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Bill Gates: Death Panel Advocate (video)



This goes in line with his recent comments and contributions regarding depopulation.


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Now we know why there is so much aids in africa. Bill looks like a frog and has a no


All you have to do is read the so called Georgia Guide Stones to know what the so called elite want for the world. It says on the stones that the world population needs to be below 500 million. There are currently around 7 billion people on earth. This is an aim and objective of the illuminati. Bill Gates is a shill mouth piece for the elite trying to be as subtle as he can. Truth is he dosen`t give a f--k about teachers jobs.

Robert Hutwohl

I have known about William Gates since the early days when he worked in Albuquerque, NM. He has been robbing, pillaging and plundering ever since. Who will stop his momentum? This man has no morals and if anyone falls into his traps, woe to them.


I saw Bill G recently in Kano Nigeria.

Wish I could say the same of you. ;-]

How are the heirs?


I guess I will be blunt about Bill Gates by saying that he has been accused of stealing other comupter Geeks work that he worked with and taking all the credit. He is also accussed of being a not so nice person. I have heard he has banned his kids from having ipods for example. Perhaps someone can research that. Lets face it no matter even if the elderly population was low (like he wants) teachers and even some jobs in law, etc are not worth anything anymore (sad, yes but true) and nothing is going to change that. I know he wants to protect his mony but he also needs to accept reality. He will not lose money unless the top people want his money.


and bill gated aint foolin no one everyone know hes for depopulation and all that he a cold hearted atard for that people will do anything to stay blind when they know the truth is right in they face


You know I really don't get that because he's a billionaire and specializes in computers, software, etc. that he's also an expert on population issues and everything else? To see the role that he is undertaking now and the statements he is publicly making about depopulation, I began to wonder if he weren't meant to take up that privileged position from birth. Also his views on eugenics are very "royal/affluent influenced;" I wonder if he's not a descendant of a b-----d noble.


Check out his father William H. Gates, Sr. he's just as bad as his son.


What's the price he values his own life at?

He seems more than happy to put a price on everyone else, I'm guessing 'cos he's a billionaire he thinks his life is invaluble compared to others


indeed. this puke thinks hes something special just cuz he has an abundance of money but he needs to look in the mirror. he drops his pants and takes a big stinky dump in the toilet like the rest of us. he aint nothing special. so what…lots of money. your money wont stop the aging process punk. and bill gates you are breathing the chemtrails too. when you die you take nothing with you.

It's fishy...

We all know the history of his company, right?

I mean, just because he comes along as the semi-aged, lovely computer-nerd who proves that "anything is possible" from outside of a garage, doesn't mean that he's not ice-cold when it comes to business.

And someone who is ice-cold, is ice-cold, I'd say.


2nd Hehe 😀



First ha-ha.

Anyway, he tries to do all this humanitarian stuff, but clearly his impulse as a businessman is strong. He didn't directly support the notion of death panels or say that a human life is only worth so many dollars and cents and you can see his nervousness of being too frank in saying that. I don't know if he's that cold-hearted, but it sounds like if a budget crisis struck him he wants to save his money, but I also think he knows he's a billionaire so he doesn't have to worry about being someone who gets laid off.


Oh please. Just get your vaccinations and eat your GMO food and shut up.. Let rich globalists like Gates alone. The man just wants to save the world from having too much freedom…..

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