Black Ice – Truth Is (video)


If you’re offended by foul language, you shouldn’t watch this video. If you’re even more offended by the crap of the music industry, you should watch this video.

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109 Comments on "Black Ice – Truth Is (video)"

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That dude could've skipped all that prefacing and gotten directly to point that he made in his last sentence. I am so sick of this narrow, limited thinking espoused as though it is the ONLY truth. Rantng about being given limited education? That is some bull! It's limited because they won't go to school! That's right I said it. The guys he's talking about wouldn't be caught dead with a book-bag on their back, but don't mind being caught with a gun? Plain silly that's all. I'm black and I work with youths all day everyday and live around that foolishness too. I don't want to hear it! Stop the blame game. Free your mind and your a** will follow. He's standing there talking all that crap using the Nword over and over unnecessarily. I am not impressed. It's only a part of one truth but it's not THE truth.… Read more »
I totally understand what you are trying to say here and I respect it. Everyone has the same opportunities, at least as far as elementary, middle and high school are concerned. (With the economic crisis, college is becoming intangible for a lot of people) But on the other side of the track, there are people born into lives we cannot even fathom. The monster didn't come from the street, it was born in the home and came TO the street. That kind of life runs deep, comes after you, comes after your family until there is no where out and you just find yourself drowning faster and faster the more you fight it. So when you have no escape, why even fight it, just become what your family has molded you. And I agree, with everything you said, but not everyone who wouldn't be caught dead with a book bag,… Read more »


@ ButtaFlyyTulsa (59), It does not matter if they lose their fan base or fame and fortune. They need to be real to themselves before it is too late. They can only play the game for so long. They may cry out, but they still are trying to play the game to hang on to their fame and fortune. Like drug addicts, they must totally detox from the game by changing playgrounds and taking on a new lifestyle that is less lively and more common. These people say anything and do anything for money. They are hurting people and lying to people for money. Why should we feel sorry for them? The truth be told that we must pray for our enemies. The truth be told that God is real and alive. It will take Him and our prayers to destroy the industry and reverse these people's lies. Give no… Read more »

God does not destroy anything. He forgives. And so should you.

Awesome video!!!!! I love how he focused on what the industry is doing to our black men (being black myself). Feeding them false hopes and lies. I only wish more rappers would come forth and somehow some way get out of this mess. We could probably help them get confidence that they will not lose ALL of their fans, and will gain a ton more with open hearts and eyes by listening more carefully to the lesser ones crying out for help on nearly every mixtape. Check out what Bow Wow had to say. Pretty deep stuff

He said one of the best lines I have ever heard, and I'm going to remember it…'I challenge you to find something that's worth dying for, and then live for it'.

JESUS is worth dying for and living for. Apostle Paul shared this with us.

@ The people who commented negatively about marijuana ^^^^^^^, Know your facts before you speak ! There is completely nothing wrong w/ marijuana. In fact , It is actrually Good For You . I relieves stress , prevents head/neck cancer , cures the flu , pain reliever & Ive heard it slows down the aging process. It also makes you think more creative (when your baked) . & Believe it or not , weed is actually Healthy!! (Yes I said it !!). & listen to Peter Tosh/Bob Marley , look for THE FACTS , Not the bullshit the goverment made up such as it "killing braincells / causing lung cancer / cancer". Why else would the government ban it & make s**t up ?? Because its a very effective medicine given to us by God & ties in to (what this site is about & etc.) @Vigilant – please… Read more »

one thing I don't understand is how can you sell your soul, when it isn't even yours to begin with? I mean if you are baptized that's already a bond with god, so in essence doesn't your soul belong to him at that point? how then can you sell it? unless it is metaphorical meaning selling your soul by doing the devil's work, going against your beliefs and so on…but I don't believe they sell their souls in the literal sense.


“Black,” Superman, put down the green, sticky kryptonite It’s time to rise and fight, your even embarrassing Pac, We were once Kings and Queens, But now we’ve succumb to the white man’s dream, Ol’ Jimmy told Timmy, “we’ll enslave their minds, It’ll make us look good, we’ll leave the chains and whips behind.” “We’ll let em’ entertain us, and even make a few rich and famous, While the rest will chase for a taste, while their left behind.” Ol’ Timmy told Jimmy, “My friend, that’s brilliant!, We’ll start with the men, then it’s their women and children. We can sit back and watch while their world implodes, We will collect millions from their minds and souls.” Then Jerome heard a voice, from his block in Marcy, “Ghetto soldiers rise, before your dearly departed.” Jerome tried to ignore it, until Keisha asked if he heard it, Jerome had to man up,… Read more »

this is crazy . ive been trying to get my peers to read this site. to not be blind to the world around you. they turn there heads like i wasnt even there.

some people say im a devil worshiper for reading this site? that just shows this world is not going change. and theyll try to change it when its too late.

17 year old.

Black Ice is The Truth!! He performed this jawn on Pete Rock's SOUL SURVIVOR II, Dope S**t!!

It's nice to see that young people are reading this 🙂 EDUCATE YOURSELF!!! Be hungry for knowledge. Know whats happeneing around you!

word not world*

I'm really SICK of black people calling themselves and others niggers. It IS WRONG no matter HOW you spell it is the same world.

im sick of it too its disgusting its making us a laughing stock

It's rather two fold in my opinion. I blame the elite for starting the N label association, and I blame black folks for accepting and turning that word into a mass money making market.

Who cares about the bad language?? The most important thing is that he dropped knowledge. He just used language that 98% of us use on a daily basis. Everything he said in his rhyme is true. The music industry has been in a very sad state for a minute. It's about time someone stepped up and spoke out against it. – Hip hop culture, Politics, Art, Life, & Entertainment

SOOOOO TRUUUUE yes this is bad language but understand he's talking about black people period. Although other races fall in this catergory too but this is specifically for blacks. Neighborhoods were made and design just for hispanics and blacks. Projects, hood, ghetto whatever they call them. Those places are design for people to be poor for life although it is their decision but they make it feasable for this type of crowd to be drawn to certain areas. Everyone should avoid these living areas. Just like all the drugs were put here the same goes with these low income housing units. They will draw the right crowd and that's also where the drug flow will go. Children there are being tricked into believing that life has no meaning and they grow up believing that and have children who eventually will believe it. Until someone introduce them to the truth. This… Read more »

This was a very good rap poetry! (or whatever you call it). Though i wonder how many in the audience that gets the message of what he is saying. im only 12 and discovered illuminati and mk-ultra and such stuff a few years ago. it was very shocking. And i try to tell my friends then and then about stuff like this. They just believe a small part, but they think im a psycho lol ): I wish kids in my age wouldnt be so ignorant and discover and question everything..

What a coincidence. I was just listening to this guy and trying to figure out who he was about a week ago. There is this beatmaker who goes by the name of SJ or Sampler Jazz that sampled this in tribute, I guess, to this great poet

I like listening to his stuff cause I get that real hip hop sound I love with a bit of uniqueness and eccentricity without having to hear the garbage rappers talk about. It's refreshing. SJ, has a couple full length projects on his band camp.

Lastly, great find VC. I love your site. I've been visiting it for at least a year. Keep up the good work, and thanks for posting this.

Lauryn Hill's "Motives and Thought" is really deep too

im 13 and this is so true its sad to see people my age being feed lies through the public media ex: tv, music, people ect.. *smh* man *smh*

NICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's nice too see that ppl do use their talents positively and to teach ppl he was sick! God bless ppl 😉


maybe he's using a double entendre…you know, to prove a point…

not sure..this is nice and are responsible for YOUR can rise above whatever is put in your face..but blaming someone else for you screw ups is a cop-out…you have the choice to not be in the music industry, you have the choice to NOT smoke crack or sell..You have the choice to get a job and make money..but vanity makes fool think they need more than food, and roof over their head…they want the gold, the bling nonsense..this guy is right i guess..but it's not's his opinion..pointing and somebody else for your short comings in life..

Listen To Some Immortal Technique. If you want to listen to real music.

immortal technique is another rabbit hole.guy is a papal puppet spreading people into another rabbit hole of hate..