“End of Days” by Vinnie Paz (video)



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It's crazy because I was in my valuing diversity class this morning and we were just discussing this. My professor said "the people who are in control are the one's who wrote the books that you study from and the books that I teach from, so therefore, what I am teaching you may or may not be the truth it could be a lie." I was in total shock because I never really looked at it from that point of view before. So basically how we live our lives and what we think or believe is partially because of what we have been reading and studying. So when we graduate from high school and college and we receive our diplomas and BAs what have we really accomplished. We are that much closer to being like one of them. However, if you don't have an education you can't go any further… Read more »

This is exactly why I didn’t bother with college.
I’m not saying you should drop out, but honestly….there are plenty of jobs out there that you can get w/o a college degree. Like a trade. I know so many college graduates holding BA’s & MA’s and guess what?? Everyday they ask their clients, “You want fries with that?”