Fox News’ Dirty Media Trick Against Ron Paul (video)


Whether you like Ron Paul or not, this can only be described as a dirty stunt pulled by Fox News to manipulate the viewers’ perception.

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99 Comments on "Fox News’ Dirty Media Trick Against Ron Paul (video)"

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@ lia

my dear friend,i know a lot about naruto so believe me it is not part of this bull crap. the life lessons in naruto have changed peoples lives for the better. i am a witness.please do not speak like that about naruto again.thank you.

I'm a bit surprised to see that most in the comments section have a good impression of Ron Paul. Judging by how this site talks about engineering people's thoughts and Freemasons, I would've thought that folks would be accusing Ron Paul of being a Freemason. I support his candidacy but on a lark I wanted to research what this whole Ron Paul is a Freemason claim was all about. Is that just misinformation put forth by the elite to divide truthseekers into cautiously optimistic Paulites and cynical conspiracy theorists who trust absolutely NO ONE in the political arena?

Simply unbelievable!

I'm going to sleep now, and to flush away all this Conspiracy (negative) stuff. I will read one or two chapters in my King James Bible. I recommend it to everyone. Best thing you can do, before sleeping.

Good Night and God bless you.

Yeah…."Fair and Balanced" my a**!!

Can't hide your true colors eh Faux Newz.

When are you political media hookers going to learn?

You can't shame an honest man like Dr. Paul.

His background is an open book and speaks for itself.


Once again your spin deceptions are dragged kicking and screaming from the

dark and into the light….like the above analogy "open book" and this too

speaks for itself….shameful.

welll all i can say is don't be surprise if Ron Paul know what is going on. and not because he may seem nice in front of tvs says who he is exactly. remember actions speaks different from a persons heart.

This is the problem with tv and media, rigif they want they can broadcast and make the people believe that theres going on a war even if its not true.

People avoid tv, movies, video games instead read a book or go out and enjoy life

be happy

Fair and balanced? Isn't that what we all want? I don't know if there is any "news program" that is completely fair and balanced. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to use more than one source, more than one political angle, more than one brain cell to create an opinion. If you just watch Fox News, or CNN, or MSNBC, you are just going regurgitate what you saw on TV. Form your own opinion through education. I know that takes work, but that is what is required to make things work properly.

why is it called right and left wing? is it maybe refering to the phoenix?

I watch NBC!!!:)

You should… watch this series of videos if you have any doubt Ron Paul lies outside of the system. Ron Paul is the enemy of the worlds power structure. There is very little reason to believe Paul is on the inside being used to deceive the masses. He works tirelessly for the people. Don't bash someone you don't know much about. Do your research first. He is on the side of the people.

Wow. Well, the people of the United States would never tolerate Ron Paul as President. He advocates less government and personal responsibility. Unfortunately, he is truly catering to a minority.

Corporate media coverage is like

Skim milk:


Pasteurized, &

99% FACT-free!

wow i was kinda in denial about fox news and the other news cast stations as being misleading but that was all i needed to see to not trust in the news anymore

Don't trust any politician, don't vote it's just a game and we' re not even the pawns. We are a resource.

Can someone tell me why Fox News always uses red and blue in their stage backgrounds? It seems to be a theme.

To hint at their "Patriotic feeling." We're so used to cueing on those colors in that way that they're about the only colors that show up on the advertisement postboards nowadays for anything outside of local races. Last person I remember using a different color was Carter…Green was his color. And he lost in 1980.

I don't believe or watch ANY of these fraudulent networks. What kind of silly person do you have to be to believe any of these big time programs have any true merit and commitment to truth.

It was just a test, to see what they could get away with. Up, you got us on a gaffe, sorry about that one because it we just happened to have last years right in our hand here.

Someone should show the REAL footage to poor Ron Paul, they're so mean! 🙁

I feel really sorry for him.

yes that was rather peculiar. why sabbotage of their own? how curious…..but the people who watched fox adamently will swallow this story whole…

That is the thing though, and why I don't think it odd at all – I don't think most of the players in the Republican party do consider him one of 'their own'. They would rather see Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich or Sarah Palin….the controllable ones….but the 'people' aren't buying it. Fox news will try to downplay RP because they are trying to maintain the status quo and make people think he doesn't have a chance. Left/right paradigm and all – they need 'their' players in (MR/NG/SP). RP is/could be the JFK of our time. He went against TPTB. My humble 2 cents at least. I don't trust MSM and I don't trust the 'polls' put out by them. They are intended to influence you. Go out and read comments all over the world from various news organizations. The people are fed up/waking up etc……… the Emperor has no clothes… Read more »

It should also be noted that Fox News now has a news app out for iPad. The editor in charge of content encouraged his reporters to report on the "richest this" or the "biggest that" in an obvious effort to keep people distracted by trivial bull. The memo was recently leaked.

They absolutey refuse to report what is really going on in the world. Fox reporters lie on air at will, knowing full well they're reporting fabrications. Not enough people are bothering to ask why. It's a shame.

unbelievable. Can't believe fox news is still going to be honest

This shows that you cant trust the Mass Media on any level. They employ tactics like this all the time. Ron Paul's so-called anti NWO stance is a deception. He will give you false hope that someone is in Washington fighting for the people just like Obama. Its time to wake up and study the scriptures. The time of the Gentiles is almost done. Israel (Black Men and Woman) wake up and ask for forgiveness. Read Deuteromy the 28th Chapter. The curses that the Most High put on us is right there in black and white. Soon the world will know the truth and it will be delivered by his chosen people. Not the fakes posing as us in the so-called Middle East. Don't fear the NWO because the Gentiles are playing right into the hands of the Most High and biblical prophecy. Use these revelations to strengthen your faith… Read more »

What do you mean by Israel being the black men and women?

@Raphael…the biblical story of the Children of Israel is a historical account of the Most High's chosen people. I'm using the term Most High so not to confuse you because God and Lord are titles not names. I don't want to get too deep in this comment about the true name of the Creator. Please read Deuteronomy chapter 28 you will learn about the blessings and curses promised to Israel. If Israel obeyed they will be blessed, if they didn't follow the commandments they will be cursed. Pay attention to the curses and you will find out the true identity of Israel. The scriptures say Israel will be sent away "again" in ships to Egypt. Egypt is described in the Bible as a house of bondage. We all know America flaunts Egyptian symbols and hides their true meaning. America is the new Egypt the Bible is referring to and the… Read more »

I always thought the fake Israel were the Zionist? Elders of Zion…….explains a lot!

Student of truth, haven't you posted some time ago by the name of Jay? I kinda detect the same flawed apprehension of God where racism is mixed with some Old Testament teachings and a pinch of esoteric interpretation to give this weird confection of what you may or may not call Christian perspective. If black people were the real children of Israel then why weren't the prophets black? Why not King David? Why not Jesus Christ Himself? This is not to say that they were white. Because they were not: They were Semites, a race of people described in the Bible as having a dark-gold to copperish complexion. And why do you bring color into discussion anyway? Because after Christ's resurrection there is not a matter of skin color any more. It's a question of soul and faith. It's absolutely irrelevant how the original children of Israel looked like as… Read more »
@Raphael…no I'm not Jay. Racism being mixed into the scriptures was not done by blacks but whites. You obviously didn't read Deuteronomy chapter 28. If you can read that chapter and tell me the scriptures are not referring to Black people then you have issues with race. You're a product of white supremacy and the truth is not in you. If you understand the bible you know the Children of Israel are real people. The Most High told Abraham he wouldn't be able to count his descendants. Israel because of their disobedience were cursed to fall into bondage but the Most High promised to wake them up and return them to their land. This prophecy was faked/staged by Zionist with the present day state of Israel in 1948. You see, Israel is not land but a nation a group of people. Scholars will tell you that life started in Africa… Read more »
I agree with a lot of what you are saying – but do you then recommend completely removing yourself from the process that we are all a part of whether or not we want to be? Yes I have read 'The Book' and know how it ends, so I get the bigger picture. But in the hear and now, something simple like Ron Paul being in office vs Obama could have profound affects on the lives of Americans. When we see this car (America) racing towards a big brick wall, do we not even attempt to get off on the last exit?? What are we to do in the meantime? Allow this evil agenda to unfold and transpire right before our eyes? Are we to just turn our back on that? I am honestly curious because I have gone back and forth with this in my head many times. Thanks… Read more »
@Sarah Conner…the world is under great delusion. Your involvement in the voting process has no effect on the outcome. These decisions are made before the puppets are put on tv. Most Americans don't know the difference between the legislative branch and the executive branch. Do you really think the evil men that rule from behind the scenes are going to leave their fate up to a bunch of uneducated Americans? They purposely dumb us down with this second rate educational system. We're distracted by entertainment, sports, fake news and false religion. This is all theater and the time we spend being conned by these circus acts we can spend in deep study of the scriptures. It was written and all they can do is fulfill prophecy. The scriptures say "study to show thyself approved" and if we study the Most High will make clear the mysteries of the world. Open… Read more »
Student of Truth – I have appreciated your input but something was not sitting right so I have been thinking and discussing this all day. I received the following from a very trusted friend and could not say it better for myself so I'll just post it here: It is extremely important to vote and to go be a delegate. The delegates are the ones who choose your local candidates. In order to be a delegate you need to attend a caucaus. I am the chairman of my precinct. I have the emails of all my delegates. Local congressmen fear the delegates. Also it does work to call your local congressman in D.C.. The thing the powers that be would like the very most is for people like you and me to shut up and go home and just stay out of it. You will not have alot of power… Read more »

@Sarah Conner….on a certain level I understand where you're coming from. The powers that be constantly gauge the temperature of the public but no matter how much we resist they won't stop with their plans. They employ a process of gradually taking away your rights, money and freedom which is virtually undetectable to most people. At a certain point there will be an "event" that will cripple the nation. Local, State and Federal will be under siege and will follow orders from the same people that made the chaos. You have a lot to learn if you think Congressmen fear delegates. The powers that be don't care how you vote because they control your choices. Please pick up this book by Ralph Epperson called the Unseen Hand. I feel your passion and wish you nothing but the best but my advice is study the scriptures if you're looking for hope.

I believe you may have misinterpreted me, I have tons of hope!! Tons!!! 'Event'/NWO plans don't take my hope away. It shall come to pass, but there will also be wars and rumours of wars. I can't spend my time getting too caught up on the adversaries plans. To the contrary I actually see it as a motivation…..putting our feet to the fire (literally lol). I see how many people are waking up, and deciding that they do not accept what is happening. Resist the devil and he will flee. Evil is being exposed everywhere and the evil doers are running out of places to hide. I am in the scripture everyday, KJV. And will continue to act on my faith, and hope and as YHWH instructs. Which for me, right now, is plug in, time to move. There is some work to be done. But thank you! Peace And… Read more »
Awesome reply! We are more same page on most of this than than we aren't, I promise you. I appreciate your response tremendously!!!! I am just having a hard time completely detaching from the voting process, though I have flirted with the idea. I know it is rigged, and I suspect RP is in the brotherhood. I doubt there is a man or women in most of the executive and legistlative branch who is not. They only let in who they want to let in. I do get it. And after this past November, I was very disenfranchised to see how things have gone since the 'people' supposedly spoke. There have been baby steps on some things, but I am suspect of smoke and mirrors….or dogs and ponies. Having said that, I have two little guys, very little, and I just like to think that there is something we can… Read more »
@Sarah Conner…You won't be in a position to help your boys until you unplug yourself from the matrix and link up with the truth. I know it may seem hard and its diffucult to address in a comment but keep your heart and mind focused on truth. The Most High will reveal his hope for the future. You wont get freedom from this system because it was designed to oppress. Ron Paul cannot stop or challenge this system of white supremecy that is fighting for their very survival. The NWO movement is a last ditch effort on behalf of the Gentiles to unite the world and continue control of its people and resources. They have exercised an extraordinary amount of influence over the world under the cloak of darkeness but people are waking up. Their only option is the create a grand illusion which will cause panic and fear in… Read more »

Who is your Most High if you don't mind?

I dont know if someone already posted this but FOX NEWS + bill hemmer apologizes about the Ron Paul incident!!!!

They had to – infowars made it the #1 google trend yesterday

damage was already done so it does no harm or help to apologize

yea, they say it was just a gaffe

Now there is the Fox News I am accustomed to. Lying, cheating falsifying reports. Still though why so clumsy. I hope Ron Paul is actually for freedom and not in one of those secret fraternities.

Hoho. This isn't the only fake stuff Fox has screened. There's loads of sublimal s**t they used to try and mislead people/get them to support their cause. Loads of surveys were done to compare how misled Fox news viewers are compared to anyone else. I was taught about this in skl. Biased media reporting all the way.

first thing let me tell you sorry about my gramma. Secondly i've been couth up on those conspiracys when i started looking at subliminal messages on youtube (probably like other 50% of people here). thirdly i want to say that its very intresting amusing and informal, i learned a lot of history from it and I started to look for a deeper meaning in things and that helped me in my english like lets say for example my english teacher asked me what does a torch represent and i told her that in means wisdom and s**t. Anyway back to the point there are a whole lot of these conspiracys but 30% of them are made up. You could stop reading now what im saying but if u want to understand this keep reading.The thing is that we come to VC to get info about conspiracys and illiuminaty but do… Read more »

Found out about this yesterday..pretty ridiculous. Not really too surprised though..that's the media for ya. my solution: take back your mind and turn off the tv.

Did you know that if you write down 1-9 across the paper and then under 1 add A, under 2 add B and so on. Once you have all the alphabet written down, what do you see?

Suprisly you will see the number 6 and under it says 'FOX'…yes! 666!



Also google The Book of Mozilla or go to this link:

just learned about the book of mozilla…

it is not surprising that mozilla is sinister…

judging its logo and name…

Firefox reminds me of the cartoon series Naruto, a demon fox(kyuubi) was caged in his body…

the demon was a fire shaped in a form of a fox with ninetails(w/c is also shown in pokemon sa a fire type creature with nine tails… most powerful creature in that story i think…

@ Raphael – wow.. wtf is that book??

I don't know either but it's eerie. According to Wikipedia it's a hidden message found in the Mozilla web browser (formerly known as Netscape). Apparently nobody knows who put it there or what is the meaning of the Apocalypse-like passages in it. All I know I found here:

wow! very interesting indeed. Although I didn't know what fox may mean, I always wondered why Mozilla Firefox was named like that and was represented by a fox (?!) wrapping up the world.. Now it makes sense.

who comes up with this s**t?


I WILL VOTE 4 RON PAUL n the only reason he said that is because it will destroy him if he said otherwise. RP is just playn the game against them cowards. But do keep an eye open on him, u can never put ur trust on politicians.As for Fox news, i hope everyone of their employees get captured n tortured to death.

And RP has said that they there should be another investigation to the 9/11 Commission Report……

The hand signals, why am I not surprised? Can't we have one on our side? Geez.

They all speak pretty words don't they? sigh.

OH MY LORD, my jaw litterally dropped when I saw him flash the "sign". Praise the Lord that God is in control.

Everyone makes that hand sign now. So come on, that is not enough proof.

No, not everyone. I don't make it. And if you look at his facial expression while he was making it and his body language. It was deliberate. Don't be fooled.

@a person

I posted other links to photos of Ron Paul but they're waiting for Vigilant's moderation.

Not everyone makes those hand signals, I don't.

I know it hurts to see that Ron may or may not be working for the other side. Than again, the elite have infiltrated every side of the fence. So who are we to trust? I put my faith back in the Most High. We have to endure 'til the time comes when this is no more. God bless us all. It's time this sleeping giant AWAKEN.

Sometimes the snake can bite it's own tail – look at JFK. RP is in the game, because he knows how to play it. I was very saddened to learn he may be in the brotherhood, but he has consistently spoken out about ever expanding goverment, over spending and the erosion of the Constitution.

a few more here:….

After watching the pictures ask yourselves these: if he's the real deal how come he's still alive, well and rich? Also how come he doesn't succeed in changing anything at all? Because he barks a lot but doesn't bite.

I reckon he's one of them who just happens to play the bad boy role.

I like Ron Paul, but than again I liked Obama. No MAN can save us, so I will not put my faith behind any of them.

I hate Fox News and all the other media outlets that feed our people lies. The elite have control of every facet of our lives, down to the food that we eat. So until the internet is shutdown by our shady government, it will be the only place that I get my news.

……patiently waiting on the revolution.

I agree nobody truly knows the Agenda until they come into power. and Absolute Power, Absolutely corrupts. Then again you have to ask yourself why you Liked Obama because the two people are totally different. And not in the way a Republican is different in a Democrat because those are just two sides to the same coin.

Ron Paul has a proven track record and has shown throught his entire life and career to be a man who sticks to the Constitution and is Respects God of the Bible. No man can save the world. Only the son of man till he returns.

I will vote for Ron Paul should he run. I don't think he will win and if he wins and does what needs to be done he will be killed/Mayrtred just like JFK or MLK.

I agree with you Billy! But I'm writing him in regardless……I see no other option.

i wrote him in during the last election. will absolutely do the same if he runs again.

if i remember correctly, ron paul won 2nd in pennsylvania in 2008 and the media listed the first, third, fourth, etc winners — completely omitted him & his win. he's been the victim of mainstream media manipulation for a long time, so i wasn't surprised when i saw this. just sad… again.

It is all the major networks, just as VC has pointed out in earlier articles about the hand full of stations that own all the mainstream. Here is a taste from 2008 at one of the presidential debates from CNN

WOW the difference between the reality and the manipulation is unbelievable.

i think that ron paul always handles the negativity very well; he always goes right back to the most important thing — the protection of LIBERTY. would love to slap that newsanchor across the face and tell him to shut the f**k up.

F**K fox news, and all corporate media for that matter.

Not only Fox news all of the news networks has hidden agenda, we need more people like Ron Paul running our country i love the fact that Ron Paul has Goddly mortal & value to go up against the gain

Wonderful Job VC

Fox News? More like "Faux News".

this is so sad. only God knows what other lies the main stream media has been feeding us with.

The end of that video was too funny! Ha heh, ha heh, ha heh … LOL!

I hope Ron Paul is what he appears to be and is actually concerned about where this country is going. I hope he sees this video, too.

Masons always use the term "grasping at straws" and here we have the results of the Straw Poll, or rather the 'straw pull'? Anybody have any thoughts about this similarity?

jesus. this makes me want to cry. i hope ron paul doesnt get assassinated, the elite dont want to see him succeed in actually fixing things they way they should be fixed, they will never let him get there. its just so sad.

ps- end of the video=lol

f*ck yeah, ron paul is the man, he know whats to do, i dont know all of his policies, but i do know he wants to limit the scope of the federal government drastically, him and his brother know exactly what really been going on over the years and they haver always been opposed to it while educating other people on important issues.

I don't quite trust it. Not to start some dumb political squabble, I don't know much about Paul, but the platform of the Republican party is usually about EMPOWERING the elite. Making government smaller seems to just apply to less taxes for the wealthy and they'd generally do anything to give more power to the corporations trying to buy the world and attack restricting them as 'socialism'. Seems to me the GOP would be nice and happy gathered around a pyramid, not that dems are perfect either.

Also, this that video is strange. Seems pretty clear the crowd doesn't like Paul but he won two years in a row? This raises a lot of questions for me.

You guys have given me interesting things to look into. But at any rate this was dumb or a very dumb mistake of Fox, like people wouldn't have video of a major event from this year and last year smh.

did you watch the pre-election presidential debates? I like that you question politics, but if you watched them you'd notice all the other Republicans wanted a piece of Ron because his views are so different from that of his party generally. A lot of people want him to run as an independent but he says he has always been a republican and wants to win as a republican. Personally I think he is an excellent politican and person, has always stood by what he believes instead of changing it every year, and has logic. McCain especially got in heated debates with him over the War on Terror, things like how Ron wanted a 'nuetral policy' and McCain spins it to say he wants an "ioslationist party", further spinning it to say "that was the type of thing Hitler used" (lmao) Then Ron thouroughly explains to him thats hes a dumbass,… Read more »
Actually, I would say that Ron Paul is a pretty trustworthy guy. Yes he is technically a Republican, but he is also a Libertarian and is really a lot different than most from his side of the spectrum. He is a REAL Republican. If you watch some of his 2008 debates, you'll see he didn't make it because he wasn't enough like the rest of his "conservative" party. Check for yourself what he stands for and what he opposes. He's not some Neocon looking to start more wars; in fact, he wants to leave the unending, money consuming failure that is the "War on Terror." He has an entire book written about how terrible the Federal Reserve is (if you don't know what that is, I suggest watching the documentary The Money Masters on Youtube). He wants to go back to the gold standard so money actually has real value.… Read more »

Going back to the GOLD STANDARD, would be the dream of the bankers. I assume, you did not watch the documentation, The Money Masters. Else, you would know this.

yeah….why didn't ron call him out on it when asked about the booing?

certainly he knew that was last year.

trust in God only.

Never trusted FOX News; never will.

they were gonna call it faux new but felt it could be little to much to handle for the sheep so they chose fox new .

The sheep wouldn't even have read it to know the difference…they just stare at their screens with stupefaction.

I believe the correct name is FAUX news.

Can't exactly trust Communist News Network either….

Left wing, right wing at the end of the day they belong to the same big bird. When will the population realize that American politics is just fictitious entertainment perfectly designed and manipulated for the masses. One thing I know about politicians is that they have a P.H.D in deception. They'll swear up and down to do this and better that to gain the trust and support of the people. But when they're elected to a position of power, they forget all about the people and continue to further the elites political agenda for one world government. When the majority of people start putting their faith and trust into a politician rather than God, truly that is the beginning of the end for us all.

@Grasshopper – Well said, except it applies to politics & politicians EVERYWHERE. Can't live with them… yet is it even possible to live without them? 🙁

What exactly is the point in placing your faith towards a god rather than a politician? I mean you can expect a politician to go back on their word, but it's obvious that even if we had a creator, it's not in the business of rectifying conflict for us. We need to place every faith in ourselves as problem-solvers. That's how responsible adults behave.

When will people realize that these are two wings of the same bird. (Left-wing; right-wing)Many people who recognize what is happening dont seem to understand that the right-wingers are not your friend.We do not have any representation, we dont need smaller government, we need A government period. All of this privatization and deregulation and attacks on the poor and middle class, who do you think that benefits? They dont want to pay taxes for the trillions of dollars they suck from the economy selling you bullcrap and dreams (very patriotic). So they say we wanna cut spending and taxes for everyone, (spending meaning education and social programs of course). Throw in some religious rhetoric, (theyre not Christian they worship owl statues in woods BTW) and Voila, instant supporters. They want to keep ALL of the money with no protest or red tape so keep your extra two bucks in taxes… Read more »

Exactly, all of this is a ploy. They are playing a game with Ron Paul's position to dish out false hope in the population. Ron Paul is a pawn as well, like Grasshopper stated, these demons are masters of deception. If Ron Paul ever makes the Presidential seat, all will be disappointed that there beloved politician seemed to have so much potential. Sun Tzu stated all warfare is based on deception, think about that.

I want to hug you for this man….I'm not from US…but if one knows the conspiracy…Ron Paul and everyone in white house is ONE OF THEM….They will disappoint you again if you put your faith on Ron Paul…He too will change color as soon as he becomes something…Its just the shuffle of cards and yet the dealer remains the same.

They are deliberately crucifying Ron Paul, they are playing reverse psychology on us. Common, guys wake up, Ron Paul or white house or becoming president ain't gonna do nothing…the real masters are still alive and kicking and well hidden manipulating these puppets

hmmm…if you followed the 2008 election, Ron Paul was villified unmercifully, lied about in religious as well as secular circles. I suspect Fox is playing a game that will only benefit Fox and Ron Paul is quite outside of their foolish games.

I do agree that this government, its ‘electoral’ system, etc. is fixed, controlled, and manipulated but I would bet money (and I don’t gamble) that Ron Paul is not a part of it. It is for this reason he will never be elected as POTUS.

How many politicians will support this position and expect to be taken seriously:

Being Pro-Life Is Necessary to Defend Liberty

I applaud him – he’s not perfect but he is a man of integrity.

hmmm…if you followed the 2008 election, Ron Paul was villified unmercifully, lied about in religious as well as secular circles. I suspect Fox is playing a game that will only benefit Fox and Ron Paul is quite outside of there foolish games.

I do agree that this government, its 'electoral' system, etc. is fixed, controlled, and manipulated but I would bet money (and I don't bet) that Ron Paul is not a part of it. It is for this reason he will never be elected as POTUS.

How many politicians will support this position and expect to be taken seriously:

Being Pro-Life Is Necessary to Defend Liberty

I applaud him – he's not perfect but is a man of integrity.

This should be at the top of drudge