Forget M.I.A’s Bird-Flip, Worry About Pop’s Sexual Moral Decline

Oh Noes!

Oh Noes!

Several days after the Superbowl and its half-time show, which was a highly symbolic occult ritual celebrating the world elite’s stronghold on the masses, people are still shocked by…a finger. Look at the picture above. Look at that long-ass finger of hers. Get over it. To witness the outrage across mass media for this gesture while there is absolutely no attempt to understand the profound symbolism of the 13 minutes performance is staggering…but not surprising. It perfectly reflects our society’s propensity for superficial, knee-jerk reactions to futile matters while avoiding at all cost profound reflections on the bigger picture. Fortunately, some truth manages to find its way in mainstream media such as the following article that appeared in the Huffington Post. Ellen Grace Jones, the author of the article appears to be a reader of this site and understands the agenda being pushed through popular culture. So good job on getting this info published on a mainstream site!

Forget M.I.A’s Bird-Flip, Worry About Pop’s Sexual Moral Decline

It’s hard to believe it’s been eight years since Janet Jackson’s ‘Nipplegate’ and the Superbowl has been seriously lacking a good scandal until now.

Yes we all love a spot of moral outrage and thanks to naughty M.I.A’s, ahem, ‘finger malfunction’ during Grand High Priestess Madge’s Egyptian-Greco-Roman Superbowl spectacle, under the terms of M.I.A’s contract, she now faces a fine to the tune of hundreds of thousands levied by the United States’ Federal Communications Commission. Ouch.

Given the track was mimed and pre-recorded, evil side-eyes should be thrown at other parties for allowing this to happen rather than M.I.A herself. In a playground-esque blame game of ‘I didn’t do it, he did!’ the NFL finger-pointed at NBC, “The NFL hired the talent and produced the half-time show,” they cried! Whilst NBC are framing the NFL, “There was a failure in NBC’s delay system. The obscene gesture in the performance was completely inappropriate, very disappointing, and we apologise.”

M.I.A’s camp just blamed nerves. Right. Cue Operation Damage Control.

Sure the bird-flip was pretty ill-judged – but when you book a provocative performer like M.I.A what did they expect? Given the utter degeneration and hyper-sexualisation of our current crop of female pop performers (Rihanna, Katy Perry, Gaga et al – you know who you are) in terms of debasing, offensive, inappropriate performances, M.I.A.’s middle-finger salute was little more than a cheeky nose-thumbing.

Now don’t panic, I’m not gonna get all Daily Mail on your ass wailing, “Won’t somebody please think of the children??” I’m no prude right-winger but this moral outcry over a daft rebellious gesture serves only to illustrate how Western society’s collective moral compass is seriously askew. If we can froth and pant and seethe over a one second gesture yet simultaneously, gluttonously, ravenously consume toxic pop imagery damaging to impressionable young girls then I have to wonder what the hell is up?

The Parents Television Council accused the NFL of booking “performers who have based their careers on shock, profanity and titillation. Either the NFL and NBC will take immediate steps to hold those accountable for this offensive material in front of a hundred million Americans, or they will feebly sit back and do nothing.”

I do wonder, how many of it’s members have taken their daughter to a Nicki Minaj concert.

The recipe for an archetypal MTV music video now goes a little something like this: take one large slice of hooker-ish attire, mix throughly with a dollop of gyrating and crotch-flashing, add a splash of ghetto-chic, serve it up with S&M overtones and optionally season well with some dark, satanic symbology thrown in for good measure. Yummy!

A new pop star’s contract is more Faustian pact than record deal and it frightens me how dumbed-down and culturally-opiated the West has become to accept this as the norm. Music videos are a hypnotic portal of lethal influence: the current pop landscape is awash with over-sexualisation, dehumanisation/transhuman, mutilation/ritual and militarization /police state themes. Clever purposeful programming to debase and disassociate us from social norms.

The age-old retort of, “It’s not the pop star’s fault it’s the parents for letting them see it” is moot. That there should be parental responsibility is not in doubt – it goes without saying – but is it possible for parents to police the TV, internet, radio and magazine stands at all times? I think not. This imagery is omnipresent, pervasive and corrosive whichever way you look.

Anyway, all the above aside, Madge’s turgid Gimme All Your Luvin’ song was frankly more offensive than M.I.A’s mid-finger-flip. Madonna’s talent has always lied in hijacking a subculture before it permeates the mainstream and intelligently bringing it into our consciousness. For all her commendable gymnastic ability (homegirl sure worked those moves) her last few albums have been a case of idly rent-an-already-huge-star rather than appropriating a bubbling-under trend making it your own. It’s literally a case of cool-by-association ‘If I can’t beat ’em nowadays, I may as well rope ’em in to make me cred.’ Madge now appears more lazy coat-tail rider than the radical pop-pioneer she once was.

Maybe she only has herself to blame? After all, she flaunted those overtly sexual vibes in a pop arena first (albeit with subversion and wit) thus opening the floodgates for the new blood to follow, pushing her sexual agenda – both worryingly and potentially – to the point of no return.

– Source: Huffington Post


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rock has never been about teaching or encouraging morals, sexual or otherwise

rihanna and chris br

Speaking of moral decline…

Chris Brown is now singing and collaborating with the girl he beat up! They are collaborating on two songs together!!! Isn’t that amazing?! Chris is so incredible!!!

Chris Brown and Rihanna are now doing business together and being friends and singing about cake!!!

Isn’t that so smart???

The music industry is so amazing and intelligent!!! The industry is so great!!! I mean of all the remixes that could have happened, this one is the best!!! Best idea ever!!!

We are all douchebags and trolls if we do not agree with these remixes!!

Rihanna and Chris were never puppets, they are such geniuses!!!



*sigh* Damn them all, let me tell ya this. I dont want 2 have my kids here at all. No way, they won't learn at all about their roots and forget their native language. And learn whts trendy in here and what's not. Though of course I will make sure to be on their case as much as I can. No bloody phones; Pcs till 16! >:O Of course 1 PC 4 every1 to use and homework use but thats it. This is so creepy, and frustrating. Thanx VC


@yosan dont bother replying,clearly you wont understand….*Arrahman arraheem is the arabic word for "the most gracious and most merciful" simple.


@ Fatima


I apologize for disturbing or disrespecting you in any form.

The religion of Islam is a great religion and we in the west owe our renaissance to it.

Please research on pagan Arabia…the Jahalia as it was called.The ancient practices , rituals and cults in phonecia, Syria,Yemen,Oman,and the Hejaz.

For starters

Lucian Of samosata….A Roman Syrian who wrote about the cult of Venus…around 2000 years ago (near about 150-176 AD)

De dea syria


I don't want you to leave, it's not your fault. I'm not better of without you… And i don't think you mess everything up, maybe i'm the one who doesn't know what the world is like. But i agree with your thesis, ordered chaos, s**t evil, but beautiful at the same time. And it doesn't always have to be cold… It wouldn't have to be. ISO/IEC 9995-2:2009


It is not surprising that most Female MTV pop stars today perform lots of sexual and promiscuous acts on screen and on stage. It is the way the world is today according to the Satanic Illuminati Prostitute Media. Oh and the authorities are so concern about one itsy bitsy little middle finger when they actually legalize uncensored adult p**n sites? What a joke.



Much appreciated.


At :39 into Rihanna's S&M video the notepad says "Rihanna / Princess of the Illuminati / S**T". The imagery throughout is just f****d up indecency after f****d up indecency and this b***h is what girls look up to?

I've seen some lewd videos certainly, but this new generation of pop stars is out of hand. I can't believe that people actually let their children watch s**t like this.

Harlequin Nameless

Well, this is very informative. All these articles are. But just watching these things can feel a little torturous, not unlike the feeling of having your nose glued to a castanet in action. The migraine at the sound of drums can be unbelievable, and there is a sickly moment of "How the hell did we get ourselves into this?"…


To truly understand what this site is exposing, one must read The Curse Of Canaan. It is free online, and a joy to read. May truth be exposed!


When you slow down nicki minaj her voice sounds identical to jay z. I am wondering if the girls dna was used to make a droid which jay z controls.

But then missy elliots voice sounds like jay z when you slow it down as well. the track is that yo b***h sounds like jay but if you slow it down its missy.


VC should create an article about Nicki Minaj's disturbing Grammy performance. I don't understand the point of her ugly performance. What the hell was that?


Her performance was her way of telling the world that Roman isn't an alter ego. He's a demon. And that the exorcism didn't work. But ofcourse… Everyone thinks it's just Nicki being Nicki…


i've been an m.i.a. fan for years now, but it seems ever since her song "paper planes" got huge and she went mainstream shes totally changed. she married that billionaire dude. her last album was beyond trash, and her newest one will prob suck too. shes making songs with madonna and nicki minaj. wtf? if you'd told me 6 years ago that the girl i saw rapping about refugee camps would be at the superbowl in an egyptian ho outfit chanting about "luvin" madonna like some idiot drone i'd never believe it.

and thats SOOOO true about madonna coattail riding. she did it with justin timberlake on her last hit. did it with britney spears before. now nicki and m.i.a. are her latest cohorts. she just sit down. she sucked when she was young but seeing a 50+ aged mother still trying to gyrate and oversexualize herself is just embarassing

Please Explain

To EGJ, the author:

I liked much of your article, but I have a serious question. How was it "subversive and with wit" when Madonna first did the hooker-ish attire and crotch-flashing, etc.?

Wise Texan

Good article, thank you. Couldn't agree more. To fault parents in this scenario is wrong. Children should be able to sit with their family and watch the superbowl half time show without the parents having to be on guard for this stuff. If a parent takes a child to an "R" rated movie, the parents should expect this stuff, but not for the superbowl.

Anyone old enough to remember Cher appearing somewhere in public in a long dress, the same color as her skin, with "certain areas" covered? It gave the appearance that she was completely nude. This has been coming for some time. 🙁 I'm glad I'm OLD and not raising children. I most likely wouldn't even own a TV except to play DVD's.

Yes, we the USA are being "dumbed down" by the media.


I'd like to ask VC what he/she thinks (or anyone else) of this new trend: Having beautiful, girly boys playing the part of girls in that most hideous of all occupations: The catwalk.

The elite f**s who run the world of "hi-fashion" have FINALLY found what they have been desperately looking for in Andrej Pejic – the face of a girl with the body of a boy.

Those f**s will eventually manage to eliminate women alltogether from womens' fashion.

Sorry if this is off topic.



I'm not surprised by this. Mainly the last 15 years they employ females with boyish figures and androgynous faces. Most of the designers are homosexuals anyway, surely they prefer people who physically look like them. I used to hang out with gay men in the past and even though they seem to be fun to be around as they're into anything fashionable/trendy, they're experts at entertainment/clubbing/beauty tricks, they seem to have extreme social skills etc, I noticed they constantly lie, they are disloyal, venomous, spew verbal lashings and to top it off are extremely bitchy/jealous of women. At least the gay men I used to socialized with, hence I can't form a crystal opinion about all of them.


Its funny how the frame where she is "flipping the bird"(always sounded gross) the background dancers are air humping.HA! !Read Between The Lines"!


It,s sick how a married women like beyonce can sing such lyrics to little girls ''i may be young but i'm ready…..i told my friends you can get it''and snoop, a man approaching 50 and whiz khalifa singing ''so what we get drunk we don't care who sees….. cause we're young and wild and free''these people presumably love and protect their own kids but their job entails corrupting other people's kids, i wish hell exists.


@Fleurdamour Dear Madam! I am disturbed to have discussed the issue of seth typhoon/shiva archetype. Maam, what I have learned from the mysteries, is to never take the narration seriously, but the principle hidden within it! Either it be the watchers, the fallen ones, abaddon, jinns, booths,demons,the wailing siren,the veiled witch, the genie in the lamp, cinderella…..they are all combinations, etymological root connotations and illusions , purposefully designed as stories and fables. The kid who is read stories at infancy, is the same kid, who is told stories in organized religions , when he graduates to higher fiction. in one word serpent . in two words dualism principle in three words trinity in unity , or unity in trinity ( quater ni on) Magic number 4=1 +3 in three letters SEX ( S for serpent, eve, heva, life, female element or unity or 1, E or turn it 270 degrees and it becomes the triune, trimorti, trinity, or male phallus or number 3….and X which is male in female and female in male) SEX is the godhead and all world religions are combinations of its principles. I would suggest the following works for your edification Ancient faiths embodied in ancient… Read more »


Yosan, thank you, and I didn't mean to upset you. This stuff is disturbing. I feel like I need to learn about it in self-defense. The cumulative evidence that something weird is going on has reached critical mass to convince me, and I don't have the kind of personality that can just cling to a Bible and not ask questions. I spent some of my childhood in a small town in the Bible belt, exposed to rabid, irrational and intolerant Christian fanaticism, and while that didn't turn me completely away from Christianity, God or religion, it did give me a healthy skepticism about groupthink and an insatiable desire to understand religion. Reading the epic of Gilgamesh at the age of 19 further cemented my conviction that there was a LOT more to the ancient world and the origins of Christianity than any modern church would admit. Ironically, it was the fact that there was an account of the Flood in a book written thousands of years before the Bible that inspired that feeling. The Jews spent many years under the direct influence of the Egyptians and Babylonians, and much of their religion is not original, it came from those cultures.… Read more »



Yes i agree with you, that there is a very ancient religion being played behind the illusion of modern day monotheistic faiths.There is a silver string that holds all mysteries and mythologies together.

I am convinced its serpent worship!

The God, or creative force of this universe is serpentine in its essence!

The godhead is three fold,one in unison!

The Indian Mahadeva Shiva, the demiurge,Juggurnath,Ishwara….fascinates me!

I see his/her essence in all religions!


SIVA " Chil. . . The Prince of Elder Time, be he God Or Daemon, Savior or Destroyer, Is capable for all : speak more plainly. B. M. Hear, then. I am Maha Deva, God in the remotest East ; my throne Is on the sacred Kailas, mount of the assembly; My votaries, the black men of the Indian groves. My worship, the oldest cult of men. All peoples and all faiths are mine; The hopes, passions, lusts and purposes of men Are inspired by me and led on to success. Ere the white Aryan invaded my forests, And Brahman fanatics o'erturned my altars, My children had crossed the Erythrean sea — And I was the tutelar god of Babel, The Dionysos of fertile Arabia, Moloch in Syria, Baal in Tyre, Hercules, who guided the Phoenician ships To distant seas, and to the gardens Of the Hesperides — or wheresoe'er The mariners cared to go ; And everywhere I was revered and worshipped, At the Baal-fires, Druid-groves, in caves And remote places. . . Here I am called The Black :Man of the Forest, And denounced as Satan, Prince of Evil." C.STANILAND WAKE


Thanks, that article is interesting. I could not help but be struck by the similarity between the unworked block of stone as a Shiva symbol and that of the Masons, representing uncultivated man or prima materia. Amazing to find that there is a large group of people practicing a very old religion in the modern world. It's like a curtain lifting to reveal an entire new level of reality. The thing is, too, it doesn't even matter what I or anyone else believes, if there is a large group of people who share a belief system, put a great of deal of energy of will behind it and act on it, what matters is what THEY belive – they can have a very large effect, apparently negative. It seems to me we are confronted with the persistence of a primitive belief system, and primitive man was a mass of undifferentiated archetypes without moral development. He had the kind of mind that could make a human sacrifice because he thought the gods needed it, or even worse, because he wanted something, without thinking about what that meant for the individual being sacrificed or that maybe some day it would be his… Read more »



Shiva was the lord of destruction, burnt sacrifice but worshipped as a transforming force.

Primitive man was more intune with nature and realized that although nature may appear beautiful and serene from the outset, it holds a very cruel, insensitive ,absurdly evil core, which maintains life on earth.

The appreciation of evil, in maintaining order.

Freemasonry, at the very core is shivite .

And so are all the monotheistic religions, but they aren't packaged like that for general consumption.

God can only survive, as long as there is evil.

Without suffering, dismay,destitution…..God would not exist.

Fear is what obliges and creates respect.

The hidden God, surya, solar snake, abaddon,shiva.


From Wikipedia, Inanna – “Interpretations of the Inanna descent myth – Additionally, the myth can be described as a union of Inanna with her own “dark side”, her twin sister-self, Ereshkigal, as when she ascends it is with Ereshkigal’s powers, while Inanna is in the underworld it is [[Ereshkigal] who apparently takes on fertility powers, and the poem ends with a line in praise, not of Inanna, but of Ereshkigal. It is in many ways a praise-poem dedicated to the more negative aspects of Inanna’s domain, symbolic of an acceptance of the necessity of death to the continuance of life. It can also be interpreted as being about the psychological power of a descent into the unconscious, realizing one’s own strength through an episode of seeming powerlessness, and/or an acceptance of one’s own negative qualities, as it is by Joseph Campbell. To the ancient Mesopotamian audience, though, it is most likely that the Descent of Inanna’s moral was that there are always consequences for one’s actions. “The Descent of Inanna, then, about one of the gods behaving badly and other gods and mortals having to suffer for that behavior, would have given to an ancient listener the same basic… Read more »



On a lighter note madam…why don't you watch this closely.


It's Babylollywood!

The Illuminati has got one thing right – hell on earth would definitely involve a lot of really bad pop music.


@Fleurdamour This song was actually a prayer thinly disguised as a Bollywood starts with the eye of shiva and you can trace a serpentine object running through it.Shiva is always represented by a pentacle,eye in a triangle, pillars, phallus lingum,pyramids and is the Lord of mountains.The lord of the snakes…the snake God! We see the chess board pattern and red, white dualism,(alchemical dualism) We see shahrukh khan as an avatar of the divine male godhead, wearing the colors of black, red and white , which are the colors of brahma, Vishnu and shiva and a heavily outlined "X" on his shirt, which is the mark for Osiris,Nimrod and Shiva.Many Shivites consider Shiva to be the ultimate God and brahma, Vishnu to be subservient to him.He is the primordial, sexual male generative force. The actress Kajol in Pink represents the feminine powers of shkatima, kalima,pravarti,Lakshmi,sarasawati…..the female godhead.Pavarti the consort of Shiva is always seen dressed in pink,scarlet attire. A lot is sensuality , beats and rhythm. As Shiva is the lord of the drum ,beats and dance…and the God of the karma sutra . This song, although looks like a typical Indian , desi beat song….is actually holding a lot… Read more »


Thank you for that. I once had a profound Sufi experience with depeche mode's 'violator' album- it's all about the rose.


At the very root of all Worldy religions is a black satanic core. Evil rules this world and the elites worship this evil This fire…. Or transforming agent…..shiva! Even good, or dogmatic good, good of the book, human ethics have been designed by evil. Evil needs good as a mask to cover it. If evil were to manifest itself, in it's most true form….people would revolt.. Evil is intelligence…and thus puts a mask of goodness… To prolong its grip,to dilute its poison…but never leaves its clutched victims.. The worshippers of Baal, the Pharisees, capitalized on this young yoshua vin padhera punishment by the Romans, sequenced it along the mithraic ,osirian mysteries and created Christianity to capitalize of the profaned stupidity. The popes in their imperial clothes, the imperial orgies…and the dumb deluded masses being hung on the hangmans noose for not paying imperial taxes…. The backers of Vatican and the creation of Islam , did the same for the Arabian, north African "market". The evil elites , made all the monotheistic religions,to mind control man. To delude him and strip him off his aggressiveness and intelligence. To confuse him, make him walk the walk and talk the talk… To make… Read more »


Thank you very much, Yosan your input has helped advance my understanding. I think it’s best if we part ways here, because my world view is pretty much the polar opposite of yours, and we’ll just end up going in circles with each other. I'll share a bit of that worldview, take from it what you will: If a tiger eats me, I don’t feel that that would be because it is evil, it’s because it was hungry, and that is its nature. The tiger is part of a process of natural balance that I understand as God. I don’t think God is evil, and I don’t think religion is evil, either – I think people are not very evolved yet. God doesn’t make us hurt ourselves and each other, and neither do demons. WE do it. And we don’t have to, we can choose something different, because we do have consciousness, even if we are not using it much. I don’t think the Judeo/Christian/Islamic religious branch is artificially created, I think it’s an organic development of the greater Mediterranean religio-cultural complex that is in turn part of the Indo-European complex. I think it can only be understood in that… Read more »


@fleurdamor Madam…thank you for the acquaintance. A parting note…… The only scene that ever gave me a Sufi,transcendental experience. Observe it deeply.                                              "     Masked  orgy   " Eyes Wide Shut 1999 Nobody seems to notice the Islamic architecture in this scene.Why did Kubrick, who was a master of observance and perfectionist to the utmost….include Islamic/moorish architecture to this inner mysterium?The muslim mosques look exactly like the architecture in the movie from the inside. Notice The arches (female,yoni) and pillars (male , phallus) in the structure.Male in female, female in male.Notice the color palette of the entire ceremony black, red and white(building)..these are the colors of brahma,Vishnu and shiva…the white being the color of shiva, black that of Vishnu and red of brahma.. The red  cloak with a phallic rod in one hand, and a yoni incense receptacle in the other.Male and female.The ladies bow down in Sajda ,as the Muslims do in prayers and wear black veils.. The veil of Isis….the hidden one,  color of Saturn and Kali ma (black mother Pavarti) and maha kala (shiva).kal… Read more »


What confused me most was why M.I.A was there at all.

If you know her music, she is all into "third world chic" and mostly raps about underprivileged areas of the world and all the hard knocks that come with living in the third world. She herself comes from that sketchy, third world anarchist background.

So why does she show up to the one event that is the most capitalist, the most commercialized, the most first world in the history of television, and gleefully gyrates to stupid, overprocessed drivel?

And then goes back to her 'ohhh i'n third world, we live a hardknock life' right afterward. It's disgusting how she blatantly poses around these sorts of people like some sort of daring underdog statement.

Just another thing that is all a ruse and a 'look'


Every female in pop music is a pathetic tool. They are nothing more than willing sex slaves, and, unfortunately, almost every young female in America would do anything to duplicate their masochism in order to be considered "sexy". In my opinion, any young girl can be virtually "beta" programmed by watching MTV each day. "be nothing but an envelope for men's sexual pleasure…that is your role in life" is the message. It is pathetic that half of the world's population has no further goal in life than this. I dare you–name ONE widely known female in music who actually plays a musical instrument (and no, the "skin flute" doesn't count) and relies on musical ability rather than the tricks of the "oldest profession in the world". You can't. A big part of the impending New World Order is the use of all women as willing masochistic prostitutes and brood mares for men (well, at least those who aren't "Born That Way", if you know what I mean). Note that Lady Gaga's worship of "the gays" extends only to gay men. Any woman who doesn't want to be part of this agenda is pretty much invisible.


Hey, what about that girl….umm Ari Adney or something like that? She plays the hip-hop violin, she did it for Twista's "overnight celebrity" I'm not quite sure how to spell her name.


alicia keys is an amazing musician, writes her own material, plays piano and doesn't seem to be much of a ho lol. shiela e was also a legit musician of the 80s. demi lovato plays piano & guitar & writes a good chunk of her songs…but shes gone the route of being overly sexy latey. taylor swift, as much as she is overhyped and unworthy (imo) at least plays a guitar and sings innocent love songs. she also seems just like a nice, average girl not at all slutty or promoting a sinister agenda. adele writes her own music, unsure if she plays any instruments but she doesn't really try to be a sex symbol. her voice is actually pretty good too, which is why I'm surprised the powers that be let her be so famous in the 1st place. but you're right, most mainstream pop stars are just dancing, untalented prostitutes. male or female. the women gyrate in bikinis, the men glorify money, picking up "b*****s at the club" and other stupidity. i grew up in the 90s when boy bands were popular and i miss it. their music might have been manufacture bubblegum but I'd rather my kid… Read more »


I love how they're trying to bash M.I.A. about the finger…but none of the media brought up the back-up dancers in a "Spread Eagly" position while she did it. -_-


'spread eagly,' good timing lol, look at my Isis bird s*x comments above.


I've been doing some research and found that Alistair Crowley visited Sri Lanka to study yoga. M.I.a. Is Sri lankan and the people of Sri Lanka are culturally related to those of Tamil nadu in south India. The toda people of Tamil nadu Live on an isolated plateau and still display vestiges of Sumerian religion, including symbols shared by both cultures in worship – the 8 rayed star of inanna, the moon and the bull. And regarding mia's born free Video which I referenced in a comment above, some calls one of the sacrificial boys "red haired sh*t." i just discovered crowley's formula for the god set was 'sht' and as I noted in the earlier post, set was red haired. Red hair in Egypt is a recessive gene, a trait that pharoah ramses 2 apparently had.


And it just dawned on me that she said 'sh*t' just as she made the gesture. When set dismembered his brother Osiris the only piece of him that his wife Isis could not find was his ph*llus. Wonder if that is what Mia's finger represents.


I just answered my own question. I'm on a cellphone and can't paste a link but if you look at the Wikipedia page for Isis and Osiris you will see a hieroglyph of Isis in the form of a bird c*pulating with the corpse of Osiris in order to conceive Horus. She could not find the lost ph*llus so made one from solar gold in order to conceive. Horus is code for the Antichrist in crowleyean terms. Kenneth grant, crowley's chronicler, said that it does not in fact refer to the Egyptian gods but is code that Crowley developed. But it seems that Mia's gesture could refer to the conception of the Antichrist.


Forgot to mention, maybe that Isis bird story is where the origin is of calling the middle ph*llic finger 'the bird.' it certainly explains why Horus had the head of a hawk.


@fleur deamour  Sir! I appreciate your intelligence. The red haired one, shiva, the lord of fire, the lord of serpents,lord of the Linga phallus The initiation of the Shivaites was done with a Russi or rope around their necks and modern freemasonry derives it's initiations from this cult. As it was a man only club, sodomy was part of initiation, as well as goat sacrifice and human sacrifice.Indians , even today sacrifice their kids for Kalima , a black goddess and evil archetype or persona of shiva.Homosexuality,transgender ism,bisexuality is not only allowed in the shivite faith, it is most esteemed. Ardhanaresheva.They have temples in India with homsexual acts depicted in statutes .There are huge cults of transgender people called hidjras , who are utilized at marriages and dance festivals as shiva is the lord of dance as well. The sacrifice of the red haired one by Celtic Druids .Red haired one,the joker, the cursed one! The lion headed, Leon, red fiery hair…the symbol of the lion, the sun, shamaash,shiva Even liono from thunder cats….the one with the phallic , ever growing sword! Indian godhead ( these deities are separate faces of the one god brahm) Vishnu (the one who rides… Read more »


@yosan- well that 's certainly enlightening and thank you for confirming my intuitive stream of consciousness and my worst suspicions. I am a ma'am, btw, no offense taken. Crowley said babalon had everything to do with Kali and his gnostic mass invokes shiva. Now I know why. This is all starting to make a lot more sense.


Ps-interesting that you mention Noah because all the epic Sumerian god battle stuff was supposed to take place before the great flood. I've been wondering if the flood has something to do with the apsu/abyss/da'ath. And I have to say it has been making me crazy trying to reconcile what I know of the Egyptian and Sumerian gods from my cultural studies with all this crazy dark stuff. But I am starting to see the dark stuff is it's own thread. What do you think about Horus as the Antichrist?Is that just a crowleyean thing or do you know if there is there an older tradition?I wondered if there were some offshoot tradition of Horus from the lineage of set rather than Osiris.