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Bill Gates speaks on the usage of vaccines for depopulation (video)





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Let's start by killing him and all his family. Why don't we? …waste of space!


I watched the original Bill Gates video and it definitely rose some important questions in my mind. Not only it shocked me but it also wake me up. It's amazing how being rich and smart gives one the impression that he can not only decide but also take significant measures against human population, without any common sense, nor respect for each one's right to decide for themselves. It is harder to educate the third world population, because that implies a lot of money spent. And no one is willing to give up on their comfortable or luxurious life (depends on the case) in order to make this earth a better, balanced place. It is easier to subject them directly to such a well disguised method of depopulation. Let's think a little: how many of those people born in third world country really wished to be born there? We cannot decide where to be born, that is due to God's will. And until now, that can't be denied. But they are human beings also and they have the right to choose for themselves. That's why human rights were invented for. So the people with money and technology not to cause human… Read more »


I Read about this guy who took one of the h1n1 vaccines.Ended up having his muscles painfully crippled.My people,The bible prophesized this.Do not look for red demons to come to signal the end of days.This shit is modern day.And its here.

sailor jane

my entire base took the H1N1 and not one single, bad reaction. Get over it.


Well not all of them were tainted.

laura dee

ugh you know what's even worse than mass media manipulation? Minor media manipulation. Super Hypocritical.

This video distorts what he is saying.

When he talks about 'p' and vaccines, health care, he means making it so there is less carbon from this, not less people. You can hear the audience laughing.

When he talks about vaccines, he doesn't mean the crazy vaccines America forces on its people, he means the vaccines for people in developing countries who need it.

If you research Bill Gates, you'll see he's given 28 billion dollars away to charity, and has pledged something like 58 billion dollars. If that goes to the right people that could put the third world out of debt many times over.


another comment to this video:

"This only makes sense when you understand that Gates is a primary funding source of GAVI: A distributor of vaccines that induce sterilization."


I'm confused. Don't vaccine and health care SAVE lives? If that's the case, how would vaccines lower the population? I don't get it…


why should the world follow a Freemasons concept?


I recently watched 60 minutes or some other news documentary special. Mrs. "Microsoft" Gates was featured on the episode. The interview focused on her global "crusade" to provide vaccines to the "poor' populations. It is no secret that the elite want to "cleanse" or reduce the planet of poor, working class people. So why is she so concerned with preserving and extending lives of this very same population? What is in these vaccines? Have they been FDA "approved"? What will be the quality of life of this population once they have received vaccines? Also, why are there so many TV ADS, BILLBOARD ADS, IN-STORE VACCINE "GIFT CARDS", AND ONLINE "APPOINTMENT" APPS being pushed lately? Why did the CDC decide to "blend" the SWINE-FLU vaccine with the REGULAR flu vaccine this year??? If my memory is correct, the swine-flu vaccine has NEVER been FDA approved!

Memetic Honey

Eugenics is a tough topic to consider.

Essentially this is what billy is touching on.

Managing billions of people is not an easy job.

Feel free to comment on my blog if you don't think we should do anything about a massive population explosion…

After China has cars then India then Africa….

In my opinion curbing the population growth is essential.

A. Slow down the propagation rate


B. Take some of them out (to lunch)

You choose!



Its just better that way


This video is incoherent. It's cut up and a lot of footage is replaced with text. At the end when Bill Gates is about to state his "One Wish," we don't even get to hear what the one wish is. The video is cut off mid-thought. It's sloppy and has no believable context. The occasional usage of the word "vaccine" might seem cult-like, but only because we are never informed as to what he is referring to. Is he talking about a contraceptive? Some sort of immunity to environmental damage? Something that alters our CO2/O2 exchanges? I have no idea. But I do think it's safe to assume that this vaccine, whatever it is, is a thing in itself, and any repercussions are speculative and unpredictable. He is not talking about the MMR or H1N1 shots being some sort of Trojan Horse for disease. I'm pretty sure that some of the scientists – who manufacture the vaccines and know exactly what goes into it and how it works – have families who can attest to their goodheartedness. Just because you don't personally know anyone who makes vaccines doesn't mean they aren't good people. Scientists aren't idiots. Anyone who knows how… Read more »


OK Jacob, you may be right by saying that 1. Scientists are not idiots and 2. They may be kind hearted, but you must also understand that there are people who simply have no regard for human life as I, and hopefully you do. First of all, if you listen to the "global warming" fear mongers they state that an over burgeoning population is the cause. Al Gore proposes to implement a carbon tax? You know, cap and trade? Would that solve the problem? And if your thinking cap is on, your response would be absolutely not! But you see his ideas and panderings entertained and beamed across the television. Point blank, the "global warming" scare is about money and control. There used to be a hole in the ozone layer, remember that? What happened? you dont hear about that "whole" anymore. But back to your argument, it was Nazi "science" that exterminated multiplied millions of humans during Hitler's reign. And when we went in to topple the Nazi regieme many of Hitlers top scientist were smuggled to the U.S. (Operation Paperclip, check it out) It was science that gave us the ability to drop the A bomb on Hiroshima… Read more »


Did anyone watch his interview on 60 minutes last Sunday? Are you saying that the polio vaccine they were administering to the children in India will actually kill them? It took a very long time for me to finally get my child vaccinated. I spoke to 3 different doctors and they spoke to me as if I was silly for asking if the vaccinations were absolulely neccessary and even dangerous. I finally succamet out of fear because I had also read articles where children died because they weren't protected. Can someone give me a website that shows statistics of health records and/or death rates of people who have recieved vaccinations. I am not computer savvy and when I google it, a bunch of "government related" information is provided.


You’d think that these guys would want more pple, to buy more stuff so they would have more money..


hmm you’ve brought up a good point…
anyone care to answer pleasE?


Lol, okay I think Ill be the only logical person, and take a stroll too the other side of the quarter. Wouldnt depopulation severely help are planet… There's too many people, and theres too many Shitty humans that will take are species on a shitty road of evolution… I think you Agree. Plus it would end World Hunger, Stabalize the economy(Obvious how that works out), let nature take some of its much needed land back, more jobs, and if were lucky the New WOrld order is just a good way too have the right amount of people so we can fully switch to Free energy which they already have. 6.8billion driving around for free, with amazing technology…. BAD IDEA. 300mill-500mil people… ALOT BETTER…. Do you really think are government is that stupid… Stimulas package, stimulas package= make the public think there ok for now… I mean look at all the stupid shit on TV. I think the leaders of the world wanna better are species, because they have the POWER too do so. So theyll dumb us down so they can create another 100 years of Discoveries, and not worrying about supply, and the wellbeing of are planet.


information is great but what are we actually suppossed to do with it? when will their bull be enough for us to band together and shift the paradigm? if "their" concern is for how much CO2 we have or if we have enough resources on a whole perhaps we can stop believing their bull and rememebr they are the ones who are destroying the trees, they are the ones who are raping "third world" countries of their natural resources because "they" decided those resources were better suited for their personal possessions. it is saddening that many of the other 90 some odd percent that share the wealth of the planet have forgotten our power and bought into the hype…


…and just think that this way of perceiving things (what you described) is growing even more-so in its numbers.


Just to throw something out there for everyone to think about;

Have you ever thought of all the generations before us? If you don't believe that these new prescriptions, vaccines, and all these other things that are now being created harm us or are meant to harm us later on, just THINK BACK. Before, they didnt have so many vaccines for people to take. The world used to be much more at peace with their health, atleast society was. I have heard of people, including people in my family who have lived to see 103. In countries were people are extremely religious and watch what they let put on their bodies, you have seen on tv or reported that these people live for years to come. So why NOW, that these new drugs that are meant to treat us, keep or make us healthy are somehow killing us? Why is it that now its almost impossible to hear of people in OUR society live to a certain age? Open your eyes, the answers are right infront of us, the knowledge is there.

Bill Getas

Did you know Obama’s current science czar, John Holdren, wrote a book decades ago in which he called for, among other evils, adding sterilants to public drinking water reservoirs? Read excerpts and see photos of the book’s actual pages (for the still nonbelieving):

sailor jane

poor diet- that's the reason

iam scared

THIS is scary they say things out right & dont care if we hear. Because they know most of us are too stupid to understand what he i saying. They keep inventing viruses to use vaccines that cause illnesses that kill people. They are trying to kill us all & we dont care.

i am scared.


About the whole “vaccines cause autism” thing. Just something to remember- correlation DOES NOT equal causation. Anybody who’s taken a psych 100 class can tell you that. So just because vaccines and autism seem to be correlated doesn’t mean one caused the other.


Y'know what's funny about all these comments?

A lot of people keep bashing each other back and forth and back and forth.

I mean some of you guys have posted sources on your comments, others not so much.

I read through about half of the 28 that are here (the number might go up by the time I hit submit).

Anyways, stop bashing people so much unless you want to provide them with some evidence supporting it. And please don't provide evidence from this site. If I was a skeptic, I wouldn't want to hear about some other article on the same site that I'm skeptical about. Use some respectable sources. That is all.

Also to the people who actually post some of the articles on here, proofread and use some spelling and grammar checking utilities. Some of the grammar is kinda bad and it just makes your stuff look that much more FAKE. I'm not saying it is…I'm just saying make it look a bit more professional is all.

Check, THAT is all.

Bill Getas


It’s so important to understand how PERVASIVE this eugenics is, and has been for decades.

Did you know Virginia forcibly sterilized tens of thousands of people? The Supreme Court agreed with it. Lookup Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Did you know Obama’s current science czar, John Holdren, wrote a book decades ago in which he called for, among other evils, adding sterilants to public drinking water reservoirs? Read excerpts and see photos of the book’s actual pages (for the still nonbelieving):


OMG people he's saying that vaccines need to be gotten rid of! so that people get sick and die from the diseases we were meant to die from. That de-populates the world, duh. The vaccines make us live longer.

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