Ferguson : Proof That America is Turning Into a Militarized Police State


Equipped with fatigues, assault weapons and armored vehicles, the police response in Ferguson, Missouri was proof that America is quickly becoming a militarized police state.

The shooting and killing of 18 year-old Michael Brown by a police officer sparked outrage in Ferguson, Missouri – a city that is predominantly Black but where the police force is overwhelmingly White. According to eye witnesses, the young man was shot about eight times, even though he was unarmed and had his hands in the air. Ferguson police officials stated that Brown was attempting to take a police officer’s weapon – a version of the story that was contradicted by various eye witness accounts.

The death of the young man at the hand of police caused protests which degenerated into looting and rioting. Far from attempting to calm the situation, local authorities turned Ferguson into an occupied war zone as police showcased its vast array of military equipment. Ferguson, an inner-suburb of the Midwest suddenly occupied by soldiers equipped with military fatigues, kevlar vests, helmets, tear gas and assault weapons, followed by armored vehicles topped by snipers. Some war veterans even noticed that “police officers” were better equipped than they were while serving in Iraq.

This kind of upsetting scene is becoming increasingly common in America as police forces across the country have been actively purchasing military equipment in the past few years.

Walter Olson from the Cato Institute stated:

Why armored vehicles in a Midwestern inner suburb? Why would cops wear camouflage gear against a terrain patterned by convenience stores and beauty parlors? Why are the authorities in Ferguson, Mo. so given to quasi-martial crowd control methods (such as bans on walking on the street) and, per the reporting of Riverfront Times, the firing of tear gas at people in their own yards? (“‘This my property!’ he shouted, prompting police to fire a tear gas canister directly at his face.”) Why would someone identifying himself as an 82nd Airborne Army veteran, observing the Ferguson police scene, comment that “We rolled lighter than that in an actual warzone”?

In 2013, Evan Bernick from the Heritage Foundation noted that

“The Department of Homeland Security has handed out anti-terrorism grants to cities and towns across the country, enabling them to buy armored vehicles, guns, armor, aircraft, and other equipment. Federal agencies of all stripes, as well as local police departments in towns with populations less than 14,000, come equipped with SWAT teams and heavy artillery.”

Ferguson police also a tactic that is seen in Gaza-like war zones when they actively targeted journalists and anyone filming policemen at work.

The arrests and tear-gassing of journalists in an American city is an outrage—in part because everyone is the media now. “Stop videotaping!” It’s about the first thing you hear in the handheld video Washington Post journalist Wesley Lowery took of his being arrested by police in Ferguson, Mo., Wednesday night, along with Ryan Reilly of the Huffington Post, for “trespassing”—in an open McDonald’s—while covering the unrest after the shooting death by police of Michael Brown. The two journalists were detained, roughed up and held in a cell before being released later the same night. (…)

Others in the streets were tear-gassed and hit by rubber bullets as police met the protesters, outfitted in SWAT gear and accompanied by snipers on armored vehicles. Nor were they they the only journalists targeted: here you can see footage of an Al Jazeera America crew fleeing their video equipment after getting hit with tear gas, after which a SWAT vehicle pulls up and police take down the camera and lights.

A SWAT team. To take out cameras. In the United States of America. Because you know how dangerous it is when people start pointing those things around.
– Time, “It’s Now Guns vs. Camera in Ferguson”


TV crew fleeing after receiving tear gas near its equipment.
TV crew fleeing after receiving tear gas near its equipment.


Events in Ferguson prove that America is turning into a militarized police state and that it doesn’t take much to point military gear on American citizens.


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STAGED! Just like the Boston marathon bombing, just like Sandy Hook, Aurora, LAX and dozens of other government orchestrated incidents designed by those in control of the game. And you Americans (for the most part) buy it.
Why can't out see that your government wants you to hate each other, and blame each other, and divide yourselves along the lines that they have devised?

Wake the duck up America! Why are you so busy bitching about race that you can't see the preparation in place: the militarization of your policec forces, the FEMA camps, billions of rounds of antI personnel ammo purchased by your homeland security along with millions of enormous plastic coffins

Who do you think they are for? Do you think they give a shot what colour goes into those coffins?

Agenda 21 does not discriminate…


Wow it's really sad that after reading this post I scroll down to the comment section, & look to my surprise (sarcastic voice) y'all made it a race thing. You would think that by coming to VC site you the readers would be smarter than this. Your doing exactly what the elite want us to do hate each other based off our race. Hate only fuels hate, instead of us coming together & being a force that the government/elite can be recking with; where sitting here making this a (what's new race thing). If this is how people of different race is gonna forever view each other, we minus well just take the military weapons from the pawns/soilders & shoot out selfs. Cause the government/elite is sitting back & laughing @ our ignorance/stubbornness while there plans for a new world order/martial law is slowly but surly "smfh" is coming into… Read more »
If you guys Notice from the beginning of time Racism was taught and passed on from generation to generation. As kids we never knew what harm a next race can do to us Until we were taught and brainwashed and program to believe that a next race is dangerous unclean everything negative from our parents who were taught from their parents who were taught that by the higher people in power who are capable of manipulating our mind consistently through false teachings and more so Propaganda in this day in age. You see everything happens for a reason this country (America) was built with a blueprint already the powers that be already knew what they wanted and how they were gonna get it. All of this that we're going through now was planned years and years ago. Let us remember the problem we face today shouldn't be about race. Because… Read more »
The fact that people think this has anything to do with race, is quite scary to me. When do we as HUMANITY take a stand for what is right? How many times do we witness spoon fed information from the same news outlets? Don't people understand that this kind of violence (the killing of another 'suspected' black criminal by the police, who was unarmed) sets everyone up. The black people will react out of violence and frustration. Meanwhile, the white people carry on like this is ok. Its really sad that while the media portrays a race issue, the bigger issue is that our constitutional rights are being taken away from us. And what are we doing about it? Blogging, pointing fingers about why this is ok? Saying how black people need to go back to Africa, calling us names? Its just sad, and times like this I honestly don't… Read more »
Already noticed a few "anti Jew" comments. Every time I come on this site, there are a bunch of people who think they're internet experts and blame Jews for everything. Protest? It was the Jews! Violence in any part of the world? Jews! Earthquake? Jews! Why is everything always about the Jews? Im not Jewish and don't have Jewish family, but I am sick of hearing all these racist comments. Anti-semitism has been ingrained in so many Christians and Muslims, its not even funny. All problems get blamed on Jews, regardless of proof… Im not saying Jews are always innocent, but every race, religion and country has a mix of good and bad people. There are rich and powerful people who come from different countries. The more people blame evil on the "other" – whether its money, religion, or Jews (or another ethnic/cultural background) – the less people are willing… Read more »

Thanks, anonymous. Well said.

"Me thinks thou dost protest too much"………don't you?

Thanks VC for this article. I'm in South Africa and am so amazed at how this article has turned into a race issue. Open your eyes Americans, do you think the elite care that u r black or white? They don't! You are all Americans and should stand as one. The NWO is starting in America. I've never seen a country that has to deal with so much sh*t all at once! The executed journalist Jim Foley, Ferguson, US sponsored genocide in Gaza, Mossad created ISIS, the CDC created Ebola. The people who run America r evil and the rest of the world is doomed!

Whether or not Brown was taken out by justifiable use of lethal force doesn't change the fact that NY cops choked a man to death on the sidewalk for selling loose cigarettes. Cops threw a flash bang grenade into a playpen and blew up a baby's face, excusing it by saying "there was no evidence of children present" when the suspected dealer wasn't even there. The LAPD fired over 100 rounds at the ladies delivering early morning newspapers during the Dorner search (hitting houses a block away), and Watertown PD expended approx 350 rounds at the boat and Zhokar walked out with his hands up. Some of those rounds impacted houses several streets away. VC could have done a much more in depth story if he had tied Watertown in… some of the YT videos of beseiged residents are truly disturbing. And now Watertown PD gives themselves a "heroes" parade.… Read more »

Finally, someone in the comments section that gets it without having to delve into passive aggressive racist remarks. There is a sinister story being told here and I was naive to think the media would use Ferguson to tell it.

The police basically get to do what they want and the American people will deal. They can kill you, suspend your rights, take your supplies (as they recently did in Ferguson), shoot you with your hands up, shoot at your neighbors who are not involved, maim children, kill dogs, declare martial law at their leisure and all without impunity.

How is order supposed to be upheld in this country when those who are supposed to protect and serve are above the laws they claim to enforce?

As long as people continue to refer to each other and selves as "black" or "white" and not just "people" or "person" we will continue to have a racial divide. The fact that your skin is dark or light is irrelevant, and if you think it IS relevant… then I would say YOU are in fact stereotyping and classifying yourself based on the color of your skin. Isn't that the opposite of what MLK Jr wanted?

let us remember Martin Luther King, Jr's goals for societal change through peaceful resistance and love. MLK Day always makes me weep for what we have lost in him, and ourselves.

Thank you!

I "love" how blacks are being generalized as racist and violent almost savage people by some protesters. I ask this? Are whites or any other race on this Earth living peacefully?

Everyone has the propensity to be violent. Everyone. And to continue believing and spreading the hateful conversation that black Americans are the only Americans who are violent woefully shows a lack of critcal thinking on that believer's part.

The hate comments might be written by paid instigators. Do you think that they don't police the Internet? They want to stir up and divide, meanwhile the riot police equally use aggressive force against all. They do not discriminate. All races are victims. We have been warned for many years now. The red carpet is being unfurled for the military police. They might get away with such injustice in this world but they will all have to answer for their actions. There is a universal law that is far more just than their own. It's called Karma. One must not look at just American history, but also world history. This form of military police has existed for thousands of years. They were just not as advanced as our military today but were for their time. One must also understand that racial prejudice exists between all races and even within races.… Read more »
My question about all of this is 'who are these policemen and where have they come from?' They are extraordinarily aggressive, violent and have no sense of humanity. I would love people in the police force to come forward and explain what type of training or recruitment tests are used to turn people into unconscious, fighting machines as they are not acting appropriately and I find this suspicious as all hell. The tests for recruitment should be weeding out psychopaths not identifying them as candidates. If they were normal when they joined, did they change once they joined? Maybe journo's should be checking the cops' personal history? Are they hiring violent criminals? Something very is very unnatural about this behavior and people should be seriously focusing on what is happening to these people rather than the next race war, because at this rate, race won't matter..we all going to be… Read more »

They are apparently recruited with videos of storming houses in riot gear with flash-grenades.

St. Louis county. Social psychology shows that when wearing a 'mask' you play the part. Dress like a soldier at war, act like one.

These are all great questions and I wish someone would find the answers.

HEY DANIELLE!! HOW MUCH IS THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT PAYING YOU TO POST IN ALL CAPS? IS IT FUN BEING A TOOL OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT? PAY WELL? OK. No more caps. This is not about race. It is about the Federal Government of the U.S.S.A. becoming more and more autocratic, authoritarian, totalitarian, and militarized. If you cannot see that Danielle then let me be among the first to welcome you into the ever enlarging pack of lemmings and sheeple doing the will of the U.S.S.A. Federal Government. The Federal Government of the U.S.S.A., and those Oligarchs at the head of it, is doing this in a predominantly black neighborhood to excite the emotions of the easily excitable masses, prone to illogicality, who are likely to react as do you. Good job!! You fit right in!! This is about police forces all over the country which are becoming ever more militarized… Read more »

Brother you said very informative things BUT you mis qualified yourself and your woman, which in LAW would cancel out completely the whole of your intent or construct…real talk!
In LAW, the terms "white" and "black" apply to status (ones legal/Lawful social status in society) others may attempt to refute this information, but only a fool or ignorant person would attempt to refute a fact. White and black do not mean SKIN-COLOR, because the civilized world knows human beings don't come in colors, but NATIONALITIES. You would qualify as Caucasian from whatever Nation you're from, your lady would have too study to know her proper Nationality. With kindness I tell you, that she is not black-an adjective, and she is not Afrikan American-a designation of two continents and how can a continent serve as ones identity?? Answer it cannot.

Pax et amour

Well said, Greg.

Who commit more crimes between the various majority races living in America? Let's have a look at those numbers…

VG, does a analysis of the VMA that was held yesterday. I didn't saw any illuminati content in the performances but I would like to read a more detailed view!

What else could you realistically expect from a nation founded upon a holocaust? Ask any traditional Native American person and their likely reply would be…. "what did you expect?" This "republic" was never meant to be a legitimate democracy even from its founding. The "founding fathers" had to erect an illusion of freedom while planning in secret precisely what we're seeing today. They would be very pleased with these circumstances. From a Native American perspective, there is nothing surprising about the events in Ferguson. May God bless Michael Brown, his family, and all peace-loving creatures.

a native american perspective? no record of Alamo. beyond that, you sound like an american hater who lacks the courage to display his ties.

note: american, not america. take it out on the american people who don't share your heaviness.

I am happy this dialogue is taking place this has been going on for a while "summer of freedom" in Mississippi 1964 produced similar militarized police state. Militarization of police in Germany resulted in the holocaust. Also I think it is important to do unbiased research before speaking upon other nationalities cultural issues and stop dismissing them because of the way you may feel(or believing bias propaganda). You may not EVER understand what another person(or cultural group) is going through and assuming make you callous, closed minded, and out of touch. try reading: The new Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander The autobiography of Fredrick Douglas if you really want to know. If not, continue watching the programming( mass media is not real) being feed to you but isn't this why we are on vigilant citizen? To know the truth?! White supremacy is real. Operation Paper Clip is Real. Eugenic is… Read more »

we've spent so much time getting rid of the soviet union, so why are so hell bent on turn america into the new soviet union???

The United States IS the Militarized Police State! Pun intended.

Not a lot to do to fight this besides pray to The Creator. They probably will have endless drones high in the sky that watch our every move. They can track everything about a person more and more each day, and this technology is here to stay. Oh well….just live your life for The Lord and be nice to others and stay happy and positive to really get back at the Lucifarians…their time will come in either this life or the one after.

Order out of chaos, we played Satan, well played.

My question is how many times must an officer shoot a civilian who is not brandishing a weapon in order to "Stop" the person??? Has anyone discussed how the so called "threat" was no longer imminent once the "threat" ran away, fell to the ground & surrendered with empty hands high in the air? On an obviously well populated, residential street, at what point is 6 gun shots required to retain a "threat" that is running in the other direction? The "threat" was already wounded & therefore at a disadvantage. What part of officer " training" dictated those last few shots after said "threat" is laying flat on the pavement, not moving???????? Or was that the influence of a movie/video game the officer may have viewed in the past? You know, like in video games where you keep shooting even after the zombie falls flat on its face….The guys in… Read more »

Any chance you'll edit the opening of this article now that the details have came out?

The government is scared of us!! Seeing the American people come together and rise awareness?? OH NO!! Thats when the government realizes not ALL OF US are walking sheeple to the agenda!! Look at the extra measures they are taking to shut us up! They want to scare us into thinking we dont have the right to protest and/or the freedom of speech. WE outnumber the government and all the elite. The problem we face is that since the government has so much power, their weaponry could take us down and is quite intimidating. Remember when everyone debated about giving up our right to bear arms? (sandy hook and even aurora, i do believe they are false flag events to pressure the American people) I really hope anyone that thought it would be okay to give that right up, sees these pictures and videos. I hope people understand whats really… Read more »
im not from america, but my heart goes out to the family of the Young man who got shot and all the people fighting against the police. It is horrible how the police is just hunting people down! Young, old, mostly unarmed people against the police with teargas, riotgear, weapons of all kinds etc. I wonder how the people behind all the police attire is thinking, like do they think they are doing this for a good cause? Do they think it is to much, or are they so Brainwashed that they are feeling that they are doing their job good and that their actions are completely logical? They are following orders but how can they not actually se what they are doing? anyway, it is great to se how the people stand United against the police. And it is very unsetteling that the riot/swat/whatever look is is being pushed… Read more »

U.S. Police forces are trained by the Jewish A.D.L. by Israelis, so that they can treat us the way that the Israelis treat the Palestinians. Don't believe me? Look it up on the A.D.L. website!