Gaga’s Fragrance Will Reportedly Smell Like “Blood and Semen”


According to Fashionista, sources close to the nose hired to develop Lady Gaga‘s first fragrance, the pop star has requested that the scent “smell of blood and semen.”

There are so many bad jokes to do about this but I’ll pass my turn. I’ll just say this is in continuation with my other articles about her.


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i mean.. its out of the ordinary, some may think disgusting.. but why do people suddenly notice this sort of thing as long as it comes out of a womans mouth. Male singers go around singing about r**e, whips, sex, blood, violence, and basically everything innaproproate. As soon as a woman says something it is suddenly disgusting? its like when people say periods are disgusting.. periods are not disgusting. they are f*****g normal people need to realise. semen is also very normal. so why should the whole world hush up about these thing when they are a part of everyones life. get over it, and start dealing with real problems.