Gaga’s Fragrance Will Reportedly Smell Like “Blood and Semen”


According to Fashionista, sources close to the nose hired to develop Lady Gaga‘s first fragrance, the pop star has requested that the scent “smell of blood and semen.”

There are so many bad jokes to do about this but I’ll pass my turn. I’ll just say this is in continuation with my other articles about her.

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223 Comments on "Gaga’s Fragrance Will Reportedly Smell Like “Blood and Semen”"

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Why the hell would anyone wanna smell like blood and semen? Disgusting!

Don't wait for the divine to return. Be the god you wish to see and we shall have heaven on earth tonight.

thats what im saying. everyone on here seems pissed enough. to the streets? dare i say revolution? Or are we still waitin on that change obama promised?

Violent revolution will generate nothing but martial law. It is my opinion that Obama hasn't been allowed to do any of the things he wanted to because there's a gun to his head. Either way, it doesn't matter. The real revolution is of consciousness, and that awareness follows an exponential growth pattern once it builds momentum. We're so much more powerful than these creeps in control, it's not even funny.

i mean.. its out of the ordinary, some may think disgusting.. but why do people suddenly notice this sort of thing as long as it comes out of a womans mouth. Male singers go around singing about r**e, whips, sex, blood, violence, and basically everything innaproproate. As soon as a woman says something it is suddenly disgusting? its like when people say periods are disgusting.. periods are not disgusting. they are f*****g normal people need to realise. semen is also very normal. so why should the whole world hush up about these thing when they are a part of everyones life. get over it, and start dealing with real problems.

@ trent

"Just because people believe there’s a Satan, doesn’t make Satan real.

Some say the Flying Spaghetti monster doesn’t exist, but there are Pastafarians, so therefor He does exists. Your argument is flawed. Learn some logic."

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist.

Do you not see this world drenched in evil? This is the devil working at his best.. But eventually he will loose. BECAUSE GOD IS IN CONTROL. Period.

You will be in my prayers.

Okay, So for all those people that SAY and THINK there is no god. Why do you say "oh my God"? it's because deep down you know who made you. remember we only use 30% of our brains, and what could hurt believing that jesus christ is our lord and saviour all you can do is benefit anyway. i just don't understand you, there has to be a god, some good force, because if there wasn't there would be no good in the world therefore no evil either. think about that.

I'll stick to victoria secret 🙂

Just plain disgusting cheap trash no self value or respect, will stop at nothing for attention fame and money.

and our teens our loving her ,watching her and admiring her

this is too much

Many people doesnt' believe what they can't see.

Now here is a question:

Microbes are very small and only witnessable with a micrscope but they excist. If you tell this to somebody who was not raced with modern techniques they will tell you that you are crazy. but we know they do excist. So why can't there be macrobes(God) that we are not able to see?

Alos i want to tell you this:

If you put some wood, glass and bricks in your corner. Will there be a housse out of nothing without anybody touching it?

Think about it.

I'm beautiful in my own way.. cause God makes no mistakes.. I'm on the right track baby.. I WAS BORN THIS WAY.

ive heard it all why would any one do thaat sick and twisted

Semen has a smell? WTF!!!

Anywayyyy, that line (comment) about Santanism (those who worship Carlos Santana) was awesome. El-oh-elle.

The sad part is that people (her monsters) are going to buy this crap. Blood and semen sounds like murder, blood and devil sacrifices, and sex. This is what adults are going fall for today, but imagine the youth who are going to become leaders. This world is in some deep *you know what* Lady gaga is loser and always will be. She knows what she's doing but she's the "fame monster" aka will do anything for fame even if it means to destroy…umm…that is what monsters do.

Simple question. Why do we exist and why do we need love (We cannot live without LOVE)?

And again. Who teached us to loved?

Let me clarify some things for the many who have posted here. If someone worships something, it does not make that thing real. If there is no proof, there is no reason to believe something exists. It is up to us to make the world a better place, it would be a waste to pray to a fictional deity when we people alone have to power to change things. I am an atheist. I don't believe in God, nor do I believe in Satan, or demons, or spirits or souls. I do think there is something going on in the music industry, likely brought on by greed, and it is influencing us. I do not believe that Satan has anything to do with it, nor any other "evil" presence. If you don't like what's happening, do something, don't just sit about posting things like "I hope Jesus comes because I'm… Read more »

strings** my bad.

Gaga's not even considered human to me anymore.

Like JB says "she's a puppet; got stings." 🙂

i love my mother monster , i am sure its going to smell delicious ! she is different very different and i welcome that in my heart !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As much as i don't want to fill my head with all this stuff, couldn't she be any less obvious? Look at the Grammies red carpet where she makes an entrance in an 'egg'…like…it makes it even more evident.(which i guess could be 'their' goal)

Lady Gaga is just useless and tries way too hard, I mean really, however she is the epitome and embodiment of how stupid people are, in the sense that she has so many fans, just sad that people actual adore and idolize this obvious sellout to the Illuminati. I watch her music is pure awe that someone so talentless can be on t.v. singing and is famous, then i remember who owns the media.

Why would someone even consider paying 89 (estimate) dollars to smell like that? If someone wants to smell like that they can get that sent on their own.If you know what I mean.I think the gay community should stop idolizing her.In the end she' going to do more harm than good.mark my words God's happy children!!!!!!

Was that only perfume? But this eye popping new season fashion worn by Lady GaGa.

"and you should kill yourself and then tell me what happened you santanic B***H"

Anyone who claims to be Christian and says something like this is a hypocrite of the highest order.

I earned my red wings years ago, thank you.

What the f**k is god waitin for? Jesus came and went, Didn't inflict much change, and he's not coming back. The crucifixtion was a hoax. The powerful are still powerful and were still eatin the crumbs. Nothing is just gonna fall in place, we gotta fight for our rights! Smash the state! eat the rich! F**k the police …………..and the church too! Justice freedom equality

So when are you going to start hating on Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Scientology?

f**k all religion, free your mind. the elite use god to keep you in line. keep waitin keep believin and before you know it 'the end of the world' is here. as long as you keep hoping god will come down to saave you you will have no reason to stand up and resist. preacher and the slave. very effective tactic. as good as racism

Gaga's fragrance is gon be launched in spring 2012.Strange?

Lady Gaga can go KaKa somewhere else.

That's.. awkward.

I thought Lady Gaga was kind of cool and artsy when she first came out, but now she's just weird..

Blood and semen????


Not yet content with her relentless attacks on hearing, Lady Gaga decided to take a stab at smell too.

Does Lady Gaga remind anyone else of Maralyne(sp?) Manson?

Can I say something? Lady Gaga is done. When an artist tries to outdo their outrageous antics 24/7 they begin to run out of ideas. It seems to me that Stephanie Germanotta has run out of ways to "shock" the public. It's like, REALLY? Gaga's perfume is gonna smell like "blood & semen"? Wow, I never expected that from the "eclectic" shock-popper. I'm seriously disappointed. I think her downfall was that hideous meat-dress disaster. Sorry Gaga, you last impressed me with "Bad Romance".

YOu know…I understand people who want to be trendsetters or be abnormal but in the right state of mind, but she's just taking things too far. Now she's just annoying! I mean how much is she going to do to keep her name out there. She's coming up with stupid things to say and stupid things to wear. She's annoying! I think it bothers me even more so because I can see the talent that she actually has to my surprise. I would think that if you actually have the talent, that you would use that instead coming up with stupid, demonic, trashy comebacks to further more endorce your own career. All this stuff does is put your gift on the backseat. It makes scandal equal to what your worth and your talent second best. I hate to trash talk her seeing as to how I almost joined her band… Read more »
You don't get it, do you? That's her *point*. Disgusting, over-the-top and gaudy. All for "The Fame". If you listened to her music and/or interviews, you'd see it. It's mainly about what people do for fame. They'll do the most outrageous, detrimental things just to be known. All publicity is good publicity, and everyone knowing your name makes your life beautiful. The "Lady Gaga" persona is the concept made near-cartoonish in a way with a literal parody of all this, even having rumor spread about her true gender. Stefani's a normal human, but in an over-the-top mockup and persona of everything disgusting about being a celebrity, which is "Lady Gaga". The need for exposure, the need to be known. You fail to notice this for some reason. She has two albums with "The Fame" in them, and half the lyrics of one of her songs are "doing it for the… Read more »

Yep, part of me does get the feeling that Gaga is someone's idea of a sick joke. The thing is, millions of people around the world have fallen for the gag. Whether she's in on it or just the patsy or strawman, I don't know, but either way she is an annoying cuntface who survives on attention, indeed the worst of the lot, worse than the others you say she's spoofing. Without the attention-seeking behaviour no one would look twice at her.

I like that Ultimooze. I hope you don't mind me incorporating that into my own everyday launguage.


Why would anyone want to smell like blood and semen. :/

I just think as disgusted as that "fragrence" sounds, it seems to be a connection to Andres Serrano's works (see the cover of Metallica's "Load").

Why can’t she create amazing music to generate publicity?

Instead she relies on ridiculous ‘creative and edgy’ outfits, disgusting videos (although I guess that’s the Illuminati’s doings), stupid stunts and performances (meat dress) and now I guess she’s decided to make a perfume made of her sacrificial blood and the cum from her penis.

So true :-D.

I knew I sould have trademarked my underwear. Theiving b***h.

Lady gaga' new fragrance:


Nuff said.

She reportedly requested that the perfume "smell like blood and semen"? Yeah, typical, exactly what I'd expect from that attention-seeking cockhead, so I'm not shocked. Whether she was serious or not is beside the point, the hardcore fans will still buy it and go on about how edgy and cool it and she is. She's just a pornographer with artistic pretensions, and the only talent she has is making a spectacle of herself. The sooner she fades away completely the better.

Before launching into ridiculous, uninformed comments it's helpful to be aware of what has already been created and the sentiments behind it. As with many of Gaga's 'shocking' inventions, they are merely recycled concepts stolen from 'fringe' or avant garde culture and repackaged for mainstream consumers such as yourselves. Remember, even if not actively purchasing the physical product that by engaging with it on this forum you are already 'consuming'. Here is a link to a boutique perfume company that created the perfume almost a decade ago;
Perfume has always been inspired by scents naturally occurring in the human body. If you're disgusted by your own body and how you were born into the world then you are indeed the victims of brainwashing. Without blood and semen, would any of us be here today?

i searched for mention of bono – seems he appeared at some sarah palin event … sarah palin makes me wonder, where celebrity and politics meet in the form of a mind-control idiot, i asked vc what he might put together about her. but interesting as entertainers take sides.

agg, it's simple if you don't like the smell of blood and semen than don't buy the fragrance. If she wants to produce that stuff then she has the right to.

Are you sure that she wants her fragrance to SMELL like semen and blood? I read that she wants it to be MADE OF it. I dont see why people would want a fragrance to smell like that anyway, apart from freaks.

Eww.Somebody kill this witch.

Eww.Blood and semen.Whats next goat eyes as breakfast.Sometimes I think she really was born this way.I'm sure her little monsters will wake up now.Afterall,shes the fame monster.

Wow, what will the mind of a depraved person think up next? Whether it is really 'true' or not, it takes a disturbed mind to think something up like this. I feel sorry for Lady Gaga, when she gets her opporuntity to stand before the Judgement Seat of Jesus Christ. Unless she turns from her sins quickly, Judgemnt Day will be a very unhappy experience for her.

Sad but oh so true!

poor Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, she better get a REAL LIFE. Can she live her life as Stefani, not as her fabricated-fake persona Lady Gaga???????

so she wants it to smell like r**e then?

That is absolutely disgusting and that goes without saying!