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FOX News Discusses the New World Order and the Global Elite (video)



The concept of a New World Order is slowly but surely leaving the realm of conspiracy theories to enter the realm of “accepted facts”. This FOX News excerpt discusses George W. Bush and Obama going “full speed ahead” towards a global government, even mentioning that the war on Libya is serving a “global elite”. Interesting.


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In my opinion, it was always part of the bigger plan to expose the NWO. The real goal is to get people to trust and believe those that will emerge in their place. This is where the New Age stuff is headed. It's Luciferian.

Anybody who thinks that people like Glenn Beck are genuine in their exposing of government and NWO stuff need to give their heads a shake. The false deception at the end is Christianity 101.


Can people please keep religion out of this? Why do so many people have to refer to the bible and jesus?


Because we want too and can choose to do so with the permission of others is call personal will and choice.


Um…brainwashed slaves? Just a guess.


This is simply another step towards opening the public up to half the truth in order to further manipulate us. They know this information will get out regardless and understand they need to use this to their advantage. Disinformation agents have been leading the truth community for a while now (Jones, Icke, Igan, etc) but it's getting time to really kindle the fire here. Why would they do this? They want a revolution. They want people to get angry and try rising up only so they can either a) smack us back down, label our beliefs as terrorist, and introduce the police state they've been wanting and/or b) create a false image of them being brought down in order to do away with all controls of old (Including Christianity, the truth of it all, though many just consider this yet another form of control without looking at the conspiracy within the religion itself), introduce a new system (Venus Project, being glorified amongst the truth community, would do well), and a new idea of spirituality, and the idea of occultism (Ultimately Gnosticism and ''Christ Consiousness'' and New Age) being the truth and liberation key to all this (The elite have been… Read more »


I agree because they own all of these networks anyway and just seem to be waiting for something drastic to happen so that they can further push this agenda out of fear. There will be very few people who will act with a sense of decency or common sense when the chit hit the fan. Right now I am just trying to establish my peace of mind and to embed myself with the words, mind state, and confidence of Jesus because that is what many will need in these dark days and it will be no where to be found just like wisdom. She is calling out in the street to us all but no one wants to heave her warnings.


I have a question, why does a site like vigilant citizen which exposes so much in a non slanted way still exist? Wouldn't they have shut this place down in some way like they have shut down others that have done the same?


Please name what other sites have supposedly been shut down. Please provide specifics. Also, don't you think shutting this site down would lend more credence to its content…?

Back Again

Non-slanted??? You've got to be kidding!!!

Nice Guys

seeker, i didn't really mean other websites but people who have exposed so much information…



i have the same question. and to say that "shutting it down would lend it more credence" – that's the same answer i got when i asked about alex jones.

i do find myself agreeing with most stuff here. but i dunno. who can you trust?

Smart guy

The Lord has a plan.. I'm not afraid.


Coming soon to FOX News…The Alex Jone's News Hour where the motto is we'll tell you ALL you need to know about the NWO(and nothing you don't).


f--k the UN like the white guy said.


It was George H.W. Bush who publically used the words: New World Order. This has been in the works for a very long time. Both parties are culpable – just wrapped in different packaging to appear to give the public some sort of choice and keep us bickering among oursleves. It's a wonderful distraction for TPTB to forge ahead with this plan.

Hear him here:
The date of the speech –> September 11, 1991

Bastiat's Ghost

How clueless IS everyone here?

You claim to want to know the truth, but you don't even know what Freedom Watch is, or who Jack Hunter is. These people have been fighting against the global agenda long before any of you even knew what it was. I see all of these silly notions that somehow this is part of the "bigger NWO agenda" but you people don't even know WHO you are talking about!

This is why First Principles are important.

Go get some proper education at Bastiat dot org, or Mises dot org, or LewRockwell dot com. This place seriously lacks intellectual rigor and it's not helping people to be so disorganized and constantly jumping at shadows. Not EVERYONE is the enemy and you are all going to need friends and organization to survive what is to come.


Yes! Heading off now! Thank you, Enlightened One! I shall immediately investigate who Jack Hunter is! [bows, hastily runs off]

PS: Thanks for the links!


very sad, that billions of others don’t have this knowledge

Nathan H

I'm with Minds-Eye on this one! They may win all the battles, but they already lost the war! How do I know this? The Book of Revelation is the spoiler alert to this fiasco we are all in and the Lord Jesus Christ has already won the war! Friends, time is short, keep your eyes fixed on Jesus, He will protect you and keep you.

-In the grip of grace

Adam Neira

Rome wasn't built in a day…


This is good but it does nothing without the view for the other side. I would like to see a proponent to a global government in on the discussion. Freedom Watch and Jack Hunter are major players for Ron Paul's Presidential run. The John Birch Society is the big gun behind the majority of Dr. Paul's platform and has been the driving force that has brought the NWO out from the shadows. This media piece is nothing more than a flex of JBS muscle. We know what the NWO is and it's ultimate goal but without someone openly debating or denying it, the piece will only be heard by mostly those in the know and remain a myth.


Organised religions are the basis for the propaganda corrupt governments use.

They use exactly the same kind of mix of truths and manipulative illusions.

They all are about MONEY and CONTROL, and present their message as if it's good for us.

Fear is the message that works for sheople.


Someone mentioned up top that they are now revealing slowly the existance of a NWO to drive up a rebellion/revolution and I believe that to be correct as well. My theory, when they have all thier pieces in place and all thier i's dotted and t's crossed they will in the simplest terms crash the u.s. economy, the euro economy and the world economy. Knowing full well people who've been srceaming NWO for years will legitamized, protests, riots will begin of the chaos organized rebelion will develop and every citizen of the world will be trust into one choice with two options. Stand with Liberty or Stand with NWO. Not everyone, even when it is obvious that we are in store for a hostile tiranicle takeover via the worlds elite through polotics, economy, media, entertainment, central banks, ect. will choose to stand in the way of free society. Brother vs. Brother , Neighbor vs. Neighbor. This is when you will see the NWO unleash all the toys they've been building. 1.They will use the Patriot Act to arrest and charge all rebels/revolutionaries with terrorism. This will do two things: A. Round up all dissenters. ( less enemies ) B. Drive… Read more »


"played guitar in a cover band dante's camero"

stopped watching right after i saw this.

face in the crowd

Rupert Murdoch would cease to be if he was not permissed to broadcast suggestive information, which his stations routinely do, this is not the first transcript of its kind from his vending machine media outlets.

Pay attention to the words used in this interview and the differing tones these men speak in. Set up to sound insecure about what they are actually discussing. Now, why would anyone take them seriously enough to get pissed?

I wish I knew of a website that had permits pulled and protests scheduled in advance in major cities and for common causes. Journalism is a joke in todays world, not just America.


also the fact that the changed the date that speech was given says it all.


At 5:01: "Well, all I can say is 'buckle up, boys and girls, and hold onto the constitution'!"

AMEN to that!


@ Godozo :

Yes, as far as I know that's what most people believe.


FOX is the only network i Will Watch or even think of watching.

jerry g

Who do you think owns fox,along with everything an everyone who touches our lives on a daily basis, Sports the news actors actresses musicians, just watch all these people pay homage to their masters with hand jesters.They sold out for tens of millions just like any one would do if given the chance.

Stay Vigilant

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