Boston Marathon: Runner Reported Bomb Sniffing Dogs, Spotters On Roofs & Heightened Security (video)


Runners continue to run towards the finish line as an explosion erupts at the finish line of the Boston Marathon


A news station interviewed a Boston marathon runner who claimed to have seen bomb sniffing dogs, spotters on roofs and heightened security prior to the explosions. He also reported that officials were yelling “This is just a drill!” after the first explosion. Here’s the video.

At this point, there is no official word regarding the culprit(s) of the Boston Marathon bombings. One thing is for sure, there are already many conflicting reports circulating in mainstream media. Was it false flag terror? A telltale sign of an inside job is the pushing of a specific Agenda as a direct result of the event. Let’s see what kind of response and “security measures” will be implemented in the next days.


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495 Comments on "Boston Marathon: Runner Reported Bomb Sniffing Dogs, Spotters On Roofs & Heightened Security (video)"

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Did anyone see the ep. 16 of the latest season of Family Guy? It predicted the Boston Bombings by a few days. Not as a suprise the ep. was taken down afterwards. Also, Peter is dressed in an Arabic fashion when this occurs.

Guys…..WAKE UP! this is all planned to take away OUR RIGHTS. We outnumber them!!!!!! SPREAD THE WORD

this boston bombing and all the other false flags are all about SOCIAL ENGINEERING the population. push them all in to the mold the ELITES desire. a form of BRAIN WASHING if you like. yes all such false flags will lead to the over all state of MARTIAL LAW being used against the citizens WHEN the uprising happens. this world will soon see the rising of the antichrist [ALEXANDER THE GREAT] and he will become the NEW WORLD LEADER, but also the worlds most dictatorial of all time, so you all have now been warned.

Truthers information is mainly relayed from Gatekeepers in regards to this event since all actions were controlled by that I mean there were no rituals, no deaths and no bombs just a hollywood movie made reality with studio props, cgi, planted amateur footage, planted fake clues in films, programmes and cartoons, fake blood, psy-op magic, fake terrorists, fake injured, fake witness's, all actors. They put this s**t out to hit to hit two birds with one stone. Both the sheeple and truthers take part in the simulation.

Even the mainstream media admits that the FBI had been monitoring these two. When I saw the article while I was at the grocery store, I went, "I knew it! False flag!" The Federal Bureau of Illuminati was probably paying them and their families to carry this off for them, or they are just patsies, I am still not completely sure, but "FBI" and "Tsarnaev" in the same sentence clinched it.

Here's the motive, the big picture. For a while now TPTB have be wanting to take the guns away from Americans and also have been trying to keep the war machine going. They didn't get enough support from the masses for either goal. The Sandy Hook staged event (and probably other shootings) was to get guns banned but it didn't passed. So comes plan B. In recent past, TPTB have been buying every ammo's they can find. Gun owners have been reporting empty shelves all over the country. So ya, you can all keep your guns but good luck finding bullets. Back to the war propaganda. John Kerry's been overseas to drum up support to get Syria. They want support from Chechnya but Russia wants in also. Chechnya don't want anything to do with it. Plan B: Terrorist attack on home soil gets you all the support needed to go… Read more »

THEY WON'T WIN. If we believe and spread that motto, it will become reality.

Have you guys heard? AP is reporting that US officials(!) say the surviving suspect was NOT armed when they found him hiding in the boat in that man's backyard. Put that together with the picture that shows him quite clearly NOT injured getting out of the boat (he's straddling the side of it, I don't have a link, but it's been floating around tumblr and Facebook, you can easily find it on google), and tell me this: how did he end up with gunshot wounds to the head and throat? And remember when they caught him, and they gave the press conference afterwards saying "after an EXCHANGE of gunfire…"? Well now… he'd have to have a gun on him for that to work, wouldn't he? I had my suspicions about whether this was a "false flag" or whatever you want to call it, but now we know the media and… Read more »

Yeah, they wounded him on the throat so he wouldn't be able to speak for himself! And obviously they would MURDER his older brother too! Such injustices, it's astrocious. God help them..

has anyone heard of the bombs in the canadian trains this week? You think theye working the same agenda? I feel like they're doing this to scare people and make us alarmed and afraid to lve in our own humble counry. I don't even know if they're accusing the right man! Please vc can u look into this?

Does anyone have a map to show where these bombs were detonated? There may be some significance to lay lines. I'm pretty sure the shadow government does because these passages carry navigation infomation too.

Time, date and location means a lot as well

The illuminati can really go to any length to push their agenda for human sacrifices with the govt as their puppets.

Well I think we are starting to see some of the agenda….with the one living suspect, American citizen, stripped of his Miranda Rights for "public safety"…… "see, domestic terror from a citizen, they don't deserve rights or to be given a fair trial by their peers, indefinite detention is absolutely necessary, you will agree and accept this and be grateful we made this legal because of such a shocking event as the Boston Marathon bombing."

That is the bottom line they are driving.

Is it not clear enough now that Satan's main war is against Islam , not Christianity ??????

What do you mean?

This story just keeps getting strange… The media tells us that Dzhokhar surrendered himself… Okay good,he's alive and will be interrogated, possibly revealing the real TRUTH!!! But today the media is saying that a self inflicted gun shot in the throat prevents him to speak – that his intentions were to never have been captured alive, BUT yet there's pictures of him surrendering. Something tells me that he will be declared dead or in state of vegetable.

Not only does Seth Macfarlane’s “Family Guy -Season 11 Episode 15 – Turban Cowboy” make references to The Boston Bombings, His other show “American Dad –Season 8 Episode 15” makes a comment of “Two Blasts” also.

I am so sick of the lies and stupidity, I literally feel like throwing up. Now they say that the bomber is a radical Muslim and from Russia. This is just frustrating it's not even hidden anymore Israel ( I mean USA) has officially declared the war. Obama said that the Boston bombs is a terrorist attack, and the worst attack on America since September 11! What about the 26 dead in the Connecticut school shooting compared to three in Boston bombing. What is Obama trying to say here that the three dead in the bomb attack are more valuable than 20 children in school ! or is it just a way of saying Islam is the real terror its the real evil. The US government is plain evil killing their own people to satisfy their greedy, evil blood thirsty Satan. And yeah the news reports are all filled with… Read more »

It's time to scared the world not only from arabian muslims, it's time to say everyone who is muslim is a danger. If a law to obligate the people to recognize what is their religion is created don't be surprised.

-After 1º World War Great Britain colonize Palestine.
-After 2º World War the state of Israel was created.
-After 3º World War the state of Israel will get biblical dimensions.

When the sionist complete the third step, it's when Jesus and Mahdi will appear.

Don't think it's just certain Muslims being painted as villains, true Christians are, as well. Christians that uphold their Biblical standards and beliefs are considered hateful, extremest, radicals, etc. Just look on this website, almost every time a Christian glorifies the name of Jesus Christ, here come the naysayers. People on this website blaspheme the name of Jesus in ways that turn my stomach and break my heart. And this is a website where most of us at least have a common interest in the evil ways of the Illuminati. Every website I read on, not one group of people get harassed like Christians. We as Christians knew this would happen, though…. The Bible says….. 2 Timothy 3:1-5, "This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, BLASPHEMERS, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, Without natural… Read more »
Allah( God) is the enemy of Satan since the day Adam was created. I am not surprised if any one who believes that Satan is evil whether you are Christian or Muslim is bashed by the media. However there is still a an epidemic direct attack on Muslims, focusing directly on making them look like those terrorist, war loving inhumane creatures !.Interestingly the meaning of the word Islam in Arabic is peace and submission and originates from SALAM which means peace,which shows that Satan is behind all this as he is known for making the right wrong and the wrong right. I also think the media is attacking true fundamentalism of Christianity and undermining the figure of Jesus (Prophet Yahya peace be upon him) which I find as Muslim offending and makes meequally angry when I see them bashing Islam. I am not here to preach about Islam but I… Read more »
I think that your response was respectful and classy, and for that I say, "Thank You"! Hippie is always polite, and Bluboy is one of my favorite posters here, and I am fully aware of their Muslim faiths. With that being said, I hope you do not take too much offense to what I'm about to say! Because I do respect all of you and your dedication to your beliefs! You and I can agree 100% that there is an agenda being pushed by the media! Not only are they stirring up a hatred towards Muslims, but Christians, too. They're pitting people against each other…People against Christians, people against Muslims, Christians against Muslims, liberals against conservatives, blacks against whites, women against men, etc..If you watch any tv or commercials at all, you will quickly see that white men are played as dunces. On criminal shows, 99% of the time it's… Read more »
My2cents I would like to tell you that what you are doing is "Jihad" for your own belief, I mean that by replying to my comment and saying that Christianity is the truth you are performing Jihad,i.e, you are debating and spreading your own belief. I really don't want to get into the details of your essay because for me as Muslim you are comparing two prophets and that is something I would not do as Muslim. Since one of the pillars of Islam is believing in all profits of Allah and Jesus(Yahya peace be upon him) is considered a prophet who was tortured and opposed because he was preaching for the truth. As I stated earlier I am not really going into details of what you have mentioned because I am and everyone who has their eyes open into the truth is aware of the real meaning of Islam… Read more »
It's logic that they persecute true Christians becuase true Crhistians are more similar to muslims than the rest of the world. In the subject about Jihad, Jesus(saw) said: Luke 19:27 But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me. I want Jesus reign over me, and Inshallah he will do it. If Muhamad (saws) preach so much about Jihad is because the final war betwen God and Satan are coming. Who will fight against Satan if there is no Jihad? Jesus(saw) come to this world the first time as a prophet to try to redirect the jews to the straight path (obviously he didn't get it) but in his second coming he will do it as the Messiah and he will save us and he will reign over the world. It's always a plesure got this kind of debate… Read more »
Luke 19:27 Jesus is giving a parable. It is a parable concerning faithfulness. The disciples still could not understand why they should not expect the political triumph of the messianic kingdom immediately (and without the cross). It makes more since when all of Luke 19:11-27 is read all together. Jesus came as a Lamb, but He will return as a Lion! You can call it Jihad, or whatever you want; but He will destroy the earth and the wicked left here!!! I will defend myself and my family, but I will not physically force my beliefs on anyone, such as Sharia Law or Jihad. Jesus will take care of all of that! Mohammad never died for anyone, history also shows he was a corrupt man. Jesus was perfect, as His Word. He suffered and died for all of His creation, including Muslims, Jews, etc. You don't have to do anything… Read more »

Luke 19:27 is a parable and the Suras which you mentioned are talking about times of war no time of peace.
Sura 22:39
Permission [to fight] has been given to those who are being fought, because they were wronged. And indeed, Allah is competent to give them victory.
Sura 22:40
[They are] those who have been evicted from their homes without right – only because they say, "Our Lord is Allah ." And were it not that Allah checks the people, some by means of others, there would have been demolished monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mosques in which the name of Allah is much mentioned. And Allah will surely support those who support Him. Indeed, Allah is Powerful and Exalted in Might.

Thank you my 2cents, appreciate it, ya know what i respect other peoples beliefs and faiths and what i do know is that true christianity, true judaism and true islam have one meaning, belief in one creator and with one intention.
In regards to your quotes, i think it means to fight when the time is right to fight (say for eg. A World War, because everyone will be in the same boat) and to stand up for what is TRUE. NOT to go round randomly killing anyone.

I will keep this short and sweet, Jesus is a highly respected figure and prophet of Islam and he is going to kill the AntiChrist as he is the true messiah, The people never believed Jesus at the time so he wil return and take the place of the Anti Christ. Please also read my reply to "hippies" comment above "Truthseekerone's" comment.

I completely agree with what you said about the whole order out of chaos, it's basically the old divide and conquer and it astonishes me that people are so blind to it. The quotes you mentioned can not be denied, however they were taken out of context. The Quran deals with all aspects of life: love, work, peace, charity, God, his prophets, honesty, kindness, medicines (it says in the Quran that honey has powerful antibacterial and antiviral properties and can be used to treat illnesses), families, friends etc, and among these sections are things that are unfortunately inevitable for humans (and other animals) due to our imperfect state, and this includes war. What the Quran says about war is this: – it is permitted in self defence ONLY – it is permitted when an enemy breaks an oath/treaty – it should be done for noble motives, ie not for land… Read more »
Thank you for your reply! I can tell through your words that you are a very kind-hearted person! I do stand by the Bible, and thank you for respecting that. The thing that sets us apart, is our belief in Jesus Christ. I know that Muslims hold Jesus in high regard, but only as a prophet. It is my deep faith that Jesus Christ is not only the Son of God, but also God the Son. That is what His Word teaches. But on top of that, I have a personal relationship with Him. As a born-again believer, His Spirit bears witness with my spirit! Every born-again,saved sinner can attest to this! I can't adequately put into words just how much I love Him! We CAN agree on some things, though….There is a global elite with a sinister agenda! They will do evil things that most of us can't even… Read more »

Of course,……, please read my reply to your comment above hippie, (where you've posted the youtube link)

Upon learning about 7 years teaching in Islam I stop all arguing.
Something deeply suspicious right here!

I wanna know about the craft members. To me, that is the strangest piece of evidence yet.

What craft members are you talking about?

Craft operatives ( ex-military) were all over the scene. And, if they were there to protect as we are being made to believe, then it's funny that they ran away from the blast and aren't pictured helping even one victim.

It is obviously a false flag. It is not just a mere coincidence that it happened a few days before the final vote on Cispa passed in the House. It was designed to justify the adoption and implementation of the controversial program. When the American Government wants to justify it's illegal actions on Global scale, it creates a Global threat. When it wants to justify it on a National scale, it creates a National threat.

We have been told today that one 'suspect' is dead and one in critical condition Dzhokar Tsarnaev and his bro Tamerlan (dec).
I suppose the illum have to have someone to blame.

I don't get the point of this site. It's a bit biased in some aspects, but accurate in others, sometimes. Right or wrong, what happens next? Is anyone going to actually get out there and try to stop this, or is this just a site to, in the end, say "I told you so" after the government takes complete control of our lives. Is anyone gonna actually anything or just keep blogging about it? :/

I've wondered the same thing, in a way. Sometimes after being on this website I feel extremely down and negativity seems to creep into my daily activities. SO I have to wonder, does this reading this website actually doing me harm because it keep exposing me to these negative symbols, imagery and thoughts?? I wish whoever ran this site would step up into more of a leadership role, but I understand that might not be a suitable position—obviously as a writer and conveyor of information, the author is skilled and talented, but it does make me wonder more about him or her (or them? is there a team running this site?). But to answer your questions, YES, people are going to do something about it, but first you have to get the people together somehow. “Never depend upon institutions or government to solve any problem. All social movements are founded… Read more »

The only thing you can do it's convert Islam and go jihad.

hear hear! i agree with you. let's address all your concerns. this is just my opinion, so don't freak out and put on teh CAPS! teh point of this site is to site the problem. i don't work for this site, and you answer your own question. it is more honest about current events by deciphering Symbols. i visit this site to read the enemies handbook, as it were. as Patton said, "I read your book Rommel!" so, we visit this site because we seek out Truth. hey, why do people watch television for their news? that is a Scarier question. because they don't want to be Accountable. what happens next? well, there is nothing new under the sun. i don't see anyone complaining about the Native Americans. well, why don't the Native Americans take back Their Land? *black to move* and the next part of your post answers itself.… Read more »

"Is anyone gonna", well, why don't you pose that question to yourself first… Why are you waiting for someone else to do something with the information that we get on this site.. Maybe it's info to tell your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers so we won't be ignorant of what our government or any other system is trying to do to us.. Take the lead yourself and Organize your family and neighborhood.. You really don't have to come to these type of sites, just stay as they want you and the masses to be – mindless and under their control~

you are pretty much asking people to be a terrorist. that is exactly what your advise is telling people. you know that right? i think you are right with your Intentions. but you know that the family, friends, and neighbors will think you are crazy. you may lose your job if you tell co-workers. what you are saying is like fighting racism in America, say, 70 years ago. and that is what i think most people are saying…when is someone ELSE going to stop all this! it is an Instinctive answer that understands the frustration of not being to do anything about it. spreading the truth about the corruption will get you labeled as a terrorist. and we pretty much know it. so how does a person stop a violent entity without using violence? surely Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has some advice on this topic!? "But If Not" comes… Read more »

@LOCUS SOLUS Please go look up the meaning of the word "terrorist", then come back and read Monica's comment again.

anyone that is a threat to the government. that is what the government considers a terrorist. go look up the Word of God, and then tell me why we have "In God We Trust" on our money. also, why does FEMA teach their little boys that the founding fathers were terrorists? i am not upset at you or Monica. also, the government labels any religious fanatic a terrorist. if i preach the Word of God, i will be labeled a threat, even if i am specifically against violence. America was founded as a satanic nation from the beginning. all secret societies are sects of satanism. most members of these societies are unwittingly just following a corrupt organization. so, go look up the word "Freedom" and then consider HOW America was founded. i HAVE followed Monica's advice in my life, only to learn that it is a Spiritual War, not a… Read more »

@Veez and @Monica:

I understand you guy's point because someone should take the stand and do something. However that is where Locust Solus comment comes along, and what he is saying is true in the sense that Anyone against the government is considered a terrorist or crazy for that matter. One person or even 100 people wouldn't change much because indeed this is spiritual. This is going to happen because the end is near. Biblical prophecy will continue to happen as many events already have. Also even VC has quoted in many of his articles that when people speak out about illuminati agenda or the occult they are tittle as "crazy and hoax" so they loose their creditability with the public.

It's clear watching the video that there was a drill going on but did they have intel that something "might" happened or did they know something "would" happened?
And the fact, they already had suspects so quickly after the event just like 9/11, makes this very suspicious.

It's really easy, they always blame Islam because Islam it's their only enemy.

Islam is the main enemy of the "Illuminated", because you cannot control the world if you cannot control religion and Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. Deep, deep down the "Illuminated" know that REAL isalm is the one and true religion and they can't bear it, they cannot stand it and they are trying to destroy Islam along with true Chistianity and true Judaism to of course pave the way for their false "Messiah" and to establish the NWO. Why do you think the capstone on the pyramid is separate?

I'm totally agree the problem today is to many people just saying that their are christians, jews or muslims and they aren,t at all.

so what are you people going to do? arent u going to start to fight back? its obvious your government and these corporation take the mass for simpletons

Us people? what about you? any ideas? teach the children the TRUTH, enjoy life (ie stop being a slave to banks ie mortgages, car payments, debt etc)

anyone else hear "Joker" every time they say that kid's name, "Dzhokhar"?

i aint buying what news sells and their customers support.

Yep, i've saw that. This is so f*****g twisted! Dark irony? Coincidence? Hard to believe.

Interesting, the father (who is in Russia) just stated that he believes this to be an inside job and expect to to pay hell, if his second son gets killed.

[The father] "If they kill my second child, I will know that it is an inside job, a hit job. The police are to blame," the father told ABC News. "Someone, some organization is out to get them."

The saddest part of that article is the comments section – everybody is wishing brutal death on their father, his son, calling their culture and Islam crazy….calling the father a conspiracy theorist. I wish they could all come to this site and see another side of things.

Also to show how we are in a spritual battle… If anyone has seen the movie " The Rite".. the demon who takes possession of the father Lucas played by Anthony Hopkins his name is Baal. The Christian King of Hell (also given as Baalim and Bael) __Baal may be the worst demon there is, he is said to be the ruling King of hell. His role as that of the right hand of Satan, and as the leader of sixty-six legions of lesser demons, makes him possibly the most dangerous entity ever conceived. His high rank and responsibility may make him less of a threat to the average living human, though ruthlessness and an all out passion for satanic power make him humanity’s worst nightmare.__ The reasearch that is done about the illumanati, it is known that these creatures or beings worship Satan. He is there God! They have… Read more »

All this is leading up to martial law and then the wheels really begin turning for everything that our beloved government has in store for us. I just hope that there are more citizens who are aware of what is going on then the govt. thinks. This is scarier every day and more need to open their eyes.

They can say what they want about the muslims.
But the real muslims would never dare to do something like that.

It's in the koran that if you killed 1 innocent person, it would be like you killed whole of mankind.
Islam=peace. It's not about the religion, its about the people who do this kind of stuff and calling them self 'muslims' You can't kill innocent people for the sake of God/Allah

One of the guys is "dead" the other is at large. They were spotted at a 7/11 and fled in a Mercedes. This ties up mid April massacres and the celebration of Baal. Remember that Mercedes commercial? It's odd to me that they fled in a Mercedes and they they were robbing a 7/11.

Orrrr yeeeahhh, i remember the merc commercial

Those suspect pics look very "suspect" to me like some random guys they dressed up, it feels kinds of scripted to me. Maybe I'm wrong, because I try my best not to make every little thing about some tragic event involving the government a "conspiracy" but even my mom said "She just doesn't feel it" when looking at those suspect pics. And my mom cares nothing about conspiracies or anything we discuss on here, yet she felt something kind of suspicious about this whole thing.

Yh blame it on the muslims,God I hate these elite b*stards so much

This is basically Martial Law in Boston.

Suspect was killed by the police???

Okay weird, early tonight during a breaking news the reporter said one of the bombing suspect was found dead. Now news is reporting one suspect is in custody and the other suspect is at large. Wtf

April 19 one of the suspect is dead, the other suspect is at large.

One of the suspects was found dead and the second suspect is still at large.

2 latest suspect look like Jews from Iran

Do you notice the fake pictures of the supposed suspects the media keep showing. Why does it remind me of the fake pictures they showed us of the alleged suspects of the 9/11 bombing!!!

I work just around the corner from there. It's a complete media frenzy. Guards with automatic weapons everywhere… It paints a good picture of how things could be, on the regular. I'm still in shock over it. I was near the finish line not 30 min before it happened. It was such a beautiful day, and a great one for the runners. Walked back to work, then we hear the explosions…so so incredibly sad 🙁

I want to know why no one is talking about the bombing of the nearby library. JFK is it?

That because it was an electrical fire….or atleast thats what they claim it was.

CISPA passed the House today, as Rep. Mike McCaul, R-Texas had this to say in support of the bill: "I think if anything, the recent events in Boston demonstrate, that we have to come together to get this done in name . . . In the case of Boston, they were real bombs. In this case they're digital bombs. These bombs are on their way. That's why this legislation is so urgent. For if we don't and those digital bombs land and attack the United States, and Congress failed to act, then Congress has that on his hands." — This could easily enable Federal authorities the ability to reconcile identifying information from WordPress and/or the ISP hosting VC with no public disclosure or oversight in an effort to identify those discussing the questionable content published herein. Let's hope the Senate sagely defeats this as they did the background checks yesterday,… Read more »

OMG I saw GI joe the other day and it had lots to do with bombs nuclear s**t and it even showed Lady Jaye JOGGING in disguise to catch a bad man. Does that have anything to do with anything? Holy s**t

White, male, "conspiracy theorist" arrested for mailing poisonous letters to Obama and Senator…

Just like we talked before. Sad stuff.

VC, A little bit off the topic at hand – PLEEEEEASE do an article on Azeilea Banks's NEW Video Yung Rapunxel – its loaded with occult/illuminati symbolism, it's scary man – check out her eyes when they go black…….Its how Beyonce's eyes went when she performed at the superbowl – There is a video analysis of Beyonce's performance at the superbowl on Youtube and they show you a close up of her face changing expressions in slow mo and ohnestly it will scare you and at one point Beyonce's eyes go black like Azeilea's do in her new video, quite disturbing to say the least.

off topic, but when I watched beyonce's performance, before seeing the YT vids, I thought she did look very strange and well plain evil or angry in her eyes and energy more than usual. I couldn't even watch the whole thing.

I won't be surprised when this man who came forward with this information ends up missing or dead.

thats very devastating

i hope not. he's very brave and seems very honest. wonder why others who were at the race that may have noticed the drill aren't bringing up, or the media is just blacking anyone else from bringing up more details beforehand. but it seems that the drill and dogs is something that definitely went on, as in a press conference an official did state that "they dothese sort of things before every event" or some very blank statement like that when the reporter from alex jones asked about the dogs before hand. I want to know more about the Alabama coach's account of the announcements stating "this is just a drill"

There was a tv pilot spin off from the X-files with the three 'nerds' (can't remember the name) that aired 9 months before 9/11. Ironically, the show was almost an exact prediction of what happened in real life (except at the last minute they were able to miss the twin tower).

WOW I will check that out! Do you remember the movie "Independence Day"? The clock with 9:11 and the aliens blowing up the white house and pentagon.

Orrr the Passport in the Matrix Expiring on 9/11/01

Yes and yes, check out the film Enemy of the State – the character who is played by Jon Voight (Angelina Jolie's dad) his birthday is on 9/11 but its a brilliant film btw – its just a snippet to show how the "Elite" function

This is getting weirder by the second. First we had Boston bombings, now we have an explosion in a fertiliser plant, IN WACO TEXAS!!!! Does it sound a bell or two?

Please read my post above about the 13 days before Beltane!