Creepy Robot Pop Star (video)


I can’t say I’m surprised this exists.

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96 Comments on "Creepy Robot Pop Star (video)"

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why would anyone waste time and effort making a dancing robot

make you wonder what is the actual cause


*Shudders* Erghehegh, creepy!

the one in the middle is doin the robot well if it is a human! Humanoids a scary thought

Out of all the creepy video and articles I have read and watched so far on this site (which is most of them) this has to be the most down right evil, freaky, flabbergasting horrible, crazy, vile, and mentally disturbing one I have ever seen. I didn't even finish it, nor do I want to… I think I need to pray…

LOL It would be the Japanese to make something like this. i saw a cyborg thing like this in Japan Day in NYC a few years ago and i gotta say, it was seriously creepy >_>

Interesting ,but I think I would get bored. Music is all about emotion, something a robot just cant convey.

I find this disturbing but the more I think about it the more I think: (and by the way, I do not consider myself a Christian but I do have a lot of the same ideals… just without all of the bull crap that is fed into Christianity together. I basically call myself a Christ follower) But that's besides the point. God created man kind. Man kind has created things like cars, computers, and even robots. God created man knowing that our mind or rather our brain can hold and comprehend the knowledge to enable us to create these things and put them to use. Do I believe that robots will one day take over the world? No, and it's because I believe the simple fact of the matter is; humans have created robots, I cant believe that they could possibly surpass our level of knowledge. For example, the Vocaloid… Read more ยป

Theyll still need human pop stars for blood sacrifices…

They had this technology out for a long time the CIA just wanted to learn how to make these robots hold guns & kill first.. now they're trying to get us to want these robots. . & once they are in every house like a laptop they can kill us when were sleeping if they want

thats just freaky, mind you i think its cool as long as she stays in her display case, cause i know that people will scream if they happen to wake up and find one of those things standing next to their bedsides in the mornings. keep it back in the display case sweety, we are way to lazy enough….that's why there's so many obese people, we're all gonna end up looking like the fat people in that Wall-E moving…oopps to late…

WOW !!!

Look at those legs …..









that really creeped me out! very hypnotic and realistic, midway through she felt almost real *shudders*

Somehow it doesnt seem to be that different than regular music clip….the impression is the same….maybe the because what is portrayed in regular vids is usually a mask of emotions etc…none of it is real, we know who these stars are and how they're being used.

You don't have to create real robots to make human robots…just create slaves…thats what they do. And you the consumer, support the abuse by paying them for this entertainment ….wake up!!

No offense to anyone out there….but if you find this robot s**t entertaining, you have no idea what music is about. This is f****d up in every sense of the word. I don't like dropping the "F-Bomb" but it's just how I feel towards this kind of insanity. This robot sounds like a chipmunk on steroids.

This is pushing the TRANS-HUMANISM agenda to another level. Humans acting like robots, robots acting like humans, making the subconcious think that machines are what are needed to 'improve' the human body. Human beings are fine the way they are. we do not need machines to improve us. All this is so that the elites desensitise the mass population to their transhumanism agenda! But in the west, they make pop stars like Fergie dress like a machine. Where as in Japan of course, they take in a few steps further!!

As much as i like technology *more the gaming side of things*.

1. Japanese girls are cute!

2. Its sad to see that more people would be more interested in a robot that has to be programed

to do everything more than the girls who were dancing in the background. The real talent was behind the robot you got to admit the were pretty on point with the music. But this dehumanization thing is just not well. i wish there was something i can do

Maria? u_u

At least the girls in the video with the robot are smokin hott!!!

Aww it's just Vocaloid :>

I love Vocaloid, though they should've made the robot actually look like the one that's singing.

and creating robots in japan is not just a showcase of technological's part of their shintoism (religion of Japan), they believe that a soul exists in everything including objects. so they view robots as something that posseses a soul as well. It has also been a tradition in Japan of creating little mechanical dolls-so it's always been part of them in creating these objects that mimic life.dont be close-minded with your judeo-christian beliefs.this is like the middle ages acusing people of witchcraft.

I would love if exists a robot like David in Artificial Intelligence movie.. sorry but David would be the sweetest robot in the world ๐Ÿ˜‰

I actually find this pretty fascinating and amazing. I dont understand how this is creepy. Sometimes "conspiracy theorists" could be bitter misanthropists…….

I liked it ๐Ÿ™‚

how is this different from any other pop star? they are ALL robots. *cough* Britney Spears *cough*

[Runs in with an axe] "DIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

kinda like this

Asian girls are hot.

THOSE Asain girls are hott. They are very far and few between.

Im not gay but i think Japanese girls are so adorable. they are like dolls. Little and petite. I have yet to see an obese Japanese woman, plus they have petite feet which I admire since im 5'2 and wear a size 9.

where can i get one?

If someone hasn't already done that in America I'm sure someone will eventually. Sorry to say and I'm probably going to get thumbs down on this but America is good at copying from other countries when it comes to entertainment and things that relate to beauty products. Things always seem to be on higher demand when you tell someone it's from a foreign country and not your own. We'll be seeing this in a video soon to come from American artists. I'd rather none of them do it though but everybody follows each other just about. Especially in music. I'm quite sure it will be the Black Eyed Peas to do so first. It's seems up their ally.

it's no longer robots backing up humans but humans backing up robots…who are the robots now? lol!

@ CCCC, i read somewhere (when i find the reference i will post the link), that they have been using such robots as doubles of VERY high profile individuals, since about the 80's i think. these doubles were able to think abstractly and rationally, eat (i don't know if they could take a crap tho lol!) this is not new technology.

I gotta say it's better at lipsyncing than these other pop stars.

LOL That's funny because it's true.

I promise, it's not just in movies, but robots can take over the world eventually. When they become too smart.

And this is really creepy, I don't want to live with robots like this! I want to live with natural, human beings!

Transhumanist bs. I know this video and when I first seen it the thing that came to my mind was how the real humans are only back dancers to the robot. Transhumanism at its worst.

Also, because of the multiple similar looking back dancers it is a mind control reference. I mean the robot could symbolise the mind controlled pop stars, with their symbolic alters.


We may not deserve His mercy, but He will give it if we ask.

why cant you just have regular human beings dance and sing?

robots have no feelings or real emotion, its pointless

She doesn't dance better than this chick!:)

Actually pretty cool, but also super-duper creepy!!!! I say Rihanna is really a robot, lol!!

* go after

Picture this: Robots used by the army during the tribulation to people.

how in the world did she know the choreography? this is insane but at the end of the day just be glad you guys are ware of whats going on….thanks vigilant, you are truly my hero ๐Ÿ™‚

yeah, it's interesting, but this type of technology when advanced could be potentially harmful. it could be used in war(Fake tanks/ and whatnot that confuse enemy?), or could be used to project fake celebrities that even further do the agenda perfectley.

at first i was like ''where's the robot?'' then i saw her legs were big and metallic and her hands were huge and her dancing did not move as much as her back ups.

totally impressive though that she can dance and sing. she almost looked like a real human being.

later on they will kill the real human beings.

She's a T2000! Delta Force Terminator.

I'm scared of it's Man Hands!

Beautiful! (Sniffling). What I see is a creation by Creators, trying to redefine humanity via robots, the key to immortality, whereby consciousness (aka soul) can be downloaded and stored into a shiny, compact disc and incorporated into a computer.

I noticed the three thumbs down but I thought you were being sarcastic.

lol i noticed that too

Here's the thing about every new technology that I see:

Logically, by the time a technology reaches the point where it is exposed to the masses, it has been in development for a long time, probably on the order of 5 to 10 years. Now, given that it is completely unknown to us during this time of development, it's likely implemented in our lives without our ever knowing. Then, once a new technology is being developed and implemented, the former technology is then presented to us as "new" when, in fact, it has been around for awhile.

Obviously, this is purely conjecture, and I'm not saying that I believe all pop stars are actually cyborgs/androids… but I would not be surprised to discover that, indeed, some of these entertainers are and never were human.

Yeah, have you seen that Sprite commercial with Drake?.. He comes apart like that head Schwartzenegger was wearing on Total Recall.

Hold up… she's actually a robot!? Not a woman posing to be one!?

Wow, I know I sound dumb but I guess that's the intention of products like [cyborgs]- a robot with human features (personality included) so we start feeling empathy for machines and "wanting to be a robot" becomes glamorized slowly…


This is extremely disturbing, on so many levels. I just got an image in my head of police robots, stopping humans from rioting. They feel no pain, they have no emotions, they will kill because they are programmed to. I am very disturbed. I'm actually thinking of making my own website and putting information like this on it. Thank you vigilant for inspiring me to make people more aware, even though I am ridiculed by many.

actually that's whay they're doing this. check this out, it's japanese, in about two years (wink* 2012) we're gonna see that s**t coming through. it's really really…. i don't even know what word to use, but its really really something ._.


I think I might have bad dreams tonight. Why do they have to make her hands so big?

looool yo her hands are huge!!!…if it started singing Universal Mind Control …i wouldn't know what to do. lol

That really matters is that we don´t become robots, getting away from our souls.