Coca-Cola and Facebook Promoting RFID Chips to Teens (video)


This seriously looks like a social experiment where everyone’s moves are tracked and documented.

“The teenagers, full of excitement, used their wristband non-stop!”

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64 Comments on "Coca-Cola and Facebook Promoting RFID Chips to Teens (video)"

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'they' have already won. Look at how many people have a facebook account and look at the personal information they openly put up. The RFID chips will simply be the next stage once society becomes dependent on the pay and go technology currently been introduced. The only way to be truly free is to live off the grid become untrackable. Once RFID chips and finger printing become accepted ( and they will) thats when its time to make the difficult choice. Carrying on living in a comfortable and CONTROLLED life or struggle and remain free.

Anyone immature enough to get annoyed by something as simple as "first" needs more to contemplate in life.

You lot are just paranoid f*cks! It makes me laugh!

Who will be laughing when you relalize the "paranoid f*cks" were right all along?

These kids will just LOVE the idea of having a chip underneath their skin!

What are RFID chips?!?! and dont get mad about ignorance, i'm just a 14 year old girl.

They are sort of like a tracking device…they're these little tiny chips that can compute alot of information. they send it by radio signals. People have now started putting them in everything, uncluding under your pets skin. The goal is to eventually have everyone have one under their skin, so everyone can be tracked.

Damn thats messed up..anyone catch on to the sheeple at the end

basically called em dumbasses

VC, you're doing a great job here exposing the 'symptoms' of creeping evil and allowing people to interact. However, unless you want to end up like the 'free comment section' closing down on sites like prisonplanet, perhaps a bit more work on letting commentators vote up or down (yeah I know, that lets the crowd in!) might help? I know from past experience how time consuming these type of details can be. To counteract the recent exponential increase in 'aggressive takeover' from the so-called 'elites' I suggest a deep study of the following three obscure authors:- W.G.Carr “Pawns in the Game” 1958… (Please ignore the more recent yamaguchi/yarmulka editing – it is designed to confuse). Eustace Mullins “Secrets of the Federal Reserve”… Fritz Springmeier “13 Bloodlines”… and “Monarch”… If you can disregard their politics, their agendas and, in one case at least, ‘alleged’ felonies, armed… Read more »

Definately a test to see how well it works but then they film it & make it obvious.

News Corp myspace tie in.

Perfect sheeple, and did you notice its a Coca Cola Isreal ad? It is the anti-christ's holi-land

i hope israel dissapears just like it came ! viva Palestine !!!!!!!!!!!

how do i post all this on facebook please more of the world has to know

You can post the URL in a comment and it'll link here or you can copy and paste everything into a blog.

The marke of the beast lays in theior hand or on their forehead..the mark = money, either got it or thinking about it. This RFID s***e is just another globaloist control tool. Take it and be forever a sheep in the pen of the enlightened evil….

Interesting theory.

Wow, wasted space over a "first" comment. It's a free country, well, maybe not that free. Anywayz, this is just another way to condition folks, using familiar products that most people know about.

Hey Jonathan,

If you come first in the special olympics your still a retard.

Hahahahaha! Second mga "BOBO"

Israel. Why am I not surprised…that bloody place is the source of evil. The chip might be implemented but I guess it'll take quite a while for this thing to come to Europe. So good luck America we're all counting on you!

The source of evil is sin and all have sinned (except for Jesus and he was a jew)

Jesus was a human…. :o. Are you ashamed to be like him? Lol I digress, this became a battle because of two comments. We should all take a lesson here. In other news, Sprite and Coke are owned by the same company, no? Does that mean the "secret ingredient" is also in Sprite? Or all of their drinks for that matter?

No, actually, I don't believe it's in Sprite or any of their non-cola sodas as I don't react to those that way. I haven't heard about anyone else reacting the way I do to it, but my reaction must have been from that one ingredient. Because of my multiple chemical sensitivity I react to a lot of things, but that kind of reaction I've never gotten from anything else, and I get it with all of Coke's cola drinks. It's not from the caffeine, though I do react to that. All the other ingredients are basically the same as Pepsi's, and the label shows no explanation for my very strong reaction. Knowing now what I do about how the Illuminati control what we consume, and their evil intentions with all they create, I'm actually suspecting that it could be a pretty nefarious thing. "The formula is considered one of the… Read more »

it's like a really friendly way of saying we want to watch you 24/7, we spy on you in the most obvius ways, and you are happy about it…

and the f*****g thing on their hands, i don't even put watchs, who the hell are they kiddin'…

anyway it's israel's doing so i'm not that shocked, they kill the palestinies with no merci, so no wonder they want to spy even on their own citizens…

Ascended Master Of The Ancients, srsly. TAKE A CHILL PILL DUDE!!! being the 1st one to comment on this site is in fact an achievement, becuase there are SO MANY PEOPLE!

Calm down friends, jeez!

I'm pulling your card, testing and joking (rather morbidly) its not about guns or ammo, and its not about a species. There are more hands moving in the dark,

and there is more light than we know what to do with. The hand of time points in one direction. Realistically focus on what actually affects you. Ultimately you have to look out for number one. Life is paradoxical. A series of causes, and, numerous, ultimately large effects.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>WHAT REALLY IS THE TRUTH!!!!!????? everyone constantly exclaims and ruthlessly asks and shouts!>>>>>> why ask when we already have the answer?…everything that is the truth is just a plain picture.

If wish there would be a dumb button. I would click it in rage on your comment.

The comparison of "the devil" and firsting a topic is… I don't know.

Can't think of anything else but "dumb". Not even extra-ordinarily dumb, or partially dumb, or subtle-dumb.

Just plain ol' dumb.

Don't brag yet, please…

I intend to insult your intelligence a little bit more.

… You have watched the video, I assume …

And read the headline. And since you're on this site, I also assume that you've read a few of the statements it displays.

And you're asking people to contact you … via … … … (*silence*) … Facebook?

Like… I mean… I'm starting to get why a few peeps have gotten the idea of controlling the masses.

BECAUSE IT'S SO DAMN EASY, as you confusingly blatant proved here.

That irony and apparent hypocrisy wasn't lost on me, hence my putting that tongued emoticon. Yes, despite it all I will still use Facebook. I don't drink Coke, however, because their secret ingredient reeks havoc on my body since I have multiple chemical sensitivity thanks to the elite, (and I'd advise everyone else not to drink it- we have no idea what that secret ingredient is, obviously). I am not afraid of being watched or being found out. We are by fallen angels, who communicate with the elite, much more than they could with any surveillance system themselves. And who would you fear more? The evil men, or the evil powers behind them? Why am I not afraid? Because I have the protection of Christ, the king of kings. I also firmly believe in God's sovereignty, and know that nothing can be in my life or happen to me apart… Read more »


buy guns. and buy ammo. make friends with those who own guns and ammo. and if you dont like being a "part of this species" then do us all a favor and just off yourself. f*****g weaklings. honestly who writes like that? if you are an ascended master of the ancients then guess what america> we really have nothing to fear. LAST!

So we should buy guns and ammo then I should just off myself? I can tell you care very much about others. I see you took more offense to my comment then did anyone else. I'm ashamed to be part this species and I stand by it, because of the extreme focus on the physical (granted you know what an ascended master is). I call certain people humans because they are merely products of the Elite. You obviously did not understand the reasoning behind the comment.

Ok, Rambo, cool off a minute, use your head and remember that Coke and Facebook are billion-dollar industries and they can probably get bigger guns than you can. use your head.

It doesn't matter how many guns or how much ammo you have. They can get us and ruin us in so many ways. Look at identity theft, for example. How hard would that be for them? It wouldn't be!

my job makes us wear these TWIC cards and i believe they have the chip in them as well. this word sickens me. i'm looking for a new job.

Fight this trend to the end! No surrender to the N.W.O.!


Testing on future IDF/Zionst goons

…hater :p