Eco-friendly Light Bulbs ContainToxic Chemicals


Did you hear somewhere that these new, eco-friendly, compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) were the best thing that ever happened in the world of light bulbs? That they can outlast 12 regular light bulbs? That they’ll make you save tens of thousands of dollars by switching to them? That those who did not switch to CFL did not care about the planet (and are therefore eco-terrorist)? Well, I hope you did not fall for this crap. Since 2007, numerous studies proved that CFLs  contained dangerous amounts of mercury which, as seen in the VC article entitled Dumbing Down Society Part 2: Mercury in Foods and Vaccines, caused brain neuron degeneration. In other words, it makes you dumber. When these bulbs break (which often happens when thrown in the garbage), the mercury contained within is released.

Other recent studies proved that another type of eco-friendly bulb, the LED’s (used in new generation Christmas lights) also contained high levels of toxic chemicals. Here’s an article from Natural News on the subject.

Though the notion now borders on political incorrectness among many environmentalists, the simple incandescent light bulb is still the cleanest, most non-toxic form of consumer lighting available. A new study published by the University of California – Irvine (UCI) has found that popular energy-saving LED light bulbs are filled with high levels of lead, arsenic, and various other toxic chemicals.

Much like hazardous compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), which numerous investigations have shown contain dangerously high levels of mercury that damage human health and pollute the environment, the LED bulbs used in things like Christmas lights, traffic signals, and vehicle headlights, may be just as bad.

Oladele Ogunseitan, professor of public health and social ecology at UCI and lead author of the new study, and his team, crushed a variety of different LED bulbs to expose their internal chemicals. They then simulated an acid-rain scenario to see how the chemicals in the bulbs would react, and what the resulting liquid would be composed of.

They found that high-intensity red LED bulbs contained the highest levels of arsenic, a toxic element that damages cells and leads to cardiovascular problems, among other things. And low-intensity red LED bulbs were found to have the highest levels of lead, a toxic heavy metal that damages bones, the heart, intestines, kidneys, and the reproductive and nervous systems. White bulbs had high level of nickel, another potentially damaging metal that can cause skin problems.

In a landfill situation, broken LED bulbs can contaminate ground water supplies, rivers, streams, and lakes. In individual homes, the breakage of such bulbs is similar to CFLs in that careful cleanup is necessary as the residue is highly toxic. And even when taking precautions, bulb fumes and their corresponding chemicals can get into carpet and other hard-to-clean places, exposing young children to untold levels of such toxins over long periods of time.

Employees at Nu-life Industries wear a hazmat suit when breaking CFL bulbs to protect them from mercury poisoning. January 20, 2011.

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A fantastic book by Jim Marrs 'Top Secret' talks about the 2 doctors who back in the 1960's discovered a simple cure for cancer by cleaning white cells…….. funny how they both died after their 3rd conference ….. another plane crash…. plane never found….???? It is all part of them killing us, they need us to get cancer so big Pharma can make money, then kill us off…….. they do not even hide it, as they know most of us are asleep, we have all our time taken from us with day to day worries about money….. Georgia Guide Stones …. they even advertise they plans on these carvings…. just think about how much money has been given to Cancer Research Uk….. for 30 years and still no cure… we need to wake people up!!! ….. all this stuff has sadly shown me their is real evil out their and this has lead me to God…. i always dismissed this as for the crazy people…. not anymore, my first time attending church tomorrow – i want to be with the good people – where their is evil – there is always good…

Sarah Connor
Sarah Connor

You are so awesome!!! And I am going to bed tonight with the biggest smile on my face for having read your post. Have an awesome Sunday lil one!!!! I think it will be a good one!



Thank you, church this morning was really good and filled me with happiness and a good feeling we are being protected by God…. i will keep on talking to him. God Bless