Ferguson : Proof That America is Turning Into a Militarized Police State


Equipped with fatigues, assault weapons and armored vehicles, the police response in Ferguson, Missouri was proof that America is quickly becoming a militarized police state.

The shooting and killing of 18 year-old Michael Brown by a police officer sparked outrage in Ferguson, Missouri – a city that is predominantly Black but where the police force is overwhelmingly White. According to eye witnesses, the young man was shot about eight times, even though he was unarmed and had his hands in the air. Ferguson police officials stated that Brown was attempting to take a police officer’s weapon – a version of the story that was contradicted by various eye witness accounts.

The death of the young man at the hand of police caused protests which degenerated into looting and rioting. Far from attempting to calm the situation, local authorities turned Ferguson into an occupied war zone as police showcased its vast array of military equipment. Ferguson, an inner-suburb of the Midwest suddenly occupied by soldiers equipped with military fatigues, kevlar vests, helmets, tear gas and assault weapons, followed by armored vehicles topped by snipers. Some war veterans even noticed that “police officers” were better equipped than they were while serving in Iraq.

This kind of upsetting scene is becoming increasingly common in America as police forces across the country have been actively purchasing military equipment in the past few years.

Walter Olson from the Cato Institute stated:

Why armored vehicles in a Midwestern inner suburb? Why would cops wear camouflage gear against a terrain patterned by convenience stores and beauty parlors? Why are the authorities in Ferguson, Mo. so given to quasi-martial crowd control methods (such as bans on walking on the street) and, per the reporting of Riverfront Times, the firing of tear gas at people in their own yards? (“‘This my property!’ he shouted, prompting police to fire a tear gas canister directly at his face.”) Why would someone identifying himself as an 82nd Airborne Army veteran, observing the Ferguson police scene, comment that “We rolled lighter than that in an actual warzone”?

In 2013, Evan Bernick from the Heritage Foundation noted that

“The Department of Homeland Security has handed out anti-terrorism grants to cities and towns across the country, enabling them to buy armored vehicles, guns, armor, aircraft, and other equipment. Federal agencies of all stripes, as well as local police departments in towns with populations less than 14,000, come equipped with SWAT teams and heavy artillery.”

Ferguson police also a tactic that is seen in Gaza-like war zones when they actively targeted journalists and anyone filming policemen at work.

The arrests and tear-gassing of journalists in an American city is an outrage—in part because everyone is the media now. “Stop videotaping!” It’s about the first thing you hear in the handheld video Washington Post journalist Wesley Lowery took of his being arrested by police in Ferguson, Mo., Wednesday night, along with Ryan Reilly of the Huffington Post, for “trespassing”—in an open McDonald’s—while covering the unrest after the shooting death by police of Michael Brown. The two journalists were detained, roughed up and held in a cell before being released later the same night. (…)

Others in the streets were tear-gassed and hit by rubber bullets as police met the protesters, outfitted in SWAT gear and accompanied by snipers on armored vehicles. Nor were they they the only journalists targeted: here you can see footage of an Al Jazeera America crew fleeing their video equipment after getting hit with tear gas, after which a SWAT vehicle pulls up and police take down the camera and lights.

A SWAT team. To take out cameras. In the United States of America. Because you know how dangerous it is when people start pointing those things around.
– Time, “It’s Now Guns vs. Camera in Ferguson”


TV crew fleeing after receiving tear gas near its equipment.
TV crew fleeing after receiving tear gas near its equipment.


Events in Ferguson prove that America is turning into a militarized police state and that it doesn’t take much to point military gear on American citizens.




  1. Who commit more crimes between the various majority races living in America? Let's have a look at those numbers…

  2. STAGED! Just like the Boston marathon bombing, just like Sandy Hook, Aurora, LAX and dozens of other government orchestrated incidents designed by those in control of the game. And you Americans (for the most part) buy it.
    Why can't out see that your government wants you to hate each other, and blame each other, and divide yourselves along the lines that they have devised?

    Wake the duck up America! Why are you so busy bitching about race that you can't see the preparation in place: the militarization of your policec forces, the FEMA camps, billions of rounds of antI personnel ammo purchased by your homeland security along with millions of enormous plastic coffins

    Who do you think they are for? Do you think they give a shot what colour goes into those coffins?

    Agenda 21 does not discriminate…


  3. VG, does a analysis of the VMA that was held yesterday. I didn't saw any illuminati content in the performances but I would like to read a more detailed view!

  4. What else could you realistically expect from a nation founded upon a holocaust? Ask any traditional Native American person and their likely reply would be…. "what did you expect?" This "republic" was never meant to be a legitimate democracy even from its founding. The "founding fathers" had to erect an illusion of freedom while planning in secret precisely what we're seeing today. They would be very pleased with these circumstances. From a Native American perspective, there is nothing surprising about the events in Ferguson. May God bless Michael Brown, his family, and all peace-loving creatures.

    • a native american perspective? no record of Alamo. beyond that, you sound like an american hater who lacks the courage to display his ties.

  5. I am happy this dialogue is taking place this has been going on for a while "summer of freedom" in Mississippi 1964 produced similar militarized police state. Militarization of police in Germany resulted in the holocaust.
    Also I think it is important to do unbiased research before speaking upon other nationalities cultural issues and stop dismissing them because of the way you may feel(or believing bias propaganda).
    You may not EVER understand what another person(or cultural group) is going through and assuming make you callous, closed minded, and out of touch.

    try reading:
    The new Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander
    The autobiography of Fredrick Douglas

    if you really want to know. If not, continue watching the programming( mass media is not real) being feed to you but isn't this why we are on vigilant citizen? To know the truth?! White supremacy is real. Operation Paper Clip is Real. Eugenic is real.
    What would it take to wake people up and pray? God told us to pray, to humble ourselves and turn from our wicked ways and THEN he would heal our land.
    Maybe we should pray and view things from a spiritual standpoint instead of how we feel.

    Luv ya VC community

  6. Wow it's really sad that after reading this post I scroll down to the comment section, & look to my surprise (sarcastic voice) y'all made it a race thing. You would think that by coming to VC site you the readers would be smarter than this. Your doing exactly what the elite want us to do hate each other based off our race. Hate only fuels hate, instead of us coming together & being a force that the government/elite can be recking with; where sitting here making this a (what's new race thing). If this is how people of different race is gonna forever view each other, we minus well just take the military weapons from the pawns/soilders & shoot out selfs. Cause the government/elite is sitting back & laughing @ our ignorance/stubbornness while there plans for a new world order/martial law is slowly but surly "smfh" is coming into full effect…

  7. we've spent so much time getting rid of the soviet union, so why are so hell bent on turn america into the new soviet union???

  8. Not a lot to do to fight this besides pray to The Creator. They probably will have endless drones high in the sky that watch our every move. They can track everything about a person more and more each day, and this technology is here to stay. Oh well….just live your life for The Lord and be nice to others and stay happy and positive to really get back at the Lucifarians…their time will come in either this life or the one after.

  9. If you guys Notice from the beginning of time Racism was taught and passed on from generation to generation. As kids we never knew what harm a next race can do to us Until we were taught and brainwashed and program to believe that a next race is dangerous unclean everything negative from our parents who were taught from their parents who were taught that by the higher people in power who are capable of manipulating our mind consistently through false teachings and more so Propaganda in this day in age. You see everything happens for a reason this country (America) was built with a blueprint already the powers that be already knew what they wanted and how they were gonna get it. All of this that we're going through now was planned years and years ago. Let us remember the problem we face today shouldn't be about race. Because dividing us was a common goal for the people in power years ago. We should strive for the opposite. They feel that they have conquered this because now we have hatred amongst black and white people and other races. One thing we all have in common is the body we all have blood we all have a heart a mind 10 fingers and toes eyes ears mouth legs everything wheather complexion. And if I could take my heart me being a black person to help a white Asian Indian person who needed a heart transplant I definitely would to save a life plus my heart would help them from dying because a heart is a heart no matter what race that person once was. Our jobs is to help each other. The government plus higher powers do not want this kind of love and compassion to be amongst our people. The real problem we face today are the higher ups. They are the ones who hate togetherness they hate black people so they try to bestow that amongst everyone they hate the middle eastern. Folks so they create war to seperate us. Yes they hate black folks 1st but they HATE the Human Race All together they fill they are not humans but some alien hybrid with special powers. Look at it this way when s**t hits the fan and the NWO begins not only are black people gonna feel it but whites,Indians Asian etc are to . That's another thing we have incommon THEY DONT CARE ABOUT US. THEY DONT CARE ABOUT THE HUMAN RACE. We are all family we are all one. I LOVE EVERY SINGLE LAST ONE OF YOU RACE ETHNICITY WHATEVER Because y'all are my family. This is the word of god

  10. The fact that people think this has anything to do with race, is quite scary to me. When do we as HUMANITY take a stand for what is right? How many times do we witness spoon fed information from the same news outlets? Don't people understand that this kind of violence (the killing of another 'suspected' black criminal by the police, who was unarmed) sets everyone up. The black people will react out of violence and frustration. Meanwhile, the white people carry on like this is ok.
    Its really sad that while the media portrays a race issue, the bigger issue is that our constitutional rights are being taken away from us. And what are we doing about it? Blogging, pointing fingers about why this is ok? Saying how black people need to go back to Africa, calling us names? Its just sad, and times like this I honestly don't think we DESERVE a chance to get it right..to much fighting amongst on another. No real revolutionaries. Just people so caught up in their stereotypes and preconceived ideas of what it means to be black, or white, or gay, or straight, or a christian, and blah blah blah.

  11. My question is how many times must an officer shoot a civilian who is not brandishing a weapon in order to "Stop" the person??? Has anyone discussed how the so called "threat" was no longer imminent once the "threat" ran away, fell to the ground & surrendered with empty hands high in the air?

    On an obviously well populated, residential street, at what point is 6 gun shots required to retain a "threat" that is running in the other direction? The "threat" was already wounded & therefore at a disadvantage. What part of officer " training" dictated those last few shots after said "threat" is laying flat on the pavement, not moving????????

    Or was that the influence of a movie/video game the officer may have viewed in the past? You know, like in video games where you keep shooting even after the zombie falls flat on its face….The guys in the movies always let off that one last shot for good measure…. just in case the zombie is still breathing………..

    And then think of this scenario, had the young man survived, a brutality case is they may have had. FACTS: At the time (since the officer had no clue the theft had occurred, nor knew that there was video evidence) the young man's only crime was disobeying a request to walk on the sidewalk & not in the street. Supposedly the two young men were walking in the street & "holding up traffic".

    ****Now you show me anyone who is not going to beep or maneuver around 2 teenagers walking in the street – which is not an uncommon thing in urban america……So, yeah, the word harassment immediately comes to mind….. but again that's if he would have lived to tell his side of the story………

    I've seen enough TV reports where the "threat" was actually armed and brandishing a gun/knife etc and the law enforcement "professional" gave the person opportunity to surrender. Those situations were often solved without someone dying.

    The bottom line is the replies to this post is proof that race baiting is so easy in the US….and people are falling for it hook line & sinker. When will you realize 》》》when the time comes the color of your skin will not matter one bit…we are ALL disposable to the Elite….

    Pay attention…. This fight began way before Ferguson… just another practice maneuver for the military/police to prep for what's what to come. It's unfolding right in front of our faces and some still think it's black vs white… The race issue is the way EASIEST to create dissention; giving the blind another reason to devalue yet another young person as well as an entire race.

    The looting & anger stems from a place that only a person born & raised in the process of systemic oppression can understand. Not that the criminal activity is condoned; but rather, the pathology is understood & recognized as such. Unfortunately this is the monster the US created…

    Well, propaganda machine just keeps trudging on….and someone is happy to keep it gassed up & well oiled. Somewhere, someone is toasting with their cronies to another job well done….

    Hope you have your non perishable & canned food, flashlights, batteries and bottled water ready. This is just the beginning…..and so I pray….

  12. The government is scared of us!!

    Seeing the American people come together and rise awareness?? OH NO!! Thats when the government realizes not ALL OF US are walking sheeple to the agenda!! Look at the extra measures they are taking to shut us up! They want to scare us into thinking we dont have the right to protest and/or the freedom of speech. WE outnumber the government and all the elite. The problem we face is that since the government has so much power, their weaponry could take us down and is quite intimidating. Remember when everyone debated about giving up our right to bear arms? (sandy hook and even aurora, i do believe they are false flag events to pressure the American people) I really hope anyone that thought it would be okay to give that right up, sees these pictures and videos. I hope people understand whats really going here and continue to STAND UP for equality and our rights. Remember how our grandparents and great grandparents, fought to make this country a better place?? We cant forget that the people before us tried to make America a better place for us to live in. we must continue to fight for the young children that are going back to school next week, we must continue to fight for OUR future, we must continue to stay strong!! We must lead by example because sometimes I fear the generation behind us will be lost and controlled…

  13. im not from america, but my heart goes out to the family of the Young man who got shot and all the people fighting against the police. It is horrible how the police is just hunting people down! Young, old, mostly unarmed people against the police with teargas, riotgear, weapons of all kinds etc. I wonder how the people behind all the police attire is thinking, like do they think they are doing this for a good cause? Do they think it is to much, or are they so Brainwashed that they are feeling that they are doing their job good and that their actions are completely logical? They are following orders but how can they not actually se what they are doing? anyway, it is great to se how the people stand United against the police.
    And it is very unsetteling that the riot/swat/whatever look is is being pushed so hard in media. :/

  14. Already noticed a few "anti Jew" comments. Every time I come on this site, there are a bunch of people who think they're internet experts and blame Jews for everything. Protest? It was the Jews! Violence in any part of the world? Jews! Earthquake? Jews!

    Why is everything always about the Jews? Im not Jewish and don't have Jewish family, but I am sick of hearing all these racist comments. Anti-semitism has been ingrained in so many Christians and Muslims, its not even funny. All problems get blamed on Jews, regardless of proof… Im not saying Jews are always innocent, but every race, religion and country has a mix of good and bad people. There are rich and powerful people who come from different countries. The more people blame evil on the "other" – whether its money, religion, or Jews (or another ethnic/cultural background) – the less people are willing to change the world by accepting some responsibility. We are all responsible for what happens on Earth, either through direct or indirect action. You can not change the world if you don't change yourself. You want to see a world with kindnes, peace and respect? Then become that type of person (kind and respectful). Don't judge a whole religion or culture and pin all the blame on them. Like money and religion, Jews are constantly used as an excuse by ignorant people who are desperate to blame anyone else. The constant blame game helps no one.

  15. Thanks VC for this article. I'm in South Africa and am so amazed at how this article has turned into a race issue. Open your eyes Americans, do you think the elite care that u r black or white? They don't! You are all Americans and should stand as one. The NWO is starting in America. I've never seen a country that has to deal with so much sh*t all at once! The executed journalist Jim Foley, Ferguson, US sponsored genocide in Gaza, Mossad created ISIS, the CDC created Ebola. The people who run America r evil and the rest of the world is doomed!

  16. U.S. Police forces are trained by the Jewish A.D.L. by Israelis, so that they can treat us the way that the Israelis treat the Palestinians. Don't believe me? Look it up on the A.D.L. website!


    there is ALWAYS something else when these events occur–you can set your watch by that.

    • It must have been pretty important given that along with this, there were two dead actors last week to clog up all the media networks.

    • IMHO I think the wide open southern US border coupled with the rise ISIS-Islam aggression is what the elites want us to distracted from.

  18. I smell agent provocateurs all over this stinking situation. Let's not forget about what happened in Toronto at the G20 summit or even the false flag Boston bombings. Do not make the mistake of thinking that you have to agree with people and their beliefs to defend them from injustice. We are all in this together.

    • " Do not make the mistake of thinking that you have to agree with people and their beliefs to defend them from injustice. We are all in this together."

      A M E N.

  19. The G-20 summit took place in Canada last year and that weekend will live in infamy as a time period where martial law set in the city of Toronto, leading to the most massive compromise of civil liberties in Canadian history. Observers claim that agent provocateurs were used to incite violence, giving a reason for police to beat down, arrest and detain (in horrid conditions) peaceful protesters. – Vigilant Citizen's own words.

    Seems to me like a lot people have forgotten about this incident that took place not too long ago in Toronto. Get your heads out your asses and realize that this is way bigger than race. VC wrote an article about this and how the peaceful protesters were infiltrated by these special forces looking goons, all wearing the same type of heavy duty boots. They were present in Toronto, they were behind the false flag bombings in Boston, and I can guarantee you they're also in Ferguson.

  20. we all should know by now Race is socially constructed used by people-human being the only race- to keep us distracted and create false senses of power and culture to keep us distracted in this battle between good evil right wrong light & darkness at some point we have to stop identifying ourselves by the color of our skin or our nationality or even culture and focus on morality and saving our human race. Please I urge all who have learned the truth and learned the manipulations & lies of "history" focus on this 21st century and our global mortality & please if anything for our innocent fragile children. Look at ferguson remember boston remember 911 &! everything over the past two decades and realize what's going on. Please!!

  21. Whether or not Brown was taken out by justifiable use of lethal force doesn't change the fact that NY cops choked a man to death on the sidewalk for selling loose cigarettes. Cops threw a flash bang grenade into a playpen and blew up a baby's face, excusing it by saying "there was no evidence of children present" when the suspected dealer wasn't even there. The LAPD fired over 100 rounds at the ladies delivering early morning newspapers during the Dorner search (hitting houses a block away), and Watertown PD expended approx 350 rounds at the boat and Zhokar walked out with his hands up. Some of those rounds impacted houses several streets away. VC could have done a much more in depth story if he had tied Watertown in… some of the YT videos of beseiged residents are truly disturbing. And now Watertown PD gives themselves a "heroes" parade. SMH.

    • Finally, someone in the comments section that gets it without having to delve into passive aggressive racist remarks. There is a sinister story being told here and I was naive to think the media would use Ferguson to tell it.

      The police basically get to do what they want and the American people will deal. They can kill you, suspend your rights, take your supplies (as they recently did in Ferguson), shoot you with your hands up, shoot at your neighbors who are not involved, maim children, kill dogs, declare martial law at their leisure and all without impunity.

      How is order supposed to be upheld in this country when those who are supposed to protect and serve are above the laws they claim to enforce?

  22. A multitude of police departments across the US have received training in Israeli security tactics. Just two weeks ago Congress opted to continue funding weaponized police departments unanimously. Anger in the black community is always easy to inflame. Looks like it was all set up for all to see. Are you conditioned enough yet?

    • So do they not have a right to be upset? How is that so many on this site claim to be "awake" yet want to make excuses for the police state when it comes to how it treats certain segments of the American population.

      We could argue that the white community is easily angered but the dog whistle for white people is "White woman raped by black male" LOL org just letting them think minorities are getting more than them.

      For black people considering the history of this nation obviously the murder of a black man will inflame rage in the black community. They know what they are doing.

      • Of course the murder of a black man by a white cop will incite rage in the "easily" angered / Sarcasm black community of America. Since cops (and white people in general) have a history in this country of murdering black people and getting away with it. If this is a test by the powers that be they are just exploiting points of pain in that community and rubbing salt in the wound.

      • …but AGAIN we have hier something different from a racial issue, even if it was sold as such by the media corporations.
        VC let us remember Boston, just as exemple of police conceit and I think more about Occupy Wall Street, that surely was not a white, purple, blue or pink racial turmoil but an economic/democratic one. O.W.S. perfectly illustrates how the Elite wants the masses power and speach less and how to use the militarized law enforcement police to get this kind of goal and how to scare people who sympathized with this movement away through their media outlets
        .Do you remember how many US citizens were beaten and went to jail during the demonstrations? …and how TV (sadistically ) loved to let us watch it on TV screen
        Ferguson was anoter ""experiment" to test the logistics of society oppression or maybe it is just a fase in an already estabilished and well research program that needs just some kind of adjustments or media outing to make us aware of the situation,maybe some field check – you know – to be sure that everithing goes in the right direction.
        "Which direction ?" you may ask: "Upgraded Fasism!" is my answer.
        .Fascism is the perfect elite-friendly regime, as everibody knows : it is a heavily tested formula that perhaps, for the current reality, still needs a little correction hier and there.
        They know there were mistakes made in the – in between- XX century WWs european regimes and further ones were made in South America after the 2nd WW ( ..and Greece, Spain, South Africa..).
        Then the TPTB could have learnt from the chinese and russian models meanwhile the arabic countries kicked in with further details, expecially devoted for the huge moslim community.
        They have certanly learnt a lot from recent history and, if you add to the past experiences the All Encompessing Technological control , SF weapons and the persuasion of the global entertainment that keep us perpetually sleeping, you can easily understand they are definitely ready to do with us whatever they please..
        .Or are They Yet ? Ferguson makes me wonder this and, above all, how painful will be for us all, black white , old and young, religious or atheist, man or women (… and all the other marketing categorisations that explains humanity in its different forms) the effective development of their plans

  23. Lick the hand that allows you to live "Cold Truth", you are nothing but a slave. Since you work for the State and toward its ends, you believe you have nothing to fear. History exposes you for the deluded wretch that you are, and I can only surmise that you frequent a site like VC to foment doubt. Well played, Wormwood… not.


    Name a race that has not been enslaved since the dawn of man?

    Can't do it.

    Truth is stranger than fiction that when you pull the curtain you find different representatives of each race.

    I guess the UN is still disunited.

    Solution: Let us treat one another with dignity, humility, love etc

    Funny in the 21st century whereby corporate oligopoly is going on and employees gain scrap while the presidente of the fortune 500 company balling like Cinderella. New Slaves stuff.

  25. Unfortunately Americans have no right to complain about militarisation of the Police. Why you ask?

    Because you can walk into a store and buy a gun. Remember, the Police have to be a step ahead of the general public (how else would they 'protect and serve'?). It is legal to own a firearm in America and that is why your police force is becoming more and more like the Army.

    In Britain, 2011 riots, there were no armed police officers, not one. Those riots were far worse than what is going on in Ferguson now.

    I have no sympathy unfortunately. Give up your right to bear arms and the country will improve.

    • just because you haven't needed your guns yet doesn't mean you won't wish you had them in the future. the nail in the coffin for world freedom will be when Americans are parted from their guns because who will stand then for a nation enslaved? the military is not the guardian. the UN? research Agenda 21. sovereignty is at stake, on all levels.

      instead, i fear guns in the hands of those who take my money and buy them for themselves to use in defense of taking my money for their own end by threat of jail or worse. looks like a moral high-ground now to wish guns away, but only time will tell.

      that said, i detest thug or any cultural violence or entertainment in any medium. i also believe it is being used to hasten the "need" to strip Americans of gun rights. i don't love guns, but i do love freedom and know that the US formed with a firm experience and understanding of the need for personal and state sovereignty, as well as responsibility for ongoing defense of such virtues. freedom of any kind is the minority of history.

      Peace be with you, Cold Truth.

    • Hmm, so it's the registered gun owner who identified themselves by buying guns that are the problem?? They are the ones shooting up police and neighborhoods? Not the gangs and refuse stealing stuff and terrorizing, and would never be caught dead buying legal arms? What were your stastistics and studies on this again?____

  26. Let's all consider that the "powers that be (collapsing)" might have realized the true, powerful, loving – and f**cking SMART – community blooming here on VC and is infiltrating the comments with inflammatory, racist, reactionary and OBVIOUS shill/mole posting. I encourage the perceptive and savvy commenters on VC to type thoughtful, intelligent and measured responses that reflect our high level of knowledge and insight. This kind of mindset is difficult to imitate or destabilize by the (possibly posting) reptilian slobs at the NSA, CIA, and other three letter fascist tax-fed mental slavery societies. As Corporal Hicks says in "Aliens": "Stay frosty" citizens of VC.

  27. we tried to tell you for the last 30 yrs that this war on drugs thing was an excuse. You told us we had on tin foil hats. Well look who's the DA now.

  28. As long as people continue to refer to each other and selves as "black" or "white" and not just "people" or "person" we will continue to have a racial divide. The fact that your skin is dark or light is irrelevant, and if you think it IS relevant… then I would say YOU are in fact stereotyping and classifying yourself based on the color of your skin. Isn't that the opposite of what MLK Jr wanted?

  29. So the autopsy revealed that Mike Brown was shot 6 times in the front including 4 in the right arm and 2 in the head. This is consistent with the audio recording which a witness stated that Mike Brown charged the police officer which would explain the bullet on the top of the head.
    Of course Mr Brown's family says the bullet on the top of the head was him surrendering.
    Unfortunately there is no direct footage of what happened.
    As more evidence is revealed, hopefully the truth will come out.
    But what if the truth is not what President Obama, the protesters and Mr Brown's family want to hear?
    What if the officer only shot him because he was charging him?
    Its interesting as that Trayvon Martin case was during election year 2012
    and this case is during election year 2014 just as some black people were starting to turn away from Obama.
    Now with these race riots perhaps Obama hopes to gain more votes.
    So there could be some political motivation in all this to get black people back on Obama's side.
    The Senate is everything as if Republicans get control and Obama passes amnesty for illegal immigrants, he will likely get impeached.
    But if Democrats gets control Obama can do whatever he wants without getting impeached.
    These race riots also take the attention away from the illegal immigration invasion and Iraq bombings.

    • I agree, I suspect the first rounds that struck him, may have caused him to stumble, as he advanced, and the later rounds would then impact his head. My further hypothesis would be that as his torso was struck, he may have put his arms in front of his chest. (but the officer could also just have been shooting a little off target.)

      There are lots of weird angles involved when multiple bullets strike a moving and perhaps failing about target. Additionally, while I'm sure they attempt to train, in general, there are lots of police shootings where the officer under the adrenaline rush, shoots more than they even realize.

      • He was shot on the inside of his arms. The pictures were anatomically correct. Consistent with him surrendering in the hands up position, or running away. As he was grazed. I see no one listened to the medical examiner's full report.

    • ding ding ding!

      "Its interesting as that Trayvon Martin case was during election year 2012
      and this case is during election year 2014 just as some black people were starting to turn away from Obama."

      just because someone looks like you doesn't mean they want what is best for you. ask the slaves who were sold into slavery by elitist African slaveholders/traders/trackers just before they got loaded onto the European ships…

    • "So the autopsy revealed that Mike Brown was shot 6 times in the front including 4 in the right arm and 2 in the head. This is consistent with the audio recording which a witness stated that Mike Brown charged the police officer which would explain the bullet on the top of the head. "

      What audio recording are you referencing? All of the eye witness accounts I've listened to have stated that Mike Brown was on his knees. If he was "charging" the officer I imagine the shots wouldn't have been concentrated to the left side of his body, only.

      "Of course Mr Brown's family says the bullet on the top of the head was him surrendering. "

      I am almost positive the corner said this, not the family. Various eye witnesses said this as well.

      "As more evidence is revealed, hopefully the truth will come out. "

      This is exactly what the cops don't want because obviously there was a breach in protocol.

      "But what if the truth is not what President Obama, the protesters and Mr Brown's family want to hear?
      What if the officer only shot him because he was charging him? "

      The protestors want Darren Wilson to have his day in court. This is not barbaric medieval Europe or the wild west. If someone killed your family I am sure you would want the case to be handled in a professional manner instead of an entire police force going out of there way to cover for one rogue cop.

      "Its interesting as that Trayvon Martin case was during election year 2012
      and this case is during election year 2014 just as some black people were starting to turn away from Obama.Now with these race riots perhaps Obama hopes to gain more votes. "

      I don't even know where to start with this. Your ignorance is outstanding. Where have there been any race riots? You obviously don't know American history very well because you'd know how many race riots have taken place in this country and people protesting in Ferguson is NOT that.

      You're obviously still invested in "The State" since you actually are on here believing that Republicans will make things better versus Democrats. You are also actually believe immigration and iraq bombings are important as if private interests aren't making all of that happen. We have a hand in all of it. You puppets get on here with your FOX News talking points thinking you are so enlightened. Meanwhile you're still wildly in love with a system that has tricked you, dumbed you down and betrayed you.

  30. Had the community protested peacefully, I don't believe the police would have taken the measures mentioned in the story. It is tragic that a young life is lost, and I hope justice is served need be it. But keep in mind, the media LOVES to stir the pot. There are two sides of the story and the news will favor what's more 'newsworthy'. This predominately black community is so outraged, but all they're doing by looting and vandalism is making the situation worse. Why destroy your own community? What's the point in it? You're trying to fight the stereotype but you're only proving it to be true. Use your passion to make what's right, and truly rise up for your cause.

    • They aren't trying to fight the "stereotype" they are trying to fight for the rights they should have been GIVEN as born Americans! The right NOT to be murdered in the streets like dogs! They can't make it "right" because they aren't in control of the laws! Don't you get it?!?

      • some people are making money and gaining power through this situation. the question we must ask is, "who?"

  31. I'm just afraid that one day I'll wake up to some SWAT/ military Humvee pointing a 50cal cannon at my neighbors house, yelling at him through a microphone to come out with his hands up because he posted a blog the day earlier about how its not right that the Obama administration forced the American people to elect them for a third term. Making him president for LIFE!!

  32. Victimizing the thugs, Trayvon reloaded, demonizing the white race, Libtard biased media. Educate urself and dont believe the official bullshit. Where was the outrage when baby Antonio Santiago was murdered? Where is the outrage when countless Blacks kill their own folk on a daily basis? Where is the outrage when Black Panthers who practically own the South of the United States of Jewmerica, loot, steal, kill, ask for protection taxes, kidnap and so on? Again educate urself and if u think segregation is bad, think again.

    • Calm down, Christinne. Slowdown a lil bit. I agree with you in some parts, but not all points that you mentioned. What happens when you have a State which institutionalizes racism and militarize the Police force? Yes the black community is divided, no – the Black Panthers have no power anymore – they were coopted by the State. The State corrupts, the state divides the comunity, and they want the blacks to be divided too, so they can control them more easily, as all the 99% mass of people that doesn't count for the "elite". As everyone on this site knows, the objective is – ORDO AB CHAOS. So obvious. They want everybody to be most divided as possible, and they're succeeding. The culture of stereotypes is ruling. And you fell for this. To think that segregation is a solution is like thinking that you can cure a headache with a bullet.

      What's happened to the tasers? Why executing the man that way? The dead guy was a "thug" based in what? Because of his appearance, and his skin color. You and i, we don't know how is to be harrased by the police in our daily basis just because the color of our skin. I assuming that you're a white female. Here in Brasil we're almost all ethnically mixed, but racism is running strong too. One thing is the existence of a race issue, other is to use politicaly the race bait for political reasons.


      Obviously, planted here to distract us with this asinine illogical "bait" post.

  33. Okay, to all arguing about what racism is and who did wrong, just stop arguing. Who cares who did what, that was the past .What matters is the now, you see someone being racist ignore them, be the bigger person. They'll realize how stupid they're views are when they realize no body cares what they think. Besides placing blame, is only helping the elites obtain what they wanted in the first place "To divide and conquer".

  34. Grow up all of you!
    With your "my team is better than your team", schoolyard nonsense.
    While you are all busy giving each other bloody noses, those who have organised the game plot your demise

  35. Black President, assassinated by a white man.. What do you think? Should kick off a pretty intense civil/race war right?

    • And wtf are you saying exactly coward? I'm black and Cherokee Indian. I've been immersed in all different cultures. I voted for Obama. I'm disappointed in his playsko leadership skills. People are human humans are us. There is only one way to save what little freedom we have left… Unity. There is a god and he is lighting the lanterns in our heart and preparing us. I'm awake….are you? If not wtf up! Our leaders are liars and corrupt wtf are you going to do about it? Watch like your watching a movie? Your ……in …….the …. Effin movie ……not in the audience. Angels love light prosperity protection guidance strength wisdom kindness sincerity ……….

  36. I "love" how blacks are being generalized as racist and violent almost savage people by some protesters. I ask this? Are whites or any other race on this Earth living peacefully?

    Everyone has the propensity to be violent. Everyone. And to continue believing and spreading the hateful conversation that black Americans are the only Americans who are violent woefully shows a lack of critcal thinking on that believer's part.

  37. If this was all about race, there wouldn't be white people posting on VC because we'd have nothing to worry about. But we are worried, because they're coming for me, just the same as they're coming for you.

  38. It would appear (note I said "appear") that Lucy is correct. The strong arm robbery of a box of cigars show Mike Brown to be more than a garden variety shoplifter. The store owner was much smaller and the physical force used on him is a form of terrorism, just as if the Mafia had come in demanding racket money. Now it comes out that a person videoing the aftermath of the shooting catches a black man talking in the background describing brown coming at the officer who had drawn his weapon. I would not hesitate to say that if I scuffled with suspects in a strong arm robbery, then they run and then one of them turns and charges me, I would also discharge my weapon. Brown was unarmed, yes, but if the bullets are not in the back, then it does not matter. Wait for the truth to out like it did in the Martin case. Of course, sometimes the truth isn't popular.

  39. America is under the divine chastisement of God. Watch the weather people it is going to get worse. There are earthquakes coming that will destroy cities and states, All i can say is strive to live righteous and pray that God will protect you.

  40. Does seem like another beta-test.

    But I have to ask…why must looting go one when protesting an injustice?
    It really takes the wind out of the protest efforts and looks like just an opportunity to steal.

    I feel for the store owners.

    • Because that's what ignorant unstudied indigent people do. The world looks on in important matters and times such as these, what do blacks do??? They keep pulling down their collective pants and doing the jig and figuratively showing off the cracks of their ANUbiS.

      Is there no end?

      The King Alfred Plan…read it and be aware and warned too all who considered to be minorities.

      • I don't understand all the racist comments on here such as yours….all it does is spread more anger and hatred with others. It is people like you that contribute to the problems of society. If you can't say something non-offensive and try to be respectful, don't post anything at all. It just shows how dumbed down and ignorant America has become.

      • When will you white Americans let go of your "brain washing" and get the sleep out of your eyes. You hate black Americans because you were trained to. Stop being tools for the elites to be used to terrorize and dehumanize your fellow Americans. You have a choice.

    • I've been keeping up with this event since day 1. The locals say that the QT and other stores that were looted the night following the murder of Mike Brown were encouraged by the police.. They stood by and let it happen.

      I imagine they did that to undermine the grievances of the non-looting citizens of Ferguson.

      So that easily distracted Americans could go: "See Mike Brown deserved to be killed because he came from a community of looters" or some other such none sense. That's hard for many to believe since they want to believe "blacks are inherently more prone to crime".


  42. So sad the amount of otherwise intelligent and enlightened people on this thread are STILL hung up on race issues. Like, really?

  43. "Blacks were freed from Slavery in 1865…got off the "Back of the bus" in 1955…..Was JUST given the right to vote in 1964. The right to eat and stay at any hotel in the 60's. Blacks are 200yrs behind everybody else. Lets not also forget discrimination in housing, and employment. The Whites had 200yrs of passing down weatlh and educational opportunities to their kin. So American whites go to the best schools and graduate top of their class and get excepted in the business world easier then blacks. Whites don't have to worry about not being called back for employment because their name sounds too "Ethnic" on a application. Whites don't have to worry about showing up to rent a house or apt. to only be told the property has been rented out only 2hours after you called to see the rental property. Or if a blackman has a regular name like "John Smith" on a Job Application, he gets called in for an interview, only to show up with Black Skin and be told the position has been filled. "A Hard Days Night" was released in 1964, that's the year when the Civil Rights Act was passed outlawing discrimination. So blacks only had full citizenship rights in this country shortly before we released "Rubber Soul". That's a God-Damn Shame. So sorry, it's gonna take longer then a couple of decades for the blacks to be "Over it!" Dont forget the "Crack Wars" of the 1980's which targeted Blackmen and gave them twice as much prison time then their white counterparts charged with the same drug offenses. Leaving the Black women and kids to fend for themselves while the men were in prison. Racism and Discrimination is real! Not a Myth my friend!"

    • i grew up in the 70s . I gave my place in college to black men and white women. I got out of school i couldn't afford college so i went to work. I then gave my promotion again to a black man and a white woman. Now I'm working w/o benefits,raises or retirement and I'm still having my money confiscated to promote black men,white women and now gays.
      Where the hell is my life ,liberty and the pursuit of happiness? My family never owned slaves. None of the men in my family have held women down. No one in my family has ever hurt anyone gay. Why did I have to pay with my opportunity?

      • toastinthemachine, you exist in the uncomfortable grays of life, it is your cross to bear–i know it well.

        Peace be with you.

      • It's unfortunate where the average white man find's himself but your problems are not caused by "affirmative action". Your issues are caused by the social structure our oligarchs put into place that only benefited them. They tried to counteract the bullet wound they put in society with a band aid. It's not the average white guys fault the rich elite white guys stole, raped and hoard everything then try to make up for it with these bullshit legislation. I wish you the best of luck ! Maybe self-employment is the way.

    • all things aren't equal, in this day you are either up or down in the game based on who you are with or where you are at. in some places, this can get you money, or in others killed. the problem is when it is the people who are writing the laws, executing them, or enforcing them, doing the judging…

      if one group agrees that they have examples of bias and violence in their history (and present) against another group, will the other group agree to the same so that we can elevate? looking back means you aren't looking ahead. i know, i have ancestors who were slaves, too.

      who am i???

    • lots of hands in the till from such acts, with many names. if you spread the responsibility around in a monolithic bureaucracy your conscience doesn't nag you as much, either. bonus points for joining up with other thieves to pick the pockets away from their own homes, and vice versa.

      history is there for those who seek the truth. unplug from the manipulations. see the board and game at play and we are the pieces. needed truth is like hard medicine, but so good for the body. seek the truth, and love one another. LOVE IS THE CURE.

  44. I expected there'd be an article on Ferguson…glad to see one.

    The elites are excellent pitting us against each other with the "Us vs Them" mentality… Whether white vs black, Christian vs Muslim, rich vs poor (the irony is that those that feel they are "rich" in this scenario really aren't). This incident is no exception.

    I'm noticing a complete lack of caring from whites in my life. "He probably deserved [to be shot]", "What do they expect with all that rioting", etc. The media is doing their best to justify the shooting (he robbed something…but like a PP above said, that's NOT why he was stopped) and to degrade his character. And people are eating it up.
    A quote that I found poignant:
    "But laying all this out, explaining all the ways in which he didn't deserve to die like a dog in the street, is in itself disgraceful. Arguing whether Brown was a good kid or not is functionally arguing over whether he specifically deserved to die, a way of acknowledging that some black men ought to be executed." http://theconcourse.deadspin.com/america-is-not-f

    So all these folk who can't see the humanity in this situation because "he deserved to be shot" are being blindsided to the fact that the elites are nearly trying this [militarization] out on those the country "doesn't care about". But what happens when it's on *their* doorstep?…it'll be far too late. So yes, to all the commenters above who are making this about race, yes, it's happening to black people by white people (in this instance–again, Boston wasn't)…but not for long if people don't wake up. It'll be happening to all of us. Because it really isn't about whites and blacks, it's about brainwashing the masses to push their agenda. This incident is merely a test to see how the rest of the nation reacts.

    And another note, we should REALLY be concerned about police firing at and arresting journalists.

    There's lots more in my brain but I was awoken EXTREMELY early by my toddler, so I'm not even sure the above is coherent 😉 Maybe I'll comment again later.

    • An excellent assessment of what is happening here.

      I have been following the this drama unfold on social media since it began. I started following people that lived in the town and some of the early journalist that covered it. I know I was one of the first people to jump in the fray on twitter. The mainstream media didn't begin covering this even until about the 3rd day in.

      Corp. news REALLY dropped the ball on this one. I sat there watching a live feed of people getting tear gassed meanwhile on the mainstream: NOTHING. Then when they did get around to reporting it they again had their own agenda. A lot of what they said directly conflicted first hand accounts of citizens in the town or they left out a lot of deets. The news basically is all but trying to paint a subtle picture of justification of the police state.

      It troubles me because in my own circle I know white people who were quick to make excuses for the officer. They quickly jumped to the narrative: "He must have deserved it" "But looting" or some other such bullshit. It's interesting because any other week these people are hollering about "Eff the man" and "Eff the new world order". But here I find them making excuses for why a police officer would use excessive force on an unarmed person. People who claim to be so enlightened about "The powers that be" and what humanity is up against.

      It's all hilarious to me. TPTB know what they are doing. In the situation of the Boston bombers it was "Muslim extremist" they had to declare martial law to catch. This time they are declaring martial law on a black community. This is acceptable to many white Americans because they've already been taught for years subtly and overtly that THIS community can't be trusted. So many of them will gladly make excuses for what the police are doing because they've bought into the narrative that "those people are bad" that the oligarchs have fed them.

      Never mind that historically black Americans have not done a fraction of what white Americans have done to them. Nor have Muslim Americans. So the "fear" they have is an implanted one based in ZERO facts. I urge white America to wake up and take back their minds from the infectious ideas of those who seek to rule us. If they really want to bring the system down then they must bring it all down including the parts they benefit from. I think the PTB are banking on gun-freedom loving white America's complacency to let them get away with all of this. They are testing out their police state tactics openly with minority communities. Some of white America thinks it's funny, or they deserved it not realizing they are selling themselves down river.

      Even if Mike Brown did do an "armed robbery" it's not the cops job to be judge and jury. This is why we have a court system in this country. The police are always conveniently killing young black men because they are hoping no will notice or care enough to speak out against them. And Mike Brown is just one of many Americans killed for no reason by cops. That should be outrage to any American. We have a process in the justice system and it needs to be followed to maintain order.

  45. I live in St. Louis. About 10 miles from Ferguson. I have been following this story from the very beginning, as I have hundreds of friends in the area, and I have been following their pictures and videos and their friends pictures and videos.
    With that being said, I have been thoroughly disgusted with the actions of the St. Louis County Police who came in and militarized the city of Ferguson. They shot tear gas at innocent protesters, arrested the press, clergy, shot pastors with huge wooden bullets etc. Wednesday was the worst day. Thursday the governor came to Ferguson and decided to take over operations and handed them over to the FBI and Missouri highway Patrol. Thursday was a beautiful day with peace and love throughout the community. The protesters marched with purpose, but calm purpose.
    Then Friday came. The police chief of Ferguson came and decided to release the fact that he was involved in a 'strong armed burglary' but quickly added that the police stop had NOTHING to do with the burglary, that Michael Brown was stopped for walking in the middle of the street. This enraged the protesters but they still continued peacefully. Then around 1am, they came back with the military vehicles and shot MORE tear gas. That sent the looters out in full force again. But what HASN'T been said, is that (and I saw this first hand on live feed) the protesters formed lines to protect these businesses. The looting stopped and the militarized police stopped. Someone must have told them to stand down…..today the governor came back and put the city in a state of emergency and placed a curfew of midnight. There were NO military vehicles, NO camouflaged cops, NO violence.
    My question is if they are planning this Military style policing, then why did the governor step in to shame the actions of these cops? He expressed that we have a right to assemble, a right to protest, a right to free speech. They are standing down. The people are being heard! Is this working to our benefit??
    Statistics show that there are HUGE disproportionate numbers of black Americans in these small north county municipalities who are being pulled over, searched, arrested, etc by cops that DON'T live in the area, that have no race relations training…this young man being shot down after his hands were up surrendering was the straw that broke the camel's back. This young man was left to rot out in the heat with NO sheet for up to 4 HOURS before they came to get him in an unmarked black SUV, as to set an 'example' . They even put police tape surrounding the area but let this man bleed his brains out on the pavement for the whole world to see.
    For anyone who is bashing the people or the young man, I urge you to EMPATHIZE. put yourself in their shoes.
    The policeman involved has the [white] privilege of due process. This young man was not afforded that same right. Criminals belong in jail…..not the morgue.

    • The question is Why did the Justice Dept refuse to release the robbery tape?
      The Justice Dept is supposed to stand for truth
      but Obama's Justice Dept withholds the truth

      The protesters were angry because the tape showed that Mike Brown wasn't a gentle giant,
      he was a guy that committed robbery with force

      The protesters were angry because they couldn't handle the truth

      Everyone wants to make this about white versus black
      but thats not what its about

      Its about a cop who asked two guys to stop walking in middle of road which is dangerous
      then the guys attacked the cop inside his police car, tried to take his gun in which a gun shot was fired in his vehicle and then the cop shot him as he tried to run away

      If you threaten a cop's life or attack them, they will shoot
      which is not about black or white

      No one wants to talk about how the cop was attacked by Mike Brown

      • The autopsy pointed out six shots all over Mike's body but the two shots in his face are the element that fully illustrate the intentions and determination of this PISOLERO-Cop who heavily relied on his impressive shooting abilities:
        Mike got two shots in his face and four additional ones allover his body before crushing without any life left in his body.
        . The policeman enforcement agent wanted to kill this kid: he knew what he was doing and he accomplished his intentions successfully because he wanted to kill a human being and he trusted his own ability to get down what for him was just a target but for me was and remains an extremely young Human Being,
        Enough evidence to desprove your slanted theory that sincerily offends me.

      • So Obama's justice department is the only one that withholds the truth?

        They probably didn't want the tape released because it had nothing to do with the kid getting shot like the police chief informed the public.

        You sound like a parrot of the corporate media yet you hang out on a site like this? interesting.

        The protestors where angry long before that video tape was released. If you were interested in facts you'd have known that.

        That Mike Brown kid must have been a magical negro to have done all the police claim he did within that short time frame. To just viciously attack a cop for ASKING him to get out of the road. I am starting to think many like the police version of events because it supports there preconceived notions about "black men" in American society.

        While you stick your head in the sand the police have killed DOZENS of other innocent unarmed people. Interestingly enough the cops all have the same bullshit story. "They had a weapon" "They attacked me". Cops are killing people and getting away with it. They like to play target practice with blacks because they hope the ignorant white Americans won't notice that they're next.

      • Say Word. People never realize just how powerless they are and just how little they mean to the powerful elite until it is time for them to be subjugated. If the last recession did not teach people that lesson, than nothing will.

    • so it's really impossible to know whether he had his hands up, or was charging the cop. your decision to propagate Browns alleged surrender, and another's to proclaim the cop was only shooting to stop the deadly threat of being beaten by Brown, are equally speculative.

      The officer will say, he shot to stop a threat, and anti cop, anti establishment will say Brown surrendered.

      So logically, from a distance, I have only my prejudices to go on. Not knowing the officer's history of incidents, I can't discern if he's a good old boy, poorly trained, or some black hating guy that thought he could get away with offing some thug without due process.

      It's obvious that Brown was a thug, that had little respect for the law, and was comfortable using his size and violence to intimidate others. So I swing more towards the shooting in self defense side of the house.
      But I know there are dirty cops, and cops that will shoot people that aren't threats, (as it has happened in my town, where a man on a sidewalk, was essentially executed by an officer, there was no threat)

      So I will not claim one was right, I'll just attempt to see what good can come of this. I highly doubt there will be any way that it will ever come to charges against the officer. I feel there's not enough evidence and too much of a blue line. Just wish we could all learn and move on.

      • How is it obvious that he was a thug, because he was a suspect in stealing a 5 dollar box of cigarettes? We can only go on what we know. We know that he graduated high school and was on his way to college. We know that the witness's including his friend who was there when he was shot down testified that Brown had his hands up( sign of surrendering ) when the cop shot him 6 times in a row. We know that the cop did not know that brown was a suspect in a robbery. We know he laid his body out in the street for four hours then took him in a black unmarked suv, not an ambulance. All these things does not qualify him to be a thug or to be deserving of being murdered

    • Thankyou!!!!! WHEN DID IT BECOME ACCEPTABLE FOR THE POLICE TO MURDER SOMEONE IN COLD BLOOD !its been happening for years but now its out in the open for all to seeshowing a blatent disregard for human life!we need to unite as one people stop the racist comments weve come too far its 2014!!!!

  46. Here is something that many don't know. Remember what happened in Boston after FBI did another terrorist attack last year in April? Just a few days before this, same thing happened in Oakland of California. One resident said it was like a horror movie. No terrorism was involved. The cops were looking for a man and they closed an entire neighborhood for this.

    Guys, even more than this, the worse is happening with the power structure of the government. In my MPA class, we have a second textbook called Governance in Dark Times: Practical Philosophy for Public Service. The first chapter strangely begins with 9/11 followed by patriotic act and torture justification. It is not like the author is supporting them. She is critical of everything happening. Just last week I noticed that the chapter on governance and according to it, both state and federal governments are slowly losing power (one symptom of NWO). Many things including prison systems are going to private companies and the final aim here is to replace both the governments with governance (HINT:final implementation of NWO). Public won't be able to fight this because new definition of governance blocks their input. So in away average Americans will lose power also. We are being played. There is danger. The idea is that if people begin to lose faith in government because of its atrocity, they will easily accept the power of private entity.

    Back to real world, don't fall for those "government has no budget stories". It is a scam senators are using to block hiring of permanent public employees. By showing that future is uncertain, they are giving all jobs to contractors who are controlled mainly by private entities. The excuse is that it isnt easy to lay off permanent employees in government.But contractors can be told to leave any time there is a crisis. Main federal government is trying to fight this, but senators and other germs are making it difficult. I am not saying this because I am in MPA. The truth is in our texbooks. If you know how to connect the dots you will be able to see the roadmap of NWO in them. And funny thing is that our professors openly discuss what to average Americans is just conspiracy theory. They taught us how to block NSA from recording our stuff and yeah, they strictly told us to not use FB, Linkedin and other social networks. They told us to be careful about using Google.

  47. The hate comments might be written by paid instigators. Do you think that they don't police the Internet? They want to stir up and divide, meanwhile the riot police equally use aggressive force against all. They do not discriminate. All races are victims.

    We have been warned for many years now. The red carpet is being unfurled for the military police. They might get away with such injustice in this world but they will all have to answer for their actions. There is a universal law that is far more just than their own. It's called Karma.

    One must not look at just American history, but also world history. This form of military police has existed for thousands of years. They were just not as advanced as our military today but were for their time.

    One must also understand that racial prejudice exists between all races and even within races. It is part of human nature to divide people and categorize. Although it is not right it still has been done. Remember high school? The work force? Society divides itself although we all live and breathe on the same planet. Why do people hate someone who is going slow on the road? Why are people mean to their neighbors? Yet when their neighbor is hurt by another country suddenly they care and support waging war on another country killing thousands of innocent people in the process?

    We must look at ourselves a little closer to discover our prejudice then we can move forward and accept our fellow man then unite to promote equal rights and educate ourselves about the social injustices that occur on a daily basis.

    You cannot fight fire with fire. Those who do are promoting the cause of the evil doers. Soldiers of peace promote good will although it is difficult to withstand the aggressive military force. What solution is there when our own President and government sit back and watch their police become soldiers to it's own citizens? America is an illusion. There are no freedoms. We should want freedom for the world and impeach those tyrants in power and vote for people who will disable/disarm their weapons of mass destruction. People have the power but one must not let the media make their decision for them. If you must pick between the lesser of two evils then seek an alternative. You are responsible for who you vote.

  48. The gun culture is so ingrained in USA, it affects everyone: rich, poor, black, white, just everyone. Everything must be solved by force: criminal do their deeds armed, the common citizen feel it's his right to have a weapon, law forces use guns (this one I can't argue, but still), just about everybody feels as it is normal to have a gun. As a foreigner, I ask: why?

    • To protect us FROM our government (read: "rulers") when they undermine the basis of our republic, genius. Do you know what happened in Nazi Germany after the guns were taken from the citizenry there? No more violence, right? The citizens of Germany were safer once they no longer had a means to defend themselves, huh? Get a grip.

    • Why should you not have one, Gabriel? Our Bill of Rights put in place by our founding fathers guarantees us that the right to bear arms shall not be infringed. This was with the intent that citizens should have sufficient arms to overthrow a tyranny. It's all in the spirit of checks and balances and ensuring we remain a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. There are those who question why gun rights activists say that citizens should be allowed to have fully automatic firearms. Go back to the Bill of Rights. Sufficient arms to overthrow a tyranny. If potential oppressors are wielding automatic weapons (just a "for instance"), then the citizens should be allowed to be armed with that which is sufficient to fight back. The majority of law abiding citizens here have no desire to use these against human beings. I would venture to say some only insist upon being armed in this way simply because those in positions of power don't want them to be.

      • Yet while Americans have the right to bear arms, they also have a bigger problem with shootings than elsewhere in Europe and western countries. Im not saying gun should be banned, but gun laws should be stricter because there are too many lunatics out there these days who should not be anywhere near a gun.

      • Making stricter laws really makes no sense being that criminals don't usually abide by the law….. and we arm ourselves for protection, from anyone we deem a threat, which nowadays could be ANYONE, literally.

  49. My question about all of this is 'who are these policemen and where have they come from?' They are extraordinarily aggressive, violent and have no sense of humanity.

    I would love people in the police force to come forward and explain what type of training or recruitment tests are used to turn people into unconscious, fighting machines as they are not acting appropriately and I find this suspicious as all hell.

    The tests for recruitment should be weeding out psychopaths not identifying them as candidates. If they were normal when they joined, did they change once they joined? Maybe journo's should be checking the cops' personal history? Are they hiring violent criminals?

    Something very is very unnatural about this behavior and people should be seriously focusing on what is happening to these people rather than the next race war, because at this rate, race won't matter..we all going to be targets.


    OK. No more caps. This is not about race. It is about the Federal Government of the U.S.S.A. becoming more and more autocratic, authoritarian, totalitarian, and militarized.

    If you cannot see that Danielle then let me be among the first to welcome you into the ever enlarging pack of lemmings and sheeple doing the will of the U.S.S.A. Federal Government.

    The Federal Government of the U.S.S.A., and those Oligarchs at the head of it, is doing this in a predominantly black neighborhood to excite the emotions of the easily excitable masses, prone to illogicality, who are likely to react as do you. Good job!! You fit right in!!

    This is about police forces all over the country which are becoming ever more militarized and tend toward more easily using that force in their districts of jurisdiction. That is what this article is about. That is the larger issue at hand, not your easily excited emotions about race.

    Shoot….I am done. Not like you are going to listen to a word I say, anyway. Oh….one last thing. I am a white male married to a black woman and as such I am well aware of racial topics and racial issues. OK?


    • Brother you said very informative things BUT you mis qualified yourself and your woman, which in LAW would cancel out completely the whole of your intent or construct…real talk!
      In LAW, the terms "white" and "black" apply to status (ones legal/Lawful social status in society) others may attempt to refute this information, but only a fool or ignorant person would attempt to refute a fact. White and black do not mean SKIN-COLOR, because the civilized world knows human beings don't come in colors, but NATIONALITIES. You would qualify as Caucasian from whatever Nation you're from, your lady would have too study to know her proper Nationality. With kindness I tell you, that she is not black-an adjective, and she is not Afrikan American-a designation of two continents and how can a continent serve as ones identity?? Answer it cannot.

      Pax et amour

  51. While it's important to want to know the cause of all this whether it be race or whatever u guys are missing the bigger picture we are seeing the effects now.The elite is getting what they want when everyone is too busy arguing and getting upset at the wrong person.We need to stick together and then we can achieve peace.Mostly every major event such as this one was the elite's doing.

  52. Many slaves today don't even know that they are slaves. Today slaves come in all colors and backgrounds. How free do you feel when u pay taxes for every single thing or when you step outside? Some slaves are more free than others but the system remains.

    • So true. Most of us are wage slaves. The lack of privacy, constant tracking, NSA, etc. we are hardly free.

    • Slavery also exists in the form of human trafficking. Women and children (and sometimes men) from all countries and backgrounds can get kidnapped and forced into things (like sexual slavery/forced prostitution). There are more slaves today than there were in the past. And I think more awareness needs to be raised on that issue, rathing than just focusing on the past, lets try to change the present and future.


    i suppose u r american? isnt the chief of all the stuff u want to f**k a black man? how does this fit into ur rant? serious question.

  54. "The death of the young man at the hand of police caused protests which degenerated into looting and rioting. Far from attempting to calm the situation, local authorities turned Ferguson into an occupied war zone .."

    if 100s of people riot and loot (their own neighbourhood), how do u "calm the situation"?
    this is exactly the reaction i expect from police anywhere, to go in there and bring order into that anarchy. no matter what they wear.

    the masked looters with hoodies and their asses hanging out of their trousers (srsly wtf) provoked that.

    u all should tell the brits about overreaction of police: those london riots a few years ago were completely undisturbed by any police presence, 2 nights long! btw back then the looters were predominantly black too because the same thing happened- a white policeman shot a gangstathug.
    u can bet, the londoners where not amused with their police neither but for completely different reasons lol…

    this black mob (and the one in london) was indoctrinated by hip hop and "gangstarap" their whole life. to hate and destroy. to bring chaos into order. exactly what the dark forces on this planet want. spark a "worldwide revolution" to build their new world order. but first the people have to go berserk on the streets. any reason is fine! those black "demonstrators" and looters work for exactly that agenda. if they know it or not.

    dont fall for this trap, my black and white vigilant friends! stay sceptical, this all happens just to manipulate us.
    u can see that by the amount and size of media coverage in the whole "western world".

    the goal is for u to either hate the black looters or the "martial law nwo police". doesnt matter, just HATE and GET ANGRY…

    • Thank You! Finally some common sense: It's not about race, per se. It's about the Culture of violence propagated in the hip-hop/gangsta lifestyle. Blacks and whites seem to be equally capable of violence, and equally capable of perpetrating on those who are closest to them, whether it be family members, schoolmates, or people in their neighborhoods.

      How many times do we have to witness a kid up to no good ending up in a grave or in jail? The ones who get the most airtime on the news lately are black boys, but frankly, I'm tired of people pretending that these boys are completely innocent. Has anyone noticed the fb pics of young Mr. Brown holding a gun, his smiling mouth stuffed with a wad of money, w/a fifth of liquor on the table and his homie in the background exhaling a thick plume of smoke? Does anyone really doubt that a kid who subscribes to this lifestyle WOULDN'T give the cops a hard time, provoking them into reacting in an aggressive, or overly aggressive manner? He frigging TRIED to TACKLE the cop, and said "Whaddya gonna do, shoot me?"

      And though the reports of the last couple of days show the cops out in full military regalia, there was a week's worth of twitter feeds from the local business owners going "Where are the damn cops to help protect us and our stores?!" They had to arm themselves against the escalating looting and violence!

      It's fairly obvious that this situation has been engineered and exacerbated by the PTB to test the limits of the public's attention span and our endurance of their militant tactics. All you blacks whining about how you have a monopoly on problems (hint: you don't!) or using it as an excuse to Do The Wrong Thing are not helping yourselves or anyone else. Stop shouting, stop listening to likes of Al SharpTongue and act like reasonable people who want a better future, and who knows, maybe something good can come of all this.

    • "the goal is for u to either hate the black looters or the "martial law nwo police". doesnt matter, just HATE and GET ANGRY… "

      agree, TA. people kept in a limbic state/reactive mind are easier to manipulate, discipline of the mind is a fortress against invasion.

  55. Yes racial tensions are high but it has always been that way since the beginning of time and it will always be that way as long as evil, ignorant, and miseducated people inhabit the earth. People of color and those who mix with people of color have always been preyed upon and persecuted. Why? Because the people who rule this world know our true history and will do anything to keep us from knowing it. In history no greater measures have been taken on any other race to delete a people's culture and history than on the black race. Why? Because once we know the truth about ourselves, it would change the whole dynamics of this world. Of what truth am i speaking? The answers are in plain sight, something these readers know to be a tactic of the illuminati. Its in the bible, ancient paintings, sculptures, and writings all over the world. And the answer is that people of color were the original inhabitants of this earth the creators of civilizations Gods chosen people. No way right?! Who would believe that now a days? Well thats how they have conditioned us to think for years; that something like that is impossible. But anyone with a little knowledge of history and common sense wouldnt doubt it. Race, class, and status are always major factors in many of the worlds problems. And the hand of all the chaos and problems is an evil white hand. The faces of the elite the illuminati are evil white faces. They are the master deceivers, murderers, and manipulators; evil devils who love to play God. Not all white people are evil and not all black people are saints. But u have to be truly delusional not to admit that the rulers of this world are evil white devils. There is a racial revolution brewing and the revolution will not be televised!

    • Get a grip. Do you hear yourself? You are right that black people have been conditioned in a sense to think that they are nothing, but that is also carried out everyday in black on black violence. It is not white people alone. And I assume you mean white people in power, not all white people. It is still a choice you can make to have an intact family and get an education and rise above, and teach your kids to rise above. Speaking of evil people in power, what about Obama, who identifies as a black man. He hasn't done a thing to help anyone, quite the opposite. This isn't a white devil problem and that is very offensive. Martin Luther king would never speak that way.

      • Thank you, Rebecca. Throwing out terms like "evil white devil" in reference to white people is only dividing us further. It's not fair to white people who aren't racist and can see that those in power in the past have set the stage for a lot of black people to remain in slavery ( and a lot of white people too- I.e. the welfare system). Technically, how are any of us free if we're required to pay to exist on property that we own?! I don't think any of us are really that free anymore. Our founders are turning over in their graves.

  56. Wow race has popped up a lot in peoples comments,anyway I just wanna say to VC thanks for sharing on how you view the world. I'm from South Africa and I always find your articles interesting and informative.

  57. Great article, VC should post more articles like this. Yes, blatant "divide and conquer" tactics here, and people are falling into this race bait, more quickly than i expected. It shows how easily manipulated the public has become. This also proves that's nothing "new" about the New World Order, in fact is very ancient.

  58. A couple of things:
    Fisrt when i saw an article headline about furgeson and military gear i suddenly got a feeling that VC would probably write an article about this. Then i thought no maybe not i cant be thinking conspiracy thoughts! Then that night, a VC article about the very thing popped into my inbox. What?! Thanks for letting me know i was right even tho i did doubt myself.
    Second: people on these comments are not seeing the bigger picture here. There are two things going on at the same time. An unarmed black man ( i say that because he was 18 which is legal adult) got shot by a white man. i would hope that people would get fired up if an officer shot anyone who was unarmed and it resulted in death. It should not matter skin color especially when life is taken away. But because it was perp-white victim-black, it became a race issue and it is normal for people to get upset and protest ( not vandalize and riot and plunder). What is NOT normal and the point of the article is how militarized the police became and seemed to turn that town into a warzone – in america no less- taking away peoplea right to stand in their yard and other things. It was a murder that someone higher up decided to use as race problem to give excuse to use military force on citizens. Probably as a practice to see how it would be recieved. Such a long comment i know. Thank you for taking time to read it

    • I've only begun to follow the money. I live in low population little state of NH, and for some reason, small town of Laconia has a SWAT tank. In NH! Lots of Federal grant money got spread around the U.S. for local police agencies to SWAT up their equipment and training. Combine that with Beyonce's vid dancing with a SWAT team and Playmobil riot squad, certainly indicates a "fundamental transformation" is coming down.


    • Sister I realize that you're caught up emotions and are pouring your very heart out and trying to touch people's hearts. But to answer your 1st offering, it is NOT about race, they hate that our people remain ignorant of who we/they truly are. Blacks/Afrikan Americans/negores/coloreds/minorities are always trying to be something they are not. We refuse to study the Necessary DOME-WORK (Saul Williams) that would allow our minds to be free and at peace. Typing curse words simply won't achieve the proper answers.

      2ndly and 3rdly "you effing idiots know your history"…but do you know yours? Unfortunately I think not, for if you did, you'd know that black people's ancient ancestors are the very ones, who enslaved the modern Caucasian Europeans first, (keep in mind that the ancestors of so called blacks/afrikan americans were never known as blacks or afrikan americans-so dont expect to find the falacy where it does not belong) do you even know of the "Renaissance?" And what it meant to modern Europeans? Do you know that Europe is named after a sistah who was named Queen Europa? Even Paris is named after a mythical sistah, Isis…even California is named after a sistah Queen Califa, even the Amazon women were named after sistah's who were actually known as the Amazing…ignorance and cursing and frustration and violents can be eradicated through studying and humility.

      Pax et amour familia

  60. if people keep seeing that this is happening why doesn't anyone educate more people about this stuff! It's happening more and more everyday why can't some people start getting together and doing something about it!

  61. One more thought. How big is the town of Ferguson. Do they really have that many police officers. I have a hard time picturing local police being so crafty as to yell stop resisting arrest when resistance wasn't happening. Makes me think they brought in some kind of forces from outside. Does anyone know a police officer from ferguson? Did they see "officers" that they hadn't seen before? Just seems strange. Even if they have the military gear, most small town cops don't have a military mentality like that. My husband is a cop in a larger western town and they don't have that mentality.

    • Rebecca there are 53 police officers in Ferguson. 3 are black. In a town that is 2/3 black. They do not live in Ferguson either. They DO own some of the Pentagon program's equipment, but the main militarized police came from St. Louis COUNTY (NOT CITY) The governor of Missouri took charge Thursday and released them. He then brought the Missouri highway patrol in to fix the damage that was already done by the tear gassers.I live in St Louis and have been following this story from the beginning as I have hundreds of friends amd their friends with videos, photos etc.

  62. I believe some of these outrageous comments could be fake. But if they are real, then this is a sad measurement of people's horrible attitudes. Go talk to someone who can counsel you so you can move on with your lives and not be so consumed with hate. I don't care what color you are! Anyone can be racist apparently. And I won't be reading anymore comments on this article, though I appreciate the writers work.

  63. We have to stop immediately going to race issues. As the writer said, that is exactly what they want us to do. I believe he forces in power would have liked Ferguson to turn into an all out race riot. That would have been very damaging to the public , and it would have given us a bone to fight over while the real motives of those in power are accomplished.
    Frankly, I have black and white people in my immediate family. We have never had an issue of race because we love each other. We can all behave lovingly to each other and stop the race issue dead in its tracks. How w o Ulf Christ behave in this situation?

    • Thank you Rebecca, I feel exactly the same way….all these people bringing up race and throwing insulting, hateful comments at each other is exactly what the elite want. They want people to fight, be hateful towards each other, and to be divided. If there is a division between people then it makes it easier for them to control us. Please look past each others differences and treat each other with respect. The more united we are, the stronger we are as a nation. Besides, God created all of us as one human race, and we were created to love each other as brother and sister. Our skin color may be different but we bleed the same color blood and feel the same pain and emotions.

  64. Nothing is what it seems. All races of people will be dehumanized if it fits a finacially agenda. Africans had good business relationships with Europeans well before slavery. But it served an agenda to dehumanize Africans once it was understood the land was rich with resources and it made more finacially sense to control the resources.

    Once "they" realize the land you own as a home owner is valuable to them in some way they will be dehumanize you as well no matter what race you are. It's about greed and control.

    • Exactly and they made us believe its about race.. so we have to deal with these people that run around with the same mindset people had 200 or so years ago….

    • This is very True. Many people do not know how many valuable minerals and resources Afghanistan has. Also Iraq. For many years, countries have been trying to obtain control of these lands and resources. No wonder the media and government have dehumanized these countries and continually massacre their character and lives. People do not like to admit they have been fooled into supporting war that had a sinister money making agenda while killing innocent people in the process. Think of a cheating husband. If the wife starts catching on he laughs and calls her crazy. Truth is he is cheating. Eventually he admits it after making her the fool for so many years.

    • I agree with that to a certain extent Megan, because at the end of the day Africans we're treated the most unfair, naive a bit… It's always about greed and control, population control, and reproduction control!

  65. Not only is this proof that the US becoming a police state, but this is even more proof of systematic white supremacy. As someone else stating in the comments section; black people have been experiencing this since slavery. This is no joke. The US has never been a home for black people, it doesn't matter if there is a black president or not. Systematic white supremacy is a serious problem in the US, if not the main problem, it always has been and I am sad to believe that it always will be.

  66. …And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
    O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

    All that money spent on military s**t and yet not enough for free healthcare

    I pity you americans, the people who control your country are a bunch of scary cunts, I pity you all….
    and I am afraid for the rest of us…

    Not the land of the free anymore!

    • It never was the land of the free. It was set up with a specific aim in mind which was neither holy nor wholesome. That is why our parents refused to raise us there.

  67. smh at some of these comments..

    this s**t is not about slavery.. slavery was normal back in the day and the africans that sold their slaves
    didn't know that ones the slaves arrived in america they will get mentally and physically tortured…cause their slaves actually became family members and weren't treated like animals or like that tiny spider you see in the corner of your room and you start slowly reaching for any flat thing you can find like a book or a shoe to kill it…..
    Thats how a small amount of white people thought about all other races especially blacks because they are so brown unlike them which means they are inferior or not even human which obviously makes natural sense…
    anyway…unfortunately this small amount of these hitle..I mean ..darwi…I mean humans happened to have a lot of influence on gullible or ignorant people and they made babys and kept spreading like the black plague exclamation point 😮

    and now we are here in 2014 and some of their racist offspring is well and healthy in some of these uniforms and government positions governing their ideas and subliminally forcing them on other people that have to carry sins their ancestor probably didn't commit.
    They are giving out orders that will help prevent all different shades of brown to ever attain the same amount of power or wealth or anything if you think about it….cause this is their time in history not anyone else's..until (china and india time comes which is soon..I guess) but their are as much white people that are going trough some serious shiat too in their lives just like the white immigrants that came here from Europe who did not own slaves…cause some of them actually where slaves….the ones in power didn't give them time to fight for equality along with other humans cause they would have ended just like brown black people and why would they waste their opportunist on humans they don't know anything about but their daughter is running around starving….you would think.. well compassion? Simply emotional intelligence?
    Yeah well that wasn't a big thing back than….(rolling a blunt)..

    But when the ones controlling society tell you that human life is not as valuable as this human life because…the sun wasn't shining that strong back in the day any you are struggling with your own family well than you take that…. they want the gullible masses to stop carrying that much because the honorable white whig crazy ancestors never cared and look what happened because of that they brought us a new country….
    They used and still use racism to manipulate and divide people thats all it is thats how they justified selling children, raping women, hang and burn people alive it (google some of these festivals they were great for bonding time 🙂 ….and almost end up killing all native indians…

    and thats how the police..or anything that really has influence will keep justifying killing or mistreating all different shades of brown…and some white people that seem to just see human because their obvious intelligence….
    sorry for my english human peoples.. dankeschön 🙂

    btw these brown black people are dangerous thats why they need the military gear its obviously a war zone full with unarmed citizen… but hey they are just practicing for the future 😀

    The end.

  68. Imagine what it is going to be like when they take away your guns? Perhaps the "simmer down" message is their "soften the blow" concession? The racism on this thread is precisely what they hope to achieve bu engineering this riot. God made us all equal on the level of race – white people are not superior, nor are black people. In any case, many more people are mixed race than you would ever know. My partner and I are both mixed even though most people would disregard us as white. I am disappointed that people with clearly defined mixed origins desire to classify themselves as white as a means of identifying with the more powerful side. There is no point in such persons then condemning the deplorable actions of white authority figures if they wish to be tethered to them by elastic on the self-identification level. I am sure this riot (which will be as contagious as the previous one in spreading worldwide) has been triggered deliberately in order to draw attention away from the atrocities in Gaza and the Mossad-financed Isis movement. I believe we saw the beginnings of mass awakening via early questioning but that is being brought to an abrupt end because now we have the deadly ebola virus to worry about as well as civil unrest. It is probable that the awakening was careering ahead of their schedule.

    • If you know jurisprudence/Law…you don't have to worry about having a weapon taken from you, enforce the Constitution it's as simple as that. Especially for those of us who are indigenous to the Americas. American is a Bloodline, NOT something one can become after being naturalized. The Constitution is and always will be the SURPREME LAW OF THE LAND. So what if the LAW breakers who should be LAW keepers actually do confiscate your weaponry, they can never eradicate the Law from your/our minds and hearts.

      People keep giving their opinions of why the people are continuously trespassed against, well it's because you all don't enforce the constitution of the republic of North America. BUT you will have too study to know how and why we all need to enforce it….the constitution will always be your ONLY remedy and no matter what they say, it (the constitution) can never be suspended. But only by studying can you/we know this to be certain.

      I simply wish all you courage, love and peace
      Pax et amour familia

  69. The racist arguments on here is really very sad. Slavery and racism were orchestrated by a small minority of people, like many things gullible individuals from the masses subscribed to the idea and bought into it, so many years later we have ignorant people who can't cypher that all white people are not racist and all black people are not racist. Imagine for a minute if guilty by skin colour was applied wide spread towards black people. If you can't grasp this then I'm wondering why your here on VC. The whole point is negativity and propaganda has always been pushed by a small elite minority in order to keep us at each other and many of you seem all to willing to oblige. We are living in a time where we should be fighting to save humanity, start thing bigger and get out of your little boxes that were built for us many years ago or else we

    • Exactly. I can confirm that this is the divide and conquer they feed off, because my ancestors had slaves for many, many generations on one side of the family and on the other side, they had CIA connections and owned plantations in the Mississippi.I live in a multicultural city but it took me several decades to befriend black people. When i did so, I found morally superior human beings who were far more trustworthy and hardworking than any white person I had previously encountered. It elevated me as a human being.

      • i do understand your sentiments but i believe it is just as dangerous to elevate any group/class etc… above another in this way, too easy to be used. it is common to have an overcorrection of values as we grow, and outgrow those not moving with us. embrace all with forgiveness and peace and the truth will be found.

    • Thanks, morpheus. It's a well documented fact that the KKK was founded by Freemason members. Fergusen is a huge, televised and over-mediated horribly divisive public psycho-drama.

  70. First I read the article, seconde the comments. And i'm so sad to read what is written. Sad to see how everyone reject others…
    Sorry for my English I'm French. Sure I don't get everything from America History but I studied. It's not the same in France but we also have racism. But here, what I read. It touched my heart.
    Im a bi racial woman -German+Algerian- (White in here) and my husband is from Cameroon (black African for whose don't know), we've got 2 beautiful girls. We are blessed. We take from each other culture. In times like that i Wonder how m'y daughters Will be welcomed in America.
    It makes me really sad to see how everyone is hating. im so sad for this poor boy get killed for nothing and all that that reminds of your American history.
    God bless all His children and May He shows us the way

    • "German+Algerian- (White in here)" Says who?
      I never understand how North Africans believe themselves to be white and declare themselves white for official purposes. The indigenous French would never regard you as white, you do know that right? Maybe you have not had access to their true mindset because they would not say it in front of people of your origin but they are genuinely so racist and their hatred for North Africans runs so deep I have never seen anything comparable the world over. At times, I have become physically unwell from having to listen to their barrage of racist remarks against maghreb people.
      You may feel that because you are lighter than say Asiatic people, you could pass as white but you must know that the French will never regard you as being what you imagine yourself as being. Celebrate being biracial, don't try and join a club where you are covertly regarded as deluded and inferior

      • No I said "white" as a skin color and Believe me here in France despite the fact that some saw me as a mix of an Arab and a German, they still see the fact that I'm married with a black so they say a white woman with a black man.
        But I knew the racism against my father and because of my name

      • Cool. My bad. Kudos for you for bearing to live in France. Based on my personal experience, I found it unbearable. I live among many immigrants who moved away from France because they could not stand the prevailing attitudes of the indigenous people. Such a beautiful country but so godless.

      • Yes godless you said it best. But I don't know if things are different in other countries. Just what happened in the US… it's so sad that ignorant people keep spreading wrong ideas of who they don't know.
        Glad you understood the point of my comment.
        Take care, God bless you

      • And that's a good thing! the french white people done a lot for their country throughout history.
        Now they are overwhelmed by these African immigrants who destroy the French culture, and bring in their own bad culture. They don't want to work, live off hard working people and rob/kill etc. France is not even France anymore!

        They should be deported!

        And I'm not even racist, I'm saying the truth!

      • These African immigrants you are talking about are they the same who came because France asked them to come help to build buildings cities and everythings back in the 1930s as thé portugeses etc? My grandfather was in the war for France and I've got a grand oncle that died for France they were not even French. They always respected this country and its culture! So I don't know if you live in France, you talking about history and enveything but sorry you don't seem to know a lot.
        And yes, you sound like a big good racist "their own bad culture" yes you are not racist at all.

  71. The two reporters who were arrested inside of a McDonald's for doing their jobs claim that police showed up there and told everyone to get out. When one of them did not do so quickly enough the officer slammed him into a soda machine. The Huffpo reporter wrote on that news site that even though he wasn't resisting arrest the policeman kept saying "Stop resisting!" Which one commenter pointed out may have been police codespeak for "Do not question the police state under any circumstances." Lastly no charges were brought against either of them. They were only arrested for the "crime" of filming

    • arrested inside of a McDonald' … every appropriate choice of venue for their staged arrest, given the symbolism already in place and the occult history of MCDs

    • Arrested for conspiracy to commit journalism. I cannot believe that is even a crime. I would be interested to know how that even came to be illegal.

    • No that's not code speech. Stop resisting is what they say when they want to get physical with the suspect. When bystanders/witnesses hear "stop resisting" they'll think the officer had every right to do what he did because they were resisting arrest

  72. I just want to know why he was being stopped in the first place. I can already see a situation where he felt like he was being racially profiled leading to an altercation between him and the officers and a confrontation that ended with his life being taken.

    • He was being stopped because he robbed a gas station. He wasn't this innocent kid like the media is portraying. He robbed and bullied a middle eastern gas station clerk and was arrested for it. He then punched the cop in the face and went for the cops gun and that is why he was shot. Maybe if these goons don't want to be targeted, they should stop committing crimes.

      • WRONG! I LIVE IN ST. LOUIS. HE WAS STOPPED FOR WALKING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET. The burglary had nothing and I repeat nothing to do with him being stopped. The police chief in Ferguson even said so in the press conference yesterday. Stop spreading lies

      • the cop who stopped him and shot him down while he was on his knees and his hands up in the air, did not know he was a SUSPECT in the robbery. try again

    • Ok — it's NOT just me…

      What's going on here that it is so difficult to know the truth of what actually happened to start this nonsense off?
      So far I've heard;
      He robbed a shop (of $5 mechandise) and then…
      NO — he was walking done the street minding his business and then…
      NOOOO — he was being a "threatening black male" and then…

      It IS suspicious that the only part people agree about is all the stuff that happened after the "and then…." the police showed up with a reinactment of pandemonium.
      (part one)

    • But you have to agree, the NOT KNOWING what happened before sure has stirred up that ole american melting pot…
      …enought to distract them away from what the police should have done NOT to cause multiple day commotion in the middle of midwest? And then what this is leading to?
      What was it, last year, year before Trayvon Martin.
      This year: Michael Brown.
      Next year: yet another random black male child of" questionable credentials" getting shot down by a police?
      And let's not forget the likes of Rodney King, the prep school (from Exeter or the like) kid in New York, or even Emmet Till and the countless times this has happened before in the 1990s, and 1980s, etc.
      (part two)

    • (Part three — sorry for the breaks–weirdness with the browser, permissions(?) etc)

      Or will be be back to our paler shooter cousins (Sandy Hook, Aurora, the military school dude, another Columbine, another marathon bombing, etc) where a lot of "white" folks die and the police wander around befuddled?

      Sounds like a diabolical script being acted out here; have we caught on yet?? The SAME thing happening over and over and. — again I ask what is this leading to??

      Because I sure don't want to end up there!!

  73. I once enjoyed the comment section of this site b/c all of the commetators seemed to be intelligent. But this thread has disappointed me.

      • i know what you mean, ACB, but there are some gems in here. maybe the name of the article brought some more mainstream media types to the site? i just hope this is an opportunity where we reach them, too much is at stake for all.

    • Maybe because your making an opinion based of of speculation not facts.. U have strong opinions about what right for blacks but u can't relate. Honestly we would llove to go back to Africa but the man who brought us here gotta give us back our gold, our governmental powers and restore what they've taken from our civilization. You gotta know your history to grasp this situation before u can have a valid opinion. By the hand of God the US was given power to over take us. the black Jews who u call African Americans were rulers and provided resources to the entire world. The history is hidden. Our disobedience to God for idol worship is why we were captivated and sold into slavery forever to be oppressed until the return of Yeshua. This is biblical. A curse! This is a spirtual battle not carnal. Why? Because the Children of Isreal were Gods chosen people.. He loves all people but he had a chosen few who are descendants of Christ! A bloodline! If it were not for our fall u wouldn't even have a toilet !!! One day the truth will see light. The book of Rev is happening now. It won't be long. Praise Yah! Repent and purify your souls. Bless u.

  74. I have seen photos on a number of websites of these militarized cops and to the poster who mentioned predictive programming yes I remember years ago vc mentioning an award show performance by Beyonce in which she came out on stage with a bunch of men dressed in riot police uniforms behind her, a perfect example of it. These officers fired tear gas at people who were doing nothing more than standing in their own backyards. They acted more like they were waging full scale war in Ferguson than trying to bring peace. Is this the future we can all expect since for a while now we have been basically just sitting back allowing police to do whatever they wanted to us whenever they wanted. It's a fair question.

  75. Didn't VC point out images of a militarized police force in several videos over the last couple of years?
    Predictive programming?

    • Spot on. Predictive programming through sci-fi entertainment delivers us into the inevitability mind set. So the sheeple, having seen all this apocalyptic devastation, are given a perverse sense of control, a feeling of familiarity with the scenario, so they won't fight it. it's just like the movie, The Green Mile, where the death row inmate rehearses his walk to the execution chair.

  76. Wake up people!!! This s**t is going down. It's actually happening right before our eyes. White, Black, Native, naturalized, male, female, straight, gay,…whatever, whomever…We are in it. We are all vulnerable and at risk. Let's stop the divisive BS. We are the vigilant ones. If they keep us divided they will conquer us.

    No!!! If we choose to divide ourselves…

    • They want us divided, using our resources to fight with each other;
      That way we don't unite to fight the NW odor…

    • Best comment on here..Unfortunately yes we are all in this together…But I don't think we could stop these peoples plans they are in full rotation.. no more hope :/

  77. This is so disturbing. these race wars have to stop, as if its not bad enough with the gaza conflict, now America too? No one understands that we are all one and the same, no better or worse than anyone. this Police state situation is so sketchy.

    • Gaza brought awakening, Ebola and civil unrest are basically a huge dose of sedative to send the sheeple back to sleep again.

    • Its not just the Gaza conflict now in the Middle East. ISIS is also mistreating and kill the Assyrian Christians and the Yazidis now too. Its all really sad!

  78. I understand one of those "witnesses" was involved in a burglary with the late Michael Brown.

    Blacks will lie in order to stick it to Da Man. They're the most hatefully racist, not to mention violent. The lamestream media wrings its hands over so many blacks being murder victims, but most of the time they're killed by fellow blacks. They have more to fear from each other than, say, the KKK.

    Here's my thought: TPTB kept blacks here on purpose instead of sending them back to Africa (like Lincoln and others wanted), knowing their violent, impulsive nature…and using the "we're all equal" line, they have the perfect excuse to have militarized police and Big Brother.

    Just speculation on my part but I think it makes sense. For what it's worth I don't hate blacks…you know, they're pawns the same as we are.

    • You don't hate blacks but you just lumped all blacks into a pile. Not all blacks are violent. Your comment is disgusting and is the reason so many young innocent black men are killed. Because theyare considered more violent,less civil, therefore inferior,less human… We are human beings..our nature isnt more violent or animalistic than any other race. If you disagree consider all the times a young white man has walked into a school,movie theatre,office and hunted innocent people down….then think about how many were unharmed long enough to have a fair trial Even tthough they were obviously guilty. This young man wasnt even allowed to stand trial. Are you sure you dont hate black people?

      • Yes she seems to have nothing whatsoever to say about all the heavy artillery and tear gas/rubber bullets being used on innocent protesters by these police officers which I guess means she is perfectly ok with them trying to wage war against ordinary citizens. Which I take to mean Alexandra wouldn't be the least bit bothered if this happened in her own neighborhood.

      • I never thought I'd actually see anyone defend this militarization on the vigilant citizen… They have the perfect excuse to have militarized police and big brother … yes because a nonviolent protest just like any other is such a good excuse for what I have been seeing … ok and here I am reminded of …"Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak for me."

      • Im human, Alexandria is telling the truth and you know it. Yes she as generalizing, but you have to admit most Blacks have the "stick it to the man" mindset. You see it everyday. No, not ALL do, but many do and you know it. Often times ones who don't hate Whites are called "Uncle Toms". There's a lot of social pressure to hate Whitey.

    • Majority of child r****t are white. Mass murders, white. Which race has killed uncontrollably, white. Who has manipulated destroyed raped nations of their resources, white. Remember, blacks and Indians were in this country long before white man and when white people saw their own demise they sought to kill off the Indians and black people. White people can not be trusted as their fathers were liars and now their sons have inherited the sins of their fathers.

      • Luz. You are right! Before Columbo, NOBODY used those terms to describe the people of those NATIONS. There is no such thing as white or black when it comes to the Members of the Human Race. I hate to bust your bubble, but if you look up the word 'American' in an unabridged dictionary or even an unabridged Law dictionary(preferably Henry Campbells Black's Law Dictionary), it will describe the Nation as Copper colored Aboriginal people

      • You're comment was extremely racist. Saying that white people cannot be trusted because "their fathers were liars" is ridiculous. I hope you get gunned down when you're "peacefully protesting" for your hatred of the white man and his "inherited sins of his father". Maybe if there weren't race baiters like Al sharp ton and Jesse Jackson inviting looters and blaming the white man for this people wouldn't be shot with tear gas and rubber bullets. I'm not saying that the militarized police are okay, but they are there to take care of morons and racists like yourself who are bigoted.

    • I'm not racist BUT …. I am about to unleash a barrage of racist vitriol, just because? Do you accept that God made us equal on the level of race? That we have equal access to his mercy?

    • Alexandra's post is a race baiting trolling weapon disguised as a opinionated comment. The evidence is that TPTB fear the African Americans' potential unlimited strength; and have FBI Counter Directives designed to eliminate any public figureheads that speak Truth in their communitys; and replace them with Feds like Al Sharpton (Well-Documented Federal Confidential Informant) and Jesse Jackson who show up to carry the Water for the NWO official version of events, and temper it with racially dividing rhetoric. The Truth is that the NWO is most afraid of Blacks dynamic abilities to overcome oppositions in creative tribal ways. That's why real Black leaders are immediately eliminated, jailed, or silenced before any true organizations can be initiated. Along with all authentic Black musicians and lyricists. If the message is Positive and Informative the Artists are killed, and if their message is destructive, mis-informative, and Establishment oriented, then these Artists are mass-marketed, glorified, and given the Keys to the White House (Satanists Beyonce, Jay Z, Rhianna, Lil Wayne, Kanye West).
      The last thing standing between the NWO Illuminati full Police State takeover of the U.S. is the proud unlimited potential of the Black Man and Woman, combined with the Middle Class armed Patriot Americans who understand the Constitution and their inherent God Given Rights. That's why you are always seeing a concerted Establishment effort to turn those two groups against each other through racially dividing Orwellian rhetoric over all NWO controlled Mediums (MSM)

      • YES. Sanat Toma' explains that our lack of emotional control and empathy bait us into our own destruction.

        This is a "problem-reaction-solution" game they play with us.

        Please do not give any of these racist commenters your time in response. Real people love all people. Dead people fear people, they fear others and they fear themselves. You can't help the dead inside.

        You can understand how to resist and know the consequences of a life well lived. Eventual death or prolonged discomfort. So you can have integrity in standing up for what is RIGHT. John Noveske… Lauryn Hill…

        You have a lesson to learn, if you think this is a race war starting. This is a CLASS WAR thats been going on since before the sixties. Every race needs to understand no one is free when others are oppressed, no class is elite and on touchable when pain and anger burn in the belly of so many. I don't need someone to draw a line in the sand for me. I know what side I am on. White as snow, love all phenotypes and cultures so long as they support their youth so I am curious…who else out there is like me? I wanna keep warm so I plan on burning out the RICH share the wealth in feeding all the the children starving tonight..

      • Your writing style is exactly like a friend of mine….who I don't think knows about this website…but you've really got me wondering…

      • thank you. You are always such a voice of intelligence and sound reason on these comments!!! Couldn't have said it better my self. God bless!

    • F**k off with violent and impulsive nature s**t! Unfortunately us blacks will always have the stigma of.being lazy violent etc but how many blacks do u see in the media killing their family and themselves because they cant deal with s**t? Im proud.to say as an.african.american that when times get rough we always make a way whether its an utility being shut off or.losing a job we r able to.cope and make the.situation better…whites go on killing sprees and whatever else they do…..#blackpower

  79. These comment sections always turn into a white vs. black issue.
    That is exactly what those on power want, so they can firmly anchor the authoritarian police state.

    Until all Americans unite against our corrupt military-industrial complex and police prison business, America will continue to descend into a police state.

    I think we are past the point of no return. The Obama administration has actually accelerated this process beyond
    The Bush agenda. Goodbye freedom, hello orwellian nightmare.

  80. I dont understand why the police are trying to scare an unarmed, docile population?? At first i thought it was to scare them into paying more taxes (with such unpopular programs as medicare, war reparations, etc), but the populace is already taxed to the eyebrows. And so what I concluded is that the government is removing the population for its LAND, just like they did to native americans so that a foreign populaton can occupy it. But the question then is, what foreign population?? china and its huge numbers? Russia???
    Either way, this is absolute bullshit. People need to stop paying tax in protest, defend their property with force, and form communities against corruption.

  81. We need to reclaim our birth right as indigenous native Americans, 85% of us are walking around unrealized to the fact that we are the original Native Americans, we are not black (that is a crayon color) we are not people of color look that definition up in the Black Law dictionary, "The Black’s Law Dictionary 4th Edition Revised of 1968, defines person as: Person are of two kinds, natural and artificial. A natural person is a human being. Artificial persons include a collection or succession of natural persons forming a corporation; a collection of property to which the law attributes the capacity of having rights and duties." so there you have it you are considered someone who is artificial, why because you do not know how to form a corporation and obtain rights, do you see them shooting "Native Americans" down in the st, or other nationalities, how can you call yourself an African American, where is that in Africa there are how many states in Africa, and how many in in America, you North America, South America and Central America. You can't be on multiple continents at the same time, so therefore you have no place to claim home, this is your home and it starts with renaming yourself a Mo'Ur (Moor). This is ridiculous, the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again expecting the same results. If we claim our birthright and come together as a nation we are able to sue them, lien their bank accounts and hit them where their pockets hurt, that is when they take notice. Movies like The Purge II, where the Revolutionist says "they don't take action until it happens to them." Meaning these oppressors. Wake up, they are practicing genocide right before your eyes, we are the only people who have been enslaved the most, by oppression of language, culture and resources. Reclaim your power and activate your pineal gland to the fullest.

    • many people in America appear one way, but genetically test another. this includes "whites." anyone who knows anything about biology can attest to the benefits of such "mixing." let us move away from the more recent (Western) perceptions of "race" and never forget that the whole world has a history of slavery and still it continues.

      focusing on these points will keep us ALL moving towards a common goal of peace toward one another instead of easy buttons to be pushed by those who want to manipulate us ALL.

  82. I think the police used this situation to see how far they could push an angry mob, like trying out their new toys on them. Did they really need armored vehicles with guns on top….. Probably not

  83. I guess our kids think this is so cool being that it looks like a pop video. Heavy artillery is so in now.

  84. FOX reports:

    On Wednesday, an Al-Jazeera crew got caught in the tear gas. St. Charles County SWAT Team members located the journalists, put them into their armored car and then disassembled their equipment and loaded it for them.
    A spokesperson for the St. Charles County Sheriff’s department says the reporters “thanked their officers.”
    “In fact, last night the SWAT Team officers were assisting the media in moving their camera equipment and media personnel to a safer area with their consent so that they could continue to cover the event, ” the Sheriff’s Department said in a news release.

    So Fox News reports that the Officers were helping to keep them safe, let's see what Al-Jazeera says about that

    Statement from Kate O'Brian, Al Jazeera America President
    "Last night at 9:30 CDT in Ferguson, Missouri, an Al Jazeera America news crew was reporting behind police barricades. They were easily identifiable as a working television crew. As they were setting up their camera for a live report, tear gas canisters landed in their proximity and police fired rubber bullets in their direction. Police continued to shoot after crew members clearly and repeatedly shouted ‘Press’. Al Jazeera America is stunned by this egregious assault on freedom of the press that was clearly intended to have a chilling effect on our ability to cover this important story. Thankfully all three crew members are physically fine. We believe that this situation must be investigated along with those involving our colleagues at other media outlets."

    In today's Orwellian society, when you shoot bullets at the press, you're really trying to help them

    • Again as of last night midnight hours, 8/17/2014, well documented use of Tear Gas to disperse Crowd and Press. And when I mean well documented, I mean Press wearing Gas Masks and filming Tear Gas Grenade volleys from the approaching Storm Trooper brigade of Militarized Police. CNN reports Tear Gas was used on Curfew Protestors, THEN 15 MINUTES LATER INEXPLICABLY CHANGES THE HEADLINE TO READ "SMOKE, NOT TEAR GAS, WAS USED TO DISPERSE CROWD"
      Even though the Press has the Tear Gas canisters as evidence, much less the fact that their Faces were burning, and they were coughing uncontrollably, and that the whole thing was captured on film.
      Once again CNN employs Orwellian level lies, and aims them against an ignorant public. CNN should never be on in your house, save when you are doing a peer reviewed study on the mechanics of Police State Propagandists, in which case by all means pull yourself up a chair and turn on CNN

  85. Until the black man realise they have their destiny in their hands and stop the blame game. We will have this recycled to us every year. Lets come together as a people and stop the stupid division on Black, light skin, american, african, Caribbean, brazilian crap, is gotten as nowhere. I am not on the side of the police but come on is 2014 you still go and riot on the street, destroy someons business in ur own community?????? I s like s******g on your own door step. We have power in our purchasing, just stop buying from targeted shops and stick to ur own, clean ur community of drug dealers and uncle toms. Jacobs is rising….Look at the chinese and jewish communities…..WAKE UP BLACKMAN!!!

    • I thought the same, the rioting and tearing up cities should be obsolete. It is time to use intelligence and common sense to correct the problems.

      • Yes, because intelligence and common sense totally stops bullets. Plenty of black leaders gave the world intelligence and common sense, and it was thrown back in their faces, they were defamed, or assassinated. So again, please try again. You can't possibly relate to their struggle because you don't have one remotely like it. You have no idea what it's like to be considered a target or a criminal or a pest merely because of your appearance.

    • Fed up is fed up,and most are fed up with being treated like they are less than human. I'm not mad at them one bit, how about these crummy corner store owners stop lettin hoodlums sell drugs in front of their stores and not to mention the dope fiends making a career of begging. Everything is years expired in their stores,they are rude to the few decent people who stop for gas, but yet these people are supposed to respect them?

    • H own can we have the destiny in out hands when the white man holds all the cards. They control government and all the major corporations on the globe. They have systematically destroyed our heritage and culture so we forget who we really are. White people are the most insecure species on this planet and have caused the most destruction. It is a fact that the spread of diseases in Africa was by sick white people just to get our resources. No white person alive has the right to classify the plight of black people. Your fathers raped our women killed our men and confused our children to their true selves. Polluted our music when we were trying to become positive. Made prisons to put them in to control them. How dare any white person say slavery does not still exists. It's just systematically set up from a black child enters school for the majority to fail. Remember white folks, your parents were sleeping in mud caves with their animals while black people had castles and palaces made of gold living in. White people are jealous and covetous and will kill a whole race of people to get what they want. Judgement is coming to America and I pray you all are ready for what is about to come.

      • apparently they did, but the Zionist Jews dismantled them, hid the gold and rewrote the history, so you're just not exposed to the real truth, they even had electricity and running water, central heating and AC.

        Unfortunately, for the ZJs, there were some security leaks, and the central plumbing and heating were given to the Romans.

      • And not only that ! … they cant help it their being mind-controlled listen to the black rap music ..smh

      • You're a stupid, uneducated, racist prick. Keep nurturing the propaganda that elites want you to. Keep the division going, you're doing good. Some rich Jew is clapping now. Dumbass.

      • White people are the most insecure people on the planet? Wow… you are racist. How ironic that you accuse all white people of being insecure, when your comment makes just makes you sound insecure. Don't you realise that not all white people are the same? Europe is filled with many countries with different histories and cultures. Many European countries never even owned African slaves. What about the white people in the Balkans who were "conquered" by the Ottoman Empire and suffered their tragedies? They didn't own black slaves. Even in the United States, many white people didn't own slaves. Just because some white people did horrible things and owned slaves, that doesn't mean that all white are responsible and did the same thing. Slavery also existed in Africa and Asia (including the Middle East), so its not just white people who were slave owners and Africans who were slaves. You being racist and defensive is not helping any side, its just spreading more generalization and hate, which needs to stop if we expect the world to change for the better.

      • Our heritage? Our resources? Our women? Our men? are you African? cuz not a lot of internet over there, cuz.

        BTW try spell check, yo, it works.

    • ++++++++

      much love to you ashanti_king, no doubt you suffer when you share the truth of personal responsibility and see through color lines. Peace where you walk…

    • The problem is there's a system that is in tact to keep one complacent. It takes a relatively single minded risk taker to escape the hood environment especially when all u know and have seen your entire life is poverty, drugs, fast money, and violence. Your ultimate goals become being a rapper ball player drug dealer or marrying one because college is for the nerds and being a nerd isn't "cool"…parents don't know s**t about credit or even how to apply for financial aid.. School systems are careless and the mayor won't even plant grass seeds so u can come outside to a garden — not to say that scenery decides ur fate but it's depressing seeing dirt for miles and streets filled with trash and drug addicts. Your idea of fun is the club or a trip to Miami if your lucky. What people don't understand is ur in a mental box and hope seems far fetched cause if u leave ur fam Someone could starve without u or you just don't know how to live your life outside of the hood cause u been there so long. Only a few get out. No one cares enough to help change the hood and they wonder why the hood don't care either. You can say what's right for a people until u live it. See it takes a certain mindset and upbringing to "excel"… The sacrifices and the unsurities ain't for everybody! See I grew up in Baltimore which is ruff. Yeah I moved 3000 miles away to find better and my first two years I was home sick to a sh*t hole. There's no way I would have left had I not had an objective. I had no clue how beneficial leaving would be until years after leaving. If you raise a man in the dark he will have to adjust to the light with time. U say the light is better cause that's your perception but the renewing of a mindset is the biggest challenge of life. Hell most of y'all can't stick to a damn diet. Lol. Just pray for my people. It's gonna be a lil while before they get it right. Broken confused and LOST!! It's bigger than u think and it's wayyyyy easier said then done. Yes waking up can be done but one day at a time one man at a time. We come a ways. We still learning. In the mean time Television welfare and music don't help. Keeps my people blinded by "things"… Not family, integrity, or legacy. Their drug is material it keeps em happy. Others don't get it. That's how it is for many. Not all.

      • Congrats for getting out — you're right: it's hard.

        This is a two part problem. What you put in your assessment is correct: it's extremely difficult to image a life DIFFERENT from the one you've always seen, be it life in the suburbs or life in the serious ghetto. People in both places are encourage to perpetual their systems.

      • But the second part is that if it were impossible or wrong to say life SHOULD be different, NO ONE would do ANYTHING different. There would be NO Mac computers, or iPads, or space exploration or Fredrick Douglasses, or Booker T Washingtons, or any other shoeless poor black, white, etc that saw where they were and GOT OUT, or DID SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

        But like you said before, you have to willing to pay the price of actually being different: you're the nerdy geek or general weird kid who everyone teases because you study in school (gasp), or you had a legal money making hobby, or allwas what to try somethng different when everyone around wanted to stay the same. And then the really scary part comes: you have to wait. Seed you plant don't come up overnight, and sometimes don't come up at all.

        But I do agree with you: progress requires working, waiting, and wanting something different.

      • IF they really wanted it different they would do different. They wouldn't be voting for the same frauds election after election expecting different results. They wouldn't curse the police for to much presence, than when they go away, curse the police because their is to much crime. They wouldn't all aspire to be drug dealers and gang bangers than claim that the everyone looks at them like they are hoodlums. Black people are really screwed up in the head. Need I say not all of coarse, but MOST. They rail and rail against bad but than support the same things they rail against. It is baffling. Need I also add that they destroy anything that they come in contact with. They move in to cities and totally destroy them within years, not decades freaking years. Its unbelievable. The change must come from them. Obviously the government is not helping but continuing to spend TRILLIONS of dollars on them, but these same blacks keep voting for the politicians to spend this money over and over, like its going to change anything. IT all stems from the victim attitude. And it totally make sense, because the blacks that don't act like victims are usually the ones that are successful and actually own things. Forgive me for saying this, but the current state of the black " community " is a total cancer on this country. We would be a lot better off, if it wasn't for this small 13 % demographic causing a huge chunk of the problems.

      • Just as it was illegal for slaves to learn to read, the school systems in impoverished areas are set up to fail. Most of these people are doomed from the start. By design. People love to pretend away that little fact. The black community was made sick and is kept sick and will stay sick, by and large, from the looks of things. Just as the Native Americans were drummed out of existence, save for a comparatively small number cordoned off in reservations.

    • It wasn't a blame game. It was a peaceful protest for a boy who got murdered in cold blood. All they want is justice for the douche who killed Mike Brown, and apparently, he's not getting that. until the police came in and started gassing the place to kingdom come, that's when things got out of hand. Even people in Gaza understand the damn situation. People weren't looting until they started getting tear gassed and desperately needed things like milk from McDonalds to ease the pain in their eyes. It's something that has been constantly documented.

      I understand what you're saying, but for you to say that this protest isn't doing something; you're wrong.

      • Were the weaves that were looted from the beauty supply helpful to the protesters? How about the guy running with the massive chain saw?

      • Those weren't the protesters the looters were from out of town and probably paid by our lovely government

    • Stick to the subject…and innocent blackman was shot down like a dog and laid in the street 4 hours, just like when they use to lynch us and leave us hanging for days untilll someone cut him down…this was done to put fear in us…they got blood on their hands, stop putting down our people, we are not perfect but this is serious, we are under seige . I am pleased we are standing up for justice, in case you didn't notice there were infiltrators and provocateurs that were placed to so start trouble distraction…. smh….

    • This and other events like it are a set up for the evil controllers to practice their Military/Marshall Law take over. They chose to practice on lower income brown neighborhoods and did these acts to get a rise out of people to have an excuse to use force againist them. They also wanted to make it a "racial" thing as this continent is engrained with the horrors of slavery and they knew that would get people all fired up.

  86. black people have felt this way about America since we were abducted into this country by white people.

    • You weren't abducted and no white person alive did any abducting. Making racist statements doesn't help. And I'll remind you that most African slaves were POWs sold by rival African tribes, thereby making both races guilty…or at least both would be, if any of the parties involved were STILL ALIVE.

      But hey, if you want to go live someplace you've never been where genocide, r**e, kidnappings, child slavery, genital mutilation and Ebola are rampant, be my guest.

      • -The "We" refers to the culture of a people, not the individual person. African culture was robbed from slaves because it was a form of strength and gave the people the complexity to be deemed "human". With culture stripped, slaves were easier subjugated. This African culture is not present to many African Americans today. They were robbed of their direct heritage (sounds like abduction to me).
        -Just because the abductors aren't alive doesn't mean that their actions do not have a ripple effect that lasts long into the future. That's like saying "Yeah, Hitlers diminished a massive amount of the Jewish population but, give it no more thought, because he is dead."
        -Yes, Africans played a part in the slave trade, that is a fact. But what you don't know is that they did it so THEY wouldn't be slaves. And eventually after their slave supply was gone, more often than not, they were in bondage. But the Africans played physical part, the white man in america tried to destroy and control the mental and physical one.
        -Africa's state of affairs are a reflection of first world countries tearing and trying to manipulate it (apartheid ect.). Africa was once a prosperous nation until others(Us, Europe) came and f****d it up. Take all the youth from America and who would be running it?
        PS: Nothing she said was racist, it is a fact.
        -You don't belong here, begone~~~~~~

      • Making polarizing statements about white people vs black people is racist and perpetuates an "us vs them" mentality. I had family die in the civil rights movement, two members in fact, not to mention numerous others who fought for civil rights out of a moral obligation. Don't act like, "it's a black thing". You are only perpetuating a cycle that paints and sets people up to see themselves as helpless victims. Hey, I'd that's how you see people of African descent – as weak and sad – then I really do feel sorry for you.

        The claim that someone HAS to victimize another in order to keep from being victimized further illustrates your own self loathing. I happen to believe that people are morally responsible for their own actions. See my earlier statements about MU family. They were white, they didn't have to stand for what was right, especially after they were threatened by the Klan, but they did, they were murdered for it, but they died CHOSE THE RIGET PATH. If Africans were incapable of making the same moral choice, it IS ultimately the fault of the individual. I quit a job recently because I saw coworkers being discriminated against. So don't hand me your whiny bs.

        I stopped reading when you mentioned Nazis. Honestly, haven't you learned anything? People don't pay attention once you pull out a Nazi argument, it's as old as the internet. You're going to have to do better than that. Get a little more creative!

        The fact is that American culture, of any color, has been influenced by other cultures and if you go back far enough, we were all oppressed. Furthermore, CHAD, I would like to point out that historically women of all colors have been oppressed more than men, by men, in every culture SO. As I was saying…quit whining and take control of your own life. Whining about white people being racist only makes YOU a racist. Racism comes in every shade.

        Thank you and God bless 🙂

      • Wow. Really? You are on a site literally about a shadow government/elite that oppresses and manipulates the masses, but somehow it's hard for you to see and believe white supremacy when it's staring your right in the face?

        Grow up. Your comments are garbage and you and your "black people did it too" mentality won't add to progress whatsoever. You're welcome to have your disagreements, but spare us the ridiculous argument that racism comes in all shades. Racism indeed comes in and stems from one particular shade, PREJUDICE, however is universal.

        Learn the difference before you speak next time.

      • Where are you getting this VERSUS from? I'm not creating a problem, I'm just highlighting history. If you didn't try to dismiss the black experience, I wouldn't have to.
        Also, the "nation" choice of word was a fault on my part. But you nitpicking it shows you are grasping for straws here. And maybe my "understanding" of African culture would be better if it was taught like US history in our schools but, that is for another arguement.

      • This what I don't understand. To your earlier comment; why is it racist when she is stating a fact? Is it because the truth hurts your feelings and its a truth that doesn't put your race in a good light so therefore it must be racist? We were taken (yes through business at the beginning but then when the Africans who were slaves become low in number, citizens were taken forcefully) and due to the actions and stigma against black people, the race has every right to feel burdened. Why? because as history and present day has shown us, there are many reasons to be.

        No white person today has taken a black person and those ideas of treating any human at all in such way has been eradicated mostly and realised as wrong but what *has* carried on and this is due to the media and what has been passed down in families that has ensured ideas becoming instilled in the culture, is the stigma and conceptions against black people (which isn't normally seen as wrong which is pretty evident when you see or hear people taking the piss out of black people by acting "ghetto" or ratchet" for example and it being perfectly okay). An example, the race has gone from being seen as monkeys and barbarians to humans who have weird and grotesque customs and ideas that lead them kill each other and take drugs who contribute nothing to society so in a way, not really worth much. When you think about it, it is a nicer way of saying 'monkey'. It's these ideas lead to an array of problems for the black community TODAY like common problems like management more likely to employ a white colleague with the same credentials to a black colleague right down to the common "not-so-common" incidents like unarmed teenagers with their hands up being shot 8 times. Feelings are the still the same, it's just expressed by being articulated in a more politically correct way. So forgive the black race for feeling a bit like well it's us vs. them when so many actions in modern day shows that mentality, which leads me to my next point.

        This misconception can be a result of race and what is racism can be the result of race relations not being talked about on a conscious and direct level and being more or less tiptoed around. Where the modern day oppressed try to tell and share their problems with the people who guild most power who are white (males) but these people in power refuse to see their hand in what has become and brush the oppressed off by saying thing such as "Stop being whiny, It's your life, you have to try to sort it out" or even worse, being called racist. Maybe due to the fact that they don't want to take responsibility because if they did, it would lead to mass guilt? Or just maybe, they realise what they have done is bad and try to clear the conscious from it? Who knows. For the record, it takes two to tango, two halves make a whole, two wrongs don't make a right and all that. Problems that were caused by the relations of two parties will take two parties to sort out. I thank God for people like your family who saw this and fought along with us. (…)

      • (…) Maybe because you cannot see obvious, overt signs of racism in the society today yourself that's why you cannot understand why Africans can't just become "civilised" and have a moral choice or have a hard time trying. The fact is many do and they try to fight against the system that does limit us that is based on racism. The sky isn't the only limit for black people. It's also age old ideas that has been pounded into a persons' very psyche and God forbid of those ideas turn out to be racist. Black people fight by doing a wide array of actions raising awareness (or whining) on social networking sites but you may not have come across that side of twitter maybe to *trying* to peacefully protest like your family *chose* to do (until clashes with the police lead to riots), but due to media highlighting and putting bias on the easy scapegoat of the society in it's agenda to conquer and divide like vigilant citizen said, you have the continuing cycle of misconceptions and discrimination against black people and where the people in power see it as their problem and they can't do anything about them because they are just helpless and uncivilised and don't know how to help themselves. Sad world we live in.

        p.s. "Whining" about white people is not always racist if you are pointing out the problems that white people have caused. It is just stating facts. Example: me saying white people ruined the African economy is not racist. It is true as it is a conclusion that has been based off academic evidence widely available in libraries and the internet if you want to go that side of the internet. I can't say Asian people did or any other race did because they didn't. It was a political powers that stretched all over Europe who did it and who were the people who were in power in Europe and came over to the African countries and colonised them? White people :).

        Racism, in it's simplest form, is thinking you are superior to another race. Pointing out someone's problems doesn't mean you think you're better than them esp if those problems has harmed you and you want them to change.

        It's all common sense really.

        I hope God blesses you.

      • When I surf the internet I try to avoid reading comments on certain issues due to the high level of ignorance being typed on certain individuals keyboards. But I had to address your dumb and ignorant comments.

        Listen, I don't give a flying f**k if you had family that supported the civil rights movement. If they ain't black, they never truly felt the true impact of racism. After their marches, I'm certain they were able to assimilate with the rest of society at the time – sit on the front of the bus, eat in most diners/restaurants, drink water at most water fountains, vote, etc (too many things to name).

        And yes it's a "black thing" because correct me if wrong but Blacks were the only slaves in the country. When were White men hanged? When were White woman raped? When were White men taken from the families…hanged and used to impregnate women without love, which made the men feel like that's all their good for? When were White people slaving in cotton fields while in the burning sun? When were White people treated less than human…like animals? Never….so it is a "black thing". And miss with that, "that's the past or get over it bullshit" because these barbaric acts many years ago has had implications on an entire race of people even today.

        I always laugh to myself when a Caucasian person even references slavery or a black person addressing aspects of racism, speaking about s**t they nor their race can even speak on. And you know why…. because you haven't gone through that s**t!! Just imagine if your race of people had a 400 year disadvantage. 400 years not to establish themselves financially to build wealth, create many forms of income – in all industries. How would you feel if that race of people today, who made money of the backs of your ancestors (free labor) many years ago and even today that is the source of the current financial disparity?

        And excuse me….there is NO such thing as a Black racist! Get your definitions correct. A Black person cannot be racist. Blacks have no power to reinforce racist sentiment and thus, racism emanating from Black people and directed at White people is to no ill effect. Blacks have little to no economic power in this country. We can't deny you the privilege your ancestors built the foundation to years. Institutionalized Racism….you should Google it or read about and tell me if a black person fits the title.

        "if you want to go live someplace you've never been where genocide, r**e, kidnappings, child slavery, genital mutilation and Ebola are rampant, be my guest." Are you serious?! Those things you mentioned except Ebola (so far…allegedly cured in Atlanta) happened in the US, Anne.

        And last but not least, you said both races are guilty…..really?? You thinks those same Africans, who you say sold Blacks, knew what the slave owners intended to do with the slaves? Over 100 million slaves died during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade..hung, beaten, mutilated, castrated, tossed overboard into waters. Please explain to me….intelligently and with accurate inforamation

      • This wasn't even about women in general. A black man was shot 8x & died for no reason…period. Which made EVERYONE get together even in New York to protest against police injustice. And although nazis is old news to you, it'll never be old news to the rest of the people affected by it.

      • And Africa isn't a nation, it is a continent. Historically it was made up of tribes, not nations anyway.

        You're whining about having your culture stolen bit haven't even bothered learning the history of the place! Ridiculous.

        And your Hitler comparison was absurd. I said nothing of the sort.

        If you would like a list of books that will explain African history and religion, including white colonization, I will be more than happy to provide you with one.


      • Oh my, please stop talking (typing rather). Just stay home, close your blinds, lock your doors and continue to let your imagination take control. Delusional is what you are. Sorry hun.

      • funny they feel that way about America but do nothing about slavery going on today within their continent. just a bunch of whining from people who have nothing better to do than believe their lies because all that is left afterwards is their own blame for their own current plight.

      • As if America doesn't have it's own slaves here and abroad? Do you know who stitched the clothes you're wearing or put together the device you're using to type on? I'm sure it wasn't your mom. They may not quantify as slaves in the traditional sense, because: oh, they had a choice to be paid cents an hour… but yesterday it was scraps from the kitchen, today it's coins. Not a massive difference.

        People who whine about others whining are just as pathetic.

      • It saddens me greatly to see this site, of all places, being used as a forum for racial attacks. We need to be sticking together here. We're all brothers and sisters. We are all God's children. Please, let's focus on what is important here and not go at each other. I'm not directing my statement at any one person, this is for the whole community. Love one another.

      • Trolls, disinformation, distraction. They come here with their outrageous provoking comments to intentionally distract people with the real news here. I agree, we should try to ignore and unite.

      • it always amazes me how people whine about slavery as they wear their Nikes and peck on their iphones! Hypocrisy abounds!

      • Anne, little girl. Face facts or kill yourself. Either way the truth is the truth. Don't come on here lying about whatever your family did to "help" black people. It's all LIES to give yourself false credibility. Take more than several seats with that bullshit.

      • Of all the idiotic comments I've read so far, yours has to be the worst. I'm probably going to stop reading now. Why don't you either get your facts straight or shut the Hell up? You have no idea about whether or not her family had a part in helping black people, so you have no right to comment on the matter. Furthermore, you don't EVER tell someone to kill themselves. Just the fact that you did makes me want to tell you that, but then I'd be a hypocrite, and, worse, no better than you. So, instead, I'm going to tell you to shut up, and not make comments on issues that you obviously have no knowledge of.

      • Hey Anne, I know everything else u said has been commented on but really? " if you want to live somewhere where genocide r**e kidnappings run rampant…". 1st off not sure where you live but I live in America where kidnappings, r**e, genocide, child slavery does exist here (and runs rampant) among many other evils that exist in every part of the world, Ebola May not run rampant but other diseases do here, physical and psychological. Just take a look around. Please don't compare as if America is better than the continent of Africa, maybe some places, but not by much.

      • anne, go read history. tribes in Africa have always taken "slaves" but the wholesale kidnapping for sale to white people (Dutch and English) only began once they realized that white people would buy their captured slaves. It very much was WHITE PEOPLE who created the African slave trade and fed it for 400 years. FOUR HUNDRED YEARS. Most slaves were NOT POW's. That is a lie just as heinous as the ones told by people to try and deny that the German government incarcerated and exterminated over 10 million people during their reign of terror.
        as far as your last, racist-ass sentence, in USA genocide happens (ask Native Americans), r**e happens (go read up on how many rapes are unreported in USA), kidnappings (How many children go missing each year in USA and never found? READ) , child slavery (still occurs every single day in USA), genital mutilation (circumcisions happen every day in USA). As far as Ebola being "rampant" in Africa, you are extremely ill informed. between 2013-2014 about 1300 people died of Ebola. That is NOT rampant. More die in USA from the flu each year. The FLU IS RAMPANT IN USA! STAY AWAY!!!!!

      • Anne, you are a foolish person with a snide attitude which solves absolutely nothing. You speak from a perspective of someone who's never been knowingly oppressed. As for "leaving" in order to go someplace else, well, even that is unaffordable (financially) to most. Have you an alternative? I didn't think so. And yet still you speak.

      • And I suppose you've been "knowingly oppressed"? You have no right to make judgement of character based off of someone simply stating facts. She's not a "foolish person with a snide attitude", but you're an ignorant person with an arrogant attitude for judging her in such a way when she obviously doesn't deserve to be judged like that, especially with all of the other angry comments she's already gotten from other people. Your rude two cents are unnecessary, please go spend them elsewhere.

    • you weren't abducted by anybody into anything. slavery was a loooong time ago and not one person alive today was a slave and not one person alive today ever had one either. black people are the only people who were ever enslaved not to return to their home country… why is that? but hey, you don't like whitey, go back to Africa… nobody is stopping you. and all of this rioting in the name so called civil rights is a load of bull. it's only an excuse to steal some sneakers, tvs and convenience store items. what does stolen merchandise and the destruction of someone else's property have to do with civil rights anyway. what a load of b.s. you people are clowns and everybody knows it. thanks to Obama, you've used up all of your white guilt credits. what are you going to do now? and the illegal immigrants are coming to take all of the jobs including the govt ones… and guess what? they work hard. now what are you really going to do? I have an idea. why don't you take some responsibility for yourself and your life and stop blaming someone else. you think black people have some kind of chip on their shoulder? you'd better wake up because white folks are about sick of it. time to be a real American and participate.

      • You know if there wasn'tblack people being murder everyday because police men see us as a threat. If it wasn't for the prison industrial complex incarcerating or men youth and woman and setting them up for failure since 4th grade. If it wasn't for the fact that our names give us higher and lower chances of getting a decent job….then yes I wouldn't have a chip on my shoulder and I would participate….as an american…but we were just recognized as equals less then a hundred years ago…f**k off..

      • Oh please, enough with the victim mentality. There are plenty of black people who are successful, the ones who are in jail are there because they made bad decisions. The "white man" isn't keeping you down, have you down, and this shouldn't be a racial issue. You're saying your names keep you from getting a job? Well, then don't name your kids Shaniqua! When I named my kids I always considered how thwir names will look on a resume or cover letter or a college application.

      • You sound real silly defending these codes and ordinances that hinder the people's pursuit of happiness. Overcriminalization is what Congress calls it. Any law made that is repugnant to the Constitution is not really law and according to the Constitution, NULL and VOID. If the Constitution was upheld by the very ones who took the oath, many of those people would not be in these human zoo's. They would be too busy taking people like your racist ass to the Supreme Court for denying someone a job just because they have a ethnic name. The Constitution of 1791 is the Supreme Law of the Land. Read.Apply.Repeat.


      • I am not a racist but I to have said a long time ago that white people are the reason why everything that is wrong with this world.

      • It's not about colour of skin, it's about money… It's the wealthy getting richer and richer that's the problem with this world, because they then assume they own the place. The love of money is the root of all evil, and when God returns, woe betide those oppressors.

      • Your negative attitude is part of the reason why there are things wrong with this world. The problem with blaming everyone else for world problems is that people often don't make an effort to change themselves and the world around them.

      • It's hilarious to see them act like slavery didn't exist ! As if Dr. King wasn't marching just a few years ago. Their white privilege protects them from their harsh reality. They pretend racism is dead when it's obvious in the comments. They will never know what's it's like to be on your way home from college in Stl and to have your car searched by a white officer because you have Dr. Dre chronic cd visible ( I'm a female btw) It is time we pull ourselves together regardless of the cause of our problems ( whites). Let the past be the past and move forward. That's all we can do but in all honesty white people will never acknowledge the role they have played and play in this. That's the very definition of white privilege ! They want to talk about the disease and problems in Africa who is responsible for it ? I'm am not a racist but to see so many white pretend even before this incident is not surprising. I was having this conversation with a white gentlemen a while back and the denial amazed me ! You can deny and hide behind your privilege all you like but history does not lie and their history isn't good but they love to point fingers ! Pure comedy ! Truly amazing ! #Godseesall!!!!

      • Im white. You're saying that Im the problem with the world? Me? How can you say that about every single person that is white? You are wrong…YOU (whatever color your skin is i don't care) but anyone with that mentality that you have is the problem with this world. Its really sad.

      • No its a misnomer, "white people" means "the white man"=White Supremacy. It is not meant to generalize, even though it does. If it wasn't for Godly people of all nationalities who speak out against discrimination we would still be stagnant.
        we as a nation still have a far way to go.

      • White people are the problem? So I guess none of the blame and responsibility falls on the wealthy black people who sold their own people as slaves sometimes? Get a grip. White people did not invent war or slavery, these things (as bad as they are) have existed on every continent for a long time. And its not like white people from different countries never suffered either.

      • your'e hate is the problem, therefore YOU are the problem. If you are not part of the the solution, then you are part of the problem. It's as simple as THAT. Your'e doubt about change, the change already took place dude, where are your'e chains? I wonder if you have chained yourself .Unchain your'e self from your'e hate and join society. We will embrace you. Leave the hate behind, and life will be so much more enjoyable. As for slavery my silly friend, EVERYONE was enslaved whenever possible throughout the ages until just the past few centuries…yes it's over. Breath. Relax. The Byzantines, Phoenicians, Romans and yes your'e lovely dark Egyptians buddies no longer enslave…aint that a good thing?

        But oh, no, lets keep the hate alive! Good on you for advancing hatred for anyone other than you. After all, hatred is good, as it produces so much for the world. Yes EMBRACE HATE, it will solve EVERYTHING.

        Excuse me while I rob the liquor store in the name of hate. It's for a good cause you know. The owner is Arabian or some such…so he deserves it!

      • I would like you to read your paragraph and tell me you are not a racist bigot. Your ignorance is disgusting and I'm sure if slavery was still in existence you would have a couple yourself. You have no idea about our history so you have no right to speak on it. I would say much more to you, but you are so truly stupid that I won't waste anymore minutes of my life talking to your foolish ass

      • People who think slavery doesn't still affect the U.S. are the most ignorant people on the Internet.

        Wake. Up.

        You can't just tell people "go back to Africa". We're long past that. The r**e and decimation of tribal history is long past that.

        We are past talking. And when you write "you people", everyone can tell you are past it, too. Blacks have no responsibility to fix the mistakes of white people, but we try anyway. What are you doing other than becoming offended by that?

        Privileged white people are really the worst.

      • They'll go back to Africa when you go back to Europe… technically this isn't your country either, genius. Bet they didn't cover that part in your miserable little (rewritten) history class.

      • White people telling black people to go back to Africa because by implication, they own the land MIRRORS
        Zionists from Russia, Poland and Brooklyn obliterating Palestinians in Gaza.Could the timetabled desensitization really be coincidental? Despite this staring them in the face, the reliable sheeple take the bait every single time. I think that the Orwellian Boot stamping on a human face is finally being realized without much in the way of practical opposition.

      • "not one person alive today was a slave and not one person alive today ever had one either. "
        WRONG, my family had slaves in Africa and many are still alive. The wet nurse who fed and looked after my elder siblings when they were born in Africa were black slaves. If I had to identify people to whom I owed a great deal, most of those people would be black people. That DOES include my yardie tradesman who somehow acquired ten identical Apple laptops during the last riots and asked to store them in one of my outbuildings for several months though we never spoke about it much at all but I know that it was not about the value of the loot and everything to do with removing material power from those who feel entitled to it because the economic system is skewed in their favor. He is a better person than you are for the great services he rendered to my household and I would trust him over any supremacist. You are a slave – a white slave because you are enslaved by wage slavery and chock full of dictated racial bigotry.

      • Speak for yourself crazybetty.. not for all white folks…some black kid might end up hating other white kids because of stuff like this…
        and in order for you to get sick of it you actually have to give a shiat first and I don't think you ever did..
        You just don't like black people thats it so don't stress over them alright..smoke a blunt…
        it will take the crazy away 😀
        btw burning down villages and then capturing the humans that lived there….
        I think that means some of these people were abducted… but that is none of business 🙂

      • racist troll

        So, from your comfy chair you know all about who vandalized stores and stole stuff — wow, you're so omniscient.
        Perhaps it was paid instigators who did all this. Perhaps they arrived with the scores of heavily armed, Israeli-trained goons.
        Ah, but that doesn't fit with your hateful spiteful screed.

      • I confidently believe that it is people like you that are holding back the human race from greatness. There is no form of hate that betters a person. Try something called sympathy and role reversal for basic understanding of humans. (You might be a psychopath, get that checked please.)

      • Grow up thecrazybetty…you are seriously showing your lack of iintelligence lol…A fool never knows that they are one tho so I am sympathetic to you.

      • This endless fighting amongst shades of color is why the new world order gains power everyday. Racism clearly HASN'T changed over the last fifty years, people are still ignorant that people of color are discriminated against. But the truth is that while America is arguing and fighting, the elite are laughing their asses off as they enslave all of our minds equally. Slavery did NOT "happen a long time ago" , it continues today across the world AND IN THE UNITED STATES as mk ultra victims of ALL races suffer under the elite.

      • The fact that you are so oblivious to what racism really is, is quite scary. The idea that black people should 'go back to africa' is so funny to me, considering that THIS country that we are in, happens to be built on the blood sweat and tears of our ancestors. So please, enough with the "go back to where you came from". This country is an ESTABLISHMENT; a CORPORATION, everyone here is from somewhere else. Perhaps you can open your small mind and accept that racism is different than prejudice and they BOTH still exist.

      • First of all. The whole go back to Africa is the BS! I was NEVER in Africa but I was born here in the USA just like any other born american. However, even with that knowledge, I have to take the race name African American?! I am an American, period! You only see the negative to speak of because that's what you want to focus on instead of the truth! All races have their ignorance, All races have those who don't have any respect for themselves or anyone else! All races have criminals, murderers, p********s and etc. All freaking races but SOME and I say some because I however can stick with the facts and my mind is not closed like yours obviously and not lump a whole race of people based on the actions of the few. How would you like it if you sir and I mean that lightly, if you were constantly being told, treated, viewed and the likes as if you are beneath other races? How would you like it sir, if someone told you to go back to wherever you came from? how would you like it sir, if you were a lawabiding citizen, raise your kids with morals and decency, to love and respect and STILL be treated badly in spite of?! People who thinks like you are beyond ignorant and clueless. The media only wanted to show all the looting and nonsense and you didn't know, care or see there were those who were being peaceful. But see, that's not getting ratings. I don't know how you think you stand for something when you only spew onesided views. My people sir, not only helped, but also were the pioneers of the very things YOU enjoy today! The very things you probably take for granted, MY people help build this darn country and NOT always voluntarily. The contributions my people have given to this country and you say go back to Africa?! If we could take our pride, ALL AND EVERYTHING that we have done that make this country today- I wonder how long before you and those who foolishly think like you would be wishing WE never left! Do you even know where you came from? but if you were born here in america (and yes I know I did not capitalize the A, I meant that!) and that makes you an american and I also was born her in america, you would think we would equally be americans but for some reason you act as if you are privilege to call yourself one and I'm not. And most of all you probably have NEVER contributed ANYTHING to this society besides your ignorance which is part of the problem. Go do something with your life like learn the TRUE history of this country. You sir are FIRED!

    • Most of the african peoples were slaves in africa before they came to the United States. Demonizing any race of people especially your own if you are white is conceited, and just adds to legitimize leftist lies. Don't reinforce the divide and conquer strategy that the elite impose.

    • Perhaps you didn't ready the last paragraph:

      "After reading a few comments, I’d like to point out that this is NOT a race issue. Military police tactics were used in Boston (which is predominantly White) in the wake of the Boston Bombings. In the eyes of the elite, the masses are all of the same race. Divide and conquer is the oldest trick in the book and those who post racist comments might very well be paid to do so."


      • even though I understand that the illuminati doesn't care what color I am to try and control me, white people will never know what it is to be racially divided to the point of having to obtain freedom papers to just walk the streets. there is a pain that the offenders will have to pay for one day before God for our dead ancestors cry from the ground for the justice for Emitt Till , a young black youth on vacation to visit his cousins was beaten, burned, murdered for whistling at a white woman, 4 little black girls bombed inside a church, Medgar Evers shot to death by his front door, MLK executed at his hotel room, KKK and all the lynchings of black people and burning crosses in their front yards. Black people won't forget all that EVER! Even if whites begin to get a clue and try to understand, I UNDERSTAND that the Illuminati aint run by any white people.

    • No offense, but you may want to research a little more just how the peoples of Africa were sold into slavery. I'll give you a little clue. White people didn't do it.

    • @Tamara…hey, you know what? You need to re-read the very end of this post again and again. It says that those who make racist comments might very well be paid to do so…are you one of those, Tamara? Because you just made a racist comment. Not only that, but your view of history is obviously biased. Not only did "white people" in general, NOT have anything to do with the so-called "abduction", which by the way, you know nothing about from personal experience, Africans, meaning black people, assisted and helped the abductors, who were JEWS. Read the manifests of the slave ships, Tamara, and you will see that many of the names of the ships captains had jewish names. Stop being such a biased qweef about all this, and grow up.

    • Tamara Smith

      Tamara Smith

      You are most certainly a very unlearned human being. We melanated people are ancient. The word "black" is not ancient in any way shape or form and has no ancient cognate. Furthermore even a 3rd grader knows the word 'black' is an adjective, which means the word black can only be a description of something or someone. The word black cannot qualify as a noun, (person, place, thing, or idea)-which is what you are as a living and breathing being. Because you find it impossible to think for yourself, you'll attempt to latch onto the misconception that you're Afrikan American as well, unh unh…Afrikan American is also like the word 'black' a social engineering construct. Afrikan American is a designation of two continents, What is modernly called Afrika and what is modernly called America, which means a continent cannot ever qualify as your NATION-ALITY/IDENTITY no matter how much you'd like to believe.

      Yes, blacks or Afrikan Americans feel these emotions because they/you are an unlearned hard-headed people who think like children-Minorities=Minors. All of the people that gave you a thumbs up on your comment, are just as ignorant-unknowing as yourself and that number will surely increase from 48.

      Another certainty is that blacks, Afrikan Americans, minorities don't study, or know TRUE world history, because if you/they did, you'd know that it was our melanated ancestors who first enslaved our Caucasian brothers and sisters, by kid-nabbing Caucasians from the various ports that existed and also Caucasian females were kept in our sexual harems, which means Caucasian men did not have a sufficient amount of their own women to mate with. Hence homosexuality. These were despicable deeds by our melanated ancestors indeed….and we know what they say about KARMA right? Also by calling yourself "SMITH", you are contracting-doing business in someone else's name, which means you are a fraud. Your ancient ancestors were not named "Smith".

      Ignorance is a curable dis-ease…seek knowledge and balance. Belief is based on emotions that fluctuate, any scholar knows that knowledge is based on science and facts-knowing. Someday the world will be rid of ignorance and blacks and it will rejoice.

      • Beast, sounds like you are making things up just to add fuel to the racial debate here…people are free to express their opinions but when you say things like "someday the world will be rid of ignorance and blacks and it will rejoice"???? that is the most hateful and racist thing I've ever heard! I am shocked to see people are still so hateful these days they can even say things like that. God made all of us and we're all stuck on this planet together. You obviously are filled with so much hate and will never have peace within yourself because that hatred consumes you. I feel sorry for people like you because people like you have never dealt with their internal issues.

      • he might have been saying, Someday the world will be rid of ignorance, And blacks and it (the rest of the world) will rejoice (together)….

      • what kind of bull s**t you been reading? White people don't even go back very far. The white race is only 6000 years old. you can look that up along with the truth about slavery started with a white man name John Hawkins in 1555.

    • White people didn't abduct black people… It was Jewish people who owned the slave ships (probably zionists). Zionists have always painted racism on whites to further racial division, because racial tensions are the arm of the communist party that they eventually want in their globalization. (revealed in A Racial Program for the 20th Century).

      "We must realize that our party's most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause."

    • Most white people did not own slaves. There were many countries in Europe that never had African slaves. Yes some white people, particulary around the Atlantic, owned slaves – but those were the 'well off' white people. Yes slavery is a horrible and disgusting thing, but it was not invented by white people and it existed in various parts of the world in ancient times as well so its not worth while to generalise.

    • Blacks were NOT abducted into the USA by white people! You need to do your research and take a few history classes. Black Africans sold their own to each other as well as europeans/white people. Don't forget european/white man use to enslave it's own before buying slaves from African sellers! I think its extremely sad how Blacks constantly go on about slavery… you don't hear the Native American race going on and on about what happened to them which was genocide nor do you hear as you coin the term 'whites' going on and on about how they were enslaved. The whole point is… this is not a colour thing! The whole point of the above is the fact that America – the melting pot of all races is fastly approaching this military state! no matter what race creed or religion.. Americans need to unite and fight against this outrageous nonsense that is going on instead of always pulling the colour card! forget colour and unite!

      • Whoever sold them, you bought them. Can you use that argument if busted for buying drugs?–well officer, well judge, he was SELLING them"? You're an idiot as is any nut who tries to use that tired lie about slavery.

      • Aww shucks! us black folk need to shut up like the native American Indians. You are so foolish and simple-minded to try and form sentences the way you do. I am fully aware of black people that turn their backs on other black people. whites are against whites as well. Do this and I will believe you, let your white daughter date a black man and get married and have black babies, then we can talk.

    • Tamara no offense but you need to study your history the tribe chiefs traded people for chocolate and mirrors, the white man didn't come in and forcibly remove them :-/

      • This is the kind of thing psychos construct to make themselves feel vindicated. Let's pretend Africans were selling them–you STILL bought them. Do you think that argument would fly if you are busted for buying drugs? YOU engaged in the illegal and immoral activity, you are WRONG. But not you psycho, you were the victims of the Africans, forcing you to barbarically capture and then KEEP for 400 years their tribesmen as slaves. POOR you. Psychopathic idiot

      • I'm a descendant of Alex Haley the book called Roots. I know how we were taken from our country. its ok though, God will punish the criminals in His own way.

    • YOU. ARE. IGNORANT!!! It's thinking like this that leads to the degeneration of inner cities. Before negros slaves were sold by THEIR OWN to slavery in the U.S., the Chinese and Native Americans were subjected to the same slavery. But you don't and won't hear them crying foul. Nor do you hear the Jews who were simply murdered just because they were Jewish. I'm sure given the opportunity of slavery over genocide, we know which one they'd choose, I know which one I would choose. Or even earlier than that when the jews were forced to build pyramids. What about the Romans who were trapped into slavery and used for bloodsport? You and people like you really need to get over it and focus on the now, because it's now that needs to be handled. Still having hatred for the white man/woman of this time is wasteful and time consuming because WE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT OUR FOREFATHERS DID. So please stop using it as a crutch.

      • See, the problem is not Black people hashing about it constantly, its that people like you are so unapologetic about it. "You and people like you really need to get over it"…its hard to get over years of bondage, murder, lynchings, etc that went on for years after slavery! My grandmother used to tell me stories about my great-grandfather being hunted by the Ku Klux Klan and having to hide out in a corn field for days on in. My grandmother would watch family members sneak food out to him and be cautious not to draw the attention of those hunting him. How do we just get over that? Our government has attempted to make amends to every other oppressed race in America(Japanese, Native Americans, etc,), but when it comes to a simple apology or acknowledgment, not a monetary handout, all we get is a "get over it" or "black people sold slaves too". THAT DOESN'T MAKE IT RIGHT!!! No matter who bought or sold who, the end result was we were brought here as slaves and and forced to endure years of torture! Now…let's get back to the topic at hand…military occupation of Ferguson!

    • Yes we were abducted!!! You can be in denial all you want, but that doesn't change the FACT that white ancestors, started with the slave trade by John Hawkins in 1555 ABDUCTED black ancestors. Look it up and stop LYING to yourselves about it. Black people in North America had their culture, religion, history, legacy and language STOLEN… by the bloodlines of the "Elite" you read about on this website.

    • A young man is killed and another has his life ruined and America is less for it. Maybe some day all our people will wake up!

      • That is their usual formula the world over – they make sure it always starts with the merciless killing of a young idealist. They need something like that to capture the public imagination to justify their lighting the touchpaper.

    • That is absolutely f*****g mortifying! Although I read VC regularly, I’ve never posted before; and I probably never will again. But VC’s missives about the use of paramilitary imagery in pop videos are absolutely bang-on! In the videos, these crertins are made to look ‘sexy’ (for want of a better word) and ‘cool’ and something to admire and aspire to. But the reality is steroid-engorged, fascist, storm-trooper thugs armed to the teeth and just rarin’ to go…

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