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124 Comments on "Bill Gates speaks on the usage of vaccines for depopulation (video)"

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Let's start by killing him and all his family. Why don't we? …waste of space!

I watched the original Bill Gates video and it definitely rose some important questions in my mind. Not only it shocked me but it also wake me up. It's amazing how being rich and smart gives one the impression that he can not only decide but also take significant measures against human population, without any common sense, nor respect for each one's right to decide for themselves. It is harder to educate the third world population, because that implies a lot of money spent. And no one is willing to give up on their comfortable or luxurious life (depends on the case) in order to make this earth a better, balanced place. It is easier to subject them directly to such a well disguised method of depopulation. Let's think a little: how many of those people born in third world country really wished to be born there? We cannot decide… Read more »

I Read about this guy who took one of the h1n1 vaccines.Ended up having his muscles painfully crippled.My people,The bible prophesized this.Do not look for red demons to come to signal the end of days.This s**t is modern day.And its here.

my entire base took the H1N1 and not one single, bad reaction. Get over it.

Well not all of them were tainted.

ugh you know what's even worse than mass media manipulation? Minor media manipulation. Super Hypocritical.

This video distorts what he is saying.

When he talks about 'p' and vaccines, health care, he means making it so there is less carbon from this, not less people. You can hear the audience laughing.

When he talks about vaccines, he doesn't mean the crazy vaccines America forces on its people, he means the vaccines for people in developing countries who need it.

If you research Bill Gates, you'll see he's given 28 billion dollars away to charity, and has pledged something like 58 billion dollars. If that goes to the right people that could put the third world out of debt many times over.

another comment to this video:

"This only makes sense when you understand that Gates is a primary funding source of GAVI: A distributor of vaccines that induce sterilization."

You have to watch it all! He is not saying vaccines are ok! He says we should use this nuclear reactor…

"At TED2010, Bill Gates unveils his vision for the world's energy future, describing the need for "miracles" to avoid planetary catastrophe and explaining why he's backing a dramatically different type of nuclear reactor. The necessary goal? Zero carbon emissions globally by 2050."

I'm confused. Don't vaccine and health care SAVE lives? If that's the case, how would vaccines lower the population? I don't get it…

why should the world follow a Freemasons concept?

I recently watched 60 minutes or some other news documentary special. Mrs. "Microsoft" Gates was featured on the episode. The interview focused on her global "crusade" to provide vaccines to the "poor' populations. It is no secret that the elite want to "cleanse" or reduce the planet of poor, working class people. So why is she so concerned with preserving and extending lives of this very same population? What is in these vaccines? Have they been FDA "approved"? What will be the quality of life of this population once they have received vaccines? Also, why are there so many TV ADS, BILLBOARD ADS, IN-STORE VACCINE "GIFT CARDS", AND ONLINE "APPOINTMENT" APPS being pushed lately? Why did the CDC decide to "blend" the SWINE-FLU vaccine with the REGULAR flu vaccine this year??? If my memory is correct, the swine-flu vaccine has NEVER been FDA approved!

Eugenics is a tough topic to consider.

Essentially this is what billy is touching on.

Managing billions of people is not an easy job.

Feel free to comment on my blog if you don't think we should do anything about a massive population explosion…

After China has cars then India then Africa….

In my opinion curbing the population growth is essential.

A. Slow down the propagation rate


B. Take some of them out (to lunch)

You choose!


Its just better that way

This video is incoherent. It's cut up and a lot of footage is replaced with text. At the end when Bill Gates is about to state his "One Wish," we don't even get to hear what the one wish is. The video is cut off mid-thought. It's sloppy and has no believable context. The occasional usage of the word "vaccine" might seem cult-like, but only because we are never informed as to what he is referring to. Is he talking about a contraceptive? Some sort of immunity to environmental damage? Something that alters our CO2/O2 exchanges? I have no idea. But I do think it's safe to assume that this vaccine, whatever it is, is a thing in itself, and any repercussions are speculative and unpredictable. He is not talking about the MMR or H1N1 shots being some sort of Trojan Horse for disease. I'm pretty sure that some of… Read more »
OK Jacob, you may be right by saying that 1. Scientists are not idiots and 2. They may be kind hearted, but you must also understand that there are people who simply have no regard for human life as I, and hopefully you do. First of all, if you listen to the "global warming" fear mongers they state that an over burgeoning population is the cause. Al Gore proposes to implement a carbon tax? You know, cap and trade? Would that solve the problem? And if your thinking cap is on, your response would be absolutely not! But you see his ideas and panderings entertained and beamed across the television. Point blank, the "global warming" scare is about money and control. There used to be a hole in the ozone layer, remember that? What happened? you dont hear about that "whole" anymore. But back to your argument, it was Nazi… Read more »

Did anyone watch his interview on 60 minutes last Sunday? Are you saying that the polio vaccine they were administering to the children in India will actually kill them? It took a very long time for me to finally get my child vaccinated. I spoke to 3 different doctors and they spoke to me as if I was silly for asking if the vaccinations were absolulely neccessary and even dangerous. I finally succamet out of fear because I had also read articles where children died because they weren't protected. Can someone give me a website that shows statistics of health records and/or death rates of people who have recieved vaccinations. I am not computer savvy and when I google it, a bunch of "government related" information is provided.

You’d think that these guys would want more pple, to buy more stuff so they would have more money..

hmm you’ve brought up a good point…
anyone care to answer pleasE?

Lol, okay I think Ill be the only logical person, and take a stroll too the other side of the quarter. Wouldnt depopulation severely help are planet… There's too many people, and theres too many Shitty humans that will take are species on a shitty road of evolution… I think you Agree. Plus it would end World Hunger, Stabalize the economy(Obvious how that works out), let nature take some of its much needed land back, more jobs, and if were lucky the New WOrld order is just a good way too have the right amount of people so we can fully switch to Free energy which they already have. 6.8billion driving around for free, with amazing technology…. BAD IDEA. 300mill-500mil people… ALOT BETTER…. Do you really think are government is that stupid… Stimulas package, stimulas package= make the public think there ok for now… I mean look at all the… Read more »

information is great but what are we actually suppossed to do with it? when will their bull be enough for us to band together and shift the paradigm? if "their" concern is for how much CO2 we have or if we have enough resources on a whole perhaps we can stop believing their bull and rememebr they are the ones who are destroying the trees, they are the ones who are raping "third world" countries of their natural resources because "they" decided those resources were better suited for their personal possessions. it is saddening that many of the other 90 some odd percent that share the wealth of the planet have forgotten our power and bought into the hype…

…and just think that this way of perceiving things (what you described) is growing even more-so in its numbers.

Just to throw something out there for everyone to think about; Have you ever thought of all the generations before us? If you don't believe that these new prescriptions, vaccines, and all these other things that are now being created harm us or are meant to harm us later on, just THINK BACK. Before, they didnt have so many vaccines for people to take. The world used to be much more at peace with their health, atleast society was. I have heard of people, including people in my family who have lived to see 103. In countries were people are extremely religious and watch what they let put on their bodies, you have seen on tv or reported that these people live for years to come. So why NOW, that these new drugs that are meant to treat us, keep or make us healthy are somehow killing us? Why is… Read more »

poor diet- that's the reason

Did you know Obama’s current science czar, John Holdren, wrote a book decades ago in which he called for, among other evils, adding sterilants to public drinking water reservoirs? Read excerpts and see photos of the book’s actual pages (for the still nonbelieving):

THIS is scary they say things out right & dont care if we hear. Because they know most of us are too stupid to understand what he i saying. They keep inventing viruses to use vaccines that cause illnesses that kill people. They are trying to kill us all & we dont care.

i am scared.

About the whole “vaccines cause autism” thing. Just something to remember- correlation DOES NOT equal causation. Anybody who’s taken a psych 100 class can tell you that. So just because vaccines and autism seem to be correlated doesn’t mean one caused the other.

Y'know what's funny about all these comments? A lot of people keep bashing each other back and forth and back and forth. I mean some of you guys have posted sources on your comments, others not so much. I read through about half of the 28 that are here (the number might go up by the time I hit submit). Anyways, stop bashing people so much unless you want to provide them with some evidence supporting it. And please don't provide evidence from this site. If I was a skeptic, I wouldn't want to hear about some other article on the same site that I'm skeptical about. Use some respectable sources. That is all. Also to the people who actually post some of the articles on here, proofread and use some spelling and grammar checking utilities. Some of the grammar is kinda bad and it just makes your stuff look… Read more »


It’s so important to understand how PERVASIVE this eugenics is, and has been for decades.

Did you know Virginia forcibly sterilized tens of thousands of people? The Supreme Court agreed with it. Lookup Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Did you know Obama’s current science czar, John Holdren, wrote a book decades ago in which he called for, among other evils, adding sterilants to public drinking water reservoirs? Read excerpts and see photos of the book’s actual pages (for the still nonbelieving):

OMG people he's saying that vaccines need to be gotten rid of! so that people get sick and die from the diseases we were meant to die from. That de-populates the world, duh. The vaccines make us live longer.

Respectfully, vaccinations are like playing rush and roulette with your health. Many of the adverse effects do not show up until years later in life… like cancer. Please do the research before you ever take another vaccine. There is a Eugenicist agenda that means to kill all the useless eaters of the world. It doesn't matter if you believe it. They believe it, and it is being done through faux medicines, (drugs), vaccines, fast food, genetically modified foods, abortion, and disinformation provided by so many different areas in our lives, books, media, higher miss-education. Their web of lies is carefully constructed and meticulously implemented. Agenda 21, smart growth, and sustainable development are just a few of the biggest lies they are pushing. Along with Co2 is killing the planet. I learned in grade school that Co2 is what the plants breath in and they give us oxygen in exchange for… Read more »
Oh man I'm freaking out right now I'm 18 years old and I get a flu vaccine every year I've already gotten the H1N1 shot also after all that I'm hearing all these bad things about vaccines now I'm scared out of my mind I'm one if those people who freaks out about the smallest things now hearing this has got me worried to death especially what u wrote cancer? That's my worse fear I'm young and I wanna live a long happy heathly life now I'm worried about getting diseases from vaccines after hearing all this stuff man plz respond I'm freaking the f out dude I can barely even sleep at night now thinking that I might be dying slowly plz respond man idk what to do I get a vaccine every year for the flu now I don't know what in the world I should do I… Read more »

I think you meant Russian Roulette?

IMPORTANT: For those that refuse to believe.

Interview with Charlie Munger at University of Michigan. He is Warren Buffett's business partner.. and for those that are not aware, Buffett donated the majority of his fortune ($40B) to the Bill Gates foundation.

(around 01:01:07 into the video)

"Supposed there was a 25% death rate, (It would be a big deal if it affects you or your family)

apart from that.. the "Black Death" was good for the survivors."

To all the people saying 'I'm not sure he mean it that way' or 'You've misinterperated this, what he ACTUALLY meant was…' blah vblah blah – are completely hoodwinked brain wash victims. I find it funny that some people will say 'Show me the proof and I'll believe it' or 'I'll believe it when I see it' …then when they do actually see it, they will find any way to deny the evidence! How on earth can you justify or explain away all the evidence that vaccines are nothing but a slow-kill eugenics project designed to lower population – when considering all available evidence. Please research individual ingredients of vaccines , to who is funding 'scientific' studies into them, to the studies themselves and how they were carried out, how effective they are at actually preventing disease and how many people die yearly from vaccines, etc etc…. there are numerous… Read more »

Man I read your comment and I'm just freaking out I get a vaccine every year for the flu shot and I've been hearing all this stuff about vaccines killing us slowly because of illuminati and NWO I'm Scared man i don't know what to do now I'm convinced that I'm dying slowly I'm terrified that I am I'm only 18 years old and I don't wanna die I wanna live a long live have kids and get married plz write me back I need Someone to tell me about these things I don't wanna be afraid I'm just scared that I'm dying now 🙁 i don't know what to think or what to do plz help me.

Yep…. How did George Carlin put it? If we (humans) get to be too much, "the planet'll shake us off like a bad case of fleas. A surface nuisance." I encourage people to look up the full speech… it's a very interesting (and entertaining) perspective.

i love u for all u've jus said, God bless u.

Good stuff

I don't think he means vaccines to actually KILL people…he might mean vaccines which decrease fertility/ works as a form of birth control.

Honestly, the world is getting too populated and this world is not going to be a good place if it continues to grow at this rate. I just keep thinking of all the people I see who are poor, on welfare, and have six kids…why would you bring so many people into the world that you can barely feed?

It's so important to understand how PERVASIVE this eugenics is, and has been for decades.

Did you know Virginia forcibly sterilized tens of thousands of people? The Supreme Court agreed with it. Lookup Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Did you know Obama's current science czar, John Holdren, wrote a book decades ago in which he called for, among other evils, adding sterilants to public drinking water reservoirs? Read excerpts and see photos of the book's actual pages (for the still nonbelieving):

I really hope you're not serious about the dinking water…

Polluted water, polluted air, nutrient-depleted (improperly managed) farmland, plastic Plastic and MORE PLASTIC which gives off chemical essences we breathe and take in through our skin, unnatural 'cleanliness' that prevents children from properly developing their immune systems…all these are just indicators that 'humanity' is almost done. Put your trust in the Lord, live simply, be kind and helpful, and be grateful that you may actually be blessed to see the Son of GOD returning on that glorious day!

And educate yourself on the issues of today and, prayerfully, VOTE.

Wait. I'm confused.. how is Reproductive Health Services going to help lower the population?

Sorry I meant damaged by the pollution, not population. I simply do not believe in overpopulation, problems are due to mismangement of the earth and its resources, not its inhabitants.

Tracy I agree,

until people start to break down the thought processes that have been beaten into them from birth and realise that over-population is an utter myth, then how are people like ourselves (who are supposed to be knowing individuals) supposed to really make a difference, when we believe their lies!

Everyone on this website needs to comprehend this fact!

You are no different to them if you continue to believe some of their most substantial (and difinitivley false) claims.


This whole speech does not make any sense – how do you expect to bring carbon emissions down to 0? People and animals breathe, releasing CO2 which is then used by plants to process and release oxygen, for us to breathe again. It is a perfect cycle, although quite damaged by the population. A clearner air is the solution. This is such an utter nonsense to ask for 0 carbon as it would mean simply the extinction of all life on earth. And people believe this

He isn't trying to bring the Carbon to zero. He is saying we need to bring the population closer to zero. "Vaccines which i love". <<<, THOSE are his words.

He said if i could get one wish. Yet 2 of those wishes he has more say in than 1. The man is a billionaire who helps back the presidents of his choosing & owns companies that own companies that make vaccines of his choosing the only thing he can't magically make better is the planet. But he can use the other two to control what he thinks will help that cause. A cause not set forth for the good of all man kind but for the good of the wealthy & their family trees that plan to live on. They don't care about us. Why can't people see that?

IT's A CULT PEOPLE, and it needs to be stopped. I can't believe all the people in the audience who agree with this guy. IT IS NOT HUMANITY that is the problem. IT IS MATERIALISM. No one wakes up as a newborn, and wants a car or a plane to pollute the environment. It's time to go back to natural basics, and its time to stop these bastards from interfering with the natural order of the planet. BILL GATES is the number one promoter of wealth, and now he says that this wealth has gone to far. It's time to cull the earth, through depopulation. These people look at us like farmers look at crops or cattle. UNTIL you get this into your head, YOU WON'T UNDERSTAND HOW DANGEROUS THESE PEOPLE ARE. Hitler got his ideas from people like this. Look up Eugenics.

nice one, keep tellin em'.

MUCH RESPECT! keep fighting d good fight, JEHOVAH help us.

Some sense!

Keep fighting on, even when you feel like you are the only one who is sane! Spread the knowledge!

These brain washering snakes have spited all of humanity and will continue to do so until people CHANGE their thought processes and realise what REALITY is!

We all have equal right to a peaceful and loving existance in this material world, which is an experience we may well have chosen to have in order to exlpore our own soul (which is a fractal of The Infinite)


I love this site, I just don't get the vaccine thing. I am 45 and we were all vaccinated as kids, as was everyone else. We had some of the same vaccine then as my son had 11 years ago, minus flu vaccines. I personally think that the autism is being caused by so many women and drs wanting to have the baby, not when nature says it is time but when everyone else has time. high amounts of c sections and induced labors, by use of petocin and other meds. If someone can let me know why we werent effected and this generation has please let me know.

How to avoid vaccinations including Military service.

You dont avoid vaccinations in the military- they just give you a different version. Or kick you out.

I found the above mentioned web site. It has links to exemption forms for almost all the states. God is so good, see! another prayer answered.

>>>especially if that DNA is not structurally sound.

funny how no one sees a problem with the world striving to keep everyone alive.

there is a natural order that was in place long before we got here.

it is a circle that God himself created.

everyone dies,

and there is nothing wrong with allowing the natural consequence of human endeavor to endure.

the problem is… everyone tries to be such a gadamn humanitarian!

just let things go the way they go.

and stop prolonging DNA's natural shelf life.

Agreed in the minority of what you say there dearest brother/sister, but unfortunately you also seem to be slightly misinformed in terms of who we actually are. God knows we are all parts of Him and that eventually we will return to Him and add to His Greatness – but why are we upon this Earth? To 'just let' whatever happens happen to a being because YOU or another imperfected being deem them less worthy? We are here to love and learn. He gave us Free Will, which all of existance must abide by. However, to 'stop trying' in our battle against the evil that rules this world would mean we didn't do our job here very well, wouldn't it? We must fight for love and peace for every soul on this earth as we ARE THE SAME BLOODY BEING. WE ARE ALL CONNECTED. What happens to another soul happens… Read more »

what's wrong with a little depopulation and eugenics?

strong people=strong economy=strong nation=strong crops=strong children=strong health=strengthened future=The Strongest World history has ever seen.

is there something wrong with supporting the best of all breeds?

sound body, sound mind. sound mind, sound soul. sound soul, sound people, sound people, safe world.

…and here come the comments…

I agree with you whole-heartedly!

Moderation in child-breeding, breed the strongest – why not? Can't feed 'em? Don't breed 'em. And yes, Stupid people breed little stupid people and this HAS to STOP. Protect our resources, which includes our future generations!! Let's have some pride and use some common sense and planning. Think ahead, people, for the future, and what is best for our nation. Smarter, better children is a good start. 😀

Dear brain wash victim,

God help you.

I suggest further reading into the subject as your opinions are very very worrying.

We are all fractals of The Infinite. We are all connected as we are to Himself and therefore are all worthy of this existance, not only that but are VITAL to it's existance!

I suggest you read more on reality, the universe and pretty much everything. You need to basically start afresh with your view points as they have been quite disturbingly distorted.

That should shed some Light and also improve your chances of surviving this life-experience.


PS The FREE books VC promotes should be a good/easy start.

Great find. I told my friends about this. Sheeeeeeeeesh.

Bill Gates Wants Death Panels: Dying People VS Teachers

I Have finally figured out why there is so much CO2 in our atmospher…It's the over heating of his PC. As soon as you turn them on the fans blow out of control… I say we destroy all PCs 😛

I'm in the army…and we are required to get alot of these vaccines. May just have to say no and get in trouble though.

jam red,

you know very well you cannot refuse flu shots. Unless You are trying to kicked out of the service.

US Sailor

that's so guys are not animals that belong to country.

i hate war but always praying for soldiers. and hope those vaccines never harm you.

BILLY'S home or mansion has 24 BATHROOMS and is 66,000 Sq. Ft. on 1.5 acres and we are to follow this computer geek to the land of nirvana . First of all why IS a computer geek getting involved in population reduction in the first damn place and what makes him an expert . You know , my gut instincts tell me he was groomed to speak to the technological generation , to brain wash people into thinking there are too many people , creating to many problems and Doctor Gates has the cure , Vaccines . I thought Vaccines are there to help SAVE lives , no , we are told WITHOUT details it will solve the problem and its idiotic and nonsensical to say Gates is a just "Puppet", he's advocating the deaths of millions and is collaborating with others , some more powerful , some not to… Read more »

Don't hate the player, hate the game. He is simply a puppet and this is our reality. The only salvation and hope we have is in Jesus Christ.

watch the movie zeitgeist and you may doubt your jesus fella


Zeitgeist has been definitively debunked:


This is very disturbing to me because I am supposed to have my son get the MMR-V shot. When i went to the doctor they didnt have the shot so we are suppposed to go back. I got a phone call from the school nurse today saying that he NEEDS to get it. 1 in 68 boys in the US have autism. More and more children get it every year. 1 in 10000 have autism in the amish community. I go to this website frequently as I have been doing my own research now. So I visited today to see this video… Surprised..?? Nope. I pray for everyone in the world every night. And I am not sure what I should do to avoid him getting the shot except not take him there and he wont be able to go to school.

I am oldest of seven kids. We were all raised on extremely healthy diets. Then me and my two other younger sister at the ages of 2, 3, and 4 would come home and have seizures every time we would get our "required" shots. My mom really started linking two and two, but all the doctors said there was no correlation. Then when she was giving birth to her fourth child, a nurse that was caring for her came into the room, and said "promise me something, that you will not vaccinate this baby, my healthy little girl came down with autism after one of her sessions for shots." This was an RN. There is a correlation between vaccinations and autism, and other major health risks. But of course the medical industry doesn’t want us to be educated about this; it would put them out of business. Sometimes we should… Read more »

Shots and vaccinations do not just cause autism !

A friend went for stitchs (cut fingertip on tune can lid, tuna can coated with sterilizing plastic, but that's a whole other topic!)

Nurse pricked him for tetanus. He had been completely healthy, young, lively.

Weeks later muscles in his neck twisted and contorted. He is now crippled, 100% certain cause was the shot. Look up tetanus and muscle contortion.

This is very real, folks. Very dangerous. Very insidious. Very harmful.

ok I want to believe this but of course I have a question..can someone PLEASE answer this…

Everyone is saying these vaccines are merely giving people autism or making them crippled..not saying those are good things but isn't the goal of Bill Gates and the illuminati to DECREASE the population?How is giving someone a disease that doesn't cause DEATH decreasing the population? Until I hear that these vaccines actually cause DEATH, and therefore a steady decrease in population, I'm not sure what to say…

also you could get his titers checked if he has already had the illness or received the previous MMR…he may already be immune and therefore not even need a vaccination!

Check with your state- there are philisophical, religious and medical waivers for vaccinations! great site is NVIC

Imjust not surprised anymore.from now on its “on our faces” we are so stupid that we can not see it so they can say it anyway they like anywhere they want

We are not stupid. That's why they lie and deceive. We must seek the truth, discover, uncover and expose their lies to all who will listen. The best way is to ask questions. Like why would Bill Gates support vaccines, which are suppose to be life saving methods… then be one of the largest contributors to Planned Parenthood? Because he is all about death. He plays like he is for life when he is for death and the death cult agenda. Vaccines kill. How can mercury and squalene injected into the blood ever be good for you when so many studies show how deadly they are? They lie in plain view. They indoctrinate us from childhood the the men in white coats know more than we do. After all they have been mis-educated that cut, burn and poison is medicine. Then we grow up and hand over our personal responsibility… Read more »

well soon we'll be agreeing with whatever they feed us

We already agree with what they feed us, that's the


Most of us already are; it's just that most people aren't aware. Ever heard of Monsanto???? If not, watch that movie Food Inc….A MUST SEE!!!!

DO NOT get vaccinated. DO NOT allow your children to get vaccinated. TELL OTHERS, “DO NOT get vaccinated!” Spread the word please…

I have had several required vaccines and am perfectly healthy hhmmmm

ever heard of slow-kill methods?

Slow kills are not needed. Does anyone here actually think? Acoustics and optics are working wonders in the military sector. Infrasound applied in the 10-15 second pulsed @ 13dB will induce a heart attack to your system.

Vaccines are just an easier way to target specific individuals without elite innocent bystanders being affected by the weapon.

Speaking of weapons, "silent weapons" are working as I type this out.

I'm sure you are healthy NOW. But wait in ten years when you have some new cancer that has never been heard of

I'm sure you ARE healthy… it's having to do something just because the government says so is what I don't like.

Are you being sarcastic? Sounds like you are.

Well, The video is about “Bill GATES” and vaccines, people been making vaccines for almost 100 years, you got your vaccines while Gates was working on computers and what not, before he handed over his seat. Hes gotten bored, and has better ideas for bettering humanity. You have to admit, Depopulation is a wonderful idea… Ok just look past your selfish self for one second. Have you looked at the roads…. Car, Car, car, car, car, car, truck, car…. There was barily 1billion people on this earth 100years ago, bringing the population back to 300mill-500mill would definently end “Global Warming”(if it is as overhyped as it is). But killing off 1/20 of the population would do this planet wonders…….. We just complain and complain, but in the end the problem is always the complainers… If nature needs to complain it does so violently, and it seems nature is right seeing… Read more »

I do agree with you about the Earth being in quite a turmoil, but depopulation is totalitarian.

Hitler killed 5,933,900 Jews by estimate, Stalin killed even more of his own people, ring any bells?

wow i totally see what you are saying. my mom and i have actually joked about this(weird sense of humor I know) I just don't think going about depopulation in the way of starvation and genocide is RIGHT. my perfect vision of the world right now would be for EVERYONE to stop having babies and adopt children who don't have loving families and homes. imagine if everyone in the world did that FOR ONE YEAR. not only would there be no addition to the current population, but the future(the children of the world) can be saved if they are placed into loving homes. that would truly be awesome, but impossible and even if it were to happen there would be plenty of kinks to work out.

Actually Richard, if you gave your response some applied thought; you'd realize that what you typed out is just a regurgitation of what Gates et al are speaking about. The simple fact is that the Earth can sustain more people. It is the resources we all are using up that is the problem.

In order to be effective in changing this NOW, the Ford company has to let go of the patent hold they have for vehicles that do not run on electricity nor gas. It would also require those companies and foundations that have kept secret from public view alternative energies(aka 'free' energy) to be freed.

Everything else you read and hear (vaccines/depopulation) are scare tactics because fear stops you from thinking rationally. Research for yourselves. Come on you can do it!

Respectfully, your the selfish one.Were the one less selfish for thinking of other people. The reason why you think its a good idea is because of traffic?! I mean i know you have to way more important things to do than every one of us right?thats self interest. If you really want nature(Earth) to not become overpopulated and global warming not to happen, get 23 of your friends and do a mass suicide and welcome anyone else to do the same(silently ofcourse) its the only way you wouldnt look like an a*****e and self centered yourself, and i would respect your opinion. Killing INOCENT people is NOT the way.

my son won't be allowed to go to school is he doesn't get his chicken pox vaccine and he's already had chicken pox. the school says he HAS to have it, it's the law.

Do a home study program.

Chicken pox is a one time disease, ones you have it, your body naturally has creates antibodies against it.. you don't need vaccines for that.. pray for your child! any physical harm is No match for divine intervention..

Kathy, you don't have to vaccinate your son. There should be a waiver in your state that you can sign. It is not a law that your child has to be vaccinated. It is a recommendation that they try and portray as law. This issue has come up many times while listening to the Alex Jones show, and I have done the research. It is not a law.

Not true. Your child just needs the doctor to note that he has had the chicken pox. Also a lab can be drawn to verify.

That is extremely bizarre! I am not sure what state/school district you are from, but that does not make sense! If someone has already had chicken pox, chances are they WILL NOT get it again. I am not a doctor, but I know this information. The pharm. industry "RECOMMENDS" vaccines to physicians, HMOs, etc. The big question is why?

No you don't there is a religious exemption form. Check on it for your state. I filled one out for my child. They wanted her to get more vaccines before entry into 7th grade. They don't tell anyone about this option.

Home-school your children. My parents (my Mum, to be exact) began doing so when I was 10. I'm 16 now and am more than happy with the decision we made (i was asked whether or not I wished to be schooled at home). I look around at kids my age and wish they would I see what I do… at least some of it. Many of them are so caught up in this "But everyone else is doing it" mentality that they don't stop to look at where it originates… Try to get your kids out of this if they have this mentality.

I wish you the best of luck and give you many blessings. (I'm Buddhist…if you're offended, I understand ^^; )

Without having read through all the responses, I wanted to direct you to this website. There are exemptions one can claim in refusing to have their chilren vaccinated.

Other than that, no one says your child has to go to public schools.

You can get a religious exemption for school.

Kathy, just do whatever you can about it. My son was not vaccinaed and I will give schools whatever they require…if you get my point…

I get your point. You're a smart woman….

Get a lawyer. I've read stories about people who have gotten around those laws in some areas. They differ from different parts of the country, though.

very frustrating – and now it hits home. Now it's personal.

It's not the law. They are lying to you. A Federal mandate is not the law. There are exemptions. Ask them for the list of exemptions. You have a right to refuse them, especially for religious reasons… don't believe what they tell you, investigate the law for yourself. EVERY LAW has an ordinance number. Ask them for the ordinance. If they can't give it to you, THERE IS NOW LAW.

Fight! Do what you can… Let your voice, your concerns, be heard. This is personal. It will not be easy; this is a very important decision for parents to make. Pray and ask Jesus for guidance, weigh your options, and, simply, do what you can.

This guy is an effing whacko who needs to stick to what he knows… stealing software ideas from other people. The "reproductive services" part is obvious (birth control, abortion, and possibly sterilization), but HOW exactly does he figure that better health care and vaccines REDUCE population? In the real world they increase population because people live longer. Oh wait, he didn't say "better" health care, he just said health care. Hmmmmm, wonder what he means by that……..

Also, how did he get to the 2 billion figure at the end there? He starts out saying our population is 6.2 billion, then says his ideas would reduce it about 15%. That gets us to 5.27 billion. How the hell does he plan on reducing it to 2??? Oh, I forgot…. "vaccines." Hmm.

Gates believes vaccines can reduce the population by one simple eugenics trick… Anyone got a guess? Okay, Dr. Rima Laibow was on Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura "Secret Societies" and she claimed the vaccines were the end all magic bullet. She cautioned heavily about the nasal H1N1 vaccine containing a strain of something so effective & secretly deadly that it would even infect those who had not taken it and make most of the population sicken and die. Those who survive the "Great Culling" will be rendered sterile.

You are dramatically misinterpreting his meaning when he says vaccines will reduce population growth. The premise he is building on is that vaccines increase the survival rates of children. In communities with higher standards of living and low infant mortality, people have dramatically fewer children. His suggestion is that if we provide health care and vaccines to the bulk of those living in poverty, family size will drop, and thus the rate at which population growth increases will slow. There is a whole seperate TED talk about this.

"The premise he is building on is that vaccines increase the survival rates of children. In communities with higher standards of living and low infant mortality, people have dramatically fewer children. His suggestion is that if we provide health care and vaccines to the bulk of those living in poverty, family size will drop, and thus the rate at which population growth increases will slow. There is a whole seperate TED talk about this."

That's your nice interpretation, albeit extraordinarily complex, but that's not what he SAYS.

What he SAYS is plain and loud and clear.

I understand the principle to which you are referring. However, I maintain that there is more on old Bill's mind. Stemming the birth rate will slow population GROWTH and maybe it will level off over the next 30-50 years — but raising the standard of living in 3rd world countries will in no way reduce the world's population by two thirds, not in this century, let alone over the next 50 years.

Reduce the pop' to 2 Bill. and by using drugs, vaccines and pills? Sounds like we're in for a thrill; we either kill Bill (and his pals) or it's human overkill 🙂

So, who of hands… who's getting a flu shot this year? ha ha ha

Oops, meant "show of hands"

Nope, not me, no flu shot.

No flu shot this way, I'm spreading the word

To the Editor(s) of Vigilant Citizen:

Excellent discovery

As a result of investigated your excellent reporting, it would appear that the nascent green-shoots of the ‘E’nvironmental movement have already been annexed by the born-again eugenicists and their global parlor games

Dread I say : Wait for it

what was the wish?

a big build up but no climax……..that was frustrating

co2 = Px$xExC

this equation is misleading, because it's completely unfair to treat the problem "on average"! he is just saying that people in africa have to reduce it's "services" and the power they use to get such "services" wich is unfair to them.

his global view is making him think every african lives a life like an american wich is shows his own ignorance! otherways his argument is moot point.

you can as well as f**k you mr. micro$oft! why not star yourself with the reduction and suicide yourself mr. malthu$ian nutjob?!