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Bill Gates: Vaccine Safety Skeptics Kill Children (video)



Bill Gates has been on a campaign for the mass vaccination of children for years. He however brought things to another level in this interview, by accusing Dr Andrew Wakefield of the killing of “thousands of children”.


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He is blinking way too much, and moving his head all the time, as if he were afraid that if he keeps still for a while, his lies will show in full, he even cannot give an honest calm stare, he’s blinking like he has a tick. What a fraud!


Diseases kill children!

It's every humans right to refuse medical assistance for themselves and their children.

Why are they trying to force medical intervention on us?

What are they worried about if they and their own children are vaccinated, aren't they immune to said disease now? What threat are non vaccinated people to them?

Humans have managed to survive, proliferate and over populate this planet despite the many plagues and diseases that have afflicted us at many time, so what is the problem?

We have to have 100% survival rate for everything?


Since it is a proven fact that clean water and sanitation are the most beneficial to the health of children why is Gates not putting his money into sewers and wells in the third world? There is a direct correlation between mandatory vaccination rates and infant mortality. The United States with it's 26 mandatory vaccinations ranks 34th in child mortality!


If the link bewteen autism and vaccines has been "completely proven to be wrong", then why has the government been giving out millions of dollars in settlements to families claiming that vaccines gave their children autism?

Here's a little more logic: There is scientific evidence that shows that children with autism have a higher level heavy metal toxicity in the brain. And that the severity of autism is directly corrolated to the level of heavy metal toxicity. Obviously, vaccines can't be the only way heavy metals get into the brain. But I think we're safe to assume that injecting heavy metals into the body is not very good for our childrens brains.

One last resource: This study statistically shows that the countries with higher numbers of vaccines before one year of age have higher infant mortality rates.

For those who still think vaccines are a wonderful thing, luckily you have the choice to inject them into your children. The rest of us reserve our right to NOT inject our children with this poison.


Oh wait, Gardasil also… <– There's a vaccine without thimerosal that has proven to be deadly.

^^ Here's a list of ingredients lol. It includes roach killer. But still, I don't think that ALL vaccines are evil/were intended for population control. Imo, treat vaccines as you should treat anything you ingest/consume/get injected into you lol – read the ingredients.


Personally I think the whole debate on "vaccines" is misleading. From what I've read the link is between thimerosal(mercury based preservative) and autism… NOT vaccines and autism. Thimerosal was deemed unsafe a few decades back, and parts of the UK and the USA started to remove it from vaccines. There are thimerosal-free versions of childrens' vaccines available in the US upon request. The problem is that vaccine companies (mainly those who produce flu vaccines/ H1N1 vaccines) are putting thimerosal BACK into the vaccines. Which yeah, sketch on how the govt. is pushing the flu shot more than any other… I don't trust it at all. But, Vaccines were invented to protect people against diseases. The scientist who invented the polio vaccine refused to patent it/gave it away for free. There is plenty of proof that vaccines are helpful in preventing epidemics/ reducing occurrences of certain diseases <- I don't even understand how that could be debatable tbh. But yeah, the studies I've looked into only show links to autism if the vaccine contains thimerosal(which, many of them do not) not ALL vaccines.

Sarah Connor

Actually though, if you check VAERS or NVIC (National Vaccine Information Center) etc… autism is only one of the many illnesses, diseases and cognitive defects that have exploded in the last few decades. ADHD/ADD, respiratory issues, asthma, Type II diabtes, leukemia, learning disabilities, seizures, SIDS, shaken baby syndrome, food allergies, infertility, retardation…..any number of auto 'Immune' disorders. When too much emphasis is put on the autism/themerisol issue it distracts from all the other correlations to ill health from over-vaccination. And if you research each vaccine, they all are suspect in any one of the conditions I listed above. Easy to find information. And can someone please tell me why the need for Hep B on day of birth? Mother is tested for it while pregnant and the chance of a baby contracting it from anyone else is less than a .05 percent!!!! It is a disease spread through blood, dirty needles, and sex. And the vaccine holds multiple times more aluminium than allowed daily for an adult……let alone a newborn (who the vaccine was never tested on before being put on the CDC's schedule) Sure, one vaccine produced with the purest of intentions may be harmless, but who it… Read more »


I'm fifteen. The only vaccinations I've received ever are TB and flu (when I was born). Ever since, I've never been to the hospital, never broken a bone and the only serious sickness i ever get is sinus every season change which really isn't much of an issue. Vaccinces seem to cause more harm than good in todays society and I don't think that Bill Gates is pushing his idea of Vaccines for the right reasons.

Money, not heart, is behind all of this.

And what's really annoying me is that bill seems kinda smug and amused as he's stating his case. Almost like he wants to laugh. Bloody disrespectful.


As for me, I just question the logic of voluntarily poisoning myself to "protect" my physical body.

It portrays a high level of ignorance.


Regardless of Mr. Gates' stance on vaccinations and regardless of weather vaccinations are good, bad or inconclusive, Dr. Wakefield was in fact caught faking his data.

Even if Wakefield is correct in his concerns he went about proving his point in the wrong way. The "by all means necessary" approach is a path to the very things the informed citizens here stand against.

Sarah Connor

James I agree with your statement somewhat – but this attack on Wakefield is nothing more than a modern day witch-hunt. There are just as many reporters in the alternate media putting out proof that he did not falsify. And multiple studies that have concluded the same things he did, and MANY are defending him. Main Stream Media will never report this. Who do you think pays their advertisements? I've said it time and time again, it all comes down to who you believe. Wakefield has become the poster child or fall guy for the pro-vaccine movements attempt to discredit those who question the ever expanding list of shots, and who question the collective risk to our children. Millions of dollars don't get paid out yearly through VAERS because kids aren't getting sick, retarded, and killed. And thanks to Bill Frist and his last minute rider on the Homeland Security Bill – pharmaceutical companies will never be held liable. Here is a documentary called Vaccine Nation if anyone wants to see it: Part of it tells the story of a man who was imprisoned for years charged with 'shaken baby syndrome' but was finally released because they could prove,… Read more »

Maj. William Martin

Poor Bill Gates: Here is a Lesson for all to know. Bill is a Loud Mouth that started out in a Garage. But really, How far has he got in life? Let's ask General Motor's. BILL GATES AND GM: For all of us who feel only the deepest love and affection for the way computers have enhanced our lives, read on. At a recent computer expo (COMDEX), Bill Gates reportedly compared the computer industry with the auto industry and stated, 'If General Motors (GM) had kept up with technology like the computer industry has, we would all be driving £25 cars that got 1,000 miles to the gallon.' In response to Bill ' s comments, General Motors issued a press release stating: If GM had developed technology like Microsoft, we would all be driving cars with the following characteristics (and I just love this part): 1. For no reason whatsoever, your car would crash………Twice a day. 2.. Every time they repainted the lines in the road, you would have to buy a new car. 3… Occasionally your car would die on the freeway for no reason. You would have to pull to the side of the road, close all of… Read more »

no government name

vaccines are bullshit…..people in afghanistan and other 3rd world countries have been living without modern medicine for hundreds of years even to this day. afghan babies dont get vaccinated. people in india dont get vaccinated. mexico, etc…

f--k bill gates, when we go back to a barter society hes done.


I have been curious about whether or not vaccines are the norm across the planet. Thank you for the insight.

Sarah Connor

Emery – many of the westernized countries followed suit after us once we started with all the vaccines. America always leading the charge and all. Many of them have dropped off what they recommend because of adverse reactions. For example, Japan noticed a correlation between one of the infant shots and crib death increases….so they took it off the compulsory list. We have not. There is tons of information out there to back all of this up…but I can tell you… in the USA we are the most highly vaccinated population in the world, in the most highly vaccinated time in history. We are the guinea pigs.


Thank you my friend for the information.

use your brain

Dr. Wakefeild lost his license to practice medicine, for life. Humans have no natural immunity to polio, or the measels, mumps, rubilla, whooping cough, etc. etc. Before vaccines came along most people infected by those diseases died. Feel free to not vaccinated your children, take the money would spend on their medical care and take it to your nearest funeral home and make pre-arrangements. Because you are putting your child's life in your hands.


Of course he was struck off the list by the very same people who make billions off people's suffering. If vaccines are so necessary, why is no honest debate or discussion ever allowed? Truth fears no investigation. Autism became an issue when the triple vaccine was introduced which pumps so much mercury and other dangerous metals into a kid's tiny body. If the excess lodges in the brain, then it causes problems. Poor babies given flu jabs in addition to the regular ones are at greater risk. The science behind vaccination is so flawed and has never been proven Children need to get sick in order to become healthy adults. There are so many resources on the web, why not check them out?.


Is this guy still at it?! Its like his lifelong mission


This was completely edited


is n't he a computer guy? when did he become such an expert in the medical field? watch when he says "and their children are dead today" is that a smile? bill gates is mr burns out of the simpsons, he wants to live for hundreds of years.


All I know for sure is what happened with my daughter after having her "important vaccines."

Sarah Connor

I am sorry Reed 🙁


Seriously people why arguing over something that is so obvious. Vaccination is never needed in any society. For thousands of years humanity continued to cure diseases without vaccines and other current rubbish. Dont understimate your natural immune system it is there to protect you and so it was ever since the beggining of life.

The propaganda about vaccination is a clear message to get rid off people starting by making them dumb since childhood and continuing until they get major diseases in their adulthood.

A random thought

Screw you bill gates your the one with blood on your hands, I would like to know if he himself has had these vaccines and his kids if he has any, not only that but how can anyone take this guy seriously with the statements he has made in the past about using vaccines and healthcare to de-populate the planet. Go away gates we have heard enough from you!!!


This is sickening. He can't even keep a straight face throughout the whole of JUST this section.

He accuses Wakefield of having financial interests and as a result is killing children. Wow. What a way to spin your own truth onto a good person. *Very* nice way of discrediting your opponent, you shady b-----d.


LOL at the way he says "They kill children, its a very sad thing!" Why is he smiling while saying it?

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