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Crude Pipe Bombs Sent to Soros, Clinton, Obama and CNN

Crude pipe bombs were sent to the homes of George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and Barak Obama. Some believe that it is “right-wing terrorism” while others claim it is a false-flag operation.



Crude Pipe Bombs Sent to Soros, Clinton, Obama and CNN

The series of events began on October 22nd when a package containing a pipe bomb was found in the mailbox at the home of George Soros in Katonah, New York. The envelope was retrieved by a caretaker who was out collecting the mail. After noticing its suspicious appearance, the caretaker left the package outside and called law enforcement.

Crude Pipe Bombs Sent to Soros, Clinton, Obama and CNN

The home of George Soros outside of New York City.

Investigators believe that the package might have been hand-delivered.

“Another official said investigators had photographed the package before detonating the device. The images have been reviewed by United States postal inspectors, the official said, who concluded that the markings on the envelope were likely intended to make it appear as though the package was sent through the mail, though they believed it was not.

The inspectors, the official said, also interviewed the mail carrier on that route, who did not recall delivering such a package.”
– NY Times, At George Soros’s Home, Pipe Bomb Was Likely Hand-Delivered, Officials Say

Media sources were quick to note that George Soros and his Open Society Foundations are the targets of multiple “conspiracy theories”.

On October 5th, Donald Trump tweeted that the protesters confronting members of Congress after the nomination of Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh were paid by Soros.Crude Pipe Bombs Sent to Soros, Clinton, Obama and CNN

On October 22nd, Campbell’s (the canned soup company) vice-President of governmental affairs tweeted that Soros’ Open Society Foundations was supporting the caravan of thousands of migrants that is currently marching towards the United States from Central America. Johnston’s Twitter account has been deleted, and the tweet is no longer online. Here’s a screenshot of the tweet.

Crude Pipe Bombs Sent to Soros, Clinton, Obama and CNN

Obama, Clinton and CNN

Five other similar packages were discovered by law enforcement. The U.S. Secret Service intercepted a bomb that was addressed to Hillary Clinton at the Chappaqua, New York. Another was sent to former President Obama at his home with Michelle Obama in Washington. A police bomb squad removed another package from CNN’s New York headquarters, which was evacuated.

Crude Pipe Bombs Sent to Soros, Clinton, Obama and CNN

A picture of the pipe bomb sent to CNN.

Officials concluded that all of the bombs were sent from the same source: “Same package. Same device.”

The envelope sent to the offices of CNN was addressed to John Brennan, the former CIA director under Obama.

Brennan has been a vocal critic of Trump, stating that he was “unfit to rule”. In August, his national security clearance was revoked by the Trump who explained in a statement:

“I have a unique constitutional responsibility to protect the nation’s classified information, including by controlling access to it. Today, in fulfilling that responsibility, I have decided to revoke the security clearance of John Brennan, former director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Mr. Brennan’s lying and recent conduct characterized by increasingly frenzied commentary is wholly inconsistent with access to the nation’s most closely held secrets.”

The envelopes’ return address bore the name of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a Florida congresswoman and a former Democratic National Committee chairwoman. In 2016, Wasserman Schultz announced her resignation from her position after WikiLeaks released a collection of stolen emails indicating that she and other members of the DNC staff had favored Hillary Clinton over Senator Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democratic primaries.

Similar packages have been reportedly sent to Democratic figures Andrew Cuomo and California Rep. Maxine Water.

All packages were intercepted before reaching their recipients and no injuries were reported. There is currently no information about the sender of these packages.

Domestic Terrorism

Several White House officials strongly condemned these acts, including vice-President Mike Pence.

Crude Pipe Bombs Sent to Soros, Clinton, Obama and CNN

Also, the expression “domestic terrorism” was used by several officials.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on Wednesday:

“I stand with all Americans in condemning today’s attempted acts of domestic terrorism”.

Hillary Clinton told an audience that she was “worried about the direction of our country”.

“Every day we are grateful for their service and commitment,” she told the audience. “But it is a troubling time isn’t it? It’s a time of deep divisions and we have to do everything we can to bring our country together. We also have to elect candidates who will try to do the same, who will set goals that will lift up every single Floridian and American, who will understand what the challenges are today. Usually when people ask me how I’m doing, which happens quite often, I say well as a person I’m great but as an American I’m worried. I worry about the direction of our country.”

Several “influencer” social media account dubbed the sender of the packages the “MAGA bomber”. They hold Trump responsible for what has happened.

Crude Pipe Bombs Sent to Soros, Clinton, Obama and CNN

Sent by a Liberal?

During an interview at Fox News, former FBI assistant director Chris Swecker stated that the packages might have been sent by a liberal to generate sympathy to the Democratic Party ahead of the midterm elections. He explained to host Harris Faulkner that a “pattern” has already emerged and that authorities will “be looking at this as a potential terrorist motive, whether it’s on one side or the other.” He then added:

“And as you correctly pointed out earlier, this doesn’t necessarily mean someone is espousing some sort of conservative ideology and targeting Democrats. It could be someone who is trying to get the Democratic vote out and incur sympathy.”

Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh said that the attempting bombings serve a political “purpose.”

“It’s happening in October. There’s a reason for this.”

Frank Gaffney, who worked in various roles for the federal government, including seven months as Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs during the Reagan administration, suggested the packages were a “deflection” technique. He tweeted the following:

Crude Pipe Bombs Sent to Soros, Clinton, Obama and CNN

Michael Flynn Jr., the son of former Trump National Security Advisor tweeted that the bombs were a “total false flag operation”.

Crude Pipe Bombs Sent to Soros, Clinton, Obama and CNN

Jacob Wohl, a prominent Trump supporter on Twitter, claimed that the bombs were false flag attacks “carefully planned for the midterms.” James Woods, the conservative film actor, said it was an “obvious political stunt.” Chadwick Moore, a conservative reporter, tweeted that it was “impossible to believe these stories if you know how dirty [Democrats] are.”

Right vs Left?

While it is too early to determine who sent out the packages and what are their motives, one question should be asked: Who would ultimately benefit from such an attack? More often than not, the answer to this question leads you to the culprits.

While nobody was injured, the American political climate took yet another blow. It sunk even deeper in toxicity, divisiveness, and threats of violence.

Looking at the big picture, we need to realize that this is not even about “Right vs Left”. It is about elite versus masses – and there are agents of the elite on both sides. It is about creating a political climate that is so toxic and divisive that people become entrenched in their views on an emotional level, resulting in pure hatred of the “other side”. Once this is accomplished, people do not respond to facts and truth anymore, they respond to whatever fits the political box they chose to go in. Once THIS is accomplished, people become extremely easy to manipulate – their side cannot do any wrong and the other side is pure evil. Look at the comments from both sides posted in the above article. The age-old plan of “divide and conquer” is working perfectly.

While these bombs appear to be related to the midterm elections, their divisive effect will poison American politics for months and years. In short, we need to step back and look at the big picture. United we stand, divide we fall. And we are falling.


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Oppression’s Enemy

The “domestic terrorists” are none other than the politicians who hold office. You know, the ones that claim to have your best interest at heart, but are secretly working against you behind closed doors. Nothing new here. Just another false flag operation to cause panic, confusion, and further division, which will ultimately lead to more rights being taken away from the people.

Glenn Smith


Truth & Light

Well said. Poignant

John Grissom

You got trhat right. I agree with you.


LIke Trump

Dustin the wind

The left aint right and the right never left. Two sides of the same coin, a woeful coin. The red pill rabbit hole leads to Jesus leads to eternal life. Hope to see you on the other end where love knows no bounds and never ends my friends 1love


So George Soros doesn’t have an extensive security system with cameras all around his property? How did that get in his mailbox without there being security footage?


I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t, wouldn’t want footage of himself eating babies,or what ever disgusting things he does in his off hours, winding up on Wikileaks.


Wikileaks was a proven false flag from the Russians. “It is about creating a political climate that is so toxic and divisive that people become entrenched in their views on an emotional level, resulting in pure hatred of the ‘other side’. Once this is accomplished, people do not respond to facts and truth anymore” Is what this site is doing and you’re all falling for it. In your attempt to be woke, you ended up following those you fear.


Exactly! If the “woke” people around here truly believe that there is an agenda to “divide and conquer” (which I believe is exactly what is going on) then why do most people here demonize only one side?
The hatred spewed at the Democrats around here is palpable. But Republicans are a-ok. Makes absolutely no sense.


Note: The above response was in reply to ThisIsMyName.


Exactly! He’s probably got more operating camera equipment than CBS. This article’s BS anyway, those weren’t bombs, not one of them was capable of exploding. They were cheap REPLICAS of bombs, like the fake hand grenade with a numbered tag on the safety pin, under the “Complaints” sign.
“Take a Number”. Only served to terrify the hysterical.

Sadie Slays

Why would a bomb disposal team let a reporter stand next to a suspected bomb to take a picture of it for Twitter?

Why is nobody mentioning the ISIS flag on it?

This whole thing stinks.

John Grissom

Yes it does. I agree.


It’s a parody meme image of the ISIS flag. Google ‘ISIS get er done meme’


My 2 cents: distracting hoax (with the aim of blaming the right).


Considering who these were sent to, it is most probable they have security cams that caught the person delivering. Just like the pentagon being hit, and not a single bit of footage available, if so, will speak volumes.


I’m sure it’s easy to get the home addresses of the “victims” of this “terrorism” … just look it up, right? Not.

Strange how the Left immediately screams Right-Wing Domestic TERRORISM! Yet when Antifa threatens to murder people or beats them for disagreeing, or a Muslim shoots people or beheads someone or runs over people en masse with a truck, they claim that it’s just a big misunderstanding – and we shouldn’t be too hasty.

I agree with VC: Cui Bono? – “Who benefits?”. Given the Left immediately jumping on this and running with it as “terrorism” to demonize their political opponents, it’s pretty obvious where it came from. And from what I’ve read, the “bombs” weren’t functional – another dead giveaway (couldn’t risk them actually making it through).


Too true

Tools of the rich and powerful

Divide and conquer works particularly well with the right who seem to display no capacity for tolerance or introspection, let alone empathy or compassion. Even attacks on the left make them wildly claim they are some kind of poor victim.

While you are asking who benefits, why don’t you go to a higher vantage point and notice who is always walking away with all the loot? Who really benefits from inciting hatred and keeping people fighting amongst themselves?

There are crazies in the world you know. Everything is not an agenda by the left. Yeesh, the right is in charge of all branches of US government and they never stop boo-hooing even while they assault journalists, try to throw people off healthcare, fleece for the obscenely rich, and terrorize little children at the border.

It couldn’t possible be more pathetic.


Please cite FACTUAL examples where the ‘Right’ “assault[s] journalists”….??? I’ll wait….


You could have just typed journalist assault into google yourself if you were really interested in facts.

Anyone who is truly interested in the topic of this site should be able to spot an obvious stage con like Trump’s republicans without looking twice. He’s the swaying joker that keeps you all so mesmerized you don’t even think about what he is saying. If you did you would realize it is a barely comprehensible word jumble that grabs you by the gut and makes you imagine enemies wherever he points. Meanwhile they are busy stuffing the pockets of themselves and their friends.

But go ahead and cluck that ‘the enemy’ is sending bombs to itself while the fbi looks for facts. I don’t think even the hypnotist himself could wake the right at this point.


From a fake news site… lul


As I said… if you were really interested in facts.

Honestly, those of you who engage in provocative folly on behalf of a violence rallying, narcisistic provocateur have no sense of self-preservation.


“Fake News” = News that doesn’t show Trump in a good light. Plain and simple.
I mean, the congressman pleaded guilty to assault and it was caught on several people’s phones, hey, but it’s fake news. Dangerous thinking. Actually, it’s not thinking. That’s the problem.


Just another agenda to make it look like there is a political left and a political right in the Federal Government. Just like the Ford vs Kavanaugh case or the Russian Election Scandal etc, just a stage to make it look like Repub vs Dem, Lib vs Conserv. They are wings of the same bird, the Federal Reserve. In fact, Trump has probably been the biggest puppet himself so far. Record number of bombs dropped on Syria, Iraq and Yemen, aid to Israel’s inhumane occupation of Palestina, oil company growth.


True. What really bothers me is that about 99% of the people who post here say they are “woke” and would probably “like” this statement, but then they proceed to post that the democrats are the evil ones, calling them dummycrats and demonrats.

If they think there aren’t really sides, why do most of the “woke” people only make fun of and demonize Democrats?

Dustin the wind

Yes! 2 wings of the same bird, 2 smells from the same turd, 2 meanings of the same word, 2 pocket protectors on the same nerd, 2 nerds of the same herd, 2 tones as my cat purred.
2 legs of the same frog, 2 balls of the same dog, 2 shrooms on the same log, 2 headlights in the creepo fog, wheres the 1 nation under God? How odd…


Until proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, I believe nothing that mass media reports. The function of media, particularly television, is social programming and engineering, always has been. When people doubt this I pose a simple question to them: do you think companies pay $10+ million for 30 second Super Bowl ads because they don’t work?

Dustin the wind

Yes! 6 families own all of the major media outlets in the whole mad bloody world! Conflict of interest? Nothing to see or view here. They live.

Deadly nightshade

Those “bombs” look fake too. They look like the kind you would find in the anarchist cookbook. What a coincidence no one was hurt like they knew it was coming like a package in the mail. This is totally a FF opp funded by soros to make republicans look bad. This says antifa all over it. The dummycrates are the ones who are inciting violence against the right since Trump was elected. This whole situation is bullocks. Dummycrates are desperate they have no morals or ethics. Watch out for the red wave on November 6.




You know whats funny they dont blame ISIS, lol while you see there flag on the pipe bomb. Anyway they playing dirty tricks and we just sit and layback while we wait whats next coming….

Allah know the best!

Peace upon you brothers in humanity!


It’s a fake ISIS flag with the silhouette of three naked ladies in the middle and “Get er Done” written below, share by a hateful right-wing fake news site and others like them.

Truth & Light

You know isis is cia funded right?!

Mr Y

Angry man riles up his rabid followers with praise of violence against anyone that disagrees with him. Bombs are sent to the people he named. Not exactly a case for CSI: Miami.


False. Because the most definitive way of proving culpability would say, be, I dunno, evidence? Good job for CSI: Miami.


False flag!


Well how else are they going to be able to set up police states

D D d

May I ask what laws are signed right now this minute in the U.S.A.? What news concerning citizens is brought on page 29 instead of frontpage?


Yes, the simple explanation, that constant calls for violence against enemies who are trying to destroy this country have finally led one of the already violent and ignorant MAGA folks to do something violent and idiotic, can’t be true.
Something like this should make you actually consider where your values lie, and realize that an increasing worship of an awful man is leading you to justify and actually love some incredibly terrible stuff. I know most of you are too far gone and nothing can reach you, but maybe something at some point will snap you out of it.


Why does one need to be a Trump supporter to call bullshit on this story? It all seems so fake and staged. Who is benefitting from this ordeal? That is who I would look at as the culprit/s.


This is so obvious. The Dems are failing to get more votes. Nobody wants the caravan filled with fake refugees to illegally enter our country and drain our Welfare System. The Kavanaugh drama to destroy our Justice System has backfired and now the Dems do what they do best. Create more “victims.” Did they not ask for more violence from their voters? Well, there you have it!

Don Conscience

You don’t get the picture if you still think that this is about right vs left. Trillions of dollars went missing when Bush was in power and no one said a thing, yet you are now somehow concerned about our Welfare System being drained? Oh the irony!

Inspector 12


Otto Dydact

Same with running out of money for social security. Funny, how we never hear that welfare or food stamp programs might run out of money. We’re being played.


People were saying things about it, a whole team of folks working on uncovering it. Problem is the all ended up dead.Fact that they had to commit mass murder to cover it up means there not as invincible as everyone thinks they are. Not everything happens according to there plans. Where you might see this current toxicity as there master stroke I see it as them rapidly loosing control of the situation. The bomb scare and migrant mob all reeks of desperation.


If nobody was saying anything about this, then how did you hear about it??

Don Conscience

No one did a thing*

I find it very disheartening when I come on here and see people that are supposed to be “woke”, still arguing about their political allegiances. It should be clear to everyone by now that both parties are controlled puppets, working to further the hidden agendas outlined to them by the powers that be. To me, this is clear evidence of how powerful and effective mainstream media is at brainwashing people.


You’re right… isn’t right vs left…’s globalism/deep state vs freedom.

The Austrian

the left want globalism, the right try to keep things traditional.

the left want revolution & chaos, the right stand for old values.

imho it IS right vs left. the left fights for the nwo: a global government for a world without nations. if u are a patriot u are already
a “rightwinger” for the left who always hate their home.
so LEFT stands for globalism. but does RIGHT stand for freedom?
i doubt it tbh. but they are the only ones fighting them…


“Once THIS is accomplished, people become extremely easy to manipulate – their side cannot do any wrong and the other side is pure evil.”
Exactly. Here in my country this happens too. I’m not like this, I’m aware that both sides are pure evil. What if more good people tried to enter politics, maybe this would change something? I’m not sure, but maybe people should at least try.


Yeah, but what’s considered evil by each side will tell you a lot. One side considers nazis and terrorists to be evil. The other considers helping refugees and getting married evil. That should be all you need to know.

Don Conscience

Do not be fooled by their opposing political views on various topics, it is all by design. At the end of the day, they all indulge in drinking blood, rape/torture of children, sodomy, and cannibalism…


Did anyone else notice the two misspellings on the envelopes? “Shultz” instead of “Schultz,” and that it came from “Florids,” not “Florida.” Sort of like a phony email.

The Austrian

and brenan instead of brennan. yes it smells so fishy, it can only be a fish.


Another CIA Psy-Op…..What else is new?
Tune in to see what the U.S. Ministry of Truth sets as today’s Newspeak.
Two legs bad, four legs good. Bahh.


NOT crude,

Stay Vigilant

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