1. are you out of your mind people ? he is not the anti – christ ….. he is showing us : politicians do nothing , the $ bill ( the elite ) are controling the world , listen to the lyrics …

  2. Did no one else see the end? after the riot time reverses and they attack capital hill and run out the puppets instead of rioting, then throw restraints on big government. The video is saying that violence against the police does nothing. Instead we should run out the core problem, the politicians. Just bc the hero has a scary face doesnt mean its the anti-Christ.

  3. Im all for looking for the deeper meaning in things and Disturbed is one of my fave bands but David Draiman doesn't really have that much insight. He believes in global warming likes Obama didn't like Bush because he's a democrat and was against the war acourse I am too after I woke up the agenda of our government. He just doesn't have the awareness to see into the deeper picture that behind the scenes, I really think this one is as simple as it looks. "The Guy" the hooded reaper demon created off of Marvel's Venom is just supposed to be the resistance to the party system that was in at the time he made this song at which happened to be Bush. David's portrayal of Bush and Blair coming together and forging with other world leaders to a one world government type order is just how he was seeing Bush and his powers attitude at the time and behind that was the greed of money (fat man). Now that you see Obama is in office Disturbed puts out pseudo-scientific bull about global warming in their song "Another Way to Die"

  4. Reprise Records is an American record label, founded in 1960 by Frank Sinatra. It is owned by Warner Music Group, and operated through Warner Bros. Records.

  5. Another thing, his favourite cartoonist is the spawn cartoonist, so it follows that this mascot of theirs would draw on that influence.

  6. yo i used to listen to Disturbed, but this is my first time seeing the video to this song. I’ve have also seen another video similar to this one by Eminem titled “Mosh” which is a huge diss to former president Bush, but I’ve learned not to hate such people now that i know that they are just fall-men or puppets of people who sit on higher status planes (of this world). what i see in this video is basically what I’ve so much of already, at this point this stuff isn’t surprising.

  7. Hey there, uh, vigilantes? Newbie/Sheople/HipsterHippie. Anyway, I think this website is genius. All the information I read on here makes me think "hmm…" sometimes. You guys don't sound like sheople, and that's very hard to find here where I stay. I feel like an outsider, alienated, "crazy," for talking about vigilant citizen posts. Times are scary, and we should all be grateful for being thoughtful, powerful, yet vulnerable human beings. Why don't they just expose themselves already?

    • Well, its the band's mascot. They're a nu-metal band, so they need a mascot that appeals to those people. Its all edgy for marketing reasons.

      Overall, I think the message is clear. Disturbed's mascot (probably representing the idea that Disturbed wants to convey by covering the song) leads a revolution against those playing a real world game of Risk.

  8. I don’t believe that the band would promote the anti-christ in their music video. I think the masked man is supposed to represent truth. The Illuminati keep the population in confusion by repressing the truth, hence the beginning when the figure is in chains. After he breaks free and spreads the truth to the population, they “wake up” and realize whats going on.
    They start at the local level and rebel against the troops. Notice that the troops wear all different flags from around the world symbolizing the coming New World Order.
    The people then move on to the elected officials when they break in the doors of parliament or whatever you want to call it. As they move deeper they see that they still haven’t fixed the problem, because the bankers are the ones controlling everything, including the governments. So they take down the massive banker and the money goes everywhere.
    The video doesn’t really stress the money as being important, it is just used as way to identify the banks.

  9. I think it's important to get a sense of perspective on this all. Firstly the persona or the character you see, is one created by Todd Mcfarlane and although although I have never seen the explanation given for the creation, Disturbed do like to court controversy. So let us take this a step back, we see a character flying in from beyond earth. You immediately call Anti Christ? when in fact you fail to contemplate the notion of super hero. We see this character locked up and chained, the grin you see, could symbolise the inherent belief that the victory of the establishment is short lived and that their downfall is ultimately inevitable. When we see the character break out of the chains, it symbolizes that the people will not be held down.

    If anything this is the egotistical side of Disturbed, placing themselves as the leaders, the notion of 10,000 fists in the air. This character is heralded by the people because they have been empowered to stand up to their oppressors and again, this ties in with the notion of a superhero. This seems to be to similar to the fuss that some people made of inside the fire. The song was basically about an ex of his who committed suicide, the devil was tempting him to join her. So people immediately cried oh he is a devil worshipper! instead of appreciating that in religious circles it is believed that those who take their own life are damned.

    Interestingly to, you pick up on the lyrics of too many people, making too many problems. Well this is true, there are thousands and thousands of parasites feasting off us. The raining down of money to me is just typifying that this monopoly man (the rothschilds) has been hoarding over 40% of the entire global wealth and when the throne is taken from them, it is apparent that everyone can have great wealth. Furthermore, this song is a cover of a Phil Collins song and I don't recall him being called a devil worshipper before.

    I commend this site, but I also caution that sometimes we need to understand what it's showing, instead of immediately deciding that it's one thing only. Who knows, you might be right, maybe I am off the mark but it seems conclusions are being jumped to, when the more mundane explanation is also plausible.

  10. This is way past freaky. I mean its hard to truly comprehend that the world could really end up like this one day. On top of that no one knows exactly when! And to think that music and movies play such a big part in all of this. How could anybody volunteer to take part in this, seriously where's their conscience!? But the best thing to do is to trust in God and pray that he'll lead you in the right direction.

  11. Dave Draiman the lead singer of Disturbed is Jewish. He fired his old bassist who was a Muslim.Disturbeds new CD talks alot about the Holocaust which is sad because he is not talking about the Palestinian issue yet they always talk about Israel being the victims. Dave is a c**k sucking piece of s**t for selling his soul. His band is awesome though they have improved 100% since their first CD. The guitar solos explains their hard work.don't expect any truths coming out of his lyrics. All meaningless.

  12. All that video shows to me, is the ushering in of the Anti-christ, who will manifest himself to be the savior of the world from the evils of the world, but really bringing more in, and killing (trying to at least) the truth which is Christ Jesus and the true God

  13. Hello guys, this is my first post in vigilantcitizen.com and i want to share some thoughts not about the videio itself but about the lack of trust and excess of paranoia of all of us. I know we all must read between the lines and i also know that we must be smart and do the right questions in order to wake up , but i can feel that a lot of us (yeah, myself too) are a little bit to paranoid, we are pointing and searching for the enemy between our ranks you know? I'm a 23 years old guy , and also im a metalhead, i love heavy metal music , i listen to it since i was a teenager (14 years) that makes me a servant of the devil? o blind person? or even a evil one? guys i woke up 4 years ago , a lot in me changed that day but i still like heavy metal you know? i still wear my sleeveless denim jacket, i still wear my band shirts i also play in a band you know? but im not satanist , and a lot of guys in metal arent satanist, yeah there are some fools too , but my points is this : we must NOT! discriminate our fellow men, we are all in this, we are all against the NWO , if we start picking up on each other , becouse you are an atheist, or you are a metalhead ,or you are what ever you are, in the end we will be in our private little bunkers hating our own people! and if you ask me … that's very NWO. I want to share a lyric from a band i really like , i want you to read it , and think about what i just wrote


    You've come to take control

    You can take my heartbeat

    But you can't break my soul

    We all shall be free


    You'll never take control

    Your new world order

    Will lead to none at all

    We all stand before you as one

    Heaven is for everyone

    To be free from the dark

    • oh and by the way, sorry for the long post and sorry for my poor english, im Chilean by the way

      Greetings from the southest country of the world

      have a great new year with all the people you love

  14. sorry, but a fan of the genre and one time fan of disturbed, this band is about making money and promulgating the basic disempowering themes of wall st. a horrid remake that didnt need to nor should have been made exposing disturbed for what they are… w****s who will do anything their label tells them to so they can get on rupret murdoch owned, sercret service message broadcasting, corporate radio with lead ins from the most formulatic, cartoonish and transparently phony personalities in existence… DJs thus ensuring a steady stream of $$$ coming in for years to come. Unsure why this garbage was even posted on this website and if ya'll are looking for a badass Fk the nwo vid, check out Otep's Warhead on youtube.

  15. Notice how the dark man (antichrist) gets stronger and stronger throughout the video. This is nuts. But biblical. He will rise to power. He has to. Bible prophecy has NEVER been wrong. Read it. If you don’t believe. We are headed for a police state. And we are getting closer by the day.

  16. My sister-in-law showed me this sight a few weeks back and I have been reading quite a bit from it. The research is very well done and the information is important. I was inspired by The Vigilant Citizen to do a commentary of my own on Disturbed's video, Land of Confusion. Please check it out and leave some feedback. I now have The Vigilant Citizen in my Links at my blog and am glad to see the link has been used from my site. http://www.firstkings1415.net/?p=154

  17. Don't forget that Satan WAS an angel of heaven. He knows the bible, and he knows scripture. Could be the reason these "unholy" artists and people seem to reference holy word and events/people. The song is called the "Land of CONFUSION," after all. TPTB are extremely deceiving.

  18. you kno what i always wonder… i wonder why these "artist" (even if they have a christan background) have either bible verses, talk in old english, or use terms pointed towards the bible in their songs… no need to give reference or compare to King David, King Solomon, Moses, Abraham.. and whoever… to someone that is holy, or even talk abt what was holy, if ur not holy… it doesnt make sense to me… wud that be mocking?…i mean why do they go so far to even glorify "darkness"… being in darkness isnt fun..is it? but my point is that even if you have one bible verse, or say one "Godly" line in ur secular song doesnt make you NOT apart of it… there are two sides…pick one… becuz its VERY clear that these artist have…

  19. Giant monopoly man = Elites control banks.

    Black red eyes masked man = Satan possessed The AntiChrist

    Group of prime ministers attending meeting were puppets. Giant monopoly man orchestrate chaos. AntiChrist appears and brings order out of chaos. Then, US economy collapse, one world currency introduce, citizen of America respect and pledge allegiance to The AntiChrist. I wonder worshiping The AntiChrist is the mark of the beast?

  20. Wow…

    The black face guy is definitely the Anti-Christ.

    It is the same story line at the one in Denver international airport.

    I guess the Monopoly guy is the Elites, And he got surprised how the Anti-Christ wants power to rule for himself and let them go to hell and don't let them have all that transhumanism and Edin on Earth BS.

  21. I'm not so inclined to think that the masked man is in fact the Anti-Christ.

    Though this may be influenced by my liking of the band, I would sooner think the masked man represents very base human urges such as violence, hatred and so on, in the civilian masses. Notice how he breaks free after the armies wreak havoc on the world, the breaking point perhaps for the average persons tolerance?

    Also, his prison: The walls are bent and curved in unnatural ways, perhaps symbolic of the human psyche?

    I noticed that when he breaks free, the world leaders begin to lose their composure, giving each-other mistrusting and even hateful glances.

    What I found strange was that how the masked man hardly does anything. He stops the first punch and throws one of the military personnel in the midst of all the fighting. Otherwise he just stands there egging the people on, such as unleashing the people on the governments and pointing them towards their new foe "The big cheese" if you will.

    Then to finish it all off, he flies out of the stratosphere and blows the big guy up, yet moments later he is standing far away from the ensuing explosion reveling in the money ( source of hatred?) raining down on the world. Now I think it could indicate that the masked man is present everywhere.

    The fact that he flies out of the stratosphere seems to represent overcoming your previous limits. Such as when strong emotions can give you a sudden burst of strength you hadn't thought possible.

    Though I could be wrong on all counts, I think it is better not to try and attribute everything in the entertainment industry to Illuminati agendas, though I do concede that there are most definitely strange things going on in the music and film industries.

  22. as far as the man in the mask goes.. I THINK its satan, and the poor "elite" ( the big fat guy) think that they are safe becuz they are on his side, but in the end satan will jus "take them down" with him becuz satan cares for no one.. all he wants is to take all the souls he can get down to hell with him…

  23. it reminds me of a fallen angel(messenger) bound in chains until his time.biblical.He leads them and helps them just to let them trust him .the fat man is Illuminati those that are rich greedy fat cats.He tricks them and uses them to get the trust of humanity .makes him their savior and then it begins,he is the fake Christ.

  24. i think its paranoia going on here….yea the creepy guy is falling from the sky and all but really i think its just a story of a revolution that needs to happen against the real enemy….we shouldnt get so scared that we tur on our allies…ive been listening to disturbed since i was in jr high and i dont get the illuminati feel i get from alot of artists……if anything disturbed is anti establishment

  25. Antichrist, really? I became a fan of disturbed because of their anti-authoritative lyrics and good music. In fact, Disturbed has a lot of religious content in their songs, such as "Voices" where he screams out "Save me God" at the climax. If anyone has more proof about the symbolism in the video besides the Disturbed mascot falling from the sky it would be appreciated. But if that's the only thing you can come up with, I don't think you can call them out as being a part of the nwo media agenda.

  26. Man in mask is actually the Illuminati's "golden boy" – the Anti-Christ. Notice the video begins with him crashing into the Earth – a seed planted by the Illuminatit to be released at the proper time? To the people, he is a uniting force, but notice he has the same grin as the monocled man (who represents the true Illuminati, rather than their puppets) and like the military, he doesn't have human eyes, just colored glowing spots. When he "defeats" the monocled man, he releases a storm of money – one of the Anti-Christ's supposed goals will be to unite the people under a uniform monetary system – and ultimately, becomes just a new ruler, as the masses then look up to him. Also, the first time he puts his fist in the air, it's followed by a quick shot of the Statue of Liberty, which is actually a symbol of enslavement. By the end of the video, he has all the people celebrating their slavery.

  27. Notice how the masked figure appears instantly before the war and carnage begins, not after the war which would symbolize a hero coming to save the world from destruction. He reappears bound by chains. He maintains a sadistic smirk as people lose their lives showing that he has no compassion for humanity. He maintains that sadistic persona as he leads the rebels to the leaders of the world. You'll notice that the leaders of the world never become angry in the video until the masked man breaks free. (I wonder why he was bound in the first place, he doesn't seem to care for people; maybe the leaders of the world realized that)

    Soldiers/Military force: The soldiers look like members of the SS with gas masks on, acting out an event depicted in one of the Denver International Airport's Murals.

    The entire Air Force/Army bares a symbol that first reminded me of the swastika

    Which is a simple connection because they're committing genocide throughout almost the entire video.

    Leaders of the World: They obviously fear the masked man, since they become angry in the very next scene AFTER the masked man breaks free. And every scene afterwards until their demise they seem to be contemplating ways to defeat the masked man, becoming angrier as he gains power.

    The leaders of the world band together to exterminate the common folk( makes you think…)

    Giant monopoly guy: He's obviously running the entire thing, the video makes it appear like the symbol on the tanks, planes, and infantry is his own symbol. He must know the masked man as he was unperturbed when the masked man broke free, he was not afraid when the masked man led the people to his lair. The only time the monopoly guy was afraid was when the masked man started to oppose him. Until then he shared the same sadistic smirk as the masked man.

    This video seemed to have alot of interested aspects and hidden messages(to the every day ppl like us) but one thing stands out to me more than anything else.

    The chorus of the song says

    "There's too many men, too many people

    Making too many problems"

    The whole video is about genocide and yet a large group of untrained citizens wielding metal poles and bricks managed to overwhelm a trained and organized military force.

    Continually the media bombards us the idea that if we "fight back" everything will turn out fine. But throughout history it has been shown time and time again that when people act out in violence and blind rage the worst will always happen. Just the opposite of when people educate themselves and contrive a proper solution.

    So at the end of the video it leads me to think to myself.

    I am being lead to go out into the streets with guns as my answer, or being lead to have false hope in something that will never happen.

    • *thumbs up* to add to it..the video kinda reminds me of how The French Revolution played out. It started out as a noble cause lead by the people and then became a disgusting clusterf*ck where BOTH sides were totally wrong and immoral.

      I worry about how the global revolutions will play out in the next decade(s). If youtube comments are indicative of…anything….then Im scared. I see some people urging people to seek God while people respond to them by telling them to STFU. I see other people saying "fck the illuminati" and pledging to kill "every last one of em." People like Alex Jones are urging people to start hoarding guns and bullets. I don't know, man. A lot of us believe the illuminati exists and we are starting to "wake up" but our responses are so divided……God help us all….

  28. right now, north korea is threatening south korea with nuclear war.

    they aren't doing anything to back that, as of now.

    my friend once told me that there will be a war that will kill 1/3 of the population on earth.

    then there will be an era of oppression– perhaps thats when the 'mark of the beast' plays its part, et cetera (others have told this story many a time on other posts)

    In the beginning of this mv, it shows leaders of some important nations fighting. and a fat man laughing at them.

    fat man==illuminati?

    nuclear war ensues, fat man is still laughing

    Im not sure what the guy in the mask is, probably as what others said, anti-christ

    he's making chaos, leading troops to bomb places and then leading a citizen revolt and having them be crushed by the troops.

    The end is kind of confusing, because the man in the mask leads the people against the governments

    then against the fat man

    but I thought he was… kind of a bad guy?

    I would like input 🙂

    • North Korea threatening South? What are you dumb? Are you a govt agent? It's USA and S.Korea holding war games and shooting towards North. What part of that don't you understand?dumb f*****g Cunt.go jump off a bridge and END ur sorry life.

      • Is this not abusive hatespeech?

        You are part of the problem. North Korea is a corrupt, rogue state which oppresses it's people.

        They are out of the game in many ways.

        Keep on hating, because you will never learn. Before you rant "commandingly", understand your "argument", you clearly do not have one, so you abuse someone who was seeking input, and wanting to increase their understanding.

        Bring nothing but hate, you will be left with your fate.

  29. Ayn Rands 'Atlas Shrugged' is suppose to be a secret illuminati code book. This part takes place towards the end of the book when the world has gone to pot and the elites are hding out in the mountains of Colarado in all the glory. In this book they really are invisioned as the Gods among men.

    Here is an exert given in a lecture by John Todd, a former illuminti member. "John Galt, which is really Philip Rothschild, lifting his hand up in the air and drawing the symbol of his organization, never says Illuminati in the book, in the air and he says, "We shall follow this symbol back." (meaning when what ramains of civilization is gone-detroyed and they go back to build it their image) The symbol that he draws is the dollar sign. Now the $ sign is only used in America, by the way. Nowhere else to represent money. It's almost 8,000 years old or probably older, goes back in time to the pyramids and it means to scourge or to punish and through punishment to purify and make right. That's what it means. Funny that that's what we symbolized our money."

    • If you had read the book you would understand that your statement although insightful, is in my opinion incorrect.

      The "elite" wasn't John Galt nor Dagny Taggart, it was the other assholes trying to leech off each other that had the power in the world, they escaped to the valley because the world was destroying itself by trying to blame others instead of taking personal responsibility for the mess, and those in charge were just as bad. The great thinkers, artists, builders, and anyone else that did not feel like taking place in the mindless mob was eventually invited by Galt to "go on strike" that way they could not be made to use their abilities for the evil empire that Dagny's brother was trying to build with the other tycoons, a world where you dont think for yourself and it would be considered a crime to oppose the powers that be.

      • just realized that this is part of the excerpt from the book…in which case, I'm talking to the character who said that. lol.

  30. Believe or not the hole world is turning into a place state. It's mad confusion, in the movies, tv and in our everyday life. No place to run no place to hide, its a spiritually war we can't win,we have to get back to pray and allowing God to govern our life not the rapper, star, and lastly not our government.

  31. First of all this is a remake of a genesis/Phil collins song(I always confuse the two). Secondly, it's just pointing out how messed up the world is. I don't see any secret meanings or hidden agenda. The band probably just thought it looked cool. At their live shows he comes out in a straight jacket. He's just a strange dude.

    • I agree. I just think Vigilant citizen put this up because the video shows a lot of the stuff thats talked about on the site. World Government, greedy corporations, etc.

  32. i love how the military/fat cat symbol looks like the dollar symbol, but when they first showed it tilted to the side it looks like the slit pupil from a reptilian eye…..the color green just makes it all the more clearer. 🙂

  33. Disturbed rocks! ..but when i listen to their songs, more so Im listening to the music and working out. I dont get the impulse to become evil or worship satan.

  34. The dude in the black mask I believe to be the anti-Christ. Every thing is CLEAR and explains the end of times. The anti-Christ will rise as if he is one for the people–to later be worshiped. There is nothing about 'good vs evil' in the video. It's all bad… And disturbing.

    • Yes , I agree with u , it also looks like that wars, killing innocent people and corruption made him stronger, so he can release him self from prison

    • Yeah, what if we are once again tricked with this illuminati stuff? Internet is here now to "expose" the illuminati, so that people all over the world starts to fight their leaders and when everything is ripped apart, some charismatic deceiver rises to power first offering a chance and a new future, and the enslaving us all once again in the long run…

      • its hard to know what's "right" and what's "wrong" being that right and wrong are so much in bed with each other these days. It gets really confusing…..no pun.

    • I couldn't agree more…..although the idea that the masked man is falling from the sky in the beginning reminds me of the "bringer of the light"….Satan…but i think the Antichrist idea is more powerful,

    • You know, that black masked guy who is "on the side of the people" reminds a lot like those "Black Bloc" anarchists in the Toronto G20 riots where they set the police car on fire and broke windows etc. There is strong suspects that the Black Bloc members were actually cops provoking a fight so that the riot police could use force against the peaceful demonstrators.

      So this black masked guy is a same kind of provocateur who's agenda is to encourage us, the common people, to fight against the system so that cops and military would have legit reasons to shoot us dead.

      I really have this feeling that this is why we have internet to "expose the illuminati" so that we would be outraged and easily be wiped out in riots and put to those FEMA gas chambers. So those of you who are ready to take action in the streets, think about this: What good does it do if you break up bunch of glass and police vehicles? Does the world really chance by throwing molotov cocktails? Do you really think that rich people who have the biggest guns let some rock throwing protestors to take over the whole world just like that?

    • Actually, he isn’t the anti-Christ. Not to be rude… but dark colours being evil is what’s used to brainwash people. The video is pretty much about how help–real help–can, too, come from the least likely of places. And that you can’t always judges one based on their appearance. That, and we need to take control. For too long people ave been following without thinking, which needs to stop. It’s part of the sheople mentality.

    • They are talking about the illuminati so is another way to die.And he isn't ant-christ he talks about god to,in one of his songs (voices) he sings save me god.And the dude in the black mask is propely how he sees himself,a bad ass who stands against the goverment.They wernt worshiping him :p


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