FOX News Discusses the New World Order and the Global Elite (video)


The concept of a New World Order is slowly but surely leaving the realm of conspiracy theories to enter the realm of “accepted facts”. This FOX News excerpt discusses George W. Bush and Obama going “full speed ahead” towards a global government, even mentioning that the war on Libya is serving a “global elite”. Interesting.

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89 Comments on "FOX News Discusses the New World Order and the Global Elite (video)"

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In my opinion, it was always part of the bigger plan to expose the NWO. The real goal is to get people to trust and believe those that will emerge in their place. This is where the New Age stuff is headed. It's Luciferian.

Anybody who thinks that people like Glenn Beck are genuine in their exposing of government and NWO stuff need to give their heads a shake. The false deception at the end is Christianity 101.

Can people please keep religion out of this? Why do so many people have to refer to the bible and jesus?

Um…brainwashed slaves? Just a guess.

Because we want too and can choose to do so with the permission of others is call personal will and choice.

This is simply another step towards opening the public up to half the truth in order to further manipulate us. They know this information will get out regardless and understand they need to use this to their advantage. Disinformation agents have been leading the truth community for a while now (Jones, Icke, Igan, etc) but it's getting time to really kindle the fire here. Why would they do this? They want a revolution. They want people to get angry and try rising up only so they can either a) smack us back down, label our beliefs as terrorist, and introduce the police state they've been wanting and/or b) create a false image of them being brought down in order to do away with all controls of old (Including Christianity, the truth of it all, though many just consider this yet another form of control without looking at the conspiracy within… Read more »

I have a question, why does a site like vigilant citizen which exposes so much in a non slanted way still exist? Wouldn't they have shut this place down in some way like they have shut down others that have done the same?


i have the same question. and to say that "shutting it down would lend it more credence" – that's the same answer i got when i asked about alex jones.

i do find myself agreeing with most stuff here. but i dunno. who can you trust?

seeker, i didn't really mean other websites but people who have exposed so much information…

Non-slanted??? You've got to be kidding!!!

Please name what other sites have supposedly been shut down. Please provide specifics. Also, don't you think shutting this site down would lend more credence to its content…?

I agree because they own all of these networks anyway and just seem to be waiting for something drastic to happen so that they can further push this agenda out of fear. There will be very few people who will act with a sense of decency or common sense when the chit hit the fan. Right now I am just trying to establish my peace of mind and to embed myself with the words, mind state, and confidence of Jesus because that is what many will need in these dark days and it will be no where to be found just like wisdom. She is calling out in the street to us all but no one wants to heave her warnings.

The Lord has a plan.. I'm not afraid.

Coming soon to FOX News…The Alex Jone's News Hour where the motto is we'll tell you ALL you need to know about the NWO(and nothing you don't).

f**k the UN like the white guy said.

It was George H.W. Bush who publically used the words: New World Order. This has been in the works for a very long time. Both parties are culpable – just wrapped in different packaging to appear to give the public some sort of choice and keep us bickering among oursleves. It's a wonderful distraction for TPTB to forge ahead with this plan.

Hear him here:
The date of the speech –> September 11, 1991

How clueless IS everyone here?

You claim to want to know the truth, but you don't even know what Freedom Watch is, or who Jack Hunter is. These people have been fighting against the global agenda long before any of you even knew what it was. I see all of these silly notions that somehow this is part of the "bigger NWO agenda" but you people don't even know WHO you are talking about!

This is why First Principles are important.

Go get some proper education at Bastiat dot org, or Mises dot org, or LewRockwell dot com. This place seriously lacks intellectual rigor and it's not helping people to be so disorganized and constantly jumping at shadows. Not EVERYONE is the enemy and you are all going to need friends and organization to survive what is to come.

Yes! Heading off now! Thank you, Enlightened One! I shall immediately investigate who Jack Hunter is! [bows, hastily runs off]

PS: Thanks for the links!

very sad, that billions of others don’t have this knowledge

I'm with Minds-Eye on this one! They may win all the battles, but they already lost the war! How do I know this? The Book of Revelation is the spoiler alert to this fiasco we are all in and the Lord Jesus Christ has already won the war! Friends, time is short, keep your eyes fixed on Jesus, He will protect you and keep you.

-In the grip of grace

Rome wasn't built in a day…

This is good but it does nothing without the view for the other side. I would like to see a proponent to a global government in on the discussion. Freedom Watch and Jack Hunter are major players for Ron Paul's Presidential run. The John Birch Society is the big gun behind the majority of Dr. Paul's platform and has been the driving force that has brought the NWO out from the shadows. This media piece is nothing more than a flex of JBS muscle. We know what the NWO is and it's ultimate goal but without someone openly debating or denying it, the piece will only be heard by mostly those in the know and remain a myth.

Organised religions are the basis for the propaganda corrupt governments use.

They use exactly the same kind of mix of truths and manipulative illusions.

They all are about MONEY and CONTROL, and present their message as if it's good for us.

Fear is the message that works for sheople.

Someone mentioned up top that they are now revealing slowly the existance of a NWO to drive up a rebellion/revolution and I believe that to be correct as well. My theory, when they have all thier pieces in place and all thier i's dotted and t's crossed they will in the simplest terms crash the u.s. economy, the euro economy and the world economy. Knowing full well people who've been srceaming NWO for years will legitamized, protests, riots will begin of the chaos organized rebelion will develop and every citizen of the world will be trust into one choice with two options. Stand with Liberty or Stand with NWO. Not everyone, even when it is obvious that we are in store for a hostile tiranicle takeover via the worlds elite through polotics, economy, media, entertainment, central banks, ect. will choose to stand in the way of free society. Brother vs.… Read more »

"played guitar in a cover band dante's camero"

stopped watching right after i saw this.

Rupert Murdoch would cease to be if he was not permissed to broadcast suggestive information, which his stations routinely do, this is not the first transcript of its kind from his vending machine media outlets.

Pay attention to the words used in this interview and the differing tones these men speak in. Set up to sound insecure about what they are actually discussing. Now, why would anyone take them seriously enough to get pissed?

I wish I knew of a website that had permits pulled and protests scheduled in advance in major cities and for common causes. Journalism is a joke in todays world, not just America.

also the fact that the changed the date that speech was given says it all.

At 5:01: "Well, all I can say is 'buckle up, boys and girls, and hold onto the constitution'!"

AMEN to that!

@ Godozo :

Yes, as far as I know that's what most people believe.

FOX is the only network i Will Watch or even think of watching.

Who do you think owns fox,along with everything an everyone who touches our lives on a daily basis, Sports the news actors actresses musicians, just watch all these people pay homage to their masters with hand jesters.They sold out for tens of millions just like any one would do if given the chance.

I think because it's inevitable that people know they are telling us what to know instead.

This looks like the analogy VC used on the black eyed peas video, the thief shaking your hand before stealing your wallet.

Yeah, I remember that one. 🙂

Actually, the example I used was a "con man"…which is more like what the mass media and policitians are – but in reality, there's only a little difference between that and a thief, as you said.

I might say the con man is more evil, because he lies and cheats in order to steal, whereas the plain old thief just steals.

Either way, we are surrounded by con men and thieves in positions of wealth and power…that much is for certain.


Dear God,The NWO closer than I thought.This is terrible.I bet between 2012-2020.Something funny will happen.It'd probably be 2012,considering all the events.It won't be the end of the world.It'll be the beginning of the NWO.Movies like 2012 that spread propaganda about the world ending,would help make the viewer believe this lie.With maybe a fake alien invasion?Project Bluebeam?Not sure,but this is horrifying.I can't believe they would spread the type of "in your face" type of propaganda on TV.They're not even hiding anymore.

Glenn Beck is simply another sad pawn and deceiver and apparently, he's done a good job on you.

Government, Shmovernment. Has anyone thought that maybe the big elites are going to use ECONOMIC means? Think of it: We have an banking crisis, and the government throws billions of bucks at the banks to keep them afloat. Now we're about to have another economic crisis, and we'll probably end up throwing away Medicaid, Medicare and Welfare to satisfy the bankers and bond owners. Meanwhile Greece keeps getting more austerity foisted onto them, even as their economy is shrinking. Same in preparation for Spain, Portugal, Italy and Ireland. All to protect the banks and bondholders. What's to stop the bankers (all the Feds are privately owned and run, may I add) from taking things over? They already have stood down governments quite a few times before, and are probably itching to complete their plans. Let's not forget what Rev. 13:16-17 says: Also (the beast) causes all, both small and great,… Read more »

no one will ever understand the book of revelation…except "the witnesses" !!!

Amen, amen to that. Thank Jah for the inspired word and the faithful and discreet slave =)

very sad, that billions of others don't have this knowledge

that has to mean:

MATTHEW 24:15-42

15 “Therefore, whenYOU catch


that causes desolation, as spoken

of through Daniel the prophet,

standing in a holy place,

(let the reader use discernment,)

16 then let those in Ju·de'a begin

fleeinge to the mountains.

17 Let the man on the housetop

not come down to take the goods

out of his house; 18 and let

the man in the field not return

to the house to pick up his outer


21 for then there

will be great tribulationg such

as has not occurred since the

world’s beginning until now,no,

nor will occur again.


Here's a great video exposing the blatant fraud of the mass media on a variety of issues, and how they portray and spin events to shape public opinion in ther ways their elite bosses want them to. You'll notice very different approaches and tactics, depending on who is in the White House.…

Definitely one of the better presentations of the concept of criminal duplicity in "journalism" that I have ever seen. Enjoy.

the guy sounds like pluto

"The government stop serving us a long time ago and we are too much in a trance right now to give a damn. I see so much changing even in the everyday work environment it is really slowly but surely start to seem more like slavery. Now the the economy is breaking down they want us to work harder for less money while telling us that we will not get pay increases while still demanding more of your personal time. These next generation of children to come will only know a slave like mentality with less choices and will only be able to dream a dream that the system will provide for them." If you look at it, the government is preparing an environment; the people who are governed is raised to believe the government can do little to no harm and the governmental dependency to discourage dissent. The line… Read more »

It's the mystery of iniquity….

(KJV)Matthew 10:26-28
Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known. [27] What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light: and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops. [28] And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

They just don't understand that they're going to lose. I guess Satan's trying to drag as many down with him as possible

I'm so excited! God has provided a way out for ALL of us (if we accept his offer) through His son because he foresaw the evil hearts and plans of these men since before the earth was created. I'm sharing the gospel of salvation with everyone but my heart is just so ready!

WTF his NWO speech was on Sep 11th not in April,but I guess they wanna hide that.

I tuned myself out of this video when the first thing they complain about the NWO is how much it is going to cost the taxpayer. There is much bigger things to worry about when it comes to the NWO than our federal reserve debt Monopoly money.

yes good news cast..but ones has to think what the agenda is in broadcasting a piece like?

maybe so we all think that the controlled media is now watching out for us and has our best interest in mind when reporting..highly suspect news cast, even though they hit on real subjects..could be another distraction piece to get people more aware of the NWO, while something else slips by us…if it's on TV then it's probably BS..

Well the agenda is made very clear in the last 30 seconds or so – the Sly Fox trying to tell you that it is good for you when a massive government is micromanaging everything imaginable and that all of us should be happy that the elite will grant us this amazing experience…F'''ing ridiculous…

Yeah for real.

I have a theory that FOX News is designed to distract and kind of "collect" conservatives who have become cynical about the direction of our world towards a new world order, while at the same time discrediting these concerns in the eyes of the general population for the simple fact that its FOX News.

The Bilderberg meeting just passed. That should mean the stages are being set for the next wave……Cowabunga!

Refreshing but I doubt FOX has honest intentions, the foxy channel is a mouthpiece of the Elite.

I just want to say to the NWO people, back-off to all of you because you can't beat Jesus Christ

I don't believe Jesus ever existed. His "back story" is way too much like Horus. Just sayin'.

: /

its Yahuwshua and the Father is Yahweh. jezues is a pagan name look it up.

I prefer to call Him Christ.

I want to say amen and AMEN again!

And i want to tell all you religious people, that this is exactly what the elite want you to think.

Go and watch some TV please, your post certainly is not going to help anyone.

why are bashing religous people? he just said tht some people emphasis on PEOPLE can't win against the Son of God… No One can and if you try you can meet Satan in Hell. Have A Nice Day Fool.

When mainstream media begins to shout loud about something that has been kept secret for decades I would start to question what is REALLY going on behind the scenes. This interview only came about because more and more people have been uncovering the NWO, the Illuminati and the Bilderberg Group. Think about it…

And pray.

i wonder in the near future if a indiviual has a pattern of misconduct, will that indiviual be exterminated? how many global elite exactly are there in the world? i will be willing to testify that we the "NUMBERS" out number the global elite, and since this little fact is KNOWN! then why dont 'WE' the 'NUMBERS' take control of it ourselves? oh yeah thats right i forgot damn the "military" for each nation would rise against that way of thinking. it was worth the typing though!

I suggest you all read The return of the Antichrist and the New World Order by Patrick Heron. That book answers some of your questions. I feel sorry for humanity because if we know whats coming our way with this new World Order of a thing,we would fight with our last drop of blood to make sure it doesn't materialize.

It's already here

You know it's getting bad when Republicans call out OTHER Republicans on creating big government. That's like one Christian accusing another of heresy in those groups. LOL

Scary stuff man…

This is an interesting development, since the elite are almost shoving it in our faces saying,the NWO will be here soon. It's not conspiracy, rather it's reality. Don't be fooled for ask governments were made for one purpose….the NWO. Democracy has been but a powerful illusion to contain the masses. Now they have been brought up and trained by the illuminati and a NWO can be achieved, with the backing of most people with "safety"and a "more stable economy" as excuses.

This interview seems very rehearsed…

Yes it does. There is also something very glaring that sticks out about it, but I will leave each individual to figure that out for him/her self.

what stuck out to me was when they zoomed out to show both dudes at the same, "Judge Napolitano" was scrolled in the background.

Okay thats not very helpful, thanks alot. I love when people withhold information.

I watched the video twice trying to uncover what you were referring to in your comment; the only thing I noticed was the delay from the fox studio to jack hunters location. ? please give me a hint what you are referring to??

thank you for the wonderful article. you see more things happening already… natural disasters, nations will rise but we will never know when they will strike. Just be always on the guard. Always.



I think this is a good sign.. On YouTube you see more and more comments on lots of videos showing that the ignorance towards tyrannical tendencies of our lawmakers is slowly dissolving.. The internet is too powerful of an information tool to keep the NWO's BS under wraps. Sooner than later, the MSM will have no choice but to report the truth.

Keep spreading the message!

I'm a little skeptical when i see or hear MSM revealing any truth concerning the NWO to the same audience they've been brainwashing and deceiving for decades…because some people are sitting at home watching this and thinking "hey…i thought this New World Order thing was a good Gordon Brown and Henry Kissinger have been telling us …" after giving them a little food for thought.. Glenn Beck will get his hour and pull out the chalkboard and take them to the time Bill O'Reilly is done with them their IQ's have dropped like Greece's economy. I agree with you Russ… awareness is the key… & if these networks were consistent in telling us the truth …it would all start to sink into more people's minds and really awaken them to this dark world we live in…you know..sometimes i wish i never knew half of what i know now..but… Read more »

The "elite" can keep shoving their s**t down our throats, and even though it appears they are winning the battle right now… "they" will end up losing the war.

People will never really see the truth until there freedom of choice and life is taking away from them totally. Why should one country taxes may for all of these changes? The government stop serving us a long time ago and we are too much in a trance right now to give a damn. I see so much changing even in the everyday work environment it is really slowly but surely start to seem more like slavery. Now the the economy is breaking down they want us to work harder for less money while telling us that we will not get pay increases while still demanding more of your personal time. These next generation of children to come will only know a slave like mentality with less choices and will only be able to dream a dream that the system will provide for them. They will be very limited in… Read more »
They already lack common sence , today's kids are rebellious and unlearned in the ways of thier enviroment. New world Order has been in play since this country started and it has to happen for Gods will to prevail . Man is in nature rebellious , self minded , free thinkers independent from God and that lone is so wrong so how can your kingdom stand? It can't and it won't . The Lord said that His word once it leaves His mouth will not come back to him void . I am waiting for my Lord to come and rapture me out of this place , so I am not scared nor am I worried about what man can do to me , death will have no hold on me because it had no hold on Him . It's time to praise God and do His will and His… Read more »

Scary thing IS, that young people are already like that and have been for a loong time!

Oh I See. So, Now They Realize People DON'T Believe Fox News.

So They Start Talking About The New World Order.


To be honest this is disturbing if anything.

Why would they even bring the NWO to subject on the mainstream media, sure they gave no sensitive information, but even speaking generally of the nwo could cause more people to look up information about it. Perhaps they want more resistance so they can put us in marshal law? Hard to tell, because general disturbance is what they have been trying to avoid all these years.

What is truly the meaning of this, are we missing out on something?

Ugh. Ignorance. Where to start? 1) Freedom Watch is on Fox *Business*, not regular Fox News. Fox Business is where you will find programs that are more truthful and superior to the tabloid garbage on Fox News proper. 2) Freedom Watch is run by Andrew Napolitano, who is a prominent member of the libertarian movement. This particular clip has a stand-in host who is historically rather Neo-Con, but who seems to be coming around to the notion of full-on liberty or at least Paleo-Conservatism. 3) Jack Hunter is a Paleo-Conservative quasi-libertarian himself who has written on these subjects for many years. 4) Go to LewRockwell dot com and Mises dot org if you want to see the intellectual background behind Freedom Watch and the liberty movement. Anyway there is just so much more history and background to all these people that you need to dig deeper to discover. Go look… Read more »

They bring it to mainstream media because they want to normalize it into our society. The more we hear about it, the more our mind accepts it. It's a cascading activation strategy that they have used with regards to racism, gender bias etc. They allow for racist comedy in society in order to normalize it, and the same thing they will do with regards to the NWO

sadly nobody will argue or rebel against NWO, firstly cause most of the people don't know what and who stand behind the nwo, they merely will accept it as one more change in political scene at global level…it will be too late when the population of the world will understand that nwo is a diabolic empire, they will understand it when their children will be taken away by gov using forth in order to be taught to "free sexual life" or p********a legalised, the rebelling parents will be imprisoned, the death penalty will return everywhere and many other terrible things that we even can't imagine…i guess so, it is my idea about the future with nwo. Who knows, maybe only then the people will rebel against the nwo…only God knows.

It was always the bigger plan to expose the NWO so that people will trust and believe what replaces them. The conspiracy crowd will be the biggest dupes as they shout 'I told you so' but will end up swallowing the real Luciferian agenda hook, line and sinker.

The New Age stuff is the real goal for the Illuminatti, and those that buy the BS will unwittingly end up accepting the mark of the beast. Remember, if they force it on you, everyone will see through it. But if they trick you into accepting something that seems on the surface like a good thing, most will probably willingly accept it.

Remember — Lucifer Deceives!!!

Ruling the world is a hard job. Especially if no one should know. So mis- and disinfo is spreading on all levels. Direct manipulation on brains is not possible for whatever technique. Spirit has built in a booby trap called free will which can blow up anytime. And somebody has to carry out orders.

"Divide and Conquer" the dogma of the Split Ego has grown to point where an orderly synthesis is not feasible – if it ever were.

I don t envy them since their task they try to accomplish is simply megalomania. Arrogance at its best.

Fox is openly speaking about these things for the same reason that Alex Jones, Jordan Maxwell, Michael Tsarion and a host of others are doing it: they are authorised agents. Fox reveals its allegiance in the way that it reports things; over the top and sensationalistic-sounding propaganda. Although we "conspiracy theorists" feel validated in many of the things that Fox brings to the fore, by purposely going over the top, the tv network makes a mockery of and discredits the truth and that 1) serves to dissuade new truth seekers from looking further for fear of being branded kooks and fundamental crazies – after all, only kooks, crazies and Tea Party nuts believe those things on Fox, right? The last thing that a person, who has finally found the courage to start looking for some answers, wants is to be laughed at and branded a "spooky Mulder". At that stage… Read more »

There have been more then a few "in your face" tactics that have been used over the years. Hiding in plain site? Or even making the NWO seem news worthy with no real details is just enough for people like us to say told you so. Yet, keep the other millions clueless. As most of you know, the powers that be feel untouchable. We passively watch and wait for the next move, however the game still eludes us. Their game and rules.

I am not sure if they are waiting for,,,, Hell (2012) where the masses go y2k 100 fold or some false flag op that will burn this countrydown. But make no mistake, these events are not by chance or happenstance. As if Fox could be the mouth piece of the people informing truth about the elite.

Although it's hard sometimes, I think we need to remind ourselves that although that there are genuinely "good" people that work for even the media. Just like most pop artists, they do the bidding of the Illuminati not by consent, but in delusion. The Satanists (global elite) greatest trick is convincing everyone that they don't exist (my version of the saying :P).

Just as there are good, well intended Freemasons, there are also those that work within the MSM that want to see truth and goodness prevail. As is shown in the video, the Elites are having a hard time these days keeping everyone in line 🙂