FEMA Implements “Special Chip” In Cell Phones to Send Out Alerts


Capitalizing on the Bin Laden event, an important announcement was made on May 10th: Cell phone providers will be required to install special chips in all portable devices, enabling the government to send text messages and alerts to citizens in specific areas. There is no word on the chip’s other abilities (i.e. instant shut down?). This announcement was made directly from Ground Zero, again milking 9/11 to promote a high-tech police state.

What Else Will The Government’s “Special Chip” In Your Cellphone Do?

The announcement that Americans are set to be bombarded with mandatory government propaganda via their cellphones represents a shocking lurch forward in the Obama administration’s bid to launch a total takeover of all communications as part of a wider move towards controlling the Internet, developing an omnipresent wiretap system, and creating a constant environment of suspicion and distrust by enlisting citizens to spy on each other.

Short of implanting a microchip in people’s heads, the US government has opted for the next best thing, a chip in your cellphone. But what else will these “special chips” be used for?

“Presidential and local emergency messages as well as Amber Alerts would appear on cell phones equipped with special chips and software,” under the new program which was launched today in New York and is set to be rolled out across all major cities by the end of next year, reports CBS New York.

Cellphone users would not be able to opt out of “presidential messages,” with Verizon and AT&T, the nation’s largest cell phone carriers, already on board.

“For now, the alerts are capable on certain high-end cell phones but starting next year, all cell phones will be required to have the chip that receives alerts,” adds the report.

The messages will supersede all other phone traffic and have a unique signal and vibration, meaning that your private conversation could be cut off to make way for government propaganda in a program that resembles Minority Report-style invasiveness on steroids.

What else these “special chips” that will be mandatory in all cellphones will do is not explained, but given the recent scandal where it emerged that cell phone companies were building location databases of where their users had traveled, the sky’s the limit.

Cell phone providers already have the capability to send out text messages to all their subscribers instantly, so why the government needs a “special chip” to be installed will only heighten suspicions that this is a trojan horse for an omnipresent wiretap that will feed every scintilla of information from your phone directly to big brother.

As one respondent to the story put it, “Surely you only need a database of all phone numbers to send out text messages. Am I only person wondering why all handsets need to be fitted with “special chips” in order to receive text messages? The “special chips” can only be being introduced to serve other purposes.”

“This seems very suspicious. Why can people not opt out of the president’s messages?” asked another. “They pay for their phones – they should dictate what it does, not Obama.”

Would the “special chips” also empower Obama to shut down all cell phone traffic on a whim in a time of declared “national emergency”?

Obama already has the power to override all radio and television networks under the recently expanded Emergency Alert System, which allows FEMA to break in on live broadcasts to send out alerts.

His administration is also pushing cybersecurity legislation that would hand Obama a figurative kill switch for the Internet. The term “kill switch” is an oversimplification, what the agenda actually revolves around is the ability to impose Chinese-style censorship over the world wide web and develop an ID system that would force users to have their access controlled by a state-run licensing procedure.

The government-mandated chips would also help achieve the Department of Transportation’s aim of blocking all cellphone use in cars. The chip would allow authorities to prevent use of the phone by measuring the speed you are traveling via GPS technology and shutting down the handset.

This trifecta of broadcast media, Internet, and cellphone traffic represents a total takeover of the entire spectrum of communications in the United States by the Obama administration.

Aside from the terror fearmongering, the system is also wide open for abuse in more prosaic terms, with some fearing that the messages could include PR talking points and political electioneering. Indeed, the image that accompanies a USA Today piece about the story is of a cellphone displaying an infomercial about Obama’s 2012 campaign.

The plan to harass cell phone users with specious terror alerts is part of a larger agenda of fear-based social conditioning by the government. As we noted last month, the Department of Homeland Security announced a new system to replace the old color-coded one. Now so-called terror threats that inevitably turn out to be either false alarms or politically motivated scams will be posted on Facebook and Twitter pages in addition to broadcast over television, radio and cell phones.

As we have exhaustively documented, the move has nothing whatsoever to do with keeping Americans safe from terrorism. More Americans are killed every year by bumble bees or peanut allergies than they are by terrorists.

“Even with the September 11 attacks included in the count, the number of Americans killed by international terrorism since the late 1960s (which is when the State Department began counting) is about the same as the number of Americans killed over the same period by lightning, accident-causing deer, or severe allergic reaction to peanuts,” writes Ohio University’s John Mueller in a report entitled A False Sense Of Insecurity.

The real agenda behind the program manifests itself in numerous ways. On the one hand, this is a further intensification of the Big Sis “see something say something” campaign, it’s designed to condition Americans that terrorists are lurking around every corner and that they must spy on their community to prevent attacks, when in reality every major terror plot that has been uncovered in the United States was either staged or provocateured by the federal government itself.

This is also about capitalizing on the dubious Bin Laden raid to return Americans to a state of post-9/11 intellectual castration, corralling subservience to a system that utilizes fear to control the population and eviscerate constitutional rights.

With the compliant and castrated media increasingly distrusted, Americans are either moving to alternative news sources or tuning out altogether. This has necessitated the government to launch a wide spectrum takeover of all communications in its bid to keep the population under the firm control of state-issued propaganda.

We are now just a few steps away from having literal telescreens installed in our homes that beam directly into our brains the latest government fables about who we’re bombing now, what level chocolate rations are this month, as well as Michelle Obama’s mandatory exercise program.
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We've known for a while that Skynet would be taking over…


Hmmm any relation to the recent Verizon wireless news in the media?? Makes you think about it!

chips are for eating

Google: Clipper Chip

now consider the other poss. of this mandatory chip.


Recenltly in South Africa they introduced what is called RICA, an Act that requires all cellphone users to register their numbers along with their address details etc. Besically a cellphone number can be used as your ID. The Act authorizes the NIA to monitor conversations of crime suspects and obviously leaders of rebelious groups and opposition party leaders. It gives me chills how ignorant Afr!ka is. But I suspect that countries (Western) with vested interests purposefully deny Afr!ka to become enlightened. They probably installed sleepers or agents influencing our policies and legislation to ensure that Afr!ka does not rise from its pernicious slumber or to put it more precisely to ensure that we never rise up against imperialist agendas through information and literature. Library is a scarce resource and less than 10 million people can access the internet. How dumb can our leaders be not to utilize the mass media power to promulgate an Elightenment Revolution agenda. We are still ravaged by illeteracy and apathy; depending on government grants. We are mere specatators of world events – particularly the high-tech and scientific revolution. And the brain drain is not doing us any justice too. Worse our leaders do not believe… Read more »


I've been a visitor of this site for some time, and I must say VC I am glad I stumbled upon it. This particular article, however, makes me really cringe. Looks like I won't be upgrading my cell phone next year. 😉


I'm only 17 and I'm so fed up with the direction this country is going–I know other countries are in on it too, but are they AS obsessed with the NWO agenda as the U.S.? I live in California, and I love this state, but I'm considering just moving to England to escape this B.S. I know England is in on it too, but is it as intense?

Perhaps Australia….If anyone knows I would greatly appreciate an answer 🙂


would the biochip be classed as the Mark of the Beast?


its sad.. Some of the horrible things in the book of Revelations will take place during my lifetime such as the anti-christ an I'm only a teenager. I cant tell my friends because their trapped in music and reality shows and think that everything is ok they would think that im smoking meth. This is exactly what the elite want. When the time comes and they reveal themselves to us we will lose commnication and everyone will become government snitches rattin us out to become exterminated and many will be taken over. We need to just find a way to group up and resist its not too late just need more people but just food for thoughy. If their doing it in egypt why cant we. 2012 wont be the end of the world but the end of privacy and being an individual we all will be watched. 2012 is the start of them executing their plans and we wont have anything to do. shaking my head at my zombie generation


For less interference and no tracking of your searches or recording of your IP address, use this:


Alex Jones uses it on his site, although that's not where I heard of it.

Sarah Connor

Thanks for that!


Yes! Exactly.. what else is there to say about this.. it is self evident.. Japan has already had this..?? Did it warn them about the earthquake????!!!!!!!!?????????? What good will these messages do if they aren't even real..??? It is unbelievable how '1984' is so more than true! They already say that our TV's can watch us! Yeah, like you said, short of implanting chips in our very bodies.. their DREAM! They are doing the next best thing.. make the best phones so we cannot do without them and become dependent (and greedy) on them.. and then they can track us, and manipulate us.. I liked him at first.. I really did.. but more and more I have to wonder..


Japan already had this, America is just slow to catch up…


Wow. After reading 1984, I was already seeing Big Brother-esque themes in America. But this….this is just…wow. I foresee a daily "2 Minutes Hate" in our future. In fact, it's already happening with Osama.


If you really want to know about our nation's security, just type itanimulli (dot) com into your address bar (I leave the Ws out…for reasons) (also, be sure to put an actual period and not the word 'dot' in parentheses..)…i was kind of blown away by what it took me too. Be aware that the web address is 'Illuminati' spelled backwards. o__o

Sarah Connor

HELLO – Best hour and a half I spent ALL YEAR!!!

NWO, Illuminati, Vatican, Zeitgeist Exposed – Part 1 of 8

w w w.youtube.com/watch?v=Xg5KpwrksI0&feature=player_embedded

It has already been deleted off youtube once, watch while you can.

This film dives into the formation of the Illuminati, how it infiltrated freemasonry, and the satanic nature of it’s aims. It then goes into the Vatican’s involvement with the Bohemian Grove, New world order elite, And freemasonry while exposing how the vatican is now anti-christian.

The last segment debunks Zeitgeist type claims of a Christ conspiracy and exposes the plan to destroy christianity making a new age one world religion.

~Truth be told~

I often observe how disconnected we all truely are. people are insanely glued to the screens of their phones, ear pieces, computers, ipod,ipads, anything that is able to disconnect you from reality. we as humans were created to function. The quickest route to death in wallowing in a bed of slumber and indolence. I just shake my head in discust because this type of behavior is banked on by the masses


"We are at war with Eurasia, we have always been at war with Eurasia…" (Or was it Eurasia? was it the other side?–I can't remember, they kept switching sides of who "we are at war" with all the time…?) From the book "1984" — everytime something like this article happens it makes me think of that line from that book.

Sure, sure give us a little more "peace and safety" and take away some more of our rights and independence and privacy. We're in a war on terror and we need big brother to watch over us. Question is who is worse the "terrorist" (who might actually be some of us reg. folk according to big brother, … er, …our gov't.) or big brother?

Robin Shadowes

Funny how Orwell croaked just the year after the novel was published. Makes one wonder if he was murdered or not.

A random thought

lol what a piss-take phone's track you,all payment cards,cctv,public travel,internet site's,some cars the list goes on and on its getting way to much yet poeple just seem to lap it up like good little doggy's, the worst one is when you hear ''well if your not doing anything wrong why does it matter.'' these people couldent be missing the point more if they tried it drives me crazy. Bin the phones people we never needed them in the very recent past why now? not to mention your all frying your brains with the bloody things.


recently i heard a sie fie programme in which humanbs minds were being shut down when they picked up their phones, by a signal that was being put through the phone…..

Robin Shadowes

I saw the two-parter mini-series The Phantom some weeks ago. His arch-enemies The Singh Brotherhood had some creepy mind-control technology in it.


OFF TOPIC: Wouldn't let me post on the "Denver Airport" article, so I'm posting here. An excellent source is Author Alex Christopher who claimed to have worked in the tunnels under the airport, and described what appeared to be vast holding areas for prisoners, strange nausea-inducing electromagnetic forces, and caverns big enough to drive trucks through. The information of Alex Christopher is worth reading. Here is the link: http://www.think-aboutit.com/aliens/ac.html


If the previous link doesn't work, here is another one: http://educate-yourself.org/cn/alexchristopherint


Suddenly the whole farce surrounding the supposed death of OBL (and subsequent media s**t-storm) make a lot more sense. I was patently skeptical at the announcement, for what means they intended I wasn't sure; but I intuitively felt that the popular concensus was some sort of blatant propaganda balderdash. I mean do you really think they could put together this program in 9 days, c'mon!!! This has been ready and waiting for the catalyzing 'event' to introduce it. Reading this article brought to mind a few recent press releases: Apple submitting patents for software that remotely taps into a phone, without the user's knowledge, and for whatever purposes or at any time, can listen or take photographs at their discretion — not to mention the whole iphone tracking program recently brought to light –. Walmart telescreens reminding shoppers to keep an eye out and report any suspicious activity. The fact that our government, with our money, paid some 9B USD to subsidize the conversion to HD. Fingerscanners at gyms, tanning salons, elementary school cafeterias. Cops in Michigan with scanners that allow them to view everything in the cellphone of someone they are questioning. That stupid friggin' satanic bunny Karotz spy… Read more »


Okay this is a huuuuge stretch but what if this chip or something of the like, is implemented so that in the event one of the governments underground (literal and figurative) experiments backfire, they can just shut down the entire grid that is our media/ energy source, and claim something happened in said area and just bomb it or cause some other kind of disaster and just cover it up?…

Or if they think we are awakening/ being too questionable and they decide to sacrifice a populace as I mentioned above and again, cover it up since no one will have access to information for a good amount of time. Sounds crazy but hey, HollyWeird has shown us they posses the imagination for it and hence, can find ways to make it reality….


I am very Anti-Micro-chipping.

In the Bible it speaks about people receiving the "mark of the beast" which is a micro-chip implanted under a persons skin (location: hand or forehead). It represents the anti-Christ and is blasphemous in God's eyes. The bible refers to it as the "unforgivable sin" People will be required to get this chip, seeing that scanning it is the only way to buy food, clothes, etc… How robotic.

Its interesting how there has been so much talk about micro-chipping now a days. People need to begin realizing that this is only the beginning. It is a gradual process, first they micro-chip pets, then credit cards, then cellular phones, and then other technological items, and then finally people. The religious society needs to come together to fight this, not just bend over and take it. It is only a very short matter of time until they become mandatory injects into people in the United States.

Sarah Connor

I agree with you 100% KT – it's a one way ticket. It is one of the biggest warnings the bible has on the matter for the last days:

Message From The Three Angels of Revelations

Sadly I see it being pushed for many reasons: safety, convienence, medical necessity = emotional manipulation.


Im glad this website exists in giving us the info we need to keep safe


Im glad this website exists in giving us the info we need to keep safe


So what you're saying is verizon won't connect my old phone so I can save money. I mean since it won't be equipped with the big brother chip. Sigh….screw the government.