Bill Gates: Vaccine Safety Skeptics Kill Children (video)


Bill Gates has been on a campaign for the mass vaccination of children for years. He however brought things to another level in this interview, by accusing Dr Andrew Wakefield of the killing of “thousands of children”.

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91 Comments on "Bill Gates: Vaccine Safety Skeptics Kill Children (video)"

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He is blinking way too much, and moving his head all the time, as if he were afraid that if he keeps still for a while, his lies will show in full, he even cannot give an honest calm stare, he’s blinking like he has a tick. What a fraud!

Diseases kill children!

It's every humans right to refuse medical assistance for themselves and their children.

Why are they trying to force medical intervention on us?

What are they worried about if they and their own children are vaccinated, aren't they immune to said disease now? What threat are non vaccinated people to them?

Humans have managed to survive, proliferate and over populate this planet despite the many plagues and diseases that have afflicted us at many time, so what is the problem?

We have to have 100% survival rate for everything?

Since it is a proven fact that clean water and sanitation are the most beneficial to the health of children why is Gates not putting his money into sewers and wells in the third world? There is a direct correlation between mandatory vaccination rates and infant mortality. The United States with it's 26 mandatory vaccinations ranks 34th in child mortality!

If the link bewteen autism and vaccines has been "completely proven to be wrong", then why has the government been giving out millions of dollars in settlements to families claiming that vaccines gave their children autism?… Here's a little more logic: There is scientific evidence that shows that children with autism have a higher level heavy metal toxicity in the brain. And that the severity of autism is directly corrolated to the level of heavy metal toxicity. Obviously, vaccines can't be the only way heavy metals get into the brain. But I think we're safe to assume that injecting heavy metals into the body is not very good for our childrens brains. One last resource: This study statistically shows that the countries with higher numbers of vaccines before one year of age have higher infant mortality rates.… For those who still think vaccines are a wonderful thing,… Read more »

Oh wait, Gardasil also… <– There's a vaccine without thimerosal that has proven to be deadly.

^^ Here's a list of ingredients lol. It includes roach killer. But still, I don't think that ALL vaccines are evil/were intended for population control. Imo, treat vaccines as you should treat anything you ingest/consume/get injected into you lol – read the ingredients.

Personally I think the whole debate on "vaccines" is misleading. From what I've read the link is between thimerosal(mercury based preservative) and autism… NOT vaccines and autism. Thimerosal was deemed unsafe a few decades back, and parts of the UK and the USA started to remove it from vaccines. There are thimerosal-free versions of childrens' vaccines available in the US upon request. The problem is that vaccine companies (mainly those who produce flu vaccines/ H1N1 vaccines) are putting thimerosal BACK into the vaccines. Which yeah, sketch on how the govt. is pushing the flu shot more than any other… I don't trust it at all. But, Vaccines were invented to protect people against diseases. The scientist who invented the polio vaccine refused to patent it/gave it away for free. There is plenty of proof that vaccines are helpful in preventing epidemics/ reducing occurrences of certain diseases <- I don't even… Read more »
Actually though, if you check VAERS or NVIC (National Vaccine Information Center) etc… autism is only one of the many illnesses, diseases and cognitive defects that have exploded in the last few decades. ADHD/ADD, respiratory issues, asthma, Type II diabtes, leukemia, learning disabilities, seizures, SIDS, shaken baby syndrome, food allergies, infertility, retardation…..any number of auto 'Immune' disorders. When too much emphasis is put on the autism/themerisol issue it distracts from all the other correlations to ill health from over-vaccination. And if you research each vaccine, they all are suspect in any one of the conditions I listed above. Easy to find information. And can someone please tell me why the need for Hep B on day of birth? Mother is tested for it while pregnant and the chance of a baby contracting it from anyone else is less than a .05 percent!!!! It is a disease spread through blood, dirty… Read more »

I'm fifteen. The only vaccinations I've received ever are TB and flu (when I was born). Ever since, I've never been to the hospital, never broken a bone and the only serious sickness i ever get is sinus every season change which really isn't much of an issue. Vaccinces seem to cause more harm than good in todays society and I don't think that Bill Gates is pushing his idea of Vaccines for the right reasons.

Money, not heart, is behind all of this.

And what's really annoying me is that bill seems kinda smug and amused as he's stating his case. Almost like he wants to laugh. Bloody disrespectful.

As for me, I just question the logic of voluntarily poisoning myself to "protect" my physical body.

It portrays a high level of ignorance.

Regardless of Mr. Gates' stance on vaccinations and regardless of weather vaccinations are good, bad or inconclusive, Dr. Wakefield was in fact caught faking his data.

Even if Wakefield is correct in his concerns he went about proving his point in the wrong way. The "by all means necessary" approach is a path to the very things the informed citizens here stand against.

James I agree with your statement somewhat – but this attack on Wakefield is nothing more than a modern day witch-hunt. There are just as many reporters in the alternate media putting out proof that he did not falsify. And multiple studies that have concluded the same things he did, and MANY are defending him. Main Stream Media will never report this. Who do you think pays their advertisements? I've said it time and time again, it all comes down to who you believe. Wakefield has become the poster child or fall guy for the pro-vaccine movements attempt to discredit those who question the ever expanding list of shots, and who question the collective risk to our children. Millions of dollars don't get paid out yearly through VAERS because kids aren't getting sick, retarded, and killed. And thanks to Bill Frist and his last minute rider on the Homeland Security… Read more »
Poor Bill Gates: Here is a Lesson for all to know. Bill is a Loud Mouth that started out in a Garage. But really, How far has he got in life? Let's ask General Motor's. BILL GATES AND GM: For all of us who feel only the deepest love and affection for the way computers have enhanced our lives, read on. At a recent computer expo (COMDEX), Bill Gates reportedly compared the computer industry with the auto industry and stated, 'If General Motors (GM) had kept up with technology like the computer industry has, we would all be driving £25 cars that got 1,000 miles to the gallon.' In response to Bill ' s comments, General Motors issued a press release stating: If GM had developed technology like Microsoft, we would all be driving cars with the following characteristics (and I just love this part): 1. For no reason whatsoever,… Read more »

vaccines are bullshit…..people in afghanistan and other 3rd world countries have been living without modern medicine for hundreds of years even to this day. afghan babies dont get vaccinated. people in india dont get vaccinated. mexico, etc…

f**k bill gates, when we go back to a barter society hes done.

I have been curious about whether or not vaccines are the norm across the planet. Thank you for the insight.

Emery – many of the westernized countries followed suit after us once we started with all the vaccines. America always leading the charge and all. Many of them have dropped off what they recommend because of adverse reactions. For example, Japan noticed a correlation between one of the infant shots and crib death increases….so they took it off the compulsory list. We have not. There is tons of information out there to back all of this up…but I can tell you… in the USA we are the most highly vaccinated population in the world, in the most highly vaccinated time in history. We are the guinea pigs.

Thank you my friend for the information.

Dr. Wakefeild lost his license to practice medicine, for life. Humans have no natural immunity to polio, or the measels, mumps, rubilla, whooping cough, etc. etc. Before vaccines came along most people infected by those diseases died. Feel free to not vaccinated your children, take the money would spend on their medical care and take it to your nearest funeral home and make pre-arrangements. Because you are putting your child's life in your hands.

Of course he was struck off the list by the very same people who make billions off people's suffering. If vaccines are so necessary, why is no honest debate or discussion ever allowed? Truth fears no investigation. Autism became an issue when the triple vaccine was introduced which pumps so much mercury and other dangerous metals into a kid's tiny body. If the excess lodges in the brain, then it causes problems. Poor babies given flu jabs in addition to the regular ones are at greater risk. The science behind vaccination is so flawed and has never been proven Children need to get sick in order to become healthy adults. There are so many resources on the web, why not check them out?.

Is this guy still at it?! Its like his lifelong mission

This was completely edited

is n't he a computer guy? when did he become such an expert in the medical field? watch when he says "and their children are dead today" is that a smile? bill gates is mr burns out of the simpsons, he wants to live for hundreds of years.

All I know for sure is what happened with my daughter after having her "important vaccines."

I am sorry Reed 🙁

Seriously people why arguing over something that is so obvious. Vaccination is never needed in any society. For thousands of years humanity continued to cure diseases without vaccines and other current rubbish. Dont understimate your natural immune system it is there to protect you and so it was ever since the beggining of life.

The propaganda about vaccination is a clear message to get rid off people starting by making them dumb since childhood and continuing until they get major diseases in their adulthood.

Screw you bill gates your the one with blood on your hands, I would like to know if he himself has had these vaccines and his kids if he has any, not only that but how can anyone take this guy seriously with the statements he has made in the past about using vaccines and healthcare to de-populate the planet. Go away gates we have heard enough from you!!!

This is sickening. He can't even keep a straight face throughout the whole of JUST this section.

He accuses Wakefield of having financial interests and as a result is killing children. Wow. What a way to spin your own truth onto a good person. *Very* nice way of discrediting your opponent, you shady bastard.

LOL at the way he says "They kill children, its a very sad thing!" Why is he smiling while saying it?

Well since Bill Gates LOVES depopulation, you'd think he wouldn't really mind if this guy is killing thousands of children.


The effing mofo is SOOO predictable!

If the fact that bill gates is speaking about vaccinations isnt enough to say that we are in dire times I dont know what else will.

A good scientist can explain how something works using plain language. A scientist seeks the truth, wherever that may lead. A believer thinks he already knows the supposed truth, and cannot be swayed no matter how compelling the evidence. It’s not so much that people are stupid, but many don’t take the time to think things through.

Hey Bill Gates…..your father sat on some financial board for Planned Barrenhood…F******!!


As you promote depopulation with "new Vaccines" A*****E!

You are probably some demon/nephilim puke!

Thanks..felt good!

First they seek money, lots of money then power, then finally control. After control comes a new high for them n that drug is getting high off murder. They seek pleasure in killing us all, we must get them b4 they get us.

Interesting, I was studying last night, and the subject of the Israeli 6-pointed star came up, the date it was inaugurated. The 28th day of October 1948. I then analized the events that occured in 1948. I was stunned! October 28, 1948. Its the date the Israel flag establishes the 6 pointed star. March 8th 1948- US supreme court rules that religious instruction in public schools violates the US constitution. March 17th 1948 Hells Angels is Founded in California "Methmania!!"). April 1 1948 Scientists publish the "Big Bang" Theory. April 7 1948 The World Health Organisation is established by the UN. May 1 1948 the RAND corporation is established. The RAND Corporation is a nonprofit global policy think tank first formed to offer research and analysis to the United States armed forces by Douglas Aircraft Company. It is currently financed by the U.S. government, a private endowment,[3] corporations [4] including… Read more »

I honestly urge VC and all your readers to check out the information that the folks over at have to say on the subject of vaccinations. Science holds the answer, folks. Once you start using critical thinking and reasoning skills when you look at the information, you'll understand that science and the people who practice it are NOT your enemies, but rather your allies.

Have you ever heard of the International Medical Council on Vaccination??


The International Medical Council on Vaccination is an association of medical doctors, registered nurses and other qualified medical professionals. The purpose of the Council is to counter the messages asserted by pharmaceutical companies, the government and medical agencies that vaccines are safe, effective and harmless. Our conclusions have been reached individually by each member of the Council, after thousands of hours of personal research, study and observation.

Here is their website which includes plenty of articles, studies etc that you will not find in the MSM or things like the above posted propoganda type comic book piece (imho)- sorry David! Not looking for a dust up…..we just trust and believe different people! Peace

Although I agree with a lot on this site, unfortunately anti-vaccine views are just plain wrong.

"Dr" Andrew Wakefield has been discredited and struck off the medical register. He's a man of dubious moral standing.

Here's a light-hearted look at his story in comic form:

If you want to read alternative sources re. Dr Andrew Wakefield, start here:

comic books – cute

Why the hell is he SMIRKING at the beginning of the video?

He must know the punch line…

Yea, he knows the punchline alright, thats why he spent $30,000,000 on a hybrid seed vault in svalbard island. They want us dead!

Got any link to that vault info? Thanks

Bill I have tried like 4 or 5 times to post some links but it just won't go through.

Google Gates Foundation Seed Vault. Tons of articles pop up, a really good one is from 'pakalertpress' – I'd recommend starting there.

I disgusts me that these occurrences are made to always come down to one person's fault or responsibility, as though people don't have responsibility for themselves and their children. Thousands of children aren't dead because of what he wrote, if that's even an accurate number (Which I'll point out, there's absolutely no way of knowing if even a decent portion of those parents who chose not to vaccinate did so on Wakefield's prompting). Those children died of a disease, and that's as far as it goes. And to presume that you have a responsibility to others by getting vaccinated and encouraging others toward vaccination, although it may not seem so, is utterly pretentious. Really, what you're doing is holding individual human beings responsible for a course of nature. How foolish to assume so much power, that we ought to condemn each other on not exercising it. But of course Bill… Read more »
I personally can say, my son was good at 1 and 2, but when we had to get him vaccinated for his mother to be put on welfare, and me on child support which is another story, he had a cocktail of about 2 vaccines, and then another one shortly after. Now my son, at 4, was just diagnosed with functioning autism, which is the least of the symptoms but he still seems to be lost. When you look in his eyes sometimes he is there, sometimes he is not. Its really hard im sure some of you know, but the worst part is he just doesnt understand whats going on? When he was younger, before the vaccines, he was developing perfectly. He was right there with his sisters, now he needs speach classes, special classes, these classes and those classes. Also, the therapist say there are medicines to help… Read more »


You might want to take a look at the vitamin D council website. He has a lot on treating autism with vitamin D3. There is a whole section on it in the left hand column.

His name is Dr. John Cannell. I get his newsletter which often has testimonies of people with autistic children who are very greatly helped by vitamin D3.

Don't worry. nolemmingshere will bring a ton of emprical evidence to help you.

Nac and others antioxidants could help him try to study more about autism.
I think you shouldn´t give him their toxics so so called medecine.
Good luck to you and your son god bless you.

Yea, we are all doing research and talking to doctors and things like that, but the key therapy starts at home. All we really can do is hope and pray. Thanks for your support, GOD bless!


God bless you and your family. No family should ever have to go through such pain.

I have chosen not to give my daughter her 4 year MMR booster. I refuse no matter what. I have been kicked out of doctors offices and cant send my daughter to school yet as a result. My child care benefits have been cancelled. BUT I WILL NOT BUDGE. I am in Australia and I know our vaccines arent as full on as those in the US but still in the same catergory.

I know that the vaccine issue will eventually have to come to an end.

I pray for you and your family and especially your son…..

Love and light to all the children of God. Stay strong for your little man.


I think pot can fix him. Its radical step but give him a puff n c his mindset alter and whatever vaccines did to him will reverse it.

It saddens me to know that people like you- who are subjected first hand to the consequences of vaccinations- are ignored and discredited of the awful truth that lingers with this issue. I know several people with children afflicted by autism (in the later toddler years, coincidentally after receiving vaccinations) and it is very apparent that this condition was not genetic. This is so frustrating!

My question is- when did autism become so rampant? Why was it not such an epidemic decades ago? The proof is in the pudding. Or should I say squalene….

Right, but hey, it is what it is. I love him no matter what and this world we live in today, some will have to answer for such atrocities. Thanks all who care and support, GOD bless!

I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am for you and your son!! And that if you have not already, Generation Rescue might be a really good place to get plugged into. They have people who can support you in what you are going through, provide local resources, and showcase breaking treatments that are significantly and profoundly improving the lives of all these little guys!!!

Peace to you!

Wow, THANKS! God bless you

The Jews are going for broke and their agents are in freefall panic.

Yeah right Bill Gates… I guess we all have stupid written on our heads huh?

Sad,the world will not know true peace

Thanks again VC

This our world Big Pharm A.K.A Bill Gates and all the other that want 80% of mankind dead.

We have a right to say NO! and we need to get use to saying that

And then there are cases like this:… which really gives out credibility for any vaccination program.

Headlines around here (Finland) have mentioned over 50 confirmed cases so wikipedia entry is not up 2 date in that area.

On August 27, 2010, the European Medicines Agency announced that the agency's Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use would be launching a review of Pandemrix in light of the "limited number of cases" reported in Finland and Sweden, so as to "determine whether there is evidence for a causal association".

So far any relationship between the vaccination and the reported symptoms (narcolepsy) can not be concluded.

Is that a smirk at 0:40?

Sad but true. Gates is correct on this one. The studies he refers to about the connection of vaccines and autism were proven to be a fraud.

you are wrong about that. I have witnessed the destruction of vaccines. I remember when my little brother began talking, he was learning just as normally as most little kids. Then I remember… it was like a light was turned off after he got his shots. We noticed he suddenly stopped talking. He was later diagnosed with autism.. so I don't think it's a coincidence. Why would I be able to talk to him at one time and then not later? He didn't have any injuries at any point… just those stupid shots. I can't wait till Jesus comes back and destroys all the evil. I can't stand this crap anymore.

Another government shill hired for $5/hour.

even so, im sure he has no business in this field. go back to what you do best, being a greedy bastard

I don't know enough about the case to entitle myself to an opinion 😉 … but I can't imagine it's easy doing research that exposes vaccine health risks. Seems like he's a lone crusader paddling against the current of big pharma funding. (bad metaphor sorry!).

Anyway, here's some articles refuting the claim he is a fraud.

@The Greenman Hey, synchronized-link-posting! 😉

Great minds, friend.

Documents have emerged proving Dr Andrew Wakefield innocent; BMJ and Brian Deer caught misrepresenting the facts :

Dr Wakefield demands retraction from BMJ after documents prove innocence from allegations of vaccine autism data fraud :

awesomw resource… now i can de-bunk all those people who say dr. wafefields findings were false. "my people perish for a lack of knowledge…" no more.

thanks so much for this

Just received this article today so had to share, being on topic and all – Mercola is a good resource for anyone interested.

Dr. Wakefield, along with scientist/researchers from 5 universities around the USA have conducted the first ever vaccinated vs unvaccinated study on primates. Specifically on the Hep B shot as I recall. They are trying to get their work published but the findings are obviously very damning to the pharmaceutical companies, and all of those who conspire to keep the dangers of vaccines out of the public eye. I was actually able to read the report many months ago but have had a hard time finding it online since then. THIS is the real reason why there has been a renewed attack on him in the MSM this last year. From the first article posted: •The press has been deeply misled in the way The Lancet retraction, and Dr. Wakefield's mock trial, have been characterized. Led by the pharmaceutical companies and their well-compensated spokespeople, Dr. Wakefield is being vilified through a… Read more »

Empirical evidence trumps theory every time.

Government money triumphs over sane ideas every time.

The number of children being studied is far to small to give accurate information regarding what is being alleged in any of these studies. A much larger group is needed including a control group so that a double blind study may be conducted.

Wakefield's original paper, which was published in the Lancet, never made any claims of causal association. In fact, it explicitly stated that such associations should NOT be drawn from it's findings. So why, I wonder, has he been tarred and feathered by the likes of Gates? How can Gates reconcile his eugenic philosophy with the use of vaccines as a means of saving lives? There are millions of people out there who question the safety of vaccines, many of them much more influential that Wakefield. None of them have drawn such ire from the powers that be, because none of them published an irrefutable paper like Wakefield et al. did. Irrefutable because the paper in question is nothing more than an observation of facts – it does not draw any conclusions. To hear it from the horse's mouth, so to speak. Here's a recent interview done with the man himself… Read more »
"There are millions of people out there who question the safety of vaccines, many of them much more influential that Wakefield. " So, care to link to some other research on the topic? The underlying problem being that vaccines are based on a more or less proven concept — exposing the body to a damaged or dead form of a pathogen primes immune response to that pathogen, allowing it to fight off a "real" infection effectively should it occur. I still don't get the yearly flu jab because I respond badly to it and it may or may not apply to this years particular variation of the flu — but the flu jab is more or less a worst case position for a vaccine as far as effectiveness. The smallpox vaccine was virtually the opposite, and a resounding example of vaccination working wonders. There's a "universal" flu vaccine in testing… Read more »

@Schadrach – The iconic George Carlin on immunization, germs and infection. Brilliant comedy. Cutting truth.

@Schadrach – Would several hundred studies do? Happy reading :

Thinktwice is a fantastic resource!!!! One of my personal favorites! Awesome Green!

@Shadrach – there is SO much out there debunking 'herd immunity'. It's like arguing global warming. Just comes down to who you believe. Below is an article on herd immunity and other vaccine myths. Second – statistics have been perverted regarding the irradication of diseases. Even scienctific data is completely 'subjective' depending on who is reporting it. There are even scientfic studies proving this lol – I would just challenge you to look at the other side. Side note – not sure if you are "shadrach' as in Shadrach Meshach and Abednego?? If so I would like to point out that the bible mentions the 'sanctity of blood' 144 times. The importance of keeping our blood pure is an ongoing theme in the bible. And we are to trust God with all things. Injected neurotoxins, live or dead viruses, heavy metals, pig, monkey, chicken and other animal dna and aborted… Read more »

Bullshit!!! He is a rich bastard who probably can care less about this topic but he is trained to say this so they can discredit data that has lead to the realization that vaccines do cause autism and a whole lot of issues among our children. We don't actually know what they are giving to our children . And I have notice that people who are in the lower classes who receive gov't assistants, it is mandatory for their children to be vaccinated because I guess they are considered uneducated and some are threaten and told they are a danger to their children. I have opted out for the shots for my son.

And of course this oldie but goodie – Bill Gates speaking to a crowd about depopulation and how vaccines are one of the best (his favorite) ways to achieve this.

OMG!!! This video is sick! Thanks for sharing the truth about this psycho.

Good for you Marty!! And I'd just like to add one little tid bit about what a 'bastard' he is. I live in the Seattle area and my brother is really good friends with a girl who nannied for them. The Gates have 3 nannies at any given time, all working 8 hour shifts. Every 6 months they fire the nannies and hire new ones, rotate them out. They do not want the kids getting too attached to any one girl. WTH?? That is sick. He is as evil and heartless as he is nerdy, even with his offspring.

"The people who go and engage on these anti-vaccine efforts… they kill children"

Have I heard it right?

I wonder how far will this agenda go…

He is promoting vaccine nanotechnology (chemtrails?GMO's?beauty products?processed foods? etc….the options are limitless). This means NO choice, for anyone.

I don't know if you can take it much farther than that???