Bilal – ROBOTS (Great Video)


This Mikael Colombu video sums up many issues discussed. You can see references to mind control, police state, the Illuminati, illegal wars and media deceptions. Powerful message through poignant symbols.

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96 Comments on "Bilal – ROBOTS (Great Video)"

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The baby born with teeth,asking his mom where his father was?Antichrist.

The bombs falling from the sky?NWO

The all-seeing eye pyramid

How he looked like he was under mind control the whole time(no emotion)

The two columns.

I mostly saw stuff about the world ending but those were some of the other things I noticed.

I was a fan of Bilal when he put his first album out almost ten years back. Was psyched upon seeing Robots, thinking maybe he didn't succumb to lucifer like so many have. So I went out and bought the album. Got home and threw it on the stereo, sat down and picked up the album to check the liner notes. Before doing so I flipped the case over and guess who I am staring at, a nice illustration of our dear friend Baphomet. I felt cheated and deceived. Save your money and don't be misled like me. Besides, Robots is by far the best track on the album.

I cant help but remember the song we heard alot on the children's popular tv show" Barney"

starts like"I am a robot I feel great"

This song is total s**t, but it brings up a relevant topic. I just laugh now at all this blatant symbolism.

This video is trying to make the audience think that all that the video shows is never going to happend. The final said: Don't believe everything you hear and see". Clearly this video was made like a "funny thing that crazy people (the smart ones) are saying about "secret societies". Wow just wow or may I say that I do not need to be surprised again?

cool video, great groove song!

Lol (this is now in the dictionary, I feel so literate now… its amazing…) anyone see the trailer to Ra One?

New movie that's coming out, go ahead and YouTube the new hero. This should be interesting.

The sad part all this is that people truely do not believe the end in near. they feel that the word has been revealing this for years, that people have been saying it for years as well, and that it is just not going to happen, well that ain't true. the hour glass on life is almost at its last grain so we better get it together.

Wow – great video

"Principalities and Powers" (authorities) represent order, rank, method, system. Satan is not omnipresent, hence he must work through an organised dividing of the world under these principalities and authorities, and he himself "goes to and fro in the earth," and has seats here and there (Job 2:2, Rev. 2:13, etc.).

Our eyes are so much confronted with conditions that are contrary to Christ, and this constitutes such a battle-ground for our eyes.

The Bible contains much that shows the deplorable results of the wrong use of the eyes. Think of Eve, of David, of the ten spies at Kadesh-barnea, of Samson (who saw a woman to his spiritual undoing, and eventually lost his physical eyes), and so on.

You will probably never see this response, but someone at a subway station gave me a flyer. In this flier it contained information about the original sin. It claimed that our original sin is actually sight, and the term sin is derived from the word opsin. OPSIN: A protein of the retina, especially the protein constituent of rhodopsin, that makes up one of the visual pigments . It goes into how much we cannot see, because most matter is dark,and how our vision is so limited. This very detailed article was complex and intriguing to say the least.

What a beautiful video. I wonder what we're gonna do too. We can't keep fixating on the things we don't want in our future once we understand the agenda. We must move forward. We cannot live this way anymore, we cannot accept the future offered to us by the monsters in charge, and we cannot go back to the stone age. There needs to be a plan. Our society must choose to evolve for once, and that means waking up and taking a good look around. It means using your intuition and becoming proactive. It adds up to a choice, the choice to unplug and to be real. We are divine creatures in human form, experiencing the limitation and sorrows of material life. Our greatest power is in co-creation, and it's essential to succeed. Find your power, and share knowledge with others. This isn't the time to defer action to… Read more »


HAHAHAHAHAHA ! … this is great everyone. say whatever goes through your mind … just never stop thinking that's really all i'm hoping for nevermind specific point of views. and take good care of yourselves 🙂

Really amazing, powerful and to the point. Thanks for sharing.

hey VC! i know this is totally off topic but i thought it would be interesting if you wrote an article on your thoughts on this whole may 21st 2011 fuzz about the rapture and world ending. THANKS AND GOD BLESS!

what am i gonna do? After seeing this video …. IM GOING TO CHURCH!

Powerful stuff! Sounds good too:)

Correct" "Don't believe everything you hear and see". That includes, trolls! Whoo! Hoo!

I think it's pretty friggin hilarious that the people who come and joins this site, seem like they feel so superior to the rest of the robots who walk around unaware, BUT HERE'S THE IRONY; You all are so dumb that you actually write in every article "FIRST, WOO I'M FIRST" and then a bunch of other pseudo-intellectuals actually give you THUMBS UP!!! HOW IRONIC IS THAT.

I had to get that of my chest, it seems like everyday more stupid people arrive, and it's beginning to look like the only people who follow these articles are a bunch of teenage emo kids who hate lady gaga.

Anyways, nice video..

The babies in coffin= depopulation

Speaking of depopulation I heard this morning on the radio that scientist «proved» that having kids is bad for 5 reasons:

1.It can lead to depression

2. It can lead to alcoholism

3.You lose all your friends

4.It might make you dumb

5. Bad for the environment

Yeah right…

aw schucks so thats what happened to my friends and why i feel so sad now…ive been wantin to "go green" so i better get rid of my baby asap!

(sarcasm of course….i love my child!)


Specialy coming from those same scientist that infect you with men made flu to then give you a poison, oopsy, I mean vaccin to cure you…. yeah right, of course having babies is wrong -.-

The five dumest reasons I have ever red so far…

Then the illuminati peeps can do us a favor and stop breeding. 😉

Bilal is one of the greatest in modern time. You should support him and buy the album, it is very very dope!!! I bought it twice on iTunes (one as a gift for my sister).

Bilal is a Universal Records Artist. Clearly the subject is no longer taboo but trendy.

The new album finds you working with an independent label, Plug Research, after previously releasing through Interscope/Universal. Did the problems with Love for Sale directly influence this move, or was it simply a case that you felt that you'd be more comfortable at a label where you have a lot more say in the daily promotion of your music?

I guess it was all of the above. Mostly, I wanted to make the music I am actually feeling. Not the music that label execs want. Plug allowed me the freedom to do me. It was as important to this process as a microphone.

Well, Bilal… sign your hymns, I get you too… The Pillars of Hercules is what they confused for the Trinity? I see Atlantis with you, Plato take your Republic and the Military to the side, I have to talk to the Senate, WALL-E to the Red Eye of Horus, blink if you are trying to enter my orbit… Coffee is running in me, hold on a second, I'm trying to find my heartbeat again… I see the robot within, I think you guys need to see you are already the Machine. Tell me why you worship Deus X when the 46 chromosomes were staring at you at the end, but you didn't see it but the head of the Spermicide within your Queen & King? Where is Daddy? Good question, Immaculate Conception or because Divine Intervention from the Money Minded Confederate? Civil war outside your doors, wait till you learn… Read more »
Hey Ignotum, yes Arcanus? You forgot something… Ah right, the images shown through the True, and I'll bring the Hermetic Rosicrucian, and when they lodge their paintings in your scenery, let me know when I didn't tell you… Old knowledge, check the Arcanum, rituals done to create moving still life, and some members called the images their "wife", that's it, no strife. Let's go back and let me cut the tension with this butter knife…. The energies/forces/magick used to give "life" to images/paintings for whatever diabolical purposes, I'm saying diabolical loosely, because this knowledge can be used in "variety". Take that in a myriad ways, but I don't trust you all, because then you'd learn how to play. An image can be used to leech you, to destroy you, to "mate" with you, and/or to kill you… Whatever your purpose, this is hidden underneath the surface, check their scriptures, and… Read more »

dude have you tried to lay off the coffee for a day or two???? hahah…seriously I may not sincerely believe in all the things you say as it gets a little too deep sometimes but its amazing how you come up with the stuff and especially when you put them into rhymes its just uncanny….you have a gift even if it comes out a little but autistic sounding and i doubt 1% of anyone here can truly understand 100% of what you say.

Lol thank you NewCreation. Like your and my own pseudonym, this is just a pseudo-personality of mine, I just use it to write and get more lines of information out within the confine of one message (or two). In all honesty, and please do not take this the wrong way, but this same "autistic sounding" comparison of yours is why I write this way. I have never taken a Ritalin pill in my life nor am I a sufferer of ADHD (even though they thought I might have been when I was young). Nor am I autistic or a savant, even though people might consider it because of my "Hermit-ic" ways. (They considered many scientists to be so until later on… ). Yet, if this is what I decided to show someone, many individuals' perceptions would believe it to be the truth. Regardless, thank you for your kind words, and… Read more »

your right cuz I know I understand more than half of it at least but would never be able to explain it to anyone else if they asked me to…its more subliminal than anything….sort of like an acid trip or something of that nature would best describe it I guess.

I also suspect you've posted by at least one other name cuz I dont think two people on this site write like that but you used a name more relevant to the response you had towards someone in a reply.

Aye, You are correct about your assumption, and because you were… I've used more than two names my friend. After a while, I just decided its better not to appear like a schizophrenic and just stick to this name lol. Nonetheless, I do not like talking about myself because it deters the conversational flow from the point of this article/site. So, let's reminisce about the hands of Ageless Antiquity at our throats… As I sip this coffee and let it down to course my necked chakra… Maybe, you saw it when Bilal showed you, his astral projection in the form of a sphere and in the end he landed near? Half his face shown to you, why? Because that's the alchemical approach and opening the "eye", to let the others out and the one in to Queen your Kings… Mercury to Earth, temperature is rising, the planet is fighting, but… Read more »
Bilal translated by ( In Muslim tradition, Bilal ibn Rabah was an Abyssinian who Muhammad chose as his muezzin, and was the first black convert to Islam. He was a slave owned by Umayya. When he heard Muhammad preaching he decided to convert to Islam. When Umayya learned of his slave's conversion, he decided to torture Bilal. Umayya would have Bilal laid in the scorching sand in the desert, during the hottest hours of the day, with heavy rocks placed on his chest to prevent him from moving. Abu Bakr, upon witnessing this torture, bought Bilal from Umayya so that Bilal could practice Islam freely. Muhammad later freed him completely and appointed him as muezzin. He was known for his beautiful voice for he was the first man to call people to their prayers. … i doubt there is much Christ in this message at all however the mulsims are… Read more »
I usually try to keep quiet when it comes to the religious talk, but this is probably one of the first times I've seen a helping hand stretched out from one Abraham to another… What up Adam? Let's work to recreate Eden? I think that serpent got in all our skin and attached it our mental pens. Primitive brain and the "survival" instinct, let's just go ahead inside that Lions' den, and make them lambs again. Kundalini, two snakes wrapped around your Moses Staff, and down goes that Pharaoh, and I got the code, alright no more? There we go, ten commandments, do the right thing, and the other ten… forget that they ever happened? Muslims to the left, pray for the right reasons, know that your Allah didn't say to kill the "wishful", they are your brothers and sisters too? Jesus said it, someone slap you, show them the… Read more »