“End of Days” by Vinnie Paz (video)


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118 Comments on "“End of Days” by Vinnie Paz (video)"

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It's crazy because I was in my valuing diversity class this morning and we were just discussing this. My professor said "the people who are in control are the one's who wrote the books that you study from and the books that I teach from, so therefore, what I am teaching you may or may not be the truth it could be a lie." I was in total shock because I never really looked at it from that point of view before. So basically how we live our lives and what we think or believe is partially because of what we have been reading and studying. So when we graduate from high school and college and we receive our diplomas and BAs what have we really accomplished. We are that much closer to being like one of them. However, if you don't have an education you can't go any further… Read more »

This is exactly why I didn’t bother with college.
I’m not saying you should drop out, but honestly….there are plenty of jobs out there that you can get w/o a college degree. Like a trade. I know so many college graduates holding BA’s & MA’s and guess what?? Everyday they ask their clients, “You want fries with that?”

What can one do now, though? What can we do about this 'end of days'? These things that are going on are caused by the people with the power. What are we to do? The only thing us 'normal people' have is that we are the 'masses'. We outnumber them. But if you started talking about this, what would most people say? Conspiracy theories! Just a bunch of lunatics, crazies. They believe that the world they see is it. How can anything be hidden from them in the land of the free, eh? Is there anything that can be done, or is it hopeless? I am kind of stubborn, when it comes to losing faith in humanity. I have hope. I won't give up on us. But when you see all these things, look at the articles, it's hard not to be disheartened. I know people who say regularly that… Read more »

Mount Vesuvius' Tomb is supposedly where Jesus is buried :3

Im serious. Research about it in fact its probably WHERE Jesus is. There is so little information but a little 14 has to do what a little 14 year old's gotta do.

Im pretty sure he got the "they cloned Barack Hussein Obama in a test-tube" from The Freeman Perspective


Freeman – Obama, Cloning and the Sorcerers of Atlantis – Part 1

or look up http://thefreemanperspective.blogspot.com/

Basically he theorizes that obama and his family are from pharaonic lineage and that obama may be Akenhaten through dna manipulation(cloning).

If you like this ill be mixing it soon with other like minded artists….


Big Jus-Black Mamba Serums and Nephilim Modulation Systems

Ill Bill-Kill Devil Hills(w/ B-real,Vinnie Paz) Produced by DJ muggs…..

Immortal Technique



Vinnie is huge in the underground world i even asked him why hes never been signed with a major label and he said because they want him to be "COMMERICAL" rap

wow!! I use to hang with vinny and the whole jedi mind crew some of the realest coolest people i ever met. Keep doing your thing boyz

This Song is hot on multiple levels

Guys…religion is another tool of the oppressor…how can you say you are 'free' but follow a religion riddled with contradictions, fallacies, and proven inconsistencies? Sounds like you're deluded as well…

The Sunday law will be the mark off the beast, be sure not to be deceived for god created the heavens an earth in 6 days an made the 7th for us his mark his seal his sign! Will we not honour Jesus the lord of the Sabbath on the right day! Keep spreading the word peeps! The 3rd angels messages are almost done! god bless

religion, and church are a different thing to God's church, don't get confuse he said he only had one church, and thats the one true to him. "He's Hope, Peace, Love, Wisdom." If you feel like you're a slave going to church them you might be in the wrong one or you just can't help doing something good.

can someone explain the story about the mount vesuvius tomb mentioned on the video?

can someone explain to me about the mount vesuvius tomb?

dear God help us all

OMG my muslim friend told me about this whole illuminati s**t but i didnt beleive her………but now i do O_O

FcK those bastards . religion is our saviour.

and to those that say religion is like the illuminati then let me just say that you are an excellent product of there brainwashing tactics.

Brilliant video and lyrics, has it all – and I do not even like rap or hip hop music. But this is really worthy. Well done!

Awesome video…too bad the world is blind and will think that us believers are crazy. 🙁

This is wonderful! Hopefully it gets pretty popular. But uhmm obama in a test tube made me laugh LOL!

choose one—- the red pill or the blue pill but choose wisely

" Yeah, The Shaytan Army, they just display it proudly"

"Shaytan" is the Islamic term for "satan".

I don't think it's possible to stop the NWO; this world isn't mean to be saved or salvaged according to Revelations. There will be a new Heaven and Earth after Christ returns with us (believers). All these things have to happen in order for the end to come. Then I saw another beast, coming out of the earth. He had two horns like a lamb, but he spoke like a dragon. He exercised all the authority of the first beast on his behalf, and made the earth and its inhabitants worship the first beast, whose fatal wound had been healed. And he performed great and miraculous signs, even causing fire to come down from heaven to earth in full view of men. Because of the signs he was given power to do on behalf of the first beast, he deceived the inhabitants of the earth (Revelation 13:11-14). For many will… Read more »

Revelations is my favorite book in the Bible…to me it’s also kinda scary.

Good stuff…

But David Icke?? Anything that man is involved with make's me think it's rubbish straight away… That guy is a loony, and I don't care what any of you think-It's my opinion, and im entitled to it 😉

The truth is always stranger then fiction. Check out Credo Mutwa's interview with David Icke on youtube.

could some one plz explain to mi about the skeletons on the moon thk u in advance.

I noticed that a while ago. It's on every site. No matter what the add is the number is 33



33 and 13….those silly little freemasons.

Oh my Lord!

Go to burger king and get a kids meal right now. The toy is a reptilian with choke collar. The bag is filled with all sorts of transhuman little creatures, one even sporting the all seeing (third) eye, accompanied w/satanic lightening bolt.

I keep sayin but watch infant indoctrination on you tube – 5 parts. You will never look at your childhood cartoons the same way again. They have been telling us for a long time. We are so used to seeing these images we don't even notice them anymore. Let's break outta that apathy and ignorance now, we are seriously overdue.

VC COULD YOU PLEASE…look into the recent case against anna nicole smith's boyfriend..here is quote from article:

A jury on Thursday convicted Anna Nicole Smith's psychiatrist and boyfriend of conspiracy in a prescription drug case involving the former Playboy model and reality TV star but acquitted the doctor who prescribed a plethora of drugs for her.

Wow!! This is some powerful stuff!!!! It's all very true though! Especially the last statement!!

Off Topic

Hey VC, you guys should do an article on sungazing and Hira Ratan Manek.


Aight everyone please do your best to spread this video everywhere u can. Its been a long long time since some thing this great came out we cant let this go unoticed!!!



don't get ur hopes up. mc hammer is in it for the promotion. he's just as guilty as gay-z. the guy's just desperate for someone to pay attention to him for a minute.

I agree with NAH. Hammer's desperate for publicity…it's like, dude no one care about you since you took your parachute pants off! As for Jay-Z NOT being a devil worshipper? Well, only God can judge his heart but lemme tell you something….If i WASN'T a devil worshipper, I wouldn't put satanic symbolisms in my videos.

Did you see the Hammer video? I had to force myself to watch it. It was that awful ! I figured it was a bust when he released the trailor for it. You have to ask yourself; now isn't this video darker than a lot of the videos we witness on this site? Did he or did he not reference himself as " King Hammer" ? Were people, or were they not in this video chanting "King Hammer" ? If anything he presented himself as a minnie Jay-Z. He like the rest of them, they go from one hustle/ form of the agenda to the next. When rapping no longer work they go to fake preaching the word of God ( mase, Hammer, Rev Run). Besides if I am not mistaken the name of his MMA management company is " Alchemist " now riddle me that ?!

Remember the Jim Rohn quote "Formal Education makes you a living,Self-Education makes you a fortune."

It's no wonder why they've been plotting to undermine/compromise Islam.Yes,I'll admit,it's not as hypocritical as other religions,like christianity,but hypocrisy is hypocrisy.But you have to respect and admire, least the self-discipline and self-education they teach themselves.It's amazing. In fact,i'm really considering into converting into a muslim later on in my life.I've been raised in a strict,catholic home,and most of the s**t they've been trying to feed me is helpless.So f**k yea.Muslim Renegade!

They may install fake puppet leaders in the Muslim World, but they can't put an end to Islam. There's something about Islam that makes people think and stay strong to their beliefs and the truth.

i'm a catholic and believe that something is even wrong in the vatican

because jesus said that even the very elect will be deceived

check out this article. http://www.secularnewsdaily.com/2010/03/05/italia

Piece of s**t, get another nickname!

I have been to a conference/mass with Father Fortea and I think he is a very good priest but I do believe his power comes from the mind. His goodness can heal decease. But I do not believe that this people were possessed. They could have been sick in the soul, only prayer could save them. As for what the devils say… why would the devil out his worshippers?

good message apart from using Icke which i've done in the past, and that chem sprayer is a water tanker dropping it's load, made that mistake too.

Hey! Been following this site for along time and it has been extremely informative. I am a christian also, and to all the christian who are engaged in this site, be aware that no one will be able to stop the new world order agenda but God himself. It's great for us to be on the look out for all that VC is reporting because it let's us know what's going on in the stream of things to come. I applaud God's warriors out there who are praising Him and making HIS agenda known. But it's all going to come down to the showdown between the forces of darkness and lightness. The most we can do is preach and make others aware, but the Bible already prophesied that they are going to try their best to bring about the NWO. Nothing we can do to stop prophecy. That's going to… Read more »
I agree with you 100% I have read the book and know how it ends. Doen't mean I'm going to throw in the towel and accept my defeat in this world (Not that you are friend) I'm a warrior spirit and I want more time!!! I have two beautiful babies and I want THEM to have more time. I'd like to share a dream I had this July. Sorry to be verbose here but it has brought me much hope and peace, and I'm only hoping to share with some of you because I know how overwhelming this can all be. I was with hundreds of people gathered in an arena of some kind. There were all sorts of people and creatures (I read way too much on transhumanism). We were using every bit of our energy (prayers) and it was exhausting. There were two monsters on stage, each with… Read more »

WOW!!! COULDN’T HAVE SAID THAT ANY BETTER! It’s so true…if you’re a believer in Jesus Christ, then you already know Who wins! As Jesus said, “Be of good cheer for I have overcome the world!”
The NWO is very possible, but they’ll all be thrown into the Lake of Fire along with Satan in the 2nd death.



THANK YOU so much for these amazin links-just g8-nice to finally find sm in ya face hiphop that hasnt been infooltrated-& not as dark as immortal technique,knew lowkey but none of the others-im so grateful-ha now i want to get the kinds to play it out oh well dreams can bcm realities, another focus-interesting! so yeah true- tnx v muchly x

You forgot to mention K-Rino one of the most underated rappers of all time. Check his music out on youtube you wont be dissapointed. Love, Light, and Peace.

I am not sure if I believe the "Black Pope" thing. Because this was started by Rivera, a former jesuit student that made part of the Church of Christ. He was never a priest, never close to the Vatican. If there is a Back Pope he'd be known only by Cardenals, the "other" Pope and the First Minister of the Vatican (another Cardenal). How come he knows what is supposed to be so secret that even Bishops and Priests ignore? If that was the case everybody would leave the Catholic Church to make a dime writing books about "The Black Pope" and they would have plenty of support from the media.

There are so many books about the black pope, if you dont believe it then you havent looked into it

Hey VC now that I am aware of your interest in true hip-hop. In case you haven’t heard it already, you should check out Diabolic and his tracks Truth, & Truth part 2. It contains a lot more information and was done better in my opinion.

david icke doesnt speak the truth. hold tight for the david ike debunkumentary coming in early 2010 done by nowheretorun1984 on nowheretorunradio. David Icke is nothing more than possessed and is definately not on our side spreading his new age new world order 1 world religion philosophy. Jesus Christ is the truth. He warned us about the new world order and the one world government led by the antichrist that brings about the end times 2010 years ago. Time to pay attention to what he said, who he was and why he died and you can eventually end up on the winning side

Totally agree, Icke has slivers of truth wrapped in a lot of nonsense. He speaks from a carnal mind because he does not have the Holy Spirit. If Icke were to get saved, I believe that he would lead a lot of people to Christ because he has such a large cult following hanging onto his every New-Agey word.

Yeah lets have a debate about religion that always turns out good. If Jesus is love then why would he condemn you to hell. Hell is a made up idea to keep us in a state of fear and control when ultimately we judge ourselves when we die, thats why these reptilian hybrids/illuminati can be so cold hearted and detatched because they lack empathy,love and compassion and know hell is just a made up control technique. Do you really think the bible would have been so popular if the elite didnt organise that as well. Do some more research on ancient history and dont take the meaning of the bible so literally or dont its all about the choices we make .

Glenn – Icke is a good fit for people who are seeking truth of the corrupt systems of the world, yet not willing to acknowledge our Creator, and his legal answer to the court case agains humanity. Jesus, or Yeshua since many will falsify in Jesus’ name. At the end of the day, it will only be sheep to the slaughter. Like it or not, I’m going to say a special prayer for YOU. Peace.

Cool thanks

What is all this Icke web of lies nonsense? I’m gonna say it yup, Christians are morons. There I said it. Even if Icke WAS CIA, or a f*****g freemason, HE STILL SPEAKS THE TRUTH no matter how much you wanna discredit him so : P “naa”. I tell you what the real web of lies is, that goddamn bible you always quoting from. Put it away for once and “OPEN YOUR MIND” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LEljS3ib84. lol

Yes, you sound very enlightened.

OH yea just wanna say another thing. Anyone who participates in the worship of "jesus christ" is actually just participating in SUN worship, and there is much evidence out there to prove this. Don't believe me? DO YOUR RESEARCH! And get off yo knees and stop worshiping another man anyways, the hell's wrong with you?

james, seems like you havent read david icke's books. i think it may enlighten you.

Even the prince of darkness comes as an angel of light. Icke holds slivers of truth wrapped in a web of lies. It's a road to nowhere. Wake up!

David Icke the prince of darkness theres a new one, have you bothered to watch his talks/videos/read his books before you judge him? Ive been studying the nwo for 15 years and David is one of the best guys out there fighting this crap. As David says when you expose these bastards like he has they will either try to assassinate you or your character.

You need to start studying some other books my friend. I have one in particular in mind. I think you know. I know Icke is fighing to wake people to the dangers of NWO. And that is good, But it is where he will lead his followers that I worry about. And I'm sorry, but he flashes FM signs. That is not okay no matter how you dice it. No wiggle room there.

That freemason photo was faked on Photoshop the link was taken down when David exposed it and the freemason sign was actually his arthritic hand check his website for the evidence

What's an fm sign?

freemason – and it is no good at it's core – Luciferian actually

"for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal…" The only way to defeat this and be free is to get on your knees and intercede for the world, live righteously before God, and give your allegiance to Him. The battle belongs to the Lord. We know who wins this war, and it is not Satan or the illuminati. Make sure you and your household are in order and follow the Will of God, and you will then be making the difference God intended you to make.

Looking at all the darkness in the world can be very overwhelming and depressing. It feels like a losing battle. Keep your eyes on God. "Look neither to the right nor to left…" Keep your countenance up and stay positive and firm.

I agree with you, but can also say that God is building his army. Armour UP people!!! Eph 6:10-18. Little pebbles bring down giants! Casting Crowns Until the Whole World Hear might inspire. Eye on the prize, but on call.

well said Lee- I couldnt agree more

Nice song btw. Here is another good one ! http://hiphopwired.com/2010/08/23/christian-rappe

well. i stopped watching television, and i feel very well

I turned the TV off as well over 12 years ago. Last honest thing I watched was the Northern Exposure Series. I don't buy "newspapers" either. I find it's much easier to keep a clear head without the constant drone of Murder, Death, R**e Fear and all the other low vibrational dross constantly impacting on my mind. Bill Hicks et al are bang on the mark. So use YOUR power and don't for a second doubt that you have any. The dark ones have played their card so those courageous enough to be here with their eyes open should know their game plan by now. Eat well, think well, act well and be well and if possible, don't let those who've choose to walk the other path into your aura my friends. Truth is you can feel someones intentions from a distance, no words required. But you need to walk… Read more »

Yep me too. I don't have any desire to watch it, at all. Life is MUCH better.

Any info I want to see on internet I can research myself. Its not perfect but it gives you choices.

To me it's not that hard. No one is stopping you from cutting off your TV, growing your own food, educating yourself etc….Most of us rely on goverment when in reality we don't have to. It's a know before you go basis. You know better you do better. The rest is out of our hands. It's actually simple.

Jedi Mind and David Icke spreading the truth baby! Too bad people won't listen though. When the Illuminati pulls their trump card, the devastation gonna be critical! Yes the truth is spreading around like wildfire, but something tells me that it just might be too late for us. Human beings in this country are still unbelievable ignorant, and right now ignorance is the last thing we need if we ever hope to unite. God help us if they ever pull that mock alien invasion card, the propaganda that will follow when that happens will be monstrous and I doubt the human race will ever recover. In the end only a small percentage of people with knowledge will be able to escape the utter anarchy that awaits us in the near future.

mock alien card

whether blue beam technology

– 12 parts
http://www.ryanmcginty.com/fallen/ ufology/demonolgy

watch this and tell me they haven't been telling us for years!!!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUWab1gHyA0 – 5 parts

Time to wake up people. Ready yourselves. Eph 6:10-18 and Armour up!

Sarah, I am reading the Fallen Watchers link now and all I can say is Mind. Boggled. It's most definitely a connect-the-dots thesis but it makes life SO much more complicated. Everyone from Sitchen, Icke, those Ancient Alien shows on the History Channel and The Word are all connected in this one dissertation.

To all my fellow Christians out there, please check out this link!

Like minds bud 🙂 I posted Ryan’s dissertation above. It is all coming together.

Same old, same old. Rise up and start rapping. Yes, now that will definitely make the government run scared. All of these rappers and artists and celebrities who are 'coming out', so to speak, don't do anything to help the situation. Even if this information is now being obtained by large numbers of people it still does not help the situation. Who cares if they know? What is that going to get you other than a new outlook on life? Are you prepared to lose your life? In the years to come you will either fall in line or be killed. We wrestle not against the flesh. You have to come the realization that they can take your life, but they can never take your spirit. I highly recommend that you get right with God and Christ because the end is fast approaching. Decision time amigos. I know I'm not… Read more »

'Same old same old' – are you kidding ? We need more people singing about these 'end times', music is one of the most powerful tools we have as infinite beings, spread the love, dont cut people down that have the balls to try doing something to spread the word. Yeah they can kill us but as long as someone is there to take thier place they will never win. Human race get off your knees!

"Evil persists because the good choose to do nothing." Let's be thankful that there are more people who are brave enough to go against NWO and hope that the masses will become more aware.

Agree with everything you just said except that last part…..get ON your knees is much more appropriate.

And do what? Give head? I believe there are mulitple paths to god. I love God, and Buddah too!

I dont know about the Obama being cloned part. But other than that it was sssiiiickkk.

I know…I would like to see proof of the clone part, but the rest of it was spot on.


Get your spiritual house in order…

Well put! Hey if anyone is diggin this type of music, check out K-Rino an artist that raised the bar so high for rap that no one has or ever will have any other option than going under it! Seriously every track of his is absolutely amazing!

In terms of stopping this New World Order……it almost seems like its too late….they already have too much power and control too many minds…unless there's a mass awakening (Revolution)…. a NWO is inevitable.

BUT …A lot of people are resisting through Protests, buying Fluoride Filters., strictly eating non-GM Organic Food , investing in GOLD….boycotting companies involved in the system …some even believe in politics and are voting.

Theres a lot we can do for ourselves through staying aware & healthy (V.C's wrote a brilliant report on "Dumbing Down of Society") ….but 9 years after 9/11 …& living in something sicker than Orwell's '1984' …where everyone can tell you last nights scores and who got eliminated on 'Amazing Race' or who did what on 'Jersey Shore' yet no one can tell you how many buildings fell on 9/11 ….i can see how people are starting to loose hope.

Your comment scared the mess out of me. I read that book in high school; if we are living in worse situations than that…… LORD HAVE MERCY!!

Very cool stuff, man…and I don't even like rap much necessarily, but they did a good job with this one – and of course, the message is great.

They could work out their vocal phrasing/meter a little bit better ( lol ), but overall it's pretty solid, with some good melodic hooks and definitely catchy. I admire what they're doing.

Thanks, VC.

Wow…word to the sheeple


Wow! The straight up Truth! A little too hardcore for because of the cuss words, but this video is right on point! I was wondering when someone would have the gumption to make a song about this madness going on!

That's one way to get the message through to kids, this is their kinda music

So how do you know when you're REALLY free?

By giving your life to Jesus Christ. If He has made you free you shall be free indeed.

"If you wanna be free, below the ground's the only place to be" – Janelle Monae


So all this talk about jesus and what not, what about the hundreds of other religions? Are those people just doomed to burn in hell? Just because you think your right? Maybe they're right, they feel just as strongly as you do for your religion, and to point Christianity out specifically is stupid, I don't know why you all get upset about this whole mind control thing when your doing it to your selves already lol…you people make me laugh.

What you said is good enough for me to understand, the words may not be perfect in your opinion but you made an excellent point. and anyone who is a REAL Christian and a follower of Christ should also understand with no problem. By the way, love the name 😀

Maybe you're really free when you're aware of what's really going on in this world, and you know that you're against it or whatever… Actually I dont even think it's possible to be free on this planet.. As long as you don't let the media influence the way you think & live you'll be okay.

The only bad thing about this video is that I can't say I hate all rap music any longer. Excellent message. The cuss words could go but that may be the only thing that gets it into the head of those who like to rot their brains with typical rap music.

How do we know we are free? Jesus came to set the captives free. We can be free in Christ even if the wicked enslave and kill us. Jesus told us to take up his yoke, for it is light. When we reject his yoke, we become slaves with a heavy yoke. The wickedness that has become so prevalent in this nation is going to result in a very heavy yoke, very soon!

u found bizzle yet

i was just about to say that!! Jesus Christ = freedom

Jesus Christ = slavery

just sayin…religion and the church is just as bad as this illuminati/masonic/esoteric theory in terms of controlling the populace…

excellent post

Jesus came to set us free, not make slaves of us. Catch a wake up!!

I agree. Read Jesus words… Jesus came to free people from false prophets and false priest. He showed that the light of God was in all of us, and it was truth that became the reason why he was crucified. He never asked to be a LORD or to be have a religion named after him. All of the religious stuff happened after Jesus died to turn him into a singularity, where people will continue to believe that they were never be able to transcend their existence just like he did.

Religion has definately enslaved over and over again throughout history. Jesus has not, and those who have done so in His name will pay. Seek him yourself to find out, he will not let you down.

never seen someone put such intelligent words together, i just want you to know i APPRECIATE your understanding of the world.

BTW….Vinnie Paz is Muslim. So evel thought he "exposes the Illuminati", he is not "free" because he doesn't adhere to your Christian beliefs?