CIA Admits Using News To Manipulate the USA (1975 video)


This old clip shows CIA officials admitting the agency’s infiltration of mainstream media in order to influence public opinion and to manipulate the thoughts and values of Americans.

Did things change since 1975? Nope. Actually, things are much worse as the merger of media companies into a very small number of mega-conglomerates made the “filtering” of information even easier. The input of governmental sources such as the CIA and the Pentagon into news stories is now a fully integrated process and has even spread into entertainment, using TV shows and movies.

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71 Comments on "CIA Admits Using News To Manipulate the USA (1975 video)"

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Hey Vigilant! Can you dig any info about this Kony thing? Ive found this and I think it holds some truth-

I tried to post this yesterday but the comment is still waiting to be approved so I’m thinking maybe it has to do with the links that I posted. So we’ll try this another way and hope it works. Maybe these links will give you more insight on this KONY2012 situation. 1. 2. & this for starters 4. This viral video is so sick and twisted especially considering that Kony hasn’t been in Uganda since 2006 and the LRA are no longer a threat to the people there. Conveniently though China has been reaping the benefits of Uganda’s natural resources and we all know that the US doesn’t like that one bit. Please do the research people before jumping on this KONY bandwagon. Yes he deserves to be brought to justice for the crimes that he committed but ALWAYS know that there are ulterior motives behind… Read more »

I agree. I was just telling some of my colleagues they must be mindful that this is not propaganda and that no ulterior agenda is behind this…

I'm glad somebody is addressing this Kony thing. I've had this very unsettling feeling since it took over the internet, and I felt bad about at first, because the cause in unquestionably good: nobody can question the importance of helping those children. But this video just felt wrong. I studied marketing, and two words came to my mind when watching it: propaganda and manipulation. There wasn't much information about Kony or the situation in Africa, and most importantly no sources were mentioned, nowhere to look to find out more about it, just that one message: STOP HIM. I didn't really feel educated, if anything the video seemed to be addressed to the filmmaker's son, who is 5 and shown in the video. I definitely felt like the issue was "dumbed down" and I couldn't quite pinpoint what bothered me the most, until I read this article:… One part especially… Read more »

Not surprised.
CIA? The same organization involved in funding MK-Ultra in the US and Canada? The media lies. My dad has been saying that for a long time. Great article VC…and keep up the good work.