Black Ice – Truth Is (video)


If you’re offended by foul language, you shouldn’t watch this video. If you’re even more offended by the crap of the music industry, you should watch this video.

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That dude could've skipped all that prefacing and gotten directly to point that he made in his last sentence. I am so sick of this narrow, limited thinking espoused as though it is the ONLY truth. Rantng about being given limited education? That is some bull! It's limited because they won't go to school! That's right I said it. The guys he's talking about wouldn't be caught dead with a book-bag on their back, but don't mind being caught with a gun? Plain silly that's all. I'm black and I work with youths all day everyday and live around that foolishness too. I don't want to hear it! Stop the blame game. Free your mind and your a** will follow. He's standing there talking all that crap using the Nword over and over unnecessarily. I am not impressed. It's only a part of one truth but it's not THE truth. Hey I got a truth for ya… There are over 100 black colleges in the U.S. that graduates hundreds to thousands from each school every spring! Not counting the black grads from the mainstream universities, also thousands of blacks graduating medical schools, earning masters degrees and Ph D's every spring!… Read more »


I totally understand what you are trying to say here and I respect it. Everyone has the same opportunities, at least as far as elementary, middle and high school are concerned. (With the economic crisis, college is becoming intangible for a lot of people)

But on the other side of the track, there are people born into lives we cannot even fathom. The monster didn't come from the street, it was born in the home and came TO the street. That kind of life runs deep, comes after you, comes after your family until there is no where out and you just find yourself drowning faster and faster the more you fight it. So when you have no escape, why even fight it, just become what your family has molded you.

And I agree, with everything you said, but not everyone who wouldn't be caught dead with a book bag, doesn't want to be there. They may WANT to be there, but there are more terrible forces pursuing them otherwise that we cannot see. Which doesn't mean I condone it, but I cannot be sure of anything until I myself become a person of color.