Bobby Brown’s Sister Leolah: “I believe Whitney’s death was not accidental”


We’ve seen in recent articles (What Happened to Whitney Houston? and Whitney Houston and the 2012 Grammy Awards Mega-Ritual) that the death of Whitney Houston had the hallmarks of a celebrity ritual killing. Today, Leolah Brown, the sister of Bobby Brown, told Access Hollywood that she did not believe Whitney’s death was an accident. Her attorney however advised not to say who or what she believes killed the singer. Leolah is also extremely concerned for Whitney’s daughter Bobbi Kristina, claiming that “she is not safe right now”.

Those are extremely heavy statements but not surprising for those who know about the dark side of the music industry. She is basically saying: “The shady people who got Whitney are now after Bobbi Kristina”. Here’s an article about Leolah’s interview.

Bobby Brown’s Sister Leolah: Bobbi Kristina ‘Is Not Safe Right Now’

Bobby Brown’s sister, Leolah Brown, is speaking out for the first time since Whitney Houston’s death, defending her brother and sending a warning to Bobby & Whitney’s daughter — Bobbi Kristina.

“I am concerned about my niece Bobbi Kristina, yes,” Leolah told Access Hollywood of her 18-year-old niece, who she refers to as “Krissy.” “Krissy is not safe right now. I want to say to Krissy that it’s very, very, very important that she does not trust anybody at this time. Anybody except her father, her grandmother Cissy and myself. And I mean that.

“Right now is the time to just really shut the door,” she continued.

Leolah and her attorney, Reginald Mason, remained unspecific about who may try to harm Krissy.

“There are persons that possibly would want to take advantage of Bobbi Kristina’s fragile state of mind,” Mason claimed.

Leolah claims her brother Bobby is not doing well, but says he is not to blame for Whitney’s demise.

“Bobby has nothing, nothing at all to do with Whitney’s death,” she told Access.

While awaiting toxicology results to determine what killed the singer, Leolah told Access that she has reached out to the Beverly Hills Police Department to make sure they do a thorough investigation.

“I believe Whitney’s death was not accidental. No,” she claimed.

According to Leolah, what then killed the singer?

“My attorney has advised me not to get into that at all,” she told Access. “But, it’s very important to know that she did not just pass away like that. No. And if it’s the last thing that I do, I’m going to find out what truly happened to my sister.”
– Source: Yahoo! News


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i just saw the leola brown and family interview w/ dr.drew! after it was over, i was! i mean, these people were saying all the things and conspiracy theorist would. so, i really now believe what show business is.whitney was killed. keith richards is alive and i refuse to believe and s**t. druggies know how to do drugs. with that said, i hope people see the interview. a chilling part came when the cousin referred to being at the hospital with BK and Pat,Gary were trying to 5150 her. The cousin went into the room where BK was. He told her,"Do you realize what they are trying to do to you!?" She responded that she was just grieving her mom. That she now has to bury her mother. Real family do not put their own on a PSYCH HOLD. These people tried to also kill BK at that hotel… Read more »
Oh ya one other detail about kurts death how to other people who know courtney died not to long after kurt who also know courtney. it was known in kurt and courtneys circle of friends that everyone thought kurt like kristen paff the bassist for courtneys band hole. She died not that long afyer kurt under "mysterious circumstances" as well. She died of a heroine overdose. and the last one to see her alive was eric erlandson courtneys other band mate her guitarist who was also her ex bf. But thats not the only person to die after kurt of people courtney know. Theres eldon hoke or "el duce". He was in a band called the mentors. courtney know him for a long time being in the portland punk scene is where they meet. Legend has it courtney asked el duce if he could " do in my old man,… Read more »

And Randy Quaid ran to Canada because the star wackers are after him, he's not so crazy as ppl thought, your dumb to think nothing is going on in Hollywood, people who think they are high and mighty and rich n powerful are actaully weak and powerless I feel sorry for robin Williams he sold his soul for the fame now he's spending eternity in hell, it's not worth it guys…..

And here we are, almost three years since Whitney's death and Bobbi Kristina was found face down in the tub, just like her Mom. I'm writing this the day of so she's still in a medically induced coma and the future is uncertain but WOW either way.
I'm looking forward to reading what VC will print regarding this possible tragedy.

While I am not privy to anything inside I find it rather disturbing that the police were called days before for an argument. In our Big Pharma society scripts are easily accessed that could dope a person to the point of compliance. In other words there would be no fighting back should someone place you face down in a tub of water. A person could wait long enough before trying CPR as to realize there's no turning back. Why not do it near the anniversary of a mother's passing in the same manner. Married just before inheriting millions then 11 months later a tragic unfortunate accident … who stands to inherit those millions now? Wow, a writer couldn't come up with a better murder mystery. Perhaps the mother's death was just the beginning of an elaborate plot…what a twist …have the murderer be someone trusted by the family as one… Read more »
Check the reports right now! Whitney houstons daughter was found in a bathtub unresponsive! 1-31-2015. I bet this is the illuminati trying to kill her to shut her up. These illuminati Zionist jews (some say reptilians) are sick sick people who will stop at nothing to keep their control over people. These are the same people who are responsible for all the MANUFACTURED wars in the middle east. These are the same people who are responsible for the war in Ukraine. These are the same people who are responsible for the Malaysian aircraft being shot down. These people run the music/hollywood mainstream media "news" industry, they run the financial system (rothschilds federal reserve bank and ALL central banks across the planet), they run the US gov, and the MIC (military industrial complex). They run most big corps also including big pharma companies responsible for cranking our oxycodone (why troops are… Read more »

well I thnk she might be just defending her brother, who is the part of agenda, and she's not concerned about Krissy and what happens to her, she just wants her not to trust anybody else but the fu*king illuminati, or whatever you call those sick bastards… I don't know who to trust and who not to…

Yes, the family does not seem outraged over the treatment of Whitney's body. talk about old skul symbolism checkered floor,multiple personalities its all here in her 'i'm your baby tonight video'..notice her other alters appearing at 3.33 in the MULTIPLE mirrors behind her and just before that her reflection is that of man


Kurt killed himself point blank period, Courtney didnt inherit anything it was only Cortney daughter that did.

I can tell u didnt go to the website cus u would change your oppinion about what happened to kurt if u did read it. i know its hard to hear the truth sometimes. kurt did not kill himself JUSTICEFORKURT.COM

@blasphemy Latoya is an IDIOT she knows damn well that the person that killd Michael is in jail and his name is Dr Conrad Murray. The illuminati did NOT kill Michael, what could they have gained? Michael estae is worth a little over a billion dollars and makes millions since his death. Michael owned ppls catologs and his hey inheretors; his mother and his kids seem to be fine. Michaels death did not exactly benifit the Illuminati or anyone apart of a secret society. Latoya is only saying this becaue she want attention from the media, she just LOVE'S the attention. This women is in her mid 50's going on to her 60's and still has to garner attention by using her family name. Out of ALL of her sisters she is the one that continue's to bring negative attention to her family, what has she done with her life?… Read more »

It's already showing… Here's an interview with Oprah

In this her daughter claims her mother still contacts her. Turning lights on and off… This is NOT her mother. This is demonic forces at work. I pray that her eyes be opened and that she is protected.

Yes, Yes, Yes!!! I'm so glad someone else picked up on that! I believe the demonic spirits that manipulate electricity like that are referred to as "poltergeists" and are considered "mischievious."

Not surprising but it's a dangerous situation for her daughter now, she needs to be protected before it's too late!

"Her attorney however advised not to say who or what she believes killed the singer." – Yeh, because she'll meet the same untimely demise! Very sad really. Just like Latoya speaking about Michael after his 'removal'.

I hate when celebrities come out and make vague comments like this. It's just like Latoya jackson and Micheal Jackson. If you don't think they killed themselves or whatever then say what you really think or stfu.

Jessica Sanchez on Idol. Beautiful voice.

But I noticed a few more things…

She had on a blue dress (again with blue, iluuminati)

Remember Whitney complained that she "wasn't gonna wear no blue dress" for Grammy party.

Sanchez sang in the middle of a round circle. Then The thing opened upwhile two of her were up on the screen (three of her total) Then the screen opened up and looked like a giant eye. With the spotlight coming down the middle. I could be seeing too much into this, but knowing the music industry I am probably not seeing nearly enough. Thoughts?

Illuminati can do one as far as I'm concerned. They won't dictate to me what colours to like or to wear when they clearly do not own any colours. I like blue, the sky is blue and certainly wasn't created by illuminati or "out of here" AKA devil. That is a thought.

Crissy's days are numbered, imho.

The one with most to gain from her death will be her dad. Apparently Leolah might have something to gain as well. All of Whitney's money and rights must go to somewhere.

Given that she is already surrounded by the very same people who led her mother's ruin, she will probably have 2 more yrs on this earth tops.

I don't think Bobby is not to be trusted.

JUSTICEFORKURT.COM everbody go there if u want to know the truth

Like a siucide. Firt of all how can someone unconcious on heroine move when sitting there nodding off pull a trigger. Someone has to be at least awake to pull a trigger. And the biggest physical evidence which was never cosidered when examing this case there where no finger prints pn the shotgun. Kurt was on enough heroine to be in lala land and no fingerprints. That smells fishy to me. I just want people to stop thinking Kurt killed himself cause he didnt.I want everyone to know Courtney Love is responsible for kurts death not kurt. its amazing even with the evidence there was never an investigation. well i think its a case that should be reexamined but probably never will. Even if this case is never reopened i want u all to know the truth about kurts death. he was whacked by the person who supposedly cared about… Read more »
Whitney isnt the only artist to have died undersuspicios circumstances. Kurt Cobain, Jimmy Hendrix, and Jim Morrison all have pretty good evidence of circumstance not proof that they were murdered. I'll start with Jimmy. J immy's manager was supposedly a c.i.a. . When Jimmy died its was like he was drowned in alcohol. The m.e. said its physically impissible to die that way unless it was forced down his throat. Oh and when Jimmy died he left a s**t load of his money to his manager. On to Jim. Ya Jim and his gf did heroineand he probably died of an overdose of it but that does not mean there was no foul play in this scenario. I think Pamela Courson Jim's gf at the time was still really bitter and angry with Jim for all his infidelities probably gave him a lethal dose of heroine. Whether or not it… Read more »
You are so right. May Yahova Eloheim watch over you all. The United States Incorporation pretending to be the united States non- incorporation is owned by the Crown who is owned by the Knights Templar and they are controlled by the Vatican. The Vatican is the world largest Satanist Cult in the world and that is who is truly after you. Speaking as a Southern Baptist Minister whose Ancestor Nicholas Tanner brought over the first Southern Baptist minister Elder John Myles. Of course they where not call Southern Baptist at that time the were called Ana-Baptist or Re-baptizers. This is an Italian name because our enemies in Rome named us this. Romans were Cannibal Even though Hannibal's army's did not concur Rome His religion did. Now the Baptist are ran by the masons and they no longer follow the true law. Jesse Jackson is a good example he is a… Read more »
Some people around Bobbi Kristina are trying so hard to encourage her to go into treatment. It's like they want her confined. That's what I worry about. What kind of brainwashing do they want to subject her to? I'm sure it wasn't encouraging for the handler types when she made the big scene in the hotel demanding to see her mother (did she know something was wrong??). I was so happy to see Kevin Frazier on Insider point out that she already has famed drug interventionist Warren Boyd looking out for her. Kevin quietly implied the treatment-pushers, like Bobby Brown, don't need to worry about Bobbi Kristina. I really would like to see these people leave her alone and let her grieve in peace. I don't trust what plans they have for her. If she has problems I'm sure she will get help. After all, where was everyone when she… Read more »

Woops, that was Bobby Brown's other sister – Tina! Forget I said that about his sister.

I was just thinking what is her daughter knows something and or perhaps who killed whitney if indeed she was killed, then it makes sense to want to get rid of her. This is just to to evil and dark. Any hear that clive davis's name spelled backwards is { siva – devil. ) suspossedly meaning monster devil or something like that. Siva or shiva ( indian god figure-hindu god/moster. } Anybody know anything about clive davis and the {bunglows}??

It looks like Whitney never made good on her contract with him, that she only finished 3 of 6 albums. Is this true? If so, will Bobbi Kristina be looked at as payment, or did Whitney already pay with her life?

I don’t think what you people realize is that these artist sell their souls to the devil and the devil gets their soul by killing the body. Sorry for the triple post.

These artist "sell their souls to the devil."

The only one whitneys daughter can trust is God her- father in heaven and the many who truly have a caring, kind soul and heart that is respectful of other human being. Many in the industry and those who surround the industry ellite are really not to be trusted. Fame and money have destroyed the souls of so many stars and entertainers. She needs to be very very careful. I wonder if they meant to try and get rid of her instead of whitney then get rid of whitney only after first having eliminating her daughter. I did not hear of b.brown having any sister until now. Don't trust her at all. I would not trust anyone in the family as well you never know how deep all this goes and who may have even gotten paid to keep quite. Of course her death was no accident, well this is… Read more »

hell..I didn't even know Bobby Brown had a sister…lol….I wouldn't trust her or him….fake love is all around this child!..the proper thing to do is stay out of the media if its real….we all know the media supports the immoral deity!…they could be using auntie as a tool to draw this young vulnerable girl in!…who owns and controls media???? hELLO!!!! U guys know this! They should jus leave B christina alone! I raised my self from the age of nine and im 29…. It will be hard but she will be jus fine ….if she elopes O_o

My calculation so far is that he's got at least 2.

There is another, Tina, who is the one who claimed she got high with Bobby and Whitney, and that Whitney did crack. Even though Whitney said in an interview very adamantly that she did not do crack. (I confused the two sisters in another post of mine.)

It doesn't matter what anyone says…family friends industry….etc…at the end of the day young Bobbi is an heir of an awful lot of money… advice TRUST NO ONE!…screw the fake love…deal with the fam from a distance…heal first educate one self on how to manage such a large amount…and PRAY to GOD for protection in the process! That is all!