CIA Admits Using News To Manipulate the USA (1975 video)


This old clip shows CIA officials admitting the agency’s infiltration of mainstream media in order to influence public opinion and to manipulate the thoughts and values of Americans.

Did things change since 1975? Nope. Actually, things are much worse as the merger of media companies into a very small number of mega-conglomerates made the “filtering” of information even easier. The input of governmental sources such as the CIA and the Pentagon into news stories is now a fully integrated process and has even spread into entertainment, using TV shows and movies.


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Hey Vigilant! Can you dig any info about this Kony thing? Ive found this and I think it holds some truth-

I tried to post this yesterday but the comment is still waiting to be approved so I’m thinking maybe it has to do with the links that I posted. So we’ll try this another way and hope it works. Maybe these links will give you more insight on this KONY2012 situation. 1. 2. & this for starters 4. This viral video is so sick and twisted especially considering that Kony hasn’t been in Uganda since 2006 and the LRA are no longer a threat to the people there. Conveniently though China has been reaping the benefits of Uganda’s natural resources and we all know that the US doesn’t like that one bit. Please do the research people before jumping on this KONY bandwagon. Yes he deserves to be brought to justice for the crimes that he committed but ALWAYS know that there are ulterior motives behind… Read more »
I'm glad somebody is addressing this Kony thing. I've had this very unsettling feeling since it took over the internet, and I felt bad about at first, because the cause in unquestionably good: nobody can question the importance of helping those children. But this video just felt wrong. I studied marketing, and two words came to my mind when watching it: propaganda and manipulation. There wasn't much information about Kony or the situation in Africa, and most importantly no sources were mentioned, nowhere to look to find out more about it, just that one message: STOP HIM. I didn't really feel educated, if anything the video seemed to be addressed to the filmmaker's son, who is 5 and shown in the video. I definitely felt like the issue was "dumbed down" and I couldn't quite pinpoint what bothered me the most, until I read this article:… One part especially… Read more »

I agree. I was just telling some of my colleagues they must be mindful that this is not propaganda and that no ulterior agenda is behind this…

Not surprised.
CIA? The same organization involved in funding MK-Ultra in the US and Canada? The media lies. My dad has been saying that for a long time. Great article VC…and keep up the good work.

While most people are "too busy" struggling to survive, there are so many programs designed to acclimate them to the abuse of power engaged in by the CIA and other operative agencies. I can remember the series "La Femme Nikita" that absolutely captured audiences. Many were fascinated by the romantic relationship between two of the operatives, and that is part of the propaganda and brainwashing that quietly creates acceptance. At every turn, there was an operation that looked at the subversive tactics used to undermine leaders, countries, and the like. Of course, since they were fighting terrorism, what was done seemed to be ignored by audiences because I rarely saw discussions on the subversive activity; the focus was the romance. The program was a surefire way to indoctrinate people into accepting some really horrible actions. So yes, people are busy, but tools of indoctrination are also used to ensure continuing… Read more »
Hi Fleurdamour — Witnessing a terrible event affects you deeply; you can become so preoccupied by loss and feeling of helplessness and guilt, that you become defensive, or develop avoidance behaviors (part of PTSD). Clairevoyents see it coming from different angles in advance, sometimes for decades, over and over every night in dreams, before it actually happens, and they go through PTSD too, in advance of the events (and at some point afterwards, a breakdown). No matter how you've seen it or your reactions to it, you owe it to yourself and your grasp on absolute truth to become a digger, and excavate the answers. I made phone calls, warning the FBI, the summer before the 9/11 event and was politely redirected to voicemail (no one wanted to hear it). I went to the Mayors' mansion, and then his office in the Towers (the week before 9/11) and was told… Read more »

Breaking news:

Tila Tequila exposed the Illuminati on her blog.

After the day she exposed the Illuminati on her site, she attempted suicide and suffered from brain aneurysm. Now, her blog is closed with a notice: "Coming soon. Future home of something quite cool."

What do you think of this? We'll see if VC will make an article about this in the next few days!

Something you should watch:… — Illuminati EXPOSED by Model/Reality tv star "Tila Tequila" (MUST SEE)

WOW. The video was deleted due to spam, scams, and "commercially deceptive" content. Okay, youtube, like we believe you.

What caused the brain aneurysm on TV host who exposed the Illuminati, Tila Tequila??

— Also this!

She had a 'DRUG OVERDOSE' too!

Remember to read the two video's description, especially the second one. It contains a link to the Web archive of that particular blog post, which is now deleted. (along with the site itself)

Killuminati!! I refuse to be a SHEEPLE and BE MANIPULATED!!

I don't watch the news so I don't really care. If you're dumb enough to believe in everything they tell you then it's time to get a mind of your own.

John Mayer said it best

When you trust the television, what you get is what you got, cause when THEY own the information, THEY can bend it all they want. *Waiting on the World to Change*

Good posting. I knew this kind of thing was going on.It doesn't surprise me one bit. Once you sift through the news or program very little substance is really left worth watching. One can only imagine how far they go in disecting their programs or the news to us the viewing audience.Theres just no end to the topics vc can post. The world is one big conspiracy planet. They are gonna only shows and tell us what "they" want us to see and hear.

This is from the African Press Obamas home African Press International said August 18, 2011 at 16:44 24 REVEALED: President Obama is a lucky man – By Chief editor Korir. Now, President Obama has announced his intention to run for a second term despite a questionable citizenship. The man born in Mombasa has managed to run the White House well and wants another term. Obama has decided not to reveal his citizenship because if he does, he will be taken to court for having ruled a country against the constitution which states that a president must be a citizen by birth.Sources disclose to API that President Obama will write a very interesting biography revealing his birthplace, but only when he is no longer the President. One thing he should not forget, however, is the fact that he can still be prosecuted after leaving office. The former Mombasa Imam who… Read more »

Aye, nothing we don't already know about the manipulations of the mass media but an interesting and useful snippet none the less!

I'm just wondering if you know anything about the whole Kony 2012 situation and the real intentions the government has behind it.

Are you aware that when you hit the "youtube button" on the above video. It will take you to watch it on the Youtube site. BUT, the is now a 29min ADVERTISEMENT that will play in its place….but it is only an ad. The ad that I watched was about Obama & Israel. It doesnt play the 3min video on the CIA unless you skip the ad….Try it and see….I have never seen this happen before…It only confirms my thoughts about conspiracies and misinformation..

Thanks for this post. While a lot of us are already aware of the CIA control, this article/video is important to expose it to and inform the young people who come to this site. It serves a purpose. it's not just young folks either there are a lot of people of all ages that believe what they see on TV, online, etc.. Whatever is "fed" to the public, they eat it up no questions asked. My mom is a senior citizen and she believes what she sees on the news period. Just because the anchor person sits there and reads the teleprompter with a straight face and perfect posture then they MUST be telling the truth! Puleeeze! Aside from the CIA infiltration, it's obvious that news directors and reporters are bought and paid for. Not to mention lazy.Just consider the comments on the Whitney Houston article. The media has basically… Read more »

excuse my typos please

I know this is kind of off topic but can we talk about this Kony2012 campaign and this petition that is circulating around that if approved will the opens the door for the American military to legally militarize Uganda in the name of humanitarian efforts. Not to mention that Uganda and the Sudan are resource-rich with materials including oil and uranium and also of very high importance to China. I'm hoping that VC will do a post about this, if not, please talk amongst yourselves. I'm sick of these people preying on the emotions of others to further their own twisted agenda. So many people are taking Kony2012 for face value. I'm all for this guy receiving what he deserves but not this organization.

All of the 911 videos are fake…what really happened is they evacuated the area, put up a literal smokescreen, took down the EMPTY buildings in old fashion demo….the rest,and the fake videos, were meant to scare us into supporting them making new controlling laws and taking over that area in the middle east. No planes or victims just a few actors and fake vids. The CIA was working in the news studios & that was even in the news.

PS – Actually, you don't have to look any further than Wikipedia – scroll down to the section "The original 7 World Trade Center (1983–2001)" and the two photos show the exact location of 7 WTC. It's the reddish building right across Vesey Street from the North Tower. The photo on the right shows the walkway I was talking about.

My last two comments were mostly directed at another commenter, who has since been moderated away. Please see my second comment above for what I saw on 9/11. And you did state above that 7 WTC was not near the North Tower, so I wanted to correct that. It was right across the street.

I don't question where building 7 was. I question the news footage/images/that days tv witnesses. TpTb have it in their own paperwork that they needed a 'new pearl harbor' including fake memorials. I'm sorry if you're offended by that. I'm still curious as to what you actually saw in real life

I was on the Staten Island ferry on 9/11 and saw the whole thing. It was NOT fake.

Wow. My purpose is that I was an eyewitness to the actual events of 9/11 and I don't like having my experience denied by people who weren't there. It's abusive to deny someone's reality, and watching that attack was a devastating reality. It's horrible to realize that you've just seen a bunch of people die, and I think it's very insulting to those people and their families to carry on with the falsehood that 9/11 was not real. I wonder why people want so much to believe that it was faked, when if that were actually true it would mean that things are so much worse than they already are. I do think that there are a lot of things in this country that happen behind the scenes, are staged, are set up to benefit a small handful of people, etc., but I don't happen to think 9/11 was one… Read more »

Yes it was, it was so close there was a walkway over the street linking 7wtc to the twin towers plaza, right where the old IRS office was. It was at the very bottom of Greenwich street.

I'm sorry but WTC7 isn't across the street or near WTC2 (north tower).

7 buildings were destroyed that day.

Silverstein sayed they 'pulled' WTC7

All the imagry was faked.

I was fiddling with my cellphone and missed the first plane, but I saw the second plane hit, the enormous fireball, debris exploding and raining out over Lower Manhattan, etc. It was not a controlled demolition, it was a kamikaze run. And re: 7 World Trade which a lot of people especially argue about, I have been in that building because the company I worked for at the time had offices in several buildings in that area and our tax dept was in 7. That was an administrative back-office type of building rather than a client services one and it was absolutely stuffed full of paper, rows and rows of filing cabinets. Debris from the Twin Towers fell on its roof, it was a much smaller building right across a narrow street from the north Tower, and smoldered there for hours. Finally, when the wreckage burned its way through the… Read more »

I'm curious, what did you see? Thanks.

They control nothing. The only thing they can do successfully is to be miserable gits who rely on sleeping pills, p!ssed off that they actually can't have full control of anything. In a few decades they will be, each one of them, dust and nothing but dust and the irony is they can't control their destiny. I can see it written all over the place, can they? No, they're too blind to see what lies in front of their nose.

KONY 2012.. What are your thoughts on it?

So much mind play my pops warns my brother about propaganda then speaks it himself.

And we're SURPRISED by this???

The name of the game is to get others to do what you want without fuss.

With that understanding and this news story, expect that there are more they won't get around to telling you about.

(sorry if this is posted twice)

Oh, most certainly, though I also believe they are implying they have a bit more power than they actually do. Day to day operations in a news room has wayyy too many layers for them to be much of the iron fist. I know this firsthand–I'm a news producer in a major city (Vigilant if you'd like me to verify who I am I'd be more than happy to.). More likely the higher ups notice trends and relay to executive producers and editors that they're rather see A, B and C done instead of something else, ect. For example, today I wrote stories on Syria and inflation, but not the cookie cutter versions. I've always made mention repeatedly that, for example, the unemployment rate is likely way higher than the White House is reporting to us via their honchos. By far their best tactic isn't really much of a tactic… Read more »
"The Central Intelligence Agency owns everyone of any significance in the major media." –William Colby, former CIA Director, cited by Dave Mcgowan, Derailing Democracy "You could get a journalist cheaper than a good call girl, for a couple hundred dollars a month." –CIA operative, discussing the availability and prices of journalists willing to peddle CIA propaganda and cover stories. Katherine the Great, by Deborah Davis "There is quite an incredible spread of relationships. You don’t need to manipulate Time magazine, for example, because there are [Central Intelligence] Agency people at the management level." –William B. Bader, former CIA intelligence officer, briefing members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, The CIA and the Media, by Carl Bernstein "The Agency's relationship with [The New York] Times was by far its most valuable among newspapers, according to CIA officials. [It was] general Times policy … to provide assistance to the CIA whenever possible." –The… Read more »
I watched a terrifying show the other night, on Frontline from PBS. It was called Top Secret America, and it was about the scope and reach of the black programs enacted in complete secrecy since 9/11. According to the best research that an investigative reporter could do under an almost total info blackout, there are at least 17,000 black sites that have been set up in the US alone. They are in strip malls and office parks, and underground. Apparently, a remote car bombing that took out a top Al Qaeda official was accomplished from a non-descript office park somewhere in suburban America. None of the sites are concentrated together so they won't attract undue attention, they are scattered everywhere. And there are dozens of secret offshore prisons. None of this is accounted for in the public budget, so there is no idea of how much this is costing taxpayers,… Read more »

You don't say