Disney’s “Shutterbug Time” Video Indoctrinates Children to Embrace Government Spying


Special Agent Oso is an animated series that airs on Disney Junior, a television network geared towards children from 3 to 10 years old. The series features a big yellow spy bear and his spy friends who help “educate” children about various things in a James Bond-like setting. While Special Agent Oso is said to teach children about exercise, nutrition and so forth, there are other, more insidious things being taught in this TV show.

Indeed, a music video entitled “Shutterbug Time” presents Shutterbug, a ladybug-shaped robotic camera “who keeps an eye out for children who need help”. The resulting video is pure creepy, as it depicts Shutterbug entering children’s rooms, taking pictures of them and sending back that data to a satellite in space. Here’s the video.


The lyrics of the song are quite disturbing, especially when read without the hypnotic music in the background.

She’s on the lookout, camera’s ready have no doubt
When there’s a problem, she’s right there, no need to shout
She’s always in flight, on the case both day and night
Sending the picture right up to the satellite

In short, this video is a clear case of children indoctrination which attempts to normalize high tech surveillance and government data collection to young minds. Notice that, when Shutterbug sends out a picture, Special Agent Oso sees, from his high-tech facility, exactly where it originates from. Another mind numbing product courtesy of the Disney Corporation.

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Yeah, I thought that was creepy as hell myself. My kid loves the stupid show (he just got over Curious George and now is on an Oso trip, I preferred the monkey, it wasn’t a perfect show, but at least it didn’t have spy drones sneaking around spying on kids) The first time I saw that evil little drone I was like, Wtf!? Really? So I finally googled to see if others thought it was creepy as well. What the hell are they programming our kids for? It reminds me of when I was in elementary school in the 80’s in Los Angeles and we had a “freeze bell” that would ring after recess and lunch were over and we literally had to freeze in place on the playground on whatever act we were in the middle of. Like if you were running, you had to stop in place like… Read more »

I knew there was a reason I couldn't stand the show, other than how dumb Oso is in the show.