David Banner & 9th Wonder Talk Illuminati and my Comments Regarding Illuminati in Hip-Hop


A reader sent me this interview with rapper David Banner and producer 9th Wonder regarding the Illuminati and asked for my comments. I thought it would be interesting to share my views with everyone, hoping it will clarify some misconceptions. Here’s the interview.

David Banner & 9th Wonder: Talk Illuminati

The presumed relationship between Hip-Hop and the shadowy secret society known as the Illuminati is one that never ceases to illicit a conversation from the rational and the conspiracy theorist alike. AllHipHop.com got the views and opinions of David Banner and 9th Wonder, both of which have worked with acts allegedly affiliated with the Illuminati. Read the conversation, for it also acts as a challenge to those that make such claim on African American artist.

I wanted to ask you a question, switch into a little bit of different question.  I was going back on Twitter a little bit a go, and we were asking about The Illuminati  and some of us were asking if that was an extension of Willie Lynch, a plant for Black people to tear each other down.  The latest I heard from the theorists is that Willow Smith is in the Illuminati  now… I’m like “Ok…wow…”

9th Wonder: Listen man, listen man, listen man…

David Banner: Can I… Can I answer this one man, and then I will let 9th answer this one. As far as Black folks and the f**kin’ Illuminati … that’s some bulls**t.  The Illuminati has always existed and now since it’s become trendy, because people started talking about it with Jay-Z, they want to talk about Black folks in the Illuminati .  Black folks who are in the Illuminati don’t have no mutha f**kin’ power.  Black folks truly in the Illuminati are in the ground stages and they are gatekeepers.  They don’t know anything.  You want to talk about people in the Illuminati talk about white folks!  The truth is, most Black people that talk s**t are scared of white folks in power.  You want to talk about Illuminati, and you don’t talk about white folks! You are a f**kin’ coward.

9th Wonder: Real talk…

David Banner:
I’m sick of that s**t, tell all these Internet ass n***as talkin’ bout the Illuminati to talk about white folks with power! But if they know it they talk about white folks with power they electricity will go off. n***as on the Internet are f**king cowards! If you gonna talk about the Illuminati, don’t break down black men, break down the mutha f**kas that started that s**t… That enslaved your mother and your father and your grandmother.  I’m so sick of n***as and all that bulls**t talk.

9th Wonder: Haha he ain’t lying…

David Banner: I’m so sick of n***as and all that bulls**t talk.  You gonna talk about the Illuminati, research the Illuminati and you show me one f**king president that wasn’t a part of it.  But you won’t talk about them!  n***as is cowards!  I don’t wanna hear that s**t.  Keep yo’ mutha f**kin’ DVD n***a. That’s the whole David Banner…

AllHipHop.com: (laughs)

David Banner:
I’m sorry 9th Wonder.  (laughs)

9th Wonder: It’s all good man. You beat me to it man.  Just like you said with Willie Lynch, it’s just a way to make people, they will do anything to turn Black people against each other.  They’ll really do anything man.  They will really do anything. They make Jay and Beyonce, this that and the third, to make them look like they are in the Illuminati. Half of the people at home, sitting there looking at the internet and at the DVD’s don’t even know what Illuminati really is.  They have no idea man.  If you really want to research what is going on, its all on the internet. You can really research whats going on, but don’t talk about Jay-Z and Beyonce, blah, blah, blah, this and that, lets talk about all the drugs getting pumped into our country, we don’t own no boats, who you think is running that?

Trust me this country is full of problems and all these world problems have less to do with a Black person and more to do with someone else.  But they don’t want to talk about that because their power will go off.  So cats is still just on that Jay-Z Illuminati instead of looking at the real problem.  They think Jay-Z is the problem and then go to work the next day and don’t look at their boss man. But that’s crazy man.  Like I don’t understand it.  They need to find something else to talk about, I get that question a lot because I worked with Jay on the Black Album.  So a lot of cats ask me that.  Come on man, I know y’all got more stuff to worry about than asking me that dumb stuff.

David Banner:
And 9th… if he is… He ain’t calling no shots.  Like if we really…

9th Wonder: Right…

David Banner: If we really gonna talk about it. I’m cutting the head off. I ain’t dealing with no minions brother.

AllHipHop.com: Right, right, right…

David Banner:
And…. Well… No I ain’t event going to get into that.  Then Black folks will sure enough get mad.

AllHipHop.com: What?

David Banner: Nah man I think I’m gonna keep this one to myself.  I’m learning more and more everyday that everything ain’t for everybody. But n***a’s sit around and talk that s**t, and sit around among a group of ourselves in secret societies every motha f**kin’ day.

The thing with Death of a Pop Star, it’s about the truth, its about the soul, about not cutting corners, it’s about our kids.  I’m not running away from that man.  I saw a DVD about Mary Mary.  They were trying to say Mary was in the Illuminati, I know them girls.  That’s some bulls**t.  Them girls don’t praise nothing but God. Man that made me so mad man.  When real stuff happens like oil or Katrina, I don’t see them same people fighting and standing up for that. When a little girl gets molested in the hood, or in Oakland when that boy got shot by the cops, I don’t see them folks standing up.

Source: Allhiphop.com

Here are my comments regarding this interview and the “hip-hop in Illuminati” trend.

  1. It is clear that artists (including Willow Smith) are not PART of the Illuminati – a term describing the occult world elite.  They are pawns of it. They have absolutely no say on world policies and other issues. The music industry is simply one of the tools used by the elite to educate, shape, and mold the masses. Artists with great charisma and influence are used by the Illuminati to propagate its agenda and to sell its ideas. To believe that hip-hop artists are actually part of the Illuminati reflects a total lack of understanding of the nature of the world’s elite. Furthermore, I believe some media sources spin “Illuminati stories” this way to spread disinformation and to make the entire thing seem utterly ridiculous.
  2. I believe the debate about races has expired years ago. It is not about Blacks versus Whites anymore. It is about the elite versus the masses. The more we advance towards a New World Order, the more people of all colors will be treated equally: as a “bewildered herd”.
  3. I agree that gossipping about the personal lives of artists lead absolutely nowhere. It is, in fact, misleading and useless. To grasp the true nature of the Illuminati, one must understand its origins, its evolution, its infiltration of Secret Societies, and  its plans for the future. This goes WAY beyond the hip-hop and R&B. As they say, we should go to the “head of the problem”, not its minions. Music videos are used to reach young people where they are the most receptive. Let’s say you have a message you need to be heard and understood by the world’s youth. What would be more effective? To publish a convincing yet word-intensive book or to have today’s hottest artist making it cool and fashionable on MTV, BET and Youtube?  Once this is understood, it becomes easy to recognize the selling of the elite’s Agenda in popular culture. This is also why I focus on popular culture…it is the best way to reach young people. But, of course, readers of the Vigilant Citizen already knew that.



  1. As soon as I started seeing “white people” this and “white people” that..I stopped reading. Clearly these elites have trained these two muppets VERY well…

  2. Its not white people its the Jewish people how does no one see this aspect of the control Freemasonry Illuminati ext wake up an read Jewish mafia WAKE UP

  3. To be honest it sounds like hes refering to G.craige lewis and his truth about hip hop dvds. The Man of God is Raw and hes always ruffling feathers. He keeps refering to dvds so im just saying… Check EXmiinistries.com

  4. The reason he treated the whole idea the way he did is because he himself is a puppet as well. He's not going to speak out against his puppet masters. That will stop his checks from coming in but he knows the entertainment industry is controlled and has always been.

  5. I'm an ex gang member, ex con and I know from what I read that these ppl in the music industry are only objects that the Illuminati use to convey their messages through symbols as well as subliminal messages. I know that it is the shadow government that's really in power here and around the world, not a musician,hiphop,rapper that's anywhere close to ruling the world,as the word says it very clearly… This world is ruled by satan or else he would not have had the power to offer Yeshuah the world if HE would bow down and worship him…So Jay-z his wife and anyone that is seen as representing the illuminati are only faces seen, the true power is hidden behind the scenes…

    • We know that, but why are they selling themselves out to the devil though? Yes money and fame, but is it worth it? You are targeting children and trying to change them to follow the masses down this dark path? Why can’t these black people who are at the bottom of the totem pole see this? If they all would stand up against, then these white leaders will have no sheep they can control to portray their messages and to get their word out and will have no one to make it look cool. We are all well aware of the government’s role in all of this. It goes back, I believe, to the Georgia guidestones. Eventually they’ll have us so brainwashed we will all willingly jump off cliffs at the snap of their fingers. Why do people say the leaders are all Jewish? Why would the Jewish people be responsible for something so unGodly? I don’t talk about these rappers and say they are leading the group, but the fact is that they sold themselves to the group and are training our children to also sell themselves. We need more public figures like Katy Williams who will stand against them and not sell themselves over. It is like the mark of the beast, once you accept it it cannot be undone. Unfortunately, I believe these individuals such as Jay z and beyond and rhiana have already accepted their mark of the beast. Why? You all have enough money to live without lights and water, join together against these evil forces. If you all who are joining their groups would stand together against them, you could make a difference.

  6. Wtf y'all attacking DB? It'sevident most of you have that slave mentality, would rather talk down on a brotha because you're too scared of the white man. Don't be mad at the truth.

  7. i think everyone needs to wake up. daivd banner and 9th wounder they have good music i give them that. but everyone on this page knows what there talking about. just like yall hip hop star / rappers know to. this isnt about the words in your songs are how you think this this this isn't true. A couple of people on this page made a good point if you can get on youtube and blast that we don't know what were talking about do you. do you? Wait yeah you do if you can put it that its not (black people it's white) Now banner you know just as good then any off us when you got yo first recorded deal did you look at the words or the numbers. I'm think you look at both and thought you could do yo own thing. Get that racism s**t on cause if its the white people you don't think they would show there ass if they did it way before time. now look at us 2 we hang with each other and kick it. just because you got the devil dancing on yo soul telling yo soul what to say how to move. Just because you can't say anything dont mean you can't do any thing. But you to scared to open yo dam mouth. n***a in a min they go have yo ass playing in the movie wearing a dress or giving yo booty up. tap dancing and yes manning, All yall niqqa or clones of the devil creation you seal your soul for fam. all you wanna bee's and ain't gonna be what you suppose to be quisling to our society our culture. David banner if yall so hood stand up for what you know is wrong. Dont set behind a camra and a radio and coward comes out yo mouth niqqa speak that real s**t not s**t that would make you floop. being a pawn is not gangsta n***a come to the hood and call us coward since you so stuff niqqa we live this life yall just rap about it dont ever forget where you come from cause with out the here you wouldn't have s**t with out us. We helped you and supported you, you and your mutha f****n music niqqa i can give a dam if music wasn't evented. But before you go on air talkin about people being cowards niqqa get out here with yo mic and shows and say that s**t. Yall rapper get to me when yall try to protect each other do that s**t for the people that really needed like acrosss country. niqqa yall siting on all that money but cant go help any one out so whos the real coward niqqa yall rappers need to give back what we gave yall cause if we wasn't buying any of your albums yal s**t wouldn't be nothing with us. so before you go talk that coward s**t niqqa we get down how we live. Aint never sold out

  8. I agree w/both sides of the discussion. These people aren't the true front of the whole Illuminati movement & we shouldn't be just looking @ people w/in the entertainment industry like this the only problem. With the elite having their hand in many aspects of the world, we wouldn't be doing justice by just exposing rappers/producers because policitians, world bankers, & even multi-billion dollar companies that some of you probably even invest in that are brainwashing/reprogramming us just the same. In the same token, it doesn't excuse what they do either so if you see the symbols know someone far more powerful & dangerous is in the shadows because the true head of this beast won't be exposed until the most inopportune moment. The best thing we can do is raise as much awareness as possible & encourage the redirecting of power in the hip-hop industry BACK to the people because it makes no sense that we started this when the rest of society thought it was "just noise" & now implement it as yet another wheel in the big corporate machine.

  9. Stop buying there music, shirts, or anything else they try and sell you. Stop watching any Viacom music channels. Its not that difficult people. If you want to put a stop to this ish, dont give them a cent…..da losing…. Tell others to wake the hell up and follow the lead….Vengence belongeth to me saith the LORD…Try and stay out of the way…..That is all……

  10. For all who think we can rise up and stop the control placed upon us, it simply cannot happen. The power to divide and conquer is far more efficient than the idea of unite and resist. All citizens have their own opinions, ideas, religion, interests, and belief systems. We have been taught since childhood to be an individual, to not be turned away from what we believe in just because someone else doesn't agree. We haven't been conditioned to agree and unite as a people. Even churchgoers judge other churchgoers' clothes, comments, and actions. Our freedom to assemble is even a myth, just look at what happened in Wisconsin. Any rights that we have can be yanked from us if we fail to follow along. Some people will say that we CAN unite and stop being controlled, but I say we can't, which is another example of just how a difference of opinion can seperate us. Maybe these celebrities realize that they can't stop this control and choose to be on the side that benefits, instead of just being another citizen. If you were presented with the option of fame, fortune and your next breath OR working to pay bills, simply surviving, and being an obituary in a newspaper when you die…which would you choose?

  11. wow david banner speaks words of wisdom. we black ppl need to stick together. i did use to think jay was a 33rd degree mason so it meant he was in the illuminati or something. this illuminati thing is taking over our lives. we need to trace the problem back to the roots.the issue of freemasonry and the iluminati wasnt as popular in the past as it is now. most ppl think all hip hop artists have sold themselves out when its really the entertainment industry as a whole that is being used to control us- reality tv, pop, rock and tv shows and disney. the most powerful ppl in the game are not tackled its mostly the pawns that are picked on. we need to stand up, switch off our tvs and read and do more research and meditate more.

  12. If you are affiliated than you are apart of it in my opinion…one may not have complete say and power but if they participate they are as guilty as the puppetmasters as they allow themselves to be controlled for currency and material items…I do agree that there is a bigger global scheme (war, drugs, negativity, sports, entertainment) that many are not paying attention to as they have already been programed…the fact of the matter is that these "pawns" (music artists) perpetuate these distractions of materialism and if they could paint a better picture "there power (over their fans) would be turned off" and if the power cannot be turned off, then the person is destroyed (killed)……

  13. Look, yall are getting all mad at David Banner because of his black/white statements and you're missing the point that he's trying to make; that people like Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, etc. are mere pawns in a game and the power that they have pales in comparison to the ruling elite. Some of these people probably don't even realize that they're pawns, especially when they're very well paid for the jobs that they do. And he IS right. The rulers of this world are white people. That doesn't mean that all white people are evil, but he was pointing out the fact that some people only focus on Hip-hop artist (whom the majority of are black in the US) when playing the Illuminati blame game, yet ignoring those at the top of the pyramid (who just happen to be white).

  14. First off, im glad that we are getting responses on people from the Entertainment world, answering questions about the illumanti and all. You must understand though that every mason is sworn to secrecy. if a person in the illumanti wanted to know if they are in it together. they would ask "r you my brother.?" what celebrity that you know of has admitted to being apart of it? NONE. what president do you know of has admitted to that? NONE. maybe its not each indivdual person that is in the illumanti but they are indeed being used by it and i doubt they are that ignorant to where they arent aware that they are. if we being apart of the bourgeioise can go on the internet and research and find the orgins and symbols that are masonic in origin i know that they can do the same. the probelm is that they dont want to admit to it. they dont want to lose their fans. It doesnt take a rocket scientist to see that Jay-Z and Beyonce are apart of the illumanati or deeply influenced by it. if Jay-Zs on raps and lyrics talk about the ilumanti. they never addressed it. they never said no. we arent hear to judge but if indeed we are to have celebrites that our childern are watching and look up to we have to know what they are about. As for the race thing. It is still a probelm and does need to be discussed. if we are all honest with ourselves as a society we would admit that caucasians do run the government, entertainment industry, fashion etc. it is causcasians as to this day that recieve benefit from what our African great grandparents labor. i understand that it was long ago but the effect of it remains (willie lynch sydrome). Why downplay my people? we do not downplay the jews! we do not down play the chinese! so why should we constantly try to erase the wrong done to my people. Black history month is not enough.! I will not and i refuse to forget my blackness to make anyone of the opposite race feel comfortable. There was a black holocaust. that no one talks about! does anybody remember being embraced and honored for a hardwork done. what was our reward.? we get to live in society with group of people who dont want us here. Even the great Abe Lincoln his self said "if slavery will seperate my country i will keep slavery." they didnt get a damn about us. black slaves were just apart of business. the north was expanding and there was no need for manual labor anymore. I understand many may say we dont have time to worry about the past because worst days are coming…i understand that. but until we address the past and get America out of denial. . .there will be no promising future. Black People and White people need to wake upp! stop hiding from controversy and face it. Bite the bullet, until that is done there will be no brighter days. When you get a chance read the post traumatic slave sydrome by Joy Leary. till then God Bless. btw no one knows the time or day so 2012 is BULLSHITTTT

  15. i wouldn't place too much hope and faith in anything david banner says, from what i've read he is also in the dark about what the illuminati truly is and who they are. he gives the impression that the black members of the illuminati are not calling the shots and have no power. sorry mr banner, your ignorance betrays you once again THERE ARE NO BLACK ILLUMINATI MEMBERS. now as far as this black boule thing is concerened, I have no idea, but once again THE ILLUMINATI IS A RESTRICTED CLUB! the reason i think david banner is an idiot was something he said in regards to when rihanna was supposedly beat down by chris brown, he said "we don't know what rihanna did" oh really mr banner so your saying that a man is jutified in putting his hands on a woman as long as he was provoked? and that's why I don't like him, an educated FOOL from and educated school. that and the fact that he uses the N word repeatedly i really wish he would just shut up

  16. They sound just as ignorant as they seem to think the bloggers they are attacking are. RME. Before you try to school me as to what is and what isn't Illuminati, learn to speak like a grown up and use your inside voice. #thatisall.

  17. With all that being said Jay, Beyonce and others have HEARD about this stuff and still allow the same folks to orchestrate their careers which supports and assists with the pushing of the agenda. That's my point. Don't support it, flee from it if you don't long to be a part of it. Seperate yourself, don't be a part of the problem, don't be a part of deceiving the masses. If you know the black and white checkered floor is masonic and ritualistic don't use the black and white floor in your video or on stage, dont speak lyrics about "running this town tonight' dont' say things like "life begins where the church ends" and "jesus can't save you". Don't say and do things that are satanic and say you're not in agreement with it. It's like stars are scared of jay-z so obviously though he may not be necessarily an illuminati member he has influence with them and favor with them. That's what i'm saying so to me everything David Banner is saying doesn't match up. And, regarding Mary Mary…i just feel like our fame needs to shut down in the Body of Christ.It is not about us. I don't see any contemparary artist on any gospel award shows…why? because their lyrics and actions are God focused, not money and fame focused. I'm not going to lie to me it is a black thing…Im black and i'm embarrassed at where gospel music is headed. The lyrics are so selfish and self centered and about blessings. No one talks about God anymore and when they do like Mary Mary they make it so Christless and 5% nation sounding "it's "the God" in me. That's demonic!! 5% nation believe they are little God's and i mean i see where they're going with it but it's wrong how they go about it and.."He saw the best in me" WHO SAW THE BEST IN YOU??? who??? say the name!!!! gracious sorry but this kind of stuff gets on my nerves but all i can do is pray, educate those who are around me, and wait for the return of the King. Whew! I'm so vexxed right now!

  18. First it was B.o.B., then JayZ, then there was David Banner. Now it is Rihanna and Jennifer Hudson all saying the same thing around the same time. How they have nothing to do with anything and everyone who ever questioned them are crazy. People have been making these claims against these artist for years now but now they all address it at the same time when they stood mute for years. What a coincidence.

  19. It's funny that Vigilant’s attempts at informing the masses has been misconstrued into disinformation by the very people that he is attempting to wake up. These artists are able to point and laugh at this “truth movement” because of well-intentioned but misinformed VC fans going around telling everybody and their momma “Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Lady GaGa are in the Illuminati!” Anyone who has studied mystery religions, occult knowledge, and the Illuminati KNOW that these artists are NOT active members of this organization. Pawns, yes. Satanists, probably. But members of the Bavarian Illuminati, absolutely not.

    I would encourage each and every one of you VC fans to actually read the literature in VC’s knowledge files, go to the library and read an actual book, do some investigation of your own that expounds upon an article that VC wrote about symbolism found in pop music videos. And once you have really EDUCATED YOURSELF, then maybe you can go run and tell that. Otherwise you are just causing confusion, distrust, and disinfo for the very people you are trying to inform. Instead of saying “So and So is in the Illuminati! Look at his eye covered and the pyramid in the background!” say “More than likely, So and So is a Satanist, listen to the lyrics/lifestyle they are promoting, see all of the occult symbols in their videos.” Satanism and the Illuminati are NOT the same thing. Yes the Illuminati are Satanists but NOT all Satanists are Illuminati.

  20. David Banner is a buffoon. The illuminati is a catch all phrase for the worlds elite. Jayz is a billionaire he is a part of the worlds elite. As far as bloodlines are concerned you dont know what blood may be coursing through his veins, American blacks are all multi racial. No one member of the illuminati can be blamed or targeted because their power is diversified. That is by design. There are college fraternities, masonic lodges (some accept women some dont), political coalitions etc that make up the "illuminati". Artist and figure heads are bottom rung pawn but pawns are on the board nevertheless. Pawns obviously can become multi millionaires nowadays. Banner and artist like him do nothing but speak death, destruction and hate into the black community. He and his greedy cohorts are the ones that are bringing other blacks down. They have help create a culture of death. Im a black woman and im tired of these clowns. To hell with all of them. What do I care if my enemy is black or white, either way he doesnt mean me any good.

  21. Ok…sooo I have to weigh in ..1st I do have to thank VC for the info, regardless of whether I agree with the thoughts posted, I appreciate a forum where I can peruse the thoughts of those in the know, and be reminded that Im not the only one out here…

    So I have to call you out though VC, why the ad for Beyonce'? It seems a bit disingenuous to blog about the illuminati puppets manipulating the minds of the masses while advertising the DVD of 1 of the main culprits …Im just sayin' ….

    Re: DB and his nonsensical rantings, I would agree that as much as we'd like to be distracted from the fact that race influences the agenda of the Illum, its most certainly a huge factor in their methodology..

    I will also agree that when I see Jay-Z, or any other musician, entertainer, or so-called artist invited to meet with the Trilateral Commission,Council on Foreign Relations, the Bildeberg group or Bohemian Grove, then Ill consider him more than what he is…

    Obama isn't even a member of any of the Org's I just listed…

    I won't belabor the point, as theirs a lot more to it all, but 1 thing Ill agree with, with VC's thoughts is that there is indeed a bigger picture, the Elite, and the masses…

    & thank you to JAY for contributing a bit of the historical element re: Hebrew etc.its good to be reminded that the time line of Human history precedes the Greeks, Romans, English etc.. interpretation..

  22. He didn't say that Hip Hop artist aren't apart of the Illuminati he said if they are they are not calling shots.

    The debate about race is far from over. As illustrated here: http://www.remappingdebate.org/map-data-tool/mapp… and the recent CNN report on Race In America showed that the tests of your children reflect the racial segregation and white preferential treatment almost identical to the 1960's and at best mirrors the 1970's. Socially and economically there is still a substantial divide. White men make the most money and have the most prestigious jobs. The government is still mostly made up of white men ruling society with a few women and a few minorities look at how many senators aren't white or male and you will find that our government does not reflect the mix of American society. Is there "some more" tolerance in society sure. Socioeconomic classicism may be the new racism but the advantage is still to white males in that socioeconomic racism. Much more work needs to be done. Institutional segregation and separatism without the hatred of the older racial attitudes is here right now and a problem.

    Yes the Illuminati are racially motivated, they are German in origin and believe in the European white supremacy ideals of European free masons. I wouldn't say thats there only aim but being a racially started, supported and global "norse" or "germanic" Anglo-American elite they still seek to propagate the lies of Anglo Saxon supremacy.

    America is made up of a large group of German descendants who are connected to the fraternal groups and are racist. In recent years they have tried to encode their hate and sound politically correct.

    Equality is not here. Yes we have a black president but when the living status of black males is equal to white males and there are more black, and hispanic ceo's. Asians consider themselves white just as did Hitler that is why the Trilateral Commission focuses on White Europe, White America and Asia as the Tri-3 leaders over the brown African and South American peoples, among the others they seek to subjugate. There are some but they are marginal in number.

    Yes artist, actors and other media faces are puppets of the Illuminati they aren't leaders otherwise you wouldn't see or hear them they are puppets and that's the point the seem to be trying to convey.

    Really the whole Jay Z is using Illuminati images, Lady Gaga and others, they are, as has been pointed out here but they are the puppets.

    David Banner and 9th Wonder are responding to the statements that the artist are involved or part of the intentionally direction of and therefor evil. They are participating in evil they are not the leaders of. Sadly they are just pawns.

    Yes Hip Hop artis, Rock, Pop, Youtube, MTV, BET are used to pedal the propaganda of the Illuminati's are the puppets evil or just pawns.

    A slave is a puppet not a leader.

    I do agree with the understanding presented here on the Illuminati Agenda portrayed in media, I've been watching and speaking on it for years before someone put me on to this side.

    As a member of the Christian Rap community and being married to an African American coupled with growing up in the inner city I do feel I have a unique perspective and have seen the racism both ways. Racial profiling is part of the racist America debate that is not "kosher" or right. There are instances of racial profiling and institutional racism. The fight for equality is far from over. Just because we have our first African American NON-WHITE president (well half white in Barack Obama's case). We've had president with a little "indian" in them but mostly white and of European descent. And who in America doesn't claim to have some "indian" in them. Its probably true to some extent as we took the land from them. But either way. Racism still exist's even to intermarried families like mine we have dealt with racism more from Caucasian families who are rural or suburban and its not by training its de facto due to gentrification and socioeconomic disparity which does include race as well as non race factors.

  23. honestly there's nothing new done under the sun….why put so much energy in dwelling on the soul sacrificice of others, humans= aren't we all, no one knows what the next is going through or been through, why not just pray for those whom seem to be indequate, if your mind and heart is in the right place, i do not understand of how so many put energy into the devil's work , the bible is your life insurance…..research about the word….GOD ALMIGHT HAS THE PERFECT PLAN /MY FAITH IS IN HIM/

    my heart love all/do not neccesarily have to know you to do love ya!

    Jesus is your only true friend…putting your trust in MAN is a no no..

    Trust in the LORD with all your heart

    and lean not on your own understanding;

    in all your ways acknowledge him,

    and he will direct your paths.

    Proverbs 3, 5-6

  24. Well said VC!!!

    oh & btw The "DVD" David Banner is refering too is called "The Truth Behind Hip-Hop" it's a series of 6 DVDs by G. Craig Lewis

    google it =)

  25. No matter who here is Christian, or muslim, or whatever, One thing stands clear, everything is true, and 99.9 percent of that is a lie!

    Don't want to see that Christ was the SON of god….fine, but at least you wont see a Christian walk into a busy airport with a bomb strapped to his chest, or sending their kids to town as bombers in the name of (whatever).

    I don't agree with a lot of things I see everyday, but my God/Jesus wouldn't want me to kill people, I wasn't given the power of judgment, God will do that for us.

  26. I do not know any of these people personally therefore i will not judge the aritst based soley on his music. its a job just like any other job most people are one way at work and completely different on there own time if that makes them a hypocrite or coward then that would be everybody not just david banner or 9th wonder. And not to draw attention away from the execs that pay the artist to keep recording but the finger should be pointed at the fans for continually supporting these stupid songs. Real lyricist dont get any play time because whats selling is bs not truth, and the mainstream artist keep making bs regardless of if they want to or not because its what the people want and its whats selling. Now to say that David Banner is a coward and that he just blames everything on everyone else to deflect attention try looking up this video "so long by david banner" a coward would have never opened his mouth to begin with and def wouldnt talk and bring the attention of his fans and listeners to themselves. Oh how quickly we get defensive and judge other people not taking into account we spend more hours working for compensation i might add than we do anything else. So stop the non-sense for a second and really try to understand what they are saying. yea tupac waged war michael did it when he figured it out bob marley did it and numerous other people did it and non of them are here anymore so unless you are willing to research it and make up your mind just like those people i just named and declare war on it yourself you can shut up with your f this person and f that person accusations because you arent making the situation any better. by the way this secret society was around long before hip hop or rap. Learn your history. Life is like Chess you have to know who the pawns are and who is the King.

  27. He OVERREACTION is clearly guilt. His words make NO SENSE whatsoever. So basically, what he's saying is: "Don't judge the artist that constantly spew hateful, racist, sexist, promiscuous, narcissistic, materialistic, BS in their music. Judge the industry executives that pay them to do it".

    Hey David, since the "white man" is causing all of our problems, why did you sign that contract a "white man" gave you? What did you do with the 1st check that "white man" signed? Come on, where are you? Post a comment "coward". We know you're reading the site.

    He is either totally oblivious of the current state of the world, or riddled with guilt because he knows he is a part of all of it. He knows darn well what these "conspiracy websites" are talking about.

    So on that note, F "The Industry", FK these 2 bit artist that will sell their souls for a check, & FK David Banner.

  28. You have a point but I would like to suggest maybe not using all caps because it is easier to read. The point I agree with is spreading the truth because we are held accountable for not spreading His word. Read Job (Iyob) 42:7….Yahuah had more anger toward Job's friends for not being harsh with him about the truth than He did with Job for doubting Him. Our Father understands that the truth isn't pretty so why spare your family and friends from it? Job (Iyob) 40:10-13…This may sound cliche but it is true, the truth shall set you free…

    And to the person who keeps saying "black this and black that"…I am black and that needs to stop. Color/race is just another distraction..we are all equal in the eyes of Elohim and again that is why the elite (satan's workers) know we will willingly (well most of us) go to the fema camps and eat this crappy food because we are divided as a people. Heck I have been discriminated against more from my own people! But it doesn't matter…I pray for them because their souls are at risk, not mine. How many more manufactured tragedies (ok city, 9-11) will it take to realize this isn't a race war it is a poor vs rich war, good vs evil…my spouse says "if I just hit this number tonight"….I say "Elohim is keeping us humble for a reason". As a believer, you have more riches than the world can offer. Martin Luther King Jr. said we need agape love and that is so true. I do not think it is a coincidence that his real name is "Michael" which means "El's strength will save us"….See, "Michae-El"….."Gabri-EL..No one can rival my El"….Samu-El. Dani-El…..and when you learn more Hebrew you will get more understanding…takes a lot of library research and comparisons because everyone has an opinion.

  29. It will NEVER stop being about black && white I hate how people always try to make it seem like racism isn't still alive cut the bull man I understand ur trying say these world issues are bigger than that yea but don't completely belittle this issue its still very much alive.

    • @french

      NEVER is too big a word. Wait to see what happens when we start dying of Ebola and other Frankenstein-ish diseases and they put us all in FEMA camps… I doubt color will be an issue.

  30. Look at the fruit…an Orchard does not produce Peaches. The fact remains that these are artist whether illuminati or not a pushing their agenda making them accessories.

    Oh and the race card is so old. Evil does not care what color you are…as long as it gets to destroy you. Wake up David, it's not about the white man it's about the one behind this entire confusion "Satan".

  31. I think he got so mad because from the stuff he tweeted about he was "invited to one of these things that conspiracy theorist talk about" and no he "didn't go to the ball" and "watch out who they serve it's deep". He is mad because he knows he is in fact a pawn whether he wants to believe it or not. Whether he accepts their invitations or likes it or not he is their pawn. Of course he is getting mad.

  32. i gained nothing from the original interview..that was just a bunch of BS, i felt like they were only part of what they call 'trendy'. glad you clarified it, because i'm 100% sick of people saying "so and so is 'part of' the illuminati"

    i'm not genius on the whole matter of illuminati and whatnot, I don't blog or talk about it among my friends who would quickly call me crazy, I simply just read stuff like yours, but I am a logical person and i want to understand something if i'm going to read of it.

    and the first thing you know when learning of said 'illuminati' is it doesn't just work 'like that', for example where willow smith has some checkerboard floor and she's suddenley "part of a horrible scheme that shes perpatrating(spllng i know) omggg!11"

    know- she has no idea why something is in her video, and doesn't question it either.

  33. The point that both David Banner and 9th Wonder are missing is that just because the Jay-Zs' and the Beyonces' are only mere "minions" does not negate the fact that they are knowingly involved in the illuminat's agenda. The fact is that they 1) sold-out (sold their souls to the devil) in order to be the "mega" stars they are since they took the oath in order to be adored and worshiped by the world 2) are knowingly pushing the agenda of the illuminati and making it appealing and pleasing to the eyes and ears of America's lost and impressionable youth. The agenda consist of literally destroying the moral fabric of society which consist of Christian values and beliefs such as marriage, childbirth, non-violence, love, self-control, etc. The antithesis of these core beliefs and values is a Satanic agenda and consist of homosexuality (anti-creation), murder, hate (envy, jealousy), idology, etc. The stated agendas is found in most pop, hip-hop and rock music today. The artists are Satanic vessels and the music is the medium, point blank. The artists willingly give themselves over to Satanic possession in order to be worshipped and loved by the world, hence, worshipping the creation and not the Creator. May God have mercy on us all.

  34. "You aint got to lie Craig"!!!!!

    This interview was seriously convoulted. Firstly if an artist I like starts saying things like "If Jesus can't save you life starts when the church ends" or "It's the return of [thee] God, peace God" Thee-being Satan, as in Get Thee behind me Satan, I am going to have questions.

    No one ever said that Bey of Jay started the illuminati. This we know is impossible, but if they begin to throw up freemason signs, and defame Jesus in music than I endorse then I think it's time for me to start asking questions as a beliver, and a consumer.

    Banner really made this websites point for them. Had he just said that the industry were complex, and that listeners dont know the whole story, or had he said something like 'it's out of their control', then i would have understood, and accepted his statements. But the whole "Yall dont know s**t, Blacks is briging blacks down, dont ask me no questions cause you dont ask questions when blacks get shot" s**t is just whack.

    I work in corporate America, and my boss isint waving an Illuminati flag in my face and isint asking me to 'pledge my aleginace' to satan. At least not yet. My boss does not have spells cast over their papers to make me violent, or submissive, or to refuse Chirst.

    So I'm gonna ask questions so long as Jay-z continues to put out disturbing videos like Monster, and title his albums things like, Kingdom Come, and Beware the Throne.

    "They call me King Hov", um no, I'm pretty sure I just call you Jay-z. More recently THEE Devil Worshiper. Oh wait, his lyrics are subliminal, so he's not talking about us listeners, he's talking about his fellow 3rd degreers.


  35. I think that banner got so mad because he knows hes being used…..thats why he apologized to 9th wonder, because he lost his cool……banner you know the truth bruh!

  36. Reading between the lines DB turned this into a race issue, but also said, he himself is learning things daily. Which gives me the impression he is trying to figure this thing out as well. My thing is black people love to use the excuse we are tearing our people down. It goes both ways. The higer up blacks if thats what you can cvall them, should respect the race the same way. What they expect from us, should be given in return. Don't use devil imagery, creepy lyrics, evil undertones then accuse us of tearing you down. Anyway I don't go for that`type of crap. If you are wrong you are wrong I don't care the color. I will not support what I don't believe in. You being black has nothing to do with me ahhhh SO. Give me the same respect you would like in return ! I have no problem supporting my people, and we should but for the right reasons, not just because of the color of your skin !

  37. Arlington man just had gun license suspended for comments made on blog. Freedom of speech is hanging by a slender thread or already gone…

    • This guy was asking for this. His comments were derogatory and threatening so BB (Big Brother) felt that it was necessary to take action against him. Yes, this can be seen as a violation of free speech but our last vestiges of freedom of speech went out the window after 9-11. I'm sure you know all about the Alphabet agencies Jay, NSA/Echelon. A few years ago, an article appeared in USA Today about how the NSA was monitoring millions of American's phone calls and thats mainstream media. We are constantly being traced, tracked, and surveilled on a 24/7 basis. Our newest smartphones, GPS equipment, televisions, internet activity, landline phone calls, surveillance cameras at street lights and businesses, and satellites all aid in our surveillance. SMH it is what is.

      • Sure do know and you are absolutely right. Let us nlt forget to mention your garbage pick up person being trained by ex fbi. As far as I am aware of it is with Waste Management called "waste watch"..f.y.I.when you put that trash out it is considered public property and anyone is allowed to search per the supreme court. We gotta stay informed people…our lives depend on it

  38. Ummmm…how did he turn the illumnati stuff into a black and white issue? We, just right here on this website have discussed white people, black people, Asian people, logos, banks, other signs and everything under the sun that we could find of which all had somthing to do with the Illumnati. I don't know rather he just honestly believe it's all white people trying to find something else ignorant to say about successful black artist to keep them down or rather he just hasn't taken the time to do research on the issue before going off like he did. I mean I understand partially where he's coming from with being annoyed becuase it seems like everytime you get caught up into an artist…next thing you know they start showing the same signs of this crap and you just can't enjoy things anymore without thinking about what you're listening to or watching. This stuff makes you think beyond the surface rather you're on the opposing battle or a believer. Either way it makes you think and can drive you crazy. if you hear about or think about it too much. I know David Banner isn't as ignorant as he came off during this interview but maybe he should do a little more research before spewing off on a subject. THe illumnati…at least for me and on this website is no where near just a black and white thing…it's an everything and everywhere thing.

  39. notice he never said that jay z wasn't illuminat nor that they didn't exist. I do believe they are all pawns in the game, but the way jay z raps about how he will be ok cause he is "rockefella" leads me to believe that he thinks he will be ok when the sh*t goes down. I just don't think that all of them actually know how much bigger this is than themselves, but David Banner does seem to know. However, him saying not to talk about these artist is all wrong because in reality this is the biggest proof that they do exist. Why shouldn't we talk about it. If people see this stuff in their beloved music and you show them then that is the best way to make a believer of them. So no, we should keep talking about it. Then when we educate people on that they will be more accepting of the bigger picture which is the illuminati in our government and running America behind the scenes. Illuminati in the media should be the first step to showing people that this is real. Good Job Vigilant! Keep it up!

  40. I am not holier than thou and never claimed to be, that is what you assume. That is your right to assume what you want because what you think about me or vice versa doesn't even matter. You say I seem pessimistic, again, that is your right…I am a realist. Hebrew is not rhetoric it is truth and it is my choice to know my history and your choice to not know, obviously. Keep calling on jesus, the dude down in Mexico, I am sure he will save you. You do not have to believe me but I do not make these facts up, they are for all to see. Happy hunting

  41. To Jay you might want to stop with your holier than attitude. You seem pessemisic and all that Black Hebrew Isrealite rhetoric won't save you, only believing on He That Shed His Blood For THe Repentance Of Sins. Raphael your absolutely right, regardless what goes on in this life if you have not accepted The free gift of Salvation found ONLY in JESUS then you have much more to worry about than the Illuminati's plans for global domination. Once one has accepted Christ the cares of this world become more and more trivial and non important, and a FELLOWSHIP with Christ takes on a more prominent role in our lived. To all reading this please come to Jesus believe me you will be glad throughout eternity that you did. May God bless you all.

  42. *chuckling* I LOVE how Beyonce's I am…world tour DVD is being advertised on this website *chuckling* GET EM BEY'…I LOVE THAT LADY!!!

  43. I'd read books for info. Going to the internet for info will fill you full of misinformation. Or is that the point D. Banner?? I smell the stench of a washed up agent.

  44. And I am not here to "amaze" nor "amuse" you, raphael. I will say this "For many are called, but few are chosen" Mattithyahu (Matthew) 22:14…

    I am not here to judge, just taking the time to inform. I am always willing to learn and listen and will make an educated decision once I have researched the information, as we all should.

    Thanks for being so vigilant, vigilant citizen! Jesse Ventura did a show about that New World Airport and it was unreal! I think they bank on us believing it is too sinister to be real. Thanks for posting the Georgia Guidestones as well…not too many people are aware.

    • No. I was wrong. The more I read your comments, the more they taste like Messianic Jew. Hmm. I'm praying even harder for you.

  45. And honestly Raphael you are worried about the wrong things. Instead of worrying about what "christian" means, which you should be aware, be worried about the GMO food in food bill S.510, be worried about your, our, 1st and 2nd amendment rights being tampered with, be worried about an amendment to the Constitution that allows "no term limits" on the presidency, let's worry about Camden, New Jersey, a city with the 2nd highest crime rate in america, losing 340 police officers and firefighters today. How will they feed their families let alone who will protect the city? New York has closed fire departments at night….who will respond to those in need? California Police have stopped taking calls in regards to grand theft auto, burglary? Illinois has a 66% tax hike in effect and Obamacare repeal is being voted on tomorrow? Clayton County Georgia has suspended public bus service…Alabama has illegally stopped paying pensions…States are selling off capitol buildings and schools to settle debt? Ever think who is buying these buildings since fed is broke? China, Al Quada?

    • I worry about the right things Jay, trust me on this one. When all the bills and GMOs are gone whether you are Christian or not it's gonna be the only issue. I'm amazed you know so many things thou you miss on the biggest one…

      • One thing we can agree on in the end it doesn't matter if you are Canadian, American, black, white, green, brown, purple, whatever. Yahuahshua was, is and always be a Hebrew so I do not need nor desire to know French. I study Hebrew and there are 22 letters in the alphabet. "C" is most definetely not one of them nor "J". Again, I am not here to argue with you. I pray the truth spreads rapidly and I definetely do not believe being a "christian" is going to meet any criteria.. Religion is man made Faith is from Elohim. I have faith.

        2 Kepha (Peter 3:9) "Yahuah is not slow to the promise, as some count slowness, but is patient toward us. Not wishing that any should perish but that all shall come to repentance."

        We need to be getting what little monies we have out of the bank before they pull an "Argentina" and we wake up broke…more broke than we already are.

  46. Jay is the same Jay. I will never leave my family alone until they come to the truth. Do not blame me I am just stating the facts. Yahuahshua (jesus) was persecuted so I welcome it. I am aware that every day of the week and names of months are pagan, hence I did not refer to the Sabbath as being on "Saturn-day"..it is the 7th day. Scripture backs that up and research will further back up anything I have stated. I am not on here to argue with anyone, believe what you will. Believers have eyes to see things others can't so I am not surprised by your comments. And why would I refer to myself as a "christian"? We are all descendants of Adam, David, Abraham, Solomon, Makeda (Queen of Sheba)….if anything I will refer to myself as child of royalty…doesn't get much better than that lineage!

    On another note, I hope you are aware the Gabby Giffords incident was contrived to further the Big Brother gun movement. Breaking news, shooting at LA high school….Mind control is real people. I bet you are the dude who will "see something say something" calling Janet Napolitano on somebody geez I repeat do not allow yourself to be dumbed down.

    The American Heritage Illustrated Encyclopedic Dictionary tells us the etymology for the word CRETIN:

    cre-tin (kre-tin, kret'n) n. 1. One afflicted with Cretinism. 2. A fool; an idiot. [French, cretin, from Swiss French, crestin, CHRISTIAN,

    hence human being (an idiot being nonetheless human).]

    • Wrong. I'm Canadian and I know my French better. There are two distinct words in French: one is crétin (idiot) and the other one is Chrétien (Christian). They resemble somewhat, some even say they have an etymological common root, but they are totally different words. Furthermore not only the word Chrétien (Christian) is much older then the word crétin (so it has nothing to do with whatever words were invented later) but also Christianity (both the word and the faith) were not founded by the French. This means that a French word cannot alter or change the meaning of an originally Greek word. I'm totally surprised that a guy as smart as you seem to be can fall for such cheap tricks.

    • Raphael is correct. Other than that, forgive me, I don’t remember the verse at the moment in the Bible, but the first group of Jesus followers had been dubbed “Christians” a.k.a. followers of Christ. Now, at that time, there was a strong negative connotation with the word. Basically, being a Christian was deemed an idiotic thing to do based on the ideas that Jesus taught at the time (loving your enemy, for example — lol — I can just hear the snide remarks of the unbelievers now, “Psst. Did that crazy Jew say love your enemy? He’s crazy. Who does that?”) So, there you have it, Jay. I have a feeling that you are a Seventh Day Adventist. I’m praying for you.

  47. Every time I hear most of these Rap artists – makes me realize how ignorant and dumb they are. Still playing the race card, yet still dropping the N word. I bet MLK Jr. is proud of these young black men – Making his Dream turn into a nightmare. And in their typical vain outlook on life they fail to see the effect their lyrics have on young black youth, or these days to all youth, and young adults / adults who still haven’t grown up. Illuminati topic aside – these guys are a disgrace.

  48. The elite bet on fact that any and everyone has a price tag…what vigilant is saying is spot on b/c most of these artist may very well not be personally be affliated w/ the Illuminati's agenda, but b/c they see dollar signs will do whatever they're told to do & for a lot of artists, they have been dreaming of being famous since they were little & will do anything to make that dream come true. Of course that's what the elite prey on, thus a good girl will go bad or a nerd or gay guy will put on pounds & become a thug sterotype. I feel it's unfair to blame the artist, so much & that's what most sites about the elite's agenda tend to do. It's like blaming the ho for turning tricks, but ignoring the pimp who put her out there to do it…

    • That is where the dilemma lies…"it's like blaming the ho for turning tricks, but ignoring the pimp who put her out there to do it…." great point, but, if there is one thing we can all agree on is that we were given free will. One can be presented with an opportunity but one has to choose whether to take it or to leave it. Which is why we are here in this world to begin with…"which choice are you going to make"? are you going to accept responsibility or place blame? My granny raised me, I was beat (as most black children were it seems, just my opinion) to the point I felt it was abuse…I have been discriminated against and I could go on and on…BUT I say "it could have been worse" and my granny did that cuz she was raised that way and she could have learned a diff way but she CHOSE not too. I am not blaming her for that I am accepting that our Father does what he does and allows Satan to test us for the greater good. And, yes, for those of you who don't know your Scripture…HaSatan (adversary) sits near Elohim and says "look, look at them being evil"….but our Father is growing more tired of that and will cast him out soon…the question has never been a question of "if" but "when"

  49. i wouldn't take david banner seriously about anything, being the only song i know by him begins with, "cum girl, i'm trynna get your p***y wet"

  50. And Also my suggestion to these music artist is THEY look up the facts and do the research. They are completly ignorant of their surroundings (or maybe not)- our eyes are open.

    • Not at all knocking your post, but these artists know what they are doing. Trying to get us off the real topics at hand. While we entertaining their jibberish, this is what is being said this very moment "Beijing has concluded that the U.S. is in decline and that now is the time to seek more global influence." Don't take my word for it…research yourselves…you on the computer now, google it. Their is an article "5 reasons to change your currency over now to Chinese" aka the yuan (prounounced "yen"). Why y'all think gold is so expensive? Because when the dollar is officially obsolete, because it is now, gold may be the only rival to the yuan and no one will have gold cuz we trying to maintain our bills and debt right now. Argentina woke up one morning and the government seized all personal assets (google it) and then a U.S. judge seized the assests from them!

      It all comes down to what side you on…this battle is bigger than government, the elite and us. This is a long brewing battle between Elohim and HaSatan and you are either with one or the other. Look up "bohemian grove"…check the Department of Homeland S…site and FEMA site…the info is in our faces but the elite rely on us watching CNN and calling it a day. They laugh in our faces…like the info is right there in our faces?!? I wish I had woken up sooner than just recently but believe me ignorance is not bliss. Nobody said knowing the truth would be easy…is it ever?

      And riddle me this…why are they moving Plum Island to Kansas Manhattan, the cattle belt?

      • They calling for a food shortage…manufactured one anyway…stock up now so you won't be eating that genetically modified corn and fish….Kroger got Barilla Pasta 10 for 10 dollas…Pasta is filling and you can cook that without electricity….work smarter not harder. Stock up on ya water. It's like Chris Rock says…."Uncle Sam is the uncle that molested you"…lol …you can look that one up too…i am not perfect but I strive to be. I am informed and strive to be more prepared but you have to have a sense of humor with your seriousness because we know in the end we are going to be lauging and the elite will be crying when Messiah returns. Be vigilant and endure…don't settle for instant gratification when an eternity awaits. I could go on and on but Ima let this one simmer and pray for all you guys that you continue to see with open eyes and accept the truth not shun it..and keep me in yours

  51. Some people are going to deny it even to themsleves that they sold thsemselves to the devil. There is no halfway, either your are IN or you ARE OUT (and in reality, we are all out, because the devil wins in the end when making a deal with him).

    As far as I am concerned, we all have sold our souls to devil. We go on praising GOD, but we hold the ultimate confinding energy blocker right in our back pocket – MONEY. The root of all evil (or at least the #1 tool) and we continue to support it. You can't have both. Either your or IN, or you are OUT. And utlimately, all of us will need a REBIRTH to break the chains that have tied generations of ourselves and our families down.

    • Correction: The Love of money is the root of all evil. There's nothing with money it's when you worship it, then the problem starts.

  52. David Banner and 9th Wonder are artist and producers that would not be "entitled" enough to even have the Illuminati consider putting images in their music videos or their songs. They are speaking out of their ass because they are not aware- they know just as much as you and I do. He says blame the higher ups. there is no one to blame here. As I see it, just like if all girls refused to shakes their behinds in videos- they would have to create a different imagery. I think the same thinking applies to Artist and the Iilluminati. These artist laugh it off, but if it was me I would be upset that people think I am a part of something so wicked. You tell people to do their research online? seriously? Vigilant delivers very powerful articles, but anyone would tell you to hit the books to find out this information. they know that the music artist are not the elite they just get better oppurtunities than others in the industry that is "not down". It isn't a black and white thing anymore, I agree, it really is Good vs. Evil.

  53. This idiot pulled the race card SMH. Hey David if your black brothers don't flash those symbols in their videos, we wouldn't be having this disccussion. Instead of blaming everything on the white men, how about telling your fellow artists to stop associating themselves with images that are known freemasonry.

    • What is the race card? And please tell me what does it look like? Can I use it to buy a mansion or anything that will give me a pass because I am black? I hear this term so damn much, there must be an application I can fill out and suddenly get my RACE CARD! Or do I get a pass because I am black. And for your information, Banner wasn't pulling that tired race card – a term I am so damn sick of hearing and reading about. He was talking about the fact that the elite – those who really control the corporations and political power of the world are white. And yet the focus is always shift toward particular black artists in music as if these musicians somehow are actually apart of the "elite." They are not. Simply pawns in a much larger game by more powerful WHITE individuals. So before you rely on that tired ass race card bullshit, look deeper into the picture. I understand where Banner is coming from and his frustration on the illuminati talk. The internet is running wild with these theories and distorted what the illuminati really mean. And the same damn thing goes for Viligant Citizen. Banner was simply saying take it to the people who are truly AT the root of the problem (THE WHITE ELITE) and not the entertainers themselves. Dumb ass.

  54. there is nothing we can do about it. unless we come together and make some noise its all gonna be word of mouth and subliminal messages and symbolism…Its crazy how we talk all this s**t in the comments but we never do anything we aint making any moves its like were just in the way; not even an obstacle. We aint gonna stop anything by commenting on an article.

    • The elite know that we as a people will never "come together"…too many lazy people waiting on a handout. We are the most obese country…all the sodas, fast food…Talk about "cash for clunkers"…wait til you see "food for guns"….food prices will be so high, people will trade guns for food and a disarmed people equals slavery. They got the FEMA camps ready for us….the elite have underground bunkers and silos for themselves. We will more than likely be knocked off the power grid in 2012 due to the "solar flares"…everyone wants to joke about "the end of the world 2012"…..it will be the end of the world AS WE KNOW IT….I mean what will peeps do without power? It is hard to imagine….watch the series "Jericho" and imagine that times 100..when that happens think of all the druggies that will be "feenin"…breaking into stores, pharmacies, your HOME….

      Stock up on guns and ammo before it is outlawed and you are required to have a bground check at a gun show which means they can track you, come to your home and take them! Bill Gates wants to track us thru phone gps to make sure babies have vaccines…i mean come on….

      Laugh now, cry later….or be prepared now, and vigilant always….the latter sounds best to me!

  55. I agree that these artist are not a part of the illuminati, but are puppets.

    Its kinda like when people say, "How do the drugs get in the projects, black people don't have boats, planes or other high-tech vehicles to get it here? But the small time dope dealers do have the option to sell or not to sell drugs. Just like these artists, they have the option to sell or not to sell these ideas. They are perfectly aware of their actions, such as what their music and videos represent. But just like the drug dealer, they want to get rich quick. And just like the drug dealer, they too are poisioning people, their own people at the

    Believe me we all have the freedom to make choices. Now once they've made this initial choice its a different story once the rituals begin.

  56. Thanks vc and the rest of y'all for pointing out that the artist are just sell out pawns. The sheeple should certainly know this. Banner and other artist are just afraid of getting their lights turned off. they are just being used to spread disinformation to the blacks gossiping around their kitchen tables who will be blind sided when their immune systems are attacked or their tv converter boxes make them feel funny. I m more concerned with the black youth who know that they nearing the nwo but can't do s**t about it. What are they suppose to do but get jiggy with willow??? Is our system too corrupted to just make a new one or we just gotta go with it until we are the faces on the dia? Im hella concerned about this race war propaganda cus yea their against the masses but po and black is a f'd circumstance. I mean a riot would be too easy to diffuse and that'd be all it amounts to.

  57. I don't understand, how is it possible for jay z to know the handshake, use their symbols in his clothing line, and get so successful if he's not in the illuminati? All of a sudden he became this great business man, became friends with some of the richest people in the industry, and married the woman that people consider as the hottest chick in the game..I think that's a lot for someone that's not a member.

    • In order to understand you have to think outside of the box… Our goal is to develop and maintain a following, if I give these people an idol, who represents them at some point in life, a "n***a from the streets" who "had to slang crack" to make it in these rough streets. If I can have you believe he made it from a poor neighborhood to being one of the "richest" people on the planet, having the finest chick in the world on his arm, and rubbing elbows with the "elite"… then YOU CAN TOO… By taking advice from this idol and emulating his life choices.

      Ask yourself, if Jay-Z wanted to, could he end world hunger? Can Bill Gates? The answer is, if you factor in everyone who can provide for themselves… Jay-Z maybe, Bill Gates definitely with money to spare, will they? hell no never. And why? Is it because he has to sustain his celebrity status so much that spending that much money will ruin his celebrity, or is it because he is not allowed by an outside force… Can Jay-Z talk with world leaders and squash the disagreements between N & S Korea, or resolve the Israel Palestine conflict? Can Jay-Z bring the price of gas down? Does he even have say so in these areas? NO… This guy is not a member by far, he's the b***h you tell to go out on stage and look pretty.

    • Kristina is right on point. How can Jay-z have all these symbols in his videos and slick lines about secret societies, amass half a billion dollars as a rapper/business man and be in the company of real business men like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, ect from being a rap artist… He'll No! Sorry dude and other artist like him are PAWNS, and WILLING PAWNS at that.

  58. i agree with the rappers. YOu want to make a difference vigilant? put the real people in power on blast. Put George Bush on blast. F***ing Henry Paulson. He was the lunatic that franticly demanded that 700 billion dollar bail out. He got his money and disappeared off the face of the earth. Dont even go for the president…. since now we are so censored dont be surprised if your website gets shut down. But what about Bernacke and the sharks at the fed. Or what about those people running bank of america??? Those are the people to watch out for ! they are always behind the scene! Time to shed some light on them!

    • yep. You're so right. Observing and commenting on what small fish have to say will get us nowhere. Because like it or not this way we play along: we are getting the messages sent via the industries' puppets… But this is what they wanted us to do! They want us to watch mesmerized while they grab the riches and leave the sinking boat. Do you have any idea how may rich people are leaving the US? Lots of them people, including celebrities. Does anyone keep the track? How many of Obama's administration people have already left? It's definitely not a good sign when the White House Chief of Staff leaves, or the Director of the Office of the Budget for that matter. And there are many others who left too. I wonder why? What do they know that we don't? Why is Canada practically fusing with the US? Our laws are changing without us being notified! Why did our governments sign a treaty where both countries' military can intervene on the other one's territory in case of 'emergency'? So many unanswered questions…

  59. Constant Readers of this site should be saying….

    ummmm, yeah, we already know this thanks to VC … Maybe you should choose different vocabulary so you can reach the young with respect. ….

  60. I also like to add most artist knew crap about the Illuminati. They learned along side us. So they should be thanking people like VC. Artist like Jay Z know damn well what he is doing, and Miss Sasha Fierce & Rihanna do too. Most of them know ! The ones in the million dollar bracket know for sure. They just don't care, all they see are dollar signs, and in exchange the masses are led to believe they are so great ! They get to be on fake Forbes list, win 20 grammy's.The rest are catching on the same way we caught on. It's up to them to stop being used and mistreated !

  61. David Banner is just mad because they use the crap out of his black A as well ( no offense I can say that) he has numerous of glow in the dark, i'm Illuminati and so forth videos on WsHH. I talk about black, white, Osama who is brown whoever…but the main things is I don't have to turn on the tv and listen to those jerks. I can't even cut on my radio, or watch a video without seeing a devil, or a stupid occult video. It's not our fault we don't see the persons behind the scenes. We see Jay-Z and them. David please shut up "has been". Every artist that has enough guts to discuss the Illuminati, career is gone with the wind. When you had a couple of albums selling you wasn't conversation about the Illuminati. We know most artist black or white or only getting used and if thats what we choose to be the topic of our conversation then so be it. We talk about Bush knowing about Sept 11, we talk about Gaga, we talk about Bill Gates so David Banner can go to hell ! On top of that he didn't deny the allegations, only pointed the finger to the white folks. Banner screw u and them and all the rest of them !!!!

  62. Good take on the interview. I understand the anger from David Banner, but it's bigger than him being pissed off. The music is killing/dumbing the youth. I only took notice of the illuminati through the pop culture and so I think it's sufficient to focus on it. From pop culture I learned to look at what's going on and connect it to the bigger picture. You reach people where they are in order to help them understand.

  63. Vig said:

    "2. I believe the debate about races has expired years ago. It is not about Blacks versus Whites anymore. It is about the elite versus the masses. The more we advance towards a New World Order, the more people of all colors will be treated equally: as a “bewildered herd”. "

    Once again, I couldn't have said it any better myself, Vig.

    All of our brothers and sisters of all colors and tongues need to begin seeing this – and I mean REALLY seeing it for the evil it truly is. Divide and conquer….along racial lines, male/female, gay/straight, religious differences, rich/poor………..it's all part of the biggest scam ever pulled on this planet. And I'm sad to say most people are falling for it, and have been for centuries. The elite rule and keep everyone else busy, confused and at each other's throats….so they won't ever wise up and go after the throats of those who are actually to blame for the majority of the crimes and problems in this world we all share.

    We need to continue our education (and not in universities) about these facts, and all come together to combat these people and the destruction they are causing in our world, in so many ways that we often don't even realize, until it's too late.

    Peace to all, and thanks again, Vigilant.

    • Seriously. Divide and conquer. Whenever someone with a big suburban mansion, $1000 shoes, and several SUVs starts telling you to blame the blacks / whites / illegal immigrants / gays / Muslims / atheists / Christians / whoever for the world's problems, well, you can be sure they're trying to deflect attention away from themselves. You want truth? Listen to the people who ask you to reach across these fake cultural divides and communicate with each other lovingly. Check out this old video (1986?) from Johnny Rotten and Afrikaa Baambaata: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZuL2kvEaWrw "Nationalities are fighting with each other/ Why is this? Because the system tells you."

      Oh, wth, here are the lyrics, you vigilant citizens will appreciate the whole thing:

      Speak of the destruction. (x3)

      This is a world destruction, your life ain't nothing.

      The human race is becoming a disgrace.

      Countries are fighting with chemical warfare.

      Not giving a damn about the people who live there.

      Nostradamus predicts the coming of the Antichrist.

      Hey, look out, the third world nations are on the rise.

      The Democratic-Communist Relationship,

      won't stand in the way of the Islamic force.

      The CIA is looking for you.

      The KGB is smarter than you think.

      Brainwash mentalities to control the system.

      Using TV and movies – religions of course.

      Yes, the world is headed for destruction.

      Is it a nuclear war?

      What are you asking for?

      This is a world destruction. Your life ain't nothing.

      The human race is becoming a disgrace.

      The rich get richer.

      The poor are getting poorer.

      Fascist, chauvinistic government fools.

      People, Moslems, Christians and Hindus.

      Are in a time zone still searching for the truth.

      Who are you to think you're a superior race?

      Facing forth your everlasting doom.

      We are Time Zone. We've come to drop a bomb on you.

      World destruction, kaboom, kaboom, kaboom!

      This is the world destruction, your life ain't nothing.

      The human race is becoming a disgrace.

      Nationalities are fighting with each other.

      Why is this? Because the system tells you.

      Putting people in faceless categories.

      Knowledge isn't what it used to be.

      Military tactics to control a nation.

      Who wants to be a president or king? Me!

      Mother Nature is gonna work against you.

      Nothing in your power that you can do.

      Yes, the world is headed for destruction.

      You and I know it, cause the Bible tells you.

      If we don't start to look for a better life,

      the whole world will be destroyed in a time zone!

  64. We all need to step back and learn how the industry works, since i studied the industry for quite sometime, it is fact that the artist is not even a PAWN, they are PAWNS, of the PAWNS!

    Your probably like WTF? But let me break it down.

    1. Most artists don't write there own SONGS! That's why I get angry when people are like OMFG RIhanna is singing about worshipping the DEVIL she is IN IT OMFG! This is false. One song can have many MANY writers. Most songs are not even written by the artists featured on it. S**t at times the song is already WRITTEN before the song is purchased by an artist!

    2. Videos. People be like OMFG you seen that Jay-Z video where he does such and such? Guys, Artists aren't in control of their videos. The video director is, which is usually the decision of the label. Artists have LITTLE to NO input of what goes into their videos, yes the hand gestures they do here and there are there input, but all the crazy, OMG stop the video at 33 secs and you see the devil, is out of there reach.

    Thats just two points i can go on and on. Such as the clothes artists wear that show freemason symbols which are usually picked out by stylist, and although many artists say they don't have one its BULLSHIT. Album covers also have little to no input yada yada yada.

    • absolutely! Now that we as a community realize the signs/symbolism, now its time to investigate the methods or more adequately put the "PAWNS OF THE pawns"

    • Don't forget about the Denver Airport murals and sculptures. This alone is concrete proof that the artists are told what to create. I sure hope nobody thinks that they just picked some painter/sculptor and said, "Go ahead and do whatever you feel should belong there."

  65. I have to agree somewhat with what the entertainers expressed in the article. It's time to move on from talking about symbolism in videos to exposing the puppetmasters. Let's talk about David Geffen. Let's talk about why the Pope released a top 10 best albums that included the Beatles' white album, Pink Floyd and Michael Jackson's Thriller, highly suspicious choices for any Christian organization. Let's talk about Ronnie Chasen getting murdered in the middle of Beverly Hills. Who are the heads of the record companies and what shady ish have they been associated with? Who owns the companies that release all of symbolism laden videos, movies, etc? Is there a financial trail to any other organizations that were under investigation for child trafficking or drug smuggling? Any financial trails to the CIA or political figures? Which record companies actually have satanic rooms where records can be "blessed"?

    Enough with Rihanna covering one eye in her latest video, Gaga wearing feline prints and Jay-Z throwing up the roc. I've researched a lot od hte first paragraph on my own and it's time to expose the people at the top.

    • true in deed anyone notice u cant find s**t revealing about mr.geffen on youtube:) and how he's everybodys friend lol devils advocate indeed peep where his family originates from.

    • At the very top is intergenerational bloodlines like the house of rothschild, rockefellers, astors, duponts etc (international banking families) The Vatican, The royal family, club of rome, builderburg group, royal institute for in ternational affairs,cecil rhodes, the round table, trilateral commission etc Basically anywhere theres money and power in the world is part of this. Freemasonry is the glue holding it all together

    • This is how I feel. It's time to expose the people at the top. I don't care about the little music video on MTV anymore. I wanna know the big agenda I wanna take out all the people who are running this world.

  66. It's not white vs black its rich vs poor the sooner we realize this the sooner we can change things. David banner is funny calling people cowards but I doubt he has the heart to criticize Israel or Zionism because if he did his career would be a wrap. Also Gabrielle good post im glad you can see through this maybe david banner was made to do that interview as another divide and conquer tactic.

  67. "Illicit"? You mean "elicit"?

    The tape of the movie "Original Gangstas" has a rap video after the movie. The song contains the line, "Now we got Illuminati all on our backs".

    • yeah i remember that movie/song but the artist prodigy of mobb deep has alway's talked about them bein on his back he's currently in jail now for a gun charge that he claims could have been erased had he cooperated with law enforcement on settin up his boss curtis jackson . google it or reference youtbe. but bottom line the man ben talkin bout the eye chasin him since 1996.. gimmick or outlaw you decide

      • couldn't have been a gimmick….but you are so right. To think people didn't even understand what he was talking and was calling him "wack"

  68. i can appreciate the views you have derived from this but . it's not about pop culture or hip hop . the topic at hand flows in to every aspect of our live's if the mission at hand is to bring any and everyone whom is willing to have an openmind about the true nature of the world .then i feel you must shed light on all area's . the dullest crayon in the box can come in handy in time's of desperation . unfortunately you must project certain topics on a spectrum where the most common of folk can have an opportunity to rethink what is suggested to them on a daily basis. let's be honest among urban seectors this illuminati topic is like a new fad so we have all kind's of expert's contributing to the world's largest haiku. we can bring attention to any and everything but bottom line doe's anyone really know what to do when the hershey hits the fan?

  69. This interview was a waste of time in that (1) Majority of people know that the political and global events perpetrated by the Illuminati is about the ELITE VS THE MASSES. (2) Neither David Banner nor 9th Wonder spoke on the evil within the industry from the symbolism within the videos, back masking, how the elite finance artists for mass programming on the population. David Banner sounded ignorant and tried to throw the reader off by his comment of "I'm going to keep this one to myself" and "Im learning more and more everyday that everything ain't for everybody". Both these dudes know if they start devulging real information on the impact of the elite in the entertainment industry, their careers are done with. Both guys disappointed me, but I don't expect pawns to make significant moves in a game of this magnitude.

    • feel ya knoxx and in DB'S WORD'S ya light's will go off so why would he rock the boat the man had some good point's but turned it in to a racial debate to dumb it down i felt.

      • they are starting a race war and they dont see that. it's the white people, wow daivd you know who to hit not all white ppl are bad,just the ones that got money and everything they need are pure evil.
        Because if you have everything you need you wouldn't need the man above you. He is the real( i'am) The one and the only one that will expose the fakes for what they are he will bring you down to your knees, and wont be evil about nor nice. So before you so called rappers go off and protect you own kind we are all human but with out real people yall couldn't make it with out us turning on the station with yall music playing, you talking about the USA what about cross country yall got all this money but cant donate or go over there and give the people the things they need like what we got over here yall talk about all this money yall got but far as i see its only few that would help or stand up. When your in the music industry it plane and simple to see that you all are self you love your fans then stop hiding behind body guards like yall s**t dont stank stop trying to make us seem like we dont know what's going on out here in the world, we out here yall in hell following orders, We have to do to raise our kids , what yall doing to busy trying to sacrifice for more fam. karma is a bad b***h and i hope all of yall ready to meet her because your fam wont last long enjoy the fancy wine, the fancy cars, the jewelry, the gold diggers, Im glade im a low class middle class citizen cause unlike yall i have a soul and i dont follow nobody rules. i live my life to the fullest. i rather be broke then have money and cant spend it because its not mine, everything yall got can get snatch back just as fast as yall got it that why yall wont speak out or wont say nothing cause yo life depend on it, and yall (Soul). so stop playing these fukk up as parts. Back i the day the had rich and poor . you didnt get rich of music they got rich of there minds. So to all you dick in the booty rappers if you not gay dont let them turn you. And for those who signed them long as contracts with them fines as prints because all they see is the numbers. yall the fools.

  70. in this interview he sounds like hes mad at the sheeple, for confusing whos really in power(white ppl) lol

    and hes not telling us anything we dont already know…hes is just confirming they exist and do operate in the music industry. thats all I got from his interview

    and JAY Z knows what he is doing…just like he knew selling crack to ppl is wrong, he still did it.

  71. i noticed more curse words that actual information regarding the questions being answered so i pretty much was lost though that i understood but nothing stood out for me, i agree with Lamar about the devil wanting the souls of men, he dont like us at all so he will try to do all he can to take us with him, all these celebs promote everything but Jesus, money cars and all that and I can conclude that they are lovers of themselves nd not lovers of Christ, they say to much and do to much that is the opposite of the life we need to live under Jesus Christ, all music isnt bad and has meaning to it but alot of the limelight rappers n singers do to much to stay on top and submit to the world instead of Christ…

  72. I agree with everyone, as well as David Banner. He knows what he`s saying and he even subliminally told us "I can`t say too much or else". People have been putting out incorrect info about the illuminati and all parties involved and THAT is causing all of the problems. For me, all he did was confirm that the illuminati is here to stay and if you say too much or show that you know too much, that`s your ass.

    As far as his views on race, he was pretty hot and cold at the same time. Historically, the illuminati were white. However that doesn`t mean your little black ass can`t be their pawn and do their dirty work. But then again, had he said the truth (that race is a non issue and will be obscolete in a matter of years) he wouldn`t be the David Banner we all know and love.

  73. At the end of the day, we are all in the same boat. The elite don't care what color you are. I am African American also, and don't go around blaming other groups of people for minorities problems. I know we all don't have the same chances in life, but it's what you do with the opportunities to be better that counts. He did continuously curse for no reason to be honest. I know he was emotional, but if he really was sincere he could have answered the questions a lot better.

    He does live in Mississippi, and yes racism is very real. And being from the south, I know what he is talking about.

    But when this world comes to an end, and Christ comes back, the skin color of our fellow man won't matter. All the race finger pointing will stop. The Elitists and other weirdos from the Illuminati will all be judged the same as the rest of us. Repent, pray, and be baptized for your sins. It's the only way to combat the foolishness of the world. Remember Jesus is the light of the world, and it is through him in and only him that can leave darkness!

    • When are the "African-Americans" going to stop causing their own racial tension? I bet every one of their relatives are rolling over in their graves because they worked tirelessly and suffered greatly to gain equality for their upcoming generations. And how do the later generations say thanks? By calling themselves n****s! It's so cool to disrespect yourself and then point the finger at everyone else. How narrow-minded of him to think that most people who believe in the Illuminati agenda are only blaming the black "artists" for participating! It was just too convenient that he completely ignored the whites of the music industry that are also slated as being slaves such as Lady Gaga, Pink, Spears, Aguilara, etc.! I didn't add Madonna or Cher to the list because I believe they are high priestesses and not among the slave category. I can't stand the blacks that still feel slighted. I'm a woman and it pisses me off that girls today are encouraged to be unintelligent, sex objects, but I don't go around saying, "Come on, my hos, let's not allow them to keep us under their thumb!" As soon as SOME "African-Americans" stop playing the race card, this "Irish-Greek-American" ho will be happy (now how ignorant did I just sound? By the way, I've never been to Greece or Ireland. How many African-Americans have visited Africa?). Get with the program, angry humans! The elite don't care if you're black, white, yellow, red, male, or female. We're all useless eaters to them!!! It's about turning everyone against each other, so get over yo' black selves and demonstrate some self-respect so your ancestors can stop rolling in their graves. I have the same to say to white hos: Stop dressing and acting like tramps and bimbos! Start showing some respect and appreciation for the female ancestors who fought for your rights to have more freedoms and not be used as sexual pawns! In the words of Bill Cosby: Sick and tired – and tired always follows sick.

      • People are free to call themselves whatever they want: black, African-American, Super-Human American…whatever. That is not the problem. And, your comments are far too general. I assure you, the overwhelming majority of black people do not drop the n-bomb, dress like w****s, etc. This is a part of the community that gets waaaayyyy too much attention. I wonder who wants you to focus on everything that has gone wrong in the black community rather than the many, many success stories? I wonder who never focuses on the root cause of the problems that plague a certain segment of the black community? I wonder who's got you believing this troubled segment of the black community represents the entire black community?

        For someone who claims to be "Not Blind" you sure missed that by a mile.

      • I think you need to read my post again. I never even mentioned black girls dressing like w****s. I also guess you missed where I put the word 'some' in all caps to stress that I don't think every member of the black community act and talk that way. I'll also assume that you didn't see that I quoted Bill Cosby. He spoke at a college graduation a few years back and voiced his disgust at how the black youth act. He wasn't shy about showing his anger towards the use of the word n***a and how it's used among the blacks either. Regarding the title African-American, I honestly believe that a hyphenated description shouldn't be used unless someone physically moved from a country and became a citizen of another country and/or possesses dual citizenship. I guess if I wanted, I could move to Africa and call myself American-African once I became a citizen. I just think that some titles that used to ring true don't anymore once generational gaps have watered it down. The English language is always morphing. Don't worry though. Pretty soon we're all going to have to call ourselves Earthlings anyways.

      • Very truthful your tongue-in-cheek comments 'Not blind', both of them and I think whoever argues with that didn't really get your point. I also agree with you on the 'African-American' appellative. I don't know who came up with it but I think it makes people of color no favor. Because when you call a person black or white (based on their skin color) you make a quick description of the person based on observation and it's not supposed to be an insult. I mean neither blacks are really black nor whites are really white, people only adopted these basic colors because they are faster said and written. Just imagine how much time and imagination would take to find more appropriate color descriptions like coffee complexion, light-brown, peach, dark-creme, etc. On the other hand I find the African-American denomination really ill-willed as it puts distance between races. I mean when you call a black American who's ancestors are in US for centuries an African American you practically strip him of his American identity. You automatically set him apart from the American community and send him back (at least mentally) to his African origins. Sounds to me like saying 'he's not from here, he's from Africa and regardless how many centuries will pass, him and his offspring will always be Africans'. Not to mention that a lot of black Americans' ancestors don't even come from Africa!

      • Raphael, so far I really admire your comments. ^_^ I haven't read everyone so I can't be 100% certain though.

    • @ Breakdown

      I wasn't ranting at you. I was helping to expand upon your point, so I felt that my comment was best attached to your statement since you said that you were black and didn't blame other groups for any misfortunes that came your way. I'm glad we agree that the level of immaturity in the blame game is disgusting, out of control, and ignorant. When will people grow up and start taking responsibility for their own choices? It sure would be a nice change.

      • @Breakdown & Raphael,

        I think you all are kind of missing my point. You all will never really understand black culture or language because you aren’t a part of the group really. I mean, you all are outsiders looking in. And for you all to generalize makes you all sound out of touch and ignorant. Whether blacks use the “N” word or not is up to them. And yes, there are whites and other people who are not black who still refer to us by that term unfortunately.

        We aren’t the only ones on TV acting crazy, look at Jersey Shore for crying out loud! You mean to tell me that whites don’t degrade themselves on TV too! They are Italians and call themselves guidos, why? I wouldn’t refer to anyone outside of their name, and I think that TV in general has allowed too many politically incorrect terms to slide.

        So, the truth is that when every race stops degrading themselves, then we all will be better off. And as far as historical roots go, every race stemmed from Africa. When it’s all said and done we all have African roots. And I am just wondering why you think other races don’t call their women degrading names. To me, the media has painted a negative picture of blacks in general. If you look at the news, you see stories of young blacks who robbed a store or something on camera, but they neglect to address the catholic priests who molest boys on the nightly news.

        If you actually spent time with us, you’ll see that we aren’t too much different than any other group of people. We all want the same things in life, and degrading ourselves isn’t one of them.

      • wow 'Here is the breakdown', don't take it so hard man! Because see it goes both ways: whites don't fully understand black culture, mentality and language but black people also don't always get the real meaning of our reasoning. And I'm sure a lot of interracial tensions originate in these misunderstandings. Nobody said it was only in black culture to employ words or adopt attitudes that degrade their race, on the contrary I'd say (and I'm sure 'Not blind' pointed it out too) white women are the ones who not only degrade their own sex, but the whole human species! But that was not the point. The point was (from my understanding) that black people who are already discriminated should take extra care what they do and how they portray themselves, because each and every potentially damaging word or attitude will be used against them and will be pushed in the media to ridicule them and as additional reasons to discriminate against them. A minority should always be more careful than the majority! The majority doesn't even care! They set the rules (at least this is what they think :)).. Not only that but the people behind the scenes (viciously racist 'elites') are now after all the other races: look how much hatred they stirred against the Mexicans! I'm sure there are a lot of Americans today capable and willing to kill Mexicans just for trespassing the f..ng border. This is insane! Listen what they say in the news or on tv about the Palestinians, the Iraqis, the Pakistanis and more recently about the Chinese and the Koreans. As a human being, as a Christian and as a white I am ashamed and saddened about all this but it is not in my power to stop it. All I can do is pray and try to warn the targeted to open their eyes and clean their act.

  74. What David Banner fails to realize is that yea the black artist may not be the force behind the machine but the black children blindly look up to these stars unaware of the occult themes in their videos. Some of these urban youth like drake said would kill for that lifestyle not realizing that their favorite artist may have taken an oath. I don't believe jay-z has Satan's phone number in his blackberry however promoting whatever symbolism in your music that you are told just to ensure that you are "winning" is wrong. some may say its self preservation I say its selling out

  75. For me it doesn't matter wither J &B or any of the other less than talanted artist are on the high or low level the point is they are working the system and no matter what its dangerous and should not be dismissed.

  76. Thank you VC!!! I read this yesturday on AllHipHop and was happy to read some of the comments on the site. Some folks could see right through David Banner's play on words. It's like, quit playin, you know what it is bruh.

  77. david banner is worthless and should not be taken serious. talking bout its the white folks not all white people are bad. saying they the reasons black people are addicted and getting killed nah its the black folk that choose to do it no one said for anyone to buy a gun or do drugs its all by choice. its up to you to say no thats not for me. plenty of kids make it out the hood because they had the will power to do it.

    but on another note its crazy THEY just started some training for fema in my town.

    don't know what its for but the news just said training was going on.

      • @ blessed,

        true about fema training but don't forget they only gon tell you so much…they have fema camps and gravesites, plastic coffins? Staying prayed up, Scripture training and military training. Go to the range…believe me, you gon need to be a sharpshooter all these man made new age nephilim and weird animals washing ashore from Plum Island. Remember, Scripture states everything that was, is and will be. I am not a pessimist, just a realist.

  78. I was w8ing for VC to say we already knew that! Totally true – yes we dont like Jay -Z but its not like he is the 'leader' of the elite. He is a mere pathetic pawn. Truth.

  79. Remember there that god of this world (Satan) is after the human soul and he WILL DO ANYTHING TO GET IT and once you know this all these things won't surprise you all i can say is pray and receive Jesus as ur Lord and Savior. I will leave on this note the things you are seeing is nothing wat he has in store cause Satan is just Warming Up i forsee alot of evil things coming

  80. He used a lot of words but said nothing. He rather looked uninformed, and for a lack of good conversation used a lot of swear words. On the other hand vigilant you were to the point. keep informing us.

  81. everyone who has commented so far i agree with 100%, and just like gabrielle, i am African American as well. when i explain my feelings, and comments on the illuminati i make sure the person i'm talking to understands that the artist themselves arent EXCLUSIVELY IN the lilluminati. just like VC said they are the PAWNS used to distract us fromt eh real arising problems. Case in point the whole Lil kim and Nicki Minaj "Beef" was a distraction for the whole Korea problems that have been brewing…and its ashame that there are young people as well as older people out there who are both purposely missconstruding every piece of information out and who dont believe or choose not to see things for what they are when they are blantly in our faces. As for David Banner, i like some of his music; not all of it, he needs to stop with the race slinging. We are all aware of people other then black artist who are pawns in their games.

    • I also think the entertainers are pawns regardless of their skin color. But I'm almost positive there are ranks in the pawn camp too. I mean take Jay Z and Usher for example. They are NOT equal although they are both African Americans. Some are willingly cooperating (probably thinking they are going to be accepted 'IN') like Jay-Z for example and some are trying to protest or vent their frustration through their songs, like Eminem and many others. Anyway music industry slaves are never going to be accepted as anything else than what they are: slaves, whether they are black or white. But African American are particularly gullible as the white elites are EXCEEDINGLY racist and view individuals of any other color than white, as subhuman species.

    • Well said….i am african american, black whatever you wanna call me I am a child of Yahuah. All these distractions and tomorrow we will wake up with our dollar useless and the Yuan the new currency. But don't blame China…we've (the gov) has handed our power over to China on a silver platter. Look how much we owe them? 240 million jobs "lost" to China…the jobs weren't "lost"…we gave them up!!!! If you are a believer, you know that certain things will come to pass for us to get to the tribulation. What the world does is out of our hands…it is too far gone…all you can do now is be prepared and have knowledge of what is going on around you. Sidenote…next time someone says they are a "christian" be glad that you are not….Christian comes from the word "cretin" meaning "retarded"….Man, the elite have been fooling us for so long…feels good to be free of the lies.

      My family refuses to acknowledge the truth…going to church on "sun-day"…not recognizing the Sabbath..not realizing the 10 commandments are false..in Hebrew it is "the 10 words".. the Messiah wasn't poor, don't be fooled…when has anyone ever felt threatened by the poor man? He was staked(yes, he was on a stake not a cross) because he had power and was a threat to the "world"…be informed people…

      Hosea 4:6 "My people have perished for lack of knowledge…"

      • I wouldnt be so quick to say that the label given to Christ's followers mean "retarded" and if you aren't a follower of Christ, be glad that you arent one. Thats pretty brave of you say.

      • @Jay

        You are dead wrong buddy. The word Christian doesn't mean 'cretin' or retarded. The word Christian derives from the name of the Christ which is a translation from the Greek Khrist, or Khristos and means 'the anointed one'.

        Also, while it is true that the word Sunday comes from the name of the sun, as the ancient civilizations (and our 'elites' today) used to worship this celestial body, is it also true that Saturday is Saturn-day! So regardless if you hold Sunday as Saturday as holy day, their names come both from gods. But you have to remember that by the time of Jesus Christ, the days were already named. So it was really impossible to change them even if they don't have the same meaning today.

        We Christians celebrate God on Sunday because it was on this particular day that our Savior was resurrected. So live your parents alone, they are absolutely right to go to church on Sundays.

        And when Hosea was saying "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" he was referring to people like you who refuse to acknowledge the Truth.

      • I dig what you're saying Rapha, but erm just like we cannot say exactly when Christ was born (though we can definitely say without question that it was not during December), we cannot say exactly that he died on a Friday and was raised on a Sunday. Maybe I'm wrong, but so far I've just read speculations, some say Wednesday, some say Thursday. Point is, all this stuff about days does not really matter. We are here, and in existence, and days were created by the Roman system anyways. So who cares when He was born or died, or which day you worship him. We’re supposed to worship him every day of lives and in everything we do anyways, and make sure that worship does not get twisted with ways of pagan worship. That's all that matters.

      • Look up the Jonah Code on youtube, very informative series. Chrisitianity was around before "Jesus" was even born. Jesus isn't even a hebrew name so I researched Jesus to find out that Constatine I merged Yahweh and Zeus together to get Jesus. The "y" in hebrew was translated into "j". Constatine I in one day created Chrisitianity, feel free to look this up on wikipedia. The truth that I found out that was sooo right in my face and has hurt my heart and soul because I know how to count to 3, was Yeshua's death that supposedly happened on Good Friday and his resurrection on Easter Morning; which are both pagan holidays. Yeshua says he will be like Jonah in the whale, 3 days and 3 nights. Count for yourself, there are not 3 days and 3 nights between Good Friday and Easter Morning. Yeshua wasn't crucified on a friday, he was crucified on Wednesday, buried Wednesday night and rose on Saturday night. That's why he wasn't in the grave sunday morning. Constatine I officially moved the the "rest day"/church service day from Sabbath to sunday during his reign, wikipedia. Also another one that hurts is finding out what Merry Christmas means, "happy jesus death". Look it up and once you start learning the truth and doing your own research your eyes will become open, but the bad apart about learning the truth is that you cant unlearn it. So make sure you are ready to go down this road before you start!

      • @Krissey

        These are just stories cooked-up by the same people who want to install NWO. Be smart and don't fall for them. Now they're after the only thing that can save you from the mess they're creating: your faith. The hardest thing to strip people of is their soul (watch V lately?) and their faith in the Almighty Creator. Take that and what you're left with is a bunch of walking talking obedient bodies… We live fateful times so be very careful what you believe in.

      • Hey Jay you seem to be really informed. Ive heard abt some of the things uve mentioned but never really understood it or took it as truth.

      • @ Kelly,

        It is truth but please, please do not take my word for it, look it up yourself. It is much more gratifying to discover things on your own and let me tell you it was very scary at first to know I had been living a lie but I have comfort in knowing I am protected…I read this last night and I have read it before but it very much pertains to the times we live in…Job (Iyob) 5:15-22 and I implore you to read more but this is the specific passage. Every website is not true and every book is not true…you have to ponder the evidence and it will come to you. The one thing we can be sure of is that HaSatan (the adversary in Hebrew), the devil, is the master deceiver and he doesn't want us to know the truth so why wouldn't he try to hide it? It's like when Yahuah and Satan spoke in Job and Satan said he had been walking through the earth looking for mess and Yahuah said "what about my servant Job" Yahuah basically said "test Job all you want but DO NOT kill him"…We get tested all day every day but I am determined to try my best to pass them all with the help of our Father, Yahuah Elohim and his Son, Yahuahshuah. So I urge you to study for the test, the only test that matters. Again, don't allow America to dumb us down….When Yahuah cast Satan out of the garden he gave him the world( america dumbing us)…why do we pray "let it be done on earth as it is in Heaven"…cuz earth ain't right!!!! A war is going down and it ain't in Afghanistan.


      • i'm sorry, jay, but have you ever taken an actual hermeneutics class? or even a class on hebrew for that matter?

  82. nice article, cant understand why banner was gettin so outta shape when asked if he was in the illuminati, but whatever anyone who supports the nwo have no idea what they are getting themselves into. after the the governments have taken full control they wont need the entertainers anymore, PURE SHEEP

  83. I noticed that David Banner kept stating that people like Jay-z and Beyonce are not in the illuminati, I was thinking to myself, He may be right, but they sure are being used by them! Your right VC, they are pawns…..

  84. Well said VC, the artists are just being used to exploit the illuminati agenda, although they're not an actual part of the Illuminati. In a lot of instances the videos made have almost nothing to do with the lyrics. For once I'd like to hear an artist interviewed with the correct questions being asked. If the wrong questions are asked they tend to dismiss the Illuminati puppeteering as nonsense!

  85. Your comments are spot on – these artists are used as pawns to shape & mold the masses. The recent mainstream coverage of these illuminati/artist connections is nothing more than disinformation.

    The masses attach the 'lady gaga is in the illumanti' label to people (such as Vigilant and his readers) who are not saying that at all. By grouping us together, we become crazy conspiracy nuts that don't need to be taken seriously.

    It's alarming how many people truly think entertainment is JUST entertainment. We live in a culture obsessed with celebrity worship and this is no accident.


  86. like David Banner says man stop sittin about and bitchin abt jay & B man , youz are fools there jus tip of the f***in ice berg

    Get Your Head Right , and plz dont belive every thing you read Research MoFo's

    • David banner i understand that most people don't under stand Illuminati, but if you and 9 wounder care about what we, youtube and bloggers out here say about who's working with Illuminati, why don't yall expose them the once that's hire then you then the president, then yall boss, if you get tired of hearing about us talk about the main ones out here in the spot light, then stand up for us if we so much of mutha f****n cowards dont sit back and run yo mouth and dont think anyone wont stand up, the drugs, we know they doing that bring it in buying it from cross seas. We the people are stronger then (cowards) then you think. These are words from a real women that live the life yall rap about every day about women. You call the people cowards that sit and support you. you the one with the money so get up and man up and stand up. F**k The Bull S**t, One who knows and still does is as guilty as those who don't know and don't care to ask. COWARD.

      sincerely, The words of a real women!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. I hope the many youtuber's who spread disinformation about who's in the illuminati read this. It's clear some people don't bother to understand logically what's going on.


  88. PooR David Banner. he just doesn't get it . In the Fema Camps all races will be there. Does he thing he won't be in a bunk next to white man. I am AFrican American and i know that this whole black verse white thing is just another pawn to further push race wars when everything collapse. Now he is right these stars are not in the illuminate, like my man VC said they are PAWNS/PUPPETS. tHE Illuminati isn't some fraternity or gang where you do a tapdance, some complicated handshakes and your in. That's is where people get it confused. You have to be born it. Bloodlines. I hate the artists who actually KNOW the agenda.like Jay-z. That man knows what is going on and does not care. i believe Jay is so disillusioned that he think he may actually believe they are his friends and wouldn't take him out in a minute. Many of these other artists have no clue and are just doin what their handlers, video directors, management tell them to, but not him. Beyonce, im still not sure. I mean she is wearing the ring of Baphomet, but Jay her handler could have helped programmed her. The gospel group MArymary, i have thier cd and they are just a product of the christian world conforming to the world. The apostate church. Their song "god in me" little g cuz it is not the Almighty God is about how God gave them all these riches and when you see how fly they are its cuz of God. In their video, they have everybody but Christians in it.-Kanye, Amber his ex personal jezebel, Common( a muslim), Bently(puffy's boy toy, etc) Anywhoo, David is from Missippis so you can' treally knock him. They still lynching out there. Im from NY, the only people who SHOW thier racism is the cops. The average joe ain't crazy , they will talk smack behind safe closed doors..

    • I agree with what you say here.

      Divide & conquer is the oldest trick in the book. This is a HUMAN issue – the ruling elite against everyone else.


    • I so "Agree" with you and VC. I have been researching and studying this information alone with biblical information. I think these people (hiphop artist) knows the ultimate damage of what is going on and decides for the sake of their pockets to keep it going. I sill like certain artist but I think it is a shame that they are selling the propaganda for these folks to damage and control our young children. Every video, every song, the videos do not even relate to the song sung, all kinds of bull crap and for some it seems cool. I am glad their are other artist who are basically not allowing themselves to be used as puppets and pawns. It is amazing what people will do for the love of money. Keep up the good work VC.

      Thanks VC,


      • It's a damn shame David Banner seems to understand the Illuminati's system but does nothing to counter it … I see most of these Rap Artists today as nothing but Corporate Prostitutes they claim to be for the streets and for their people yet they rap poison to the youth who look up to them about selling drugs, guns, pimping women, crime, alcohol…which helps the cycle continue throughout generations like in the movie City Of Gods…. they rather keep you ignorant so they can stay getting paid that Illuminati money.

        …does he not realize there is a mass awakening to this evil system today??…does it matter if someone begins seeking the truth by rightfully questioning the occult imagery in a Jay-Z video or the events of 9/11 ??….he needs to stop with the black/white nonsense it only feeds the system…& last time i checked demons have no race….but if he wants to play that card lets look at Obama and the agenda he's helping push by exploiting Black American voters who hoped for change and deserve it as much as any other race in America…

      • Generational poverty linked with the Darwinist theory makes the logical choice to do what it takes to get YOUR family out of the cycle at the expense of the weak. Western logic says this in black and white. Is it right? F**K NO! I'm ashamed everytime I turn on the tv, but I see how the mechanism supports itself. Judgement is the issue. Fix the problem and leave judgement to karma.

    • Well said…g-d is just a title…learn the real names….Yahuah and his Son Yahuahshua….How can we think god and jesus and lord or his names? god and lord are titles…look up definition. Scriptures state that no one shall have the Messiah's name but him…how many people named "jesus" you know? And the word "bible" just means "book" in greek….the Scriptures were originally Hebrew, translated to greek, then latin, then english! Talk about lost in translation. Don't allow America to dumb you down. Be ready to be shunned and persecuted for speaking the truth and knowing the true names of our Father, Yahuah and his Son, Yahuahshua. The Scriptures state that in the end, which we are coming up on the 3rd seal (look at food prices, gas, etc.), that "a man's enemies are those of his own house"….be prepared to be persecuted for knowing the truth. Give up your idols and pagan "holidays" nothing about these "holidays" are holy…research true origin of xmas, valentine's day, halloween, etc…..don't rish your salvation trying to please the world and those who are in it.

      • as long as you have God in your heart, and try and do by his word.. i think he'll forgive us for not knowing his name from it not being in the Bible, since it was "lost in translation"…..

      • You have been blessed with being able to read and write among other things I am sure but I am aware of the first two because you responded to my post. I am saying this to say that you are more intelligent than the comment you made. Our Father forgives us until we become aware and once we are aware there is no turning back. For a reason, I was led to this site to comment on this article because I have been to this site many times before but never commented. I have posted the true names in my post and now it is up to you to research and investigate and let Him lead you. I was raised in the church all my life, baptist, celebrating all "holidays" so at 28 yrs old believe me it was difficult to accept the truth. Give up xmas? I don't think so…. Dissapoint my daughter with no halloween? Yeah right…. I mean, my family barely speaks to me but they can't save me. But I had to realize that those things are here to distract us from the truth…I could go on and on but I would be here longer than I have time. It's like no one will no you unless they know where you came from….same with the Messiah…how can you know if you don't know where he came from? And you wouldn't want someone calling you "boy" or "man"…you want them to know your name, right? Same with our Father and his Son….I have learned about many greek gods and lords…those "titles" mean nothing. Please research the Scriptures, Tanach, and pray for understanding.

      • Well said, I also grew up in a "Christian" home with many family members being ministers, deacons, evangelists, and very active in the Church. I discovered the truth a few years ago when I came across an article titled "The mistaken J" online. The article describes how the english letter J is around 500 years old, so that all bibles that claim the name of Our Lord and Savior as Jesus Christ is wrong, and that it is impossible for that name to be his real name. The article then goes on to reveal the true name of Yahweh (One true God and God of Abraham) and his son, whose name is Yeshua ("for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved." Acts4:12) This article is very eye opening and can be read here for anyone who is actually interested in learning about this deception. http://www.equipministry.com/studies/J.htm
        The bible is full of admonishments about the absurd level of deceitfulness that Satan has, such as Rev 12:9 states that Satan “deceives the entire world!” Not just Buddhists, Scientologists, Muslims, Methodists, but the ENTIRE WORLD. God himself sends a strong delusion so that the people will believe a lie. "They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie." (2 Th 2:10b-11 NIV) What really grinds my gears is that theologians are taught in seminary the true name of The Messiah yet insist on using the "traditional" name of Jesus Christ. And that is what this whole lost in translation, mistransliteration, name debate stems from, TRADITION. The question to ask now is, who established this tradition? For all of the christians out there, go study to show yourselves approved. And never blindly follow tradition.

      • Regardless what the "right" name is…the most important truth is that God had sent His only one beloveth Son to die on the Cross for sins of the world – past, present, and future – and resurect in 3 days offering salvation and eternal life for whoever believes in Him and accepts Him as his Savior. I personally believe in Jesus and Jesus is the only name I have called besides The Lord or God. English language came up with a letter J only up to 500 years ago? So what? Doesn't change the fact above.

      • do you think black ppl in america might be israelites or the tribe of Judah? read your whole post go ahead and go off another topic bro say what you want to say, man theyve been catching me up lately in this black white crip and blood s**t, just more bullshit to keep us looking at eachother, anways pce.


        I'm an African (from the Ahanti tribe of Ghana West Africa) my great grandmother always use to tell me that no matter where I go I should always know myself and who I am. I never understood this untill NOW, The solution for black people is to going back to their root. Look into history and you'll see that that it is ( Black Africans) that have been suffering. No where in the history of mankind did Africans decided to travel to other mans country, we had everything already and were content with our lives. Untill this was disrupted by the evil ones and they made sure that they would divide us WHY?? Because they knew that unless they turn us against eachother we would become too powerfull for them to handle. UNited we stand divided we Fall( remember that sying).

        You want to tell me about the sufferings of the Jewish people? They travelled to other countries by themself and endured hardship by the citizens of that country. Read the bible and this will confirm it. Nobody envaded their country and forced them to become slaves. However everybody is having pitty on them because they are the so called Chosen people of God Buls***t!. We've been brainwashed and still are. Wake up people and start going back to you roots this is the only solution to stop all this nonsense!! SANKOFA

      • Yes i do, i blieve if your roots are from the slave trade, then you are an isralite. Think about it, we have no identity it was taken from us, our names are our slavemaster names. If the powers that be, in my case the bnp ( i live in the uk) decide that they want all the blacks out of the country (by the way not exagerating, that is one of their main goals) where would we go, we have no african heritage, and we could not go back to the islands because they where/are british colonys. we can go nowhere. Us decendants from the slave trade have no identity and no land. WHY????

    • it aint a colour thing no more but it began as a colour thing – Would africa not be a great (NWO controlled) superpower instead of a weak, raped shadow of what it should be?

      Cecil Rhodes anyone?

    • Gabrella,

      I agree 100..because David Banner can say all he wants but its the fact that artists know what they are doing and saying and are agreeing to it!! So to David Banner it's like JayZ inviting Wilie Lynch over for dinner to sup at his creative table and saying " Ok Willie….tie me up and tell what we gon do today..masta!" The fact that they are allowing enslavemnet for the comfort and luxury( that in a blind mans eyes comes from the value of a dollar ) is completely thier own fault and projects the small notion that they are apart of it..even as a puppett. A comfortable, well dressed, satisfied with the destruction they are causing kind of puppett. But let the truth be known….before our end is up we will all reap what we sow…for those careless puppetts like RiRi, B and JayZ.. it'll soon be "On to the Next One!"

    • He does get it. The Black American population is a force to be reckoned with because we have a direct ancestral beef to settle with the worlds elite SPECIFICALLY. Our victory over them would be a victory for MANKIND. It's not about race, your right. Race was a construct designed by the elite to keep the masses divided. We need each other to succeed, yet we are constantly at war over sex and race, so we can never focus on the root to the problem.

    • I concur.

      I also want to let all of you know a little something about David Banner. I went to school with this dude. He is not the ignorant n-bomb dropping buffoon you see here. He's college educated and had an interest in business and politics back in the day. Like many ambitious folks with ideals, he was broken down by TPTB in exchange for money and success. Make no mistake, he is putting on an act. So clearly someone would rather he play the role of a walking talking stereotype rather than the educated ambitious man he really is. Just another sell out puppet defending other sell out puppets. Don't be fooled!!

      • Why do people ask people in the "industry" to be objective about the industry to answer these questions?

        Of course David Banner and 9th are going to try to deflect the attention away from music artist…like themselves!

        "We aren't the problem! We're just trying to make money, that's all! Go attack our bosses, this money is too good to give up for the sake of the world."

    • They are not a part of it but yet they affiliated because they are chosen to serve it so these two clowns acting like they have nothing to do with it, if you have nothing to do with it than why even be part of it, it does not make sense. You're in or you're not. It time for these artists to be held accountable, for joining these secret societies and taking on those duties and put it them in motion then when it comes time to face their lies, they back down and put it on the white man or something else then they must really stupid both of them because it is a question of having a common sense. He got the nerve on calling people cowards, I think he is the coward and the traitor all at the same time if he can not take a side and stand for something right. 2pac did it, michael jackson did it, bob marley over did it and the list goes on so f**k david banner and f**k 9th wonder plus I have heard these black folks have their own replica of the skull and bones called the boule in it with the white man as voice to the king destroying their own communities. That he does not talk about it, does he?

    • I can't believe he got the nerve to even pronounce the word coward. He must be out of his mind or stupid because it too easy to sick back and say I don't know nothing about such group if you choose to serve as one of their tools. His case is even worse because he is the one betraying his people and this whole Hip-Hop culture.

    • I'm a new rapper that's dropping a mixtape soon about all things Vigilant.

      Here's a freestyle about illuminati & hip hop inspired by this article and the readers' comments:

      In ancient times they used idols for worship/

      So they could brainwash the masses, distract em, have em immersed in/

      The type of culture with celebrity worship, man it was heavy dispersed with/

      All sorts of symbols, black magic and curses/

      Whats worse is, the same thing happens today/

      Only accelerated cuz of mass media man/

      Its like they elevate the trash they was feedin you fam/

      So you can have perez hilton in your media plan/

      Majik Panda, he be livin by the seat of his pants/

      F**k hollywood, i don't care what they're wearin, or whos declarin/

      What label is what, f**k it i swear imma keep blarin the bass from the truck/

      While all my homies wake up, yup!/

      Just raise your hand up if you worshippin satan/

      I mean its perfectly blatant but i dont want fans mistakin/

      You as, entertainers who are just entertainin/

      When there is plottin & schemin, projectin thoughts of a penis, i mean its/

      Clear that these songs have the intent to deceive us, so hypnotized you don't hear it/

      These wicked lies maim you spirit uhh, this puppet jayz is completely fugazi/

      Call me crazy but maybe youll see how is label is shady, just maybe/

      Nas he was playin, sayin he 'rocs fellas' well i say the same thing but joking im not fellas/

      I mean it when i say that he gobbles the c**k, hell I can even see him and kanye/

      Poundin the roc – ella ella, eh eh, they gettin paid paid/

      Umbrella corporations man they pavin the way way/

      For a new world order, this new disorder/

      Ya know the sorta thing thats gonna keep the troops in order.


      Majik Panda

      • I'm also an aspiring rapper, but can you look in the mirror and honestly say that was a freestyle? ^__^ Either way you should take it as a complement, but what instrumental was meant to be behind this?

    • i agree, it isn't just about black and white and whatever color you may be. I do have a hard time agreeing with Mr. Banner's statement that we need to blame the "white" people not the "blacks" who know nothing. But on the contrary, everyone has a choice, a choice to become educated about their decisions and distinguish between what will become beneficial or what is only instant gratification that leads to no where in the long run. We cannot only hold those who begun this occultism, but we collectively hold EVERYONE who is involved accountable, because while the people at the top facilitate this, the people on the bottom willingly carry it on. And willingly make very heinous sacrifices to do so. Everyone is at fault.

      Is it pointless to talk about Jay-Z specifically and that's it, not entirely, but highly unproductive. However, I will say that we NEED to know these things so that way we can make an EDUCATED decision and revoke our support. The people at the top are in power because they have willing participants, no matter who, just like we have war because we all have WILLING participants, and the same goes for the music industry and the like.

      When we become able to distinguish the difference between a positive influence and a negative one, such as the ones in pop culture, we will begin to learn what action should be taken…..remove the support! The media wouldn't be able to do this if we all of a sudden stopped putting money into Jay-Z or Lady Gaga CDs, or if we stopped watching MTV, and so on. That is the solution, to become educated about our everyday choices, and react by choosing whats beneficial and positive…aka TURN IT OFF!

      My household has not seen a television in 4 years, and I'm glad to say my daughter has no clue who on earth Jay-Z Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and whomever else is. She only knows what positivity, down home values, and knows everything that is OPPPOSITE of what we see going on today. Can I say my daughter would be like that if we foolishly allowed these things into our homes? No

    • VC terribly well put. David Banner is correct they are not apart of "it". Heh. But as VC has been exposing all along they, and I believe knowingly, push the agenda for those extra record sells, that extra zero in their bank account or simply put… the fame.

    • But sometimes the only way to reach the boss is to break down all of his middle men. You see, the artists themselves may or may not be "in" on the agenda, but they are tools nonetheless. Pop culture (movies, news, music, entertainment) is an extremely powerful thing that influences the hearts and minds of people.

      How do you think that being gay went from "tolerance" to "you'd better damn well not only accept it but you better embrace it". How do you think it got acceptable to mock religion in general and Christianity in particular? Ad nauseum infinitum. Pop culture.

      There is a species of shark called a Wobbegong. These sharks are slow moving and don’t chase after prey. Instead, they stay motionless in the sea bottom, relying on camouflage to hide themselves from both potential prey and predators. The strange, fleshy appendages around the Wobbegong’s mouth serve a double purpose; to break up the shark’s silhouette, thus improving its camouflage, and to lure small fish and other animals into the shark’s reach. That's the Illuminati. Jay-Z, Gaga, etc are merely the appendages that serve to lure us all into the mouth of the beast.

      But if we start hacking away at the appendages that the shark uses to disguise itself, it will no longer have the camouflage it needs to successfully capture it's prey. Just food for thought…


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