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Blatant Illuminati Symbols in Intro of Reality TV Show “Made in Sweden”



Made in Sweden is a Swedish TV show which aims to coach musical talent on the “difficult road to fame”. The intro of the show pretty much sums up what it really takes to make it big.

So we have:


1- Pyramid/triangle with illuminated capstone

2- Masonic checkerboard pattern floor and pillars

3- Inverted triangle with all-seeing eyes on each side.

Blatant Illuminati Symbols in Intro of Reality TV Show "Made in Sweden"
The inverted triangle occultly represents the feminine. Notice how one of the eyes is right on the woman’s genital area.

Can all of those symbols, discussed many times on this site, be ALL there by pure coincidence? Seriously.


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also in the backdrop of "laila" there is a pentagram


The illuminati agenda couldn't have been made anymore obvious.

blue knight

It's so blatant! It's kinda disturbing! It's so blasphemous!


Uhm, did anybody else notice that the song that was playing is also the theme song for a popular show on Nickelodeon.

… just saying.


YESSS, the show BIG TIME RUSH is on nick and little kids are singing it everywhere its soo sad

Jonas A

Dont forget about the big dogs or the star sirius as they represents and the lion or the sun as it represents.


The pretty much in your face nowadays. The all seeing eye is also in the intro of the BIG BANG THEORY as well.

AND THE BIG BANG THEORY is a big crock. More and more, the universe is looking to be more like a continuous time loop, With universes expanding and collapsing constantly.


dont forget the lion next to him, and the MONKEY ON THE TELEVISION.

i think thats a monkey. um HELLO!!

reality tv is just desensitzing us all to being spied on. along with facebook, the maturing generation is seeing it as ok to have the public and private spheres blend

masons will not prev

Want to mention the other Seinfeld symbol belonging to the Illuminati is the Seinfeld cast under a black umbrella in one of their many group poses for the show.


It's all just purely coincidental, Vig…..for the 87 millionth time. LOL

Peace, my brutha. 🙂


I just saw the movie "Journey to the center of the earth", it full of symbolism too."falling into the pit" like satan did. LOL? I would like to interview satan, ask him how it feels to fall in the pit, ask him if he looks forward to the lake of fire and burning sulphur, Ask satan how it felt when he fell like lightining from heaven knowing he wont go back ask him if he cried when that happened H AH HAHAHAHAHAHa!.

masons will not prevail

Have you watched the Seinfeld shows and noticed the checkerboard pattern in the logo w/ the upside down triangle?? Also, in the 1991 shows, Jerry has a large picture over his computer desk that looks like Obama! Its unreal!! The checkerboard pattern plays out in a few of the skits like the bakery. Also, in some episodes, the Peterman’s office has a growing butterfly collection framed and hanging on the walls and in one scene the baphamet head is hanging on the wall over a table. YIKES!


Michael Richards, who played Kramer, is a Mason.

Me from Colombia

Great find "Masons will not prevail"

I have been a huge Seinfeld fan for years, but for some reason once I started praying more and having more faith I began refusing to watch, if I started watching it I didn't laugh at any jokes and change the channel after minutes.

Now that I realised about it, I haven't watched an episode in months!

But if somebody still watches Seinfeld, please take stills so we can find more symbols. That would be an eye opener for many.

Anyway, isn't Michael Richards effed up after he called people from his audience racist slur? What an idiot.


Oh My gosh- never knew. Never noticed! I just found VC a year ago- thankfully.


That's interesting. I'm going to have to check that out!!!

christina love

where can i find the seinfeld show with the obama pic? i gotta see that!!


Obvious, Saddens me that this is Swedish booo




i believe most stars have gone through the illuminati once they get a small taste of fame. I believe those who reject have carrers that don't do well and/or we wonder what ever happend to them. because the symbols are in most shows, movies, and videos, but thats my theory. Do you ever think about what may have happend to your favorite one hit wonder?


One hit wonder songs are usually the only songs I've ever liked. And VH1 just loves showing one hit wonder "where are they now" shows.

While it's true that the most popular singers and people in media today have ties to this symbolism, older music that was a "one hit wonder" deal has had the same symbolism or ideas in their music. It's mostly a matter of interpritation[sp].

Like the lion can be symbol for many things. Most other objects can be too.


Isn't it also true that the lion is symbolic. It can represent many things: specifically power & supremacy.

My Hero

Vigilant, so are you saying that everyone who has found fame and fortune has only done so through the Illuminati first? And does this only count for the Entertainment/Media and Politics department? (Grateful for any answers).


I believe there are a few (which is probably thousands) that 'they' have ALLOWED to succeed the fair way. It's still about the control. It's like this, if there are people that have seen someone super successful and they have watched them put in the work and build themselves up from the group up, people are more likely to still believe anything is possible with a little hard work and elbow grease. Peole that have actually seen this person make it the 'honest' way, they will tell everyone they know how So'n'So is not an Illuppet, there is no Illuminati, etc.

It's all about influence and deceit.


Me prsonally do not think that all that became famous is corrupt. But take a look at my comment above on the 12th October on this topic, just use the coconut theory.

John Robison

Also, behind the woman is a graphic of a pentagon and as it expands, what can be construed as the twin towers falling to either side with lovely $$ signs signifying the reason they were brought down to begin with.

Megan Bishop

Great poin! I didn't notice that one!


really good "eye" br0


"i wanna be famous!"…. really?


God Bless Us All



So weird…but I have to wonder if the folks in Hollywood have caught wind of our theories and just added them into all their shows to get our attention. It does get us to watch…if even for just the symbols. I hope that's the case- 'cause it really sucks to think of a secret evil organization bent on controlling the minds of the masses for their slaves.


I watched a DVD of an evangelist here in South Africa who said he uses the coconut theory. If you walk under a coconut tree and a coconut falls on your head, you might say it is a coinsidence. If it happens a second time, now THAT'S an coinsidence. But if it hapens a third time? Still think it's a coinsidence? How many coconuts will it take to convince people that it is not coincidence, but all planned carefully. It scares me!!!!


Hi Thinus, as a fellow South African, have you picked up many symbols in South Africa? I keep an eye out in local programmes/music etc, however nothing so blatant – although positive that the Iluminati influence is very much there. Thanks 😉


I have not picked up that much on television, but if you take a look at goverment buildings, churches especially the old ones, all the first of everything basically. All the "first" buildings ect is very important to these people. Also take a look at some of the attornye's building and logos. That is very interresting.


That is true, I will keep a better look out. Cecil Rhodes, apparently, wanted for there to be a secret society of gentlemen to work together for the best interests of the British Empire, this is the only history I can find on South African illuminati. Although no doubt our government will follow through and be quite happy to follow plans of the NWO. Our very own JZ, just as all presidents know very well about NWO plans, with our government in dire straits, of course they will follow.

Suppose the fact that our South African television is majority from the U.S, our minds are obviously trying to be persuaded into the same mold of thinking. We of course listen to US/ European Music, and it is becoming obvious that our local musicans are all very focused on becoming "internationally sounding", and are heavily influenced by US rappers etc. Scary thought.

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