Bill Burr Talks Illuminati on Conan (video)


Bill Burr gets real on Conan as he states that it doesn’t matter who is President, that Hillary Clinton goes to “those Bilderberg meetings” and that she probably “hooked up with a guy wearing a goat’s head”.

Comedian Bill Burr is never afraid to speak his mind, even if his opinions often go against the near-oppressive climate of extreme political correctness that is happening right now. While his act mostly revolves around the fact that he’s an angry, loud mouth guy from Massachusetts, Burr often peppers his rants with his views on various conspiracy theories, whether they involve politics, the economy, the media and even the creation of a police state.

Although he realizes that these topics make some of his audience uncomfortable, he nevertheless goes ahead and discusses them – not because he is trying to preach, but simply because these views are part of who he is.

In his recent appearance on Conan, Burr answered some questions about presidential candidate Donald Trump … and then he got real. Here’s the video.

In his own, distinctive style, Bill Burr basically stated that, no matter who is President, it is the same occult elite that controls the show. Candidates such as Hillary Clinton attend very restricted elite meetings such as the Bilderberg conference where they are told what to do.

Here’s another video where he dishes out the truth about politics and explains how media attempt to associate “conspiracy theories” with general lunacy.

Here’s a podcast where he discusses the NWO. Warning : Explicit Language.

Kudos to Bill Burr for using his reach to raise awareness on issues censored by mass media in a funny and entertaining kind of way while respecting the intelligence of his audience.

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86 Comments on "Bill Burr Talks Illuminati on Conan (video)"

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Bill is able to say what he says because like all his ilk he pushes one Elite agenda while exposing the rest. He goes on about depopulation.

NOTE! There is NO prominent figure with a career that exposes all key facets of the elite agenda, even Matt Parker and Trey Stone the south Park creators while ridiculing 2 key elite agendas, the global warming fraud (manbearpig) and political correctness, ALSO mock 911truthers and those against middle eastern involvement.

They let you have a career if you push at least one key Illuminati agenda. You also notice people that are shills and disinformation agents pretend to be truthers online but always push at least one elite agenda, usually it's anti-religion, especially anti-christianity or anti-gun.

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm not so quick to believe he's on our side.

Just like Dave Chappelle and George Carlin whose logical humor are overwhelmingly true that only a few vigilant enough are able to see beyond the comical fiasco of their jokes.

Mass media and their trashy "censoring" is another fail that not many people realize is blinding them from truth about the elite and the so-called NWO.

Well spoken Billy, well spoken.

Let's not forget that most of the viewers aren't believing him. They all think it's a joke.

Yeah sadly that's true. It's easier for people not to believe.

Global warming is real Bill??? Surely you're not that stupid?!

This is what I mean Bill pushes overpopulation and global warming. I think he's controlled opposition personally.

Then again he really nails the bankers and the socially engineered stigma of conspiracy theory so maybe I'm wrong. I hope I'm wrong, I love Bill burr.

Too bad he has to use such lousy language. I'm trying to teach my son to use language that actually has a precise and accurate meaning, instead of lazily slopping out unfunny gutter language.

did you guys know why there is fool in kings court. 😉 Those guys dont play in our side if you get me here. 😉

I'm glad the comedian stands up to his beliefs.

How come I haven't seen a comment about Bernie Sanders?
Hillary Clinton's voting base is shrilling and Sanders is gaining momentum.
I'm hearing all about Trump and Clinton. Talk about the real people's candidate, Independent Senator, Bernie Sanders.

You know how all politicians seem to be related to each other to keep bloodlines pure? Well, Hillary and Trump are 19th cousins!!!!!

Once again, co-intel. How does one show people that a comedian is agreeing with them. The elite allow this guy to go and do this because it dis-credits. When you see a long time news caster or a politician that is mainstream saying this then it will mean something.

excellent point. I often wonder how David Icke survives. But, perhaps, it is an agenda whereby certain ones are allowed to distribute info a bit at a time. After all, doesn't the devil like to do that too?

Yes, David makes some great points that most are unable to accept, then he goes on about reptilians. Most can't wrap their head around basic thoughts of critical thinking so you point them to David and starts making them think and bam, bloodlines of reptilians.

I like this guy.

Top notch article if I may say so myself…

search for Email Nestle over violations of the international marketing standards.

Don't waste time on satanists in the UFO/ascension/DNA activation/alternate healing fields.

Google "loohan blog agentlist"

Goto youtube and type ''Érin Rothschild project camelot' , please see that video in which Erin talks about the illuminati ritual abuse, ET and mk ultra, other dimensions.

Anyone else feel a slight bit of apprehension in accepting Burr as the next 'hicks-carlin' comedian. We saw Hicks and Carlin get knocked off for waking us up to the fact that we have 'owners' and there is an obvious vacuum in their absence. Is Burr being genuine or doing some kind of maneuver to scoop up the folks who are disenfranchised and awake in our plasma tanks outside the matrix?

No one is allowed to say anything on controlled t.v. These truthers are allowed by the masters to poke fun at higher ups and the system. Don't think for a second that Conan got to his late night position without much SACRIFICE. Billy Burr any relation to Aaron Burr? Remember all the people in prime positions are related to Mayflower, declaration signers, and English monarchs. Our reality is created by these people to condition and brainwash the masses.

I saw this before, the whole stage goes quiet. I was a bit suprised they didnt cut that part.

This is so awesome! More people need to get this conversation going and keep it going. I listen to shows like Coast to Coast AM and I'm Burger podcast because he's a comedian that has always been talking about stuff like this and how the industry really works. We'll see what happens with Mr. Burr if his career stalls, like most people when they talk like this especially Katt Williams.

In regards to the Conan video: the audience laughs because they don't even understand the truth. And most likely they don't want to. People will just pass it off as a joke. I think it's very important to vote BUT at the same time I feel like what does it even matter when we really don't know if our votes even matter.

Comedians traditionally have been able to tell a truth that no one safely could. But nowadays instead of a guillotine the Royals dispense with them in more creative ways, like "mental breakdown," or such.

Hope BB is on our side, and kept safe. Stay close to those you've known and trusted from way back, sir.

Ignore 🙂

This was cool. I'm surprised Conan allowed him to say it without calling him crazy at the end. That's usually what talk show hosts do. If someone says something too real, they are trained in how to quickly turn it around and get the audience to laugh at them and call them stupid in some way. I also hope nothing happens to him. I've never heard of him before. It's interesting also that he said Donald Trump isn't "owned" by anyone like the democrats or republicans.

He is accurate. I wonder what the driving force behind him is? It's good that he is speaking out, when many don't have the strength to do so. Good for him. Even though he's a comedian he might make some people aware of things they didn't think of, and look into them.

Method to the madness. Giving out truth through comedy, because the audience will either laugh it off or consider it too absurd to be real. If they are on TV, they are one of "them". Bill Burr in this case is just like George Carlin (he was one of them) but later decided "Fuhck it. I'm spilling the beans." Let's see how long he actually lasts talking about this, or we soon learn that he was suicided, drug-overdosed, cancered or heart-attacked.

When a comedian says a joke with truth then the crowd laughs it off psychologically through the subconscious associating it with a joke to not be taking seriously whenever they hear the truth associated with the joke again.

Conan laughed the entire time. So yes, it's all supposed to be a funny joke. That's the idea – the audience won't put much thought into it.

those are inconvenient thoughts, D. wash your mind out with some Kardashian and you'll feel much better. or at least more convenient.

That is categorically untrue. Some of the people who have got me thinking more than anyone else were comedians. This is true for my whole life. My father is one of the biggest jokesters and people take him seriously. You may laugh, but you know what, if some thing shakes you or unsettles you, you will remember it, some people can shake it off, some people wont.

Part of the problem with most of the people (including myself at times) who believe outsider theories is that surmise that there couldn't be holes in their system. Of course there can be, I could go on to explain why and how, but I feel its useless with your type. Everyone has weaknesses and no one is omnipotent, even a large group of people, in fact, especially larger groups of people. The bigger you are, the more room for flaws. The Elite's system has many holes, and pretending they some how catch every single person who could be speaking the truth before they even do or that they would let someone through who speaks the truth (on purpose, for various reasons), is just plain silly.

Like I said, time will tell. Let's see how much longer he is allowed to keep talking about the "illuminati" with a serious face on national television, or he will shut his mouth (or they shut it for him) and it will be back to business as usual. Keep in mind that albeit some people still won't take it all seriously, there are growing numbers of people who are waking up and asking questions. Yes, we have our flaws as they do, but they thrive on control and manipulation, believing they can't be knocked down no matter how many jesters they put on the stage to read from the script and give out bits of "truth". It's like they're saying "Try us. What are you going to do about it anyway?"

Kudos to Bill for speaking the truth!! Let's pray for his protection – coz you know how those folk dont like being outed. Keep doing what you're doing!!!

Start a blog of your own ; b. VC good but another helps spread the truth around . Best regards to both of you : )