Bilal – ROBOTS (Great Video)


This Mikael Colombu video sums up many issues discussed. You can see references to mind control, police state, the Illuminati, illegal wars and media deceptions. Powerful message through poignant symbols.



  1. The baby born with teeth,asking his mom where his father was?Antichrist.

    The bombs falling from the sky?NWO

    The all-seeing eye pyramid

    How he looked like he was under mind control the whole time(no emotion)

    The two columns.

    I mostly saw stuff about the world ending but those were some of the other things I noticed.

  2. I was a fan of Bilal when he put his first album out almost ten years back. Was psyched upon seeing Robots, thinking maybe he didn't succumb to lucifer like so many have. So I went out and bought the album. Got home and threw it on the stereo, sat down and picked up the album to check the liner notes. Before doing so I flipped the case over and guess who I am staring at, a nice illustration of our dear friend Baphomet. I felt cheated and deceived. Save your money and don't be misled like me. Besides, Robots is by far the best track on the album.

  3. I cant help but remember the song we heard alot on the children's popular tv show" Barney"

    starts like"I am a robot I feel great"

  4. This video is trying to make the audience think that all that the video shows is never going to happend. The final said: Don't believe everything you hear and see". Clearly this video was made like a "funny thing that crazy people (the smart ones) are saying about "secret societies". Wow just wow or may I say that I do not need to be surprised again?

  5. Lol (this is now in the dictionary, I feel so literate now… its amazing…) anyone see the trailer to Ra One?

    New movie that's coming out, go ahead and YouTube the new hero. This should be interesting.

  6. The sad part all this is that people truely do not believe the end in near. they feel that the word has been revealing this for years, that people have been saying it for years as well, and that it is just not going to happen, well that ain't true. the hour glass on life is almost at its last grain so we better get it together.

  7. "Principalities and Powers" (authorities) represent order, rank, method, system. Satan is not omnipresent, hence he must work through an organised dividing of the world under these principalities and authorities, and he himself "goes to and fro in the earth," and has seats here and there (Job 2:2, Rev. 2:13, etc.).

  8. Our eyes are so much confronted with conditions that are contrary to Christ, and this constitutes such a battle-ground for our eyes.

    The Bible contains much that shows the deplorable results of the wrong use of the eyes. Think of Eve, of David, of the ten spies at Kadesh-barnea, of Samson (who saw a woman to his spiritual undoing, and eventually lost his physical eyes), and so on.

    • You will probably never see this response, but someone at a subway station gave me a flyer. In this flier it contained information about the original sin. It claimed that our original sin is actually sight, and the term sin is derived from the word opsin. OPSIN: A protein of the retina, especially the protein constituent of rhodopsin, that makes up one of the visual pigments . It goes into how much we cannot see, because most matter is dark,and how our vision is so limited. This very detailed article was complex and intriguing to say the least.

  9. What a beautiful video. I wonder what we're gonna do too. We can't keep fixating on the things we don't want in our future once we understand the agenda. We must move forward. We cannot live this way anymore, we cannot accept the future offered to us by the monsters in charge, and we cannot go back to the stone age. There needs to be a plan. Our society must choose to evolve for once, and that means waking up and taking a good look around. It means using your intuition and becoming proactive.

    It adds up to a choice, the choice to unplug and to be real. We are divine creatures in human form, experiencing the limitation and sorrows of material life. Our greatest power is in co-creation, and it's essential to succeed. Find your power, and share knowledge with others. This isn't the time to defer action to deities. WE are the gods of this world, all different aspects of the original creator. It's just been forgotten, but now it's time to remember. The Creator is all around you everywhere, in things, in others, even in a mirror. Recognize it and accept responsibility for the experiences you create.

  10. HAHAHAHAHAHA ! … this is great everyone. say whatever goes through your mind … just never stop thinking that's really all i'm hoping for nevermind specific point of views. and take good care of yourselves 🙂

  11. hey VC! i know this is totally off topic but i thought it would be interesting if you wrote an article on your thoughts on this whole may 21st 2011 fuzz about the rapture and world ending. THANKS AND GOD BLESS!

  12. I think it's pretty friggin hilarious that the people who come and joins this site, seem like they feel so superior to the rest of the robots who walk around unaware, BUT HERE'S THE IRONY; You all are so dumb that you actually write in every article "FIRST, WOO I'M FIRST" and then a bunch of other pseudo-intellectuals actually give you THUMBS UP!!! HOW IRONIC IS THAT.

    I had to get that of my chest, it seems like everyday more stupid people arrive, and it's beginning to look like the only people who follow these articles are a bunch of teenage emo kids who hate lady gaga.

    Anyways, nice video..

  13. The babies in coffin= depopulation

    Speaking of depopulation I heard this morning on the radio that scientist «proved» that having kids is bad for 5 reasons:

    1.It can lead to depression

    2. It can lead to alcoholism

    3.You lose all your friends

    4.It might make you dumb

    5. Bad for the environment

    Yeah right…

    • aw schucks so thats what happened to my friends and why i feel so sad now…ive been wantin to "go green" so i better get rid of my baby asap!

      (sarcasm of course….i love my child!)

    • LMAO xD

      Specialy coming from those same scientist that infect you with men made flu to then give you a poison, oopsy, I mean vaccin to cure you…. yeah right, of course having babies is wrong -.-

      The five dumest reasons I have ever red so far…

    • The new album finds you working with an independent label, Plug Research, after previously releasing through Interscope/Universal. Did the problems with Love for Sale directly influence this move, or was it simply a case that you felt that you'd be more comfortable at a label where you have a lot more say in the daily promotion of your music?

      I guess it was all of the above. Mostly, I wanted to make the music I am actually feeling. Not the music that label execs want. Plug allowed me the freedom to do me. It was as important to this process as a microphone.

  14. Well, Bilal… sign your hymns, I get you too…

    The Pillars of Hercules is what they confused for the Trinity? I see Atlantis with you, Plato take your Republic and the Military to the side, I have to talk to the Senate, WALL-E to the Red Eye of Horus, blink if you are trying to enter my orbit…

    Coffee is running in me, hold on a second, I'm trying to find my heartbeat again… I see the robot within, I think you guys need to see you are already the Machine. Tell me why you worship Deus X when the 46 chromosomes were staring at you at the end, but you didn't see it but the head of the Spermicide within your Queen & King?

    Where is Daddy? Good question, Immaculate Conception or because Divine Intervention from the Money Minded Confederate? Civil war outside your doors, wait till you learn to see its within your pores.

    80,000 openings within your skin, tell me what happens when you walk unawarely "frequent"?

    Hmm, Tesla where you at? Scalar energy waves from the eyes of the Illuminati, I'll take this Yin-Yang Energy and show you the Dragon Calligraphy. Know that you have the energy to metamorph your "sayings", Shakespearean poetry is calling, where were the Aliens?

    I think I have the ET neck suspended with my spinal attachments extended to see above your surface.

    Did you see it in the video or did you miss the sign just like your perceptions that are always realigned? Think again, what were those pillars my friends?

    Let me get back to to me to show you the Science behind it all, and the video was where this began, so watch how he starts to crawl?

    Baby with the teeth, I got you, you got the instincts down to let your dogs have purpose? K9 on both sides of my gift from Christmas, and I have a wisdom extraction to let you know the kids see what's happening in your "corpses".

    Corpus Collosum of my brain doesn't have those metal beams, but I think you'll learn to see the Iron-y.

    Man, my blood brain barrier is heated up, this coffee wasn't that bad after all…

    • Hey Ignotum, yes Arcanus? You forgot something…

      Ah right, the images shown through the True, and I'll bring the Hermetic Rosicrucian, and when they lodge their paintings in your scenery, let me know when I didn't tell you…

      Old knowledge, check the Arcanum, rituals done to create moving still life, and some members called the images their "wife", that's it, no strife. Let's go back and let me cut the tension with this butter knife….

      The energies/forces/magick used to give "life" to images/paintings for whatever diabolical purposes, I'm saying diabolical loosely, because this knowledge can be used in "variety". Take that in a myriad ways, but I don't trust you all, because then you'd learn how to play.

      An image can be used to leech you, to destroy you, to "mate" with you, and/or to kill you…

      Whatever your purpose, this is hidden underneath the surface, check their scriptures, and know why I paint these words too. So you can know what is happening and see that "they" are watching you…

      Let's go to Hogwarts then?


      George Washington stuck in my wallet, because I'm the poor one? Please, I got more money because I'd die rich, and come back to enrich your lives as an "energy beam", damn what am I talking about? It's all within the Masonic Dimensions, know what I mean, or are those pyramidal schemes known to you and your "brethern"?

      Where you at, Immortals? Or you think the Elixir of Life is still buried under a Philosopher Stone? I think your tombstones are just pebbles from their "supposed" Epitaph… Osiris?

      My oh my, I think I just burned my Iris.

      • dude have you tried to lay off the coffee for a day or two???? hahah…seriously I may not sincerely believe in all the things you say as it gets a little too deep sometimes but its amazing how you come up with the stuff and especially when you put them into rhymes its just uncanny….you have a gift even if it comes out a little but autistic sounding and i doubt 1% of anyone here can truly understand 100% of what you say.

      • Lol thank you NewCreation.

        Like your and my own pseudonym, this is just a pseudo-personality of mine, I just use it to write and get more lines of information out within the confine of one message (or two).

        In all honesty, and please do not take this the wrong way, but this same "autistic sounding" comparison of yours is why I write this way. I have never taken a Ritalin pill in my life nor am I a sufferer of ADHD (even though they thought I might have been when I was young). Nor am I autistic or a savant, even though people might consider it because of my "Hermit-ic" ways. (They considered many scientists to be so until later on… ). Yet, if this is what I decided to show someone, many individuals' perceptions would believe it to be the truth.

        Regardless, thank you for your kind words, and as for your percentages, you sell yourself and everyone way too short. Never doubt the beauty of the human mind…

        You should see me when I drink a glass of water… ,)

      • your right cuz I know I understand more than half of it at least but would never be able to explain it to anyone else if they asked me to…its more subliminal than anything….sort of like an acid trip or something of that nature would best describe it I guess.

        I also suspect you've posted by at least one other name cuz I dont think two people on this site write like that but you used a name more relevant to the response you had towards someone in a reply.

      • Aye,

        You are correct about your assumption, and because you were… I've used more than two names my friend.

        After a while, I just decided its better not to appear like a schizophrenic and just stick to this name lol.

        Nonetheless, I do not like talking about myself because it deters the conversational flow from the point of this article/site.

        So, let's reminisce about the hands of Ageless Antiquity at our throats… As I sip this coffee and let it down to course my necked chakra…

        Maybe, you saw it when Bilal showed you, his astral projection in the form of a sphere and in the end he landed near? Half his face shown to you, why? Because that's the alchemical approach and opening the "eye", to let the others out and the one in to Queen your Kings…

        Mercury to Earth, temperature is rising, the planet is fighting, but to eliminate the non-Gaias' war shippers, and the third rock could care less, but your Men are making sure their minds are "Limitless".

        Dip through the dimensions of your parallel thoughts to see the quantum physics within your syncytial tissue, and the trophoblastic miracle that has been augment by your epidermal needles.

        Fear the Speagle, this Pokemon saw the Pokeball, and knew that Pika-Chu was hypnotizing the youth, so I caught them all to tell you the Media Knows All. MK-A your alpha thoughts, to take the Ultra in One Ball, and the Facebook Poke – Masters caught all … damn I lost count, 7 billion right now?

        Hmph, your face is known to you, and by that I mean the entire Universal Studios, and I'm not even talking about the Star Wars yet, that's beyond the DNA programming…

        Or R U Bots Going To Disconnect Or What?

  15. Bilal translated by (
    In Muslim tradition, Bilal ibn Rabah was an Abyssinian who Muhammad chose as his muezzin, and was the first black convert to Islam. He was a slave owned by Umayya. When he heard Muhammad preaching he decided to convert to Islam. When Umayya learned of his slave's conversion, he decided to torture Bilal. Umayya would have Bilal laid in the scorching sand in the desert, during the hottest hours of the day, with heavy rocks placed on his chest to prevent him from moving. Abu Bakr, upon witnessing this torture, bought Bilal from Umayya so that Bilal could practice Islam freely. Muhammad later freed him completely and appointed him as muezzin.

    He was known for his beautiful voice for he was the first man to call people to their prayers.

    … i doubt there is much Christ in this message at all however the mulsims are attempting to fight the great beast just as we are.

    • I usually try to keep quiet when it comes to the religious talk, but this is probably one of the first times I've seen a helping hand stretched out from one Abraham to another…

      What up Adam? Let's work to recreate Eden? I think that serpent got in all our skin and attached it our mental pens. Primitive brain and the "survival" instinct, let's just go ahead inside that Lions' den, and make them lambs again.

      Kundalini, two snakes wrapped around your Moses Staff, and down goes that Pharaoh, and I got the code, alright no more? There we go, ten commandments, do the right thing, and the other ten… forget that they ever happened?

      Muslims to the left, pray for the right reasons, know that your Allah didn't say to kill the "wishful", they are your brothers and sisters too? Jesus said it, someone slap you, show them the other cheek, and that parable is known to those wise enough to see. Yet we bleed for the reasons unknown to you all and the old me… Call them Satan or call them Illuminati, your Ego fed by the Devil in all realities…

      Yo Vishnu, let's go blue with Krishna too, meditate and find your mental holy kin, and while you are it, find the God that is within? I think Allah said he is closer to you than your jugular vein, Jesus said why you going outside of you to seek God, Muhammad preached the same… so how about it, raise your swords on those closed doors, but trick them with your proverbs, and when we sing these to jingle their bells, I'll stand between my temples and eye you all and join you in saying…

      "F**k your hell, I want the Heaven on this land too, 1,000 years, I'll see to that too."

      Down goes the Tower of Babylon once you leave your hatred and see why I babble, and when I kiss the Blarney Stone, I wipe it with the tissues with your issues. My attentions are pure just because I have a Love that I do it for, and because of that I write this to you.


      I actually enjoyed this… I might be getting used to being comfortable again lol.

  16. just stay vigilant. I never knew that the illuminati owned the fed reserve, who has the money an power rules the world.

  17. I tell ya, I'm so disgusted by what this world has become. If this is the future that awaits us and our children, I'd hope for the apocalypse sooner than later. There's got to be something better than this. This generation has to break down this system of control. There is no excuse, there is way too much information out there, and so many people are aware. If this goes any further, we only have ourselves to blame.

    …I think that all the silence is worse than all the violence..

    • Well said. And I agree with you 100% we have nobody to blame but ourselves. What' does it prove though? One still has to have a job, his friends/kin/children still has to have friends, there's still no protection or safety, not from police at least etc etc.

      I only see 2 ways to fight this kind of society – first is to become a spy and a poisoner just as these people (by these people I mean the Illuminati and all the people like them and by poison I mean all kinds of poison, from drugs to symbolic); second is through sabotage of the system. Of course though I wouldn't go any of these two ways, not only because they're insane, but because they both only make the system stronger.

      Are there any other ways to turn this whole thing around? I mean everyone on Vigilant Citizen agrees that what's going on is wrong, but no one even tries to offer or discuss any solutions.

      And no you don't fight the system by reading a book, or by earning more money, or by growing your own food, or raising children so as they know what's goning on, and that what's going on is wrong, or by letting the friends know all of these things. I mean all of the above is necessary, but it's not enough, because it still leaves the system people with the opportunity to devastate everyday normal people.

      • not blind – springmeier sentenced to months not years…

        We can have effect on our own lives taking some personal responsibility, looking at ourselves and respecting other beings – including animals – murder is murder

        Instead of thinking into the duality or us vs them and its not us who are satanists so it must be them LOOK people. LISTEN. OPEN YOUR HEARTS. To God, to Life, to Love, to accepting ourselves, flawed as we are and embracing wholeness, kindness and what is right now.


      • Hey, I am totally fighting the system by reading real books and planting an organic garden. I have no other options, so that is the best this little peon can do, Mister Educated Cowboy.

      • 2 Emery

        First off, I didn't mean any disrespect to you or anyone on this site. If anything I've said was still offensive, I'm sorry. I also don't really think that violence is the cure. If it's the cure, I think what is useful against these kind of people is more like spiritial violence than what the word actually means. I'll try to explain what I mean by "spiritual war" or "spiritial violence" (names doesn't matter anyway). The Jesuits, the way Pascal describes them in his "Provincial letters" use the "direction of intention" as one of their method, it (very roughly) means that if the person or people being controlled have bad (harmful, in terms of achieving or not achieving the goal) instincts about the action, before they can be used for that action their "intentions" (instincts) has to be redirected. It's very resembling to what Illuminati (if it's really Illuminati and not some other secret occult society) do in mass media right now, And to what intelligence services use on their puppet's, Monarch programming, trauma based mind control or whatever you call it. If it's, say, an assassin in the making and he has some fears about murders, their fears would be made a few times worse and then replace with a feeling of safety which is too a few times more "sure" than the usual feeling of safety. So when that assassin is on the mission, he feels more like he's saving his own life, or even the target's life. It's important though, Pascal doesn't really extend it that much so I had to re-create the full picture for him. Hope he don't mind. It's a good read too about how the puppeteers' minds work and why are they so alarmed.

        So what I see as the cure is exactly the same, only done against the Illuminati. They want as to be scared all the time, don't they? The counteraction would be going through that fear till the end and having the feeling of safety as the aftercare. That's just an example and I'm sure fear isn't the only problem they want us to be troubled with.

        Knowing what they want us to think and how they want us to feel and reversing it all the way that's what I called "sabotage" and maybe it's the best answer. Catharsis based mid control or telepathy based mind control or something like that. Might work. But I might be wrong.

        What books and what way of life do you find liberating from the system?

  18. i love bilal..his music is very insightful nad touches on things many artist wouldnt dare talk about, his voice is great..check out his song "Hollywood"

  19. does the 3 pillars he stands behine represent the holy trinity?

    is this a symbol that Bilal firmly stands behind his religion?

  20. ok so now this one is so tricky! i never think that they are trying to warn or educate us but with this one it seem as if he is against it. even at the begininng he asks"are you a pro-grammed ro-bot?" i doubt this will get much play because it is too reveling when coupled with the lyrics. he seems to be showing us that people that dont see what the elite is up to are programmed and that they are controlling everything from disease to stupid wars and that our dollar wont mean a damn thing soon. idiots that watch videos on mtv blindly and are not aware probably wont even watch the video and get it, just think its another "cool" video or that he is just being "artsy".

  21. Who is Bilal this vid was out in november last year and it only has 10,000 views ….. Also its a bit vague doesnt really go to deep with any facts.

    You should check out Lowkey from the UK he is a 100% independent artist form the Uk his tracks Terrorist ,OBAMANATION and Voices of The Voiceless ft Immortal Tech to name three have so much information in them !

    Peace out

  22. ^ Yeah he used the symbolism to point out what is happening not to promote it.

    RE: Previous album (Love for sale) while signed to a major in 2006… However, near the album's completion, Interscope delayed the release date, then shelved the album indefinitely, hinting that it saw little commercial potential in it since it had already leaked online in its entirety. Online, many fans and music critics expressed their sadness that what they viewed as a carefully crafted album would be kept from a proper release. Bilal signed to Plug Research in 2009. His third album Airtight's Revenge was released September 14, 2010. Bilal has said in interviews that the album's inspiration came from the struggles of dealing with the fallout from Love For Sale.

    Plug Research is an independant. See dude is not even in the industry mainstream anymore.

  23. That's a whole lot of symbolism packed into such a short time frame!

    It's strange the way the moon is so large and full here. It reminds me of the super moon we just had that coincided with the bombings that have started in Libya. The video shows planes flying in front of this huge moon and dropping bombs. The columns of twos, then threes have Masonic significance. I also feel that this is in reference to transhumanism since the columns are first shown as a pair (HH), then are shown twice as triplets (HHH). Symbol of genetic engineering? When he says that babies are born iwth teeth, this sent chills up my spine. Babies born able to eat meat? Scary! He also states that we're in the 11th hour by stating that we're in the final hour. No denying this fact. To answer his question: No, I don't want to be part of the Aristocraps.

    The part when he is an astronaut in space with another astronaut and they are being affected by the laser beam, this made me think of the movie "The Astronauts Wife" where the alien was a form of energy. In the movie, the offspring were always twins. Twins play into things so often anymore (twin towers just to mention one), but I also feel that this is also in reference to cloning. If twins are born, one will be the living body, while the other is used for scrap parts. At the end of the video, we see that he is many. Legion. What are you gonna do? You can't kill him because he can be immediately replaced. As the clones get farther away, they start to resemble binary codes as 1 (111111111). This is also symbolic of robots and transhumanism. Fritz Springmeier's sentence was for 111 years. This was truly a slap in his face since he wrote a chapter in one of his books about the significance of binary codes and computer programming.

    Better fasten your seat belts, folks. We're in for a bumpy ride!

      • my hubby's co-worker's 6 y/o daughter was singing "sticks & stones may break my bones, but whips & chains excite me" (rhianna's S&M) as her mother listened in horror. my son does NOT listen to the radio or watch music videos. he's 6 as well. i'll be d@mned if I'm the one who introduces him to the filth they r passing off as music nowadays..

      • That's disturbing! Good for you that you monitor what your child listens to.

        I don't think the 6 y/o knows or understands what she's saying, I think that it's designed to allow the men (or women) who hear her to be excited by what she's saying. When the girl is older, she will understand and believe it to be OK since this music has gotten to her before the 'shame reaction' has been instilled.

      • I think likewise. At age 6 she has no idea what she's saying, but it's embedded in her mind now that's it's cool. ((I mean what do mom & dad know, they're not big celebs on tv & radio right? it must be cool bc everybody's doing it right??)) this is how a child's mind might think w/o diligent parents to guide them on a truthful path..smh

      • You guys think thats bad there's irresponsible parents with the guile to not only let their kids listen & imitate these artists but they record them and put them up on YouTube for people to see the madness played out…singing and dancing Rihanna, Beyonce and Niki Minaj songs….God knows how many p********s are watching these vids too its just creepy!

      • I have seen some of that on youtube. The parents are sitting there laughing with absolutely no clue whatsoever what they are opening their kids up to!!! I have even had friends email me such things because they think it is funny. Makes me sick to my stomach and I have to fight off tears! It is so, so much bigger than they realize!

      • I do the same. Only kiddies songs whilst in the car. Humpty numpty and things like that. When they get older you can't control them and that's where the problems start.

      • Daily mail ain't that bad like the sun (R Murdoch the muppet). There was another article about Rihanna last year in daily mail again in May 2010.

        >>>Music plays a big part in shaping our children. Kids aspire to emulate pop stars and the lifestyles and fashions they promote. Research shows that pre-teens and young teenagers listen to music for between 1.5 and 2.5 hours a day.

        A recent report from the American Psychological Society noted the increasing tendency of popular song lyrics to sexualise women or refer to them in a derogatory manner.

        They give graphic examples from popular mainstream artists like the Pussycat Dolls (‘Don’tcha wish your girlfriend was hot like me?’) and rapper 50 Cent (‘I tell hos [slang for prostitutes] all the time, B***h get in my car’).<<<<<

      • There is a reason these types of stories are run in the Daily Mail. I'm not sure if you're aware of their reputation, many refer to them as the daily fail. Their sensationalist reporting style means this is the perfect place to unload these articles as they are then tied to the overall output and easier to write off. I don't know why you compare them to being not as bad as RM. The msm is wholly owned and operated by the same people, some point out Rupert saying nobody can be worse than his 'empire' the guy is another lackey, he doesn't even have the majority share of New Int. There are many sides to the media, some may seem to be less trustworthy than others when in reality they are all created and played off each other to give the impression of balance. There is none. The media is NOT on our side. Anytime they appear to be they have an agenda, you just don't know it yet.

    • Your comment was really intriguing. It was just brought to my attention that if you add the last two digits of the year of your birth with the age you will be this year, it will equal 111. This has been true for everyone I tested it on. So if you were born in 1975, and you will be 36 this year add 75+36= 111. The number 11 is on the clock everytime I look at it. What could it all mean????? I'm so confused.

    • for great research into the moon and it's possible 'reason for being so big' you really need to read david icke's latest book 'human race get off your knees' or another book called 'who built the moon?'. there is a train of well researched thought out there that the moon is in fact an artificial construct put where it is to block and interfere with the photons released from the sun. in simple terms: photons from the sun connect us to higher consciousness – the moon being where it is intercepts them and keeps us in a dumbed down low vibrational state. 😉

    • Does anyone know what is going on with Fritz Springmeier? Is he still in jail? Where can I find updates on his situation?

  24. My observation about this video:

    One Eye Symbol on the ROBOT sign – 0:18

    Robot – 0:25

    Pyramid with All Seeing Eye (The Eye of Horus) – 0:28

    One Eyed Robots – 0:40

    Masonic Pillars – 0:47 and 2:42

    "Programmed Robot" – a line what the rapper said

    This video is all about Transhumanism, Illuminati, Mind Control and Freemasonry (so creepy!!!)

    • Some of you kids need to grow the ____ up. Stop buying their stufffff. Stop watching the "programming" on Viacom channels…. stop feeding the beast…. Gees, im gonna keep saying it till im blue in the face. not one red blooded cent…. if they got some vita water or some b.s new liquour or any g.g product…please please for the love of GOD….

      Vengeance belongeth to me saith the LORD……Try and stay out of the way…..That is all….

  25. keep diggin VC, great article on Libya and the importance and relevancy of the date of the attacks- you have been waking alot of people up. I will continue to support you and refer people to your site, you are calling out the forces at work against us. Thank you. We have gotten away from God's law (Ten Commandments) and society is so wicked that many don't see a need for a Savior or choose a false god, I really hope that your website can show people the wickedness in the world and bring on repentance and Faith in Jesus Christ. We don't have enough people preaching the Word, the Good News of redemption through Jesus' payment for our sins and although I know you aren't a "Christian" site by any means. You do point out the bad going on and I think that goes a long way in showing people just how inherintly evil we are as people and how corrupt those in charge of gov't, media, etc cab be. Thank you for being consistent in your teachings. Peace

    • I think whats great bout this site is that VC is not siding with any particular religion hence attracting many people to read his articles etc. I'm hoping he keeps it that way, otherwise we'll end up with a preaching website and that wont do anyone a favour no offence.

      This video is great I just wish more artists will have the dignity to produce such videos. Its a shame singers/actors etc are just into it for the money, just shows how shallow and pathetic they are. I seriously have no respect for any of these sheeps.

      Keep it up. thx

      • That is because the occult is imbedded in every religion, in my opinion. Also let's take a look at the definition of occult: The word occult comes from the Latin word occultus (clandestine, hidden, secret), referring to "knowledge of the hidden".

        Yep…. imbedded in every religion. Great work VC!!

      • But you have to remember these singers/artists have no idea what they're promoting. And so what if they're doing it for the money. If you have a job, why do you work? I don't hate my job, but I'm not doing it because I believe there is great meaning behind it. I do to pay my mortgage and support my family. I'm sure these artists see it the same way (even though they way too much money anyways). Either way, these guys are just the puppets, it's the people at the top that are shallow, creedy and corrupt.

      • You have to remember, though, that not all music artists ARE puppets, only the ones that make the infamous shady 'handshake' are the ones maneuvered by the puppeteers. Sure, they all are a part of the machine in financial terms but there are some true individuals in the industry that are doing their best to inform and help the average citizen.

      • I can link most of the popular artists to Illuminati and their agenda. It's hard to find anyone in the showbiz that isn't a part of it. All big record labels are owned by Illuminati and the small ones just don't have enough power and money to promote their artists.

      • True. However, if you think about it most of them are talentless. They can't sing for toffee and their careers are based on symbols, handshakes, selling sex, having hi-tech equipement to alter their pathetic voices. If it wouldn't be for the media that gives an account of their daily lives like we need to know the times they visit the WC, they wouldn't stand a chance as they sing like screaming cats. Is all about who you know and who you serve.

      • Great video and very insightful for any ignorant fans he may have.

        You know, the "Obama has brought us hope" folk.

        I'm jus abit concerned at the end of the video what the 2 pillars are all about in the picture?

        Mad love for Bilal though jus hope he's not tryin a say he's down.

        That would seriously hurt.

      • Speaking of hope. While learning German, I learned a saying that means "Hope Dies Last" when translated to english.

      • Thanks for the phrase in Deutsch again. I just finished A1 and I'm going to start A2 in a few weeks when I return back to Europe.

      • Checking out my vague recollections with wikipedia -> In Latin: "Spes Ultima Dea", coming from the Greek's Pandora box myth.

      • Don't hate too much on Obama fans. We've been without hope for a long time, and a lot of people readily projected their sincerest desires for peace and justice on this man's inspirational speeches. All things considered, he was the most attractive candidate for restoring sanity and compassion available to us.

      • …Don't hate too much on Obama fans…

        I don't think it's fair to just talk s**t about people for what they believe, but when it comes to politics, not religion or philosophy, where money is able to be tracked, alliances can be laid out in a web, where plans are put down on paper, passed around, leaked, and can have their true colors shown, when liars have been caught reading off a script, when these liars are presidents, and vice presidents, when it is clear that corporate interests run the White House….

        I can't help but do anything other than that. I don't hate Obama supporters. I hate that they continue to back the man that will further the agenda of his masters. I hate that with all this information readily available, they sit in front of their TV's and read their newspapers waiting for more information to come their way…as if mainstream media can be trusted to do anything but lie, and mix an ounce of truth with a pound of lies. I hate that they refuse to get off their asses and investigate a little. Didn't these people vote for him? Shouldn't they know a thing or two about him before buying his empty campaign rhetoric? Did no one think to themselves that this guy may be too good to be true? This is the man we "elect" for presidency. Don't these people care who runs our country? Don't they give a damn about the futures of their children? Being so careless of who they back for office is endangering our futures. Knowing that G.W. Bush was nothing but scum, why would they buy the same act twice?? Bush sounded like a winner in his first election, and he was voted in…granted, there were issues with his elections, but he took office anyways. Obama sounded like a winner after 8 years of bullshit, but come on. He was taken in at face value by a great deal of people who were in the "ANYONE BUT BUSH" boat. Race was a card used and well played by the media to get black people to back Obama because he was half black…not because he was a good candidate. People that believe Obama will do anything but continue the agenda that other presidents have furthered, than they are truly in a very deep case of denial.

        I am not just another informed hater. I care about these people. I want them to see the straw man for what he is. I want them to realize that he is just another Bush. I want them to wake up from their illusion and join the fight against tyranny. Those are the people we need most. The ones that have seen the trap, fallen, broke free and are helping to lead the revolution. Those are the strongest fighters because they have been victims.

    • "BUT HERE’S THE IRONY; You all are so dumb that you actually write in every article “FIRST, WOO I’M FIRST” and then a bunch of other pseudo-intellectuals actually give you THUMBS UP!!! HOW IRONIC IS THAT." How dare you even make such a generalization, when only a few are guilty of that ?


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