Former CIA Officer Schools CNN Hosts on Libya (video)


When CNN invited former CIA officer Michael Scheuer to discuss the CIA’s involvement in Libya, I am pretty sure they did not expect this kind of interview. Instead of justifying the presence of the CIA in Libya, Scheuer went off-script and told the truth about the Libyan invasion. He negated the false “Democrats versus Republicans” debate and rather mentioned Bilderberg attendees Hilary Clinton and John McCain as important actors. He also described the futility of this war in America’s economic context and predicted the inevitability of a land invasion. To finish it off, he accused the distraught “news chicks” (giving propaganda a sexy image) of “carrying the water for Mr. Obama”. Nice.

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Go Michael! Stick it to those ladies. Television stations always have a preset viewpoint and they will argue and back talk so that it comes across. He had great rebuttle and stayed on top. Of course our taxes have everything to do with sending money oversees. These are our tax dollars and according to the constitution which inadvertanly no longer matters to our government we are to decide how are taxes are spent. But they send them all over the world without any recognition to us. We don't decide the president people!!!! Have you ever heard of the electoral college!!!!!!