten million deaths" by 2020. He believes this will happen by vaccinating at least 90 percent of the world's population.

And on that note, in the news just today:

On May 5th, 2009, some of the most notorious members of the “billionaires club” — David Rockefeller, Bill Gates, Ted Turner, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffett, George Soros, Eli Broad, Peter G. Peterson, Patty Stonesifer, John Morgridge, Michael Bloomberg and a few other billionaires –, secretly met at the Manhattan residence of Sir Paul Nurse, president of Rockefeller University.

Quoting an anonymous person who attended the meeting, a major U.K. newspaper reported that “a consensus emerged that they would back a strategy in which population growth would be tackled as a potentially disastrous environmental, social and industrial threat.”

Florida Legislature Refuses to Limit Mercury in Vaccines

Wonder will bill gates show us the way and be the first in line for his "vaccine"

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

Arthur Schopenhauer

German philosopher (1788 – 1860)

This is all I can think of when the vaccine issue comes up – it's just a matter of time.… – CDC vaccine scientist who downplayed links to autism indicted by DOJ in alleged fraud scheme

Everytime I take my daughter to the doctor they keep requesting that stupid vaccines chart. F YOU! I want my daughter to be an intelligent human being.

Autism doesn't mean you can't be intelligent.

@skepticbynature please do more THOROUGH research before you come on a vaccine truth site spreading untrue information. You said yourself you're not "jumping to conclusions" but you obviously have via your previous post on how "vaccines arent the cause of autism" and your belief that vaccines are safe and people should get them. Nobody's telling you to believe everything other people posts, but before you post please do research on the issue, because you obviously havent. you keep contradicting yourself stating that you have done research, but also stating that you will do more research to come to your conclusion. Because of you spreading misinformation, people will believe that its ok to continue putting their child's life in danger. Posting such things when you are not well-informed on the issue is not helping the situation but rather putting kids lives in further danger, because their parents believe vaccines are safe.… Read more »
Sorry to keep on posting – but the hits keep coming!!!! Obama Administration Seeks to Test Anthrax Vaccine in Children Friday, 06 May 2011 Whose children will be sacrificed in an illegal and unethical experiment in the name of Biodefense Preparedness? According to , the Obama administration is seeking to obtain a green light to conduct an anthrax vaccine safety experiment on US children. The stated rationale for such a trial, articulated by Dr. Nicole Lurie, US Dept. of Health and Human Services, is that there are no data about the safety of exposing children to the anthrax vaccine. And if an emergency arises, a trial "would present an array of logistical, clinical and communication challenges during a public health crisis." Hmmm – we've seen this before: Vaccine-A uncovers a story of betrayal—the betrayal of the men and women who serve in the armed forces, the betrayal… Read more »
Disgusting!!!! Chapel Hill – Carrboro City School (CHCCS) district in North Carolina has launched a shocking new vaccination contest that offers prize incentives to students who get vaccinated. According to the CHCCS district website, for each vaccine a student receives, he or she will also receive an entry into a drawing to win an Apple iPod or a laptop computer — and students that get the entire recommended vaccine schedule, which includes the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine for both boys and girls, will be allowed extra entries into the contest and more chances to win than other students. According to the CHCCS website, the three vaccines being promoted are the Meningococcal vaccine, the Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis) combination vaccine, and the HPV vaccine. Between April 1, 2011, and May 31, 2011, students are encouraged to get one or all of these vaccines, and present proof to their school nurse before… Read more »

I know I'm going to get flamed for this… but the vaccine debate is not something I see as fruitful. A company/government organization providing money is not a clearcut admission of guilt. I've worked with children with autism in the past, and several of them were never vaccinated. Correlation does not prove causation. I fell down and skinned my knee, then I got mono. Correlation, yes. Causation? No.

"Thimerosal has been removed from or reduced to trace amounts in all vaccines routinely recommended for children 6 years of age and younger, with the exception of inactivated influenza vaccine" – Then why do autism rates continue to soar?

My own theory has more to do with the chemicals we eat constantly in processed and fake foods than any shot.

I think "PaidbyBigPharma" might be a better handle for you.

@ ELLE Thanks, i try….. i just refuse to be deceived, and always stick to my favorite quote, "Read everything, listen to everybody, and dont trust anything unless you can prove it with your own research". I never stand behind anything that i can't prove through thorough research.

@Becka, sorry your son was diagnosed with autism, but i really think you're in denial, maybe you should actually do some research on vaccines.

@ BECKA first off, maybe YOU should learn how to interpret what you're reading because not once did i say that vaccines were the sole cause of autism; I even stated that dangerous food additives, toxins in food, water, and air, and vaccines are all contributing factors to health issues, and mainly the cause of neurologic disorders. Also I've done my research maybe YOU should stop being a hypocrit and do some reseach for yourself before saying that vaccines dont cause, or arent a contributing factor to autism. I'm just going off the facts presented here that states that parents are getting settlements for vaccine-autism cases, along with many other testimonies from other parents who feel vaccines may have caused their child's autism. Also, I dont want to know when you "think" your child displayed symptoms, how old was your child when he was actually diagnosed with autism? For your… Read more »

Obviously SOMEONE does if people are getting paid off for vaccine damaged children. Ignorance is never bliss and you are obviously ignoring the facts here.

@ skepticbynature I'm sure all of those who are anti-vaccine have researched lots of other resources dedicated to getting the TRUTH out there to people, so why do you conclude that this is there only source of info. also "just musing" is not such smart thing to do in a situation with innocent lives involved, otherwise you are just spreading disinformation. the WHOLE TRUTH is out there if you would stop being ignorant and ignoring it.

skeptic – would you be willing to site some of your sources of independent research for the VC readers? Not to get into some big debate or whatever, more just in the spirit of 'the more you know' – I would really be interested to see what you have. Thanks in advance.

I have actually done a lot of independent research on the matter. I'm pretty sure that this website is about being an independent thinker, and not just accepting everything on VC as truth. I'm a skeptic by nature, so I like to question things. The article that VC linked us to is incredibly vague and not well argued. I will do some more research into this case and the settlement, but I'm not jumping to any conclusions. That's what I meant. If you simply accept all of the posts on this website as absolute fact without questioning anything…. you're missing the whole point.

@smh, you must be new to this site…I suggest you get informed and do some research. @skepticbynature you should also research the WHOLE truth before spreading disinformation. The vaccine issue is not a light subject and should not be taken lightly.

Wow, cant believe someone would come on a site like this and try to prove that there's nothing wrong with vaccines. maybe you should take a look at and read all the painful testimonies of parents whose kids went into autism right after vaccination, and before were healthy normal children, also parents who have lost thier children after vaccination, while the pediatrician writes them off as so called "sids" cases when parents argue that vaccines may have been the cause of death. This is a serous issue with innocent lives involved, if there was nothing wrong with vaccines why are so many parents getting paid off for vaccine injured kids and why are there a million more reported cases to VAERS of vaccines injured kids. Just look up vaccine ingredients, and you tell me if you would want toxins (not just mercury), aspartame, msg, animal cells, aborted fetal tissue,… Read more »

Thank you for your response! If I have a child some day, I'm not going to inject him/her. Or best, I'm not going to have a child, I really don't know! This is so disturbing! bringing children to suffer in this broken world! It is just so hard to think that one of my children can be a victim of this terrorists. My dreams of being a mom are just so unclear.

@ Faithful Servant

You definitely have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. You are on the right path.

@faithful servant, do you have a child or family with autism, are you autistic? I do, and vaccines had nothing to do with it. He was autistic before he got vaccinated. It's common for autism to become noticeable between 18 months and 24 years. It's completely normal for those children to be developng normally, then at that age go into a cocoon. Thus, everyone wants to say its vaccines that did it. My child wasn't vaccinated until he was 2 and he started showing signs at 18 months of autism. I'm not saying there's not problems with the vaccines, but they dont solely cause autism. A lot of it, I believe, is food and genetics. If you read the latest research, they just found that there are dna strands that are deleted and repeated in many autisitc children. Maybe you should try researching autism before you start going on a… Read more »

i'm sorry if it appeared as if I was making a blanket statement. I don't have all the answers, and this is an issue in which NO ONE has all the answers. I was merely musing aloud, and I figured that musing would garner some annoyance by the VC faithful. Question everything, even the stuff on here. That's kind of VC's whole mantra.

@smh – I agree with you, God knows. What does He say then? He mentions the sanctity of blood 144 times in the bible.


1. The state or quality of being holy, sacred, or saintly.

2. Ultimate importance and inviolability.

He also warns not to deflile our bodies. I would say pig dna, cow dna, monkey dna, aborted cell tissue (2nd & 3rd trimester only…and oh, no miscarriages) along with heavy metals, neurotoxins and a host of other toxic ingredients, including ingredients that cause infertility (Guardasil) both violates the sanctity of my little guys blood, mixes them w/foreign dna and defiles their bodies. There is actually no shortage of information on what God thinks about it if you truly wanted to look.

I came to this realization after much research into the issue of vaccines in which I had already made up my mind. What God knows only cemented my opinion unwaivering.

whoa, easy tiger… she has a right to her opinion, as do u.. i personally agree with her, but only God knows the real truth.

I have another question and I would be appreciate if someone can answer it: Are the cancer, hepatitis, and all that famous illness born with us or are they placed trough the vaccines?

Cancer actually does a large amount of aerobic glycolisis. There are so many things that can mutate cells, and have mutated human and animal cells into cancer. for at least a couple thousand years. Over 1/2 of those things are normal body processes that cause oxidative damage or just build up over time. There is an exponential rate of increase in the likelihood of cancer every year after 65. A lot of the increase in cancer is the increase in life expectancy, though diets high in sugars and fats cause an alarming amount of oxidative damage and are increasingly the normal diet of Americans.

@fraka, cancer is man made in that, you get it from exposure to toxins in the air, food, water; lack of nutrition, dangerous food additives, smoking, vaccines, all these things contribute to cancer because your body becomes over-acidic and toxic over time from exposure. Cancer cells are anerobic and cannot survive in an oxygenated body. making sure you are getting all your nurtrients and reducing exposure to these things that pollute the body, can greatly reduce your chance of getting cancer. Concerning hepatitus B, some vaccines contain the live-virus, and some contain the inactive or dead virus which can reactivate at anytime. New and unheard of disease have been introduced to the population via vaccines ie HIV introduced to Africans via the polio vaccine; In America HIV was introduced through the homosexual population via the hepatitus B vaccine. In the past statistics show that disease out breaks only occured in… Read more »
Modern hepatitis B vaccines are produced through genetic engineering. They are not capable of reactivating, because they do not contain the whole virus – only a capsid protein. A capsid protein reverting into a live virus is about as likely as a steak suddenly turning into a cow when you aren't looking. Less likely, really, because a steak at least contains the entire genetic code of the cow. The old inactivated HBV vaccine was legitimately suspected of having spread HIV, but subsequent analysis showed that the HBV vaccine was free of HIV. Cancer was known to the ancient Greeks, and has been observed in more modern times in people who have never received vaccines. The cowpox vaccine was phased out some time ago because smallpox is now extinct, which suggests that Clarke's implication that cowpox-based vaccine is responsible is not actually true. Some virally caused cancers can actually be prevented… Read more »

Disgusting. I am absolutely terrified when my child's vaccinations are due…

something from my country about brain injury resulting from the FLUVAX.

Delay the vaccination schedule…I am doing this even tough I hear a lot when I take them to get vaccinated…