Bill Burr Talks Illuminati on Conan (video)


Bill Burr gets real on Conan as he states that it doesn’t matter who is President, that Hillary Clinton goes to “those Bilderberg meetings” and that she probably “hooked up with a guy wearing a goat’s head”.

Comedian Bill Burr is never afraid to speak his mind, even if his opinions often go against the near-oppressive climate of extreme political correctness that is happening right now. While his act mostly revolves around the fact that he’s an angry, loud mouth guy from Massachusetts, Burr often peppers his rants with his views on various conspiracy theories, whether they involve politics, the economy, the media and even the creation of a police state.

Although he realizes that these topics make some of his audience uncomfortable, he nevertheless goes ahead and discusses them – not because he is trying to preach, but simply because these views are part of who he is.

In his recent appearance on Conan, Burr answered some questions about presidential candidate Donald Trump … and then he got real. Here’s the video.

In his own, distinctive style, Bill Burr basically stated that, no matter who is President, it is the same occult elite that controls the show. Candidates such as Hillary Clinton attend very restricted elite meetings such as the Bilderberg conference where they are told what to do.

Here’s another video where he dishes out the truth about politics and explains how media attempt to associate “conspiracy theories” with general lunacy.

Here’s a podcast where he discusses the NWO. Warning : Explicit Language.

Kudos to Bill Burr for using his reach to raise awareness on issues censored by mass media in a funny and entertaining kind of way while respecting the intelligence of his audience.

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Bill is able to say what he says because like all his ilk he pushes one Elite agenda while exposing the rest. He goes on about depopulation.

NOTE! There is NO prominent figure with a career that exposes all key facets of the elite agenda, even Matt Parker and Trey Stone the south Park creators while ridiculing 2 key elite agendas, the global warming fraud (manbearpig) and political correctness, ALSO mock 911truthers and those against middle eastern involvement.

They let you have a career if you push at least one key Illuminati agenda. You also notice people that are shills and disinformation agents pretend to be truthers online but always push at least one elite agenda, usually it's anti-religion, especially anti-christianity or anti-gun.