Blatant Illuminati Symbols in Intro of Reality TV Show “Made in Sweden”


Made in Sweden is a Swedish TV show which aims to coach musical talent on the “difficult road to fame”. The intro of the show pretty much sums up what it really takes to make it big.

So we have:

1- Pyramid/triangle with illuminated capstone

2- Masonic checkerboard pattern floor and pillars

3- Inverted triangle with all-seeing eyes on each side.

The inverted triangle occultly represents the feminine. Notice how one of the eyes is right on the woman’s genital area.

Can all of those symbols, discussed many times on this site, be ALL there by pure coincidence? Seriously.

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39 Comments on "Blatant Illuminati Symbols in Intro of Reality TV Show “Made in Sweden”"

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Yes, VC, these symbols are all there by pure coincidence, you nutjob. Actually they’re part there because the Illuminati theory is cute and trendy and a reality TV show obviously relates to making fun of conspiracy theories. It isn’t about desensitivizing the populace o Illuminati symbols at all. Don’t you see? There’s nothing to be worried about, the World will be just fine… And even if it won’t, don’t you think it’s a LITTLE more important to keep up with the Kardashians than concern ourselves with the well-being of the planet or our own spirituality?

Oh and since this is Disney symbol overload crap, I think the name of that character may be SaTAN.

also in the backdrop of "laila" there is a pentagram