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Christopher Lee Describes the Power of Satanic Rituals in 1975 Video

In this rare interview, actor Christopher Lee discusses the power of black magic and satanic rituals, adding that there’s “nothing fictitious” about them. He also explains why there was a resurgence of interest in occultism at the time. His answer remains fully relevant today.



Christopher Lee Describes the Power of Satanic Rituals in 1975 Video

Christopher Lee’s career in the film industry was a long and fruitful one. While younger people know him for his role as Saruman in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies, Lee’s filmography goes way back (nearly 70 years) and includes a long list of movies and television shows (over 200).

When one looks at roles taken by Lee throughout his life, two constants emerge: He often played the role of the villain and he often played in movies with dark, occult themes.

For instance, Lee played the role of Count Dracula in eight movies, the last one being The Satanic Rites of Dracula (1973).

Christopher Lee Describes the Power of Satanic Rituals in 1975 Video

The Satanic Rites of Dracula begins with a satanic ritual taking place in an English country house with four prominent members of society: A government minister, a peer, a general and a famous scientist. Literally the occult elite.

The 1968 movie The Devil’s Bride is about a Satanic cult in South England.

Christopher Lee Describes the Power of Satanic Rituals in 1975 Video

In The Devils Bride, Baphomet himself makes an appearance.

In the 1976 movie To the Devil a Daughter, Christopher Lee plays the role of a “priest” in a Satanic cult who offers a 14-year-old girl to the devil. Disturbing fact: The girl is greatly sexualized in the movie and there’s even full-frontal nudity.

Christopher Lee Describes the Power of Satanic Rituals in 1975 Video

In To the Devil a Daughter, a Black Mass takes place in front of an inverted cross and an inverted “Jesus”.

The least one can say is that Christopher Lee appeared to know a thing or two about black magic and satanic rituals. In an interview about To the Devil a Daughter, Lee serves a lesson on black magic to the interviewer while explaining the power and the danger surrounding these rituals.

While the interview took place over 44 years ago, everything he says remains true and relevant today.

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Christopher Lee Describes the Power of Satanic Rituals in 1975 Video

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On another note, it would be interesting to follow up on the baby used in the ritual/baptize scene. What kind of life did that baby live after being used as a satanic prop?


He’s cross eyed now.


I wondered about the same thing.


I’m pretty sure she is Nastassja Kinski.


Yes, according to wikipedia that’s her. Disturbing fact : she was abused by her father when she was a child.


She wasn’t the baby, she was the nude 14-year-old (equally disturbing):
“Next, she appeared in the British horror film To the Devil a Daughter (1976), produced by Hammer Film Productions, which was released in the UK just 40 days after Kinski’s fifteenth birthday, making it a virtual certainty she was only fourteen when her scenes were shot (including full frontal nudity). In regards to her early films, Kinski has stated that she felt exploited by the industry. In an interview with W, she said, “If I had had somebody to protect me or if I had felt more secure about myself, I would not have accepted certain things. Nudity things. And inside it was just tearing me apart.”


Sorry, which baby are you talking about?In the article there’s a scene from To the Devil a daughter.

Tommy Knocker

I’m surprised you didn’t mention the Wickerman. Nothing like human sacrifice on May Day.

For what it’s worth, Christopher Lee was quoted as Saying “ I have met people who claim to be Satanists, who claim to be involved with black magic, who claimed that they not only knew a lot about it. But as I said, I certainly have not been involved and I warn all of you: never, never, never. You will not only lose your mind: you lose your soul.”

He obviously was an insider whether or not he was directly connected or not. He never denied not having first hand knowledge.


He literally denies having first hand knowledge at the end, watch it fully. However, the truth of that can be open to interpretation.

Prophetic Explorer

Yeah, because ‘denying not having first hand knowledge’ is not the same as denying having first hand knowledge :o)

Lizzie Viruet

Yes, he denies having first hand experience of a Black Mass but one also has to think honesty is not a virtue any satanist would profess, so, hopefully for his own sake what he said was true and he never was fully integrated in any of that.


In reality, there is one magic, not black or white. Intent is the only real distinction between black and white magic. In both cases, the aim is to boldly manipulate energies and the initiate is interfering with the flow of the universe which is the real crime and carries huge responsibilities in terms of the portals it may open up in terms of what comes through and decides to stay. The consequences of misdirected or failed rituals we can see around us in the state of civilisation today.
Hollywood is based on Druid magic ( the Holy Wood of the magic wands) which is why the thinkers behind the industry and many directors are often from Druid circles within the UK such as the Hellfire Club.

D D d

The outcome of what some people call magic or the power of rituals, is mostly an ordinairy flow of cause and effect. Starting the circling waves with the people attending and engaging them. They follow up with actions.
Not because of outerworldly causes but by plain action reaction, implanting ideas and concepts, fears, directions, commands, expectations and more when ritualing. They then spread out to change their world themselves. In my humble opinioned explanation.


That’s correct, D D d, but the spiritual realm is as real and palpable as you and me. We might not be able to touch or see it, albeit many do, but it’s there, and the way satanists and the likes meddle with it is very dangerous. Both physically (think sacrifices) and spiritually (think present and future lives).

I know where you stand when it comes to judeo-Christian beliefs and scriptures, but I can’t not mention what they say about that realm. There’s a lot of places we shouldn’t go, and we are better off believing it and not going “there”.

D D d

I think we should invest more in looking inside our bodies, our cells, than spend money on teaching faith of realms we can not enter without drugs or hypnotism.


Faith is unrelated to money. If someone is selling you anything spiritual, you gotta run for your life. 😛 You don’t necessarily need drugs (I say necessarily, because there are some beliefs where the person needs to be under the influence in order to touch the spiritual realm they are aiming for) or be hypnotized (maybe there are some religious practice or cult that uses hypnotism that I’m not aware of) to have a spiritual experience. If you are closed to the possibility of there being something else, something beyond that that you can see and touch, you are only living part of the story. We are body, mind and spirit. Why is the soul so coveted by the forces that be? Why do people sell their souls, and how do they get, in the beginning, the payment they desired? There’s certainly something behind that. Something powerful. I don’t need to try, nor do I want to convince you about that that you can’t/don’t (want to) believe. But back to our being body, mind and spirit, we gotta take good care of the three of them. It’s important to seek balance. You can have a healthy body, but suffer from… Read more »


You speak with great wisdom! What are some good resources you’d recommend to read more up on all that you’re saying? (Books, shows, message boards, etc) I would love to delve more into this as I wholeheartedly believe it and have had my own rare spiritual experiences that confirm what you say and those experiences absolutely cannot be denied. Thank you!


I think you’re right, scratch that I KNOW you’re right


It is not always based on choices you have the power to make. That realm is the reality. What we consider our three dimensional reality on this earth is merely a reflection and potentially a highly distorted one ridden with misunderstanding and lies. There are many spiritual explanations for why reality became separated in such a way which I won’t bother bringing up as I am not generally very communicative at the moment. Certainly, it does not require drugs or hypnosis to reach those realms and I should know . Involuntary dream states, conscious breathing exercises and meditation often suffice.

D D d

The human mind is still very understated as a creator.
The impulses that spark a new thought, a feeling, a dream, a single conclusion on the sum of elements scattered all over life – that is more magical than looking into a far away for ritualised entrancements.


It was by some coincidence that I decided to scroll down to the comment section. I really did not think I would find a comment describing what people typically call magic in such a way. I’m glad to see other people in the world with this sort of insight. Might I ask where you came upon this knowledge?


It is fairly commonplace knowledge. Most people whom I know also know about it. The main point is that we are energy, we are electromagnetic and we can store up the energy to such an extent that we can even release fire from the palm of our hands at will. That is a typical party piece! Other things include a lot of what the magician Dynamo demonstrates in his shows. It is only a mystery to those who haven’t learned how to do it.


I would add that I don’t practice any magic voluntarily. I believe that we are all magic. We have lived in many incarnations over millennia and we are all we need to pull off every great stunt in the multiverse which is actually contained within us. We don’t need anyone to come along and save us as our genetic codes can be activated to turn us into our own superheroes. However, it certainly doesn’t just happen. You have to put in a lot of hard work and make it the main focus of your life and conscious intent. Now and again, a foolish person will think they are being converted into something or another but that is impossible.

D D d

Wow just wow – combining the craft of showmanship with the teachings about your ancient religion. You seemed serious on it, albeit joyfull and lively (the ! told me that).
Talking about selfCaclaimed ancient gnostic holy traiths as a partytrick. Now some regular readers have really something to wonder about..


Dynamo? He is a black magician, as is Kristian Joyti.

The latter uses Fushigi balls. Check out the instructional video, “How to use the Fushigi magic gravity ball”, and you will observe the demonstrator self-correct [at 13:52] when saying, “…and you can be amazing your friends with evil—Even—simple manipulations.”

It makes me think of Oppenheimer quoting the Bhagavad Gita after the Trinity testing. Whose great idea was it to split atoms? “I have become death, destroyer of worlds.”

The only mystery is why anyone would sell their soul to Lucifer for demonic abilities?


Hello again, Zee. Why not join the discussion?


You know your stuff eh


It’s strange that he emphasises the reality of the evil in things satanic & the reality of the worship of Satan/Lucifer with it’s church hierarchy etc. And then he tells us to believe that “it’s all just a film” so we’re not to take it seriously. A 5 week old baby being baptised in a satanic ‘church’ into the service of Lucifer but the parents & we should not take it to mean anything! Poor baby! Very two faced; hypocritical!


Thank you!
There’s something pretty shady with insiders admitting that Satanism is real & dangerous while in the same time engaging in whole a-s movies portraying (almost celebrating) it and later on dismissing those rituals like “oh but it’s just movies”.
If anything we should always take anything they say with a grain of salt cause there might be some backhanded intentions….


i think he meant to say that as not to be hypocritical, but to actually warn that the ‘real’ black masses are much, much worse. and to elaborate that basically what you see in ‘just a film’ is far more tame and watered down compared to what really goes on in a black mass.
nevertheless, i personally think whatever they were doing in the film is super wrong and would never partake even if it was ‘just acting.’ but i think he was saying that as more of a warning to how blasphemous and disgusting a ‘real’ black mass is.


Funny how he was so abruptly lead into another topic by the interviewer just after saying how appaling it was what went on during an actual satanic ritual. Like they wanted him quiet about it, he was on his was to tell something.


I noticed it too.


YEAH but then he had to re-iterate about how he was so NOT involved…while tugging on his ear..(666 gesture)

Borris Zorris

So far, no one has mentioned Lee’s hand movements and just how easily he was able to make the inverted cross twice, and how he puts one finger to his lips, the ring he was wearing on his left “pinky” finger. The history of his family that was commented about would have easy access to Satanism, and it is hard to believe that to be of a bloodline like that, i expect there would be some involvement in black magik, and of course it would be denied by Christopher. Often these people are multiple personality programmed, and Lee definitely I find very interesting, partly because he is able to deny having anything to do with the occult that anyone could know just from reading some books. He occasionally smiles briefly when he is talking about some sinister Satanic ritualistic practices and it shows that he knows much more that he is admitting to. His very first statements about Satanism, and just how fast he is able to list a few of the specific forms of Satanism and the left hand path, point to the possibility that he is probably an adept of the profane. The fact that he lends himself… Read more »


I’d look towards his past for his intentions. Lee is a killer. Man was a spy in ww2 believe it or not. Allegedly during the filming of lord of the rings he helped the sound man select the sound for Wormtongue stabbing Sauromon because he had knifed people in the back like that and actually knew what it sounded like when they died. His connections to military intelligence certainly fits the profile of an insider ontop of that. Not sure I would believe a word out of his mouth.


Wow, Christopher Lee knew a lot about the occult. I’m sure he might have dabbled in method acting at points of his career, so that’s understood. It’s just funny how he makes a point to say he doesn’t know more than the average Joe, right after going on about occult stuff that the average Joe wouldn’t know lol! Especially at that time it would have been harder for the average person to obtain a book of that subject matter.

D D d

Clever wordplay. Clever observation. Very usefull.


What Lee literally denies is having “occult” knowledge of the occult. He says everything he knows about the occult is available to anyone who looks for it through openly published books. As you’ll probably know “occult” means hidden. Lee is saying he has no hidden or esoteric knowledge of the occult, because he only knows what is publicly available to anyone. By definition, what is openly published about the occult is not “occult” in the literal sense, since it is not hidden. That doesn’t mean that openly published works don’t contain occulted material (for example, layers of meanings that most readers wouldn’t consciously pick up on). I think this might have something to do with ideas about “revelation of the method”, since in some cirles there is an idea that occult knowledge has to be revealed in order to get the “consent” of non-practitioners and somehow make them complicit in the practice. The “occult” aspects of the knowledge can remain hidden despite these public revalations because there is an esoteric layer of meaning which is supposed to be only discerned by the initiated. Lee says that what he and fellow actors were doing would have no magical effects, because it… Read more »


@Fractal: very interesting comment. I also think this has to do with revelation of the method.

Daniel Houseworth

I think Lee was sincere. He has participated in over 70 films. He is a thespian. I don’t believe he ever attended a black mass, or other occult ceremony.


@Fractal: IMO a just and fair universe is only a reality that sides with, and is a benefit to, the believer of it. Why should reality HAVE to benefit humans simply because we WISH it to benefit us? That type of thinking is magical, not scientific.

Tiana Gray

What about Mormons going to temple. Do you think if they don’t know what is happening that they will be cursed or punished by Satan for not keeping promises? What if they didn’t know what they had to do or didn’t understand?

another reader

You may not be aware, but the average Joe (especially one living in England) could have easily got hold of a Dennis Wheatley novel. Chrisopher Lee even references him. He was a very popular mainstream writer and his books were easily available to the public.

D D d

Right: it is there, mentioned in on of the first segments: the part of what we call Science and Scientist in the whole charade. Wolves in drag, some of them. Always was and still is. Who provided it, sponsored it, usurbed it largescale in the first waves? Who payed for it.
Look for the symbols and double entendres in your local publications as well as on your screens. Most media ignore some important chunks of possible effects on inventions and their use.
Fluoride, sugars, aroma’s, the transformations from country to a corporate state, contraception, 4g, 5g, cloudseeding, lying by ommission by our representatives who got elected.. etc etc..

Their one mistake was to have libraries open for the public. With real informative stuff, beside amusement/novels. When we got to read what they put in our world, our food, our livelyhoods, we started petitions and regulations.
Those times have change to. ‘They’ worked on that to hide their truths by shoving loads of crab all over the place.. and close , make obsolete the libraries’ functions, gentley push them out of ordinairy life.

Safe free press.

casino girl

great comment. And now our libraries are being corrupted also..people don’t go to libraries seeking knowledge anymore. Books and papers are covered in dust ..they go for agenda related programing. Family style..

Gray Rock

I agree. The main library where I live in a major university town has notified us that they are phasing out the Dewey Decimal system. They want it to be “user friendly” and claim people don’t understand the DDS. Even though I learned it in 2nd grade, age 7.

They are putting books into themes or some nonsense, and say it will be more like a bookstore. So one patron complained that the book they wanted – as it could be considered part of several of their new headings – they had to get a librarian to help them find it. And the librarian also had a hard time finding it. It’s ridiculous and really annoying.

It’s dumbing down. They are redesigning the layouts of several of the libraries so that there is more space for large meeting rooms and less space where the books and the study rooms used to be. It’s really disturbing to me. I used to find libraries “safe” and comforting.

D D d

Where I live, our city has deminished almost all including the small ones in neighbourhood-communities’meeting places, destroyed those. Destroyed bonds, the communication between citizens they could not direct. Centralised it in part in multifunctional buildings (new and expensive) and have them run by millenials avant le lettre (their parents, in colourfull clothing and sporting a lot of beards in too tight jeans). There is a small bistro, a kindergarten, several places to rent for working, free (controlled) wifi, creativly dressed up coffee. The books are on another floor way up. Indeed with new ways of looking up information, too.
But the old customers do not come anymore, the new customers are the next generation, who do not even remember a community-centre in their neighbourhood within 2 years time. The old folk, without their socialising centre and habits, are left home or out on streets and shops. The public banks and chairs have mostly been taken away.. to promote using those in bars and on exploited terrassess for a break. So they have to buy expensive whatnots just to have a seat for a while in the public space.

How are those kind of things in your hometowns?


I think we are going where your town is going, D D d. One of the things that bother me most is the tearing down of old, beautiful houses, to raise skyscrapers in place. There’s no sense of history, legacy or quality of life. The city now has hundreds, maybe thousands of empty real estate properties, both residential and commercial, for rent or for sale. Every time they substitute a house for a high rise building, they turn the temperature of the city up a notch. We used to have a pleasant climate. Cool for half of the year, and warm for the other half. We could see our breath in the early morning, or in wintertime. We used to have fog! We used to have rain from November to March. Now it’s common to have our climate reach “desert” conditions, perfect for wildfires. And yet, they keep tearing down houses, raising tall buildings and bribing authorities to get authorizations to turn the few green areas we still have into more tall buildings. We no longer have winters here. Our mean temperature used to be 26°C. Now I’d say it’s 28°C+. Just horrible. Our city used to be known as… Read more »

D D d

Over here it is almost all year round autumn, with too regurarly rain. The soils stays moyst and rots, instead of self-regultes.
But still, even then the sun is not blocked by ckouds, it is by that man-made fog in the sky, that discolours the blue to whitish grey and withholds a lot of light and messes up local temperatures.
But since two summers, this all is mixed with seasons of dry, no rain. Few short weeks of heatwaves is all we get as summer now.
Snow is uncommon, even now, in december it is the same as the modern wet springs. Too warm, our earthwarmth and citie-heat can not raise and clear. Frost is seldomn.
Unbelievable still to me, how rapid it all went wrong.
Our nature gets mixed signals and is off, for years on end already now.
The modern grey veil in the sky is an enemy.
The common solutions by politicians and the discussions on mainstream media all ignore this. Still.


What about GMO’s? Virtually all corn is gmo, now. This makes me so mad. I wish restaurants would carry a seal stating whether their food is organic or gmo so we knew what we’d be eating. But even now the food companies are trying to reverse the law that requires them to state on the label when ithere are gmo ingredients. It’s getting harder to eat healthy.

I read not long ago that Denmark was going radical on those modified foods and forbidding them to be commercialized in the country. Wish we’d follow their example.

Forgive me to bring the Bible into this, but even there you can see God saying no to GMO’s. They offer nothing good for us, except for filling the people behind them’s pockets with money and bringing more diseases to the consumers.

Bela Lugosi

I wonder if Lee changed his views on the occult much in his later years. After all that time of working around people who are obvious Satanists in the industry, he was around it quite often, and I can only imagine the things he saw. You don’t get that high up without doing some stuff to keep you there. Then again, Lee was talented beyond the average actor. However, later in his life I did notice that Lee was fond of Johnny Depp as an actor and called him a friend. He also did work with Peter Jackson the director. Weird coincidence is that both Peter Jackson and Depp both had strong reactions to the West Memphis Three case and were deeply involved in getting the convicted satanic child killers free. I don’t know I guess the whole saying of “the company you keep” kind of creeps in for me. Maybe Lee was deceiving us by putting some distance between himself and true satanists in this old interview?


I think, like many satanists (and maybe satan itself), he may have multiple personalities. One personality does not know about the other. So he can truly say he is not involved.


I agree, Bubbles. There is at least one visible “switch” in that video where his physical and intellectual position abruptly change. Also, early on in the interview he answered a question about himself with “it did enter our minds” – ostensibly referring to the group of actors on set.


Thank God you mentioned this…I often wondered. What is wrong with witches/ satanists, is as if they live in two different world, trying so hard to pretend to be ‘normal’ and when they are highly possessed, they display a different personality, they can eat you alive when they are in that moment. What is going on?


The Memphis 3 kids were set up.


You could see a sudden change in body language and facial expression, when he made the disclaimer at the end saying he didn’t have personal knowledge of all this evil. He obviously was deeply into it.


All those people involved in that movie where a bunch of satanist don’t let them sugar coat the reality it was a real ritual being filmed check hes hands everytime he says something of meaning he flashes the pyramid he knows a lot more and there not gonna let him say it all Don’t get fooled


Hi Vigilant Citizen!
Do you think you could compose an article of documented police cases of satanic abuse/ rituals , to be able to prove to those who doubt the existence of real devil worshippers?


Helen, read Painted Black by Carl Raschke. It was written in the 90s and has dozens of documented cases.


I found it interesting that he spoke with such vigor and conviction about what happens in satanic rituals, saying it is so appalling he wouldn’t discuss it openly in public, but then, as if realising he’s said too much, backpedals and says he isn’t speaking from first-hand knowledge.


All this people know exactly what there doing and I’m sure after the cameras where off they carried on with there rituals this things happen and there taking full force because of people’s ignorance the spell they got people under Smh WAKE UP IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST! Realize that if we don’t Pray and Do the lords Word we are gonna have a lot of good people getting deceived and end up getting dragged to hell because of ignorance




It’s too bad that he was typecast a schlocky villains in b movies. He was both a scholarly person and a fine SAS soldier.


Just a note regarding comments wondering if we can trust what he or anyone else says about Satanism and their rituals. I think we need to remember that there’s no reason we should think it above Satanists to outright lie and obfuscate in order to hide what they really do and to keep people off the truth. We can only trust the actual evidence.

The Warner 45

Mass Blasphemy! We need a global exorcism.


NEw one

“You’ll not only lose your mind, but you’ll lose your soul” | Christopher Lee on the occult


From the video description:

“Born in 1922 in London, England, Christopher Lee is of noble Italian ancestry on his mother’s side (Carandini). His mother, Contessa Estelle Marie Carandini di Sarzano, was a noted Edwardian beauty and was painted by John Lavery, Oswald Birley and Olive Snell and sculpted by Clare Sheridan, a cousin of Winston Churchill.

“The Carandini family is one of the oldest in Europe and traces itself back to the first century AD. It is believed to have been connected with the Emperor Charlemagne, and as such was granted the right to bear the coat of arms of the Holy Roman Empire by Emperor Frederick Barbarossa.”

Jerry A Kimbro

The interviewer was such a little dweeb.


Ah yes. An old favorite I once had pinned as a top post in a subreddit I currently moderate:

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