Former CIA Officer Schools CNN Hosts on Libya (video)


When CNN invited former CIA officer Michael Scheuer to discuss the CIA’s involvement in Libya, I am pretty sure they did not expect this kind of interview. Instead of justifying the presence of the CIA in Libya, Scheuer went off-script and told the truth about the Libyan invasion. He negated the false “Democrats versus Republicans” debate and rather mentioned Bilderberg attendees Hilary Clinton and John McCain as important actors. He also described the futility of this war in America’s economic context and predicted the inevitability of a land invasion. To finish it off, he accused the distraught “news chicks” (giving propaganda a sexy image) of “carrying the water for Mr. Obama”. Nice.



  1. Go Michael! Stick it to those ladies. Television stations always have a preset viewpoint and they will argue and back talk so that it comes across. He had great rebuttle and stayed on top. Of course our taxes have everything to do with sending money oversees. These are our tax dollars and according to the constitution which inadvertanly no longer matters to our government we are to decide how are taxes are spent. But they send them all over the world without any recognition to us. We don't decide the president people!!!! Have you ever heard of the electoral college!!!!!!

  2. Michael S owned this interview. He is calling out the white elephant in this room called the great US of A. Of course they wouldn't give a crap if there was no oil. Where were they with Sudan, Rwanda and countless other genocidal incidents in history? Now they're worried about Libya? Where were they when thousands died during the South African error of apartheid. If they cannot benefit, they won't go in it's that simple. Always a question of what the US can gain. Take a peek at the Bloomberg reports on US companies benefitting from the Japan tragedy, food for thought.

  3. Here's an article telling the truth about the current civil unrest in Ivory Coast which will interest many of you out there:

    We have to rethink about the "pro-democracy movement" in the ME led by the UN and NATO. Only the good and brave in the intelligence community come out and tell the truth. Cheers for them!

  4. so basically leave the libyan civillians to die under the wrath of gaddaffi is the right thing to do? frankly, he's wrong. the libyan people are pleading for help and you all believe that no one should help them and they should just be slaughtered like animals. the libyan opposition have no interest in islamist ideologies STOP GENERALISING!. They just want freedom. I bet you anything if this fella was a libyan national he would not be saying all these things about leaving them alone and it's none of their business, and neither would you. put yourself in their shoes and then ask yourselves if you feel that NATO and other western countries helping is the right thing to do? My guess would be a YES.

    • Just like how NATO "helped" those 2000 civilians in Yugoslavia.

      Btw NATO is just a artificial construct for the western nations, led by the USA, to wage war and avoid targeted blame.

      Even if all those questionable reports about Gaddafi attacking civilians was true, that doesn't mean that's the real reason why the west has intervened, with their track record. I cannot support them, because the even though I believe military intervention is necessary sometimes to protect civilians, that's not their motive.

      They've been trying to oust Gaddafi for the longest while. If they really were concerned about civilians and democracy(really spreading US interests, IE One World Gov.), they should have intervened in their beloved ally Yemen first, where the government provably slaughtered 40 civilians in one day. Or probably the Darfur genocide, or countless of other times when masses of people in countries that contained none of their interests needed help. Yes, the Gaddafi regime has likely commited alot of terrible human rights abuses, but they're not unique in the Middle East in the slightest bit.

      The fact is, they don't care about human life. Is it a co-incidence that it's Oil rich countries they've invaded, and of the Oil rich Middle East Nations, it's some of the weakest of the lot? Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya. I think the Globalists have gotten more than they bargained for though.

  5. in my understanding you interview someone with the desire for them to answer a question you cant answer yourself, but they answered their own questions and imposed them upon him. I think he did a great job of not telling them what they wanted to hear :[)

  6. Hi,

    Why didn't the interviewers just start talking "GIBBERISH" ala Judge Judy and get the f**k out of there?

    Or maybe they were on the "GIBBERISH" buzz. lol

  7. ha I love it! He looked so calm and the "new girls" looked like they were going to panic!

    The truth is out there, we are just to blind to see it.

    " I know what THEY dont want to tell you, just hope your Heaven sent, and Hell proof" – Lil Wayne (smh)

  8. Western democracy cannot be implemented in any Islamic country. And by Islamic I mean a country that has majority of Muslims not a country that is practising the shariah (coz that only exists in Saudi Arabia).

    You cant impose some new ideology to the other side of the world. They have their own and the West has what they know as democracy. Its two completely different things. What the West think of democracy is not what Islam indicate in practise. If you follow the Qur'an then you cant really follow a man made democracy. The Qur'an is known as the word of God hence must be followed and in result you're following the rules of God not 'democracy'. And you cant argue with the Qur'an, you either follow it or leave it ie become a non muslim.

    Again a western democracy cant be practised in any Islamic country.

  9. she made sure end the interview as soon as they realized he wasn't going to say what they wanted him to say… i applaud him for telling the truth. and its really surprising coming from a former CIA agent, I figured he would be loyal to the govt

    • Maybe he was a fool to join CIAsh!t and as time progressed he realised he's got some conscience and he's not into kid fiddling and demon worshipping. Better late than ever.

  10. I hope this interview was airing in a room somewhere in the world filled with NATO & American Troops…

    I totally agree with his statement on UN Ambassador Rice ….shes a psychopath…well i guess you have to be if your job description includes being the official voice for the Obama Admin to the World Government…

    Everything on the News right now in all NATO countries is PURE PROPAGANDA.

  11. When people reveal the truth, they either get killed in car accidents or commit suicide. It's very common in those circles.

  12. i wonder how long before live tv is cut off entirely to avoid situation such as this. thank you VC this video recieved alot of cheers in this household!

  13. Ground truce, I would like to know how that goes if Gadaffi survives, if they don't kill him. They got some competition on there hands. Wonder what happened when the cameras stopped rolling. I bet he felt GOOOOOOD bc i can't stop smiling. lol the end was funny, she struggled with the words.

  14. Broads and news don't mix, they just distract us from the issues. If you must have women on to feign an interest in equal rights or something make them ugly.

    • Are you saying good looking women are more distracting than good looking men? You are obviously a man… there are two sides here you know 😉

    • God is truth. Wasn’t it nice.. It was the best news moment all month. Maybe you guys should post these best news moments and do one of the public straw polls for a winner.

      Cant agree with him on Israel, the day we stop helping the only other nation that truly loves freedom is the day are great sins will be remembered, (the wrath is coming upon the great mystery babbler.) A friend of Israel is a friend of Gods. But an enemy of Israel, after the diaspora is not a good idea. The scriptures are clear about that, and also clear that who ever messes with Israel now,… is no longer doing it as Gods tool of correction " i have left your house desolet to you". “First the Jew then the gentiles”. We should be on the side of God on this one, or learn to speak Arabic. If the last few years haven’t wakened us up to seek Gods truth, then we don’t get the big picture.

      • Israel isn't being given to the Jews by God – it's land being stolen using murder, starvation, deprivation, terrorism (yes!), inhumane treatment of others…. i'm fairly confident God won't be one of your fans if you support the above against gods creations.


      • You're absolutely right its a stolen land. Israel is a friend of convenient nothing else. They'r not supporting israel for religious reasons (jonny apple seed your comment is ridiculous) but rather political interest and to keep an eye on the middle east and iran. Think bout it, israel is in perfect position just in the middle of all mess.

      • Not when the "New Israel" (since 1948) was birthed by the Rothschilds & they still own that country (google Benjamin Freedman) those Khazar's/ashkenazi's stole that land… also the Real Nation of Israel is not bound by borders. Case in point : Were they not still Israel when they were in bondage in Egypt? Were they not still Israel when they were wandering in the wilderness?

        Lets take a peek at God's word

        I (Jesus) know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan. Fear none of those things which thou shalt suffer . . . be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life. . . . Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee. Revelation 2:9-10, 3:9.

        Please friend do not be deceived.

      • I find it funny how people try and criticize Israel. Forgetting that Israel is the only true democracy in the middle east. Which recognizes the right to liberty and freedom of speech. And many I find it funny when people say they stole the land… historically the land their in right now has been theirs for the past 3500 years. And its also funny to that the Jewish state offered the Palestinian 97 percent of the west bank and east jersualem as their capital in 2000 but the Palestinian refused. And not only that Israels declaration of independence gave the arabs full and equal citizenship if desired. But yet many refused in turn became refugees. And the proposition is still the same today but many refuse. And its also funny people think the surrounding arab nations trully support the Palestinians, but if a Palestinian was to go to Jordan he would be treated like a 3rd world citizen. But here is Israel saying if u want to become an Israeli here it it is. Another fact Palestinian in latin is translated Philistine.

      • Are you kidding?? Of course they stole the land, that is absolutely ridiculous that you believe that. If I am correct, the only way for you to become an isreali is to reject your religion, which just happens most palestinians are Muslim. That's not very democratic, and free.
        Every day Isrealis demolish homes of Palestinian familes on the palestinian's land, while there are women and children still in the homes. They murder people or every nationality and every religion. I don't understand how you can think isreal is all about freedom, democracy, FREE SPEECH and all the other bs you probably heard on fox news. They do the dirtiest, nastiest things to other human beings it doesn't make it to the media because isreal does't believe in free speech and they shut people down, they don't allow the media to pick up on the stories. Check youtube, i have seen some sick things those people have done.
        If you're on this website I would assume you don't believe anything they say on fox, CNN etc……

  15. I can only imagine the long line of explicatives from these 2 news girls as soon as the camera stopped. It must have looked like an exorcism having some truth out.

    • Or the higher ups immediately phoned down to the studio and let them both know that their air time would be cut back a little next week, so they could attend some 'continuing education' classes next week.

  16. LOL, he was enjoying this interview! Especially when the News Girls get flustered and can not handle hearing the Truth. They really stutter in disbelief, look mortified, and lots arm gesturing, fidgeting, paper shuffling – All while he sits back cool calm and collective laughing with a smile!

  17. It´s so annoying people telling the truth about issues are not allowed to speak longer about this things.. real life cnn propaganda

  18. I love that when the easter bunny one was commenting on the invasion not being a US led effort, and that is now NATO led and backed by many Arab nations…..he giddily replied "That may fool some Americans"….uh yeah…like you ladies. Love it. This country needs more Michael Scheuer's….they got all flustered and had to cut. Truth hurts.

  19. that was AWESOME at the end when she tried to say the economy and the war in libya are separate, he shut her DOWN. well done, i wish people like this would get more interviews and that viewers would pay attention.

  20. Did that dumb broad really say the war and the economy are two separate issues? Um, WARS COST MONEY! No, we're not bankrupt, but we are running the biggest deficit in HISTORY. That's nothing to sneeze at.


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