Conan O’Brian – Proof That Media is Controlled by Outside Sources (video)


Need proof that “journalists” are being dictated what to say during the news? Take a look at this bit from the Conan Show.

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Oh my God. I was starting to have faith in this site but seeing people comment on the "homosexual agenda"…What is up with you, people??? The message I'm getting is "being gay is wrong". Well, it's not. It's so exasperating to hear talk about trauma and abuse, etc. when it comes to homosexuality. Ever hear of ex-gay groups that traumatized gay people even more (with some leaders ultimately apologizing) and hate crimes against gay people? I think that's more of a concern. To me, it seems like the "unique spin" part was done in the spirit of fun. I don't trust in mainstream media either but I don't think homosexuals or gays should be made fodder for this conspiracy stuff either. If you're thinking that way, then you obviously need to go out and interact with gay people. FYI, their pain doesn't stem from being gay itself, but from the… Read more »

I can't believe some of you are so naive as to not understand how the media is controlled, its been like that since the Reagan years. All mainstream media stations, publications, programs, etc are owned by just a handful of corporations, so basically the entire media system is answerable to just a small group of people at the top. The media cannot say anything bad about these people or their corporations because they will lose their jobs. Any news that's not of the local variety is just read off of one source, the Associated Press, so these people are all 'repeaters', not 'reporters'. Total control, the internet is the last bastion of free press in this country.

The agenda is that same-sex marriages are that same-sex couples are forced to either adopt children who already exist from the '7 billion' population or become pregnant with medical technology. Similarly, when people possess the right to abort their children, the government who views their populace as their wards also attains a precedent to abort undesirable or otherwise viewed useless members of that society. Isn't it interesting how two topics inevitably underline precedents of population control and otherwise forms of unnatural selection while the general public accepts such precedents as battles of equality. Not only that, the movements attempt to use the government as the go to determinator to resolve the issue that in turn creates segegrated laws/decrees as well as expand upon in a justification to expand and consolidate national interests. Yet, no one seems to notice. In short, the agenda is about accepting population control/unnatural selection through either… Read more »
Gregor Johann Mendel (July 20, 1822[1] – January 6, 1884) was an Austrian[2] scientist and Augustinian friar who gained posthumous fame as the founder of the new science of genetics. (Wikipedia) Thanks for the correction Jazz. But for the rest, did you actually READ the WHOLE post, or just the numbered bullet points? As VC readers, I expected the point of the post to be very clear, but evidently you completely missed the sarcasm before you started casting aspersions. Happy Cynic at very least read enough to partially get the point: the rest of the post (after the “OH WAIT…”) contradicts the bullet points, DELIBERATELY. Very sorry y’all missed that, but that was the point of the post. But just so we are ALL clear: points 1 – 3 are typical responses of folks who don’t believe the media is controlled, but yet spout off at least three of the… Read more »

I agree with you degunk 100%. I read your post and understood it completely.

Wow…how did SO many channels manage to say the exact same thing? Its frankly dumb. They were like controlled zombies going duhhh.. 😐

it is called talking points. Everyday the corporate w***e media get their talking points from their bosses. At Fox News it is called 'the memo' from Murdoch. I am very new to this whole MK-Ultra mind control business. What I do not understand is, and maybe somebody can explain this to me here is why all these people in the music industry are flashing these signs? Are these people communicating with their ilk this way? Then the other thing I do not understand is, why is everyone watching these people? Why do you all watch these shows, video's and all that other garbage that is on the TV? or is that the trance, is that your programming? TV bores my out of my mind. Although I live in the USA I'm not an American and maybe that is what it is. I have not grown up in front of a… Read more »

You can look at that Gumby haircut he use to sport and tell he's controlled by outside forces. Gotta be impossible to get laid with a haircut like that.

VC can you do an article on GaGas performance at the MTV awards? the one where she was chained to the moon.That was really freaky.


odly enough, the story of an army of cats ridding the park of all the mice- who work for a mouse- has a slight hitler alegory undertone…….yeeeeeah.

I used to work for my college news station. The Associated Press has something called the "AP News Wire" which is a bunch of news stories that you can sort through for the day, and they are already written. News Producers and Reporters usually go through the stories they want during their broadcast- the right thing would've been to re-write the copy rather than being lazy and essentially plagiarizing.

…and the comment section is disabled for the video on Youtube…how cozy is that? 😛

Hey vc I didn't know u had vigilant nation website too. Man ur the best !!!!

We know it must've been a press release or feed but what is amazingly sad is not one of them deviated from the source! Not one!They all read it verbatim! LOL That's control if you don'thave the freedom or least the creativity to change a word or two of what you are fed! They are overpaid parrots! A 10 year old could do what they just did! SMH!!

i remember watching this when it was on the show. everyone was laughing, but i found it very weird? they are just repeating whatever was released to them. i mean, yes we did know that is what newscasters do….it was just very strange.

I love it when some of them get to the; "May be about to" part and try to revise it & then afterwards look like; what the hec did I just say???O.o 😀 😀 😀

Looks faked to me. I mean, come on, it's Conan. Nothing is real on that show. I'm sure they produced all those shots themselves, using sets around the network's studios. It would be easy for a multi-billion dollar corporation to do. It's merely entertainment, though I'm sure the network bosses had their little laugh. I'm certainly not saying the news isn't scripted and controlled. I'm saying that video is a sham, put together by network wanks to make a joke.

Ya, I thought it looked a little strange, as well. All of the different news casts looked really cheap and old. My first thought was also that it was just part of a bit.

This is a lot like what happened this weekend with the Kanye West about his kilt.

here's one article out of several:
but it doesnt matter which one you read because they're all practically identical. all attention on the kilt as a sign of being soft & feminine while he's appropriately compared to using fashion shock value like gaga.

in the meantime, there's an interesting symbol pointing to his source of "powe.r"

Yeah you'd think they would mention the big darn baphomat on his shirt but noooo let's talk about the man skirt. The shock had false value, lol.

I liked the part where one of them said something about pushing an envelope.

This is nothing new. Jon Stewart does a smaller-scale version of this same exact bit all throughout the year. We discussed this phenomenon when I took Journalism during my first semester of college. Mass media is lazy, so they let one outlet do all the legwork and just copy off of them ad nauseum. Yeah, it's a sign of collusion and control, but it's also a sign of laziness too.

Wow i mean wow, this sounds so contrived. I am not easily influenced and this one gave me the heebie, jeebies

😮 i can not believe this!!! it is so beautifully realistic in a very sad way…if it where fiction, you wouldn't believe it could be real! … least they could've change the opening phrase, geez

First of all love the site! I've been coming for two years now. I just want to clear some things up about broadcast television – I'm a news producer for a major affiliate. When working on a show, anything that isn't local is usually sent down through feeds, the Associated Press, ect. This is a story that would have been sent directly from New York, especially since each story will need accompanying video to go with it. Just as David above said, scripts and info are always sent with video, and it's up to us, the producers, to make it sound better, original, ect. What you're seeing and hearing in that video has nothing to do with media being controlled in and of itself, but lazy and/or overworked producers. On the flip side, it's lazy and/or overworked producers that don't double check sources and information sometimes, aiding those who do… Read more »

I'm glad I was born preprogrammed with a homosexual agenda… Just F off, leave us alone and let us just live our lives. Have you checked the world population recently? We're a good thing.

@Phil – Do you think it's reasonable to conclude you were pre-programmed homosexual at birth? With respect, this is an oxymoron that suggests you don't have free will. Think about it – it's biologically impossible to be born gay. No male (or female) can possess such sexual hormones at a young age. Also, you were created with a REPRODUCTIVE organ for a reason. In actual fact, being homosexual is a LIFESTYLE of choice rather than a pre-programmed condition. So the question a person with an inquiring mind should ask is: Why these agendas (such as homosexuality) are being promoted & accepted like never before? Now with regard to MSM always remember this point of fact: PR companies further their own agendas & interests by ‘setting trends’ through their control of mainstream news corporations in order to mould the minds of the masses to their way of thinking (i.e. propaganda). (BTW… Read more »
Phil~ You say, "leave us alone" I don't have a problem with gay people but I do have a problem with the powers that be TPTB aggressively shoving that gay agenda down our throats every time I turn around. No offense to you personally but it's like if the gay people had a marching band and parade in my front yard for days at a time, uninvited, and shouting, "leave us alone!"…I say leave me alone geesh, I get it, i get it, calm down tiger. If there is nothing abnormal about homosexuality then why are they marching around and trying so hard to get everyone else to except it as normal? I'm gonna start my own parade and shout ,"Penis and vagina's UNITE!!!" I saw on the news a mom saying her 4 year old was gay and we better like it…..?!? That's disgusting. 4 year olds are not… Read more »

The born gay/not born gay argument is irrelevant to what I said.

The powers that be use agendas to further their purposes, whether they be the feminism agenda, race agenda, ect. Do you really think airing a gay marriage has anything to do with peace, love, furry bunnies and kumbaya? Lol…they've got you if you do.

Amen to that! I don't care what anyone does between consenting adults, but the CHOICE of being a homosexual does not need to be shoved down people's and children's throats as a viable option for happiness… On top of that, these back-door messages that everyone will always be cool with this issue are getting older than the Catholic Church…

Didnt something very similar happen on the news channels after 9/11?


I remember the news channels becoming more flashy after 911 with the graphics…………..and then I saw the superbowl and was like ?!?!? is that all the graphics the superbowl have?!?……the news is like some hypnotic graphic/sound effects for the graphics/ strobe light compared to the superbowl?!?

It may be nothing other than the press release which the Conan show sent out. Newsteams, rather than re-writing it, probably just copied it word for word.

I used to work in PR. The media routinely do this. They're short-staffed and under pressure to get news out there!

That's my explanation anyway.

lol what copycats. But yeah, they were all just reading off teleprompter scripts. VigilantMarcy is right. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert point these things out all the time.

I don't know that they're all under the same control, but they're all definitely fighting for ratings, too

I think their bosses bosses boss are all the same influence.

They all seemed "robotic" in the delivery. Bobbleheads. The news is just spoon fed nonsense. Who watches network news anymore, anyway?

ummm…not journalists, media personalities who read a script…

LOL, that was funny. I noticed when Conan got his own show, he dyed his hair fiery red and I saw his advertisement in a magazine and he had an owl standing on his shoulder, you like "night owls" watches his late night television show, but I wonder if that's not all he meant by that.

If you watch the daily show, or the colbert report you will see that this is not a new phenomenon. Jon stewart pokes fun of this all the time, of course he's part of their agenda as well sadly. But for conan to do it, is a bit strange.


they would disable the comment box on youtube because they know wassup

Was this real?! Seems like it could have been part of the bit, but I can mos def dig the point! The new puts out what it's told to, BOTTOM LINE. Do you really think the news is telling us everything that is happening of there in the Gulf or better yet, reported accurately during WWII??? Dang near the last thing you should believe wholeheartedly is the news!!!

LOL, wow it's that bad no one even tried to change the opening. It's like a classroom of students who all cut and pasted the same thing without citing a source. Or the classic- "It was a dark and stormy night. . . "

What the media is doing, kids, is reading press releases. Studies show that rather than 'doing journalism', most mainstream media is simply reading press releases verbatim. No fact checking, no question asking, just reading press releases.

This is explains everything from their coverage of the White House to Conan O'brien. The mainstream media is a group of corporate w****s who simply use their major audience as an advertising base–and I don't mean for the commercial segments. The "News at 10" is just one more thing they're trying to sell you, under the guise of 'reporting'.

To bring this to bear on the topic at hand, Conan's show probably sent out a press release using the words 'push the envelope' to all the major networks, none of whom bother to change anything and just read the press release from in front of the camera.

Indeed. Some of the smaller city news teams appeared to be reading this cold.

That's pretty funny. It says a lot.

But Conan O'Brian is being a hypocrite. Because he's a puppet too. He might not repeat the exact same words which are dictated by the Outside Sources, but he sure as hell is following all their plans of brainwashing and propaganda. He's part of it all. Or else he wouldn't have his own show. This video is nothing else but damage control. Mixing truth with lies, as usual. Pretending to be pointing out an evil, when in fact, his show is part of it too. So don't let yourselves be fooled by it.

lol..when i watched it I laughed so hard and thought of Michael Tsarion right away…

Also Chris Averard…love team coco =D

Ryan Gosling on Disney at Conan

Starts some 2:50 into the video.

I usually never comment on any VC article, no matter the material or how intriguing it may be.. But I found myself in shock at Ryan Gosling's expression when talked about Disney. The proof is out there about these child stars who went through, God only knows what, while "working" at Disney.

I just recently saw Parnormal Activity 3… The story revolves around the occult and ends in child sacrifice through sexual acts. People walk out thinking it could never happen when it is truly right in front of your face for an entire lifetime. The world is not a nice place.

Hmm sad…and I was told more than once that this movie was a "clean" horror flick for the children.

I worked graveyard shift at Disneyland's New Orleans square for 6 months and have seen the army of cats running around the park after hours! Even more funny is that they are supposed to catch rats! Funnier still is that sometimes guests saw the rats and we were told to joke that they were "Mickey's cousins"… Disney has rats and won't pay for pest elimination XD

army of cats? for real? i thought it was hidden meaning for the beta controlled "kittens"

Wow I thought he was just joking about the cats, guess not huh…

Weird, the link you posted I can't play the video anymore (preview/ad shows up though), can't find it on youtube. There another site it's on?

after the ads comes the real video

Wow Bono! Amazing Find!

Look at how nervous he was, choosing is words!

Army of Killer Cats, would that also be referring to "Kittens" , "Sex Kittens" BETA and DELTA programming? That sounded like a loaded statement, considering he has been with Disney since the Mickey Mouse Club!

The media is not controlled. That's just a conspiracy theory. Those reporters are only saying things that 1) won't get them fired, 2) conform completely to what their superiors say, and 3) actually interest the public (who wants to know all the myriad they're getting ripped off.) oh wait… Back in high school biology our teacher told us the "little" secret about Mendel, the father of modern genetics. He's the one that used pea plants to show the effects of dominant and recessive genes. Great scientist, right? Thing is, the reason his calculations in his experiments came out so perfectly is because he threw out all the results that didn't match his conclusion. In general, all the inheritance laws you learned back in 10th grade or so still work, but it was based on some faulty premises. I used to think that was because Mendel lived back in ~1500 to… Read more »

degunk is one of the over 10,000 paid federal pysch-ops operators,….or a complete fuk'n moron (…or both).

Either way, disregard his treason and view him for the petri dish slime that he is.

Americans Who Know The Truth.


You contradict yourself there


The media is not controlled. That’s just a conspiracy theory. Those reporters are only saying things that

1) won’t get them fired,

2) conform completely to what their superiors say, and


sounds controlled…

And saying, "we are just giving the public what they want" is stupid. That's like saying, "this is the hottest new thing, buy it,!!!" No public asked for that or even cares but some people will fall for it sadly.

What's next?

"Finally…what everyones been waiting for….you asked for it, you got it, heads rolling on the floor!!!" insert applause here

Ummmmm Mendel actually lived in the 1800s. Ur only three centuries off……….

I guess your intelligent banter is nothing more than well put BULLSHIT. C'mon Degunk, Don't be a moron. You just witnessed "control" with your own eyes, assuming you did watch the conan clip. Wise up!!


@degunk, sorry but… how old are you???

My social empirical studies professor told us to always look at who funded the research.

Oh, i see, I missed your sarcasm. Got ya now.

Jon Stewart does this same thing a lot–play clips of reporters using the same coin phrase on various networks. Given that these clips Conan showed appeared to be smaller TV networks from smaller cities, do you think they just get this report from the Associated Press? When I read my local news, they often cite "Associated Press" when reporting national news. VC, what do you know about the Associated Press?

yea, This is like watching Jon Stewarts Daily Show.

It IS fascinating, though, how all those 'news groups' use the same line…what's that all about?

Who is feeding the lines…they must be pushing gayism…I don't want to be a 'bully' and say anything more…

I don't want to be a bully but you seem to be pushing retard-ism.

Well, homosexuality is pushed big time by the powers that be. It is a big part of the depopulation program and breaking up the family unit.

Yeah … Because pushing a homosexual agenda will decrease the population on earth. *Facepalm* Fat chance.

Just because a media becomes gay-friendly it doesn't mean that heterosexuals will change to homosexuals. That is pretty much impossible. Nor does it mean that gay people don't want to or are unable to get kids on their own. There's a thing called a fertility clinic …

Well now they are pushing p********a – it has been taken of the (psychiatric) illness register and is transformed into another normal sexual attraction . In few years you'll be saying same, no? Normal! Am I a retard for not liking this, am I? But LOVE is an illness, since you get sort of obsessive thoughts etc.

Having and getting children are two completely different things.

And apart for being gay-friendly, the media also sells all other kinds of sexual misbehavior full gear. Everything, but the normal family unit is seen as "cool" these days. It is just another symptom of degeneration of todays society. And it is a part of the agenda. Don't be foolded by these bought agents of the establishment infiltrating these kind of forums.

Sorry about the typos – writing in a hurry.

The Kinsey Syndrome

A good documentary worth watching is the "Kinsey Syndrom" it covers Alfred Kinsey who in his controversial sex studies opened the legal doors for sex education, pornagraphy, affected legislation making it more lenient on sex offenders, and much much more.

He granted immunity to padeophiles in the name of science excuse, covered for a Nazi War Criminal, was interested in Aleister Crowley, and he referenced for much of the sexual education in America and the Kinsey institute is heavily funded by the Rockefeller Foundation.

—– Definately one of the most influential people in 20th century America and yet not a highly visible profile except for a 2004 movie that glorifies him (leaves out the dirty details and pushes the agenda)

That's creepy. Although, it makes sense that all Fox would say the same thing, all CBS would say the same thing, and all CNN would say the same thing. What's creepy is that all three DIFFERENT networks are saying the same thing in the same way (Fox vs CBS vs CNN).

whoa nelly!


What comes on before the evening news? – Competition shows like American Idol, X- Factor, So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing W/ The Stars etc. All come on 2 nights a week, these shows are thinly veiled Rituals, which are used to induce a state of hypnosis, which lowers mental defenses. What is more hypnotizing than barely legal girls and boys, in skin tight costumes, with dramatic lights and music, performing to win the hearts of America, yet the underlying agenda is nothing of the sort.… If you look across the board, all these shows are using the same messages, themes and imagery, regardless of what networks they are affiliated with. It's not called television PROGRAMMING for nothing. Everyone is spammed with the same information over, and over, and over, and sooner or later it STICKS (even on a subconscious level). Research shows the average person only has… Read more »

i watched this when it aired and was literally shocked at how many people were saying the same thing. my father used to work for an nbc affiliate in virginia and i would watch them work the teleprompter (sometimes even taking a turn at it myself)…i don't think i've ever seen an actual author's name next to the script. makes you wonder…

The only difference I noticed is the way they enunciated the word : En-velope/On-Valope . Now the correct grammar or way to spell this is :En·ve·lope. And the correct rhetoric or way to pronounce the word would be [en-vuh-lohp, ahn-] . Other then that I have to agree that it is true, that the media is owned by people who like to sensor it and or push there propaganda or yellow journalism.

"Other then that I have to agree that it is true, that the media is owned by people who like to sensor it and or push there propaganda or yellow journalism."

Other than that I have to agree that it is true, that the media is owned by people who like to censor it and or push their propaganda or yellow journalism.

You pretend you know about grammar, yet you make awful mistakes.

You just distracted people from the point I was making. This means that you had a general failure with the conclusion, I was making and do not make it false or true. And buy attacking the manner whit which an argument or arguer is presented, is taken to affect, and the likelihood that the conclusion is true is not met . Thus being so you did not prove that subject A. and or Non A. is true or false.

"Add to a conversation instead of taking away from it."

"You pretend you know about grammar, yet you make awful mistakes."

I have the ability to learn from my mistakes but do you?

Propoganda or yellow journalsim? Hardly.

Try p-r-o-g-r-a-m-m-i-n-g.

A plan o faction to accomplish a specified end.

Welcome to the gay agenda. Welcome to the gay agenda. Welcome to the gay agenda. Welcome to the gay agenda. Welcome to the gay agenda. Welcome to the gay agenda. Welcome to the gay agenda. Welcome to the gay agenda. Welcome to the gay agenda. Welcome to the gay agenda. Welcome to the gay agenda. Welcome to the gay agenda.

Pushing the En-velope/On-Valope my ass. (no pun intended)

P.s. I never stated that I was grammatical perfectionist. I type fast, I have things to do. sry

Bold statement! Wow! Gay agenda? Really? Homophobic much?

Homosexuality is fine and A-OK. There is nothing wrong with people knowing that they'll be supported and respected, regardless of their sexual orientation, and that their weddings will be celebrated with happiness.

I grow tired of people arguing that gay people being visible, somehow infringes on their rights or feeds an "agenda." You don't get to choose what people you see. There are billions of people around, and some of them are gay, and some of them are around you. Some of them will get married, and a few gay weddings will be seen on tv, since people love to watch weddings.

None of this will turn you or your kids gay. I promise.

How do you know? Right now there are tons of kids in the middle and high school that call themselves gay. Do you believe that that's because there are more gay babies being born now-a-days? I believe it's because they are being influenced by television(or any outside influence) and they are choosing to be 'gay' even though they are told you're 'born this way'. When I graduated from high-school in '93 there were no gay kids…as far as I know. There were no kids openly gay and none rumored to be gay and that school had almost 2,400 kids. Sex is an expression of love and I could choose to love a woman right now I mean it would probably be easier to communicate with her and my house would be cleaner but that doesn't mean I'm gay, it's just a choice and I think it's wrong. Maybe some childhood… Read more »