David Banner & 9th Wonder Talk Illuminati and my Comments Regarding Illuminati in Hip-Hop


A reader sent me this interview with rapper David Banner and producer 9th Wonder regarding the Illuminati and asked for my comments. I thought it would be interesting to share my views with everyone, hoping it will clarify some misconceptions. Here’s the interview.

David Banner & 9th Wonder: Talk Illuminati

The presumed relationship between Hip-Hop and the shadowy secret society known as the Illuminati is one that never ceases to illicit a conversation from the rational and the conspiracy theorist alike. AllHipHop.com got the views and opinions of David Banner and 9th Wonder, both of which have worked with acts allegedly affiliated with the Illuminati. Read the conversation, for it also acts as a challenge to those that make such claim on African American artist.

I wanted to ask you a question, switch into a little bit of different question.  I was going back on Twitter a little bit a go, and we were asking about The Illuminati  and some of us were asking if that was an extension of Willie Lynch, a plant for Black people to tear each other down.  The latest I heard from the theorists is that Willow Smith is in the Illuminati  now… I’m like “Ok…wow…”

9th Wonder: Listen man, listen man, listen man…

David Banner: Can I… Can I answer this one man, and then I will let 9th answer this one. As far as Black folks and the f**kin’ Illuminati … that’s some bulls**t.  The Illuminati has always existed and now since it’s become trendy, because people started talking about it with Jay-Z, they want to talk about Black folks in the Illuminati .  Black folks who are in the Illuminati don’t have no mutha f**kin’ power.  Black folks truly in the Illuminati are in the ground stages and they are gatekeepers.  They don’t know anything.  You want to talk about people in the Illuminati talk about white folks!  The truth is, most Black people that talk s**t are scared of white folks in power.  You want to talk about Illuminati, and you don’t talk about white folks! You are a f**kin’ coward.

9th Wonder: Real talk…

David Banner:
I’m sick of that s**t, tell all these Internet ass n***as talkin’ bout the Illuminati to talk about white folks with power! But if they know it they talk about white folks with power they electricity will go off. n***as on the Internet are f**king cowards! If you gonna talk about the Illuminati, don’t break down black men, break down the mutha f**kas that started that s**t… That enslaved your mother and your father and your grandmother.  I’m so sick of n***as and all that bulls**t talk.

9th Wonder: Haha he ain’t lying…

David Banner: I’m so sick of n***as and all that bulls**t talk.  You gonna talk about the Illuminati, research the Illuminati and you show me one f**king president that wasn’t a part of it.  But you won’t talk about them!  n***as is cowards!  I don’t wanna hear that s**t.  Keep yo’ mutha f**kin’ DVD n***a. That’s the whole David Banner…

AllHipHop.com: (laughs)

David Banner:
I’m sorry 9th Wonder.  (laughs)

9th Wonder: It’s all good man. You beat me to it man.  Just like you said with Willie Lynch, it’s just a way to make people, they will do anything to turn Black people against each other.  They’ll really do anything man.  They will really do anything. They make Jay and Beyonce, this that and the third, to make them look like they are in the Illuminati. Half of the people at home, sitting there looking at the internet and at the DVD’s don’t even know what Illuminati really is.  They have no idea man.  If you really want to research what is going on, its all on the internet. You can really research whats going on, but don’t talk about Jay-Z and Beyonce, blah, blah, blah, this and that, lets talk about all the drugs getting pumped into our country, we don’t own no boats, who you think is running that?

Trust me this country is full of problems and all these world problems have less to do with a Black person and more to do with someone else.  But they don’t want to talk about that because their power will go off.  So cats is still just on that Jay-Z Illuminati instead of looking at the real problem.  They think Jay-Z is the problem and then go to work the next day and don’t look at their boss man. But that’s crazy man.  Like I don’t understand it.  They need to find something else to talk about, I get that question a lot because I worked with Jay on the Black Album.  So a lot of cats ask me that.  Come on man, I know y’all got more stuff to worry about than asking me that dumb stuff.

David Banner:
And 9th… if he is… He ain’t calling no shots.  Like if we really…

9th Wonder: Right…

David Banner: If we really gonna talk about it. I’m cutting the head off. I ain’t dealing with no minions brother.

AllHipHop.com: Right, right, right…

David Banner:
And…. Well… No I ain’t event going to get into that.  Then Black folks will sure enough get mad.

AllHipHop.com: What?

David Banner: Nah man I think I’m gonna keep this one to myself.  I’m learning more and more everyday that everything ain’t for everybody. But n***a’s sit around and talk that s**t, and sit around among a group of ourselves in secret societies every motha f**kin’ day.

The thing with Death of a Pop Star, it’s about the truth, its about the soul, about not cutting corners, it’s about our kids.  I’m not running away from that man.  I saw a DVD about Mary Mary.  They were trying to say Mary was in the Illuminati, I know them girls.  That’s some bulls**t.  Them girls don’t praise nothing but God. Man that made me so mad man.  When real stuff happens like oil or Katrina, I don’t see them same people fighting and standing up for that. When a little girl gets molested in the hood, or in Oakland when that boy got shot by the cops, I don’t see them folks standing up.

Source: Allhiphop.com

Here are my comments regarding this interview and the “hip-hop in Illuminati” trend.

  1. It is clear that artists (including Willow Smith) are not PART of the Illuminati – a term describing the occult world elite.  They are pawns of it. They have absolutely no say on world policies and other issues. The music industry is simply one of the tools used by the elite to educate, shape, and mold the masses. Artists with great charisma and influence are used by the Illuminati to propagate its agenda and to sell its ideas. To believe that hip-hop artists are actually part of the Illuminati reflects a total lack of understanding of the nature of the world’s elite. Furthermore, I believe some media sources spin “Illuminati stories” this way to spread disinformation and to make the entire thing seem utterly ridiculous.
  2. I believe the debate about races has expired years ago. It is not about Blacks versus Whites anymore. It is about the elite versus the masses. The more we advance towards a New World Order, the more people of all colors will be treated equally: as a “bewildered herd”.
  3. I agree that gossipping about the personal lives of artists lead absolutely nowhere. It is, in fact, misleading and useless. To grasp the true nature of the Illuminati, one must understand its origins, its evolution, its infiltration of Secret Societies, and  its plans for the future. This goes WAY beyond the hip-hop and R&B. As they say, we should go to the “head of the problem”, not its minions. Music videos are used to reach young people where they are the most receptive. Let’s say you have a message you need to be heard and understood by the world’s youth. What would be more effective? To publish a convincing yet word-intensive book or to have today’s hottest artist making it cool and fashionable on MTV, BET and Youtube?  Once this is understood, it becomes easy to recognize the selling of the elite’s Agenda in popular culture. This is also why I focus on popular culture…it is the best way to reach young people. But, of course, readers of the Vigilant Citizen already knew that.

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The reason he treated the whole idea the way he did is because he himself is a puppet as well. He's not going to speak out against his puppet masters. That will stop his checks from coming in but he knows the entertainment industry is controlled and has always been.

i wouldn't place too much hope and faith in anything david banner says, from what i've read he is also in the dark about what the illuminati truly is and who they are. he gives the impression that the black members of the illuminati are not calling the shots and have no power. sorry mr banner, your ignorance betrays you once again THERE ARE NO BLACK ILLUMINATI MEMBERS. now as far as this black boule thing is concerened, I have no idea, but once again THE ILLUMINATI IS A RESTRICTED CLUB! the reason i think david banner is an idiot was something he said in regards to when rihanna was supposedly beat down by chris brown, he said "we don't know what rihanna did" oh really mr banner so your saying that a man is jutified in putting his hands on a woman as long as he was provoked? and… Read more »

Its not white people its the Jewish people how does no one see this aspect of the control Freemasonry Illuminati ext wake up an read Jewish mafia WAKE UP

WILLING puppets.

I'm an ex gang member, ex con and I know from what I read that these ppl in the music industry are only objects that the Illuminati use to convey their messages through symbols as well as subliminal messages. I know that it is the shadow government that's really in power here and around the world, not a musician,hiphop,rapper that's anywhere close to ruling the world,as the word says it very clearly… This world is ruled by satan or else he would not have had the power to offer Yeshuah the world if HE would bow down and worship him…So Jay-z his wife and anyone that is seen as representing the illuminati are only faces seen, the true power is hidden behind the scenes…

We know that, but why are they selling themselves out to the devil though? Yes money and fame, but is it worth it? You are targeting children and trying to change them to follow the masses down this dark path? Why can’t these black people who are at the bottom of the totem pole see this? If they all would stand up against, then these white leaders will have no sheep they can control to portray their messages and to get their word out and will have no one to make it look cool. We are all well aware of the government’s role in all of this. It goes back, I believe, to the Georgia guidestones. Eventually they’ll have us so brainwashed we will all willingly jump off cliffs at the snap of their fingers. Why do people say the leaders are all Jewish? Why would the Jewish people be… Read more »

Look, yall are getting all mad at David Banner because of his black/white statements and you're missing the point that he's trying to make; that people like Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, etc. are mere pawns in a game and the power that they have pales in comparison to the ruling elite. Some of these people probably don't even realize that they're pawns, especially when they're very well paid for the jobs that they do. And he IS right. The rulers of this world are white people. That doesn't mean that all white people are evil, but he was pointing out the fact that some people only focus on Hip-hop artist (whom the majority of are black in the US) when playing the Illuminati blame game, yet ignoring those at the top of the pyramid (who just happen to be white).

David Banner is a buffoon. The illuminati is a catch all phrase for the worlds elite. Jayz is a billionaire he is a part of the worlds elite. As far as bloodlines are concerned you dont know what blood may be coursing through his veins, American blacks are all multi racial. No one member of the illuminati can be blamed or targeted because their power is diversified. That is by design. There are college fraternities, masonic lodges (some accept women some dont), political coalitions etc that make up the "illuminati". Artist and figure heads are bottom rung pawn but pawns are on the board nevertheless. Pawns obviously can become multi millionaires nowadays. Banner and artist like him do nothing but speak death, destruction and hate into the black community. He and his greedy cohorts are the ones that are bringing other blacks down. They have help create a culture of… Read more »
Ok…sooo I have to weigh in ..1st I do have to thank VC for the info, regardless of whether I agree with the thoughts posted, I appreciate a forum where I can peruse the thoughts of those in the know, and be reminded that Im not the only one out here… So I have to call you out though VC, why the ad for Beyonce'? It seems a bit disingenuous to blog about the illuminati puppets manipulating the minds of the masses while advertising the DVD of 1 of the main culprits …Im just sayin' …. Re: DB and his nonsensical rantings, I would agree that as much as we'd like to be distracted from the fact that race influences the agenda of the Illum, its most certainly a huge factor in their methodology.. I will also agree that when I see Jay-Z, or any other musician, entertainer, or so-called… Read more »

As soon as I started seeing “white people” this and “white people” that..I stopped reading. Clearly these elites have trained these two muppets VERY well…

i think everyone needs to wake up. daivd banner and 9th wounder they have good music i give them that. but everyone on this page knows what there talking about. just like yall hip hop star / rappers know to. this isnt about the words in your songs are how you think this this this isn't true. A couple of people on this page made a good point if you can get on youtube and blast that we don't know what were talking about do you. do you? Wait yeah you do if you can put it that its not (black people it's white) Now banner you know just as good then any off us when you got yo first recorded deal did you look at the words or the numbers. I'm think you look at both and thought you could do yo own thing. Get that racism s**t on… Read more »
I agree w/both sides of the discussion. These people aren't the true front of the whole Illuminati movement & we shouldn't be just looking @ people w/in the entertainment industry like this the only problem. With the elite having their hand in many aspects of the world, we wouldn't be doing justice by just exposing rappers/producers because policitians, world bankers, & even multi-billion dollar companies that some of you probably even invest in that are brainwashing/reprogramming us just the same. In the same token, it doesn't excuse what they do either so if you see the symbols know someone far more powerful & dangerous is in the shadows because the true head of this beast won't be exposed until the most inopportune moment. The best thing we can do is raise as much awareness as possible & encourage the redirecting of power in the hip-hop industry BACK to the people… Read more »
First off, im glad that we are getting responses on people from the Entertainment world, answering questions about the illumanti and all. You must understand though that every mason is sworn to secrecy. if a person in the illumanti wanted to know if they are in it together. they would ask "r you my brother.?" what celebrity that you know of has admitted to being apart of it? NONE. what president do you know of has admitted to that? NONE. maybe its not each indivdual person that is in the illumanti but they are indeed being used by it and i doubt they are that ignorant to where they arent aware that they are. if we being apart of the bourgeioise can go on the internet and research and find the orgins and symbols that are masonic in origin i know that they can do the same. the probelm is… Read more »

David Banner got some nerve.

Exhibit A: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKGQ5cIw_ew

Yup a song with fart sounds in it…..stay classy david.

wow these David Banner and 9th Wonder totally missed the point…they just don't.get.it.

With all that being said Jay, Beyonce and others have HEARD about this stuff and still allow the same folks to orchestrate their careers which supports and assists with the pushing of the agenda. That's my point. Don't support it, flee from it if you don't long to be a part of it. Seperate yourself, don't be a part of the problem, don't be a part of deceiving the masses. If you know the black and white checkered floor is masonic and ritualistic don't use the black and white floor in your video or on stage, dont speak lyrics about "running this town tonight' dont' say things like "life begins where the church ends" and "jesus can't save you". Don't say and do things that are satanic and say you're not in agreement with it. It's like stars are scared of jay-z so obviously though he may not be necessarily… Read more »

First it was B.o.B., then JayZ, then there was David Banner. Now it is Rihanna and Jennifer Hudson all saying the same thing around the same time. How they have nothing to do with anything and everyone who ever questioned them are crazy. People have been making these claims against these artist for years now but now they all address it at the same time when they stood mute for years. What a coincidence.

It's funny that Vigilant’s attempts at informing the masses has been misconstrued into disinformation by the very people that he is attempting to wake up. These artists are able to point and laugh at this “truth movement” because of well-intentioned but misinformed VC fans going around telling everybody and their momma “Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Lady GaGa are in the Illuminati!” Anyone who has studied mystery religions, occult knowledge, and the Illuminati KNOW that these artists are NOT active members of this organization. Pawns, yes. Satanists, probably. But members of the Bavarian Illuminati, absolutely not. I would encourage each and every one of you VC fans to actually read the literature in VC’s knowledge files, go to the library and read an actual book, do some investigation of your own that expounds upon an article that VC wrote about symbolism found in pop music videos. And once you have really EDUCATED… Read more »
i gained nothing from the original interview..that was just a bunch of BS, i felt like they were only part of what they call 'trendy'. glad you clarified it, because i'm 100% sick of people saying "so and so is 'part of' the illuminati" i'm not genius on the whole matter of illuminati and whatnot, I don't blog or talk about it among my friends who would quickly call me crazy, I simply just read stuff like yours, but I am a logical person and i want to understand something if i'm going to read of it. and the first thing you know when learning of said 'illuminati' is it doesn't just work 'like that', for example where willow smith has some checkerboard floor and she's suddenley "part of a horrible scheme that shes perpatrating(spllng i know) omggg!11" know- she has no idea why something is in her video, and… Read more »

To be honest it sounds like hes refering to G.craige lewis and his truth about hip hop dvds. The Man of God is Raw and hes always ruffling feathers. He keeps refering to dvds so im just saying… Check EXmiinistries.com

just look at these pictures and see for yourself both these guys ain't talking cuz they aint trying to mess up their bread http://profile.ak.fbcdn.net/hprofile-ak-snc4/1879http://hiphopwired.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/rhapsody.jpg and http://www.rapswag.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10

Stop buying there music, shirts, or anything else they try and sell you. Stop watching any Viacom music channels. Its not that difficult people. If you want to put a stop to this ish, dont give them a cent…..da losing…. Tell others to wake the hell up and follow the lead….Vengence belongeth to me saith the LORD…Try and stay out of the way…..That is all……

For all who think we can rise up and stop the control placed upon us, it simply cannot happen. The power to divide and conquer is far more efficient than the idea of unite and resist. All citizens have their own opinions, ideas, religion, interests, and belief systems. We have been taught since childhood to be an individual, to not be turned away from what we believe in just because someone else doesn't agree. We haven't been conditioned to agree and unite as a people. Even churchgoers judge other churchgoers' clothes, comments, and actions. Our freedom to assemble is even a myth, just look at what happened in Wisconsin. Any rights that we have can be yanked from us if we fail to follow along. Some people will say that we CAN unite and stop being controlled, but I say we can't, which is another example of just how a… Read more »

If you are affiliated than you are apart of it in my opinion…one may not have complete say and power but if they participate they are as guilty as the puppetmasters as they allow themselves to be controlled for currency and material items…I do agree that there is a bigger global scheme (war, drugs, negativity, sports, entertainment) that many are not paying attention to as they have already been programed…the fact of the matter is that these "pawns" (music artists) perpetuate these distractions of materialism and if they could paint a better picture "there power (over their fans) would be turned off" and if the power cannot be turned off, then the person is destroyed (killed)……

Every dog has his day. bite the hand that feeds.

They sound just as ignorant as they seem to think the bloggers they are attacking are. RME. Before you try to school me as to what is and what isn't Illuminati, learn to speak like a grown up and use your inside voice. #thatisall.

honestly there's nothing new done under the sun….why put so much energy in dwelling on the soul sacrificice of others, humans= aren't we all, no one knows what the next is going through or been through, why not just pray for those whom seem to be indequate, if your mind and heart is in the right place, i do not understand of how so many put energy into the devil's work , the bible is your life insurance…..research about the word….GOD ALMIGHT HAS THE PERFECT PLAN /MY FAITH IS IN HIM/

my heart love all/do not neccesarily have to know you to do love ya!

Jesus is your only true friend…putting your trust in MAN is a no no..

Trust in the LORD with all your heart

and lean not on your own understanding;

in all your ways acknowledge him,

and he will direct your paths.

Proverbs 3, 5-6

Well said VC!!!

oh & btw The "DVD" David Banner is refering too is called "The Truth Behind Hip-Hop" it's a series of 6 DVDs by G. Craig Lewis

google it =)

No matter who here is Christian, or muslim, or whatever, One thing stands clear, everything is true, and 99.9 percent of that is a lie!

Don't want to see that Christ was the SON of god….fine, but at least you wont see a Christian walk into a busy airport with a bomb strapped to his chest, or sending their kids to town as bombers in the name of (whatever).

I don't agree with a lot of things I see everyday, but my God/Jesus wouldn't want me to kill people, I wasn't given the power of judgment, God will do that for us.

But I thougt that David Banner was out of "Illuminati"?

He did a song with Mary Mary.

I do not know any of these people personally therefore i will not judge the aritst based soley on his music. its a job just like any other job most people are one way at work and completely different on there own time if that makes them a hypocrite or coward then that would be everybody not just david banner or 9th wonder. And not to draw attention away from the execs that pay the artist to keep recording but the finger should be pointed at the fans for continually supporting these stupid songs. Real lyricist dont get any play time because whats selling is bs not truth, and the mainstream artist keep making bs regardless of if they want to or not because its what the people want and its whats selling. Now to say that David Banner is a coward and that he just blames everything on everyone… Read more »

Correction on last post transposed meanings of michael and gabriel and I apologize for that.thanks

He OVERREACTION is clearly guilt. His words make NO SENSE whatsoever. So basically, what he's saying is: "Don't judge the artist that constantly spew hateful, racist, sexist, promiscuous, narcissistic, materialistic, BS in their music. Judge the industry executives that pay them to do it". Hey David, since the "white man" is causing all of our problems, why did you sign that contract a "white man" gave you? What did you do with the 1st check that "white man" signed? Come on, where are you? Post a comment "coward". We know you're reading the site. He is either totally oblivious of the current state of the world, or riddled with guilt because he knows he is a part of all of it. He knows darn well what these "conspiracy websites" are talking about. So on that note, F "The Industry", FK these 2 bit artist that will sell their souls for… Read more »
You have a point but I would like to suggest maybe not using all caps because it is easier to read. The point I agree with is spreading the truth because we are held accountable for not spreading His word. Read Job (Iyob) 42:7….Yahuah had more anger toward Job's friends for not being harsh with him about the truth than He did with Job for doubting Him. Our Father understands that the truth isn't pretty so why spare your family and friends from it? Job (Iyob) 40:10-13…This may sound cliche but it is true, the truth shall set you free… And to the person who keeps saying "black this and black that"…I am black and that needs to stop. Color/race is just another distraction..we are all equal in the eyes of Elohim and again that is why the elite (satan's workers) know we will willingly (well most of us) go… Read more »

You hit it right on the head God. Jay is definitely right. The truth is hidden in the language. It's time for people to wake up and do research. If you seek you shall find. For those walking zombies check out the zeitgeist 3.

It will NEVER stop being about black && white I hate how people always try to make it seem like racism isn't still alive cut the bull man I understand ur trying say these world issues are bigger than that yea but don't completely belittle this issue its still very much alive.


NEVER is too big a word. Wait to see what happens when we start dying of Ebola and other Frankenstein-ish diseases and they put us all in FEMA camps… I doubt color will be an issue.

Look at the fruit…an Orchard does not produce Peaches. The fact remains that these are artist whether illuminati or not a pushing their agenda making them accessories.

Oh and the race card is so old. Evil does not care what color you are…as long as it gets to destroy you. Wake up David, it's not about the white man it's about the one behind this entire confusion "Satan".

I think he got so mad because from the stuff he tweeted about he was "invited to one of these things that conspiracy theorist talk about" and no he "didn't go to the ball" and "watch out who they serve it's deep". He is mad because he knows he is in fact a pawn whether he wants to believe it or not. Whether he accepts their invitations or likes it or not he is their pawn. Of course he is getting mad.

The point that both David Banner and 9th Wonder are missing is that just because the Jay-Zs' and the Beyonces' are only mere "minions" does not negate the fact that they are knowingly involved in the illuminat's agenda. The fact is that they 1) sold-out (sold their souls to the devil) in order to be the "mega" stars they are since they took the oath in order to be adored and worshiped by the world 2) are knowingly pushing the agenda of the illuminati and making it appealing and pleasing to the eyes and ears of America's lost and impressionable youth. The agenda consist of literally destroying the moral fabric of society which consist of Christian values and beliefs such as marriage, childbirth, non-violence, love, self-control, etc. The antithesis of these core beliefs and values is a Satanic agenda and consist of homosexuality (anti-creation), murder, hate (envy, jealousy), idology, etc.… Read more »

You are absolutely right! Well said.

"You aint got to lie Craig"!!!!! This interview was seriously convoulted. Firstly if an artist I like starts saying things like "If Jesus can't save you life starts when the church ends" or "It's the return of [thee] God, peace God" Thee-being Satan, as in Get Thee behind me Satan, I am going to have questions. No one ever said that Bey of Jay started the illuminati. This we know is impossible, but if they begin to throw up freemason signs, and defame Jesus in music than I endorse then I think it's time for me to start asking questions as a beliver, and a consumer. Banner really made this websites point for them. Had he just said that the industry were complex, and that listeners dont know the whole story, or had he said something like 'it's out of their control', then i would have understood, and accepted his… Read more »

Hey, "X", please get your own name and don't use mine.

I think that banner got so mad because he knows hes being used…..thats why he apologized to 9th wonder, because he lost his cool……banner you know the truth bruh!

Reading between the lines DB turned this into a race issue, but also said, he himself is learning things daily. Which gives me the impression he is trying to figure this thing out as well. My thing is black people love to use the excuse we are tearing our people down. It goes both ways. The higer up blacks if thats what you can cvall them, should respect the race the same way. What they expect from us, should be given in return. Don't use devil imagery, creepy lyrics, evil undertones then accuse us of tearing you down. Anyway I don't go for that`type of crap. If you are wrong you are wrong I don't care the color. I will not support what I don't believe in. You being black has nothing to do with me ahhhh SO. Give me the same respect you would like in return ! I… Read more »

( typos) higher, call ,and any thing else I missed

Arlington man just had gun license suspended for comments made on blog. Freedom of speech is hanging by a slender thread or already gone…

This guy was asking for this. His comments were derogatory and threatening so BB (Big Brother) felt that it was necessary to take action against him. Yes, this can be seen as a violation of free speech but our last vestiges of freedom of speech went out the window after 9-11. I'm sure you know all about the Alphabet agencies Jay, NSA/Echelon. A few years ago, an article appeared in USA Today about how the NSA was monitoring millions of American's phone calls and thats mainstream media. We are constantly being traced, tracked, and surveilled on a 24/7 basis. Our newest smartphones, GPS equipment, televisions, internet activity, landline phone calls, surveillance cameras at street lights and businesses, and satellites all aid in our surveillance. SMH it is what is.

Sure do know and you are absolutely right. Let us nlt forget to mention your garbage pick up person being trained by ex fbi. As far as I am aware of it is with Waste Management called "waste watch"..f.y.I.when you put that trash out it is considered public property and anyone is allowed to search per the supreme court. We gotta stay informed people…our lives depend on it

Ummmm…how did he turn the illumnati stuff into a black and white issue? We, just right here on this website have discussed white people, black people, Asian people, logos, banks, other signs and everything under the sun that we could find of which all had somthing to do with the Illumnati. I don't know rather he just honestly believe it's all white people trying to find something else ignorant to say about successful black artist to keep them down or rather he just hasn't taken the time to do research on the issue before going off like he did. I mean I understand partially where he's coming from with being annoyed becuase it seems like everytime you get caught up into an artist…next thing you know they start showing the same signs of this crap and you just can't enjoy things anymore without thinking about what you're listening to or… Read more »
notice he never said that jay z wasn't illuminat nor that they didn't exist. I do believe they are all pawns in the game, but the way jay z raps about how he will be ok cause he is "rockefella" leads me to believe that he thinks he will be ok when the sh*t goes down. I just don't think that all of them actually know how much bigger this is than themselves, but David Banner does seem to know. However, him saying not to talk about these artist is all wrong because in reality this is the biggest proof that they do exist. Why shouldn't we talk about it. If people see this stuff in their beloved music and you show them then that is the best way to make a believer of them. So no, we should keep talking about it. Then when we educate people on that… Read more »

I am not holier than thou and never claimed to be, that is what you assume. That is your right to assume what you want because what you think about me or vice versa doesn't even matter. You say I seem pessimistic, again, that is your right…I am a realist. Hebrew is not rhetoric it is truth and it is my choice to know my history and your choice to not know, obviously. Keep calling on jesus, the dude down in Mexico, I am sure he will save you. You do not have to believe me but I do not make these facts up, they are for all to see. Happy hunting

To Jay you might want to stop with your holier than attitude. You seem pessemisic and all that Black Hebrew Isrealite rhetoric won't save you, only believing on He That Shed His Blood For THe Repentance Of Sins. Raphael your absolutely right, regardless what goes on in this life if you have not accepted The free gift of Salvation found ONLY in JESUS then you have much more to worry about than the Illuminati's plans for global domination. Once one has accepted Christ the cares of this world become more and more trivial and non important, and a FELLOWSHIP with Christ takes on a more prominent role in our lived. To all reading this please come to Jesus believe me you will be glad throughout eternity that you did. May God bless you all.

*chuckling* I LOVE how Beyonce's I am…world tour DVD is being advertised on this website *chuckling* GET EM BEY'…I LOVE THAT LADY!!!

I'd read books for info. Going to the internet for info will fill you full of misinformation. Or is that the point D. Banner?? I smell the stench of a washed up agent.

And I am not here to "amaze" nor "amuse" you, raphael. I will say this "For many are called, but few are chosen" Mattithyahu (Matthew) 22:14…

I am not here to judge, just taking the time to inform. I am always willing to learn and listen and will make an educated decision once I have researched the information, as we all should.

Thanks for being so vigilant, vigilant citizen! Jesse Ventura did a show about that New World Airport and it was unreal! I think they bank on us believing it is too sinister to be real. Thanks for posting the Georgia Guidestones as well…not too many people are aware.

No. I was wrong. The more I read your comments, the more they taste like Messianic Jew. Hmm. I'm praying even harder for you.

And honestly Raphael you are worried about the wrong things. Instead of worrying about what "christian" means, which you should be aware, be worried about the GMO food in food bill S.510, be worried about your, our, 1st and 2nd amendment rights being tampered with, be worried about an amendment to the Constitution that allows "no term limits" on the presidency, let's worry about Camden, New Jersey, a city with the 2nd highest crime rate in america, losing 340 police officers and firefighters today. How will they feed their families let alone who will protect the city? New York has closed fire departments at night….who will respond to those in need? California Police have stopped taking calls in regards to grand theft auto, burglary? Illinois has a 66% tax hike in effect and Obamacare repeal is being voted on tomorrow? Clayton County Georgia has suspended public bus service…Alabama has illegally… Read more »

I worry about the right things Jay, trust me on this one. When all the bills and GMOs are gone whether you are Christian or not it's gonna be the only issue. I'm amazed you know so many things thou you miss on the biggest one…

One thing we can agree on in the end it doesn't matter if you are Canadian, American, black, white, green, brown, purple, whatever. Yahuahshua was, is and always be a Hebrew so I do not need nor desire to know French. I study Hebrew and there are 22 letters in the alphabet. "C" is most definetely not one of them nor "J". Again, I am not here to argue with you. I pray the truth spreads rapidly and I definetely do not believe being a "christian" is going to meet any criteria.. Religion is man made Faith is from Elohim. I have faith. 2 Kepha (Peter 3:9) "Yahuah is not slow to the promise, as some count slowness, but is patient toward us. Not wishing that any should perish but that all shall come to repentance." We need to be getting what little monies we have out of the bank… Read more »

wow, that really got me thinking..


Once again, the media try their hardest to rubbish these claims.