CNBC, the Illuminati and a New World Order (videos)


CNBC is a TV network dedicated to American business and money. It is one of the only networks I watch (American Greed is an interesting show) because there’s a certain rawness to it. It is the only network where the Illuminati and a New World Order are sometimes mentioned. Here are some examples:

Another telling example is the logo of the show American Greed.

Can’t get clearer than that.

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89 Comments on "CNBC, the Illuminati and a New World Order (videos)"

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"There's no earthly way of knowing

Which direction we are going

There's no knowing where we're rowing

Or which way the river's flowing

Is it raining, is it snowing

Is a hurricane a-blowing

Not a speck of light is showing

So the danger must be growing

Are the fires of Hell a-glowing

Is the grisly reaper mowing

Yes, the danger must be growing

For the rowers keep on rowing

And they're certainly not showing

Any signs that they are slowing"

Am I on crack or did in every video the Illuminati was mentioned? When will people wake up or stop being afraid to leave the Matrix? They ain't even hiding anymore, I would be surprised if Obama started covering one eye.

What I find fascinating about these (and other) clips, is that this topic is gradually becoming more talked about. Not too long ago, if you mentioned the "Illuminati," "Elite," "New World Order," people would look at you funny. But now, the response is a little different. They're so blatant about their plans… as we've seen, they're using the Entertainment Industry in a major way. If anyone had previous doubts about the Bible and end-time events… then stop! Pause, and think it over. What's about to take place will be, I guarantee, unlike anything recorded in history. I have to slow myself down, often times… it's easy to get caught up with school, work, monetary obligations, medical needs – you name it. The Government will continue to make major [budget] cuts. So whatever you need to finish, do it now – finish now! I was just in a conversation, yesterday –… Read more »

WOW. That Damon Vickers guy is right!

I agree with SMH on the Beyonce comment! However, I bet it took some time and research to gather the video clips. Maybe you could go out and work on something, and then submit it. Just a thought. Your post is actually hilarious given pr archangel 21's post on disrespect. Exhibit A

Everything that is put on the TV screen is not just to 'entertain' you. It's really to send a message. These people don't spend millions of dollars just to make you feel good. If you did some research you would find that news, entertainment, food, etc.,, are all owned by the same group of people. They are working feverishly to change our way of thinking to suit their agenda. "some people will do anything for money'. You better believe it. Your favourite artist, CEO, they have already been enticed. The useless money that the Federal Reserve prints and gives them as a reward have blinded their eyes to the truth. Something you need to know: It doesn;t matter how hard you study or work, you will never get that top position in any large corporation because persons for those positions are hand picked by the powers that be. Those news… Read more »

Have thought this for years…after all, "what does it porofit a man, if he gains the whole world"….

We know that we belong to God, and the whole world is under the power of the evil one I think everyone can agree the world is under the power of the evil one by just looking around and observing the lack of respect taking place in every town across the world. The youth of today seems to have lost their way when it comes to being respectful to their elders. When I say elders, I am describing parents, grandparents, teachers and people of authority. I am describing people who are older and wiser by way of living the Word of God. I believe the Word of God is void in people’s homes destroying the perception our youth has regarding authority and therefore has led them astray. John warns humanity by using the word “children” to “be on your guard against idols.” These idols today come in many different forms… Read more »
The last video and this Damon/Nine Points shill is Classic Problem-Reaction-Solution!! The fact that so much of the mainstream shill media is now talking about New World Order and a Global currency is because their "Solution" is waiting behind the curtain! Just as the Protocols of Zion have outlined and the NWO agents have planned, many are feeling so dilapidated, burdened, stolen from, and weak, that they will take a NWO solution just to get out of the dumps! And psychologically they are preparing us to hate our own country and to denounce democracy as a failing system. I hear John on- what should we do? I second Vigilant on questioning- spreading this awareness we have, of looking for the tell-tales signs of enslavement, numbing and dumbing down of our brains and our souls. I also believe that prayer to God, discipline in reducing ego, practice of cooperation and the… Read more »

This is off topic but have u seen lady gaga new video born this way the full uncut version on you tube…It is filled with messages…Pls do an article on it.I could make out what some ment but need to know more about what i did not understand in the video.

Anybody else notice on the bottom poster/picture, at the right hand side, half way down the building is an upside down man?

It is part of the banner that runs under the Great seal…look on the back of a 1 dollar bill.

WHEN AS MUCH PEOPLE OVER THE ENTIRE WORLD know about the truth, who and what is realy ruling the world, we have awareness. And with this state of mind we can do something

nWo.. cant believe it


4:45 It's raining = Rihanna Umbrella

At last, conspiracy theory proven by Vigilant Citizen to be

@ Alice thanks for the WordPress link.

Seriously, I think we have this all wrong guys. Look! Professor X! I mean, that guy is the DUDE! He is Charles Xavier, the one who can find any "mutant" out there, and help us go down the "right" path… and, and, he can do it because he can "control" his "mind" to reach out to "US"! I think he called it the "God's Helmet" or "Cerebra"… I forget which sometimes. Let's not forget the "Supreme" "Sorcerer" Doctor Strange, the king of "Atlantis" (nothing occult there, its all legit, Plato said so…), the "Human Rights Activist" Dr. Reeds, and of course my favorite "IronMail", I mean (FE)Man, I mean IronMan. Sorry, I get tongue tied sometimes and digress. He makes weapons for US, we are alright. I won't go too much more into it, don't want to risk sounding crazy or anything like that. Illuminati are trying to save… Read more »

I love this article for one major reason:

People still label the New World Order as some sort of outrageous conspiracy theory. When videos like this exist,, especially when they're all compiled into one place, that label can quickly diminish and eyes can begin to open.

Vigilant, I hope and pray that you realize what this entire thing really, really means.….

Second to last video – after it's done, go to the next video about 'The New Dollar' interesting..

Wow..! In the first video, he actually mentioned the 'I' word! Usually unheard of.. that is a pretty objective network it seems.. I have seen a little bit of it before myself.. they mainly seems to state the facts – which is what real journalism is about! What happened to 'Just the facts, maa'm' Anybody remember that..? These days, both sides, Fox channels and CNN like channels both sway either way and neither one of them is the truth! In fact, they play off each other.. that is the point and the way of the 'Illuminati' they play both sides.. they funded both sides of major world wars to fuel them and get chaos going.. then they can have control.. "Out of chaos comes order…' Right??? According to their ways.. not just talking about the Masons here, even though that is actually one of their mottos.. but could be them,… Read more »

Nevermind.. sorry after watching two videos with Kramer I see that he is one of them.. in a way.. directly referencing 'Illuminati Conspiracy theories and saying 'they are not all bad..' no, they probably arenot 'all bad' but are they all good too? Maybe for themselves and the elite they serve, but for the more common person..? Probably not.. who knows…

The weasel Kramer guy is obviously mocking when he talks about the world being ruled by the CFR, Trilateral Commission and Illuminati. While it is interesting to see that they actually mention these evil groups by name, it's pretty clear to me that CNBC is ridiculing those who believe a secret cabal of the wealthy elite run this world, yet at the same time they are mentioning such shadowy forces playing a part in affecting everything from the price of oil to the value of world currencies. Psywar tactics once again, friends. Duplicity and False Metacomm…slip a little truth in with the lies and create confusion about what the message really is, while at the same time denying that the Illuminati exists, and painting anyone who believes that – regardless of the facts – as a conspiracy nut. CNBC is owned and run by the same ruling elite, so please… Read more »

so… im moving to canada, brazil, or austrialia 😀

come to australia, lots of land to grow things and good climate (the winters arent too cold)

hahahaaha there is a reason it is call One World Order so evne Australiais going to be afftected too

i dont understand how this can be so blatant, even to the point where it's talked about on MSM, and nobody in 'merica seems to care. even when you talk to somebody who "follows the market", they look at you crazy when you talk about the "collapse" of the dollar. ignorance is bliss?

When you're stuck between seventy-hour workweeks or zero-hour workweeks (more efficiency, less hiring, and a battered, workplace that's thankful they're not laid off YET) it's awfully damn hard to care about something that want to make your workweek eighty hours….

As you can tell The Powers That Be got what they wanted from the banking crisis – the embrace of a group of companies "we can't do without" and the workers accepting that they are disposable and thus must self-enslave themselves and hope for salvation through work (Arbeit speichert Sie, I believe).

I like American Greed as well ! I also watched an interesting episode of AG on the former manager of Back Street boys ( I think ). Which ever group Justin Timberland was in. This guy also managed several other popular groups. Anyway the manager was accused of scamming them big time ! I'm talking multi million dollar groups living on 2- 700 dollars a month ! There were also allegation and legal issues with him sexually abusing or trying to abuse (I forget) members of the group. Same ole, same old weird handler themes & accusations I found interesting !

Yeah, I read up on that Manager.

Justin Timberlake (Timberland is a producer; had his day in the sun before he was proven to have limited ability to adapt) said "Karma Is a B***h (or something along those lines)" in reference to that manager.

Thanks ! Timberlake, my badd. I didn't catch that ! At least I caught " Black Street Boys " lol

Haha, I think this is a show of their desperation, in that the word is spreading and they are crudely trying to incite propaganda.

The "show" happens at the material level and in the media, like gang signs or graffiti; the stake of territory. The "show" allows the atmosphere to be measured. The "show" is already in full motion (picture), and has been for quite some time. There is nothing to hide, the signs and symbols are in plain sight, and it is intentional. The "show" is but a manifestation of the ideals that occur in the wings and off set. Or perhaps by a manipulator in the crossover. Normally for the delight of someone in the theater box (La loge).

This is not a show of desperation…perhaps depravity, or diabolical subtlety. The self actualized "elite" few are far from desperate; they presently have far too much power for that. More likely it could be called a show for the desperate.

Its time we make some very hard decision about our way of life because we are moving towards a one world government. Were do we see ourselves in years to come controlling our own lifes or government controlling it for use. Do we have Jesus Christ in our lives, Jesus Christ said we have to repent and be baptized Act 2:38 The world is getting really scarie Police State is in full motion Thanks VC

I bet Vickers and Gates are golfing buds.

Check out Pastor Lindsey Williams and what he say about thee coming crisis in oil and the US dollar, very helpful. He has his own website, and there is also a series of interviews with Alex Jones over the years where he gives his story and updates insider news as he receives it

Yes. Some people will do ANYTHING for money. As Michael Jackson's song says, even sell your soul to tue devil.