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85 Comments on "Disturbed – Land of Confusion (video)"

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I don’t believe that the band would promote the anti-christ in their music video. I think the masked man is supposed to represent truth. The Illuminati keep the population in confusion by repressing the truth, hence the beginning when the figure is in chains. After he breaks free and spreads the truth to the population, they “wake up” and realize whats going on. They start at the local level and rebel against the troops. Notice that the troops wear all different flags from around the world symbolizing the coming New World Order. The people then move on to the elected officials when they break in the doors of parliament or whatever you want to call it. As they move deeper they see that they still haven’t fixed the problem, because the bankers are the ones controlling everything, including the governments. So they take down the massive banker and the money… Read more »
I think it's important to get a sense of perspective on this all. Firstly the persona or the character you see, is one created by Todd Mcfarlane and although although I have never seen the explanation given for the creation, Disturbed do like to court controversy. So let us take this a step back, we see a character flying in from beyond earth. You immediately call Anti Christ? when in fact you fail to contemplate the notion of super hero. We see this character locked up and chained, the grin you see, could symbolise the inherent belief that the victory of the establishment is short lived and that their downfall is ultimately inevitable. When we see the character break out of the chains, it symbolizes that the people will not be held down. If anything this is the egotistical side of Disturbed, placing themselves as the leaders, the notion of… Read more »

il montre surtout qu'ils sont contre l'odre mondiale (uliminati….)

are you out of your mind people ? he is not the anti – christ ….. he is showing us : politicians do nothing , the $ bill ( the elite ) are controling the world , listen to the lyrics …

Did no one else see the end? after the riot time reverses and they attack capital hill and run out the puppets instead of rioting, then throw restraints on big government. The video is saying that violence against the police does nothing. Instead we should run out the core problem, the politicians. Just bc the hero has a scary face doesnt mean its the anti-Christ.

the "soldiers" in gas masks look exactly like the painting in the Denver Airport

Im all for looking for the deeper meaning in things and Disturbed is one of my fave bands but David Draiman doesn't really have that much insight. He believes in global warming likes Obama didn't like Bush because he's a democrat and was against the war acourse I am too after I woke up the agenda of our government. He just doesn't have the awareness to see into the deeper picture that behind the scenes, I really think this one is as simple as it looks. "The Guy" the hooded reaper demon created off of Marvel's Venom is just supposed to be the resistance to the party system that was in at the time he made this song at which happened to be Bush. David's portrayal of Bush and Blair coming together and forging with other world leaders to a one world government type order is just how he was… Read more »

Reprise Records is an American record label, founded in 1960 by Frank Sinatra. It is owned by Warner Music Group, and operated through Warner Bros. Records.

If you like this song, you should check out Apologetix's parody of it, "Land Of Delusion".

Another thing, his favourite cartoonist is the spawn cartoonist, so it follows that this mascot of theirs would draw on that influence.

yo i used to listen to Disturbed, but this is my first time seeing the video to this song. I’ve have also seen another video similar to this one by Eminem titled “Mosh” which is a huge diss to former president Bush, but I’ve learned not to hate such people now that i know that they are just fall-men or puppets of people who sit on higher status planes (of this world). what i see in this video is basically what I’ve so much of already, at this point this stuff isn’t surprising.

Hey there, uh, vigilantes? Newbie/Sheople/HipsterHippie. Anyway, I think this website is genius. All the information I read on here makes me think "hmm…" sometimes. You guys don't sound like sheople, and that's very hard to find here where I stay. I feel like an outsider, alienated, "crazy," for talking about vigilant citizen posts. Times are scary, and we should all be grateful for being thoughtful, powerful, yet vulnerable human beings. Why don't they just expose themselves already?

this reminded me of the French Revolution…ish

Good video but why are the people being led by what appears to be a demon? Maybe that one went over my head a bit.

Well, its the band's mascot. They're a nu-metal band, so they need a mascot that appeals to those people. Its all edgy for marketing reasons.

Overall, I think the message is clear. Disturbed's mascot (probably representing the idea that Disturbed wants to convey by covering the song) leads a revolution against those playing a real world game of Risk.

This is the only comment out of the whole post that I liked. Everyone else need to calm the f down.

This is way past freaky. I mean its hard to truly comprehend that the world could really end up like this one day. On top of that no one knows exactly when! And to think that music and movies play such a big part in all of this. How could anybody volunteer to take part in this, seriously where's their conscience!? But the best thing to do is to trust in God and pray that he'll lead you in the right direction.


AntiChrist earring…

Dave Draiman the lead singer of Disturbed is Jewish. He fired his old bassist who was a Muslim.Disturbeds new CD talks alot about the Holocaust which is sad because he is not talking about the Palestinian issue yet they always talk about Israel being the victims. Dave is a c**k sucking piece of s**t for selling his soul. His band is awesome though they have improved 100% since their first CD. The guitar solos explains their hard work.don't expect any truths coming out of his lyrics. All meaningless.

Hello guys, this is my first post in and i want to share some thoughts not about the videio itself but about the lack of trust and excess of paranoia of all of us. I know we all must read between the lines and i also know that we must be smart and do the right questions in order to wake up , but i can feel that a lot of us (yeah, myself too) are a little bit to paranoid, we are pointing and searching for the enemy between our ranks you know? I'm a 23 years old guy , and also im a metalhead, i love heavy metal music , i listen to it since i was a teenager (14 years) that makes me a servant of the devil? o blind person? or even a evil one? guys i woke up 4 years ago , a lot… Read more »

oh and by the way, sorry for the long post and sorry for my poor english, im Chilean by the way

Greetings from the southest country of the world

have a great new year with all the people you love

sorry, but a fan of the genre and one time fan of disturbed, this band is about making money and promulgating the basic disempowering themes of wall st. a horrid remake that didnt need to nor should have been made exposing disturbed for what they are… w****s who will do anything their label tells them to so they can get on rupret murdoch owned, sercret service message broadcasting, corporate radio with lead ins from the most formulatic, cartoonish and transparently phony personalities in existence… DJs thus ensuring a steady stream of $$$ coming in for years to come. Unsure why this garbage was even posted on this website and if ya'll are looking for a badass Fk the nwo vid, check out Otep's Warhead on youtube.

Notice how the dark man (antichrist) gets stronger and stronger throughout the video. This is nuts. But biblical. He will rise to power. He has to. Bible prophecy has NEVER been wrong. Read it. If you don’t believe. We are headed for a police state. And we are getting closer by the day.

this song rocks and so does disturbed….it’s ANTI establishment and anti authority…i think it’s empowering and badass

My sister-in-law showed me this sight a few weeks back and I have been reading quite a bit from it. The research is very well done and the information is important. I was inspired by The Vigilant Citizen to do a commentary of my own on Disturbed's video, Land of Confusion. Please check it out and leave some feedback. I now have The Vigilant Citizen in my Links at my blog and am glad to see the link has been used from my site.

I'm wondering how this is on VEVO (Sony).


Don't forget that Satan WAS an angel of heaven. He knows the bible, and he knows scripture. Could be the reason these "unholy" artists and people seem to reference holy word and events/people. The song is called the "Land of CONFUSION," after all. TPTB are extremely deceiving.