Bilderberg 2011: Background, Preview and Predictions (video)


The 2011 Bilderberg Meeting will be held from June 9-12 in St. Moritz, Switzerland. As you might know, it is one of the venues where the world elite meets to discuss global policies. Here’s a video summing up the 2011 Bilderberg Meetings.

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Hello everyone! I have a question to who are reading this site: do you think that there is a relation between the the Bildeberg meeting and this financial situation? Just because yesterday came into my mind that the meeting was held in Switzerland, in June and now the the swiss franc exhange rate became to rise dramatically. What a coincidence! Or maybe this is just my imagination.

Nobody read this topic :((

Maybe we will never know the real story behind the scene, or it's only going to be 'opened' fifty years from now.

Thanks VC!


You really should make your own blog or website or book or something. Commenting on this is only reaching very few people. And if you're worried about it being too dangerous and someone catching you you should use someone or something as a medium. For example, use VC as your medium and share your knowledge, therefore it reaches many more people than a comment board.

Hi ya folks :p

You might wanna check this Bilderbillies getting roughed up

Alot of interesting info on what these walkin talking zombies do up there besides screw each other

some pics of your favourite crew arriving for the gathering, they sure love those German cars, lol 🙂

Stay safe 😉

@Fact v Fiction

Yes i followed the coverage everyday on the Bilderbergers ……. it makes me so sad only a couple of thousand people have viewed the video's on youtube, when you compare viewing figures for some crap game show. I think it will gain more attention in the next coming years and they will start to arrange "fake" meetings to send protesters/alternative media on "wild goose chases" i can so clearly see the greedy evil these people hold in their eyes they truly have forgotten humanity.

God Bless all the good guys and pray for the bad


Hope you are well,

I did try to ask Yeomel a question but i think he may not have returned to blog to view – so please can i ask you, what do you feel about the Baby P case here in the UK – the reason for asking is…. the little boy who was reported as being abused by his parents, alway hown standing on a checkered floor?

Also on a newer note, how do you feel about the recent Joss Stone case? swords and body bag?

God Bless

joanna- I 'll have to do more research on the Baby P case when I have more time- before I can figure that one out- but there are some negative signs attached to that case.

RE: Joss Stone

I feel the Joss Stone thing is a Masonic Hoax- the two men involved were reported to be 30 and 33 years of age- they will usually put those numbers in when a case is a hoax.

BUt in addition to that I found a photo of Joss Stone flashing the corna hang sign- which means she's a satanist- and so usually in a case like this I have to conclude that this case is a hoax perhaps for publicity???

photo of Joss' corna hand sign:

Cockoon, Thanks for the insight for Jerusalem and the Middle East but I think there is something there which these cabals are after and it pre-dates the Abrahamic tradition completely (including Judaism, Christianity and Islam). I mean ancient Persia is the birthplace of Zoroastrianism, the oldest living religion in the world (still a large number of them in India, only they are called Parsi's there). When American forces entered Baghdad, and Saddam's regime fell, the very first place that was pillaged was the museum and it had Mesopotamian, Babylonia and Sumerian antiquities which boggles the mind, far older than Egypt. There was no one, NO ONE, there to safeguard the museum even though there are international treaties and the US is a signatory to the protection of these historical and world heritage sites. They cleared everything out and these damn shark-like art dealers were waiting at the wings in Berlin,… Read more »
@babyjane- '(not assholes like Deepak Chopra or Sai Baba)' it takes a lot to get me to laugh- and after reading your caustic diatribe of truth and hearing the name Sai Baba …I'm ROFL ….LMAO…OMG I'm laughing so hard I have tears running down my cheeks 🙂 🙂 I have heard that Sai Baba's power was so great he could conjure up a Rolex Watch for his clients- I always thought he just conjured the watch the same way he conned them out of lots of money…i.e., by conjuring the watch out of their pockets when their heads were turned the other way. One thing though- Sai Baba had some very amazing hair like Phil Spector:…… 😉 One time I happened to be in a bookstore where the charlatan Deepak Chopra was signing books- I remember he walked past me and looked down at me condescendingly because I… Read more »
Hey Sirrah, Glad to hear you got a chuckle out of my post – that photo of Phil Spector is priceless 🙂 Yeah, Sai Baba and his followers and devotees are full of it, not surprising that weirdos like Steven Seagal and Hard Rock cafe founder Isaac Tigrett were devotees of his too. The whole guru-ashram thing in India is a giant scam. I don't doubt that there may be a handful of real gurus and sadhus living a life of poverty and spiritual solitude and obscurity, but honestly 9.9 out of 10 of them are charlatans making money at the expense of ignorant and affluent white yuppies who decide to go on a "spiritual search" like that airhead Elizabeth Gilbert in "Eat, Pray, Love". Usually American, Canadian, Australian and some European backpackers or yoga nuts who read "Autobiography of a Yogi" and suddenly want to have an encounter with… Read more »

C. O'Brien described all sorts of horrors occuring in Wyoming. I recollect she was subjected to D. Cheney's human hunting. That state is said to be heavily involved with mkultra/monarch etc.


like I said- I don't pretend to know everything. It does appear that you are correct about Wyoming- I didn't know about that place- never bothered to cast a glace at it- but apparently Dick Cheney has a ranch there- communities of very wealthy people living in close proximy are usually suspect as being satanic covens. These covens are all over the place particularly now-most of the ones I know about were from 25 years ago but in that time period many new ones have been built.

Maybe wyoming isn't such a great palce to be- unfortunately at this point satanism is all over the place- I don't really think there is a safe place to go- not far from me is a satanic coven-they even have satanic stars embedded into the sidewalks -there are triangles and suns all over the place- you just can't get away from it anymore.

Hi 🙂 @BabyJane Theres a theory that, Al Quds/Jerusalem is the center of the universe. it is an area of the Earth where alot of Prophets & Messengers of Our Creator, have dwelled in the past, alot of them died either naturally or were persecuted within that particular area. So if the majority of Prophets & Messengers of our Creator have existed within that particular area (i.e. Al Quds/Jerusalem/Middle East) then it must be significant to our Creator, if its significant to our Creator, then evil might know why and conquering it might give them access to something they previously didnt have. In my view, the area in question & most especially Al Quds/Jerusalem is a portal to much higher dimensions, because in that same area Messengers of our Creator were elevated to him, that might explain their addiction to own the place. @ Sam Yes, the Quran thwarts any… Read more »

Thank you, I will definatley read Suratul Ya’asin although I'm not good at the singing yet (working on that)..

Good post, I agree on the Dajjal part too though I do think Russia will have some part in the whole mess in the near future. Time will tell I guess.

"No, Russia & its allies are not Magog/Gog. It is foretold that these living things, will eat up everything and anything in sight, because of their sheer numbers, they’d empty a healthy field of maize in a blink of an eye. If we look at China & India (*Speculating), they fit the profile, they have the numbers, they are in modest terms rushing up to own every natural resource this planet can offer, nonetheless reaching an unequivocal conclusion based on that, is a conjecture at best." ** Russia will lead the Gog/Magog war by making an alliance with China/India and perhaps other nations- the large numbers of fighting soldiers will not come from the Russian army- but will come fro China/India etc- the Russians will lead and rule at the top level- this is what most people cannot understand. Putin will become the Antichrist- but will at first not look… Read more »

sirrah do you mind if i put the information you wrote in a pdf file and distribute it?

the only thing is I'm concerned having knowledge get into the wrong hands- that's always been the problem and the original reason the gatekeepers held knowledge in secrecy- just remember when you dispell this knowledge not all people will use it wisely- use discretion.

@ Sirrah I feel for you. It must have been difficult to write some of these experiences down and I find you very courageous for doing so. I hope everything turns out alright for you. I apologise in advance if I invaded your privacy with my personal questions.

in order to write them I had to psychologically relive my hellish nightmare from 25 years ago- I told you the truth as best as I can recall it. Hoepfully it helps at least in the general sense of understanding- cheers!


I respect what you are doing but I don't think you're using your full potential. Have you ever thought about making your own blog or website about this stuff? You should really consider this as you will reach a lot more people than you are right now.

Also just out of curiosity, whats with the name sirrah? Is it Harris backwards?

I thought it's an anagram of harris too.

RE: Sirrah

Sirrah (or Sirah), is the brightest star in the constellation of Andromeda. Located immediately northeast of the constellation of Pegasus, it is the northeastern star of the Great Square of Pegasus.

@ sirrah Thank you about what you said about the reptilians. I'm still wondering if my gut is telling me right and that Wyoming, (I grew up there) is a relatively safe place. I know the NWO want all of North America, but it feels like they might leave Wyoming alone for a bit, at least because there is no-one there essentially, and it is extremely windy. I'm wondering if windy places are more difficult for evil entities. If you have any thoughts as to this, it would be interesting. I also wonder about evil entities because when I was 5, I remember seeing a black being in my room with glowing red eyes. I have also been repeatedly attacked by them, (often in sleep). I can't see them, but I can sense when they are around. I work at the Colorado Convention Center and have often sensed them running… Read more »

in general wyoming is a pretty safe place- notice the Masons didn't build any giant cities there in the last 150 years. However, the lower part of the state has the latitude 41 degrees- you should stay away from that- negative energy zone. Saty around the 42nd parallel for best results.

the northern part of the state should be alright- not much celestial activity there. Wyoming is kind of a dead celstial zone for whatever reason- though if you live there you might be bored.


like I said- I don’t pretend to know everything. It does appear that you are correct about Wyoming- I didn’t know about that place- never bothered to cast a glace at it- but apparently Dick Cheney has a ranch there- communities of very wealthy people living in close proximy are usually suspect as being satanic covens. These covens are all over the place particularly now-most of the ones I know about were from 25 years ago but in that time period many new ones have been built.

Sirrah I need your help…can you confirm the Iluminatti autorship of this assassination??

She was called Anna Lindh (pro-euro and socialdemocrat) Swedish Politician, she was stabbed in the chest, stomach and arms (kindda inverted pentagram..huh?.)

Anyways, once you have a gap I'll be very pleasant to receive some news from you.

God bless you.


Sorry, I forgot to mention that Anna was killed on 9/11 2003.

@seeker just believe in God and you'll be fearless. I'm not talking about religion, churches etc..Build a personal and exclusive relationship with Him..You're transparent to Him, He knows you better than you know yourself, He knows your feelings, thoughts, soul inside out…Hence, you'll see magnificent happenings in your life. There are no ifs or buts, trust in Him..Be devoted..end off

@ Sirrah I wanna thank you for your prompt response also In a previous post I asked about the Positive angels and the power we have here on earth.Again thank you for your insightful information. Though I am not familiar with powers of the hierarchial bloodlines I do believe that God or The triumvirate Deity has blessed us indiviually with certain gifts and talents similar to those you haved previously describe. While I may have may or may not have come in contact with Angels in all likelihood I know I have. I do not on a regular basis to the extent you describe. Now im far from being a descendant of Judah but I sense danger evil corruption etc. It is a God given ability I even see the animalistic side of humans when looking at them It used to scare me but I have come to embrace it… Read more »

just FYI John Mc Cain even carries the name of his family lineage 'CAIN' need I say more- why is a man like that filthy rich??? What has he done??? NOTHING

He's also a part of the system- sorry I don't have time to go into detail- but McCain is a satanist and a typical masonic parasite…


If you youtube Peak Oil crisis ……. there are many vid's of David De Rothschild pushing for this one, trying to stealth tax in the name of Climate Change …… those Rothschilds anything for a buck !!!!

Thanks joanna! 🙂

God bless you.

@ Sirrah did you dissociate or become DID in the past? If yes, how has dissociation affected you? Did you have both male and female alters? Ta!

if you would have actually read my comments then you would already know they never cracked my personality- I stayed one whole person.

Hi Sirrah,

Your information is kick-ass, really it is, you should write a book or start a blog or something hope you haven't forgotten my question re: Canada up above?



hi babyjane- THX! I used ot have a blog but I found out I was being tracked so I closed it down- it was too dangerous. Sorry I haven't answered your question I will do it today- this afternoon. check back!

@babyjane: "1) I’m in Canada and we recently came out of an election which just handed right-wing Conservative Stephen Harper a majority government ,so he’s in for the next few years and has a free pass to push through any laws he wants, including dismantling our single payer medical system, subsidized university education, unions and workers rights and anti-green policies (he’s from Alberta, where all our oil is)." – your perceptions of what is happening are correct- I don’t keep up with the details of what is happening in Canada but am very aware of Stephen Harper (Nazi) who has been manipulated into power-it’s the same technique they always use. Harper was born on April 30 – which on the Satanic calendar is Walpurgis Night. Harper is a big time Nazi party member- and his primary objective is the completion of the North American Union which will unite Canada, the… Read more »
No Worries sirrah! THANK YOU so much for the reply, it's confirmed something I have long suspected in academia and in the Ivy League schools especially what you wrote vis a vis Masons/Jesuits. But I have noticed in recent years Jews have practically taken over the senior administrative and managerial posts which operate within the University including admissions particularly in the most lucrative faculties, like medicine, law, management – not so much in engineering or liberal arts. You are absolutely correct with respect to the Masons/Jesuits tenured professors who end up getting all the funding and grant money even if they do have 5th rate brains and minds and it's always the mediocre students who seem to get ahead. BTW, did you study at M.I.T? Did you know Charles Ferguson and Michael Albert? Albert is a founding editor of Z Magazine and close friend of Noam Chomsky, he also came… Read more »
@babyjane- yep, many of my professors were MIT grads- problem is they are actually as you've said… 5th rate brains- they were furious that I made it through the system to get into their classes because I could out reason them- they stuff their pockets with grant money and insure no intelligent person can get their hands on any money to do something of value. Most of the science they produce is quasi-fake and they don't really think things through- kind of like the Fukushima 'geniuses' who forgot in their arrogance to place the nuclear plant further inland to keep away from large waves of water- OMG they are such geniuses they couldn't think of the common sense notion of moving the plant further inland and pumping ocean water a further distance…it's easier to pump ocean water than it is to cool nuclear fuel rods… ok I'm not perfect either… Read more »

i'd say sirrah already has a book. someone else's. lol.

just another internet kook trying to spread fear and chaos.

Are you Claus as in Santa Claus ?

God Bless

no I don't work from a book but from my own real life experience- what you hate is that other people have more advanced knowledge and experience than you do- thus because you have no real experience of your own then you offer nothing to this venue and are just flapping your mouth and foam is gathering upon your lips-you're llokin gmore like a dog. It's easy for people like you to mouth off because you sit back and criticize people who are more informed than you are- I hope those NWO psycho-babble TV shows are keeping you happy- reach into the fridge and open another can of cheap beer- in fact have so many beers that you can become incoherent ( as you are now) and then come back and mouth off some more with unconstructive psycho-babble- don't forget when you become drunk and nauseous that the floor of… Read more »

Woooww, creepy stuff. I'm so sad you have to live with this sam.

God bless you.

also when i was young they used to hang around my house (id always sleep under the covers) but they never attacked me, that must have been a horrible for you!

it wasnt till about 12 that they started actually doing things? its good to know what they are and that they follow lucifer theyre very confusing. im pretty sure there are a group of them around and they seem really strong. I dont remember any red ones?

anyways ive been planning on moving, i probably should lol

sam- when I was about 8, my mother (who knew I refused satan) would set me up to be alone for weekends while she was away. At those times the black forms would come into my house late- and one time I was watching TV and saw one of them in the hallway- I screamed at it to go away- and it suddenly came across the room and tried to jump into my body- I jumped up and ran screaming through the house and it left me and went away. This happened many times- I think my mother was trying to get them to possess me so she could add me to her empire of darkness. The red ones don't show up very often and they are not always visible…the red ones seem to function directly with Satan and don't often bother humans who are not satanists- I do know… Read more »
I can understand a spirit trying to jump into your body. When they come on top of me especially before when i was a lot weaker, it was like if i didnt push them off my thoughts would get more evil and twisted like i was loosing myself. Id have to sit there wait for it to actually leave before i fell asleep otherwise it would just keep bothering me. theres times that ive been angry and it feels like something strange just drives the argument and my actions and i have to shake it off. I hate them! but i will look for the Magnetite and love incense. also, the trees in the one city where my mom lives (where all these people live) are actually twisted theres a lot of forrest, but i always assumed thats how trees look, i never thought twice about it. ah! i will… Read more »

Hi Sirrah,

I know how busy you are…. i posted a question but never got a reply. gentle reminder please 🙂 here it goes again

why do you say in a previous post that they “they only recently stopped harassing me as we are so close to 2012. ”

i am trying to understand why they have stopped now. does it have anything to do with putin or is it because we are getting closer to the end?

Remember the words fo Isaiah 40: 29-31 which says

29 He gives power to the weak

and strength to the powerless.

30 Even youths will become weak and tired,

and young men will fall in exhaustion.

31 But those who trust in the LORD will find new strength.

They will soar high on wings like eagles.

They will run and not grow weary.

They will walk and not faint.

God Bless

@Child of Christ – 'i am trying to understand why they have stopped now. does it have anything to do with putin or is it because we are getting closer to the end' I apologize for not answering your question. I think they have stopped agitating me because we are so close to the end- I mean their global power structure is complete and the NWO believes that Satan will win and his power is now very great on this world. So- I suppose for them I just a powerless lemming in their eyes. also because we are close to the end then the guardian angels are now engaging to work for people who are fighting against this evil. It's strange but right now all this chaos is happening and for the first time in 20 years my nights are fairly quite and I can sleep w/o fear- before it… Read more »

Hi Sirrah,

thank you for your reply. I appreicate it. praying for strenght for you and all Christians. the real battle is yet to start and we need to put on our full armour to fight for the souls on man.

God bless

Sirrah this is some heavy s**t. I have been following all the comments for a long time. This site is my lifeline because I feel so disconnected with what is going on in this world. I can't have conversations with people anymore, I have pretty much cut myself off socially. There are only a select few people I can talk to and even then I'm not sure about anything anymore. I don't post on here because I'm afraid of the powers of the internet. Its just too easy but I'm not afraid anymore… The good people aren't meant to live like this. I refuse to live my life like a cracked out zombie and it is all too much. That Putin video was WAY too much. I cannot believe those plastic veneered smiles and eyes glinting with evil as he sings that creepy song. HOW DO PPL NOT SEE THIS?… Read more »
hi-thanks for tuning in- as we near the NWO activation anyone who is a positive energy pattern will be under attack by evil spirits. I'm glad you can see Putin- yes, he is possessed by something very synthetic/wicked… The spirits have a way of knowing whether you are evil (negative) or Godly (positive)- there is a scientific basis for their recognition of who is on which side in this battle- this knowledge is well beyond the common knowledge of this world- however, a certain amount of arcane truth is available to certain people- particularly those who have been under attack for decades like myself. Welcome to the greatest battle this world has ever seen- I have much more knowledge gathered over a lifetime of experience with these things- I only release it as it seems necessary. Fortunately after coming here I realize there are people out there who are waging… Read more »

btw thank you sooo much for your time!

it is REALLY hard to get any solid knowledge about this stuff

i wish you everything good!!

I know they can't be stopped and thats so disheartening. They have their hands in EVERYTHING, it doesn't stop at the music. It's in the government, sports, corporate america, even the churches for crying out loud!! I just wish there was a way to wake more people up faster…we dont have time for ppl to figure it out on their own- its gonna be too damn late. I'm here in America, the belly of the beast…I've got to get out of here before things go into full swing. And I don't give a damn if ppl think im crazy.

Sirrah.. I am not a victim of satanic abuse in fact i had a very normal childhood, my mom is a christian good lady etc etc. This is actually why I thought this was soo weird. and what brought me to re evaluate the rules of the culture i grew up in. I have been really depressed for years, and i see things black shapes that hover around me, (my moms seen them too) they try to have sex with me press me down, kick me when i try to go to sleep. mess with my thoughts. Insult me and whisper things into my mind, sometimes i feel as if they get a hold of me and ill start acting funny only to push them away again. They go into people around me and insult me and the people i love will have weird personality changes and say really evil… Read more »
@ Sam- I’m sorry you are experiencing these things. Those black forms are evil spirits- They follow Lucifer. Red forms are spirits that follow Satan. The Red forms are moderate evil- but the black ones are supreme evil. When I was young I was repeatedly attacked by the black forms. I’m going to give you some simple advice that might sound weird but often works. 1. Stay away from anyone who is casting spells- they will not stop. Most people who use witchcraft are not victims of their own evil so they have no conscience about it. 2. NEGATIVE VORTEXES: Most evil spirits dwell in the negative energy channels and vortexes that surround the earth. Many cities of the modern world are built on ley lines that were used by Satanic Masons to construct the main cities of the world. You need to check to see if you are near… Read more »
damit! it erased my last message. okay so, ive looked at the lattitude of the 2 places i grew up and they are right at 44. not to mention 2 days ago they were named highest for hate crimes in the whole country (they arent even big cities!) also the place i travelled to, to get away from my environment is 37 exactly. I really never thought to check lattitudes but this links the 2 places together well, i could never find the connection. one of the girls who set up and encouraged me to travel there i later found out had cursed me, also and that the trip was planned 6 years before as a sortof trap. Can a group of people use these spirits to follow you and appear in another place even if they are across the globe? I think this is what happened as I saw… Read more »
@sam- wow! after you told me what you were experiencing Ijust knew that was what was happening- it looks like I pegged it- those latitudes are bad news- 37, 44 are 2 of the worst -33 is the worst latitude at which you can live but the ones you mentioned are the next worst- ' Can a group of people use these spirits to follow you and appear in another place even if they are across the globe?' YES- the spirits that you have been cursed with can follow you anywhere you go-as long as your final location is a negative energy region. So for example if you went to the latitude of 23 they would not bother you much there- however if you went somewhere along a negative latitude then you would still experience problems. My own mother who's an advanced witch keeps track of my location- so I… Read more »
holy crap!! then this explains it! when i saw them there i was a 19 hour flight away from my country, so i thought to myself? this seems strange but no it couldnt be how did you get here?? i went to sell my phone and the person that bought it nicknamed themself sirius, and the group of people that were there kept saying stuff to me that they wouldnt know about, poetry and songs id written when i was depressed, but again being blaze i thought? oh no it couldnt be?? it makes so much sense that the trip was set up, EVERYTHING went horribly wrong, so many people i met would just say the most bizzare things, and then there would be a huge problem it was crazy. even growing up a lot of the characters i met were just plain weird… i used to out of curiousity… Read more »

question, does your mother show up as herself?

does she take a different form,

or is it like she comes and talks to you as a passer by. just a stranger that shows up out of the blue thats just a little weird and says things that are too familar. (this is what it was like for me)

how do you know its her??


'question, does your mother show up as herself?

does she take a different form'

no this used to happen to me but not in a very long time. The way that I understand it is that the evil angels can emulate people you know and insert those characteristics into other people in your environment- which is why getting out of the negative zone works wonders-because they won't follow you to a positive zone. When I was younger and begin tormented by the evil angels that would happen to me- took me a while to understand that the evil angels are just projecting other personlalities upon people around you- the same way they can take over your mind and they can also create dreams- sometimes dream are oracles and sometimes not.

oh this post has been very helpful first in understanding what they are for sure, what the link was in the two cities how they came to visit me and also why they were showing up as people i knew, because another thing that was happening was even in waking hours i would hear it bothering me and it would talk like the voice of my boyfriend, or like someone id know, or roomates i had etc it was so confusing cause it really makes you wonder about the people around you? but its just something screwing with me, so i can put that to rest, very tricky!! Im actually temporarily living in these cities but planning on moving very soon. i really wonder how much of mental illness depression, bi polar etc is people just getting bothered by these things? i think probably most. thanks for your posts sirrah!… Read more »

If you are a Christian you should know Christ authority against demons and evil spirits. Command them in Jesus Name to leave. They don't own your territory only LORD Jesus Christ has authority over demons.

ya. for a Christian, it is the simplest thing. for a non-Christian, it is impossible.

and, for a Christian, he/she seems to be working overtime to "glorify" darkness.

it seems to me that someone who has been delivered so manificently from evil, would spend much more time leading people to The Way, The Truth, and The Life: Jesus Christ.

it confuses me that someone who has been torn out of Satan's arms, would spend so much energy to "enlighten" others about Lucifer's ways and his followers. they certainly do not deserve any attention!

i wonder why someone like this would not be enthusiastically spreading the Good News instead.

Okay… heres something thats been really bothering me about christianity. These demons attacked and became part of my household, while i was attending and part of a christian community. They were around me when i was young and living at my grandmas a devout catholic. My mother has prayed in Jesus' name etc etc… I guess, its very easy for people to say "oh you dont have enough faith thats why this is happening to you" and it really shows the weaknesses in the structure of christianity. I went to different churches trying to find answers, read the whole bible, prayed to jesus. Its not like I just sat around worshiping satan here? I pray that NO one ever has to go through any of this, but if you ever did you would understand that things arent cut and dry like that? Ive had something come infront of my face… Read more »

@ voice

If your not interested in being enlightened about the way lucifer and demons work, (mostly im hoping to protect yourself and family) then what are you doing on this site???

@voice – what if many people who claim to be christians are actually closet satanists???


Can you give me your thoughts on the BLOODLINES who rule the Formula 1 World Championship.

It seems like a big party where everyone's invited, British bloodlines, american bloodlines, Arabian, Russian, Indian, etc.

Thank you very much.


Please can i ask you your thoughts on a issue which has always made me feel, all is wrong with this case.

In the UK a few years back a child named Baby P was killed through abuse by his parents, as reported in the British media – but the only photo of this child is taken with the checker-board floor in the background, i know many people can just have this design in their home. But i feel something is wrong with this case, do you have any thought on this?

God Bless

Sirrah are your parents alive or passed away.

my father has been deceased over 25 years…

My mother is still physically alive but was born spiritually dead, demonically wicked- she is one of the most evil, high powered witches in the German/Russian bloodlines. A vicious criminal genius, child molester, child sacrificer, MK-Ultra expert, devotee of Crowley, multiple personality(maybe many persons), destroyer, Luciferian/Satanist, practicioner of sex-majick, part of the Russian Illuminati, connected to Putin, a devotee of Brzezinski psychotronic warfare, born at level 2 on the Illuminati pyramid (just under the level of Kings). She loves her wickedness and licks her lips at the thought of human blood sacrifices so she can stuff her pockets with more of other people's money…and bring the world under submission to Nazi communist rule.

@sirrah This is heartbreaking – i am so sorry for you, but i am so pleased you have broken free. May God bless your soul. I am reading/researching a book called the Franklin Scandal about larry King and senior G. Bush and how they abused/killed so many young children and the only witnesses to this case have been killed off and justice has never been brought forward for these children. The case involves child abuse/snuff at the highest level and their have been parts to this book which i have found almost impossible to read, as the cruelty some of these surviving children endured is beyond comprehension of the mind. Through MK-ultra many of these involve children killing other children and made to eat them when dead or parts of them when the are being tortured alive – one witness claims she was held in cages with many other children… Read more »

Hi sirrah!

Can you confirm that OIL is really abiotic? Despite all the industry is saying the opposite.

I have read that the most oil you extract the faster it regenerates.

Thank you very much.

Sirrah, you must be terrified of your mother's abilities then, in case she monitors you somehow.. Would you care to give us a brief account of your initiation ritual..the minors you mentioned didn't have guardians to safeguard their safety and welfare..

@joanna- I have tried 3 times to post a response to your question regarding Disneyland/Franklin scandal- but my posts are not going through- I have no idea why- perhaps I'm being blocked… So for now I cannot respond. Perhaps the post will show up later.

Joanna- thank you for the kind words I really appreciate it. Yes, the things you head read are true. In the late 1980’s I had a friend who was very high up in Walt Disney/Buena Vista Film Production Unit. Through that contact I had access to a number of Disney’s secret places. One was the 33 Club which is not obvious evil on the surface.-but is a mind programming center which is run by Royal Masons who come from the English bloodlines. Another was Walt’s Satanic altar in an underground vault- where he would converse directly was Satan and fallen angels. There are also other secret vaults on the Disney Burbank lot where the fallen angels actually dwell for long periods of time. In addition I was taken to the underground tunnels at Disneyland and shown the dungeons and cages. Many of the tunnels were originally built as technical support… Read more »


'Would you care to give us a brief account of your initiation ritual?'

ans: NO I would not like to recall that

@Mark- finally I have a chance to answer your question: 'Can you confirm that OIL is really abiotic?' The problem is more complex. The theory of abiotic oil does form from the fact that after pumping a well more oil returns. The question is whether the oil is regenerated (abiotic) or is the oil old crude that is coming to the surface due to pressure. After the oil on top is removed it's possible the 'regeneration' is due to internal pressure- I honestly cannot confirm either way. However, the concept of peak oil was created to drive and manipulate markets-more oil cartel propaganda. With new methods of finding oil/gas it appears that there is much more oil than they previously thought- however- the problem is that burning more fossil fuels at the rate we are does have a very detrimental effect on the environment. The Old oil Mafia familes intentionally… Read more »